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Truth or Dare with Sis 2 and 3

Categories Fiction, Blackmail, Coercion, Male / Female

Author: DavidHog

Published: 28 June 2018

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Part 2

I was almost too excited to sleep that night. I had just cum deep in my sister’s pussy. She was now crunched up between me and Vlad. Vlad was sleeping like a baby. I groped my sister’s big tits from behind, I loved how soft they felt. I reflected on all that had happened that day, and was imagining what I wanted to do with Kayleigh the next day. While I loved having sex with her, I couldn’t believe how turned on I got from seeing Vlad fuck Kayleigh. Then I had an idea

I liked the idea of my sister “repaying” Vlad and I for all the times she was a bitch to us at school. So from my phone, I sent an email to my 4 other main friends to come over the next day so that we could play truth or dare with my sister.

I dozed off to sleep, with my hand on Kayleigh’s breasts, imagining sharing her with all of my friends. Vlad had his big hands over Kayleigh’s juicy ass cheeks. I knew that Kayleigh was pretending to sleep, but I knew there was no way that she could be sleeping.

Vlad and I woke up pretty early the next day. He giggled as he fingered my Sister to wake her up. She uncomfortably got up. “Make us some breakfast girl.” He said.

Kayleigh drowsily got up and walked downstairs to the kitchen. She couldn’t have slept much. We watched some TV.  After we ate our breakfast in bed Vlad decided that he needed some pussy so he ordered Kayleigh to get on all fours on the bed. He started nailing her pussy from behind. I wanted a blowjob so I filled her mouth up. Vlad had a vicious look on his face as he grabbed and Kayleigh’s hips and was fucking at full speed. Kayleigh would have screamed but her mouth was stuffed by my cock. I exploded in her mouth and a short while after Vlad exploded on her tits, forcing her to slurp it up again.

“Now take a shower and get dressed Kayls, we are expecting company. ” I saidShe looked confused as she went into the shower, so did Vlad. 

I explained to him the plan and he loved it as much as I did. The doorbell rang.   It was my friends that I had invited the night before.   There was Sukh an overweight brown guy, Chris a pimply white kid, Zack a small Asian kid and Greg an ugly white kind that looked kind of like Vlad. We hung out in the living room until we heard the bathroom door open.  

I yelled “Kayleigh come down here!” She did and to her shock there were now six boys waiting for her.  She was now fully dressed. It seemed like she appreciated wearing clothes after that privilege was taken away from her for a night. She was wearing a jacket on top of a sweater and baggy pants.

“These guys came down here to play Dare.” Vlad said while smiling.

We sat in a circle and made Kayleigh stand in the centre.  

Just so the rest of the guys knew exactly what we meant by this positioning we explained the rules.

“This is a special kind of game of Dare gentlemen, all dares will be directed towards Kayleigh, anything goes, and she doesn’t get a turn.   I will start off.” I said “Take off your jacket.” 

Her jacket dropped to the floor revealing her sweater; the vague outline of her big breasts was showing.  Vlad went next

“Lose the pants”

She slowly lost her baggy pants revealing tight TNA pants that showed off her shapely ass. I looked at the boys they were talking between each other; in awe that they were in control of this unbelievably hot babe.  

Sukh went next “Take off your sweater.” He said kind of shyly.

She did without hesitation, revealing a t-shirt. She knew this game was simply a pretense, she knew what she was ultimately going to have to do

“Take off your shirt. ” Said Chris eagerly

She did so revealing a very modest bra that contained her breasts well. It looks like she learned her lesson from yesterday. She still looked amazing though and none of these kids have even seen a girl in a bra so they didn’t mind.

“Lose the pants” said Zack

She peeled off her TNA pants, having to hop up and down a bit to get it over her ass.   

She was wearing granny panties.   Greg was feeling horny so he said

“Lose the bra AND the panties”

Everyone paused for a bit but sure enough she lost her bra; letting her melons fall loose and then her panties; exposing her perfect ass. Now some of the boys whipped out there cocks and started jacking off.   It was my turn.

“I wanna French kiss you.”

She came and sat on my lap without hesitation; I held her sexy nude body in my arms and kissed her deep and long; cupping her right breast in my hand while kissing her. It was the longest kiss I have ever had. To my surprise she was even kissing back; I guess she learned it’s in her best interest to try and please us.   After a couple of minutes I finally removed my tongue from her mouth.  

