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Lust For Sarah

Categories Fiction, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Reluctance

Author: papaprv

Published: 02 July 2018

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It’s 1972. The Vietnam war rages on. Richard Nixon has been reelected. And the sexual revolution is still running at full swing. But for Jack Paterson, a recently widowed Kansas farmer and father of one teenage daughter, he has just discovered there is such a thing, never knowing it started back in 1960. As time goes on he’s learning more and more about this so called revolution.

It’s Friday evening around nine on a warm Kansas summer night as, Sarah Paterson stands alone in her family farm house kitchen at the sink washing dishes. Thoughts of her once unaffectionate fathers sudden shows of affection run through her mind as she works while listening to Casey Kasem’s top 40 radio show on her small ball shaped Panasonic transistor radio.

As she works, her father stands leaning against the entryway eyeing her eighteen year old figure. His brown eyes roam over the back of her head, admiring the way she’s wrapped her shoulder length blond hair into a perfect bun, leaving just a few strands of sandy blond locks dangling down over her temples. The knee length summer dress she’s wearing fits her youthful curves perfectly. On her feet she wears simple pink rubber flip flops, exposing what he considers perfect size eight feet decorated with red painted toenails.

He breaths in the fresh scent of Chanel Number Five perfume. Her mother wore this brand, this scent brings back fond memories of when she was Sarah’s age. Laura was almost a complete duplicate of her daughter at eighteen. He wipes a tear from his eye then steps slowly towards the young woman standing before him. She lets out a slight scream when he suddenly hugs her from behind.

“Darn you daddy, don’t do that, you about scared me half to death.”

“Oops sorry bout that sweetie,” he says before kissing her neck, just below the earlobe. “Mm, I just love how you smell,” he whispers

“I thought you went to bed,” she replies feeling warm tingling sensations rushing down her neck. She wants to pull away, but as usual, she just cant seem to do it. His new found affections feel so good. Growing up in secluded farmlands and the time period she lives in, with no social media outlets other than white washed network television programs have left Sarah uninformed about certain subject.

“Please come sleep with me tonight, sweetheart.” He whispers close to her ear, while gently fondling her firm teenage breast. She wants to push his hands away but, it just feels so good. He’s done this before over the past few weeks. At first she would pull away but it seems the more times he does this awkward but pleasurable thing, she can no longer stop him. Suddenly the words Please Come sleep with me wake her from this trance.

She giggles. “You’re just joking right?”

Grasping her shoulders he turns her around then leans in for a quick kiss before simply replying. “Nope, I’m not.” Gently placing a fingertip to her chin, he tilts her head back then leans in for a more passionate kiss. At first she tries pushing him away but suddenly finds she likes this sudden show of affection. When mother was alive she would often stand in the shadows watching him kiss her like this, back then she was a bit jealous of her mother. Now she gives in, liking how it feels. When he finally pulls away from her lips, she’s able to speak. “But I don’t think we should,” she said looking into his eyes. She feels something hard and very warm pressing between her legs. Wearing only a terrycloth robe as he is, with no underwear, she soon realizes this warm hard object now resting against her clothed vagina just happens to be his hard cock.

“Come on Sarah, just sleep with me tonight. Don’t worry everything will be fine.” He smiles before adding. “I wanna make love to you.”

“You, want to, make love to me,” she stammers. “You mean like, have sex with me?” she said the last looking deep into his eyes for clarity. Her young heart skips a beat.

“Well yes, that’s exactly what I mean. Look, here’s what I’ve been thinking. We live way out here so far away from any neighbor’s, no one will know what we’re doing behind the walls of this ole house. Come to bed with me Sarah. I know you’re lonely too. We lost your mother to cancer. Then to top things off, your boyfriend Jimmy was killed in Vietnam a few months ago. It’s just you and me now baby.”

Tears start to flow from Sarah’s eyes. Jimmy was slightly older, they began dating in high school. He graduated last year then received a draft notice from the army, just as so many young men did as the war escalated. Sadly enough he was killed in action, just two days after arriving in country. Her father hugs her close. His warm body comforts her. He takes her hand once more.

“Come on sweetheart lets go to bed. I think a little loving is just what we both need right now,” said Jack, speaking softly.

His final words echo through her mind as she walks beside him, he stops then suddenly lifts her up cradling her body in his strong arms. She belts out nervous laughter, exclaiming. “Daddy, be carful, don’t drop me,” before feeling safe in his arms.

