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  1. — A sister struggles to resist her attraction to her
  2. — Step-Daughter makes his fantasy come true
  3. — Mother and son don't get along

— A sister struggles to resist her attraction to her

Categories True Story, Incest, Teen

Author: tom231002

Published: 09 July 2018

  • Font:

Amy stared at the ceiling, bothered by a strand of dust that had seemingly grown overnight in the corner of her bedroom. She'd have to get the broom out tomorrow.

She snapped back to what she was doing, or what she was supposed to be doing, with the sudden realization that she was so utterly bored by Matt that she thought about housekeeping as he fucked her. They'd only been dating for five weeks, and she was already that bored. He lay on her, and between her, and inside of her, thrusting away, while Amy stared at the ceiling noticing bothersome cobwebs.

Amy made a concerted effort to focus on Matt. She let her fingers trace the contours of his shoulder blades. She let her hands drift down to his ass, where she halfheartedly pulled him further inside her. She let her lips nibble on his ears and neck.

She quickly admitted to herself that this wasn't doing anything for her. She easily let herself do as she'd done for the past several weeks, almost since she and Matt had started sleeping together.

She thought about her brother Danny.

Amy closed her eyes, and instantly it was Danny on top of her, and Danny inside of her. Amy soon came alive, unconsciously stroking Matt's back and moving her own hips in time with his, helping him to find her own rhythm, and to penetrate her more deeply. A low moan escaped her lips. Her breathing quickened. In response, Matt quickened his thrusts as well, either for his own pleasure, or mistakenly thinking that he was having some effect on Amy.

Matt began to kiss her. Amy hated the way Matt kissed, and because of that she couldn't even pretend that it was Danny kissing her. Danny had to kiss better than Matt did, but she had no way of knowing, because she and Danny had never kissed, at least not passionately. He had never given her anything more than a brotherly peck on the lips. She had to imagine what it would be like, but she couldn't with Matt's mouth on her own. It ruined the moment for her. She twisted her head to the side in frustration, seemingly in an act of uncontrolled passion, ripping her mouth away from his.

"Oh, baby," Amy whispered ambiguously. "Fuck me, baby, fuck me like only you can."

Matt redoubled his efforts as Amy pictured Danny. She imagined that it was his breath panting on her neck, his chest crushing her breasts between them, and his ass cheeks withstanding the raking tear of her fingernails. Her screams became louder, matching the rhythms of her body's lust.

"Oh, baby, oh, yes, fuck me Da..."

Amy caught herself, she hoped in time.

"Deeper," she recovered. "Fuck me deeper, baby."

Matt began to groan. Amy wickedly heard her little brother Danny groaning in his place. She felt her baby brother's strong hands suddenly tighten on her shoulders, using them for leverage to force himself more deeply inside of her. She felt her baby brother's mouth open passionately against her neck, bathing it in hot, wet kisses. And she screamed with him as she came, soon after she felt his cock stiffen and surge inside of her, imagining that it was her darling brother ferociously pumping her full of cum.

In moments, her brother had brought her to orgasm, just as he had many weeks ago. He'd done it then, and now, without once touching her, although at least that first time they'd been in the same room together. He'd then gone on to do it almost every time she'd been fucked by Matt. Danny had never laid a finger on her in all of her life, and yet he had given her more orgasms, and more powerful orgasms, than any other man, ever.

Amy stared at the ceiling, this time seeing absolutely nothing, but wishing she were somewhere else, anywhere else, with Danny.

* * *

In the weeks after Danny and Amy had pantomimed sleeping together, when Amy had made Danny come simply by brushing his cock with her long hair, nothing more, Amy had gone on to create a twisted but harmless game out of teasing Danny. She flirted with him shamelessly. She dressed provocatively. She was constantly almost touching him, or almost kissing him, or almost hugging him, just as they had that night in bed together. She called him "lover" and "baby" and "honey", and any other sweetheart's pet name she could think of.

Danny grumbled about it occasionally, but at worst he took it well, and Amy knew that in fact he really liked it. He even seemed to get a little angry when she didn't play the game. Sometimes she did that, she just treated him like her brother, to get him jealous. It made her feel warm to know he was jealous, and hungry enough for her attention to let her frustrate him so easily.

And he had stopped dating other girls.

* * *

Dan had Megan on her stomach beneath him. He propped himself up on his arms, staring at the curves of her smooth, round ass, as he slowly and patiently slipped his cock in and out of her tight, slippery cunt. He'd taken to bedding only blondes lately, preferably straight haired blondes. By fucking them from behind, like this, with their faces in the pillow, he could easily imagine that his lovers were actually his older sister Amy.

He focused on the feel of Megan's cunt around his cock. In moments, all that existed were his stiff, engorged prick and the warm, moist feeling of the soft, enveloping, living walls of her cunt. Except it wasn't Megan's cunt Dan felt, it was Amy's. Dan would gently move his hips forward and back, trying to subtly increase the strength of the sensations along the length of his shaft. It felt best when he could push himself all the way in, so her hot cunt smothered his cock completely to the base, and he felt entirely consumed by her. He could hold himself there, enjoying the encompassing, drenching warmth, and enjoying the fantasy of both completely filling and being embraced by his sister's delicious cunt.

It couldn't last, though. Dan stayed calmly deep inside of her, but as the sensations grew less intense, Dan had to pull himself slowly out, savoring the feeling of Megan's cunt as it tugged on the skin of his prick and the rim around the head of his prick. Once he'd withdrawn far enough, as far as he could stand, he'd reverse and teasingly ease his way back in, enjoying both the friction and the growing warmth as her cunt took his entire cock again, inch by satisfying inch.

Megan began to squeal in a breathy, high pitched voice.

"Faster, Dan, faster, fuck me faster. Please, faster.".

Dan ignored her for a long while, trying to lose himself in his dream of having his cock in his older sister. He resented the intrusion Megan's pleas brought, the reminder in the sound of her voice that she wasn't Amy, she was just Megan.