I looked around proudly, as this hot naked babe was in my lap. With the exception of Vlad, the boys all were shocked.

it was Vlad’s turn. “I want a blowjob”

Kayleigh crawled towards Vlad’s dick on all fours. There was a murmur among the boys.  It was excitement mixed curiosity.   Excitement because they had the hottest girl in the school doing whatever they want and curiosity at how this happened. Kayleigh whipped out Vlad’s cock and went to work. She looked like a porn star sucking that cock, since Vlad had just fucked her in the morning the blowjob was a rather slow process. Kayleigh’s mouth went faster and faster but much to Vlad’s amusement he didn’t cum. After about five minutes of rigorous sucking Vlad finally cummed.

Sukh said “I want a boob job. ”Kayleigh crawled to Sukh thick 7 inch dick and wrapped her big breasts around it and started moving them up and down on it. Sukh helped the cause by thrusting his dick slowly.   It didn’t take long before Sukh exploded on Kayleigh’s chin and chest.   Vlad told Kayleigh to eat the cum and much to Sukh’s delight she did as she was told.  

“I wanna lick your tits.” Said Chris

Kayleigh stood before him.   Chris started at her feet and licked every square inch of her legs leading up to her ass.   He spent some time licking her bum but quickly moved up her stomach to her tits.   He licked all the flesh on her right breast and then started licking the nipple until it got hard.

 Kayleigh’s legs were quivering as her nipple was being licked.  Then he put the boob in his mouth and started sucking on the nipple much like a baby would with his Mom.  After some time he moved to the Left boob and did the same.  He crammed her tits together and tried putting both in his mouth.  This caused Kayleigh to moan in pain and the rest of us to laugh.   After Chris was done with her tit’s they were glistening in saliva.  

Zack went next“I wanna eat you out. 

”He laid Kayleigh on the ground and brought his mouth to her pussy.   When his tongue first touched her pussy lips Kayleigh let out a quiver.   He split apart her lips and delved deep within her pussy.   Her juices naturally started oozing out of her pussy and he slurped up every drip.   He reached around her waist, putting his hands on her ass cheeks.   He lifted them up closer to his face to get even deeper in her pussy.

When he was done Greg said “I want to fuck you.”

Kayleigh stayed laying down and Greg started slowly fucking her. Vlad decided he wanted a blowjob and couldn’t wait so her walked up to Kayleigh and forced his dick in her mouth.  The other boys looked at each other and joined in.   2 got hand jobs and one started titty fucking her.   I grabbed the camera and started filming this.   We made 6 stations, blowjob, pussy, boob job, 2 hand jobs and filming.   After a boy would cum he would move to the next station.   This provided hours of fun but after a few hours the guys and I got pretty tired so we stopped and watched some TV. 

Kayleigh made us some snacks.   After eating the guys each gave Kayleigh a kiss or a slap on the ass and went home.   Now Vlad and I were at home.   Kayleigh went to go shower.  

“Now what?” I asked“I don’t know man I’m pretty tired from all that fucking. What a weekend eh?”

“Yeah” I laughed “Oh shit!” he said “Today is my Dad’s birthday, I gotta go home man.  See Yah I’ll come back tomorrow.”

“K Bye”He left and I started playing a video game.

That’s when a thought hit me.   I called Vlad

“Hey Vlad, I have an idea, how about we give your Dad a very special kind of birthday present.”

Part 3:

”We worked out a plan.   Vlad was going to tell his dad that we had set up a blind date for him which is going to be Kayleigh. Kayleigh was going to be very friendly towards him and would do anything he asked. The thought of my hot sister Kayleigh with Vlad’s monstrously ugly Dad really turned me on. I told Kayleigh the plan and to get ready and look her best, and to come to Vlad’s at 7:00. As a special twist, I told Kayleigh to tell Vlad’s dad that she was 16 years old. It made the story kinkier, and turned me on. I wanted to see if the old bastard was so horny for her that he would risk going to jail.

I went over to Vlad’s house and knocked.   His Dad answered.  He was absolutely monstrous looking.   About 6’2”, a lot of acne scars on his face, obese (at least 300 pounds), wild curly grayish red hair, the facial features of a pig and to add to that today was his 50th birthday! I wished him a happy birthday and then went off to find Vlad to tell him the details.  

