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On The Road

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Domination/submission, Exhibitionism

Author: Griffin-slut-boy

Published: 09 July 2018

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On The Road.

That’s what they called ex-cons like him in the year 2211. Streeples. Short for Street People. Ted, 25 years old, and the woman, 20ish was his best guess, walked down the lonely Colorado country road headed for the next small town with a bar. Most small towns if not all of them possessed a bar of some sort. And people like him were a sexual entertainment staple at most of them.

The night before, or early that morning actually, they’d left a rowdy bar without clothing in some nameless town performing disgusting sex acts for a hot shower and a meal (See the story “The Street People.”) Most all bars participated in this “sport” extracting as much money as the bar owner could from the drinking patrons by bidding to have no holds barred sex with the Streeples. Usually photos were taken of them, front and back, and projected on the big screens so bar patrons could look at what they were bidding on. But sometimes, they were paraded about stark naked on the band stage.

No one hired ex-cons. No individual would let an ex-con do odd jobs around their home for a few bucks. Once released from prison, families and society scorned them, cops ignored their plight whatever it be, and forced the ex-cons to lead desperate lives. Most committed suicide. The chip embedded in their forearms warned everyone with a smart phone who they were and what they had done and how much time they’d served in prison. They were fair game for whatever anyone wanted to do to them, even murder, and never be held accountable.

Ted said after a protracted lull in the minimal conversation, “I never got your name.”

“Joanne, but call me Jo.” She’d cut her hair short to pass as a boy. A cute woman, beautiful even, such as Joanne would be subject to a massive amount of rapes. Actually, she was raped on average several times a week. Street people rarely resisted sexual advances in order ti avoid violence. Sometimes that worked but not always.

Ted met her last night, both gaining entrance to the country bar at the same time. Two minutes after slightly acknowledging each other’s existence, they were naked facing each other under the shower heads.

“I know the risk you’re taking by having me as a traveling companion,” Jo said appreciatively. “And I know you don’t want me here walking with you.”

“True enough,” Ted replied evenly. At any moment, anyone driving this lonely road could stop and force himself, or their selves, on the woman, raping her repeatedly. But just being with her made him a target to be eliminated before their fun could begin. If he put up a fight, he’d be beaten senseless. If he cowered and relented, he would be branded a coward and beaten just the same. It was a dangerous risk traveling with her.

“So what’d you do?” Ted asked. It was a common topic among cons and ex-cons. A lot of the charges brought were trumped up, especially if you were good looking. Corrupt judges gave harsh sentences for minor offenses, and steered the accused to local bars after release from jail or prison for prostitution with no pay. Just a shower and a meal.

“Punched a councilman’s son in the nose. He got fresh on a first date. I was seventeen.”

“Um,” Ted replied. They walked for another mile before Joe asked him the same thing.

“It’s complicated.”

She didn’t push it. Instead she asked, “So tell me, how do you do it? I’m real curious.”

“Do what?”

“Um, well, do you enjoy the sex acts?”

“Fuck no.” He did mostly gay action, as the women in the bars usually had dates, and even if they were single wouldn’t lower themselves to actually bid on having sex with a male ex-con. But the guys would. And did, their girlfriends egging them on or perhaps just a gay couple looking for some eroticism. Some of the women would bid to have sex with the female streeples at the urging of their horny boyfriends who would also watch, for a price of course. Mostly, it was guys fucking the female streeples.

“So you’re not gay?” she asked, puzzled.

“I don’t have the luxury of deciding if I’m straight or gay or both. I am what they want me to do,” he said as a matter of fact. “What’s puzzling you?”

“Well, if you don’t mind me asking, how do you get an erection if you don’t enjoy it? And you do get very hard. I love the look of your erect cock, by the way. And watching you masturbate last night, in front of that pig of a bar owner and that witch Tonya, well, it was awesome. But I just don’t know how you get it up and keep it up if you don’t really enjoy it.” She giggled. “I thought about you doing yourself as you were forced to make me cum later.” She’d been forced to watch every disgusting sex act of his last night after she’d been the subject of a threesome.

“I think about happier times,” was his simple reply.

“Let’s rest for a few,” she said. They sat down in the shade of some big boulders off the road a few hundred feet out of sight of the road. She shared some of her protein bars she swapped for sex with a couple of horny teenagers on the way into town. “By happier times, I assume you mean sexual situations. Care to share?”

“Um.” Ted had memorized every detail of her time with Sandi, which was not hard to do as he’d played every word of every sentence and every action over and over lying in his bed with a hard-on. “We were both sixteen at the time. She lived on a farm five miles out of a small town where I lived. Same High School. In Ohio. Very modest means. We hung out quite often for around six months, starting at Christmas time. So it was June when the fun started.”

“Underage sex? Jo asked. “That got you in trouble?”

“We never did have sexual relations, oral or otherwise.”

“Huh. So what happened that keeps you so erect during the bar sex acts?”

“Well, Sandi’s dad traveled a lot for work, weeks at a time. Her mom part time, odd hours. It was just after the school year ended. Sandi invited me out for pizza. We watched a movie. It was around ten at night when she took my hand and marched me out the back door. The most amazing thing. Without a word, she stripped off her clothing, down to her underwear.” Jo giggled.

“Well, I looked around. Her farm was pretty isolated. But there was a light over the barn door; it was about a fifty yards away. So there was some exposure there. Cars rarely drove by the front of the house. Anyway, she then removed her bra and panties. She had shoes on only. She twirled around, arms extended, laughing. Obviously happy.”

“Was she pretty?” Jo asked.

