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Starting Off the Summer With a Bang

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Hardcore, Job/Place-of-work

Author: MightBeRealz

Published: 09 July 2018

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Summer, 199-, a Small Midwestern Town

Heather was fresh out of high school and planning on taking a break year between it and college. Standing 5' 6" with long, dark red hair down to her waist, she was a real head turner. Legs like a statue, the ass of a brazillian dancer, hips like a greek goddess, and a trim waistline: She was a freckled, girl-next-door knockout with bright blue eyes and an award-winning smile.

Oh yeah, and her tits.

They were almost as big as her head, the nipples as large around as a pencil eraser and half an inch long, with goose-pimply aureola surrounding each one. Freckles covered each breast all the way to the aureola, revealing her habit of sunbathing nude in their (not so fenced off) back yard. She had already sucked off her hot neighbor this summer, and she had let the ugly one jack off onto her while she pretended to sleep, and she routinely let the neighbor children catch glimpses of her masturbating in the woods near her naighborhood.

Suffice to say that this over-sexed little nymphet planned to spend every minute showing off her smoking hot bod and exploring her options with the cocks to every hottie she could seduce that year.

The snag in the plan came the day after she had dropped the news of the break year on her Mother.

"If you're gonna live under my roof on my dime when you should be on your own, you're gonna have to pull your own weight around here, missy!"

She had yelled, pouted, begged, and thrown tantrums for a full day to no effect. "Get a fuckin' job!" was always the reply.

Finally, Lauren relented and settled on a plan.

She had asked her neighbors (He of the sucking-off-while-sunbathing incident and his ditzy, unsuspecting wife) if they had need of a babysitter. Turns out that, yes, they had desperate need of a babysitter. They're relationship was on the rocks, and the handsome but pervy husband had convinced his top-shelf trophy wife that a weekend of wild and uninhibited sex was the called for preion.

Next thing Heather knew, she was watching their only child for the next 2 days dressed in a miniskirt and tube tope, while they rented a hotel room and waltzed off to fuck like wild monkeys in heat.

Throwing Brandon, the husband, winks and flirty looks as she haggled her fee ($200 a night and a bonus if they had to stay an extra night), she had realized that she could probably pull this racket with every house on the block, AND be supplied with all the pervy Dad cock she could ever want in the process, AND pay for a small slush fund for college, where she planned on fucking and sucking even MORE cock than she did now.

The child in question was a student at the local school. He was tall, like his father, and handsome to boot. He had a nerdy vibe, with bedraggled Blonde hair, dimples, and today sported a star trek t-shirt. As she closed the door on the witless duo, she turned to formally meet her new charge and almost ran into him as he had snuck up behind her and was blocking her path.

"Excuse me!" Her voice was haughty.

Brandon Jr. (Junior to everyone but his mother) smirked and reached out, grabbing her titanic breasts and pressing her against the door that she had just closed.

Shocked, Heather did nothing as he began to squeeze and manipulate her breasts with surprising skill for a teen. 'Oh my GAWD!' she thought, 'Is he raping me?' After a few minutes of heightening arousal, 'I kind of like it... let's see how far he takes this' and she finally looked up and into his face with a questioning look.

"Yeah, I saw your little suckfest in the backyard," he pulled her tube top over her breasts and wrapped it over her mouth, muffling any sound she might make, "and I think I want a piece of that ass."

Savagely mauling her breasts now, he lifted her and hauled her fireman style up the stairs and into his room.

Throwing her onto her back on the bare mattress, Heather looked up and saw a room covered in band and movie posters, then nothing as a pillow case was thrown over her head and real metal handcuffs were snapped over her wrists and ankles, spreading her like a lewd Hollywood Squares 'X' on his bed, where a strap system was already in place under the mattress to keep her in place.

'Whoops, this just got too real too quick.' she though worriedly.

"Wha ah ya doim tah mah?" Heather mumbled out from the tube top around her mouth.

She suddenly felt the cold steel of a pair of scissors on her thigh. Scared witless, she froze and pissed onto the bed as the thought that she might die suddenly blew threw her panicked and confused mind. Laughing at the yellow stain on his mattress and the clear implications of an uninterrupted piss flow, junior began cutting the pleather skirt off of her body, revealing that she indeed had no underwear on.

Her cunt was wet from the piss and bushy around the mons but shorn around her lips and clit, which were swollen and protruding from between her outer lips and clitoral hood, respectively.

licking his lips, Junior bent over her and began to lick her pussy with enthusiasm, forcing a muffled moan from Heather's dry lips. Trying to move her hips back to get away from his tongue and lips, she instead found her body ignoring her commands and pushing her hips upward to greet his eager mouth, his lips forming a seal around her pussy and sucking in as his tongue flicked her clit like a lizard's.

She shrieked through the tube top and was clearly audible from the street as her first orgasm hit her, sending wave after wave of pleasure through her body.

'Oh. My. GOD! What is he doing to me!?' She thought with a mix of dread and delight. She had never had her pussy eaten before, and this kid was an expert. His skilled tongue was playing her tender and oh so succulent labia like a fine instrument, his eyes glued to her as he read her body language and adjusted accordingly, his hands on her breasts and occasionally playing with Heather's nipples and rubbing her toned and heaving stomach when he wasn't too busy to recall those erogenous zones.

The next orgasm hit just as the first was receding, sending her even higher than the first time and causing her to black out from holding her breath through an intense contraction.

She awoke to find his fat, 10" long fuckstick embedded in her now deflowered pussy, her vaginal walls flexing and gripping his cock as his thumb and forefinger pinched her clitoris. She was on her upper back with her ass in the air, her arms splayed to each side and her legs touching her shoulders. He was roughly fucking her now red and swollen cunt from a squatting position, gorilla fucking her like a madman.

'He must have unlocked me,' Heather realized, then tried to move her arms to grab his face and move it down to her own for a kiss.

The clink of metal on metal and the pull of the handcuffs told her that she was still his fucktoy. He had simply undone her leg restraints.

Junior laughed, slinging his fat fuckstick again and again into Heather's eager, and by now well fucked, cunt hole.

She groaned and then lifted her ass upwards in order to get a better angle on her g-spot, sending her into another orgasm as Junior grunted and unloaded a series of thick, ropey strands of come deep into Heather's fertile womb.

He flexed his cock and fell over her, pushing it just right into her pelvis and sending her into another orgasm, this one causing her to spasm underneath Junior in fits of ecstasy.

When they had both come too and Junior had untied and ungagged Heather, she slapt him in the face and then kissed him passionately, slipping her tongue into his mouth as she did.

"You didn't have to rape me," Heather giggled into Junior's mouth as she kissed him again, "All you had to do was ask, silly."

They made love 5 more times that day, 12 the next day, and 17 bonus fucks on the third day after Brandon Sr. called telling Heather that he and his wife had met this real nice couple and were gonna stay another night.

The summer was off to a good start.

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Starting Off the Summer With a Bang

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