He sneaks a quick kiss. “Don’t worry baby, I’ve got you.”

Sarah’s heartbeat quickens as he carries her towards his bedroom located on the bottom floor of their two story home. She wants to say. No daddy stop this craziness but she cant seem to find the words. Maybe it’s the warmth of the dark haired forty year old man’s strong arms as they hold her. He hasn’t carried her like this for so many years. And for so many years after that, he became an overworked unaffectionate father. Now with all things considered, his sudden taboo attention feels so good and so right to her young mind and body.Once inside his bedroom he stands her feet to the floor then pulls her close, whispering. “Kiss me.” And not thinking just acting upon emotions Sarah stands tiptoed then kisses the slightly taller man, his lips feel so good. Feeling his tongue touch her lips she parts them then begins licking the tip of hers against his. Everything she does is simply reflex, before this the only boy she kissed was Jimmy.

She begins fantasizing about kissing her old boyfriend but daddy likes the way she’s kissing him. His hard cock throbs with tingling pleasure as it presses against her warm body, leaving slick trails of precum over the skirt of her white cotton sundress. Sneaking one hand behind her head he pulls the hairpin keeping her hair up in a seventies decade style bun. Quickly removing the pin her soft sandy blond hair falls, just barely touching her shoulders.

“There,” he says smiling. “You look so pretty with your hair down. Now lets take this dress off,” he orders, suddenly lifting her skirts bottom hem trying to taking it off himself, almost succeeding until the garment becomes trapped under her arms. In the heat of passion Sarah quickly removes her dress, dropping it carelessly to the floor. She blushes seeing daddy’s eyes roam over her bare breast, he’s smiling as he looks. Even with the words, this Is Wrong echoing through her mind, she likes his smile.For the past few weeks she has let him getaway with fondling her firm breast from time to time during his unfatherly hugs .

“Oh wow baby girl,” he exclaims reaching out to touch them. “They’re perfect. Oh, um You don’t mind if I touch them do you?”

Nervous as she is, she stammer. “Yes, you can touch them.”

All of a sudden his hands and fingers send wonderful warm tingling sensations rushing to her sex, she feels moister soaking the crotch of her white cotton panties. Her nipple’s grow long and hard as he fondles them, gently pinching them between the fingers of each hand. Looking down she finds his hard cock poking out from the opening of his housecoat. It’s firm length and thick girth frighten her, she looks away.

Jack spots her reaction suddenly tugging one of her hands to his erection, saying. “Don’t be afraid of it. Here touch it.” Clutching her petite fingers, forcing her to rap them around his shaft. “That feels so good,” he gasps. “But you better stop, at least for now,” he chuckles. “It’s been so long since a pretty girl like you touched me down there. You might just make me cum to soon.”

Hearing him talk of causing an orgasm, she blushes. Seeing this reaction, daddy pulls her close. “Hey now sweetheart, you seem a bit leery. Lets lie down and get to know each other.” With this said he gently forces her down lying beside him on the bed. The same bed he made love to mother in. The bed where she was conceived.They begin kissing once more, he plays with her breast while kissing letting his hard cock lie over her thigh. He sneaks a hand down her tummy then slips it under the thin waistband of her bikini style panties. Suddenly realizing what he’s doing, she tries stopping him, placing her free hand on his arm trying to pull his hand away. He ignores her simply saying. “No, let me do this,” in a stern fatherly tone. Feeling his warm fingertip touching her sensitive clit, she takes her hand away submitting to him. “I wanna lick your pussy, lift your ass a little so I can take these panties off.”

Now under his sexual spell she lifts her bottom allowing him to remove the only thing covering her virgin sex. Jack stands to remove his robe, she peers into his eyes inquiring innocently.

“What are you going to do to me? It won’t hurt me, will it?”

He chuckles. “I’m going to lick your cute little pussy, that’s what I’m going to do my dear.” Looking into her eyes he notes confusion. “I get the picture you’ve never had that done before, have you?”

She shakes her head. “No Daddy,” her voice trembles. “No one, not even Jimmy has ever done that to me.”

“Well then I have a good hunch, you’re really gonna enjoy this.” He looks at his beds tall wooden headboard then back at her. “Hey scoot over a little so I can lie down. You can sit on my face.”

“Sit on your face! Now this is really getting crazy. Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this Daddy. Its wrong, at least I think it is.”

