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Patient and Strong

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Cuckold, Erotica

Author: Jay K Heart

Published: 02 July 2018

  • Font:

Alex threw open the door to their shitty little apartment, marched into their shitty little bathroom, and took a shower: absolutely determined to wash away all the shitty little reminders of the walmart night shift. Dawn didn’t notice. Or she pretended not to notice. It was always hard to tell with her. Fifteen minutes of nirvana later, a pillar of fog drifted out of the bathroom along with Alex, who floated into the room as a freshly pinkened phantom, a white towel wrapped just above her chest.

Exhausted, she collapsed onto the bed and into Dawn’s lap. Their twin bed creaked under the combined weight with a familiar and friendly groan as Alex attempted to get comfortable, using her partner’s thighs as the perfect warm pillows they were always meant to be. Dawn absentmindedly ran a hand through Alex’s short wet hair, petting her like a cat.

“How’s work?” Dawn’s voice was as smooth and motherly as ever. Alex groaned.

“I wanna pour blood disolvent in the break room coffee pot.” she mumbled. Cartoon girls in absurdly short skirts danced across a background of oversaturated rainbows on their tv.

“Well that’s good.” Dawn studied the screen with unblinking eyes. “Yesterday you were gonna put put a propane tank in the trash compactor.” Alex shot up with a look of determination.

“They shat on the doors, Dawn! The stall doors!” There was a fire in her eyes, “Any institution that enables civilization to digress to the point where a woman shitting on the stall doors is acceptable behavior deserves to be purged from the earth with holy fire and extreme prejudice.” Dawn turned away from the tv. She smiled and patted her lap. Alex reluctantly returned to her rightful place in life; lying on Dawn’s milky white thighs. Dawn went back to twirling a loop of Alex’s violet hair.

“What happened tonight?” she asked. Alex thought long and hard before she quietly admitted what was bothering her.

“The day shift compacted their own trash for once.” On screen, a pink haired girl shot the entire light spectrum at a tentacle monster who screamed and then died, presumably of seizures. “What’re we watching?” Alex asked.

“Do they not do that often?”

“What?” Alex turned her head up to Dawn, who was absorbed in the harsh abuse of hue saturation that played out on screen. Dawn looked down with her gentle green eyes and understanding smile.

“Compact the trash.” she said.

“Oh… ” Alex turned back to their tv, which struggled to display half the colors the show was trying to drown it’s viewers in. “Yeah, they uh, they almost never do. Their supposed to.” she answered, more than a little distracted, “I just wish they did it more often.” She turned back to Dawn, “The hell are we watching?”

“It’s part three of the Planet Chaser Starlight Excellence OVA from the 90’s but remastered and with english fansubs.” Alex blinked. Turns out the tentacle monster wasn’t quite dead. It grabbed one of the girls, who screamed while the camera got a good shot of her pretty pink panties.

“... What’s it about?” Alex almost didn’t want to know.

“These high schoolers wer-”

“They’re in high school?” Alex interjected. An incredibly lazy metaphor for an orgasm played out on screen as the teenager was groped relentlessly by slimey tentachles.

“It’s anime.” Dawn responded almost bored. One of the girls climbed into a giant robot to fight off the monster, “They were on a military expedition to stop this asteroid that was gonna hit Earth, but they-”

“They’re military too?” Alex groaned.

“Yeah. So they couldn’t stop the asteroid, but instead of hitting Earth, it just kinda... took it. Like, with gravity?” Dawn cocked her head to the side. “They explained the physics, but yeah. The rock was so big, it just kinda took Earth with it as it passed. So now they’re tryna’ catch it.” Dawn went back to calmly petting Alex’s head as if anything she’d said made sense.

“... Right.” Alex wrapped an arm around the small of Dawn’s back for warmth, pulled herself closer, and snuggled into Dawn’s supple stomach. Their hands naturally interlocked together the way they always did whenever they quietly enjoyed each other’s company. Alex inhaled the comforting scent of the cucumber body lotion that kept her partner so soft and soon their pulses beat to the tune of the same drum. Their breathing became one, and as the train rolled past their tiny world, shaking their compact complex and all it held inside to the foundation, neither cared to notice. Lines of static drifted up the screen while the pair sat in serene silence. And then it was over. The tentacle monster was slain once and for all, credits scrolled by in japanese, and the dvd menu popped back up, displaying the Star Scouts in all their glory.

