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Categories Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Coercion

Author: sandstorm3636

Published: 09 July 2018

  • Font:

As Ed stood beneath the large hanging sign marking the entrance to the subway, he checked the time on his cell phone again. He had been waiting for over an hour. It was definitely the right location, the place his girlfriend Laura had agreed to meet him for their weekend date. They planned to spend the whole afternoon together and then get a hotel room. Laura had already told her parents she would be staying at a friend's house and Ed's parents never really noticed if he was home or not.

Sighing, Ed sent a text to Laura's phone. He was surprised by the immediate response. Rather than a reply it said "messages to this number are not in service. If this is a real number then the recipient has refused to receive your messages."

"What the…?" Ed gasped in confusion. Had Laura really blocked his phone? Why would she do that? Ed can think of only one reason. She had dumped him and rather than telling him, she stood him up on what was supposed to be their first full night together.

Ed bit his lip as he stared down at his feet. He was trying his hardest not to show the pain on his face. It was certainly not the first time he had been dumped but it still hurt. In fact, he had been dumped by three different girls in the last year alone.

It was not that Ed was bad looking or anything. He had a round boyish face and kept it framed with dyed black stringy hair. He had a slightly emo vibe about him that attracted girls with an interest in that sort of thing. He wore dark clothing with excessive zippers and had quite a few piercings in one of his ears. His jeans were always baggy and he was tall and skinny. He even went by the name Edwin because he thought it was more mysterious than just Ed or Edward.

Girls that did not fall in with the jocks at school always approached him. They would date for a month or two and then they would always break up. Laura was just the latest in a long line. Usually the girls had some sort of excuse. Ed had a slight temper and would often shout at them, demanding to know why they were through with him. This was probably what Laura was trying to avoid. Ed sighed as he turned to walk home. Continuing to stand at the entrance to the subway would be pointless unless Laura suddenly had a magical change of heart. None of the others did though. Why should she be any different?

When Ed opened the front door of his house he found his sister Samantha lying across all three cushions of the coach, sucking on a popsicle and watching a rather bleak horror movie scene on the television. She had black hair too, though hers was natural. She kept it in a lopsided bob cut with half of her right eye covered. She had a thin face in contrast to his one and her skin was extremely pale due to almost never going out in the sun. She had a similar emo vibe.

At the moment she was wearing nothing but her panties and a shirt. It was the middle of summer and it was more than a little hot. "You're home early," she mumbled through her popsicle. "I thought you were gonna get it on with Laura. You know, finally lose your virginity like you've been bragging about all summer."

Ed thought about making up an excuse to hide the fact that he had been stood up but he did not see the point. Samantha was not the type of person to make fun of others. She had a very mellow attitude about everything. She would stare with an expressionless face any time he tried to tell her something. She would not complain but she never seemed interested. "Laura decided we weren’t a good match," Ed began.

"Probably not," Samantha agreed without hesitation.

"What, really? I thought we were really good with each other," Ed was slightly depressed. What had Samantha noticed that he did not?

"Remember that time you had me tag along to the diner. You two both tried to control the conversation. All you wanted to talk about was nerd stuff like video games and TV shows while she had nothing but celebrities and fashion on the brain."

"That's what girls think about," Ed sighed.

"Not me." Samantha shook her head. "I'd rather talk about video games too."

"Surely that's not the only reason," Ed was skeptical.

"I don’t know but I'm glad you broke up. I did not like the way she was glaring at me."

"When was that?" Ed was shocked. It was the first he had heard of Laura disliking his beloved sister.

"When we arrived at the diner holding hands she was scowling," Samantha elaborated. "Whenever I agreed with something you said in conversation and whenever you spoke about me."

"She didn’t like me doting on my sister?" Ed cocked his head in confusion.

"To be fair, you are a little obsessed." Samantha did not even look up from the TV as she spoke.

Ed sat down on one of the coach cushions, pinning Samantha's legs underneath him. "She just doesn’t understand the type of relationship we have," he sighed again.

Samantha grunted as she struggled to free her legs. When she had she sat up so her face was right in front of Ed's. "What kind of relationship do we have?" she asked in her monotonous voice. Without hesitation, Ed put his hand on the back of her head and brought it close to him so he could kiss her on the lips. She waited patiently for him to stop before speaking. "Normal siblings don't do that sort of thing," she warned him.

