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Marcy’s decision

Categories Diary, BDSM, Exhibitionism, Female solo

Author: Marcy2002

Published: 09 July 2018

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Saturday January 21 2017

I can hear the Music playing. The big doors are starting to open slowly. I can see all the people. They’re standing, and looking at me. They all look so nice in their tuxedos, and dresses. I can see my adopted parents. Jane, my mom is 42 years old with black hair brown eyes, big breasts, 36d. And is about 5 feet 6 inches tall. My dad, Donald, he’s 43 years old. he’s about 5 feet 10 inches tall, with Brown hair, and brown eyes. and my adopted brother, Gary, he is 23 years old, He’s just like his dad, but just a little bit taller.

They are standing up front. looking so happy. With big smiles on their faces.

I look around. There are a couple of people I see That i know, But most of them I don’t. There is Mr Rodney, and his wife Diane Orlando. I smile at them. They smile back at me. I can remember the times I been with them. Both are very nice. And wow! His cock, he’s so big. Most people just call him big Rod. I felt a pull, on my leash. I start to crawl slowly down the alley. I looked up, and I see him. The big guy on the left side. Omg, He’s so tall, and handsome. He is dressed in a black tuxedo, With a red rose in his lapel. He has salt, and pepper hair, and a beard. He looks like he’s in good shape for a man of his age of 60. He will be fucking me tonight, for the first time. It’s also the first time I had ever seen him.

I look to the right, and I see her standing there. She is dress in all black. Black knee high boots, black skin tight leather pants, and a Black leather halter top, and a black jacket. With her long red hair. Omg I love her so much. Next to her are my four best friends. All had long blonde hair, done into braids, and their hands, handcuffed behind their backs. They are are naked like me.

As I was moving, forward, I was thinking about how I got to this point in my life.

I don’t know my real birthday. I know it’s the first part of November, but want day? You see I was found near a garbage bin, in alley behind a strip club/adult bookstore. I was like, 6 months old. I was very small. the doctors couldn’t pin point how old I really was. My mom left me there to die. She must have been a whore, or something. I was found by my now, adopted mom. she, and her husband adopted me. They named me Marcy, after the name of the strip club. I know right! They had a 5 year old son, Gary already but, they loved me, and wanted me.

My child hood was normal except for that.

I never took drugs or smoked. I never been on any dates. I been asked out, a lot! but, I always turn them down.

I only been with one boy, and one girl. So I guess you can say I’m bisexual.

That one boy is my brother Gary. And his girlfriend Katy. We been lovers for a while now. We had agreed, we would only be fuck buddies, and never get married or anything like that. We agreed to date others. And I know he has.

Katy smith, my brothers girlfriend is 21 years old, and she looks so much like me. She has very small breasts, and she’s a slim girl, with blonde hair, and blue eyes. I like her, and she is good to my brother.

Two months ago. On a cold fall night in November. I just turned 18, When my life change.

Friday November 4 2016

It was on a Friday night. Our parents was gone for the weekend. Gary and I was in bed together. We had just made love, again for the third time that night. The last time he did my ass. I love it when he fucks me there. I was in his strong arms as we was talking. He said to me “Marcy do you have any fantasies? Like in a sexual way! Anything you would like to do, or try?” I looked up at him, and said; “yes I do, do you?” I ask.

“Yes I do.” He said. We was quiet for a while, then he said. “Tell me sweetie, what’s your number one fantasy? The one you would like to come true?”

I looked up into his eyes, and said; “you won’t get mad if I tell you?”

“Hell no! I won’t get mad. I love you Marcy, You can tell me anything. We need to be open with each other, and don’t keep things from each other. Just maybe, I could help you fulfill your fantasy!”

“Okay but you promised.”

“Yes I promised, I won’t get mad.”

“Okay,” I looked down at my feet. “my number one fantasy is, well it’s. Don’t know if should tell you.”

“Please tell me. I would like to know.”

“Okay here it goes. I have a fantasy of being dominated by an other girl. Not just a girl, but an older woman, like our mom’s age. She would use me for her pleasure. To spank me, and whip me, to use me, anyway she wants. The dirtiest, and kinkyer the better.”