Finally, when he knew there was no other way, Dan completely changed his mood. He abruptly rammed himself into Megan as hard and deep as he could, as quickly as he could, so that her pleas soon changed to unintelligible screams as she clenched the pillow with her hands and wailed at the headboard.

It was easy enough then for Dan to imagine that her wordless sounds were Amy's, and that his sister was coming violently for him. Dan hammered her that much harder in response to his thoughts, then tried as intently as he could not to come, to make it last, both for himself and for Amy.

Eventually, he couldn't hold back. He remembered the look on Amy's face as she had violently whipped her hair around above him, when pretending to straddle and ride him, with her fingers buried in her beautiful golden cunt as she pumped herself vigorously toward climax. He remembered the angelic smile she wore as she came for him. With that image in his mind, and Megan's screams changed to Amy's in his own ears, he lost control, pumping his lover full of cum, emptying himself into her with complete abandon, emptying himself in his mind into his loving sister.

"Did you like that, beautiful?" he whispered into her ear as he lay on her, panting and sweating and recovering. "Did you like the way I fucked you?"

"Mm hm," Megan replied, wordlessly, and again Dan could easily imagine it was Amy.

He rolled off of Megan onto his back, to stare at the ceiling as she maneuvered herself under his arm and onto his chest to snuggle. He kissed the top of her head, but held his breath as he did so, because her hair didn't smell at all like Amy's.

* * *

"Okay, here's the first one. Now don't be too critical, okay? If you don't like it, you can say so, but don't give me all the gory details about why it looks bad on me."

Dan rolled his eyes. Of course he'd tell her she looked great in it, partly because she couldn't take hearing anything else, but mostly because she would look great in it. Dan wasn't quite sure why she suddenly needed help in picking favorite outfits to wear for her new boyfriend, but watching Amy model clothes was probably way up there in his top ten list of things to do. She was, as everyone agreed, a knockout.

Amy stepped out of the short hallway wearing a sheer black baby doll, with high heels. It was more than sheer. It was almost like wearing nothing. It was open up the middle, too, tied only loosely at the bust by a single, narrow, white satin ribbon. The bare insides and undersides of her breasts were clearly visible, while the remaining outlines of her breasts and her nipples showed starkly through the fabric.

Dan sat up straighter. She hadn't told him she was modeling lingerie. If he'd known he was'nt entirely sure that he would have agreed. He liked to think that he would have refused. For now, he stared.

* * *

Amy watched Dan's eyes cruise from head to toe and up again. Once he'd taken her in, she spun around and then stopped, facing away from him with her feet together and her bare ass thrust back towards him. She smiled coyly over her shoulder.

"Well? Do you like it?"

She could tell that he did. He was virtually squirming in his chair, trying to fight down a growing erection. Amy imagined that she could see beads of sweat forming on his brow.

"That one's nice," was all he could get out.

Amy grinned, knowing that he wanted to say a lot more, and was thinking even more than that.

"Okay, this isn't so much of a hit. Let me try something hotter," she said.

Amy walked as slowly and as erotically out of the room as she could, making sure that her little brother got a thorough eyeful before she vanished to change into something even better.

* * *

By the fourth outfit, Dan was sure that he was going to die, or maybe already had died. The second had been white, full body length, and flowed loosely around her like a mist. It was even more sheer than the first, letting him clearly see her nipples and pubic hairs, and every delightful curve and contour of her body. Amy had made quite a show of standing in front of the windows, spreading her legs, letting the sunshine silhouette her body with an achingly inviting gap clearly visible between her thighs.

The third was a full body suit, neck to ankles, that hugged her every curve, also black, and also very sheer. It was so confining that it seemed to squeeze her breasts against her chest, yet in so doing it incongruously made them look even larger than they were. It had openings at the crotch, where her gorgeous blonde pubic hairs stood out, and at the nipples, which were embarrassingly erect.

Dan actually had to fight to keep from automatically shielding his eyes in modesty. By now, he'd given up on hiding his erection. Amy's eyes constantly strayed to his crotch, clearly enjoying the effect she was having on him.

The fourth outfit was definitely the show stopper. It was a scarlet red satin corset, with garters and matching red fishnet stockings, but she wore no panties. The corset was really almost not there, it was so short. It began well above her belly button, and stopped below the breasts, so they flowed out and over it in their full, natural, unrestrained form as temptingly large, firm, round globes. She spun for him again, giving him a clear view of her bare, sweet ass, then she turned back, as she lifted her hair seductively with her hands, coincidentally bringing her firm breasts up, thrusting her hard, pointed nipples even more prominently toward him. Dan admired the delightful peaks of her tits, where her breasts changed from inviting round, fleshy balls to even more inviting, mouth watering cones.

"You like this one best, don't you?" Amy asked, adopting a sweet little half pout.

Dan couldn't even answer her.

* * *

Amy stood there as Danny made a quick excuse to leave. He was so cute when he got flustered.

Amy, for herself, could still feel her heart pounding in her chest as she went to change out of the lingerie. She could still feel the blood pulsing in her ears, and had been so conscious of it that she thought that Danny must have been aware of it, too. She wanted him to be. She wanted him to know how much modeling for him had excited her.

She'd been tempted to walk over to him, to place his hand on her heart, so he could feel it for himself. She thought about it. Not on her breasts, but between them, on her heart, although she wouldn't have minded if he'd let his hands wander from there. Amy's hand drifted down to her own pussy, feeling how wet she'd become, trying to appease the burning need she felt there.

Amy shook her head, to clear it of all of her lustful thoughts. She'd had her fun. It was time to get ready for her date with Matt.

Which she would do, after she lay on the bed and thought about her brother for a while longer.

* * *

"I'm sorry, I really am," Matt said, turning to avoid the sight of Amy's tears. "I didn't mean for things to work out this way. I didn't know I still had feelings for her."

"You son of a bitch!" Amy screamed at him. "Don't you dare say that to me. It's only been six weeks. Six weeks! You didn't know? How could you possibly not know?"

"Amy, please..."

