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A Femme Domme Tale Chapter Five

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Female Domination, Lesbian

Author: melanieatplay

Published: 03 July 2018

  • Font:

Authors Note:

I’d like to thank my friend and editor, Jim (Mojavejoe420) for all of his help on this piece.

Also, I’d like to thank everyone who reads my work and offer critiques and comments. It means the world to me.

- - - - -

“C'mon Chris, let's go to the bedroom. And don't forget to grab the bottle of wine and glasses.”

I took Liz’s hand and we made our way into the house while carrying our bathrobes. It felt so avant-garde walking naked beside my best friend with my husband in tow. The whole situation seemed very surreal and I was struggling to make sense of it.

Two months earlier, Chris and I agreed to change our marriage and he consented to give me total, and complete control. At times, that omnipotence was very daunting because there were so many different aspects of the BDSM lifestyle that he wanted to explore and some of which, I feared, might have a detrimental effect on our marriage. Notwithstanding, I felt this threesome with Liz was progressing quite well. Having her join us was a good introduction to opening up our marriage which was something Chris had stated several times that he wanted.

Once the three of us entered the bedroom, I immediately took charge of the scene.

“Set the wine and glasses on the table, then get on the bed and assume the position.”

Obediently, Chris placed the bottle of wine and glasses on the table that was located in the corner of our bedroom. Then, he walked over to the bed, laid down in the center on his back, and spread his arms and legs as wide as he could.

His chest rose and fell rapidly as he hyperventilated in excitement and anticipation of what would come. I also noticed that both of his hands were shaking. It was his ‘tell,’ his physical reaction when the excitement of something we were about to do was too much for him to bear.

Liz watched as I pulled the thick leather cuffs out from underneath the bed. They were attached to cable ties which were secured to the legs of our thick oak bed frame, right above the floor. While I was fastening them to his body, we began our pre-scene ritual, it was something that I wanted Liz to witness.

“What are your safe words, Chris?”

He took a deep breath in an attempt to calm his breathing.

“If I want you to slow down, I will say the word ‘yellow,’ and if I want you to stop completely, I will say the word ‘red’.”

I turned to look at Liz. Her expression could only be described as one of awe and I couldn’t help but smile. Having her here, witnessing everything, added another sensual, almost magical element to our play. It heightened the tension and seemed to take everything up to another level that we had not previously experienced.

“Good boy.”

Liz’s nipples were erect and I had the suspicion that it was all she could do to keep her hands off herself while she watched as I restrained Chris to the bed. I pulled out our large, wooden, antique ‘toy’ chest from underneath the bed. I could feel Liz and Chris’s eyes on me as I opened up the lid. I ignored Chris and looked at Liz.

“I’m going to do something tonight that I’ve never done before with Chris. Would you like to help me, honey?”

A devious smile broke across her face.

“I’d love to help you.”

I slid onto the bed beside Chris.

“There is a glass butt plug in the chest, would you hand it to me?”

“Yes, Ma’am.” She said enthusiastically.

I ran my fingernails along my husband's stomach which elicited a low, guttural moan.

“Have you had plugs in your ass before, Chris?”

I watched as his face turned a deep, red ember. I knew the answer to this question but I wanted to add a ‘humiliation’ factor to the scene, especially in front of Liz.

“Yes Ma’am, you’ve put plugs in my bottom before.”

I looked over at Liz and she smirked.

“Now why would I want want to put plugs in your ass?” I said in a teasing tone.

I watched as he looked away as if trying to hide his response to my question from Liz.

“You said my ass needed to be trained so you could use it properly, Ma’am.”

“It must be very embarrassing to admit that in front of such a beautiful woman.”

His face blushed deep red again.

“Yes, Ma’am, it’s mortifying.” He admitted sheepishly.

I loved his brutal honesty, even in front of Liz.

“Here you go, Greta,” she said while handing me the glass plug.

I took it from her and held it up to his face.

“This looks a little bigger than the ones we’ve used previously, doesn’t it?”

By this point, his face was etched in a red, crimson glow. The only thing that seemed to change slightly was the degree of color.

“Yes Ma’am, it’s bigger,” he said while still attempting to avoid eye contact with Liz.

Okay, enough teasing.

"Open your mouth," I said harshly.

He obeyed my command and I inserted the large, glass plug into his mouth. Within seconds, he had it dripping wet with his saliva. I turned to look at Liz and she seemed to be mesmerized watching my husband lubricate the heavy glass bulb in his mouth.

"Open," I commanded.

Again, Chris obeyed and I retracted the plug from his mouth which caused some of his saliva to drip onto his chin. I thought for a moment, then looked at Liz.

“Would you like to do the honors?”

Her eyes lit up and I could see the little gleam.

“Could I?”

I handed her the glass plug.

“Of course, just go very slow.”

I watched as she placed the glass plug against his ass. I could tell he initially tensed up; but shortly, he began to take deep breaths in an attempt to calm himself down and relax, at least to a degree. We had been engaging in anal play long enough that he knew tensing up would only make insertion more difficult and much more painful.

Normally, I’d stroke his cock to take his mind off of the pain. However, that was impossible because less than an inch of his penis was exposed due to his chastity device. Immediately, I reached over and began caressing his balls. Almost immediately, he began to elicit soft, gentle moans.

Carefully, tediously, Liz worked the large, glass orb in and slowly back out of Chris’s ass. The look of concentration on her face was priceless. She was really getting into it while simultaneously being meticulously conscious not to hurt him. In about a minute, she had him lubed up and open enough for the large plug to slip inside his body.

Our eyes met and she shot me a look of accomplishment.

“Good girl.”

Her eyes lit up and she positively beamed from my reassuring words. She then looked at me expectedly as if silently asking me… What’s the next move?

“This is called ‘milking the prostate in chastity,’ honey.”

Both Liz and Chris’s eyes got wide.

“Now that the plug is in, it puts pressure on the prostate which means we are ready for the next step.”

