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  1. Red – Part II – The Truck Stop
  2. Red – Part V – Grace takes the Wheel
  3. Red – Part VII – A Quick Trip
  4. Red – Part VIII – The girls meet up with Marcus

Red – Part VII – A Quick Trip

Categories Fantasy, Black, Blackmail, Exhibitionism

Authror: Backw00ds44

Published: 28 June 2018

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Sara was jolted from her nap when the phone rang. She glanced over at the kitchen clock. It was 6:15pm. She’d been studying hard since school started three weeks ago and had passed out in the process. It was her trucker friend, Cliff. “Hey babe, I’m coming north on 95 and was wondering if you’d like to meet me at the truck stop up above Richmond?”

Sara could feel her pussy waking up faster than she was. It quivered in her fleece shorts. “Ummm, yeah, sure. How long before you get there?”

“Probably 35-40 minutes. Come to the back of the lot.” Click and Cliff was gone.

Sara jumped up and rushed to the bathroom. She freshened up and tossed her t-shirt and shorts into the corner. She went to the closet and spotted the new floral sun dress that she and her sister Lauren had bought at the mall just two days earlier. It buttoned all the way up the front allowing Sara to expose as much of her tight, tanned body as she wished. Ten minutes and she was out the door and on the way to her car.

She crawled into Red, rolled down the windows, cranked up the radio and went around the parking lot to the sreet. Glancing down at her widespread legs; the only way her 5’10” long-legged body could fit into the little red Corolla, she loved the look of her full bush peeking out from under her new sundress. Desire was already growing in her crotch so just for good measure she unbuttoned another bottom button. She pulled out of the complex and headed east on Broad St., breeze blowing through her bush.

The first light turned yellow and Sara slowed to a stop. Traffic was always heavy on Broad St. Her cell rang and she hit the Bluetooth button on her ear. “Hello.”

“Hey sis, where are you?” Lauren inquired.

“Sitting on Broad St. right now. Cliff just called and I’m headed to meet him at the truck stop.”

“Oh, I wanna come. And I mean just that!” she said laughing, and that’s exactly what she meant.

Eddie had spotted the blonde in the little red Toyota with Jersey tags pull out of the apartment complex in front of him on Broad. It was still hot and he was always anxious to check out legs from his jacked up pickup. He decided he’d try to move in for a peek. The light was turning red as Eddie’s big Ford approached the intersection and she was in the center lane in front of him. He whipped into the right lane and eased alongside. “Holy shit!” Eddie shouted in his mind. “Look at that bitch!”

Sara was jabbering away and hadn’t noticed Eddie when he pulled up. Lauren was going on and on about how she needed a good fuck from Cliff and it was making Sara even more horny. She reached down and slid her fingers through her light brown bush.

Eddie reached down and straightened out his stiffening cock. “Please light, don’t change.” He reached for his cell phone and hit the video button. Resting the phone steady against the edge of the window he hit record. “The boys at the softball game are NOT going to believe this shit.”

Green. Sara slid her right foot off of the brake and eased forward. She caught a glimpse of the dark blue pickup beside her and looked up at Eddie. “Ahhhh, he seems to like the view too,” thought Sara. Traffic was moving slow and Eddie hung close beside the little red Toyota. He was going to enjoy this as long as he could.

“Lauren, I’ve got a cute country boy in a big pickup right beside me that seems to like my bush.”

‘Seriously? Then give him a show!” encouraged Lauren.

Sara bent her left leg up higher to give the country boy a little better look. She never looked back up at him but knew he was right beside her enjoying the show. The light ahead turned red. She turned up the radio and moved in her seat. She switched and put her left hand the wheel, dancing in her seat. Her right hand moved down her stomach to her bush. Eddie watched, wide eyed. She slid one finger to her lips, sticking it in slightly, she spread her legs further apart.

Eddie’s cock was throbbing. He reached down, and repositioned himself in his shorts. Snap, snap, snap, he clicked away with the cellphone. He was surprised she didn’t see what he was doing. Or seem to care if she did.

Green. Sara pulled off but noticed her new admirer was stuck behind cars turning in the right lane. She needed to turn left at the next intersection anyway so she moved into the left lane, then the turn lane. She could see in her side mirror as the pickup whipped out, sped up and pulled alongside again. “OK big boy, you’ve seen enough for today.” The light changed and Sara turned left towards 95.

“Mother fucker!” shouted Eddie to himself. “Oh my God, what a fuckin’ babe!” Shaking his head in disbelief at what he’d just witnessed, he headed to the softball complex. He’d seen a lot of good leg shots before, and even some nice panty shots, especially from the little rich girls on Broad St. near the university, but nothing like this. He made mental notes of her Jersey tag number, red Corolla, and Tinderwood Apartments. He’d check that place again. He had to see more of her.