"How could you not know? Shit. Just get out. Shit. 'I still have feelings for her.' Get out. Leave."

Matt held Amy's glare for a long heartbeat, then sighed and seemingly gratefully beat a coward's retreat. She'd let him off easy by throwing him out so quickly, she thought. She should have made him stay and squirm.

Amy wiped her eyes, wondering why she was bothering to cry. She was just about ready to break up with him, anyway. It just felt so good to have a boyfriend for a change. Not necessarily him, just a boyfriend. When he came along, she'd quickly dropped her silly game with Danny, and had a real lover. For a few weeks, everything had been fantastic. She had someone to call, someone to think about, someone to vent to, and someone to sleep with.

Danny didn't seem to mind too much. He was happy for her, and seemed relieved to be able to start dating, and fucking, every girl he could get, which was pretty much any girl he wanted. Even then, Amy watched him with a touch of jealousy, especially since he'd started dating only blondes, like her. It seemed like every blonde in the world was getting a turn with Danny, except for her.

It didn't take long, though, for she and Matt to settle into a banal routine. Suddenly they didn't see each other as much. He didn't stay over every night. They only had sex when they slept together, never other times, never spontaneously. Apparently, Amy realized now, Matt had already started seeing his old girlfriend on the side. Even later, when it should have been obvious, Amy hadn't noticed.

Probably because she'd been so focused on Danny.

Danny had said that Matt was good for her, and he was happy for her, but she could see the disappointment in his face when he saw them together. Amy and Danny both knew that they could never take their game any further, that they'd already gone further than a brother and a sister should ever go. But Amy loved him, in a way she'd never realized, and never should. She was irresistibly attracted to him. Amy thought he felt the same way, and she was sure that Danny was hoping they might lose control and take things further the next time.

In all honesty, Amy had been hoping so, too.

So Matt had come along at just the right time. He was what they both needed to help them to separate and clear their heads, and their hearts. Now things had changed again, and Amy had to think about things more seriously.

* * *

"No, Sis, I really have it this time. I have some extra cash this week," Danny said, snatching the check before Amy could reach it.

"So save it for something else, Danny, don't spend it on me."

Danny stared at her.

"Please, baby?" she said, trying to return to their game. It felt awkward, and she thought it showed on her face, and she thought that he thought so, too.

"I asked you to lunch, it's a date, and I'm paying," Danny told her, but bashfully, without maintaining eye contact.

Amy smiled. So he wanted to play the game again, too. He was usually so self confident, but when he wasn't he could be so cute.

"Okay, sweetie," she answered. "But don't think I'm putting out again. It will take a little more romance than a simple lunch to get me into bed again."

Dan looked her square in the eye, with that same stern, masked expression he wore so often. For a moment, Amy thought she'd gone too far, too fast. She had to learn to be more subtle, she thought, even with Danny. Especially with Danny.

"You'll be like every other girl I date, Amy. You're dying to get into bed with me, and you'll do it the first chance I give you."

Amy laughed uneasily. He'd caught her off guard with his own aggressive candor. And they both knew it was true, every word. Danny was just too good looking. The broad shoulders capped with a head of sandy blond hair over a well chiseled jaw made most women's heads turn. The light layer of scruff he kept on his face made him look like a rogue, and it made them wet. At least, it made Amy wet. And his golden brown eyes and his bright smile melted them all, especially Amy.

When Amy hesitated, Danny smiled at her, and she melted on cue.

"Just teasing, Sis," he said, while laying a few bills on the table. "That should cover it. Let's go, I've got a ridiculously boring French Lit class in a few hours. I have no idea what I was thinking when I registered for that one."

* * *

Amy looked over at Danny's hand on her shoulder as they left the movie theater. It was nice of him to take her out, to help her to get over Matt. It kept her from moping, even if it was only a charade date with her brother, their sixth since she'd been dumped, with as many lunches thrown in.

Walking arm in arm with him, like this, felt so natural. It really felt like they were lovers, even if they never could be. Still, the game they were playing was a wonderful escape, except for the complete lack of sex.

That part was starting to hurt. At least before, when she'd had Matt, she could feel a cock ravishing her and pretend that it was Danny's. Now she couldn't even do that. She only had her own fingers, and memories.

* * *

Dan watched Amy glance over at his hand on her shoulder. He should take it away, he thought. They were playing at this too much, and Amy was starting to take it too seriously. At first, it was just an easy way to lighten her mood, to help her get over the surprise of being dumped. And after that first amazing experience they'd shared, that one night of forbidden and yet still un-sated lust, it just seemed to fit, with the two of them pretending to be dating, tentative lovers every once in a while.

f only she weren't so damn gorgeous, Dan thought to himself. He knew they looked like the perfect couple together. She fit under his arm just right. He glanced down, watching her tantalizing breasts jiggle gently as they walked. She'd opened her blouse so that he could see where her bare flesh disappeared under her bra. She'd said she felt uncomfortably hot. He knew she'd done it for him.

Dan let his hand mischievously coast down her arm, then find the outside of her hip and rise back up to just trace and graze the curve of her narrow waist and side and torso, until he felt the strap of her bra, before returning his hand to where it belonged. Her curves felt so good. Dan wished he could find a way to discreetly touch her and look at her, both at once.

He turned his head, tipping it down, to smell her hair, taking in her pleasant, comforting scent. He remembered refusing to smell Megan's hair, that last night that he'd slept with her. The memory made him stiffen, suddenly uneasy.

"What's wrong, sweetheart?" Amy asked, sensing his abrupt tension.

"Nothing. Sis."

"Don't call me 'Sis', honey," she said.

"Why not?" Dan asked. "I always have."

It was time to end the game, he'd decided abruptly. They were both getting too involved. He had to find Amy another boyfriend, a real boyfriend, and one that wasn't going to hurt her the way Matt had.

She didn't bite. She didn't answer him. She didn't let the conversation continue. She just leaned more snugly into him, while unexpectedly moving one hand to rub his abdomen. It felt uncomfortably familiar and sexual. He should have pushed her hand away, but he liked it too much.