I looked up. He was looking at me, just staring at me, Not saying a word. I looked away. “You said you won’t get mad!”

He then said. “How come you don’t fantasize about a guy dominating you?”

“Because I already have you dominating me!”

“What do you mean? I don’t dominate you!”

I start to laugh, and said; “yes you do! Who’s the one who said. Just today, as soon as mom, and dad left today.

“They’re gone now, come here and suck my cock!” You already had your hard cock out. Then who, told me to undress, and get on my hands and knees! Then who’s the one, after you fuck me hard, told me to lick you clean?

And who’s the one who told me to sleep naked every night, so you can come in and have a quickie, whenever you want.

You remember a couple months ago? that time I walked in on you, and your girl friend Katy? You two just had sex. You told me, to undress, and clean both of you. And want did I do. You got it, I got on my knees, and I put your cock in my mouth sucked you clean. then I licked your girl friend cunt, and ass clean too.

Gary threw up his arms, and said; “okay, okay you win. I guess I’m a little bossy. I’m sorry I will try not to be so bossy anymore.”

I put my arms around him, and gave him a big hug, and I said; “No Gary, I love being told want to do, it turns me on so much. I just want to see if a female can turn me on too. But no one my age, I don’t think, she has to be older, though, and knows what she’s doing. Do you know of anyone like that?”

I ask him as I started to kiss him.

He pulled away and got up. “Get on your hands, and knees, and get to the edge of the bed!” He said demanding. He walked out of the bedroom, and he went downstairs. He came back a short time later holding a ping Pong paddle.

I’m going to see if you really like to be spanked. Now if it hurts to much, and want to stop, just say, pizza, it will be your safe word. And I will stop! Okay?”


“Are you ready?”

I grab a pillow, and put it under me to hold my ass up. “Okay ready.”

A second later, I felt the first hit. It wasn’t to hard. It was good, “harder.” I said. He then hit me harder on my right cheek. I screamed “ouch.”

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you!” Gary put the paddle down on the bed.

“NO! don’t stop! Did I say the safe word? Please keep spanking me!”

“But, I hurt you!”

“Yes, and I loved it. Now please, harder okay, please!” I yelled at him.

He picked up the paddle. Then he really got into it. Hitting me. One cheek, then the other. I put my right hand down to my very, wet pussy. I put two fingers inside of me.

At the 10th hit, I started to cum. Gary put the paddle down. He got onto the bed. He took his very big hard cock, and shoved it into me. He fuck me hard. pulling on my, long blonde hair.

“You fucking bitch! You fucking pain whore!” He said, fucking me like a mad man.

Then it hit me. I was cumming again. and for the first time in my life, I was squirting. I was on fire. Gary came inside me. I could feel his hot cum inside of me. Gary Then got off. I rolled onto my back. Breathing hard, from the best orgasm in my young life. I hear Gary say. “Wow sis, did you pee on your pillow?”

“No, I just came a lot. Oh my goodness, that, that was so fucking good! I won’t be able to sit for a week!”

“I’m glad you like it.” Now get up, and get dress, we need to go the mall to get you a new pillow!” We both laughed.

We got up and got into the shower. After we had a shower we went down stairs to get something to eat.

Gary then asked me. Why do you think you want to be a sex slave to a female?

“Since I watched a video online. Then I read some stories of it on a website. It got me so turned on. I have lots of videos, pictures, and stories on my laptop. Would you like to see them?”

“Yes, I would like to. Did you like it when I paddle your ass with the ping pong paddle?”

“You don’t know how much I loved it. I want that, and a lot more. I don’t mean I want to be beaten up, or cut up, or anything like that. I just like the pain.”

Gary then reached over, and put his thumb and finger on my left nipple, and he pulled on it hard. It made me fall out of the chair I was sitting on. I fell onto my knees. “Do you like this?”


“Do you like to be called names?”

“yes I do, call me anything you want.”

“Yes want Bitch.” He then did the same to my right nipple.

