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Holiday with Doris

Categories True Story, Asian, Male / Female, Mind Control

Author: Keith53

Published: 09 July 2018

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Just back from a holiday in the sunshine, all courtesy of my friendly neighbour, Jack. Now Jack has a small, slim, and very attractive young wife called Doris. She is half Chinese and very sexy, and Jack very much enjoys having her used. Cleverly, he ensures that Doris remembers nothing about it afterwards. His previous technique was to get Doris drunk, but recently we have had help from an elderly man called Joe, who used to be a stage magician and he has the skill to put Doris under his spell. It is now guaranteed that she will remember nothing about whatever we do with her while she is under. The holiday was a thank you to us from Jack for helping him. And how lucky am I, he has me write down everything that takes place.

The first day, the four of us just lazed about in the sun, Doris in a bikini most of the time, looking very fit and suntanned. The second day, early afternoon, Jack called us in. Doris was sunbathing on a lounger by the pool, out of earshot, and Jack told us it was time we had some fun with her. The pool was due to be cleaned that afternoon, and Jack suggested that Joe work his magic on Doris and perhaps the pool cleaner might get a bonus. We all knew what that meant. Joe ambled out to the pool and sat down beside Doris. We saw him talking to her, and saw her head go back, as if she was falling asleep on the lounger. Eventually Joe got up and strolled back to the house. "That's it," he said. "She's ready. As usual it will look like she is behaving normally, she might even protest if she doesn't like what's happening, but she'll do whatever she is told. She knows my name is Joe, and you two are Jack and Keith."

We sat and chatted, and Jack fed Doris a couple of drinks. He was not trying to get her drunk, there was no need for that now, but no harm in her being just a tiny bit tipsy. The warm sun was making her drowsy, and she lay with her eyes closed, apparently dozing. Her slender body, clad only in a skimpy bikini, looked superb. The bikini top really only consisted of two triangles of yellow and orange material, just wide enough to cover her nipples and not much more. Doris has small tits but they are well formed and in proportion to her tiny body. Their curves were visible on either side of the two little triangles. The bikini bottom was equally skimpy, hardly enough of it to hide her pussy, and tied at the side in a bow that would be very easy to undo. She was showing so much bare flesh, her shapely legs slightly parted, anyone seeing her lying there so invitingly was bound to get ideas of what they would like to do with her.

A van drew up outside and we exchanged glances. The pool cleaner had arrived and the fun was about to begin.

The cleaner, Pedro, came to the door and Jack showed him round to the pool. He had time for a good look at Doris before going back to his van for the pool cleaning equipment. When he returned, we saw that he had an assistant, and we learned that his name, surprisingly, was Jim, presumably a shortened version of something. The two of them started their work, but they could hardly take their eyes off Doris obliviously laid out on display for them on the sun lounger.

Jack was delighted. He could see their interest and knew that if they got the chance, they would probably not be reluctant to take advantage of his sexy young wife. He called them over and offered them something to drink. Doris still seemed to be dozing, so Jack took them to one side and said "I'm glad to see you admiring my wife." Although both men spoke good English, this caused them some confusion. Jack quietened them down. "Listen," he said. "Doris is a very attractive girl, look at that body, look at those pert little tits, and who wouldn't want to stroke those gorgeous legs?" He smiled at the two men and watched their reaction. "She is also very co-operative," he went on. "She likes a bit of rough fun now and then. Likes to pretend she is being forced, do you know what I mean?" The two men looked at him cautiously, then at Doris. Both men began to grin. It was obvious they knew very well what Jack meant. Jack then murmured, "Watch this."

With Pedro and Jim eagerly looking on, Jack sat down beside the lounger. He whispered something to Doris, then put his hand over one of her tits. Doris gave a low giggle but her eyes stayed closed. Jack carefully pulled the small piece of material aside, then repeated it on the other side. Doris was now stretched out on the lounger with her eyes shut, her bikini top pulled aside to reveal her bare breasts, totally unaware that two strangers were gazing at her. Jack leaned over and took one of her nipples in his mouth, and then the other. This time Doris gave a low moaning sound and when Jack lifted his head, her nipples were noticeably stiffer and bigger. Jack kissed her mouth, letting his fingers massage her nipples, and Doris continued to make soft whimpering noises.

Jack smiled at the two cleaners and moved his hand across Doris's body, down towards her hips. He cupped his hand over the bikini. "Open your legs a bit, honey," he said. Everyone's eyes were focussed on Doris's thighs, waiting to see if she would do it. There was a pause of perhaps four or five seconds, and then Doris slowly moved her legs further apart. The bikini looked so flimsy, held in place only by that single tie at the side, a narrow strip of material concealing something exciting, and Pedro and Jim were certainly excited. They were crowding close, eager to see what else Jack was doing with the young, pretty, little oriental girl lying half naked on the sunbed. They could hardly believe their eyes.