Vlad’s father told us that he had a “hot date” and instructed us to play in the living room while he would stay mostly in the kitchen with Kayleigh.  At around 7 the bell rang.   Kayleigh walked through the door.   She was wearing a light jacket around her dress.

She walked in and Vlad’s dad said “Hey there! I didn’t know that my date was going to be so young and stunning. He laughed

Kayleigh gave a fake laugh before wishing him a happy birthday and giving him a long hug. Before responding

“Well yeah, Vlad said you were single and it was your birthday, so I thought we could get to know each other.” She smiled

“Oh so you know Vlad from school? he asked

“Yeah you bet Mr. Dudley, I’m two grades below him though, I’m only 16 but I’m really mature for my age, I’ve never really gotten along with the immature boys at my school.” She said coyly

“Well erm Kayleigh, I understand what you mean but what would your parents think of this?”

“Oh they’re out of town Mr. Dudley. And after all, I’m 16 I can make decisions for myself.” She said in a seductive voice

Damn my sister was a great flirt when she wanted to be!

“Well that’s good enough for me” He laughed “why don’t you let me take your jacket for you?” He was having an internal struggle. Here was this beautiful underage girl wanting to get to know him. He was wondering if this was some sort of set up? He decided he would take things slow and see where this went.

He slipped her jacket off.   He was clearly stunned at the sexy dress she had on.   What she had on was more lingerie that a dress!  It was sheer black and had to thin straps around her shoulders, it was extremely low cut, pushing up her breasts, and it ended just a few inches below her ass. 


Mr. Dudley was clearly ogling her assets. “My my, you’re quite, erm developed for a 16 year old.”

Kayleigh laughed “Oh Mr. Dudley, you’re making me blush. So what’s on the schedule for our date?” she asked

“Well Vlad and his friend are in the living room playing some games, we can just hang out in the kitchen until dinner’s ready.”

“Sounds good Mr. Dudley.”

They walked past us into the Kitchen. We went to a little peephole we made so we could see what was going on. Mr. Dudley sat on one side of the table and Kayleigh sat on the other. “Why don’t you come on this side Kayleigh. ”She did as she was asked.   She sat down next to him.   He put his arm around her. He gradually was pushing his boundaries. He thought that there was no way that a girl who was out to trick him would let him get away with such liberties. Still, he wanted to test her slowly Kayleigh had a disgusted look on her face. He didn’t notice since he was staring down her chest with his mouth open the whole time. 

He tried making some small talk but it was obvious he was only interested in one thing.   We watched as his rough hand moved up Kayleigh’s smooth legs. She cringed but let it happen. He reached all the way up her legs to her thong.  

He thought that there is no way that this was set up now, no decoy would allow her panties to be touched. He figured if there was no policemen barging into his door at this point, there would never be. He licked his lips, and his character changed from the befuddled and nervous next door neighbor to the sex starved pervert that he was.

He was about to reach inside her thong when the oven timer rang. He looked disappointed but he knew he had to get the chicken before it burned. He called us in to eat. He poured some wine for Kayleigh and himself, we had some pop.  He insisted on feeding Kayleigh and Kayleigh feeding him. We noticed him practically forcing wine down Kayleigh’s throat. I knew that she didn’t drink much usually. He poured a glass down her throat before filling another one.

“The wine is good isn’t it girl?” he cooed

“Yeah I guess but I’m feeling woozy Mr. Dudley.”

“Oh that means you’re body likes it girl, have more.” He said as he poured another half glass down her throat, until she started choking a bit. He stopped.

He knew what he was doing, he wanted to get her defenses down. He forced her to have another glass of wine with dinner, before taking what was left of the bottle to the living room. He led a now wobbly Kayleigh to the couch. Her cheeks were flushed. He put on a romantic movie.   We used the same peephole in reverse to see what was going on.   Kayleigh actually looked kind of scared as she’s been on enough dates to know this is when a guy makes his move.   He reached around her and brought her body close to him with his flabby arm. 

He put the opening of the bottle of wine on her lips and reared it back.

“Gulp it down girl, go ahead and finish the bottle.”

Kayleigh again too several gulps before choking on the cheap red wine.

Mr. Dudley thought that she was probable inebriated enough now for him to have her way with her. He was a couple glasses in now too and was no longer worried at all about having his way with this sexy jailbait teen.