"Families do it all the time," he corrected her. "Mom still kisses my mouth. You and I have been doing this since I could walk. I'd feel awkward if we stopped now."

"It already is awkward," Samantha assured him.

"For you?" he asked. There was a certain amount of malice in his question. "You never show any emotions on your face. You're like a psychopath. Do you care that I kiss you?"

"No," she admitted.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"It would not bother me if you did," Samantha stated calmly.

"You're always like this. Can't you be a little more caring toward your big brother? I just got dumped you know."

"I don’t understand why you date in the first place." Samantha shrugged.

"Girls are cute. I like being near them and getting to touch their soft hands," Ed fumbled over his explanation.

"You are close with me and we hold hands all the time," Samantha reminded him.

"Have you really hit puberty yet?" Ed was positive that she was being intentionally dense.

"I have my period once a month," Samantha informed him calmly.

"That's not what I meant." Ed's face turned bright red. Samantha's remained expressionless. "You do more than hold hands," Ed tried to change the subject back. "You kiss and you touch them."

"You kiss and touch me," Samantha reminded him.

"But… that's not all," Ed struggled with how to explain it to her. The fact that nothing ever seemed to faze Samantha only made him more embarrassed. "I'm talking about intimate touching," he whispered.

"Oh, you mean sex!" Samantha spouted without hesitation. "Is that why your girlfriends always dump you? Do you push sex on them?"

"No," Ed hissed at her, trying to get her to lower her voice. His expression changed suddenly though. Thinking back to the day he and Laura made their plans he could recall her being reluctant to get a hotel. She kept saying she was not ready but he kept poking her sides and her breasts saying that they were a couple and she could not say no.

Ed put his face in his hands. "Remember something?" Samantha asked in her same calm voice. It felt like another stab in Ed's heart though.

"Isn't what couples do, though?" he muttered to himself. "They get intimate with each other. That's the whole reason we seek out companionship from others, isn’t it?"

"That's not why we are companions, is it?" Samantha asked bluntly. "If we did that sort of thing, would you not go on any more dates?"

"You have no interest in sex though," Ed grumbled. "You don't think it feels good at all."

Samantha shook her head. "I have yet to experience any pleasure from being touched like you always touch your girlfriends. It seems a pointless act."

Ed stared up at her while gritting his teeth. He was not sure why he was angry but something about Samantha's attitude was bothering him. She had been way too smug in all of this. Without warning he suddenly pulled her shirt up over her breasts and grabbed one in each hand. "What are you doing?" she asked in her same calm voice.

"Aren't you worried?" he asked. "Are you embarrassed? Do you feel aroused or ashamed?" She simply shook her head. He rubbed her breasts tenderly at fist and then began to squeeze them. He found her nipples and pinched them extremely hard.

"That hurts," Samantha admitted while maintaining her stony expression.

"But it doesn’t feel good?" Ed asked in a slightly hopeful voice.

Samantha shook her head again. "Does it feel good for you?" she asked.

"Very much so," he breathed out almost gleefully. "Look, I'm already this turned on." He unzipped his pants to show her his raging erection. She stared at him calmly as he waited. "Are you going to tell me to stop?" he asked. Again she shook her head.

He pushed her down onto her back and sat on her stomach, straddling her. He placed his cock between her breasts and squeezed them together. She laid perfectly still, staring up at him with her calm grey eyes as he rubbed his cock back and forth between her breasts.

"You're really enjoying this, aren’t you?" Samantha asked calmly. "Do my breasts feel better than your own hands? Are they softer or something?"

"It's not just that. It's partially mental pleasure too," Ed tried to explain. "I know that you are a girl and that these are your breasts. That's what makes it feel good."

"I don’t understand. Like watching your favorite show or eating your favorite food?"

"Better. Those can only be done alone. This requires another person to be willing to let you do whatever you want to them. The intimacy is what makes it feel so good." At that moment, Ed picked up the pace, pulling on her breasts even hard. He leaned forward and began thrusting his cock even further, pushing the tip against her lips.