Okay, he'd play along some more tonight, he thought. But he'd start dating again, and stop seeing Amy for more than an odd lunch here and there.

* * *

Dan felt his cell phone vibrate for the third time. He'd completely ignored the first two calls. He took a sip of his beer, glancing around the dark bar briefly. He didn't look for too long. He kept his attention on Sara. She looked so much like Amy it was almost unsettling. If he could get her back to his place, he wouldn't even make her lay face down. She was the perfect Amy doll, a great first step in separating himself from dating his own sister.

His phone vibrated again. He bothered to at least look at the display this time, and saw it was Amy. He reluctantly excused himself to drift into a more quiet corner to answer it.

"Amy, I'm out at a bar. What's going on?"

"My sink is badly clogged, and it's making me crazy."

"Talk up. A sink? You must be kidding. So what can I do about it? Can't it wait?"

"No. I don't want to go out tonight, I want to stay in and cook something. And it's gross. And it's Friday. The building engineer won't be around to fix it until Monday. Please? Just come over real quick? Please?"

Dan looked at Sara. She was staring over at him. When he looked at her she quickly looked away, while taking a deep breath that expanded her chest invitingly. He knew that sign. He could get her to leave with him very soon.

He was ready to say no to Amy, when he realized that he'd be dismissing his sister to try to sleep with a girl that looked like his sister. Somehow, that seemed just too twisted. He gritted his teeth unconsciously as he wrestled with everything.

"Okay, okay. I'm not far away. I'll be over in a minute. It better not take long."

Dan apologized to Sara, and begged her to wait there for him, then headed out to help Amy.

* * *

Amy lay nervously on her bed, naked, wondering if she was making a big mistake. She and Danny had only been "dating" for three weeks now. Danny hadn't seen another girl once in that time, as far as she knew. She'd even heard him blow some of them off when they called. Some girl named Megan seem particularly anxious, and frustrated. She obviously knew what she'd been missing.

Amy wondered wistfully what she herself had been missing.

But Danny had to be ready to explode by this point. After three weeks of celibacy and constant teasing, he couldn't possibly resist taking things a step further now.

She checked the bonds one more time. Tying her ankles to the bedposts had been easy. She'd used pantyhose. For fun, she'd used four different bright colors; red, blue, yellow and purple. She first tied each of the four pairs of hose to the feet of the bed at all four corners. Then she climbed up on the bed and tied each of her ankles, with the yellow and purple, as tightly as she could, so her legs were spread wide. It was hard to move them much at all.

Tying her left wrist with the blue hose had been more difficult, but after many frustrating tries she did it adequately with her free hand. For her right wrist, she'd tied a loose knot ahead of time with the red hose, with a big loop, before she'd tied the left. Then it was just a matter of slipping her wrist into the loop and pulling it taught.

She wasn't quite as well confined as she wanted to be, but it was good enough, or so she hoped.

Now there was nothing to do but to wait for Danny.

Amy started having doubts. What if Danny didn't want to go through with this? Maybe she should have tried to get him drunk, first, or at least talked about it. Hopefully, he'd had at least a few at the bar.

Amy wanted this more than anything right now.

* * *

"Amy?" Dan called as he stepped into the dark apartment.

The only light was in her bedroom, so he turned the corner into the short hall to check for her there.

Dan stopped abruptly, in shock. Amy lay before him, entirely naked, with her arms and legs stretched out, spread-eagled in an "X", tied to the four corners of the bed with brightly colored, sheer fabric. Her beautiful golden cunt stared straight at him. It was the very first thing his eyes were drawn to. He struggled to look away, taking in her entire form instead.

Her breasts, firm, rounded cones, pointed straight up at the ceiling like the pyramids of Egypt, heaving from her deep, slow breaths. He could see her nipples clearly. Their color almost matched her pale skin, being just a delicate shade pinker and darker. They looked frighteningly hard and erect, as hard as he suddenly realized his cock was becoming.

Amy whimpered as she writhed around, seemingly trying to get free, but not trying very hard. Dan stood entranced by the motions of her body, squirming everywhere, with muscles tightening and relaxing, and her head tossing occasionally from one side to the other, whipping her hair about. Strands of straight blonde hair fell wildly across her eyes and mouth.

* * *

Amy put on as much of a show for Danny as she could. If nothing else, even if he panicked and rejected her, she wanted him to enjoy the sight of her body. She wanted to give him something to remember, something that would give him fits as he tried to fall asleep.

She belatedly wished that she'd worn some of her lingerie for him, something sheer, and inviting, and painfully naughty.

Danny just stood there in the doorway, staring at her body. She stared anxiously at his eyes, trying to adopt the same intense expression that he always wore so easily.

"I had to do this, Danny," she finally said. Her tone was even, with just a hint of tremble, from true nervousness. She had wanted to make her voice breathy and frantic, but was afraid that it would sound corny. To Amy's ears, it came out that way anyway.

"I had to tie myself up, to keep from touching you this time."

Amy tensed as she waited for Danny's response, then forced herself to relax. She closed her eyes, waiting for Danny to tell her to stop it, or to just untie her, or even simply turn and leave her helpless. She couldn't look at him.

He stood there, at the foot of her bed, staring at her for what seemed like an eternity. After a while, Amy couldn't resist. She half opened her eyes, peering at her brother through surreptitious slits.

Danny began unbuckling his belt.

* * *

Dan tried to take it slow, to be the one in complete control in the room. He forced himself to patiently undo his belt, and his zipper, before kicking off his shoes and lowering his pants. When he took his shirt off, he threw it at Amy. It landed on her precious tits and her face, startling her. She laughed softly into the cloth.

He sat on the bed beside her. As he tugged his shirt off of her, he revealed that beautiful, wide, full lipped mouth, wearing a bright, satisfied smile. He continued drawing his shirt gently toward himself, watching jealously as the fabric enjoyed a light caress across her round tits, jerking slightly as it caught at and then exposed each erect nipple in turn.