I reached underneath the bed and pulled out our ‘Hitachi’ vibrator which was attached to a long extension cord. Again, Liz’s eyes widened.

I thought for a moment.

“Why don’t you sit on his face, you’ll have the best seat in the house for what’s going to happen next.”

“Are you… ummm… sure?”

I smiled.

"As much as I've worked with him over the past several months, I'd put him up against your lesbian bitches any day."

Her face split into a big grin.

“That’s a bold statement, girl.”

“Give him a try then… and tell me if I’m wrong.”

She rose and athletically jumped up onto the bed and placed her legs on each side of my husband's body. The look of fear in his eyes was amusing, to say the least. I was the first woman that he had gone down on when we met in college, and when it came to cunnilingus, Chris was mediocre, at best. However, since the redefinition of our marriage, he had spent countless hours between my legs ‘worshipping' me, as I now liked to call it, and I was certain that Liz would appreciate his newfound skills.

I slapped the inside of Chris’s thigh hard.

“You’d better not make a liar out me, do you hear me?”

Chris cried out in pain from the hard slap.

“Yes Ma’am, I won’t, I promise.”

Slowly, Liz lowered herself down on my husbands waiting mouth.

“Get your tongue out Chris, just like I taught you.”

He extended his tongue just in time for it to slip inside Liz’s vagina. Immediately, she started grinding herself onto his face very hard.

“Okay… Yeah… He’s good.”

I beamed.

“Just makes sure he gets a little air every now and then, okay?”

“I’ll take it under advisement, but no promises.”

We both giggled.

“So… back to the task at hand…”

At this point, Liz's eyes were beginning to roll into the back of her head. She was gyrating her pelvis back and forth so my husband's tongue could slide not only into her pussy but her asshole as well.

“Just keep talking… I’ll try as best as I can to concentrate…” she said between gasps.

I nodded my head.

“The trick to this is placing the Hitachi right here…”

Almost immediately, muffled groans began to emanate from between Liz’s muscled, tanned thighs. I had placed the bulb of the powerful vibrator at the base of Chris’s cock, underneath his testicles. I’d read that this would produce an almost a numbing sensation for the submissive.

“Oh… God…” he moaned again from between her thighs.

Without warning, Liz slapped Chris’s stomach hard which caused him to jerk violently against the thick, leather restraints.

“Keep your tongue out, or else…” She growled.

I beamed.

A woman after my own heart.

I kept the vibrator directly on the ‘sweet spot’ and then began to press and roll the head of the Hitachi from his penis to anus in a circular motion while I watched Liz place her hands on Chris’s stomach so she could get better leverage. After a minute or so she began to shake violently on top of him as she released.

For the next several minutes, Liz used my husband's mouth as her own personal pleasure station. It was intensely erotic to watch her move her vagina on his extended tongue while I continued pressing and rolling the vibrator between his penis and asshole. I could tell it was difficult for him to concentrate on pleasing Liz with the distraction of the Hitachi and there were several times when she had to redirect his attention back to her by slapping his stomach or cutting off his oxygen for several seconds.

After about ten minutes, Liz slid off Chris’s face and collapsed by his side. I was pretty certain she'd gotten herself off several times. All the while, I continued to roll the head of the vibarator between the base of his penis and asshole.

Now that Liz wasn't riding his face, Chris was able to concentrate solely on what I was doing to him. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and it was as if he had departed into another world. I had read what this type of prostate stimulation was supposed to do to a man; however, I wanted to find out for myself.

“Tell me what you're feeling, Chris.”

My voice brought him back to the now and it took several seconds for him to respond.

“There is so much pressure. I know this should feel good, but all I feel is a strain on my cock.”

Bingo. Just like I had read.

Chris had been in chastity for just a little over forty-eight hours, so normally, it would have taken very little stimulation for him to reach orgasm. However, the glass butt plug was putting pressure on his prostate. This, combined with the vibrator, and the chastity device, was producing a ‘strain’ that was eliminating any pleasurable sensations that he might otherwise be experiencing.

A few seconds later, Chris began moaning and pulling hard against his restraints. Liz and I looked at each other and our mouths dropped open at the spectacle we were witnessing.

Semen began to drip out of the head of Chris's penis. It looked similar to an orgasm; however, there was no ‘spurting’ like a normal ejaculation. Cum trickled out of his cock for a full minute until he had been drained completely.

I withdrew the Hitachi and gave him a bit of time to recover. Once he came down, he peered into Liz's eyes, and then into mine. There was a look of embarrassment on his face. He loved to be humiliated and made to feel like he was inferior to me. I knew that using his body like some type of science experiment, especially in front of the Liz, emasculated him on a whole new level.

I looked into Liz’s eyes and kissed Chris's chest. Then, I moved lower and sucked up the pool of cum that had collected on Chris's stomach. His eyes got wide as I moved up his body, leaned in, and gave him a deep kiss while transferring the cum from my mouth to his.

Once I broke the embrace, I watched as he reluctantly swallowed his semen. Over the past several months, I conditioned Chris to swallow his own seed and he knew that was the price for his orgasm. Normally, he was very nonchalant about it. However, I knew it had to deeply embarrass him to perform such an intimate act in front of Liz.

“God, that was the most erotic thing that I've ever witnessed,” she purred.

I leaned in and gave her a long, passionate kiss.

“I love having you here with us,” I said softly.

“I love being here with both of you.”

We enjoyed a minute or two of comfortable silence until I turned and looked at Chris.

“Tell me what your first prostate milking was like.”

He thought for a moment.

“There was a tremendous amount of pressure from inside my body, and when I came, it intensified but I got absolutely no pleasure out of it.”

I loved his brutal honesty. I knew that being drained was very embarrassing for him, especially in front of Liz. However, he didn't try to hide his feelings from me.

“What did you think of his little… performance, Liz?”

There was still a little bit of a shocked look on her face.

“I've never seen anything like that before in my life.”