"Do you want me to suck it?" Samantha asked.

"Do you want to?" He countered.

"No," she admitted. "You're the only one who will feel good if I do that. If you want me to suck it then make it up to me. Do something I will like."

"I'll take you out later," Ed promised her. "I'll buy your favorite food and rent any DVD you want."

"Wow, you sure are desperate to get your dick sucked," Samantha almost seemed to find the situation amusing.

"It's not just me, little sister. You'll soon find that almost any guy in the world will buy you something if you suck his dick. It's called prostitution."

Without further questioning, Samantha opened her tiny round mouth. "You little slut. It's like you're welcoming me," Ed giggled as he thrust his hips forward. He abandoned her breasts and instead grabbed the back of her head so she could not move away. He guided his cock in as straight of a line as possible, making sure the tip did not get caught on her teeth or her cheeks.

She had no time to close her throat off from the intrusion. Ed pulled her head into his crotch and slammed his cock past the tight ring in the back of her mouth. She screamed as she felt her throat bulging to accommodate him. She tried to push him away but he grabbed her hands and laced their fingers.

"Please don’t," he begged her. "This is probably the only time we are going to do this so please just let me fuck your throat. I know it hurts but I really don't care. In fact, I'm glad you're at least feeling something because of me. You're always so stoic. I don’t know if you're hiding something or if you really don't have any feelings at all. Today you have one though; the feeling of have your brother's cock shoved down your throat.

"Come on little sister, choke on your brother's cock. This is what a couple does. A girl lets her lover put her through so much pain just to make him feel good. A guy doesn't want to do this to any random girl. He wants to see the girl he loves suffer for his enjoyment. He wants to know she cares about him this much. He knows that someone will eventually defile her and it may as well be him. Today, you are my lover Samantha. Today I get to ruin you before any other boy does."

Samantha's face was bright red. She was struggling just to breathe. She shoved him away again but his cock only barely slid out of her throat. Immediately bile rose in her stomach. Blue popsicle juice sprayed out of her nose and around his cock. Ed pinched her nose shut and shoved his cock back into her throat. "Try to keep it down as long as you can," he ordered her. She tried to scream and shake her head. Her grey eyes were trying to focus on glaring at him but they kept rolling around instead. The lack of oxygen was getting to her.

"Oh god, I'm almost there," Ed grunted. "I want to cum right into your stomach." He let go of her hands to grab the back of her head again. Samantha's eyes widened as she watched the pubic hair on his crotch moving toward her nose ever so slowly. She also felt the tip of his cock forcing its way back into her throat. This time she tried her hardest to keep it closed but he was too strong.

With an almost audible pop, his cock slipped into her throat again and her nose was buried in his pubic hair. She felt more bile rising but it was completely blocked off. Ed ground his sister's face into his crotch, trying to get even one more centimeter inside of her. When he was satisfied that he could not, he finally let loose. Samantha squealed and thrashed as she felt her throat filling with gooey sperm.

She pulled back just enough to unleash the vomit caught inside. His cock was still blocking her mouth though, leaving her nose as the only means of escape. Two jets of white cum shot out at first but they quickly turned blue with more popsicle juice. It only stopped when Ed shoved back into her throat. Her gag reflex quickly expelled him again.

This went on for a while as her throat muscles and his cock fought for dominance. In and out, in and out of her throat his cock went until she was exhausted. Her eyes rolled back and she fell over, having fainted. Ed's flaccid cock slid out of her mouth as she fell. He stared down at her with a smile on his face.

Rather than feeling shame looking at the mess of blue and white vomit or the tear stricken face of his sister, he felt pride. He did exactly what he said he would, defiled her before any other boy could. She would probably hate him when she woke up but he did not care. He already got what he wanted from her. The only thought going through his mind was whether or not he could trick her into doing it with him again.


When Samantha awoke from her throat fucked coma, Ed expected her to be furious. Somehow he was not surprised when she barely reacted at all though. She had always been quite calm and emotionless. According to the therapist that their parents sent her to, she was a benign sociopath. She somehow never grew up from the mental stage of a child that can only think of themselves. She was intelligent enough to mimic normal social behavior but when amongst her family she never hid anything.

