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The bitch on the beach.

Categories Fantasy, Domination/submission, Humiliation, Lesbian

Author: bisara

Published: 02 July 2018

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Waking in the morning, after a hard week at work, her recent split with her partner still heavy in her mind, Sara looked at the empty space beside her, stretching her naked body, and slowly climbing out of bed, she gazed out the window at the beautiful sunshine, so lonely ,so horny and so sad , Making her way through the empty house, she pondered her absent lover, wishing she could have one more chance to win her back, wishing she wasn't so submissive, but i can't help myself said to herself.

The day was so nice, it was all the excuse she needed to pack up a beach towel and her bag, damn i am going to lounge on the beach she thought, being a frequent visitor to the local nudist beach, she knew it would be quiet and secluded, so slipping a loose fitting button down dress over her naked body, she drove the 40 minutes to the beach, parking and casually making her way to the small cafe at the normal beach end, quietly sitting and sipping her coffee, reading her novel, she noticed a women approaching with a massive dog on a lead, never had she seen a dog as large ,

Excuse me, the women said as she approached, would you mind just watching my dog, while i quickly use the ladies room. Hmmmm, is he okay with strangers Sara stammered, looking at the size of him was quite concerning. No. he is fine, he is just a big teddy bear, do you mind, Handing over the lead she walked to the rest rooms.

The dog stood up and walked towards Sara, sat directly in front of her and almost being at eye level gave her what seemed like a lopsided smile then gazed into her eyes, as if he could see straight through her into her mind, trying to ignore him and concentrate on her book and coffee, the feeling that he was sizing her up became quite intense, as she looked at his large head, his eyes moved down and he seemed to tilt his head looking directly up her dress, then with a smile it seemed , looked back at her eyes ,then licking his lips, his head dropped lower and he was staring straight up her dress again, at her naked crotch, starting to feel uncomfortable, Sara silently wished this woman would hurry back, the feeling that he was deliberately looking up her dress sent a shiver through her, crossing her legs and trying to move around to stop him lookning , he let out a small whimper, and rested his head in her lap eyes looking up and gazeing deeply into her soul, another shiver, but some thing else triggered in her mind at the same time and almost a small tremor ran thrhorugh hey lower regions and her nipples stated to tingle just a little,blushing she started to gently rub his head, The woman came out just as the color was spreading across her cheeks,

Did he behave , ohh he seems to have taken a liking to you already, as she slipped into the seat beside me, and took his lead,, thank you ,so much. My name is Peta by the way. Sara I said, no problems i didnt mind, what is he I asked. He is a Caucasian shepherd dog, Peta replied, as she stood i saw her give me a casual all over look, then her eyes twinkled with a smile as she asked where i was going. To save explaining i was heading to the nude end i just pointed in the general dirrection, Ohh the nudie end ! with a smile and slight rise of her eyes, then for a split second a hungry look flashed over her face, I blushed again and stood . Sara. wasn't it. she said still looking me over ,well i hope i see you again and walked off, i watched her hips and legs ,momentarily wishing i had walked with her, then slowly made my way to the clothing optional end of the beach,

As i approached the sign designating this as the nudest end, i started to slowly unbutton the front of my dress, the warm breeze ruffling it and gently caressing my bare breasts, as i undid the last button letting the dress open freely, i heard a yell and the sound of feet rushing towards me, spinning around i watched the massive dog running on a collision coarse with me, and Peta running towards me throwing a ball, the dog was running with its head to the side watching his owner, , next thing i am flat on my back with this monster dog standing over my naked body, then with out warning he licks me across my bare nipples, the instantly starts pushing his nose between my spread legs . Tiny come here, Peta shouted still running towards me, So sorry Sara, get off her boy she shouted, He gave me a long stare straight into my eyes, then stepped away wagging his tail. Quickly i stood drawing my dress around my body and still blushing, turned to Peta. OMG. Did he hurt you Sara. she said ,brushing sand from me and not realising she was brushing my nipples and back at the same time. No No, i am fine just stunned, her hands moved slowly and her eyes were studing my face , then i felt my nipples being brushed , she must have realized and blushed herself, still apologising , she stopped then started laughing, so did i, my face burst into laughter, the best i had felt for a long time, as she walked away again, i wondered if the touches and gentle rubs on my nipples was an unintentional act, hhhhmmmm i thought as i walked up into the secluded sand dunes to my usual spot.