I beamed and looked back at Chris.

“This is definitely going to be something that we are going to do a lot more of in the future.”

It felt really nice to slow things down and take a little break in the action. After a minute or so, Chris let out a little moan and I looked over to see what was going on. Liz was running her fingers over my husband's testicles and the cage that encased less than an inch of his penis.

“So there is actually something inside his cock, right now?”

“That's correct, there’s a hollow, four-inch silicone tube that's attached to the cage.”

“That is just evil.”

I giggled.

“It keeps his attention focused on me, even when we're apart, doesn't it, Chris?”

He blushed and looked down at his stomach before answering.

“Yes, Ma'am, it does.”

“He still has his little moments of… stubbornness… but I'm quite happy with his progress. With my direction and guidance, he's making great strides in becoming the submissive husband that both of us want him to be.”

There was a look of hunger and lust in her eyes as she ran her fingernails along his testicles.

“I have to get me one of these.”

We both giggled. It was fun talking about Chris like he wasn't even in the room.

“I could use a glass of wine, what about you?”

“Oh, I'd love that.”

We rose from the bed, walked over to the table in the corner of our room, sat down, and I poured two glasses of wine. We spent the next several minutes talking about our workout and some new routines that she wanted to incorporate into our Pilates regimen.

While we talked, I realized just how close I was getting to her. My other friends were really just acquaintances compared to her, and the idea of sharing my husband with another woman hadn't even entered into my consciousness, at least until I met her. Once we finished our wine, I noticed that she was longingly looking at Chris who is still restrained to our bed and waiting somewhat patiently.

It was time to continue.

“Have you ever used a strap-on dildo before?”

That look of lust and hunger immediately returned.

“No, I haven't.”

“Wanna try?”

A devious smile broke across her face.

“I'd love to.”

We both stood up and walked to the open toy box. I reached inside and pulled out the leather harness. I helped her step into it and, because she was a bit thinner than me, I tightened the adjustable straps around her hips.

“Now, we need to find something that Chris will like.”

I dug around inside the chest for several seconds and produced one of our dildos.

“This is his favorite, one of our old standbys.”

Chris blushed and Liz deviously smirked as I held up our six-inch, white, flesh-colored dildo. It had been the only one that I'd ever used when I pegged Chris.

Liz looked at the phallus.

“That’s such a pretty little white-boy cock.”

I grinned.

“I know, right?”

I paused for a moment before continuing.

“Maybe we should step it up a little, what do you think?”

“Yeah, we don't want him to get bored, do we?”

“I think I might have just the thing.”

I reached back into the toy box and pulled out my eight inch, black cock.

A big smile broke onto Liz's face.

“Now we're talkin’.”

Carefully, I inserted the big dildo through the metal ring in front of the leather harness. I was in very close proximity to her vagina and almost immediately, her womanly scent filled my nostrils. I look down and noticed the lips of her pussy were red, puffy and a considerable amount of moisture had collected on them. I was certain that some of the arousal was the result of her riding Chris's face. However, I knew that the anticipation of pegging my husband had her extraordinarily turned on as well. Gently, I ran two of my fingers over her swollen petals and I could hear a little gasp escape from her lips. I looked up and our eyes met.

“You could touch me like that all night long.”

Wordlessly, I licked her wetness from my fingers.

She helped me to my feet and she pulled my body close to hers until our breasts deliciously touched. We exchanged a long, hot, passionate kiss.

“You still taste like a peach.”

Big grins broke across both of our faces.

I took her hand and led her towards our bed. Chris's eyes were as big as saucers as they traveled over Liz's naked body and then focused on the big, black cock between her legs.

Liz slipped onto the bed between Chris's legs and I stood beside her. I reached out and slid my fingers over the ebony latex of the big dildo. I wanted to mess with him a little and get him into subspace.

“Do you think he'll be able to take all this cock?”

A devious grin broke across Liz's face. Then, she dragged her fingernails over his stomach leaving four long, deep, red, claw marks that caused Chris to let out a low, deep moan.

“I'll make it fit.” She said huskily.

I looked into Chris's eyes. There was a look of fear that I hadn't seen very often.

Liz was playing the ‘bad cop’ role convincingly well. Maybe she was being too convincing; or worse yet, maybe she wasn't playing a role at all.

I reached down and gently rubbed Chris's nipples. He took a deep breath and his breathing calmed. I leaned in, gave him a soft kiss, and soothingly whispered in his ear.

“It will be okay, baby. I'm right here.”

I gave him another soft, loving kiss and he unexpectedly let out a little whimper. I looked at Liz and discovered that while I was kissing Chris, she had reached down and very gently extracted the glass butt plug from his ass.

I witnessed the shocked look on her face.

“Oh my God, his asshole is gaped open.”

I couldn't help but smirk when I witnessed the mortified expression on my husband's face. Having her with us and seeing his expressions when we subjugated him took his submission to a level that I didn't even know existed.

I reached into our nightstand, pulled out a large tube of Astroglide, and handed it to her.

“You'd better grease that big cock up.”

I watched as she squirted a large dollop of the lube onto the latex. She then used her hand to stroke the length of the cock. For good measure, she squirted another large glob on to the head of the penis.

She looked up and our eyes met. She gave me a look… as if asking for permission one last time. Silently, I nodded my head and gave her final approval.

She rested the tip of the cock at his aperture and slowly eased her hips forward. I heard a muffled moan escape Chris’s lips as the head of the bulbous black dildo slipped inside his body. I reached down and slowly rubbed his nipples while Liz continued to slide forward and make progress.

“Yeah, baby, relax and let her in there,” I cooed seductively.

His eyes were closed and a thin layer of sweat covered his body. It was such an erotic sight, my best friend entering my husband with a large, black dildo… the lewdness of it alone was as shocking as it was stimulating.

“Oh, God,” he murmured as Liz inched forward slowly, “it's so fucking big.”