“Yes sir.” I reached down to my clit, and started to masturbate. I look at Gary’s big cock it was hard with Precum running down his shaft. He let go of my nipples, and grabbed my hair. He pushed his 8 inch cock down my throat. He fucked my face hard, for a long time. He had cum a lot today, he could fuck my face a long time.

He finally came in my mouth. I came too. I am squirted again. I had gotten the floor all wet with my cum.

After we cleaned up he ask me if I like it?

“You saw how much I came! You bet I loved it, thank you sir.”

We then went into the Living room. We layout on the couch in each other’s arms, and just rested.

Gary, and I had fun all that weekend.

November 9 Wednesday 2016

Nothing was said about my fantasy. He never told me his fantasy.

Mom came to my bedroom. I was on my bed doing homework. She knocked on my door. “Can I Come in. “she said.

Mom came in, and shut the door. Hey Marcy, how was school today?”

She walked on in and sat down on my bed.

“It was ok. I have so much homework to do before thanksgiving break.”

“That is what I want to talk to you about. How would you like to house sit for Miss Wilson the Friday, Saturday and Sunday, that weekend after thanksgiving? She said she’ll pay you 500 dollars, if you want to do it!”

Miss Wilson is my mom’s boss. And Gary’s boss to. Gary works on her farm she owns. He has been helping her for a couple years now. She is my moms age at 42. Mom been working for her for years now. I still don’t know what she does there. I do know, Miss. Wilson is the richest, and most powerful woman I know.

I never been to her house. Mom said her house is very big. it’s like a big castle. With lots of trees all around it. It’s on a lake with like, a thousands acres.

“What would I have to do?” I asked.

“Just watch her house, all I know. You can ask her what all needs to be done.”

“Sure, I’ll do it. I could use the 500 dollars.”

“Good I will call her, and tell her you’re do it.” Mom got up and started to walk out of my bedroom. She turned and said; “and by the way supper will be ready soon.”

“Thanks mom, I’ll will down there soon.”

About a minute later, my bedroom door open again. It was Gary. He shut the door, and he locked it. He came up to me and said; “suck me bitch.”

I looked at him and said; “Yes Master.” I got on my knees, I took out his nice big cock, and sucked him off, until he came in my mouth. He’s been a lot more demanding lately, and I loved it.

November 25 Friday 2016

I got out of bed, it was early in the morning. I went into the bathroom to take a shower. I got undress, and looked at myself in the mirror. Fuck I look like a little girl. All my friends have tits, and guys just love big tits. I started to rub my little breast. I wish they would get bigger. I pulled on my nipples, and twisted them. Feels so good. I love the pain. I can fill myself getting wet down there. I reach down to touch myself. Yes very wet. I rub on my clit, rubbing in circles with my fingers on my wet hot button. I’m Still pulling and twisting on my right nipple. I close my eyes. I’m think about an older woman going that to me. I can see her standing over me. Her big tits and hairy pussy. She pushes me onto my knees. Telling me; “bitch lick my wet hairy pussy.” I stick out my tongue to lick her. Omg she taste so good. She grabs my hair, and pushed my head into her cunt.

“Yes my little slut eat me! Lick my ass too my little pet.”

There was a knock on my bathroom door.

“Yes,” I said Horsley.

“Marcy, Miss Wilson is here. hurry up. Don’t want to keep her waiting.”

“Yes mother.”

I don’t want Miss Wilson to get mad for waiting. So I jumped into the shower. I was still very horny from playing with my self, but that will have to wait. I put on a pair of jeans, and a sweatshirt. I didn’t put on panties, or a bra. I got my bag of extra clothes for the weekend, and I went downstairs.

“Hello Marcy! you look lovely this morning.” Miss Wilson said, as she looked me up and down.

“Thank you Miss Wilson.” I said nervously.

“Marcy if you need anything, or if something is bothering you. Call us, we are only a hour away.” Mom said.

“I’ll be fine mother! I’m not a little girl any more.”