Twenty minutes later Sara was pulling her red Corolla into the truck stop. She circled behind the building and spotted his black Kenworth at the back of the lot. Her pussy was wet from flashing the country boy in the pickup. Her loins were yearning for a cock. She unbuttoned another button at the top of her sundress, almost below her full, firm 34-C breasts. Loosening one more at the bottom, she smiled to herself, “that should do it!”

Sara tapped on the bottom of the door as she swung it open and climbed into the cab. She crawled over the seat and kissed Cliff hard. He knew she wanted him bad. She grabbed his hand and led him back into the big walk-in sleeper. In the bright lights of the sleeper, Sara looked even better. Cliff admired the firmness of her tits and the sundress barely held them in place. She pushed Cliff back onto the bed and unbuttoned his pants. Like a jack-in-the-box, his eight inch cock sprung from his pants. She swallowed it whole as he gasped a deep breath. She slid his pants off as she sucked hard on his cock.

“Slow down baby, I want to last more than 5 minutes.”

Sara took his cock into her hand and stroked it as Cliff unbuttoned her dress and slid it off of her shoulders. He’d fucked a lot of women in his life, and many right here in this sleeper, but none as young and beautiful as this horny 19 year old Jersey girl. He swapped positions with her and slid his cock inside. She welcomed it and wrapped her legs around him as he thrust deeper into her. They pounded away as the pressure on his balls built. “Sara, please let me fuck you in the ass.” He pulled out and sat on the bed, looking out the front of the truck. Sara wiped the juices from her pussy onto her asshole, turned away from him and sat on his cock. Her boyfriend Brian had butt-fucked her several times but his cock was much smaller. She felt his stiff head at her backdoor and eased down. She was getting more and more excited and his cock inched further in, when suddenly Cliff grabbed her hips and thrust his manhood upward. She yelped with painful pleasure and began bouncing up and down. Cliff pulled back on her shoulders so she was lying with her back against his chest. He worked his cock in and out of her ass and she moaned in pleasure. She never heard the truck door open. Her mother and sister had both had the pleasure of meeting Marcus, and Cliff wanted to introduce her the very same way.

Cliff saw the outline of his friend as he entered the sleeper. He was already naked and sporting his massive erection. Sara was moaning as Cliff massaged her tits, when she suddenly felt her pussy lips being parted by what felt like another stiff cock. Cliff held her down tightly and whispered into her ear, “It’s your turn to meet Marcus!” All Sara could see was a silhouette of a big man, then as he leaned in further and pushed his cock deeper inside, she could see Marcus was every bit as handsome as her mom and sis had said. He extended his arms to her sides and pushed his cock in another 2-3 inches. She moaned. Little did she know there was another 6 inches to follow. He leaned in and kissed her neck, working his way to her lips. He kissed her gently and whispered “can your pussy handle my ten inch cock?” Sara’s eyes bugged wide as he slide another two inches inside her. He pulled his cock all the way out and she gasped. Cliff continued to slowly move in and out of her ass.

Spreading her lips, Marcus shoved his cock back in again, but this time a little deeper. She cried out in pleasure. He was almost all the way in. Another complete exit of her hot pussy and then, using his full force, buried it deep inside. He felt the head of his cock hit hard against the back wall of her cunt. Buried! All ten inches of his donkey cock were deep in her cunt and he started to rock. He could feel Cliff’s dick press against his through the thin membrane and they both plunged away. Sara was out of her mind with pleasure. She had never felt such a huge cock inside her, and having Cliff’s thick cock tight in her ass at the same time pushed her over the edge. She screamed out as she came in waves, triggering Cliff and her new black stud to empty their balls as well.

They had both pulled out together and rolled her onto her side. They admired her young, naked beauty as they wiped their cocks clean. Sara regained herself a few minutes later, and rolled up on one elbow. Never had she been fucked so good.

“Sara, I’d like to introduce you to my old high school buddy, Marcus. But I’m sure you’ve already heard all about him,” he laughed. Sara’s eyes lowered to Marcus’s black cock and she quickly understood why her mom and Lauren spoke so highly of him. Never had she seen such a cock. Even mostly limp now, it still hung down 9 inches.

“I can’t believe you fucked my mom. She said it was the best fuck ever! Now I know why.”

“Oh yeah, about Grace. I forgot to get her number. I might want to check in when I’m up Jersey way,” smiled Cliff.

“I don’t know if she’d want me giving you her number.”

Cliff reached over and flipped on the TV. “Oh I’m sure she won’t mind,” Thirty seconds later there was Grace, on the 32” TV, clear as a bell, getting fucked by Marcus. And loving it. “I’m certain she won’t mind!”

Sara rattled off the number as both Cliff and Marcus typed it into their phones. “Thanks hon, we might just give her a call one day to say, you know, hello.”

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Red – Part VII – A Quick Trip

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