Slowly, tediously, the large phallus disappeared into my husband's body. I smiled when I looked into Liz’s eyes. There was a look of lust mixed with eager anticipation. I knew it was taking a lot of willpower for her to go slow and not hurt Chris.

I kept rubbing Chris’s nipples and stomach in an attempt to help him find a way through the pain. He was hyperventilating now and pulling hard against the thick leather restraints.

"You're doing so good baby, and it looks so sexy," I said encouragingly.

"Oh God Greta… Oh, God… It feels so big…"

At that moment, it was as if something changed. All vestiges of masculinity were gone. Together, Liz and I broke him. I couldn't fully explain it, but my husband had lost all traces of virility and what remained was the perfect submissive, docile husband.

I watched as she continued to push forward until the black latex testicles rested against my husband's body. I could tell she was anxious to begin moving inside him but I raised my hand to stop her. He needed some time to adjust and acclimate himself to the very foreign intrusion.

“You look so sexy baby,” I cooed exquisitely, “that big cock looks so good inside you.”

Chris looked into my eyes and beamed radiantly just as Liz reached down and scraped her long fingernails over his chest which elicited a low groan.

“God Greta, you’ve trained his ass so well, it was relatively easy getting it in there.”

Her statement was both true and false. I had spent countless hours working with Chris and training his ass with various butt plugs and dildoes. That long, tedious process took months and culminated in this crowning achievement that we had both just witnessed. Conversely, she was wrong when she said it was relatively easy for Chris to take that big dildo. I knew he had been in quite a bit of pain when she penetrated him, even after I had prepared him by stretching and opening him with that big glass plug.

Liz’s statement didn’t upset me, but it did cause Edith’s words of warning to flood back into my consciousness. Liz didn’t realize the total, complete power we were exercising over Chris. He was restrained and could not get away, even if he wanted to. Additionally, she was penetrating him with a very large dildo which could potentially raise a myriad of safety concerns. Overall, I was ecstatic that she was here with us because she was helping me take Chris to a level of submissive obedience that I didn’t even know was possible. However, her previous statement revealed her complete lack of knowledge in the lifestyle and the very apparent need for me to be present and ensure my husband's safety during our scene with her.

Chris began speaking which brought me back to the now.

“I’m okay, Greta.”

I looked at Liz and gave her a nod.

“Just start out slow though… okay?”

She grinned.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

I watched as she slid her hips back which elicited an immediate low, guttural grown from Chris. I reached down and gently rubbed his nipples just as Liz began to slowly, tediously move forward.

I watched as he closed his eyes.

“God that feels so good.” He murmured as if talking to no one in particular.

Chris started sweating profusely and he was beginning to pull harder against the restraints as Liz very gradually picked up the pace. There was a look of determination on her face, and a look of pleasure. She was getting off on this and it was very hot to watch.

It was evident that Chris's pain level was manageable because his groans of pain were turning into moans of pleasure. Instinctively, her hips began to move a bit faster which caused Chris to pull harder against the restraints. It was so erotic watching her strong, athletic body slide forward and then sensually back. The big dildo moved freely in and out of my husband and I could tell from his moans of pleasure that he wasn't in any peril. I gave Liz another nod letting her know that it was okay, and almost immediately, the gloves came off. She put her hands on his stomach which gave her additional leverage and she began pounding him incredibly hard.

Chris pulled hard again on the restraints and began babbling almost incoherently while Liz viciously pegged him.

“Oh God… Oh God… Oh God… ”

She seemed to be taking him to another place that I had previously been unable to reach. Every minute or so, she would slap his stomach hard which gave him a little bit of pain to go along with all that pleasure. I looked down between Chris's legs and his caged cock was leaking pre-cum and creating a small pool on his stomach. Because of her incredible physical stamina, she was able to slam into him at what could only be described as a torrid pace. I had to admit, I had never been able to peg him that long, or that hard without stopping to take a break.

I can't begin to describe the multitude of emotions I was experiencing. I had never been able to take Chris to this level of deep submission by myself. Just her presence alone was intoxicating to not only Chris but myself as well. I loved the way she interacted with him. He was like a nervous, shy schoolboy in her presence which added exponentially to the humiliation and submissive factor of the scene. And then there was her effect on me… She was so beautiful and so physically strong, I could feel myself becoming more attracted to her with each passing second.

I felt mesmerized while I watched Liz peg my husband. He was panting, moaning, and pulling hard on his restraints. I could tell she was taking him into that deep subspace. At that moment, he belonged to her and that thought was so erotic to me. Then, my attention was drawn to her. There was a look of lust and pure satisfaction on her face. It was very obvious that she was getting into this and I couldn't help but think I had created some sort of monster when I allowed her to help dominate Chris.

After what had to be about ten minutes, Liz collapsed on top of him. It was the first time I'd ever seen her panting this hard. Sweat was dripping from both of their bodies and there was a ‘glazed over' look in Chris's eyes.

After a full minute, she rose off his body and licked some errant sweat from his chest. Their eyes met and she gave him a long, wet, passionate kiss. She then ran her fingernails over his chest and then down his stomach until she reached his cock cage.

“I have to get one of these…”

I beamed.

“You think you need a submissive little boy of your own?”

“Maybe… or… I could just borrow yours from time to time.”

We both giggled.

“What would you think of that, Chris?” I asked.

He was in a bit of a trance and was still trying to catch his breath. Liz reached down and squeezed his exposed testicles which elicited a low groan.

“You’d better answer your Mistress when she speaks to you.”

"Yes... I'm… I'm sorry Ma'am," he stammered.

He thought for a moment.

“To be honest, I’m not sure I could handle it.”

The three of us burst out in laughter which lightened the mood considerably.

I looked at Chris. He had already been restrained for quite a while and I knew he needed a break.

“Why don’t you get us some water, Liz and I’ll take off the cuffs and give our little boy a break.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

She stood up, unbuckled the harness from her hips, and retreated to the kitchen to get the water which gave Chris and I a few seconds to talk while I got him out of the restraints.