Neither of them moved, choosing to stay enveloped in the haze that comes at the end of every dvd. They listened to the theme song and the sound of their partner’s gentle breathing until Alex rolled over and screamed into their limp lifeless pillow. She bounced up with the elated expression only an excited fan girl could ever wear.

“Fuck! You didn’t tell me it was actually good!” She slammed their pillow over a laughing Dawn’s head.

“I thought it was self evident,” Dawn gently shoved her attacker away. Alex screamed again and launched herself towards their dvd player, leaving her towel behind.

“We gotta start the next one!” Alex flipped through their small stack of disks before turning around. “Where’s the next one?”

“Hm?” Dawn’s eyes snapped from Alex’s slender body back to her face.

“The next disk. Where's the next disk?” She asked frantically.

“Oh.” Dawn said, a little disappointed, “There isn’t one.” Alex was devastated. She flopped back onto their bed face first.

“Mow mdsdf mfnd.” She mumbled into their bed sheet. Dawn chuckled to herself. She leaned forward and tussled Alex’s hair.

“What was that?” She asked, her voice as melodic as always. Alex pulled herself up to sit at the edge of their bed.

“How does it end?” Alex’s pale skin seemed to shimmer in the merigold glow of their dirt covered window. Dawn tilted her head.

“It doesn’t.” She quietly admitted. “The light novel’s still running.” Alex collapsed back into their bed sheets. She didn’t bother asking what the hell a light novel was. She didn’t need to. Impulsively, Dawn pulled herself next to Alex. Maybe out of instinct or maybe habit, she ran a comforting hand along the gentle slopes of Alex’s wet back. “We could always watch part one or two together...” She whispered.

“That’s not the point.”


“Oh, uh, nothing.” Alex sat back up like the adult she technically was, with the same hollow smile all lowercase adults wear. Dawn read that face like her favorite book. She put an arm around her partner’s shoulder and gave a kind hearted squeeze. A small pang of guilt hit Alex hard when she realized she hadn’t dryed off completely before joining Dawn in bed. She was getting Dawn’s uniform wet. Against all her better judgment, Alex rested her head on Dawn’s shoulder anyways.

“You won’t get mad?” she whispered.

“Promise.” Dawn whispered back. She rubbed Alex’s shoulder, coaxing the truth out of her. Alex took a deep breath.

“I don’t know. I-” she sighed, “I just… I don’t know. It was... relatable?” She leaned on Dawn for support, “It’s not fair.” she said with more certainty now, “They work so hard, is all. They work and work and no matter how hard they try, they’re still stuck in the same place they started at. And… ” She didn’t wanna say anything else, but the words just sorta spilled out of her, “They deserve a happy ending, and they’re stuck, and they’ll always be stuck.” Fat passive aggressive pigeons perched outside their window to watch all the humans stroll by bellow. Alex’s voice got small, “We said one month. We’ve been here for two years.”

The draft they’d become accustomed to after so long drifted back into their tiny apartment, emboldened by the cold january morning air. Goosebumps rose across Alex’s skin as she shivered and pressed herself into Dawn even more, her hard nipples poking into the side of Dawn’s large breast. Alex let out a nervous chuckle. “It’s starting to feel like we’re grinding in the world’s shittiest role playing game with no boss fight in sight… ” She joked. Dawn rubbed Alex’s forearm, trying to warm her up. “Are we stuck?” Alex finally asked.

Another train roared by like it always did. Their sickly yellow tinted window rattled in it’s frame and as the world shook around them, Dawn held Alex tighter. Their dust settled back into its usual nooks and crannies when the last train car stormed off into the distance to disturb more low budget housing units. Somewhere in the bitter cold beyond their rotten lemon window, a dog struggled against it’s chain, barking at something it couldn’t see, but definitely smelled. Something so tantalizingly close it would strangle itself on it’s chain for a lick of it. The world turned anyways. The universe blinked.