"Are you okay?" Ed asked as she stood up from the couch and went straight to the bathroom.

"My throat hurts," she admitted.

"Sorry about that." No matter how sincere his apology, she could not comprehend the reason for it. Words meant nothing to her. "I'll make it up to you. What do you want me to buy you?"

"Food," she responded in a monotone. He should have expected as much. Not much interests a sociopath apart from self gratification.

"Hey, it kinda feels like you're a prostitute now, doesn’t it?" Ed laughed. Samantha ignored him again. She was already looking in her closet for a different shirt to wear, one that had not been stretched over her chest and drenched in sweat, cum and vomit.

Ed was slightly surprised when she stripped out of her panties and shirt without waiting for him to leave her room. It was not strange behavior for her though. She had no sense of embarrassment. He followed her as she went back to the bathroom and climbed into the shower. Anyone else would have asked him what he wanted but not Samantha. If Ed wanted to keep conversing with her, he had to initiate. "Can I… Can I fuck you?" he asked while gulping nervously.

"Why?" her response was immediate.

"After seeing you naked, I just kinda want to," he admitted.

"It's gonna hurt. And I won't feel good at all," she countered.

"I'll buy you something really nice. You're not saving your virginity for anyone, are you?"

"I've seen those videos on your laptop. I've tried that thing you call masturbation. It did not feel good at all," she explained. Ed felt slightly bad for Samantha. He had never imagined that her condition would make it impossible for her to enjoy sex. Still, he could not back off.

"That's all the more reason," he spouted unconvincingly. "You won't even consider it sex. For you it'll just be a trade. A little pain for a lot of money. What do you say?"

"If it hurts too much I will ask you to stop." She did not even bother drawing the shower curtain before turning on the water. It splashed over her naked form and fell out of the tub, soaking the floor. Ed licked his lips as he began to discard his clothing. Samantha's eyes traversed his whole body, taking in the sight. He was embarrassed but her lack of interest made it easier. She did look slightly apprehensive when she noted the size of his penis though. She had already seen it at full length but even flaccid it was nothing close to small.

Remembering what Samantha just said about watching his porn videos, Ed wondered if she would try emulating their behavior for him. He should not have bothered though. She did nothing but wait for him to climb into the tub with her and push her against the wall. He ran his hands from her shoulders down to her thighs but she did not react at all. He was not sure if he was supposed to be using foreplay or not. "Just get it over with," she betrayed slight impatience.

"That's not like you at all." Ed's eyes lit up as he realized that she was antagonizing over how much this was going to hurt. He may not have been able to excite her but he could still get some kind of reaction out of her.

She winced as he pushed two fingers up between her legs. Her hymen was completely intact. He pondered whether he should break it with his hand first to lessen the pain. A different thought ran through his mind as he pressed his fingers against the inside of her cunt. For a moment he saw his mother crying after learning he had taken his sister's precious virginity. He could not bear the thought.

Samantha gasped when she felt his fingers leave her warm cunt. "Changed your mind?" she asked in confusion.

"Siblings shouldn’t do this with each other," he muttered while turning to face away. To his surprise she reached around his waist and grabbed hold of his penis. It had already started to grow just from touching her.

"You're body does not agree with your mouth." She almost sounded angry at him.

"You're just too sexy," he admitted. "I want to do so much to you. I would be lying if I said I was less attracted to you because you're my sister. Something about it makes me want you more. However, I just…" he trailed off as he felt a jolt of excitement run through him, caused by her squeezing him slightly. "This sort of thing feels good, right?" She tried to gauge his reaction. If nothing else, she was definitely curious.

Ed clenched his eyes as he tried to steel his resolve. Samantha had to release him when he spun around to face her again. He had made up his mind. "Anal doesn’t count," he announced confidently.

Samantha's face turned pale as she started to anticipate his next action. She knew just from watching porn that anal hurt a lot more than regular sex. She seemed to be contemplating leaping out of the tub at that very moment.

Ed grabbed her hand preemptively. The look on her face was the closest Ed had ever seen to fear. He gulped nervously but gripped her hand tighter. He was not going to let the opportunity get past him.