Amy looked at him, her expression calm but otherwise unreadable, and he looked back at her, keeping his own face stonily serious.

"You can't fuck me, Danny," she told him. "You can't touch me."

"I'll do whatever I want with you, Amy," he told her.

Dan rose up onto his knees, towering over her, looking down at his sister's pretty face beneath his raging, surging cock.

* * *

After months, after wasted months, his cock was finally there again. Danny's cock was right there, so close she could touch it, if she hadn't foolishly tied herself up first. She knew now that it wasn't just part of the tease. She really did have to tie herself up, because without doing so she would be holding her brother's cock in her hand right now. Amy had to squeeze her eyes shut at the thought, scolding herself, fighting back the guilt and enjoying the vivid image of the fantasy, all at once.

She opened her eyes again, wondering what Danny would read in her face. Would he see the confusion, or the fear, or the lust? She was sure that everything was written there and easy to see. It was embarrassing, but at the same time she wanted Danny to see it all. She wanted him to sense every emotion she was feeling.

Danny was silent as he leaned forward, lowering his cock to within tantalizing inches of Amy's face. She watched as it grew, until it filled her vision, becoming the only thing that she could see, his cock, and his sandy brown pubic hairs, and his taught, athletic abdomen. Amy smoothly raised her head up, trying to take his cock into her mouth.

Danny jerked away. He was too quick for her.

"You're obviously not tied up well enough, you nasty little minx. I'll have to watch myself with you. Keep you out of trouble."

"I'm supposed to keep you out of trouble, little brother," she said evenly, almost as if by keeping her voice under control Danny might make a mistake and allow himself to get too close. "I'm your big sister. I'm supposed to take care of you."

She could take very good care of him, she thought to herself.

Danny looked at her, still serious, then let his eyes leisurely coast down across her body once more. As soon as he did so, she wriggled some more for him, pretending to try to work herself free of her bonds.

Danny moved abruptly. Amy froze as he smoothly straddled her torso, not touching her, but balancing his cock and his balls just above the steep valley between her breasts.

* * *

"You want to tit fuck me, Danny? Is that what you want? Do you want to tit fuck your big sister?"

Dan felt his cock twitch and surge impulsively. The sound of her voice was exquisitely sinful. She was fucking him now even when she talked to him.

"Do you want to slip that cock across your big sister's inviting titties?"

Amy inhaled, just like Sara had in the bar. Her magnificent tits rose toward Dan, seeming to grow before his eyes, straining up toward his cock. The sight of it was overwhelming. Dan almost fell on her then and there, abandoning all restraint and sense of conscience.

"Is that what you want, Amy? Is that all you want?"

Amy didn't reply. She just gave him a wide, close mouthed smile, as she closed her eyes and turned her head to the side.

Dan focused on his cock, with her beautiful body right beneath it. Yes, he thought, he did want to tit fuck her. He'd imagined it since he was sixteen, and all of his friends talked openly about it. He'd told them to shut up, that she was his sister, and he'd kill them if they even thought about it again. Then he went home and imagined it himself.

He wished he could bring himself to actually do it.

* * *

Amy felt the bed rocking. The motion tugged alternately on her wrists and her ankles where she was bound, rhythmically, as if her whole body were a cock being moved back and forth over the mattress. She opened her eyes to see Danny staring down at her as he slipped his hips, and his cock, forward and backward, within her cleavage yet without ever touching her breasts, his balls swinging back and forth like a pendulum. Amy arched her back, trying to bring them into contact. She brushed him ever so slightly before he lifted himself away.

"You slut, you're not tied down tightly enough," he told her. He slipped off of her to move around the bed, checking and tightening each of her bonds in turn, blue, purple, yellow, then red. He completely retied her right wrist to the bed post, making it considerably more taught, stretching Amy almost painfully across the mattress.

"That's still not good enough," he told her. "You can still wiggle around too much."

Amy stared at him, wondering what he'd do. For a brief moment she worried that he might not return to her now. She squirmed left and right, feeling the soft, constricting burn of the hose that bound all of her limbs.

Her fears were instantly allayed, as he climbed onto the bed to kneel beside her.

"Okay, you can't be trusted, so I can't get too close to you," he said. "But you touched yourself the last time, that was allowed, so now I get to touch myself."

With that, her brother held his cock in one hand. He started to stroke it, right over her. Amy writhed some more, struggling to get free, knowingly giving Danny an erotic show, as he jerked off over her. Amy moaned and pleaded with him, staring at his cock the whole time.

"Let me help, Danny. Let me touch your cock and help you come."

"I could help you, Danny. Let your sister show you how much she loves you. Let me love your cock, too."

"Let me make you come, Danny. Let me be the one to make you come."

The more Amy talked, the faster Danny pumped his cock with his hand. He closed his eyes briefly, panting softly, before jerking them open to stare into hers. His gaze raked over her body as he started to moan. Amy worked at memorizing the sound, creating a recording in her mind that she could play back whenever she wished, the sound of her brother coming for her.

"Come for me, Danny. Come for me, and come on me. Come on my tits, Danny. Come on your sister's sweet, lonely tits."

* * *

Amy's begging was driving Dan well past the brink. He looked at her gorgeous body beneath him, and the way she wriggled and moved for him, straining to get free, to touch him.

He should do it, he thought. She wanted it. He wanted it. He shouldn't actually fuck her, but he could tit fuck her. Why not? As it was, he was going to come on her. He was going to come on his sister's tits, the most beautiful and erotic tits in the world.

With that thought, it was too late. He felt his cock swell in his hand, the skin growing more taught, as the cum filled his cock and strained to break free. He let out a long, loud animal groan, grasping at and losing any conscious thoughts of doing anything further, anything other than coming at that moment. He watched with a feeling of elation and freedom as the cum burst from the tip of his cock, spraying drops across his sister's tits. Large drops pooled on her hard nipples, dripping down the curves of her breasts. One blast shot up to her collar bone, under her neck, regrettably not nearly close enough to her beautiful mouth.