“This is the boss fight.” Dawn said with a soft but certain voice. Alex pulled back just enough to look into Dawn’s eyes. “This is it.” Dawn told her, “We’re not stuck.” She wore the confident kind smile only showcased by people who've mastered the art of being a capital A Adult. Ocean green eyes reassured Alex of their fate. “This is the most important part of our lives.” She kissed Alex’s forehead. There was a hint of glistening wetness in Alex’s iceberg blue eyes. “We’re gonna make it through this.” Dawn promised. Alex breathed through parted lips. Her heart raced faster than the trains that insisted on routinely barging into their cozy little world. Dawn leaned in until their lips were only an eye lash’s length apart. “Because we’re patient… ” she breathed. They shared a moment of anticipation before Dawn pressed forward for a tender kiss. A new heat rushed through Alex’s body, leaving her disappointed and oddly cold when Dawn pulled away. Her mind swirled with thoughts of stars and the ground beneath her feet whirled away from her. Dawn rested her forehead on Alex’s, taking a moment to catch her breath. “... And strong.” She finished.

Alex lurched forward, wrapping her arms around Dawn to share a needful kiss comprised entirely of fiery passion and youthful energy. Blood and excitement rushed through her body as Alex felt herself grow warm in spite of the january draft. Heat blossomed and spread form her crotch, their kissing becoming more frantic, more desperate with every breath.

She was suddenly reminded of just how incredibly naked she was when Dawn started to lightly push against her, a silent plea for her to lie down on her back. A new mixture of anxiety and thrill jettisoned itself into the forefront of her mind. Dawn let out a soft moan and Alex’s rushing heart skipped a beat. One question dominated every other thought she had: Are we gonna do it?

Alex pulled back to find her answer; a pair of half lidded jade eyes stared back at her with lust. Dawn leaned in to continue the kiss. Alex soon felt a finger tracing circles on her almost flat chest, every loop and swirl sending shivers along her pale skin and down her spine. The finger became a palm that pressed harder, easing Alex slowly back until she finally felt their squeaky spring mattress press against her back.

The kiss became heavier, interjected with gasps for air and unintentional moans. Flushed with heat, mind clouded with arousal, Alex looked up at the voluptuous goddess with never ending wavy blonde hair and perfectly kind green eyes as she straddled her. Dawn’s khaki shorts pressed against Alex’s crotch, forcing her to instinctively rub herself against the rough fabric.

Dawn sat up to better watch Alex squirm against her pants. The creature below her thrusted her hips upward, desperate for every inch of friction she could muster. Her humping started off slow at first; not rhythmic or controlled, the way her partner always seemed to be, but animalistic. Her grinding grew quicker in pace as her breathing grew more and more rigid. Dawn stifled a laugh as she watched Alex twitch and moan and writhe while she just sat on top of her. She decided to help.

She ran her hands all over Alex’s naked body. Her soft fingertips danced and traced infinities over her arms before they twirled around her breasts, ever so close to her fully erect nipples, but never touching them. Alex mewled in need, snatching one of Dawn’s hands and forcing it on her breast. Dawn rolled her eyes, taking the opportunity to admire Alex’s racing heart while she palmed and kneaded her breast. It beat faster and faster as Alex got closer and closer. Dawn bent over, and blew a steady stream of air onto Alex’s neck. Her back arched with the new sensation, her heartbeat quickened, and the sweat that had been steadily growing during their morning work out started becoming noticeable beads rather than slippery shimmering dew as she bucked wildly.

“Close?” Dawn breathed into Alex’s ear. The poor thing could only nod violently. Alex’s free hand darted down to grab a handful of Dawn’s more than ample backside, but Dawn managed to catch it by the wrist. Alex’s eyes shot open in protest, but it was too late.

In one elegant motion, Dawn grabbed Alex’s other hand, pinned the two just above her partner’s head, and lifted her hips off their bed, to Alex’s absolute despair. She pouted and bucked her hips into the air, completely unable to express her carnal need in words. Her panting slowed, but the raging fire deep inside her burned on. Dawn gave her a little peck on the cheek.

“Patience.” She teased. Alex’s glare would have burned a hole through the satellite thousands of miles above Dawn’s head. Dawn relented, and gave Alex a real kiss. “Patience… ” she slowly repeated. Alex swallowed hard. Her hips twitches involuntarily as she rubbed her thighs together longingly. Eventually she bit her lip and nodded. She wasn’t going to cum till Dawn let her.