Almost every girl he ever went out with always dumped him. He was never the one to initiate a breakup. The reason was simple. He did not care too much who he was dating as long as he got to kiss and touch them. He took advantage of their relationship status to fondle their breasts and slap their butts. Not all of them minded but when the relationship had run its course, it was never Ed who was done. He could keep playing the part of the boyfriend in a loveless relationship forever if it only meant he got to keep having sex.

Now he was trying to apply that same mentality to his sister. She was not his girlfriend, she was just some random girl he could take advantage of. Again, Ed's hands traveled along her body, stopping at her waist. He reached around behind her and pushed against the closed hole of her butt.

"Are we really going to do that?" Samantha was still strongly opposed to the idea.

"I'm not going to be the one to make Mom cry," he countered.

"I don’t really care if Mom cries. Also, we could just stop," she suggested.

"And I don't really care if you want to stop," Ed flipped her statement around on her. Samantha winced as she felt him scraping at her hole. He was trying to pry it apart with his fingers. When he could not, he wetted them under the water of the shower and pushed his index finger through just enough to start pulling sideways.

Samantha groaned as she felt something slipping through her butt in the wrong direction. She crossed her eyes in an effort not to pay attention. Ed almost laughed at the face she was making. It was something quite different from her normally stony appearance.

With effort he slipped his other index finger into her ass and pulled in the opposite direction. It was quite the sight, he thought to himself. He was literally prying his little sister's asshole open. Not many brothers could say they ever did such a thing.

When he had it far enough apart, he pushed three fingers from one hand into it. Immediately, it closed around them. He moved them back and forth, making sure to touch every wall. When he looked at her face again she was making a questioning expression with her mouth slightly open so she could groan freely. She could not fathom why he was enjoying doing this to her.

He tried to ponder the idea but he really could not explain. There is just something about girls that drove him crazy. He loved seeing their cute smiling faces and watching them dress up in adorable or sexy outfits. He always got a sense that he would protect a girl from harm if the need arouse yet somewhere deep down he had a darker desire as well.

The same way he liked treating girls gently he liked treating them the exact opposite way too. Why when you love a girl for being so fragile do you try to fuck her as hard as you can? They say men are the tougher gender. They do more manual labor and such. In Ed's opinion girls have it harder than men ever will. In porn it is not the man who gets bent over random objects or gets their legs pried apart, their hair pulled, everything from ball gags to dildos shoved into the mouths, cocks pushed into every orifice.

Because there is such a stigma against treating women poorly, it has almost become an indulgence. It turns men on to watch women get slapped, whipped and beaten as they are fucked in pornos. There is an entire genre in porn for abuse. The faces of the women suggest they are enjoying it too, but Ed is pretty sure it would be just as popular if all the women were crying and screaming the whole time instead.

All the while, Ed had been pushing his fingers deeper into his sister's ass. She had her mouth perpetually open and was leaning against his chest, jolting every time he pushed too hard. Her tears were hidden by the water. Ed kissed her open mouth and probed it with his tongue.

Just to see what would happen, Ed pushed three fingers from his other hand into her ass as well and pried it as far apart as he possibly could. This was more than Samantha could stand. She screamed into his mouth and nearly bit his tongue. Her legs shook and nearly buckled as warm pee ran down from her crotch. If not for Ed's fingers in her ass, keeping her up, she would have fallen over.

Ed decided he had had enough fun with her. He lowered her down into the tub and slipped his fingers out. She gasped with relief. "Oh god, I can feel the air rushing in," she groaned as he pulled her legs apart by her ankles. He then lifted them up so only her back was touching the bottom of the tub but then he lifted her higher, leaving her shoulders as the only thing still touching.

"What are you doing?" she muttered dizzily as she felt something touching her asshole again. When her vision focused, she noticed him pushing the tip of his cock against her slightly open hole. "Already?" she moaned.

"Would you like me to stretch you some more?" he suggested.

"I'd like you to stop," she offered a counterargument. She was not begging, just making a request.

"You know, Sammy, I don't know why I ever bothered getting a girlfriend when I've always had you here. Some people might say it will ruin our sibling relationship, but honestly we've never really been that close. You don’t have any feelings at all, so it's not like I'm hurting your feelings by doing this." He shoved his cock through the opening of her butt. Her screams quickly became gurgled as he slid her under the water of the shower with the momentum of his thrusting.