“Are you okay with everything we’ve done so far honey?”

He thought for a moment.

“May I speak freely, Ma’am?”

“Yes, Chris, we’re out of the scene.”

He paused for a moment to collect his thoughts.

“It was very intense, I’ve never experienced anything like that before, not even with you.”

“She has a lot of physical strength and stamina; unfortunately, a lot more than I do.”

“It was almost more than I could take at times.”

I leaned in and gave him a soft, tender kiss.

“Don’t be afraid to use your safe words, okay?”

“If I need to, I will… I promise.”

Liz entered the room and a few minutes later, the three of us were sitting naked at the small table in the corner of our bedroom and sipping our bottles of water. The conversation was light and airy and the mood was remarkably relaxed. Chris listened as Liz and I discussed our workout routines and I was a bit shocked when she brought up the idea of me entering fitness competitions with her. I wasn’t currently in any type of shape to have a serious chance of winning, or even placing. However, she stated that if we incorporated more free weights into our workout and concentrated on muscle building, in six months I could be competitive in the events she frequently entered. I loved the idea of adding more lean muscle which would give me increased stamina, and I told her I’d think about her proposal, but in the end, I knew I’d most likely give in to her.

After we had rehydrated, I noticed the lustful look in Liz’s eyes and I knew she was ready to continue. I originally planned on pegging Chris for the remainder of the session because I was feeling a little excluded. Since we got out of the hot tub, the evening, for the most part, had revolved almost entirely around them and I was feeling a bit neglected. However, I quickly came to the conclusion that this was the wrong attitude. It was obvious that Liz reveled in playing the role of Dominatrix and I wasn’t going to deny her that experience. Further, she had the strength and stamina to take Chris to a place in his submissive journey that I physically couldn’t and I didn’t want to limit the intensity of the scene because of my hubris.

“Are you ready to take his ass again?” I said lustfully.

“Oh, I’d love that.”

“You’d better get that big black cock on again then.”

I paused for a moment.

“Chris, go fetch my keys so we can get you out of your device.”

A shocked look broke across their faces.

I cut my eyes at him.

“Unless you’d prefer to remain in chastity for the remainder of the evening.”

His jaw dropped.

“No Ma’am, I’ll get it now.”

He quickly ran out of the room.

We both grinned.

“I want you to see how sexy his cock looks when he’s being pegged without the device. You deserve to have the entire experience.”

She leaned in and gave me a hot, lingering kiss.

“I want to thank you for tonight. This is the most erotic thing I’ve ever done.”

I gave her firm ass a playful slap.

“You’re welcome, now go strap up, pretty girl.”

I watched as she glided across the room, as if on a pillow of air, and grabbed the harness. She had such a strong, powerful gate. I could see the muscles flex in her arms and thighs and her breasts gently swayed as she bent over and took the harness in her hands. It was very foreign, all of these feelings that she was stirring up inside me. Until recently, I’d only felt this way about men. Then, there was an air of exclusivity once I’d met Chris and knew I’d fell in love with him. But now… I was experiencing new, delicious emotions for this woman that was becoming such an integral part of my life.

Liz had just finished buckling the harness around her hips when Chris returned with my keys which brought me back to the now.

“Come here honey, you need to watch this.”

She sat down at the table beside me then Chris stood in front of us. He inserted the key into the lock and the clasp came open. Once he removed the lock, he grasped the cage and began to pull it forward which revealed the four-inch silicone tube that had just been inside his penis. Without the encumbrance of the cage, his penis extended to its normal length and he was able to remove the brass ring that encircled his testicles.

Her eyes were as big as saucers. She had already seen a video on the small screen of my phone of Chris locking himself into chastity. However, it was a whole other experience to see him remove the apparatus live, and close up.

“God, that thing is just evil.”

I couldn't help but giggle as Chris set the device on the table and Liz quickly picked it up and inspected it.

“Does it… ummm… hurt when you put it on?”

His face broke into a deep, red ember and I reveled in the moment. He loved being embarrassed, humiliated, and made to feel inferior to a woman. What could possibly achieve that more than answering questions about his chastity device to a beautiful woman who was scrutinizing it?

“It really hurt the first time Greta put it on me.”

He paused for a moment in reflection before continuing.

“Now, I wear it so much, it just feels like it’s a part of me.”

I looked into Liz’s eyes and saw the wheels turning. She was trying to take in everything she was being told and make some kind of sense of it.

I stepped in.

“Why do I put you chastity, Chris?”

Again, his face flushed red in embarrassment and he looked down, unable to keep eye contact with her. After a few seconds, he looked up and responded.

“You want to keep my focus on you, even when we are apart.”

I shot him a stern look.

“Correct, but it’s more than that, isn’t it?”

Liz looked expectantly at him and waited for his response.

“I… I… I need to feel her power and control over me, I need to know she’s in charge, regardless of whether I’m with her or we’re apart.”

Her jaw dropped open and I knew she was struggling to give meaning to what she was being told.

“She owns you, doesn’t she… you’re her property, aren’t you?”

He looked down again as if he was mentally coming to grips with his response.

“Yes… I’m hers.”

There was a full minute of silence. Even I was a bit shocked at his statement. His admission was something I'd known for awhile but possibly hadn't fully comprehended. Perhaps it was Chris verbally admitting to another person what we'd transformed our relationship into that made it feel so shockingly real. At that moment, I knew our marriage could never revert back to the way it had been because neither of us would find any sense of joy or fulfillment in our former roles. We'd made a permanent change in the way we'd live our lives and that feeling was both incredibly exhilarating and simultaneously chilling.

Liz broke the reticence.

“Okay you two, are we going to do this, or what?”

We all burst out in laughter. It was the perfect tension breaker and just what we needed.

It was time to continue.

"Get on the bed Chris, on your back," I ordered.