“Hey now you’ve got me all revved up, don’t go loosing your nerve now.” He smiles before adding. “Don’t worry honey, you’ll be just fine. I’m sure you’re going to love what I’m about to do.”

Once again submitting, she scoots to the side letting him lie down. Her blue eyes stare at his long erection as it flops around when he moves.

“Okay now,” he says nonchalant. “Here’s what I want you to do. Get upon your knees then straddle yourself over my face, facing the wall. You can hold the headboard for support, then lower that sweet little pussy down over my mouth. Not all of your weight of course, just ease yourself down and enjoy the ride. Okay come over here girl,” he says, pointing to his mouth and smiling in hopes of easing her nerves.

Unsure of herself, Sarah rolls to her knees then moves to where daddy awaits on his back, with his head on a pillow and both hands placed behind his head. Trembling she lifts her right leg up and over his face, grasping the headboard she lowers her sex over his smiling mouth. Jack enjoys the view, breathing in her fresh musky scent while eyeing his little girls thin patch of light brown pubic hair.

Sarah’s body lurches just as Daddy’s tongue touches her clit. Nervous giggles soon turn to pleasured moans as he begins vigorously sucking and licking her pussy from top to bottom, even tasting her anus from time to time. Finally able to live out his taboo fantasy, he licks, sucks and reams both her sweet pussy and anus enjoying every second of this fantasy come true. Sarah’s voice trembles.

“Oh my God! Daddy this feels so good.”

Jack belts out muffled laugher. “See I told you, you’d like it,” he mumbles before burying his tongue deep within her sopping wet sex.

Truly enjoying herself, Sarah gently rocks her pussy over his hungry mouth. Her thighs tremble, she feels a bit weak as little orgasms rush from her sex throughout her entire body. She lurches feeling his fingertip being shoved inside her anus.

“Oooh! Daddy, that’s nasty,” she says in slight disgust then suddenly moans in pleasure as the combinations of his finger being shoved deeper as he licks and sucks her clit combine. This orgasm sends her young body over the edge, her thighs grow weak, she almost falls.

Jack drinks every drop of her sweet nectar, wanting more he grabs hold of her thighs forcing her cunt tighter to his tongue, shoving it deeper, she comes again. Hearing almost dog like panting from his girl he begins vigorously fingering her anus licking and sucking her sweet cunt harder. She cums again, almost falling as she does. Eating her so thorough as he is, his tongue and jaw start to ache.

Her voice trembles. “Daddy you’ve got me feeling weak in the knees. Can I get off now, before I fall over.”

“Yes,” he mumbles. “Lay down beside me so we can cuddle.”

Sarah moves away slowly lying down beside him, placing her head next to his. “Wow! That was nice but wrong too! Oh what the heck, who cares if it’s wrong,” her voice trembles. “Can we do it again?” she said, joking but wanting more as well. When dad sneaks a kiss, she gets a taste of her own flavor.

“Now you need to take care of me,” he says, looking into her eyes

“Huh! Take care of you. What do ya mean,” Sarah spoke Innocent

“Oh come on, Sarah,” he replies. “You know what I mean.” Glancing down he shakes his sill hard cock. “Sarah, when I ate your pussy I found, you’re still a virgin. Ide like to be your first sweetheart. Come on Girl take a chance, have an adventure of a life time!”

She smiles contemplating. “Okay, if I do decide to screw you. I want you to buy me something I’ve been asking for since I was 16.”

She looks into his eyes, hoping he knows but he seems stumped.

“So what is it you want,” he replies curious

“Oh God Dad. I want a car. And now that I’m older, not just any car. I want one of those new Challengers. A black one to be exact.”

By this time, daddy’s so hard it hurts. He needs sexual attention and she’s asking for a car, a brand-new very expensive one at that. His throbbing cock forces his reply. “Okay, I’ll buy you a Challenger. We’ll go to that new dealership in town tomorrow, if you’d like.” Just what Sarah was holding out for, she enjoyed teasing him as well.

“But if you really want that Challenger, you’ll need to suck me off and fuck me as well.” He wiggles his cock. “Well, is it a deal?”

Suddenly moving to her knees beside him, she wraps all five soft fingers around his cock. “Okay, tell me what to do,” she asks with a sweet smile. Stroking his manhood, she examines it, finding its warm hardness sexually exhilarating. Her pussy grows wet.