"Stop!" she ordered him after turning her head and spitting out the water.

"No." He responded with a shrug.

"It hurts!" she wailed.

"So?" he was unsympathetic.

"I don’t like pain."

"No one does but it's not harmful. It's the body's way of warning you of danger and potential death. As long as I don’t kill you, it'll be fine."

Samantha tried to time her breathing with his thrusts to ease the pain. "You're so adorable," Ed laughed. "My little emotionless Sammy takes a cock just like any other girl." Ed realized that he had always wanted to do this to Samantha. Because she was different than normal girls, he always wanted to see how she would react to being treated like a girl, like a slut.

For the next twenty minutes, Samantha's butt was Ed's personal fuck hole. He kept pushing further and further into her. When she was too dry, he pulled out and pried her asshole apart again while holding her under the water until she was full to the brim. She groaned as the water slipped into her intestines. It was even worse than the air going up her ass before.

When he shoved his cock back into her, she relaxed her muscles on instinct. The water slipped up inside her even further. She grabbed her stomach before turning and vomiting; more blue popsicle juice. Rather than being concerned, Ed was pleased with himself. He had fuck her ass so hard liquid came out at the other end.

Samantha was so distraught she did not know what to do with her hands. She tried to grip anything around her in the tub but found only her own hair. She tugged on it as hard as she could and harder with each thrust from Ed.

"Come on, little slut, how does your ass feel?" Ed taunted her.

"It hurts," she repeated.

"Of course it does," he chuckled. By now, Ed was far beyond caring that his sister was in pain. It was wrong to hurt her but it was also wrong to fuck her. He was enjoying it because it was wrong. He was enjoying it because he knew he was hurting her. The thought went off in his head like a light. Without warning, he released her legs, letting her fall down in the tub.

"What the hell?" she shouted as she landed in a crumpled heap. Rather than answering, he rolled her onto her back again and lifted her waist so her crotch could meet his. It took some doing but he slipped his cock back into her ass. She moaned but said nothing. Smiling mischievously, he watched her close her eyes and let herself move with each thrust.

Her head was tapping against the side of the tub. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and used it to lift her head off the floor of the tub. Then he released it, letting her head fall with a crack. Her eyes shot open in mixed pain and fear. She did not have time to ask why before he did it again. "Stop, you're hurting me," she screamed.

"That's the idea," he admitted. If she was going to feel nothing but pain from this anyway, he may as well have a little fun with her.

"But sex is supposed to feel good," she reminded him.

"For me," he corrected her.

"Does hurting me make you feel could?"

"More than anything." He grabbed and twisted both of her nipples to accent his statement. She arched her back as she thrashed in pain. More pee shot out from her crotch. This drew Ed's attention. He pushed a thumb into her cunt while pinching her clit down with his index finger.

"Please no," she begged as what was akin to electricity shot through her body. Her clit felt like an open wound he was probing with his finger. No pleasure, only pain. She tried to grab his hand and pull it away but he shoved into her again, slamming her head into the side of the tub. She sat up dizzily. He pulled her into his lap so his cock could slip even further into her ass. She stared at him miserably as her bounced her up and down like a rag doll.

At that moment, Ed began to experiment. He gauged her reaction to him thrusting into the side of her intestines intentionally to cause pain along with several other things. He slapped her face, both light and hard. He left red streaks from his fingernails down her chest and stomach. He pushed his fingers into her nostrils so far they started bleeding. He bit each of her nipples in turn and sucked on her breasts, leaving hickies. He pushed his fingers into her mouth and eventually her throat, making her throw up again.

Eventually he came to the decision to pinch her nose while he was kissing her. She started to struggle for air immediately. When it became difficult on him, he released her lips and simply grabbed hold of her throat. Her eyes widened in fear as his thumbs pushed into her windpipe, effectively cutting off all breathing.