“Miss Marcy!” Miss Wilson said sternly. “You shouldn’t talk to your mother like that. She was only looking out for you. Now say you’re sorry.”

“I’m sorry mom.”

“It’s ok just have fun, and do whatever you feel is right for you.”

“Marcy, will you go, and wait out in my limousine for me. My driver will help you with your bag. I’ll be out in a minute. I need to talk to your Mom.”

Mrs Wilson then walked into the kitchen.

I hug mom, and she whispered into my ear. “please if anything upset you this weekend please call me ok.” before I could say anything mom released me, and walked into the kitchen.

I picked up my bag, and walked outside. It has gotten colder out. I can see some snow on the sidewalk.

The driver of the limousine got out, and open the trunk. I was surprised who I saw. It was Katy, my brother’s girlfriend. I didn’t know she worked for Miss Wilson too. She was dressed in a, very short, tight red shorts, a black halter top, and a black collar with a round tag on it. It said driver. She must not be wearing a bra, or panties. I could see her nipples poking out and she had a Camel toe going on. Her long blonde hair in braids. She must be freezing.

“Hi Katy.” I said.

She took my bag and put it in the trunk. Then she walked to the passenger door and opened it. “Please Miss Carr get inside, and wait for Miss Wilson.”

That was all she said. So I got in, and she shut the door. She then walked to the other side of the limo, and just stood there, and waited for Miss Wilson to come out.

About 10 minutes later she came out of the house wearing a fur coat. When she got to the limo Katy open the door for her. Miss Wilson said something to Katy. I could not hear. Miss Wilson got in, and took off her coat, and hand it to Katy. Katy then walked to the back, and put the coat in the trunk. She then got into the drivers seat and we pulled out.

I thought we was going to her house out in the country, which is about 45 minutes from our house but instead, we headed into town. It’s been a while since I been downtown. There are lots of traffic, and people walking about. We were going into the bad part of town. I could see adult book stores. A couple strip clubs. There was even a couple street walkers out. They got to be freezing.

Katy then pulled into an alley between two tall buildings. She stop at a back door. Miss Wilson open the window from between the two seats, and told Katy. “Katy will you be a dear, and go inside. Ty will give you two CDs, and will you bring them to me. And you can pay for them the usual way! thank you dear.”

“Yes miss Wilson.” Katy got out of the limo, and walked to the door. She rang the bell. A big black man open the door, and let her in. Miss Wilson then lock the door. “You can never be to safe, in this neighborhood.”

“Miss Wilson, why is Katy dress like that?”

“That’s her uniform.” Miss Wilson said, like, what is wrong with that!

“Okay Marcy, we have about 15 minutes before she gets back. I’ll tell you want you need to do this weekend. First I have three German shepherds that guard my property. They never go into the house. They are very dangerous. They can eat you alive. If they come up to you, just say, chicken feet, and they will sit down, and be good boys. The out building has some more dogs in there to, but you don’t need to do anything with them. They are being trained for other owners. I have a trainer who takes care of them. You my see a couple cars there, from time to time. It’s ok. You understand don’t go in there.”

“Yes ma’am I won’t.”

“I have plenty of food for you, and lots of movies you can watch. You have the run of the house. Okay”

“Yes ma’am I understand.”

Just then the back door of the building open. Katy came out holding two CDs. She came walking to the car. I could see something White on her face. I couldn’t tell what is was. Miss Wilson opened her window, and Katy handed her the CDs. She got back in the driver seat, and drove away.

Miss Wilson was on her phone most of the way to her house, so I just look out the window. We got to her house at around 11am, Katy got out, and gave Miss Wilson her coat, and put it on her. She then open my door. I got out, and I looked at her, I then know what was on her face. It look like dry cum. Omg she suck that black guy off. I was going to say something, but Miss Wilson said;

“Katy go back, and pick up Mrs Carr, and get back here has fast has you can. We will leaving at 1, and the plane will take off at 2. Now go.”

“Yes Miss Wilson.”