Amy stopped squirming then. Instead she arched her back, thrusting her tits at him, trying to make certain that every drop hit her. She squealed and laughed as he came on her.

"Oh, God, yes, Danny. Yes, baby, yes, cover me, cover my tits. Come for me some more. Keep coming. Please."

She looked up into his eyes then. He felt a sudden warmth flood through him as he looked into her beautiful green eyes, and she looked back at him lovingly, and smiled.

"You're a naughty boy, Danny. You came on your sister. I wanted you to fuck me, but you didn't. Now I'll have to wait. Selfish."

Dan didn't answer her. He slouched back onto his heels, then reached forward to brush some loose locks of hair from Amy's face. Her hair had scattered all about in her throes of lust. He took his time arranging her hair. Whenever his hand came near her face, Amy closed her eyes, purred and pressed her cheek against him. He rewarded her with one soft, slow caress along the ridge of her chin, before backing off to stand on the floor.

"Your turn," he told her, untying just her right hand, after which he retreated further away to sit on the edge of the bed to watch her make herself come, while watching him. Her hand snaked along her body, slipping easily into her golden hole, where it started to play. It didn't take long for her to climax, but once it started it seemed to last for hours. She stared harshly at him the whole time.

* * *

When Dan stepped out of Amy's apartment, he closed the door behind him and quickly leaned against the hallway wall, letting out a long, deep breath.

They must be crazy, he thought. They must be positively crazy.

He thought briefly about Sara, his sister's near twin, back at the bar. He mentally shrugged her off. Dan returned to his own apartment grinning. There was no way he was wasting a night with a stranger after this.

* * *

The next day Amy called to tell him her sink was still broken, that he hadn't done a thorough enough job fixing it. He grinned into the phone as he asked when he should come over.


Dan couldn't hang up the phone fast enough.

* * *

As he stepped around the corner, he was shocked to see Amy tied this time standing up, spread-eagled against her bedroom door. The door was closed, and the colored pantyhose, red, blue, yellow, purple, looped up over and down under the corners of the door, with ends tied to her wrists and ankles, pinning her in place like the beautiful assistant that serves as a horrifying target in a circus knife throwing act. Further pairs of colored hose, green and pink and white, ran in bands across her body, holding her more tightly against the door. This time she could barely move.

She wore her red corset, garters and stockings for him, the same ones she'd modeled before him for that fool Matt. Her hair was tousled into her face, as if she'd been struggling with whoever had tied her up.

Before anything else, Dan went carefully about making sure that all of her bonds were tightened further, before he got too close. She had left some of them lose, so he tightened them all thoroughly.

"Did you think you'd get free?" he asked. "Did you think you could trick me?"

Amy watched him in angry silence the whole time, until he finished, stepping back to admire his work, and her.

Dan looked, really looked, at her full, naked form for he realized the very first time in his life. Her body screamed sex at him. It screamed and shrieked and begged for him to take her. She wasn't just female, she was achingly female. The large, firm tits. The curving spread of her hips narrowing into a trim waist. A tight, inexperienced cunt that still must know exactly what it wanted, and how to return the favor. The sweetly innocent, yet whorish face.

Her whole body screamed "whore" to him, inexperienced, yet willing whore.

Dan mentally slapped himself at the thought. He slapped himself for thinking of his sister as a whore. She was so much more, so much better than that. But here she was, tied up for him, displaying herself to him, offering herself to him. She was the world's most perfect and desirable whore.

"What are you going to do with me, Danny?"

"With you?"

"To me. What are you going to do to me?"

"Whatever I want, Sis."

"Nothing naughty. You're my baby brother. There are a lot of things you can't do."

"I'll do whatever I want, Amy."

"No, Danny. Not whatever you want."

"Whatever I want."

With that he stepped forward, easing his cheek right beside hers. He inhaled, long and loudly, taking in the scent of her perfume and her hair. This time he relished it. He let his nose trace the lines of her temple, and chin, and neck and then shoulder, enjoying her scent the whole time. When his head reached her shoulder, he planted one very light, almost imperceptible kiss there.

"Don't kiss me, Danny. You can't kiss your sister."

Dan glared at her, then kissed her shoulder again. He repeated his feather light kisses, over and over again, always in a slightly different spot. He covered her shoulder, then worked his way up her constricted arm until he neared the yellow stocking binding it to the door at the wrist. When he'd gone as far as he could he kissed his way back down to her shoulder, to work his way up her neck from there. She turned her head away, as she might from a rapist, but exposing more of her flesh for him to kiss.

"Stop it, Danny. It's wrong. You're my baby brother."

He worked his way around her neck, covering it with kisses. He worked his way over her entire throat, then to the edge of her chin, then up her cheek. His kisses rained on her face, working their way closer and closer to her lips.

* * *

As his lips neared hers, Amy froze. She desperately wanted to move, to bring her lips to touch his. Amy ached to kiss her darling little brother. But she wanted to kiss him right, and she wanted him to kiss her right, or rather, wrong. She wanted him to kiss her passionately. She wanted their first kiss to be amazing.

She was afraid that if she forced it, and he pulled away, she would ruin everything, so she stayed utterly, completely still, waiting and hoping for his lips to continue where she wished.

Danny explored her face with his soft, warm lips. He dabbed kisses on her nose, her chin, her cheeks, her eyelids. He explored her brow, then traced a path between her eyes down the bridge of her nose to its tip. There he stopped.

Amy opened her eyes, not even remembering having closed them, to see Danny's face in hers, close, staring at her intently. He moved his lips ever nearer to hers, until they were a hair's width away. She felt his warm, moist breaths on her mouth, one, two, three in a row.

* * *

Her lips looked so luscious. Her mouth was wide, wider than his. Her lips were full, and moist, mostly from licking them in fits of lust. They were slightly pursed, and slightly parted, inviting him, calling him, and waiting for him.

"What do you want me to do, Amy?"

"Do whatever you want. I can't stop you."

Their lips were so close, she said the words straight into his mouth.

"But what do you want?"