laying back ,reading my novel of two lesbian lovers frolicing on the beach i started to feel horny and a little drowsy, as i lay with the sun warming my body and the gentle breeze caressing my naked skin, my hands drifted betwen my wet legs, i slowly slid my fingers up and down my wet lips, easing apart my legs and drawing up my knees, my mind drifted to the encounter with Peta, her hands on my nipples, mmmm interesting , great legs i thought and one hand slowly worked up to my nipples, so good,, an image of Peta between my legs formed in my mind and i slowly brought my wet fingers up to my lips, licking away the wetness coating them

As i felt myself start to well up ready for an orgasm, i closed my eyes tightly and drifted away ,it felt so real her face between my legs, her hair brushing my inner thighs ,soooo, good, her tongue, omg, it was so wet and long, it seemed to be every where at once, my whole body was trembling and the familiar sensation when i was about to cum started to flood through me, my legs spread wider and my knees involentarily drew higher, both my hands drifted over my hard nipples, my eyes fluttered then i slowly opened them.

Then sudden shock. looking directly into my eyes, was the monster of a dog, he actualy appeared to wink at me before lapping at my wet pussy and arse , i screamed and tried to scramble back away from him like a crab in the sand, as i moved back away from him he growled and bared his teeth. Fear,like a cold knife ran through me, my bladder control dissapeared, and i felt warm wet urine spray from me, it seemed to entice him even more as he nuzzled into my bare pussy, pushing me back flat on my back, i again tried to crawl backwards, then flipped over onto my knees and tried to crawl away and get to my feet, i stood , absolute terror, no words would come out my mouth ,i tried to run, then the weight of him, as he pounced on my back forcing me to the sand .on all fours i scrambled forward, then his massive paws wrapped around my waist and pulled my limp body back into his hind legs, his face was right next to mine, his long wet tongue licked softly down the side of my face, then over the back of my neck, fear and adrenaline coursed through my body,

My mind was screaming to fight and run, my body refused to function, I felt the warm wet sensation as he entered me, pulling me back firmly but gentle , i gasped at the invasion of my pussy, he relaxed and pulled firmer, humping me ever so gently, wriggling to align his now hard massive cock to penentrate me further, then all was lost for any hope i had, he started to hump me harder, and i felt him slide all the way inside me.

like a rag doll i was pulled and pushed i had no control, he was using his front paws to hold me secure and drag me back as he drove deeper into me i felt his cock grow larger, then the sensation of hot liquid filled me, he stopped humping into me for a second i felt i would be free, then his intensity and ferousious fucking, drove into me like i had never felt, I felt his cock selling ,then it felt like a tennis ball was being forced it me. My own body starting to swell with sexual feelings so foriegn to me, it took a while to register i was moaning and pushing back onto him as hard as he was fucking me,with each thrust my body rocked forward and back, my hard nipples being brushed over his soft hair on his front legs, my mind buzzing, So wrong.but don't stop, please, i thrashed around screaming in absolute pleasure, my climax building ,higher and higher, i felt my first orgasm rush through me i screamed .he increased his humping , then as he filled me with his hot seed deep inside my pussy, i exploded into one of the most intense orgasm's of my life.

Trapped under his massive warm body, totally exhausted and so satisfied ,the feeling deep inside of me warm and nice, the sensation of his cum running down my thighs, my body shivering and shaking in pleasure, the feeling of being violated by this huge animal, still not registering, the initial fear had the effect of making me wet and horny, now the thought of such a shamefull act, something so taboo, had me wanting him to keep on fucking me,

I tried to relax and pull away from him, but for some reason it felt like i was locked to his cock, i tried again but he still had me gripped in his mighty paws.