“Good.” Dawn planted a quick peck on Alex’s nose before she went in for a longer, reassuring kiss. She could feel Alex’s pulse through her trapped wrists, and Dawn wasn’t entirely sure who’s heart was beating faster; the heart of the naked, drenched woman’s she had pinned to their bed, or her own.

Dawn pulled out of the kiss, leaving Alex in her usual post make out state of bliss. Alex opened one eye, then another, only to have her vision swallowed by the beautiful sight of Dawn’s cleavage bursting through her tight white top. Dawn’s majestic bouncing bust pressed and squished against Alex’s beaming face. She nuzzled and snuggled into Dawn’s breasts, delighting in their soft squishy flesh and her sultry smooth skin.

Dawn did her best to focus on the task at hand. She licked her lips in anticipation. While Alex was busy partaking in her favorite pastime, Dawn was getting ready to try something new. Dawn took a sudden sharp breath. Alex had started nibbling and sucking at her exposed flesh. Her body quivered, as she wrestled with the uncontrollable urge to take Alex to a thunderous climax right then and there. It was now or never.

Dawn looked down at the trapped spasming hands in her clutches, and licked Alex’s middle finger. Alex giggled into Dawn’s breasts as she squirmed, and Dawn had to laugh along with her. There was something about the incredible goofiness of the act that thrilled her. She took the rest of the finger into her mouth, and started to fellate the digit. She hummed as her head bobbed, and Alex soon realized just how many sensitive nerve endings rested at the tips of her fingers.

Dawn slowly pulled the finger out of her mouth, completely unafraid of dragging her teeth along the digit, and moved lower. She rubbed her cheek against Alex’s palm and then kissed it. They were gentle kisses with flicks of tongue that sent sparks throughout Alex’s body. Dawn continued the trek downward, planting kisses, licks and nibbles along Alex’s inner arm and onto her shoulder.

Dawn’s breasts now rested against Alex’s chest. The poor thing arched her back, rubbing her firm nipples into Dawn’s scratchy shirt. Dawn slowly rocked back and forth, enhancing the experience for the both of them, forcing a whimper out of the young woman beneath her. Their spring bed groaned and whined as it swayed to their rhythm, which was gradually becoming faster.

Dawn continued her trail of kisses up to Alex’s neck. She nibbled and sucked and hummed, sending vibrations of pumping pleasure down Alex’s spine, directly into her pussy. Alex rubbed her thighs together. Her toes wiggled, clenched and stretched as Dawn worked on her. Every muscle in her body tightened and loosened with every subtle suck and niggling nibble from her partner. Alex’s hips moved on their own, pumping into the air in short vicious strokes, and just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore, one of Dawn’s hands slid downwards.

It moved down her arm, down her midsection, and lingered on the outside of Alex’s soaked thighs. Strawberries. The scent of Alex’s cheap shampoo filled Dawn’s head with memory after memory. She wanted to make a new one. She wanted to plunge her fingers into Alex. She wanted to make her buck, scream her name, and then climax for centuries. She wanted to lose control. But she resisted. Alex was going to get there. They were both gonna get there. But it was going to take time.

Dawn rubbed Alex’s thighs with the delicacy, dexterity, and love of an artist. Alex hesitated, reluctant to spread her legs and give up the only steady source of self satisfaction to the woman that so often teased her. Her legs slid back and forth indecisively. Dawn understood. It wasn’t a fair trade.

She pressed her tits harder against Alex’s chest, sinking the two of them deeper into their moaning mattress. Alex’s perky nipples dug into Dawn’s polyester shirt, and she let out a soft satisfied sigh. She loved the weight and heft of Dawn’s body against her, forcing her down, keeping her safe. She could feel Dawn’s lungs pushing air in and out of her chest. She felt Dawn’s throbbing heart thumping away in her rib cage to a quickening rhythm. But most importantly, she felt Dawn’s hand inches from her sex. She was so soft.

Alex slowly let her legs spread while Dawn’s hand swirled and danced along Alex’s creamy outer thigh. The hesitation killed Dawn. She dragged her tongue up the side of Alex’s neck and latched onto her earlobe. Alex’s legs flew apart, her back arched and her hips sprang into the air. Dawn’s looping hand wandered around the outside of Alex’s thigh, then ducked inbetween her legs to play with her infinitely more sensitive and soaked inner thigh. Her fingers circled and twirled there, tormenting Alex. Her butt flew off the bed as she bucked, jerked, and mewled to no avail. Sweat poured from her face. The heat was killing her. The wait was killing her. She needed release. She needed it inside her.