Jack gave Doris another brief kiss and then his fingers slipped down to her waist. Doris raised a knee but did nothing else to stop Jack's hand sliding further down into her bikini. Joe gently pulled her knee sideways to give us a better view of Jack's hand now fully inside the bikini and obviously in contact with the hidden pussy. It stayed there for a minute or two, and Doris continued to whimper softly, her eyes remaining closed. But the fingers playing with her pussy were getting her more aroused, and suddenly her hips twitched.

Jack instantly pulled his hand away and shook Doris gently by the shoulder. "Look, Doris," he said softly. "We have guests."

Doris opened her eyes and saw the two men staring down at her. She suddenly realised her breasts were exposed and hastily covered them with her hands. "What-? Who-?" she stammered, looking very startled.

"Relax, honey," Jack murmured, smiling. "Now do as you are told. Put your hands behind your head."

Doris stared up, frowning and looking bewildered. "What?" she gasped. "What's going on! Who-?" She glanced quickly at Pedro and Jim then back at Jack. Her mouth opened and closed but she said nothing. Under Joe's subconscious instruction to obey, she slowly put her hands behind her head. Jack turned to Pedro. "Why don't you find out how stiff her nipples are," he smiled. To Doris, he said, "Keep your hands behind your head."

Pedro leaned over Doris and cupped both tits in his dirt-stained hands. His fingers played over Doris's nipples. Doris gasped but kept her hands where they were, even though her face showed her distaste of having to allow someone to touch her. Pedro took his time playing with the two little tits in his grasp then smiled at Jack and nodded his head. "Very hard now," he said.

Jack himself took hold of one of her nipples and rolled it between his fingers. "Oh yes," he murmured. "Very stiff. She must be very horny by now. Doris, how do you feel, you want cock?"

Doris looked at him in disbelief. It was obviously difficult for her to speak but she had to do what she was told. Her head turned and she made a sound, but it was impossible to tell whether it was a yes or a no. Jack was enjoying himself, making Doris respond to his statements. "You like taking cock, don't you, Doris?" he went on. "Especially a new cock. One you haven't had before. Answer me, Doris."

There was a long pause, then in a voice that was barely a croak, Doris reluctantly muttered, "Yes."

Jack was cruelly persistent. "You want cock right now?" He was stroking her thigh as he spoke, and Doris started to move her hands. She was told abruptly to keep them behind her head, and she obeyed quickly, breathing deep and fast. She was lying on her back, her bare tits pointing straight up. Her nipples looked even bigger and stiffer than ever. Jack's fingers moved up her thigh to the front of the bikini. "You'd like a cock in here, wouldn't you, Doris," he said, pressing his hand rhythmically against her mound. "A nice big hard cock finding out just how tight this little cunt is. You'd like that, wouldn't you."

Her response was to screw her face up in horror. "Please, no," she whimpered. "There are other people here, watching, looking at me, please don't do that."

"Don't do what," he grinned. "You're a slut, Doris, you like people playing with your pussy. And you like taking cock, don't you, you like a good ride, don't you."

Doris was breathing hard and almost panting. She started shaking her head. Jack persisted. "Admit it, Doris, you want it, you want cock. You're in the mood for it now, aren't you. Horny. Want cock. Will we go inside and fuck?"

Doris stared sullenly at him, her eyes looking slightly glazed. Without saying a word, she nodded her head.

Jack helped Doris stand up. Everyone followed them into the house, and straight into the bedroom. Jack quickly peeled off her bikini top and spun her round to face the rest of us, keeping his arm round her waist. Doris's head went back against his chest and she closed her eyes. She obviously knew what was happening and did not like it, but her conditioning made her powerless to do anything but what she was told to do.

Jack reached for the bikini tie on her hip. "If Doris is going to get screwed and we want her naked, it's only fair we all are," Jack said with a smile. Doris noticeably shuddered at his words, but stayed still while everyone stripped off. Even old Joe had a hard on as we all gazed at Doris, her pretty face expressionless, her arms hanging submissively by her side, her delectable slender body clad only in the bottom half of her bikini, and that was about to be removed.

Jack tugged the string and the bow keeping the bikini in place was suddenly undone. For a moment, the scrap of material hung where it was, covering her cunt, then Jack peeled it aside and Doris just stood there, with her head down, helplessly trembling and whimpering, now stripped completely naked. Her pert little tits were peaked with very obviously erect nipples. Her eyes fluttered open for a moment then quickly closed as she must have realised how defenceless she was, a little naked Chinese girl in a room with a bed and five naked men all with erect cocks, and everyone including Doris knowing she was about to get fucked.

Jack suddenly grasped one of her tits, holding it tightly, and twisting. Doris let out a little cry. Through gritted teeth, Jack said, "Right, you fucking little bitch, you're asking for it. You're a whore, and you want fucked. You're going to give everybody a good ride, aren't you, Doris. You're a whore and a slut and your cunt is for anyone that wants it. You do what we tell you, Doris."