Almost unable to speak, he replies. “Well um. First of all lean down and wrap your pretty lips around my dick, once you’ve done that I’ll fill you in from there.” He notes a hint of reluctance in her eyes as she slowly lowers her lips down to his stiff member.

“Oh yes! That‘a girl,” he exhales. “Now start sucking, slide your lips up’n down my cock. Every once in a while stop sucking and lick my cock all over, just like you do an ice cream cone. Get it nice n wet baby. Ahh! I just knew your lips would feel so nice!”

Sarah starts doing as he says, finding the taste of his cock flesh interesting to say the least. She drinks in precum, liking its flavor. “Put more of me in your mouth baby,” he says, gently placing one hand to the back of her head. Doing as told she gags. “Sorry bout that,” he apologizes. “Guess you’re not ready for deepthroating yet.”

Wanting to please, Sarah keeps going letting his cock slip from her mouth, she licks and kisses its shaft. Unknown to daddy, she had given her now dead and buried boyfriend a little oral attention during their short love affair. Thoughts of where did daddy hear the term Deep Throat run through her mind, she knowing this to be the title of the years most controversial triple x rated film, staring someone named Linda Lovelace. Daddy’s pleasured breathing eggs her on, she runs her soft lips up and down his shaft. Giving every inch of it little kisses and licks before shoving its thick circumcised head back inside her mouth.

“Please fuck me Sarah,” he pleads, fearing he’ll cum in her sweet mouth before enjoying the exquisite taboo feeling of ejaculating inside her snug virgin teenage pussy.

Although fearful of going all the way, Sarah removes her lips from daddy’s erection then proceeds to straddle it, quickly lifting her left leg over his mid section, ignoring thoughts of how wrong it is to fuck the man who gave her life. Suddenly feeling the warmth of his cock barley touching her pussy, warm pleasured tingles rush throughout her young body, thoughts of how wrong it is escape her mind in a flash.

Watching his daughter straddle him like this, Jack almost can’t believe his eyes. At the moment, in this heat of passion, he doesn’t care how wrong making love to his own flesh and blood daughter is.

“Okay Sarah, do it baby. Put my cock inside you,” he orders. Feeling the warmth of her cunt lips touching the head of his cock is almost to much to bare, almost driving him to the point madness. She’s holding his member guiding its tip to her slit, feeling she’s moving to slow he grabs her hips then forces her down. She’s so wet, the head of his cock slips right in breaking through the thin membrane of her hymen.

Sarah lets out a surprised little scream as it breaks through, both she and Daddy gaze at the sight of a few inches of his long thick cock disappearing inside her slit. Jack speaks, noticing fearful hesitation in her blue eyes.

“Don’t think about it, just start riding me. If there’s any pain, don’t worry sweetheart, it will go away.”

Hearing his calm voice Sarah begins moving her pelvis, lifting up slowly then down, looking down at her fathers cock as it disappears then reappears from within her sex. There is some pain at first, but it begins to fade as their taboo encounter rolls on.

Jack watches his cock penetrating his daughter, smiling pleased to see his fantasy become reality. Unknown to Sarah, he stole a couple pairs of her dirty panties and for the passed few nights before going to sleep, he’s been sniffing one pair while pleasuring himself with the other wrapped around his hard cock. That felt good but now actually fucking her feels one hundred times better. Clutching her thighs with both hands, he orders. “Ride me faster baby! Make me cum.”

Crazed with lust he begins forcing her to fuck him harder as ordered, clutching her hips with both strong hands. She submits, ignoring her fears she begins riding him faster so fast her ass cheeks slap against his thighs. Sounds of her flesh slapping against his echo from the bedroom walls, with added sounds of passionate heavy breathing and grunting. In her heat of passion, Sarah suddenly realizes, some of these animalistic grunts are hers and some are from Daddy as he enjoys her. Neither of them speak as this goes on.

Sarah begins feeling warm tingles of an orgasm, beginning slow at first then suddenly rushing from the walls of her pussy, rolling up her spine like a runaway freight train. Daddy feels her body shake as she cums, he watches her blue eyes roll back in their sockets. This arousing scene begins sending him over the edge. Wanting to enjoy every second of this new erotic taboo journey he holds back.