"I want whatever you want, Danny. Take whatever you want."

"Do you want me to kiss you?"


"Say it. Say you want me to kiss you."

Dan breathed the words onto her lips, then waited to feel her breathe her answer onto his.

"I want you to kiss me."

"I'm your brother, Amy."

"I want my brother to kiss me. Kiss me hard, Danny. Kiss me. Kiss me hard and take whatever else you want."

He was so close. She was so close. The slightest move would press their lips together and end his torment, and hers.

Dan held himself in check. He longed to kiss her, with a passion that he'd never shown any other woman. Something stopped him, though. He hesitated. It wasn't that it felt wrong. It felt too good to be wrong. Inside it felt right. But it didn't seem like it was time, or rather, it didn't seem like this was the way their first kiss should be, with her bound barbarously to a door, subject to his every whim, even if she was asking for it.

Dan kissed her chin just below the lips, before working his way quickly back down to her neck with a flurry of light kisses. Amy let out a soft, high pitched whine, a clear expression of her disappointment. Dan smiled to himself at her torment.

He let his lips wander down to her collar bone, then further down her chest. She inhaled deeply and loudly as his kisses approached her breasts. When his lips neared one exquisite mound he let a long, hot, heavy breath touch her, but he didn't kiss her there.

* * *

Amy held her breath. Her entire body stiffened, waiting for the touch of Danny's lips on the starving flesh of her breast. The kisses were so light they were almost imperceptible. His lips were warm and soft, and torturously gentle. They'd missed her own lips, they were impossibly ghostly kisses on the rest of her flesh, but she could endure that and more if he kissed her breasts, if he would only kiss her foolishly forbidden breasts.

Amy screamed inside her head as his lips passed, so close yet not close enough, over the curve of her tit. He breathed heavily, noisily on her skin, and on her nipple, as he drifted over her. She whimpered delicately as she sensed that familiar wet warmth spreading and growing throughout her pussy, bought to life by denying her everything she wanted.

* * *

Dan fought with himself, fought the urge to kiss at least the flesh around her nipple. Once he passed over her magnificent breast, to the ribs beneath, he let the feather kisses resume. Amy exhaled sharply when he did, clearly agitated that he'd skipped kissing at the best part, or at least what Dan thought was her best part. More than any other part of her body, and he loved it all, he loved her breasts.

"Don't kiss my tits, Danny. Remember, I'm your sister. Don't kiss my tits."

Dan laughed softly at her, then remorsefully continued down her belly. He should have let himself do it, he thought. Enough was enough. He should do it. Cross the line. Commit, no, enjoy incest.

Instead he explored her belly button for a while, giving it several kisses. He briefly, and very, very gently, flicked his tongue into it, like a tiny cock invading a tiny cunt, before moving on. His lips kissed their way over the ridge of her pelvis, to the side of her thigh. From his knees, he looked up into her eyes, as his lips worked their way over the top of her leg toward her pubic hair.

Amy stared at him intently, clearly waiting to see if he would continue. He calmly, mischievously stared back.

"Not my pussy, baby brother. Don't kiss your sister's pussy. Don't."

Dan smiled at her wickedly, then detoured down the inside of her thigh, planting hundreds of barely perceptible kisses on her, always avoiding what she really wanted. He avoided kissing utterly improper parts of her. It still wasn't incest, he thought. These were kisses that, taken one of a time, were perfectly appropriate and acceptable for a brother to give his sister.

It was just that she was wearing lingerie, and bound to a door, and he was giving her not one brotherly kiss, but thousands. And his cock was harder than it had ever been in his life. His cock was begging him to stop playing games. It was almost ordering him to stop playing games. He needed to give it what it wanted, and what he knew Amy wanted as well.

Dan let his lips wander so close to her cunt. He moved his face closer, right before her, inhaling loudly while grinning up at her anguished expression. He even let his lips wander through the ends of her pubic hair, letting them tickle his lips, and letting her feel just how close he really was. When he did so, it was her turn to inhale loudly, followed by a tortured moan.

Dan spent an eternity teasing her, kissing almost every conceivable part of her body, except for her breasts, and pussy, and ass, and her own beautiful, full, wide, tempting lips.

* * *

The torment was absolutely killing her. Amy started to writhe again in her bonds, this time not as a show for Danny, but because she was truly trying to break free. The feel of his hot lips just barely touching her skin was killing her. The way he maneuvered near but then stayed away from the most sensitive parts of her body was agonizing. She had been sure that this time he would give in, that he'd finally surrender and take her, giving her what she knew they both wanted and needed.

Reverse psychology wasn't working. Her pleas for him to stay away hadn't lured him in. She abandoned any thought of ploys and manipulation for sheer, unrestrained, passionate candor.

"Damn it, Danny, fuck me. Fuck me now, Danny. Stop it. Stop teasing me and fuck me."

Amy shocked herself at the strength of the emotion in her voice. She glared down at Danny, who was grinning evilly as he worked his way back up her body, lingering on her belly, moving ever closer to her breasts or her crotch, only to suddenly reverse and wander elsewhere.

"Do it, Danny. No one will know. I won't tell. I can't stop you. Fuck me. Fuck your sister."

He laughed coarsely at her. He stood up, stepped back and grinned at her yet again.

"My cunt is so wet, Danny. Touch it and see. It's wet for you. It's wet for my darling, sexy little brother."

Amy stared down in delight and triumph as Danny, once again, began to undo his belt.

* * *

Dan couldn't believe the look of uncontrollable lust on Amy's face as he removed his pants, letting her once again see what she'd done to his cock. He stood naked in front of her for a while, waiting for her to start whimpering in frustration. It didn't take long. Her eyes darted between his own eyes and his cock.

"Oh, please, Danny. Don't stand there. Please fuck me. Please."

Dan smiled at her again.

"Is that what you want, Sis? You want your baby brother's cock in your pussy?"


"What if I don't?"

A look of panic flooded into her face before she recovered enough to smile at him.

