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  1. — Mother & Son relationship
  2. — Stepson and stepmother share a rainy night.

— Stepson and stepmother share a rainy night.

Categories True Story, Incest, Mature

Authror: tom8899

Published: 09 July 2018

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Friday was when Steve decided to make it to his dad's, it was running late. His timing was off. Steve was looking forward to staying at his dad's.

His dad John remarried after his mother passed away. Marrying a woman named Katherine. He guessed her to be forty-two and always very cold to new people. He had only met her twice in the four years his dad was married to her. He had been in graduate school since they were married. Now that he was finished he was looking for staying at his dad's home. R and R sort of. Rest and resume working on it for a couple weeks.

His dad said he had plenty of room and was told he could stay as long as he wanted. So he struck out for his dad's. Making good time in spite of the late start. He actually didn't have much further to go. Then the heavy storms of rain and lightening came in with such a furious burst. As luck would have it his car stalled he estimated he was a quarter of a mile to his dad's. Thinking of what he was going to do. He decided to make a run for the house. Get his car and things tomorrow. So he ran for it. Being athletic he knew he could sprint to the house.

By the time he got to the house he was drenched. Knowing the key was always in the same place he opened the door welcoming having the rain not pelting him anymore. He was so wet he knew he better get changed and get into something dry. Nobody was to be here until Monday he would be alone.

Steve decided to change into his dad's shorts. Stretch on the leather sofa and turn on a porno movie. It was one in the morning when sleep over came him and he fell asleep with a pillow over his face. His excitement over the movie was apparent. He fell into a deep sleep.

That's when Katherine walked into the house, her flight had been canceled due to the rain. This didn't help her mood. She was in a bad mood. Soaked to the bone she decided to slip off her blouse and skirt. She decided to turn on some music and couldn't help dancing to them. Seductively she pretended to give a lap dance to an empty chair. Gyrating her hips she knew she would use her crystal dildo. She was a woman needing to be laid. Her husband John wasn't into sex. She sighed once, every three or four months wasn't enough.

She wanted it every night. If he had been here she would screw his brains out. Going into the kitchen for a drink she heard the TV softly on. She thought it was odd so she went in to investigate and turn it off. It was a porno movie and she stopped to look at the action. Slipping off her lingerie she then noted John was asleep on the sofa. He had on his shorts, she was naked she smiled to herself she was going to seduce him. She would suck him off, then ride his cock until they both were satisfied.

She sauntered over to the couch and slowly rubbed his cock through his shorts. She was delighted of how big it was. Her nipples went hard and her thoughts were nothing but how it will feel like having his cock in her mouth. She slid his shorts down his thighs and his cock popped out hard, and waiting. She licked its head and shaft. It seemed so large since the last time four month ago. It felt so good she had to have the head and shaft in her mouth and his balls. When she released it there was a new popping sound it caused her to get so horny.

She couldn't remember when his cock was so sweet, so openly wanting her. She could barely get her mouth around it now. She had stirred its head to swell. She knew now nothing but needing to mount this cock. She slithered on down to the base of the cock. Not able to remember the last time she felt his cock sear her. She started rocking on him slow and pleasurable. Listening she heard him moaning causing her to get wetter and hornier. Picking up the pace she was so into the sensations of being fucked so good by John. His cock was buried to the hilt inside of her wanting pussy.Photos http://cpmlink.net/UYc_AA Feeling that orgasm mounting she took to rocking on his with a vicious speed.

"AAhhhh Fuckkkkkk I'mmmm cumminggggg." Katherine screamed out in sheer lust.

That is when Steve woke and knowing his cum was blasting in some girl. He was shivering from the experience.

"Oh fucking yes that feel awesome." Steve screamed out loud.

Katherine finally came down from subspace and laid her head upon him. Both laying there quietly.

"Oh John, you were so big tonight." Katherine whispered softly.

"John, I'm not John I'm Steve his son." Steve intervened.

Katherine jumped off him and grabbing covers she covered herself. She looked at his face.

"What the hell are you doing in my husbands shorts?" She screamed mad as a hornet.

"Well, dad said I could come here for a couple of weeks." Steve stated firmly.

"What am I going to tell your father about this?" Katherine once again screaming.

Steve very tired and a little disoriented just spoke up telling Katherine lets not talk about this tonight. Lets get some sleep. We will talk in the morning. So Steve stood up walking back towards the bedroom.

Katherine was a nervous wreck wondering what John would say about this. He would never understand this. Once she laid her head on her pillow she thought of why his cock was so different. It was different in a very good way. Laying there she thought of Steve's cock she fell asleep, smiling.

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— Stepson and stepmother share a rainy night.

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