Katy took my bag, and gave it to another girl who just came out of the house. She was dress the same has Katy. But had no shoe on. Bare feet on the cold frozen driveway. She looked to be younger than me. She, as with Katy, and I, have the same long blonde hair. Same blue eyes, and Same body shape. She also had a collar on too. Her tag said maid.

“Yes Miss Wilson” Katy said.

Katy got back into the limousine, and drove away.

“Is my mom going with you? she was going to stay home with my dad!”

“Plans have change, and I need her with me. You will be ok. Your dad, and your brother will be available if you need anything. And you can call your mom at anytime, okay?”

“Okay.” I said.

The girl named maid, took my bag inside. She went upstairs with my bag.

Miss Wilson said to me. “She’s taking your bag up to your room. She’ll be back soon to show you your room, but first, let me show you the kitchen. My cook is going to go with me. I will have her show you where things are.” We walked into the kitchen. And I was introduced to Her cook. She looked to be about my age Maybe a year older. She has long blonde hair petty blue eyes. she is small. she and I could be sisters! we looked so much alike. All she was wearing was a long apron, a pair red short shorts, and a white top. She also had on a black collar, just like what Katy and the maid had on. Her tag said cook. The Cook showed me where everything is at. She already had my dinner in the oven. Meatloaf, how did she know? I love meatloaf!

I asked her, “what’s your name? and she said; “My name is Cook”

The maid came into the kitchen. She said; “Miss Carr, your room is ready, may I show you to your room Miss?”

It’s weird for her calling me Miss Carr. She looks younger than me.

I followed her upstairs. “There are 6 bedrooms on this floor. Yours is the one on the far right.” She said.

We got to my room, she open the door. I walked in, and “wow.” I said. The room looked bigger then our house. It had a king size bed, a big screen tv, Two couches, and its own bathroom. “Are all the bedrooms this big?”

“Yes ma’am, on this floor yes. When Mistress, I’m sorry, when Miss Wilson has her parties, they all will stay here in these rooms.”

“Dose she have lots of parties?”

“About once a month, or so yes.”

“May I ask your name?

“My Name is Maid” she said. I have to run, and get packing. I’ll let you get settled in. I will check on you later. I had unpack for you. Your clothes are in the dresser, and your toilettes are in the bath room. I’m sorry but I have to go.”

I opened the curtains, the view was fantastic. I could see the garage. Behind the garage was lots of trees. No leaves on the tree so I was able to see the lake. I walked over to the tv, and turned it on. The game show network came on. Omg family feud on again.

I went into the bathroom. It had Double sinks, a shower built for 10 people, and a bathtub that could seat at least 4.

I had to pee, so I pull down my jeans, and sat down on the toilet, and started to pee. Just then Miss Wilson walked into the bathroom. “How do you like your room”? she said. she went over, and sat down on the edge of the tub, which is right in front of the toilet. I put my hands in my lap to hide my pussy.

“It’s great. It’s so big!”

“Glad you like it. Now some ground rules.

1. No one is to come over. Just you, and maybe summer, she is my veterinarian. She will be looking after my dogs.

2. The basement is off limits. The door will be locked.

3. Do not open the front gate.

4. Do not answer the phone. if we need you, we will call your cell phone. Do you understand”?

“Yes ma’am I understand.”

“Good, now are you done peeing?”

“Yes. Ma’am”

“Good, now wipe yourself, and let’s go down stairs, and I’ll show you where my DVDs are, and I’ll show you how to use the remote.”

“Okay,” I said. I sat there for a couple seconds, hoping she would turn around. But she didn’t. I reached over to get some toilet paper. I spend my legs a little to wipe my self. What the hell!I said to my self. I got up, and started to pulled up my jeans. She stopped me by putting her hand on my jeans keeping me from pulling them up. She never looked away.

She said; with a big smile, “Mmm I just love a sweat, young, bald pussy!” I didn’t now what to say to her.

“I would love to put a tattoo right here!” She put a finger just above my pussy slit. Suddenly she got up, and said. “Ok I’ll meet you down stairs.”