As the movie went on he started whispering stuff in her ear.   Kayleigh forced out some woozy laughs.   He brought her even closer to him with his arm and let his hand rest on her breast.   Seeing that she wasn’t resisting he started squeezing her breast through the dress.   Then he started kissing Kayleigh on the cheek.  

He slipped his hand underneath her skirt and went straight to her pussy. He slipped her underwear to the side and faced no resistance. He moaned as he slid a finger into her tight pussy. Her first reaction was to resist but remembering what I said she kissed him back.  He then locked lips with her and forced his tongue deep down her throat. Sensing that if he fell on top of her she might suffocate, she pushed him back on the couch and got on top of him.  They were furiously making out.   If he wasn’t so monstrously ugly I would have thought she actually was into him.  Mr. Dudley clumsily fell to the ground, causing the whole house to shake!  Kayleigh once again got on top of him and started kissing him; she was on her hands and knees with her ass in the air.   He reached down her body and started squeezing her juicy ass.   He peeled her dress up exposing her thong clad ass.   He felt her juicy cheeks for a bit. 

Next he slid the straps of the dress down revealing a strapless black pushup bra that made her tits look incredible!  Not knowing quite how to dispose of the rest of the dress Mr. Dudley just tore it with his brutish hands and threw it on the floor beside them.   After kissing a bit more Mr. Dudley took his tongue out of her mouth and stood up. He lifted Kayleigh up with one hand and put her over his shoulder and walked upstairs.   I’m sure he thought he was being romantic but I couldn’t help but think of an old monster carrying a young beauty back to his lair.   We had placed Vlad’s camera in his dad’s room on the dresser and hooked it up to the big screen TV in the living room.   We turned it on and saw Mr. Dudley throw Kayleigh onto his bed.   He licked his lips.   I could see that Kayleigh was really scared, but she did a good job covering it up.   This time she didn’t have a chance to get on top as he almost fell on her.  They started making out again.   Kayleigh was trying to push his gut off of her but to no avail.  He unhooked her bra and tossed it to the ground. 


Her big breasts were free; he licked his lips and went in to feast.   He sloppily toyed with her tits with his tongue before he started sucking on the nipple and ruthlessly twisting the other with his hand.   Then he put the whole tit in his mouth, it was pretty funny because it looked like her was trying to eat it.   As he was mauling Kayleigh’s tits with his mouth he slipped her thong off with his hands.   He started massaging her juicy ass cheeks at the same time.   He took off his shirt letting his full gut hang loose.   Then he took off his pants and boxers.   He had a really big dick! It was probably 12 inches, and really thick! 

There was so much good stuff he didn’t know where to put what first!  He decided on French kissing Kayleigh’s mouth, playing with her tits with his hands and without warning he started fucking her pussy deep and fast. This made Kayleigh let out a scream that I thought would shatter the windows of the house!  She had a lot of cock in her over the weekend but none the size of Mr. Dudley’s.  Much like Vlad, it didn’t seem like Mr. Dudley cared what Kayleigh was going through, he only cared about satisfying himself.   Now he freed his hands and mouth and placed his hands on her legs.   He was focused on fucking her as fast and hard as possible.  With each long thrust her tits would bounce, her head would hit the headboard and she would let out a moan that would echo through the house. 

The sound of her moaning was very sexy and seemed to drive Mr. Dudley to go even harder. It was incredible how long he was lasting.   Vlad explained that his Dad spent a lot of time with prostitutes so his endurance was incredible. Then something new happened.   Kayleigh started moaning louder and louder and she eventually orgasmed!  Her body went limp and she had a really weird look on her face.   Mr. Dudley was still going hard. He stopped for a second and flipped Kayleigh around.   He made her get on all fours and started fucking her doggy style.  Once again the moaning started and her tits started to bounce as he started fucking her as fast as he was before.   He slid his hands down her stomach to her tits and grabbed her nipples.   He twisted them as he pumped her from behind.   After about ten minutes Kayleigh let out another huge moan and she orgasmed again! Her body once again went limp and her knees collapsed making her lie flat on the bed.   Mr. 