The fingers moved north. Yes! Alex reflexively humped as Dawn’s touch drew closer and closer. She was ready! She was more than ready! She felt Dawn’s hand rub at her entrance. She gasped, and a very audible sharp cry of pleasure followed when Dawn’s thumb brushed against her clit. She was a mass of coiled springs; a handful of rubber bands stretching past their breaking point; a bomb ready to explode. This was it! This was her moment! Then Dawn’s hand moved even further north to trace flowers on her stomach.

Alex whimpered in frustrating disappointment. She heard Dawn giggle before she kissed Alex’s blushing cheek. Alex opened her eyes to see a snickering Dawn, lingering above her. It wasn’t fair. She’d done everything that was asked of her. She’d given everything she had to give. She spread her legs. And this was how she was going to be treated? She was just about ready to throw Dawn off her and finish the job herself. And then Dawn kissed her.

Time didn’t stop. It stretched. It yawned. It lingered on the kiss that connected them. It was tender and forceful and understanding and apologetic and desperate and kind and incredibly human. So, so incredibly human. They shared a short soft sigh. And when Dawn pulled away, Alex remembered why they were together. Dawn cared.

Alex embraced the fog, embraced the torture, embraced Dawn. This was alright. Dawn rocked against her chest and her nipple’s cries of pleasure became a soft background noise in her head. They could stay together like this forever. Warm. Happy. Peaceful. This was all they needed. Alex gasped. Dawn was inside of her.

With her palm firmly glued to Alex’s mound, Dawn dug her fingers in and out of Alex slowly, relishing every inch of her wet crevasse. Alex’s hips rocked forward to meet the steady movement, trying her hardest to be as methodical as her partner. Soon, a second finger made its way inside of her. They hooked up to reach her g-spot. Alex started to lose control. Her hips move faster and faster on their own. She shuddered and moaned as Dawn’s fingers dove and twisted and and pushed and ducked. Dawn was moving faster now, and making good use of the palm that rested against Alex’s mound as she rubbed her faster and faster. Her tits pressed tight against Alex’s heaving chest, her finger deep inside the only woman she’d ever love. Dawn felt the heat between her own legs roar. She could only imagine what Alex was going through.

She was close. She was so very close. Closer than she’d ever been. The height of the heat rose and rose and rose. She could feel every neuron in her body fire off signals begging for sweet release. Her world was a blur of physical sensations each more intense than the last. Dawn worked on top of her, her fingers jutting in and out of Alex faster, coaxing her to cum, to climax, to finish for the love of god, finish, Alex! But despite her best efforts, she just couldn’t.

It was a terrible realization. Her roller coaster of sensations kept going up and up and up, taking her to new heights of intense excitement, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t see the drop, let alone the ground beneath it. She panted and thrashed and mewled and moaned and squirmed and worked and worked as the sensation built up inside of her to a feverish pitch with no sign of stopping. Dawn’s fast fingers fucked her furiously and Alex desperately tried to cum for her, to give her the sight she knew Dawn wanted most. She was almost there! Any second! She pushed and pushed and pushed herself against that wall, harder and harder. Dawn’s tongue darted into her mouth. The sounds they were making, the lewd thoughts, the persistent touch, it was all so much. So, so much. She couldn’t hold back. She didn’t want to. In and out, in and out went Dawn’s fingers, making delicious squelching sounds louder than their moans. Their heart raced. It was gonna happen. It was about to happen. She just needed something. A small, inconsequential push to throw her off that cliff. Anything to send her over that edge.

And just when it seemed like there was no hope, just when Alex thought she’d be stuck a breath away from release forever, Dawn sunk her teeth into Alex’s neck, and she exploded.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as the released tide of pent up energy surged through every inch of her being, shaking her legs and curling her toes. Dawn’s fingers kept going as her partner came, spurts of love washing over them as Alex gushed. What lasted half a minute for Dawn lasted an eternity for Alex. She writhed uncontrollably in her bliss, until her spasms became twitches, her hoarse breathing became exhausted pants, and her animalistic moans became quiet, satisfied whimpers. She changed from a deep scarlet to a healthy pinkish glow only a few shades away from her usual moon white, before collapsing into the bed completely.