Her mouth puckered and sucked at the air fruitlessly. At the same time, her anus flexed around his cock similarly. He took advantage of this, sliding in deeper whenever she relaxed her asshole's grip. Then he had the idea to do the opposite. He shoved harder whenever she was clenching instead. She flinched in pain each time, still staring at him with wide bloodshot eyes. The blood from her nose had washed away mostly but it still left two steaks down her chin and over her chest. She looked absolutely used. However, to Ed, she was still adorable. All he saw was proof of their love making, not lines from abuse.

Samantha felt her head wobbling as she tried to remain conscious. White lights were obscuring her vision and the bruises from having her head slammed into the tub were hurting less and less. She was feeling numb and dizzy. Soon blackness replaced the white. She could no longer hear the drum of the water. She could still feel one thing though, the pounding of her brother's cock in her sore asshole. She clenched as hard as she could, trying to warn him that she was losing consciousness.

Ed watched his sister fall over. He did not loosen his grip on her throat in the slightest. He was contemplating whether he really wanted to let her die. It would be amazing, knowing that for his own enjoyment he was willing to end his own sister's life. He kept playing with the idea, if he just waited a little longer, it would be too late and, whether he regretted it or not, he would have to live with it.

At that moment, the vision of his crying mother came back to him. Even if she could forgive him fucking his sister senseless and choking her to within and inch of her life, she would never forgive this. Finally he released is grip on Samantha's throat. He expected her to start gasping immediately but she did not. A slight sense of worry crept over him.

Checking her pulse he found her heart still beating, only faintly though. Her nostrils were clogged with mucus and blood though and her mouth was not open. He slapped her cheeks several times, trying to get her to open her eyes. He even breathed into her mouth a few times. All the while, his cock remained firmly lodged in her asshole, which was completely lax now.

Finally, after what felt like forever, she began to breathe more heavily. She regained consciousness and gasped desperately. She groaned when she realized her ass was still impaled on her brother's cock. "Please, just pull it out already," she pleaded. Rather than obliging, he shoved into her in rapid succession until he was finally ready to cum. She whimpered at the feeling of each shot of hot white liquid as her intestines were filled.

When he finally pulled out, she collapsed in the tub, panting heavily. She did not move for several minutes. Ed eventually had to help her wash off all of the evidence of what he had done to her. He even pried her asshole open again so the water could wash out his sperm.

Samantha did not say anything as he toweled her off and dressed her, this time more conservatively. He say her back down on the couch and turned the volume of the TV up. She stared at the melodramatic scene. Two characters were talking but only music could be heard. A moment later the credits started to roll. Her horror movie had ended and she had missed it to have sex with her brother.

Finally she seemed to snap out of her dazed state. She turned to glare at her brother. "What the hell?" she shouted.

"What?" he asked innocently.

"That hurt like hell!"

"So what. It's not like you care," he scoffed.

"Just because I don't have feelings does not mean I like pain!" she spat.

"Come on, why are you pretending to be mad. You can't get mad, your therapist told me that. Anything akin to emotions you have are simple self defense ticks. Raising your voice is like an animal hissing or barking. You just want to act tough."

"So I'm just acting tough?" She stood up and marched over to a bookshelf. Ed watched as she pulled out an album their mother had made. Inside was a pair of paper scissors she had left from the last time she had cut and added pictures to it.

"Um, what are you doing?" Ed gulped nervously.

Samantha held the scissors out toward him. She had genuine burning hatred in her eyes for the first time Ed had ever seen. "If you come near me again, I'll cut your dick off and mail it to Laura, do you hear me?"

Ed's eyes were wide in shock. He was only slightly concerned about her threat. Instead, he was more amazed by the fact that she really was mad at him. The whole time she was being fucked by him she could not muster this anger but now it was real. Something had clicked in her. Happiness, or even sadness would have been a preferred emotional response but anger would have to do. For the first time in her life, Samantha had actual feelings.

Samantha was shocked when Ed leapt up from the couch. He ran straight at her and hugged her. She seemed poised to stab him with the scissors but she did not. "I'm calling Mom," Ed spouted. "No wait, I'm calling Doctor Vanders." Samantha watched as he ran out of the room to find a phone. She was not sure what he was so excited about but for some reason she felt it too. A slight smile spread across her face. Perhaps the pain really was worth it. Perhaps all she needed all this time was to get fucked in the ass.

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