She quickly walked out of the room. I put my jeans back on, washed my hands. I don’t know if I’m, scared of her, or I’m so fucking horny, I could feel myself getting wet. Thinking maybe this is what I wanted.

I went downstairs. I then went into her big living room, I could not believe my eyes. There was three suitcases by the door. And the suitcases had a names on them, driver, maid, and cook. But that’s not what surprised me the most. But what did surprised me was what was standing behind them. The girl named maid and cook. Both nude except, they had dog collars on, and both are in high heels. Both look just like me, short, blonde hair, no breast and bald cunts. Except they had something just above their pussy. It looks like a name. I got closer to read it. It said, LAURA’S PET.” Oh my god” I said.

“Do you like my pets Marcy? And yes, they belong to me! But they can go, at anytime, if they wish. All they have to do is pay off there college loans. Now if they stay for the full 4 years, they don’t owe me anything.

Marcy will you come over here, and sit by me please?”

I walked over, and sat down on the couch next to her.

Miss Wilson then said.” I found the maid here seven years ago. She was in a ruin down building I owned. She was a run away from an orphanage. She was hungry, cold and tired. She had no place to go. So I gave her a place to live, and i adopted her. Her real name was Amy wood. Now it’s Amy Wilson, or maid. She in college studying how to run a hotel.

Next to her is Sarah Williams, she also known has cook. Her story is the some but different. She never known her dad. Her mom was a crack whore. Her mom sold Sarah to her pimp for drugs. I was driving in the rough part of town one night. I saw this little thing, dress in a very short shorts, halter top, and in high heels. She just got dropped off by this big Cadillac, driven by a big black guy. After he left I pulled up next to her, Sarah leans in, and said “hi I’m Sarah, and i love older females, what would you like?”

I said; “how much to have you for the night?”

Sarah said; “its $20.00 an hour, any thing kinky, it will be $30.00 an hour.”

“Ok, I’ll give you $500 for the night then.”

Sarah said; “you have the cash?”

“Yes.” I said.

“Ok give me a second.” Sarah got out her cell phone, and called her pimp. A couple minutes later the Cadillac pulled up behind me. I gave him the $500. He told me I can do anything I want with her, but have her back here by 9am.

“I was back all right, with half the police force. He will be in prison for the rest of his life.

We couldn’t find her mom. So she now lives with me. She was 16 then.”

“Thank you Mistress, I can’t thank you enough. I hated that man. I’m a lesbian, and it made me sick, to have to let those men touch me, sucking their cocks, and having them in my holes, and drink their cum, and piss.” Sarah said.

She has tears running down her face. “But for you Mistress, I’ll let the whole college football team gang bang me.”

“I know you would Sarah, but you won’t have too. Amy why don’t you make Sarah feel better!”

“Yes mistress.”

I watch Amy get on her knees in front of Sarah. She kissed all round her bald pussy, then she licked her slit, from the bottom to the top.

Sarah put her hands on the back of Amy’s head. To keep her there, and to help her from not falling down when she has her orgasm.

Miss Wilson then said; “Katy, and Summer hasn’t given me permission to tell you their story, so I can’t tell you, but I do know you, and Katy have been involved together, and with Gary.”

“Who told you!” I scream.

“I have my ways.” Miss Wilson said smiling.

I then Heard Sarah say. “Mistress may I please Amy too?”

We looked up at them. Miss Wilson said; “yes you may.”

They then got down on the floor, and Sarah got on top of Amy. She lowered her cunt down into Amy face. She was so horny, she started to ride Amy face like a mad women. Amy just stuck out her tongue, Sarah moved back, and forth. Amy tongue went from Sarah pussy to her ass. Sarah then leaned down, and stared to lick Amy’s bald wet cunt.

Miss Wilson turned back to me and said; “They can be like that for hours.

Now Marcy, Katy loves your brother, and I now in fact he loves her too.

But Katy is a true submissive. She Needs me to control her, and your brother is ok with it. He’s not the controlling or jealous type. I can’t tell you, why she is like that. It’s up to her to tell you.”

Miss Wilson took my hand.