Dawn slipped her fingers out and laid next to her perfectly content partner, licking her fingers and enjoyed the view of a glowing post orgasm Alex. The poor thing let out a heart warming, “Mmmm...” as a blissful smile spread across her face. That was it. The secret. That one little spark that kept Dawn going: seeing Alex happy.

With renewed energy, Dawn climbed out of bed to restart her morning routine. Thirty five minutes. She had thirty five minutes before she had to leave for work, and… well… She looked down at her ruined uniform. Sweat stains and shower water permeated her shirt. And her shorts, dear god, her shorts. There was still a large glistening wet patch left over from Alex’s little tribfest. She pulled them off to examine the patch more closely, only to realize her panties were also completely soaked. She made another glance at the comatose angle lying in their bed completely naked, and perfectly pleased. There was a gentle ache between her legs, and she couldn’t help but feel… let down?

She shook her head, and turned around, determined to swallow the ugly emotion. She just needed some fresh clothes, a little deodorant and maybe if she used enough perfume, she could cover up the distinct smell of sex till it just naturally went away, and Jesus, fuck, her hair! She didn’t have a mirror, but she fussed and tried to straighten it anyways. The room started to spin, as a million different tasks pulled her in a billion different directions. She couldn’t be late. She couldn’t. She Couldn’t Be-

The distinct sound of bare feet slapping against wood forced Dawn to turn around just in time to enjoy a grateful kiss from a rejuvenated Alex. Alex broke off the deep kiss with a wet smack and followed it up with a cascade of quick pecks all over Dawn’s face, each one full of excitement and gratitude for her hard work. Dawn’s anxiety melted away.

Alex looked up at Dawn with a playfully stern look on her face.

“Good girls don’t tease.” She told her. She pulled herself in for a more passionate kiss, enjoying Dawn’s coconut lip balm. Her hands wandered from Dawn’s neck to the the top of her massive breasts down her sides, paused to pull her tight by the small of her back before moving lower to squeeze handfuls of Dawn’s panty covered ass cheeks. The kiss lingered as Alex kneaded and squished Dawn’s backside, relishing in the soft yet firm flesh. One of her hand’s continued it’s journey to Dawn’s crotch, and wasted no time before it started rubbing her through her drenched panties.

Dawn’s legs threatened to give way as their passionate kissing grew more and more feverish. She pulled away for a quick gulp of air, before panting out a curse. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew she didn’t have time for this, and she knew that Alex knew it too. Alex grinned at the goddess’ glowing red face that begged for her touch in spite of herself. She immediately got back to work, trying her best to keep her mind on the consistent rhythm of her hand as she aggressively made out with her partner.

Alex kept rubbing her, occasionally letting her fingers sink in, bringing with them Dawn’s sopping wet underwear, and a jolt through Dawn’s spine. The panting goddess had to brace herself against the wall just to keep stable while Alex purposefully penetrated her divinity with more vigor and urgency. Her hand slid into Dawn’s underwear, savoring her soft lips and the almost invisible silky blonde hairs Dawn worked so hard to keep clean and orderly. Dawn’s hands, meanwhile, clawed Alex’s shoulder blades in a vain attempt to keep from falling over. Her knees wobbled as Alex dug her fingers into Dawn.

Alex broke off the kiss so she could concentrate, leaving Dawn to pant and crave her lips once more.

“You like that?” Alex breathed, her mind more than a little preoccupied with the sights, sounds and smell of their fucking. Dawn bit her lip and moaned her approval, her back arching against the wall Alex had forced her against. Her fingernails dug into Alex’s bare back, making her wince in pleasure. She pressed into Dawn, sandwiching her breasts between them and murmured, “I’m gonna make you scream, Dawn. I’m gonna make you scream.” Dawn’s eyes shot into the back of her head. Alex stuck a second finger into her partner and expertly raked it across Dawn’s special spot. Her legs finally betrayed her, and the two toppled to the ground.