He immediately complied with my command while I walked over to the nightstand and I grabbed the bottle of Astroglide. He had already spread his legs wide in anticipation of being penetrated and I poured a large dollop of the lube on his asshole. He was still a bit ‘gaped’ from the previous session and some of the liquid found its way inside his body. I then tossed the bottle to Liz.

“You’d better lube that thing up.”

She grinned, squirted a large glob onto the head of the head of the phallus, and then began to work it into the latex.

Our eyes met.

“I want you to tear him up again, just go slow when you start out.”

She beamed.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

She moved to the bed and got between his legs while I moved one of the chairs to the edge of the bed so I had the perfect view of what would transpire. She took the cock in her hands and rubbed the head up and down his penis and testicles. He was already semi-erect, but the slight contact of the phallus touching him quickly brought him to full hardness.

His newly aroused condition wasn’t lost on Liz.

“Oh, you like this little boy, don’t you?”

His face blushed deep red and he tried to answer her, but not fast enough. She slapped the inside of this thigh hard and he let out a low moan.

“When I ask you a question, you’d damn well better answer me,” she hissed.

She was good at this, a natural. She was building tension in the scene, toying with him, and prolonging the moment. I didn’t know if she realized how good she was at this.

“Y-y-yes Ma’am,” he stammered. “It feels so much better now, with my device off.”

“Your cock is getting hard and you know what’s coming, don’t you?”

He was having a difficult time looking her in the eyes. I was amazed at how quickly she was taking him into subspace, yet she did it so easily and without even trying.

“Yes Ma’am, I know what’s coming, what you’re going to do to me.”

I broke in.

“Tell her what you want her to do to you, Chris.”

He looked at me… his eyes were pleading, begging.

“Tell her,” I growled.

She slapped his stomach, very hard which left a red handprint.

“Answer her.” Liz snapped.

“I- I want her to put that inside me.”

There was a drop of pre-cum that collected on the head of his cock. I couldn’t believe how worked up he was, and she really hadn’t even done anything yet but talk to him.

“Put what inside of you?” She said while running the head of the penis over his balls.

His face was beet red and his breathing was rapid and shallow.

“Your… your cock, Ma’am.”

“This big, black cock between my legs?”

He looked away, unable to meet her eyes.

She slapped the inside of his thigh again, very hard which caused him to cry out.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you, little boy.”

Their eyes met again.

“Yes, Ma’am, that cock between your legs.”

She smirked.

“This is a man’s cock, isn’t it, a real man’s cock.”

He almost looked away but pulled himself back. He knew better now than to break eye contact with her again.

“Yes, that’s a real man’s cock.”

“And where do you want me to put it?” She hissed.

A mortified look washed over his face. She had broken him.

“In my ass, Ma’am.”

She looked at me and smiled.

“Now that wasn’t so difficult, admitting that, was it?”

“It’s much more difficult than you think.”

I loved his brutal honesty. She forced him to lay his soul wide open. It made me remember my research when we started this journey. Forcing a submissive to vocalize what they are, to themselves, and especially in front of others is the ultimate act of capitulation in front of a Domme.

Liz looked at me and I gave her a nod.

It was time.

She moved the cock lower until it was resting against his ass. I heard him gasp when she began to move her hips forward and entered him. I studied her eyes. She was concentrating so hard, going slow, ensuring that she wasn't hurting him. There was also a look of pure lust and it was very evident that she was in her element as she eased forward, into him.

Her hands moved to his chest while she continued to ease herself towards him. Their eyes locked and it was as if I faded into the background. The moment was about them, and them alone, and I resisted the urge to insert myself into it. He needed to feel her power and strength and submit to it, and she needed to have the full experience of what it was like to control a subjugated man once he was under heel.

Their bodies rested together and I knew she was fully inside him. She leaned in lower and they shared a long, passionate kiss while she began to slowly move her hips, rocking back and forth gently until they settled into an easy, rhythmic pace.

I could hear him moan as their lips met and then parted while she slowly moved in and out of him. It was very erotic to hear his gentle moans as their bodies moved sensually together. After a couple minutes, she straightened back out and wrapped her arms forcefully around his thighs. For the first time, I could see pre-cum that had collected on her nearly washboard stomach due to their close proximity.

Suddenly, the gloves came off.

He cried out as her hips began smashing into him hard. After a few seconds, his pre-cum began to drip out of the head of his cock and she looked down and noticed it.

“Don’t even think about touching yourself,” she growled.

“No, No, Ma’am, I won’t,” he said between heavy, pants.

Watching her slam into him and pound him out was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever witnessed. Almost subconsciously, I spread my legs and started to touch myself.

I wasn’t sure how long she could maintain the torrid pace she’d set. Chris’s arms were flailing about and he was actually moving his hips towards her in an attempt to meet her savage thrusts. He was hyperventilating and it almost looked like he was having trouble getting enough oxygen. I’d never seen him in such a disheveled state, his cock was dripping and sweat was pouring off his body. As I watched them, I had two fingers inside my vagina while my thumb was furiously rubbing my clit.

After a few minutes, I could tell she was starting to lose steam as her pace began to slow. She reached down and started stroking his cock which elicited a low, guttural moan.

“Oh God… Oh God…” He moaned.

She gave him one final thrust seconds before heavy spurts of semen shot up on her stomach and breasts. It was too much, too much for me to take in. My body began to shake as a powerful orgasm overtook me and my world went dark.

I was coming back down, down from the peak and my senses were back about me. Liz and Chris were still trying to catch their breath. A full minute went by before their breathing had returned to normal.

Her eyes met mine and she grinned.

“What did you tell me about your rule.. you know… when he has an orgasm?”

I giggled.

“If it comes out of his cock, it goes back in his mouth.”

“No exceptions, right?”


She held her hand up to his mouth and gave him a stern look.

He expeditiously licked his semen from her thumb and index finger. She took a second to examine her hand to make sure he had done a satisfactory job. Then, she looked down.

“You made a real mess down here, Chris. You can clean that up too,” she said while pointing at her stomach.