“Marcy, I do know from what I have heard, and seen from you, and what others have told me, you are just like her. I have years of practice in knowing who is a submissive, and who isn’t. And if you want, I can start training you to be a good sub. I can work with you to see want you like, and don’t like. I will never force you to do more that you are able to.”

“Miss Wilson, I would love for you to.”

“Marcy don’t give me answer now. Wait until I get back ok!”

“Okay.” I said

We sat there for a while. Just watching Sarah, and Amy. Then Miss Wilson said; “those two are so much in love. I get so horny watching them.”

“Marcy! would it be ok if I could see you naked?” I turned, and looked into her eyes. She had that look of lush, and hunger like she wanted to eat my alive. I just stood up, and took ahold of my sweet shirt, and pulled it off. I wasn’t wearing a bra, so my little breast was out for her to look at. My nipples was hard, and sticking out too. I then pulled down my jeans, and step out of them.

Miss Wilson looked at me. She then said. “May I touch you Marcy?”

“Yes.” I said nervously. She reached out, and touched my little breasts. “Perfect, she said. “I love small tits.” Her right hand went Down to my Pussy. She rubbed her fingers in a circle on my clit. I was all ready wet but she was making me wetter.

“Mmmmm” I said. I was getting very close to coming.

Just then the front door open, and Katy walked in. She saw Amy and Sarah on the floor making love, and her mistress fingering me.

Miss Wilson said; “Katy please take the luggage to the car, and tell Mrs Carr to stay in the car. We will be out shortly!”

“Yes Miss Wilson, Mrs Carr is on the phone. She told me to tell you, she going to wait in the limo for you.

“Katy, Marcy knows that you are my Pet, so address me has Mistress, and undress now please.”

“Yes mistress, Sorry Mistress.”

Katy then took off her shoes, and the two pieces of clothing she had on. She is now standing naked with her hands behind her head. It’s been like 2 months since she and I have been together. Since that time she has gotten a tattoo that said LAURA’S PET. I looked up into her face. She had a big smile, like she was proud and happy to be her property. I was feeling kind of jealous of her, and jealous of Amy and Sarah too.

“Driver will you take the luggage out now! Cook, and maid, it’s time to stop. Maid you need to clean up the floor, cook has made a mess with her cunt juice again. Cook you may have to help her to clean up.”

“Yes mistress.” they said it at the same time.

Katy picked up the suitcase, and went outside with them. How can she not be cold. It’s like 40 degrees Outside, and she naked? It just dawned on me. My mother is out in the limo, she’s going to see Katy naked! Is my mom in on this too?

I looked at Amy, and Sarah. They are on their hands and knees, licking the floor clean of Sarah juices. I wanted to help them! I turned to Miss Wilson and asked,

“Miss Wilson is my mother...

Mrs Wilson stopped me Before I could finish my question.

Miss Wilson got up and said. “girls time to go!” They both got up, and went outside.

Miss Wilson turned to the tv stand, and said watch this DVD while I’m gone. And when I get back. I’ll answer any questions you have. Will you please be a dear, and go to the kitchen, and some paper towels to Finnish cleaning up their mess, please.”

“Okay.” I turned and went into the kitchen. When I got back, she was gone. I then cleaned up Sarah’s mess.

I went to get dressed, I couldn’t find my clothes. where was my clothes! I look everywhere, I couldn’t find them. I went upstairs to my room, and everything was gone. Some one had taken my clothes. I guess she wants me to stay naked all weekend.

I went downstairs, and into the kitchen to get a coke. It felt weird to be walking around in someone else house naked. I went back into the living room, and picked up the DVD. I put it in the DVD player, and I pushed play.

Miss Wilson came on. She was naked. Her red hair is in a ponytail. “Hi Marcy! I guess you are watching now. Sorry I had to take your clothes. If you was my pet you be naked all the time anyway. Just wanted you to feel at home. I going to have my girls talk to you. I hope they will talk you into Being my pet too. But first I have to say it’s all up to you Marcy. I will not force you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

Miss Wilson then got up, and Amy sat down. She was naked too, except she had her collar on.