Another curse flew free from Dawn’s lips, but Alex didn’t skip a beat. Dawn sat there, gasping for air between subdued moans, her legs spread wide, her back still against the wall, watching her favorite person in the entire world finger fuck her brains out. One of Dawn’s hands moved of its own volition to rub her nipple through her tight shirt and restraining bra. Her moans became less subdued, despite her best effort, while Alex’s fingers moved with a hunger for more. Before she realized it, Dawn’s free hand was resting on Alex’s head. She didn’t push. She didn’t need to. Alex got the message.

She pulled out of Dawn with an audible squelch, hooked her fingers around the elastic in Dawn’s underwear, and tugged until Dawn managed to work up the energy to lift her butt off the ground. Soon, the drenched undergarments were tossed away and completely forgotten. Alex was far too busy diving between Dawn’s spread legs, lapping away at Dawn’s lower lips.

Dawn’s whole body clenched at the touch of Alex’s probing tongue.

“F-fuck.” She whispered, her hips gyrating to the rhythm of Alex’s exploration. Alex didn’t bother taking her time. She devoured Dawn’s pussy with a veracious hunger, her tongue licking, darting, diving, and dipping into her partner with reckless abandon. The almost sour tang of Dawn’s love drove her into an animal like frenzy.

Dawn, meanwhile, was consumed by the small infinity swirls of Alex’s firm pale ass swinging seductively in the air. It wiggled and twitched and Dawn wanted more than anything to take it for herself. She imagined licking it. She smothered it with kisses in her mind before taking a healthy bite. The way it was perched so high in the air, it almost looked like Alex was inviting someone to mount her from behind. She could almost see a complete stranger walking up behind Alex, rubbing his cock tentatively along her slit before ramming it home. The power of his penetration would force Alex deeper into Dawn, who couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy over just how hard Alex seemed to be getting off on his imaginary dick. He’d roar, filling Alex, filling the love of her life with his seed, and fulfilling her in a way that Dawn never could. Then he’d step aside to let another stranger have his way with her.

Alex’s probing finger snapped Dawn out of her nightmarish fantasy. Dawn squealed as her ever loyal partner once again found her special spot with her finger. Meanwhile, Alex’s tongue became enraptured with Dawn’s swollen clit while her finger pumped in and out of Dawn relentlessly. She couldn’t take it anymore. Dawn forced her hand up her tight shirt to tweek and pull her nipples directly. The new stimulation brought her even closer to her inevitable climax. She twisted and pinched and pulled and Alex watched her, letting her free hand find its way back to her own crotch so she could play with herself while she watched.

The sight of Alex’s hypnotic ass being penetrated for real, even if by Alex’s own hand, was too much. She grabbed a handful of Alex’s violet hair and shoved her farther into her crotch. Dawn humped against Alex’s face. There! She used Alex like a toy, moving her head in steady circles, forcing her mouth onto her clit. Her back arched painfully, her eyes completely rolled into the back of her head, and her mind went blank as she humped away.

Every twitch, every muscle spasm, every thrust brought Dawn closer and closer. She didn’t care that Alex couldn’t breath. She couldn’t care. Her entire world was a carnal mess of fiery nerves and an insatiable need to finish. Her body moved on it’s own. She needed this. Her thrusting became short viscous jabs as she lost control. Somewhere, in the back of her mind, way way back where Dawn’s rational thoughts hid from the lascivious monster that had taken control of her, she knew that Alex was still eagerly sucking on her clit.

Dawn’s excitement grew and grew and grew until she felt like she was just about ready to burst. Milliseconds before she came, Dawn looked down at the woman beneath her, and large blue eyes stared back at her. Alex’s gaze said only one thing, “I love you.” It was like lightning. That face Dawn read like her favorite book told a story. “I love you. I would do anything for you. Let me do this for you.” The train, distant and aggressive, came, sending the entire world into convulsions. Their apartment shook. The ground shook. Dawn erupted.

Thrown thoroughly past the point of no return, Dawn screamed a high pitched wail that even the train’s whistle would be jealous of as she gushed geysers at the sight of Alex’s loving eyes. Her orgasm came in waves, causing sporadic powerful jerks against Alex’s face until she became a panting puddle of euphoria. Her legs relaxed, and Alex burst out of her voluntary prison desperate for air.

“There.” She wheezed. She looked up at a lethaly lethargic Dawn with a proud smile. “See?” She wiped the drool and juices from her mouth with the back of her hand, “Who needs patience when your pussy eating game’s that strong?” She smirked triumphantly.