Needing more of his girl he tries holding back his impending cum. Thinking of things like, planting soybeans on the newly plowed field near the back fence row of his land. Or helping one of his farm hands assemble that irrigation system over a field of newly planted wheat on the north end of his two hundred acre farm. This hold off isn’t so easy, the feeling of Sarah’s tight pussy stroking his cock is almost to much for him to deal with.

Needing control of their passion, in one swift move he grabs hold of Sarah’s upper body, rolling her onto her back. Now on top never uncupulating, Jack begins ramming deep inside his young daughters pussy. Sarah lets out a surprised scream before another orgasm rolls over her body in a warm wave of ecstasy. Jack feels the walls of her sex fluctuating around his cock, he smiles knowing he’s made her cum once more. Enjoying this feeling he begins fucking her faster, so fast his hips spank against her inner thighs. He grunts out.

“Tell me to cum, Sarah. Say cum for me Daddy.”

Barley able to speak she replies . “Cum for me Daddy!”

Exactly what he wants to hear. Her breathless voice sends Daddy over the edge, in reality not just the edge but an abyss neither he nor she will ever return from. He cums arching his back in complete ecstasy, moaning out. “Oh God, I Love You Sarah. Oh God Yes,” he exclaims, shoving his cock in deep, flooding the walls of her unprotected sex with warm seed.

Its warmth makes Sarah cum again, she accepts a deep passionate kiss from Daddy. She feels his heart beating against her chest as they kiss along with feeling his hard throbbing cock still buried deep inside her vaginal walls. A sudden frightening thought shoots through her brain. He came inside me! Grasping his head with both hands to push him away from their kiss, she looks into his brown eyes asking panicked.

“Daddy, you came inside me. What If I Get Pregnant!”

He scoffs before telling more than just a little white lie.

“Oh don’t worry your pretty little head sweetheart, you cant get pregnant the first time around. Especially if you’re anything like your momma, it took what seemed forever to get her pregnant with you. But just to be safe, I’ll take you to Doc Hollister’s office an have him sit you up with birth control pills,” he gives a quick kiss. “Then we’ll go buy that car you want. How’s that sound?” he said with a smile

He’s pleased to see her fearful frown turn to an excited smile.

“You mean, you’re really gonna buy me that Challenger.” Now ecstatic with joy, she throws her arms around him, exclaiming. “Oh Thank you Daddy, I’ve been wanting one for so long.” She plants an affectionate kiss on his lips before adding. “I Love You So Much.”

Almost all thoughts of shame and fear escape her mind, as fantasy’s of driving her brand-new car out to see her friends replace them. Satisfied of his accomplishment Daddy rolls away, his semi erect cock slips from her tight cunt with a slight popping sound. He kisses her cheek before adding. “Yes baby I will buy that car for you. But in return, I’ll expect you to make love to me whenever I ask you to.” He looks into her eyes. “Is that a deal, or would you rather drive my old pickup truck?”

Fighting shame she hesitates not answering thinking of consequences of what they’ve done tonight and what might follow. Seeing confusion in her eyes and needing more taboo loving, dad cuts in.

“Sarah baby I know you enjoyed what we’ve done,” he says sincere. “And I just know once we’ve done it a few more times, you’ll come to enjoy it even more.” He strokes her hair, she like the affection.

“Okay. It’s a deal Daddy, but with one exception.”

“One exception. What might that be?” he replies puzzled

“The exception is, if I just happen to meet another guy, you’ll allow me to see him,” she looks into his eyes. “Well, is it a deal?”

He replies hesitant. “Okay, it’s a deal. Now how about a pinky promise and nice kiss to seal it.” He said holding his hand out with a pinky finger extended. It’s been so long since they’ve done a pinky promise, it’s something they did when she was very young. She wraps her pinky around his giggling like the child she once was.

“Okay it’s a deal,” she replies with a smile.

“And A Kiss, my dear girl,” he says with a sleigh smile

That being said he pulls her close then plants a deep passionate kiss, letting one hand wander down her bare tummy until reaching her pussy. Still kissing she’s about to push his hand away until suddenly feeling his fingertips stroking her clit, she lets him have his way. Feeling her reaction of rocking her hips humping his fingers, he whispers.

“You like how I’m touching you, don’t you baby?”

“Oh God! Yes I do. I really do,” she replies, her voice and body trembling.

Stroking her faster he whispers. “I love You Sarah Paterson.”

Ignoring right or wrong, they made love throughout the night.

The End….Well Maybe....Feel free to comment.

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Lust For Sarah

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