Mr. Dudley spread her legs as wide as they would get and started fucking her more. After a few minutes he withdrew; sensing he was about to cum.  He stuck his dick in between her tits and started titty fucking her. After a few minutes he started moaning. He stuck his dick in her mouth and after about a minute of sucking he let off a huge load in my sister’s mouth. He put on his robe and instructed Kayleigh to clean up.  

We heard him coming down the stairs so we quickly turned off the TV. “Hey boys, time to go to sleep guys. ”

“Alright goodnight Dad.” “Goodnight Mr. Dudley.”

“Goodnight boys.”

As we were walking upstairs I looked into the kitchen and saw him take a pill of Viagra and smile. We didn’t get that much sleep that night, Kayleigh’s constant moaning mixed with a loud rhythmic thump kept us up. 

Sunday. We woke up the next morning and went downstairs. 

Kayleigh was in the kitchen cooking and Mr. Dudley was sitting at the table reading the newspaper.   Kayleigh looked tired but still looked hot as hell. Mr. Dudley had her cooking completely naked. I couldn’t help but notice she was moving with a noticeable limp.

“Good Morning Boys. This is my girlfriend Kayleigh.” He beamed “You know her from school right Vlad?”

“You bet dad.” Vlad giggled “Looking good Kayleigh.”

“Now David, Vlad, I don’t want you to think it is weird that Kayleigh is here and naked, she’s old enough to choose who she wants to be with, trust me she likes this.”

Kayleigh couldn’t help but cringe.

I almost spit out my food laughing. This man actually thought this bombshell willingly is doing this for him.

“No judgement here pops, congrats on finding such a sexy babe!” Vlad exclaimed.

“Thanks son, why don’t you have a feel of young Kayleigh’s assets, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind, would you babe?”

“Of course not Mr. Dudley.”

Vlad didn’t need to be told twice, he soon started groping her big tits. I missed her ass too so I got up and groped her ass cheeks, moaning.

“Woah woah boys, don’t scare her off now.”

I gave her a sharp smack on the cheek.

“Oh its OK Mr. Dudley, boy will be boys, and I like the attention.” She lied.

“Oh Kayleigh, if only all young women could be like you.”

That’s when my phone rang. I picked it up, it was my Mom.

“Hey Mom”

“Hey sweetie, I have some bad news.   Grandma’s still pretty sick, so you’re Father and I feel obliged to stay here and help out around the house.   It may be a couple of weeks before we’re back.”

“Oh Ok”“Yeah, do you have somewhere to stay?”

“Um yeah we can stay at Vlad’s house.”

“Well as long as that’s okay with Mr. Dudley.”

“Oh I’m sure it is. 

“I laughed”

Ok bye sweety, and remember, in tough times like this, you and Kayleigh should spend as much time together as you can.”

“Trust me Mom, we are.”  

I returned to the kitchen and back to groping Kayleigh’s body. I could sense Mr. Dudley breathing harder now. He was getting turned on seeing his sexy jailbait slut being felt up by me and his son. He walked over.

“OK boys, me and my babe have some business to take care of upstairs. I need to pound this babe. But why don’t you two come and watch us. I think it would turn Kayleigh on, wouldn’t it girl?”

“Yes sir.” Kayleigh complied

“And maybe after papa is done you two can have a turn, would you like that babe?”

“Yes Mr. Dudley”

“Good Girl.”

He picked up the slender teen over his shoulder again and carried her up the stairs into his bedroom. Vlad had brought a high quality camera recorder and set it up at the foot of the bed. Mr. Dudley put Kayleigh down face down and pulled her ass up.

“Face the camera girl.” He commanded as Kayleigh faced directly into the recording camera

Soon the bed began to creak as Mr. Dudley’s thunderous strokes landed in Kayleigh from behind. The camera showed her face beautifully as her tits rocked back and forth recklessly. She grimaced with each blow.

Vlad and I both had our dicks out, this was such a hot scene. Kayleigh moaned in pain and pleasure as Mr. Dudley sped up.

I couldn’t believe that in two days we had Kayleigh do all of these depraved acts. After Mr. Dudley came deep inside of her. Vlad and I climbed onto the bed. Vlad put his hard dick in front of her face and she instinctively started sucking. I started fucking my sister from behind, her pussy still tight, and practically gushing with fluid.

I couldn’t believe we had 2 more weeks of having my incredibly sexy sister all to ourselves.


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Truth or Dare with Sis 2 and 3

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