“Shut up.” Dawn managed to chuckle. She felt like a limp doll filled with warm pudding. That smug little vampire had sucked all the life out of her through her clit. Alex watched Dawn melt with a small pang of jealousy. Dawn was completely red with disheveled post sex hair stuck to her forehead with sweat. Her shirt was horribly stained with only god knows how many liquids. Which was bad, but at least she managed to keep the shirt. Her shorts, however, were missing. Lost in the frenzy. It wasn’t all that much of an exaggeration to say that everything about Dawn was a complete mess. And yet somehow, she looked more beautiful than ever. Maybe it was just how special these kinds of moments were. Only Alex got to see her like this.

She scooched closer and brushed some of Dawn’s hair back behind her ear. Alex giggled. She’d fallen asleep right there on the floor. She kissed Dawn’s forehead before standing up. She had work to do.

Dawn woke up to the sensation of a cold wet towel running across her nether regions. Her eyes shot open instantly, and were welcomed with the sight of Alex wearing a large black t-shirt and nothing else.

“Oh, now you’re up.” She smirked. Dawn took a moment to re-collect herself. She was still on the floor, still sore from sex and still… still… Alex saw the panic in Dawn’s eyes, and rested a hand on her shoulder, “Easy. Easy.” She said.

Dawn sprang to her feet and made a run for their dresser.

“Ok, cool. I was scared you were gonna freak out.” Alex smiled while Dawn went ahead and freaked out. An insurmountable list of tasks piled themselves onto Dawn’s shoulders. She dug through their dresser looking for something clean to wear. Stained. Wrinkled. Wrong season. Why’d it have to be laundry day? She coulda sworn she had a back up pair somewhere.

“You, uh, you finished?” Alex chirped in from behind.

“Laaaate.” Dawn groaned.

“Yeah, I know. That’s why I went ahead and called Big Joe’s for you.” Dawn turned around.

“What?” She asked. Alex’s hands were resting confidently behind her head.

“Yeah. Kile punched you in already.” Alex grinned. “He’s coverin’ for you.” A thousand questions ran through Dawn’s mind, most of them involving transportation.

“But what abou-”

“I splurged on an uber for you.” Alex interrupted. “Should be here in about fifteen minutes. Sooo… ” Alex held out the towel, expectantly, but Dawn didn’t move. “Oh, and… ” She took a step to the left, and there sitting on the bed was a new set of clean clothes. Dawn stared in disbelief, before running up to Alex and hugging her tight. She picked her up and the two spun around in a whirlwind of laughter over their tiny victory. Dawn set Alex down and kissed her.

“Thank you.” She breathed. Alex blushed.

“Yeah, well, you promised we were getting out of here, and we can’t do that on my salary alone.”

“Right.” Dawn glowed. “We’re gonna get out of here.” She said with warm hopeful certainty. She kissed Alex’s forehead, and pulled her closer for another hug.

They enjoyed a long moment of peace, wrapped in each other's embrace, before Alex whispered, “Still late.”

“Right.” Dawn pulled away and scrambled back into action, almost topoling over Alex as she flew through her morning routine. A few minutes of frantic panic later, Dawn pulled on her green apron and did a little twirl for Alex. “How do I look?” She asked.

Alex took a long breath, “Valkyrie shouldn’t have to serve coffee.” She said with a sad smile.

“Yeah, but I do.” They shared another kiss before Dawn pulled away, “Patient and strong?” she smiled.

Alex nodded, “Only cause of you.” They shared one last lingering kiss, and then Dawn was out the door. Alex let out a long laboured sigh. She was tired. So very tired. She could feel her muscles let go as she lumbered over to their bed. The night shift sucked. Their apartment sucked. She toppled over onto their bed like a drained corpse. And for a brief moment, for one tiny millisecond, she thought about watching the rest of Planet Chaser Starlight Excellence. But the moment passed, and as she lied there in the wet patch the two of them had made, she had to laugh.

How could she not know how that stupid show was gonna end? It was a story about young adults working hard to find their place in the universe. Of course they’d be fine. And with that happy thought dancing through her head, Alex drifted off into what can only be described as some of the best sleep of her life.

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Patient and Strong

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