He gingerly got on his hands and knees and began licking over her hard, chiseled stomach.

She looked down sternly.

“Now my breasts.”

He didn't hesitate. I watched as his tongue traveled over her breasts as he licked his semen from them. Once he'd satisfactorily cleaned his cum from he body, he swallowed.

“Good boy, you’ve been very well trained, haven’t you?”

“Yes Ma’am, I have.”

There were a few seconds of comfortable silence before I spoke.

“Would you two like a bottle of water?”

"If it would be okay, I could really use a shower," Chris said.

“Of course it would be okay, honey.”

He approached me, gave me a lingering, hot kiss, grabbed a bottle of water, and scurried into our master bathroom. He was walking a bit daintily and I knew it might take him a couple of days to recover from Liz’s intense pegging session.

“I could use something a little stronger than water, how about a glass of wine?”

“Of course.”

I walked over to the table, poured two glasses of wine and returned to my chair beside the bed.

We sat in comfortable silence for a couple of minutes, sipping our wine. Pegging Chris had always been very erotic for me. In truth, it was one of the most erotic things we did together. But watching it, having a front-row seat while I gave my husband to my best friend to basically use however she wanted seemed to pale in comparison to anything we'd done previously. She added a whole other dimension to everything we did and exponentially magnified the intensity of our BDSM scene. I honestly had no idea that sex could be like this, so totally fulfilling. Our evening was so much more than I ever thought possible.

Her voice broke me out of my reflection and brought me back to the now.

“So, you liked watching me with him?”

I decided to tease her a bit and play coy.

“Oh… you know… it was okay.”

She giggled.

“You had two fingers buried in your pussy the entire time.”

“Oh, you noticed that did you?”

“How could I NOT notice that?”

There was a playful, lustful, gleam in her eyes.

“Watching you touch yourself was just as hot to me as pegging your husband.”


“Really, Liz?”

“Yes… Ma’am,” the single syllable dripped with sexuality as it rolled off her tongue and into the night air.

“I want you.”

I wanted to say something more substantial, more meaningful but it was as if my lust-addled brain couldn't form coherent thoughts.

She took a big sip of her wine and sat the glass down on the nightstand. I watched as she moved to the center of the bed and then laid down on her back, facing me. Seductively, she opened her long legs wide, presenting herself to me.

“I’m all yours, Greta.”

My eyes traveled up and down her muscular, lengthy frame. Her long blonde hair was a bit disheveled and her breasts were rising and falling as the rate of her breathing increased. My eyes moved lower and my gaze rested between her legs. The lips of her vagina were red, puffy, and engorged. I bit my lip when I noticed the secretions that were forming there.

I couldn’t take it any longer. I stood up and sat my wine glass on the table next to hers. I slid into the bed on my stomach and moved between her legs. I wrapped my arms around her muscular thighs and ran my tongue up and down her inner flanks, teasing her. Her womanly scent was delicately breaching my nostrils and I could hear her heavy breathing.

“Please honey… please…”

Without warning, I sunk my tongue deep inside her and I felt her body stiffen and become rigid. Slowly, I licked the walls of her vagina and I had to tighten my grip on her thighs because she began moving her hips and I found it difficult to keep my mouth on her. I looked up from between her legs and noticed that her hands had moved to her breasts and she was rubbing and squeezing her nipples.

“God Greta… Yes… Just like that…”

I still didn't feel very self-assured when it came to my abilities to please her, but her words of encouragement gave me a little self-confidence.

One of her hands moved from her breasts and began to sensually move through my long, blonde hair. I’m not even sure if she realized she did it, but having her hand in my hair made the act of pleasuring her much more exciting and erotic for me.

My face was covered with the secretions of her vagina and slowly, I moved my mouth upwards and found her clit. Gently, I made small circles with the tip of my tongue over the hard, little bud. Immediately, her breathing became rapid and shallow. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her body started to shake almost uncontrollably. I withdrew my mouth from her and gave her a bit of time to recover because I know how sensitive I get after I release.

I gently kissed the inside of her thighs and gave her some time and after about a minute, her breathing returned to normal. I looked up from between her legs, our eyes met, and a big grin broke across her face.

“You keep telling me you haven’t done that before, but I just don’t believe you.”

I beamed at her compliment.

“I’d love to do it again if you want me to.”

“No, Ma’am, it’s your turn… come here.”

I moved up to the head of the bed and we exchanged a long, lingering kiss.

“Lay back honey, I want you to enjoy this.”

I laid back and took her place in the center of the bed. She climbed on top of me and pressed her body against mine. It felt so sensual. Her breasts, her vagina, touching mine in perfect contact. Our lips once again met and she shared a long, sensuous kiss as our tongues explored each other's mouths.

Once she broke our passionate embrace, she started moving down my body. Her mouth kissed my neck, breasts, and stomach as she gradually, worked her way lower, taking her time. It was very evident that she had done this many times before. She looked so confident as she played with my body and I knew she didn’t have any uncertainty in her abilities like I did.

Her mouth stopped at my navel and her tongue seductively dipped in and out of it. I found it very difficult to control my breathing and I wasn’t sure how much more of this tantalizing tease I could take. One of her hands moved to my pubic hair and she slowly ran her fingers through my full, light brown bush. Unlike her and Chris, I let my pubic hair grow, except for the area around my pussy lips and ass that I had waxed.

“God, your mound is so sexy, Greta… I don’t see this much hair very often.”

I was very aroused and I didn’t feel like talking at that particular moment because I thought her mouth could be doing much more pleasing things to me just a few inches lower. However, I thought it was important to take a moment and talk about my grooming habits and the reasons behind them.

“In this lifestyle, Dominant women don’t remove their pubic hair, honey.”

She gave me a curious look as she continued to curiously run her fingers through my bush.

“Why not?”

“It’s a way to distinguish between Dominants and submissives. For many in this lifestyle, submissives are considered property and it’s the Dominant’s prerogative to decide how their submissive should be groomed. For me, it’s about control.”