Doris gasped and she looked completely bewildered. "Please you're hurting me, yes, I will, I will do it, please let go."

Jack pointed at Pedro and Jim. "You two," he said. "Take the bitch. Do whatever you like with her. You heard her, she wants cock, so give her cock. She takes it any way you feel like. All her holes. And she likes it rough and hard." He picked Doris up as if she was a rag doll and threw her on the bed. Before she could move, Pedro and Jim pounced on her. For a moment it seemed that Doris was resisting, twisting and turning, but they quickly had her held down, spreadeagled on her back. Each man had a knee between her thighs, keeping her legs separated, and each had a hand holding a wrist, keeping both her hands above her head. Her slim naked body looked tiny and vulnerable beside the two muscular pool cleaners.

They kept her like that for a moment, then Jim shifted his position and slid his body under Doris, his erect cock rubbing against her inner thigh. Pedro grabbed at Doris's shoulder and half turned her on her side to face him, then slid his arm under her leg to spread her thighs apart. His stiff cock was nudging against her pussy, probing against her pussy lips trying to find a way into her tight cunt. Behind her, Jim spat into his hand and thrust it between her legs, his finger working rapidly up and down between Doris's cheeks.

Pedro's cock started to inch into Doris's cunt. He was actually trying to force it in gently, taking his time, enjoying the tightness, and Doris was moaning softly and now making no attempt to stop him. The way the men were holding her allowed her to look down and see the cock penetrating her, watching it slide in deeper and deeper until at last she was taking the entire shaft. Suddenly her body jerked and she let out a squeal. Now that Pedro's cock was deep in Doris's cunt, Jim had pushed his finger into Doris's arse. He began to move it in and out, and Doris's soft moans became sharp little cries every time the finger sank into her. Her cries increased as Jim tried to get a second finger into her, opening her up a little more, before shifting his cock into position.

Pedro watched and waited, keeping his cock buried in Doris's cunt. Jim shifted back a little and lined his cock up between Doris's arse cheeks. Doris seemed to realise what he was trying to do and gave a startled yelp. Her tiny body tried to twist round but the men kept her in a tight grip until Jim's cock began to penetrate her.

Doris's eyes were wide and staring, but she was also excited and her hips were twitching slightly even though the men had not yet begun to fuck her. We watched Jim's cock go deeper and deeper, and still Pedro remained motionless, waiting. It seemed incredible that Doris's little body and tight holes could take both these stiff cocks at the same time, but soon both cocks were buried to the hilt, and only then did the two men begin to fuck her. Both pulled about half way out before plunging back in. Doris uttered a wail at the first thrust, and gasped and moaned as the men got into a rhythm of fucking in and out. Her arms were flailing about but the men were holding her body and nothing interrupted their thrusting.

We watched them screwing Doris remorselessly for about five minutes, and the only sounds were Doris moaning and gasping and the slapping of skin on skin as the two cocks drove all the way into her holes. The fucking got faster and harder, and although Doris was pinned between the two men, the force of their thrusts jolted her little naked body up and down, making her nipples grind against Pedro's chest. She was now making whimpering sounds mingled with her moans.

Joe, the oldest man there, stepped forward. He pushed his cock against Doris's face. "Suck me off, Doris," he commanded, pulling Doris's head forward so that she could take his cock in her mouth. His eyes were fixed on the two cocks slamming into Doris's cunt and arse. His hands were fixed on the back of Doris's head as he rammed his own cock into the back of Doris's throat. His arse was going to and fro like a piston and then with his cock jammed in Doris's mouth, he groaned and started cumming. When he finished and finally let go of Doris, she looked shell shocked. Dribbles of cum spilled from her mouth as she gasped for air. Then her body convulsed and her hips jerked frantically as she herself started to climax. Jim's cock suddenly slipped out, spurting cum over Doris's body, and Pedro had his eyes shut as he too was cumming, shouting unintelligible words, his body rigid, his cock buried deep in Doris's cunt.

Eventually he pulled out and got shakily to his feet. He was still panting. He spoke rapidly to Jim and the two men got themselves dressed, gave Jack a quick "Thank you", and headed off.

Jack pulled Doris to her feet. She still looked stunned, as if she couldn't believe what the men had just been doing to her. There was cum on her face, on her tits, and on her thighs, and she looked dazed. "Go have a shower," Jack told her.

We watched that delicious little naked body stagger towards the bathroom. "We'll have a rest," Jack said with a smile. "That was good, wasn't it. Doris looks so fucking sexy when she's getting shagged." He gave a short laugh. "Those two sure gave her a good doing. I love to see those tight little holes getting stretched and filled with cock. Now Doris has had a fuck, but we haven't finished yet, have we. She's such a hot little cunt, we'll make sure she gets well fucked before the night is out."

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Holiday with Doris

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