“Hi Marcy! I’m Amy I’m 18, how are you! Mistress Laura told me she may have a new pet soon! I hope so. I haven’t met you yet but I can guess what you look like. You’re 16 to 18 years old. You’re short, have long blonde hair, small breasts, and you have a bald pussy, If not you will be. Hehe.

Mistress has a thing for little blonde girls. I had told Mistress Laura, she can tell you about me. So I hope you join the family.”

Amy then got up, and she bend over. She took her hands, and spread open her ass cheeks. On the inside of her right ass cheek had a number 4 tattoo on it. She then turn around, and said; “I’m pet number 4. I been her pet since I was 14, I hope you will be pet number 7.” She blow me a kiss and got up.

Sarah than sat down. She was naked too. “Hi Marcy! I’m Sarah I’m 18. I’m a former whore, now I’m a lesbian, cook, porn star, college student, and mistress Laura’s pet number 5.”

She got up, and did the same as Amy, and showed me her number 5 tattoo on her inside ass cheek. “I’m so happy to belong to her. I’m also in love with Amy.” She then wrisperd to the camera, “I’m going to ask her to marry me. Please don’t tell her ok! I sure hope you join us. It be so much fun. And I love to fuck you with my tongue.”

Sarah then stuck out her tongue. Omg it’s so long. She said; “It’s 5 inches long. I can fuck you like a guys cock with it. In your pussy or ass. If you join us, you will meet, Mr. and Mrs Orlando. He is the movie producer. He is very nice with a big cock. I don’t fuck him but Amy does. His wife, and I have done lots of movies together, She plays my mom in them. Amy, and I have done movies together. We play twins. It’s so hot. I have to go. Please join us! Bye bye. Sarah got up and a lady sat down.

“Hi Marcy I’m Summer Breeze, I’m 25 and I’m Mistress Laura’s number 3 pet. Lol I know my dad named me that. Most people think it’s a porn name. My dad loves porn. So I think he named me after a porn star. My Dad is a dog trainer. And he has taught me to how to train them too.

It’s just me, and dad. My mom died when I was born.

I meet Mistress Laura one day at a dog show. I was 16. She liked how I trained my dogs. She came up to me, and my dad and ask me if she could hire me. She said she has some dogs that needed training for a movie. My dad said; “sure she would love to.”

Summer started to Laugh, and then said; “the movie sucked but the dogs did great.” She asked me to stay on, and train other dogs for others.

So I moved in, and I then become her pet. Yes my dad knows, and is ok with it. And he knows what the dogs are trained for. He has watched me with them.

I’ll tell you more later today. I am so happy to be her pet. Bye love.”

Miss Wilson come back on. She sat down, and started to say something but she stop. She look like she was trying to figure out how to tell me something. I think she turned off the sound. She looked to her right, and was talking to someone.

The sound came back on. Miss Wilson looked into the camera, and said “Marcy the next one on, may upset you. I hope not, but it may. She was my second pet. We meet in high school. She, pet number 2, and we are very close friends. We did everything together.

One night, pet 1 stayed over night with me. We was watch one of my dad porn tapes. There was a scene with two woman in it. It turned us on so much we started to kiss each other. That lead to touching. We then undress each other. She went down on me first, it was so good, I just had to repay her back. She was so delicious. The rest of the night we made love to each other.

The following weekend my first pet, and soon to be second pet was at my house for a sleepover. We got out my dads porn, we found a lot of lesbian bondage magazine, and bondage movies.

To make along story short, I became their Mistress, and them two become my pet one, and pet two.

It was fun, we had a good time. Then pet 1 started to date this older guy, he became her master, she was I true submissive. He didn’t what her around us, she got into drugs, and we didn’t see her for months.”

She stopped talking to the camera, and is talking to someone off camera.

She got back on and said; I’m going to let you see my pet number 2, I just want to tell you I love this woman so very much, I have known her for a long time. Please after you see her, don’t turn off the DVD, and listen to what she has to say.

Miss Laura got up, and then My Mom sat down

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Marcy’s decision

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