I looked up and shock rushed through me. Sitting in the sand , was Peta. the dogs owner, Hey she said, sorry i was to late, mmmm he already had you by the time i found him,, and you were looking like you were enjoying it.

I just stared at her ,, You just sat there while your fucking dog raped me. Sara. I couldn't get near him honey, he decided he wanted you from the moment he saw you at the cafe. and when i saw you i wanted you to. Wasnt so bad was it honey. You cum like a bitch in heat eh,,, mmmm You know you are his bitch now don't you. My mouth dropped open and at the same time i felt his hot breath at my ear, then the wet tongue ran over my face and gently played over my neck, i shuddered in pleasure still unsure why i felt so good, still locked together i wasn't sure what to do, Peta looked at me and quietly told me to wait, Sometimes he takes awhile for his knot to shrink . Just hope he doesn't want to go again hun, could be here for a while, that smile and twinkle in her eyes told me she knew what i was about to learn. i felt the release of him ,the sharp suction sound as he slipped out of me, the rush of warm cum running down my thighs, still he didn't let me free, then slowly he relaxed his grip on me and slid from my back, only to start licking and lapping at my dripping wet pussy, his tongue lapping my pussy slipping between my swollen lips and then slowly dragging up over my twitching anal hole, his tongue flicking around and with the wet slippery cum it felt like my tight hole was opening and trying to swallow his probing tongue.

SARA !! DON'T, do that honey . Don't encourage him. Oooohhh fuck you done it now, Before i registered Petas warning, Tiny had mounted me again, and wrapped his huge paws around me , moving as to align himself, I squealed as i felt him ram his hardening cock straight into my now wet arse hole, Straight in, i lurched forward and instantly felt him drag me back hard .The pain as his swelling knot forced past my anal muscles, but some how i relaxed enough for it to slip into me, the instant he was in side of me i felt myself contract around him and he slipped deeper.

My body developed a mind of it's own, my usualy tight hole opened for him and swallowed him deep inside, i could feel my muscles rippling and twitching as if it was sucking as much of this hard wet cock in as it could, my body shuddered, the rush of my first doggy anal fuck, quickly spread through mel ike a wave, His humping increased speed ,i felt the knot swell even bigger, my breathing was sharp and ragged, then the tremendous rush of hot cum straight into my belly i shook with pleasure and shame at the same time, he continued to fill me with hot sticky cum, while i cried out in pleasure as wave after wave of magical orgasm's shot through me, I was faint and light headed, my knees trembled and the hot cum flowing into me filled me so much i could hear the squelching in side me, as it filled my inner colen and seemed to be squeesing further into me. now exhausted , i lost count of time, all i remember was opening my eyes as he released me, then the sound of Peta's voice, as she guided me to my shaky feet, cum flowed down my legs i looked down and the sight of so much cum dripping from my crotch it was unbelievable,

Shaky and a little light headed, i stummbled in the dark shadows that were forming as the sun disappeared behind the sand dunes, Peta took my hand and i felt a nudge and growl from behind , a small nip on my naked behind soon had me move forward, Tiny herded me through the dunes, pushing me in the direction of the car park, naked, cum running down my legs, he just kept nudging me, if i stopped or tried to change dirrection he would growl and lightly nip my bare arse, before i knew it i was at the side of Peta's car, the door open, I looked at her , she just pointed and said he wont let you go anywere but with him Sara, You belong to him now , You are his new chosen bitch. Get in , I will help you with your car tomorrow,

I settled in the back seat, Tiny sat beside me, in a daze we traveled to Peta's house, i was still in a shocked state as we entered the house and walked through,

The voice i heard sounded so far away, i was still feeling so satisfied, and the soft flicks of Tiny's long wet tongue cleaning my legs and crotch felt so good, Sara, Sara can you hear me honey!!!, I looked at Peta, she was holding a dog mattress and a collar, She smiled that sexy smile ,her eyes twinkled and her sexy lips looked so inviting ,i went to move towards her , Tiny growled and stepped between us. It was then i knew who i was spending the night with. I was Truely His BITCH.

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The bitch on the beach.

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