"I know you do. I know you want it. It's yours, Danny. My pussy is yours, right now, if you take it right now. Your sister's pussy is yours. I'm giving it to you."

Dan stepped up to her, just inches away. Her head lunged at him, viciously trying to kiss his lips, forcing him to reflexively jerk back, laughing as he did.


He eased to the side, out of her reach, so she couldn't try again. She pulled down on the bonds over her head, stretching them some. She looked up at the purple one on her right wrist, the one most carelessly tied as she wriggled her arm, trying frantically to find a way out. When that failed, she fruitlessly looked at each of the other bonds, looking despondently for any mistake Dan might have made in securing her.

"Is this what you want?" he asked, as he rubbed his cock lightly against her side, just above her hip.

Amy's eyes grew wide as she realized what he'd done, that he'd touched her with his cock.

"More, Danny. That, and more."

Dan touched her side again with his cock, then pressed it firmly against her. She let out a low moan, at first closing her eyes, then snapping them open to look down at it pressed into her skin.

"Like this, Amy?"

"Yes. No, no, not like that. In me, Danny. Put it in me."

She moved her eyes frantically, searching his face for some hint of weakness, while letting her own expression continue to plead with him.

Dan ignored her. Instead he closed his eyes, losing himself in the feel of his cock brushing against his sister's warm, yielding flesh. He rubbed it back and forth, and up and down, against her. He moved over to her belly, rubbing it there. She looked at him, and he stared back into her eyes.

"Like this?" he asked her. "You want me to move my cock in you like this?"

"Yes, Danny. Put it inside me and move it like that, just like that."

Dan felt himself building toward orgasm again. He let out a low moan to let Amy know.

* * *

The bastard was going to come without fucking her, Amy thought. She desperately wanted to make him come, but she needed to end the game now. She needed to have him fuck her.

"Please don't, Danny. Please, please, fuck your sister. No one will every know, Danny. I won't tell. I can't get away, I can't stop you. Please."

The more she begged, the faster and harder he rubbed his cock against her. Amy realized now that she'd lost. She had to take what she could. At least she could feel his cock. She moved with him now, writhing as much as she could to help press herself against him, in rhythm with his desires.

"Okay, Danny, okay, come for me. Come for your big sister. Come on your big sister. Rub your beautiful cock against me. Show me how hard I can make you come against my body."

She stared into his face. His eyes had been closed, concentrating, but at her words he opened them again. They glazed over, filled with lust and fear and longing. He looked frightened and lost. The poor dear looked so frightened and lost.

Despite the bonds, Amy took control, once again the big sister, the eldest.

"Do it, darling. I want you to do it. You can fuck me another time. Come now, come for your loving sister. Come on me now, right now."

* * *

She pushed him so far over the edge with her words he thought his entire body was going to explode and vanish. In only moments he felt the cum surge into his shaft. He felt that familiar illusion just before he came that his cock was growing, that it was thickening and lengthening by inches. It felt as if it swelled beyond the point of bursting. There was a feeling of sudden release, like the crack of a whip, as a stream of cum burned through him to shoot from his cock head onto his sister's belly.

Dan squeezed his eyes closed while growling at the sensation, the complete euphoria that overwhelmed him as his cock took complete control of his body and trumpeted it's satisfaction throughout him. Only half consciously, he could feel himself rubbing his cum between Amy's belly and his cock, spreading it around, enjoying the new sensation of feeling his now slippery cock slide frictionlessly across her hot skin.

* * *

Amy watched Danny's face intently as he came, and afterward. The hot blast of cum on her felt as good as it had the previous day, but when mixed with the feel of Danny's cock against her, it surpassed in eroticism any other real sex she had ever had. She stayed there, letting Danny rub himself against her as long as he wished. She encouraged him.

"Did you like that, Danny? Did I make you feel good? Your big sister wants you to feel good, Danny. I want to make you feel really good."

Danny opened his eyes to gaze at her through a foggy curtain. He looked sad, but in a good way. He was calm, even serene. He looked lovely, Amy thought, if that was a fair word to use for a man.

"I love you, Danny," Amy said.

He turned and walked away from her.

* * *

Dan found a knife in the kitchen as quickly as he could, then hurriedly returned to Amy. He lifted the knife up to cut one wrist loose, then took a long step back. Before he could, Amy reached out to run her hand through his hair. Photos http://cpmlink.net/n4c_AA She tried to hold him close to her, but he tenderly, though irresistibly, backed out of reach.

"Come for me again, Amy," he told her.

Amy held his gaze as her hand fell obediently to her belly. One finger slipped through his cum, gathering it. She slowly lifted it to her tongue. She stared at him intently, defiantly, as she tasted it, then sucked on the finger, cleaning it completely. She made a show of rolling her tongue around in her closed mouth as her hand moved down again to her belly.

This time she covered all of her fingers with his cum, but instead of moving them up to her mouth, she slipped that hand down into her cunt. Dan watched in fascination as she rubbed his cum around her cunt lips, and over her clitoris, then finally pushed two cum sticky fingers inside herself. She quickly moved to gather more of his cum, and push it eagerly into her pussy.

"You should have fucked me, Danny. Your cum should already be inside me."

Dan looked from her golden haired slit to her cover girl face, then back again, entranced by the sight of his sister patiently filling herself with his cum.

* * *

Amy rubbed her clitoris feverishly now. She drove her fingers into herself, trying wildly but ineffectually to buck with her hips. The red and gold and green bands of stockings restrained her too thoroughly. Even so, the thought of her situation drove her closer and closer to the feeling she wanted.

"You should have done this to me, Danny," she screamed. "You should have made me come like this. You should have used your cock like this, Danny."

Then she came. The orgasms were small, but they repeated over and over. She felt her hips shudder with each wave, over and over, several times. Her knees went weak. She sagged, and her bonds supported her. Without them, she thought she would have collapsed on the floor.

It was disappointing. It was all a fraction of what she wanted, and needed. It was the slightest hint of what Danny could do for her, what her forbidden, would be lover had to do for her.

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— A sister struggles to resist her attraction to her

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