She shot me a curious look.

“So that’s why Chris is shaved?”

“He’s actually begun laser treatments which are permanently removing his pubic hair.”

She took a deep breath. I could tell this conversation was exciting her.

“Would you remove mine?”

“I don’t own you, honey.”

She grinned.


I thought for a moment.

“That’s something we need to talk more about, don’t we?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

She paused for a moment then ran her tongue through my full bush.

“It’s sexy as fuck, especially now that I know the reason behind it.”

There was a look of lust in her eyes that was driving me crazy.

Talking time was over.

“Put your mouth on me, little girl.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

I opened my legs and she quickly moved between them.

Tentatively, teasingly, she ran the tip of her tongue over the lips of my vagina. It took everything in my power to hold still for her. I couldn't remember another time when I was so wet and ready. Slowly, her tongue entered my body and I closed my eyes and concentrated on her. At that moment, nothing in the world seemed to matter but her mouth and my pussy. She was such an experienced lover. There was no doubt, no hesitation, in her fluid movements. Her tongue delicately traveled from inside me to my clit over and over and over as I climbed the mountain. I tried to hold it back, make this exquisite sensation last, but that was an exercise in futility, she was just too good. After only a couple of minutes, my body began to convulse in one of the most powerful orgasms I had ever experienced.

When I came down from the peak, I noticed Chris sitting in the chair in the corner of the room. His erection was very evident and I assumed he’d watched most of what had transpired. I’d trained him well enough to know that he hadn’t touched himself while he watched and that made me very proud. Liz was gently licking the inside of my thighs and cleaning the secretions from the lips of my vagina. She then looked back and noticed my husband. I surmised that we were both so into our lovemaking, neither of us realized he’d finished his shower and entered the room.

Her head turned and our eyes met.

“Greta,” she whispered. “I want him, would you let me have him?”

I quickly tried to hide the shocked look in my eyes. I didn’t have a blueprint of how I wanted our evening to go and her request took me a bit by surprise. I have to admit, I felt a slight twinge of jealousy. I loved Chris deeply and I wasn’t sure I was ready to share him with anyone. Additionally, I was developing strong feelings for Liz and letting my husband have sex with her wasn’t something I’d even contemplated, at least not a conscious level. Notwithstanding, I decided to put my apprehensive feelings aside. I trusted both of them implicitly and I knew all of us, in the not too distant future, would want to try this again.

“Chris, there is a beautiful woman over here who would like to have sex with you, what do you think?”

His jaw dropped open.

“Ummm… Okay.”

I grinned.

Again, my husband, the cunning linguist.

“You’d better get your ass over here then before she changes her mind.”

Just as Chris was jumping out of the chair, Liz wrapped her arms around my thighs and pulled me towards the middle of the bed which placed her at the edge.

She looked me in the eyes.

“If I’m getting off again, so are you.”

I beamed.

“Well, if you insist.”

I thought for a moment.

“Honey, I think we have some condoms around here somewhere, but it’s been ages since we’ve used them. He can wrap up if you want him to.”

She grinned.

“I’m on the pill, and as far as safety goes, I think he’s the most reliable bet in Vegas.”

I started to laugh, but that quickly changed when Liz sunk her tongue back into my vagina. Before I knew it, it felt like bolts of electricity was shooting through my body. My hands moved lower and I gently ran my fingers through her hair just as she elevated her ass in the air, presenting her pussy to Chris. I watched as he moved in behind her and she let out a low moan when he entered her.

It was very difficult, but I tried to keep my eyes open because I wanted to take it all in. There was a look of intense pleasure on his face. He maintained a slow, steady pace and I reasoned it was an attempt to hold off his orgasm.

Liz was breathing heavy and I could tell she was having a difficult time keeping her mouth on me. Her body was gently rocking forward and then back as he moved inside her. Chris then moved his hands to her hips and picked up the pace. Instantly, her mouth detached from my pussy.

"Oh God… Yeah, Chris… right there."

She closed her eyes and trembled as her orgasmed overwhelmed her. Undeterred, Chris maintained his rapid pace. Once her senses were back about her, she inserted two fingers in my vagina and her mouth latched onto my clit. Within seconds, I could feel my orgasm begin to build. Again, I tried to hold it off, but it was an impossible task. Her mouth released from my pussy and she began to thrust her fingers in and out of me incredibly hard while her thumb rubbed over my clit.

Our eyes met.

“Yeah, Greta… let it go for me…”

My body began to shake and my world went dark. When I came to, Liz had moved her hand between her legs and she was furiously rubbing her clit. Chris was still thrusting into her at a torrid pace. It was such an erotic sight, my husband pounding my best friend out in a fit of savage lust. A few seconds later, his body tensed up and she started to convulse as they both released in unison.

Both of them collapsed on the bed beside me and tried desperately to catch their breaths. I had never witnessed anything so erotic in my life. It was an evening of so many firsts. So many doors had been opened, and I was pretty sure none of us wanted to close them again.

It was just a little after two in morning and the three of us were exhausted. Liz and I showered together and then collapsed in the bed with Chris who had fallen asleep shortly after we went into the bathroom. I knew the three of us had a lot to talk about, and we would. For now, though, we just needed a few hours of sleep and Liz slept in my arms the entire night as I spooned her tight against my body.

- - - - -

To be continued…

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A Femme Domme Tale Chapter Five

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Comments (2)
Mojavejoe420 — 05 July 2018 14:38
Very hot story! I was glad to see Chris get some relief :-) I love how the couple is maturing in their relationship. And the interaction between the two ladies is very hot and I want to see more of Greta dominating Liz.
BornToSurf — 06 July 2018 22:08
This is incredibly good writing! While I am not into this lifestyle and would normally pass it by, It is so well developed that I am compelled to read it. The characters actually come to life and you can relate to their emotions. Very well done indeed!
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