“Oh yeah. Anyway, Sandi said, ‘Now you.’ Well, what could I do? Refuse? Be too bashful? So I stripped naked also. She took my hand and we ran toward the cornfield. She said, ‘Don’t you feel free? Alive?’ I had to admit it was a liberating experience. I chased her around the barn and into the light at the front. I felt so exposed. I was blinded, and couldn’t see anything beyond the circle of light. But we kept running. We walked a bit afterward, having worked up a sweat. Eventually we ended back at our clothing. We dressed. And that was the beginning.”

“And then?” prodded Jo.

“The next time was a few days later. Same scenario. Only this time it wasn’t dark yet. She took me outside and she stripped. The sun had just set. You could see for miles. It was the first time I got a good look at her. She was gorgeous. C cup tits, nice small aureoles, cute butt, shaved pussy. I had to join her so I stripped also. She studied me as I’d done her. ‘Nice,’ she purred. This time we walked around the barn yard again, holding hands.”

“Were you hard?”

“No, I was too nervous, being naked and exposed like that. I kept thinking that her mom could show up at any moment and catch us. I have to tell you, it was exhilarating , after the fact anyway.

“So the third time I went out, it was noon time. She made sandwiches for lunch. And once again we went out the back door. She said, ‘Strip for me.’ I complained that it was broad daylight. She said, ‘So?’ But I was horny. You see, I had no privacy at home. Shared a bedroom with my little brother. The bathroom had only a shower curtain for a door. So pleasuring myself was a chore. I usually masturbated outside, at night, but not often. The neighbors were literally only a few feet away. And then there was the fact that Sandi had told me not to.

“So I was naked and Sandi was fully clothed. She led me away from the safety of my clothing. I had nothing on, not even shoes. She led me to the front of the barn and said, ‘I want to see your hard-on.’ I stood there awkwardly until she turned my back on the barn and fully exposed, faced the whole wide world. Sandi rubbed my belly and felt my balls. She flicked my penis. I grew hard at a rapid pace. When I had a full erection, she stood back with a frown and appraised me.”

‘Niiiicccce,’ she purred. She grabbed me and rubbed my cock gently, teasing me and said, ‘I want to take pictures of your hard cock and your cute butt.’

“I moaned and agreed. She whipped her phone out and snapped away.”

Then she said, ‘Jack off for me. Do it now.’ She slapped my butt.

“It was a demand. So I rubbed my cock. In front of the whole world. It didn’t take long before I had an orgasm. She caught it all on video. She marched me naked back to her house and made me watch her video on the TV. She replayed my orgasm numerous times, then in slow motion, watching ribbons of semen pump out of my cock head and arc toward the ground.”

“So,” Jo asked, “How did you feel about all that afterward?”

“I felt used. I felt she had set me up for this very purpose, to get me to masturbate naked, with her being fully clothed. I felt humiliated, demeaned and thoroughly embarrassed. But at the same time, as I thought about it afterwards at home, it was sexy as hell. I decided I enjoyed being her toy.”

Jo said, “And I suppose it didn’t end there.”

“No,” Ted agreed. “She got me to jack off pretty much anytime, anywhere she wanted me to. I even did it in the front yard a few feet from the main road. Naked as a jay bird. And I loved the attention she poured on me. Once she took a willow branch and whipped my ass as I did it. She took to making me beg to be beaten.”

“Wow. So you do enjoy an audience while performing those sex acts on men and women.”

“Let’s just say,” Ted said, “that it doesn’t bother me and leave it at that. So I got used to doing myself in front of one person and then Sandi’s cousin visited from out of state. Rachel was older, 22 I believe she said. Well in quick order, I was masturbating in front of both of them. Now not quite as pretty as Sandi, she was far from homely. Rachel introduced anal sex to me by way of a strap on dildo, and she fucked me. Of course, she had all her clothes on and I was stark naked. Sandi watched and giggled most of the time at my obvious anguish. And then Rachel wanted to do the most outlandish thing to me.”

“What was that?”

“She wanted to fuck my penis.”

Confused, Jo asked, “You mean have sex with you?”

“No, no. Rachel knew I was sixteen and it was a crime to have sex with minors. What she wanted to do was literally fuck my penis by inserting this weird device in my pee hole.”

“Oh my,” Jo giggled. “Does that hurt?”

“Initially. Naked, I lay on the couch. Both women, again fully clothed, knelt before me. Sandi got me erect and held my rigid cock up and Rachel lubed up this cork screw device and began inserting it in my cock. I complained that it hurt too much. But Rachel kept easing it down, withdrawing it, and easing it down further. After about five minutes, she had it down pretty far. She directed Sandi to jack me off slowly and gently while Rachel fucked my penis in and out with the corkscrew. Then Rachel stopped and let go of the device embedded in my cock, lubed up her fingers, and stuck her middle finger up my ass. With her left hand, she continued fucking my cock. Now she was fucking both my holes. Sandi giggled and stuck her middle finger in my mouth and told me to suck it. Not satisfied with that, Sandi made me suck the dildo, gagging me as she deep throated me. Now all three of my holes were being fucked.

“Did the pain ease up in your cock?” Sandi asked.

“Yeah, it did, but it was still uncomfortable. Still, I felt myself submitting to Sandi’s hand job and I humped her hand to their delight. Rachel had two fingers up my ass wiggling them every which way, explaining to Sandi about men’s prostates, how they liked them messaged. Soon I was overcome with my pending orgasm. I begged Rachel to pull it out so I could cum. She refused. In my distress, I exclaimed that I was coming and she slowly removed it as my semen escaped and poured out around the corkscrew. Mind you they videotaped the whole affair too.

“Then Rachel surprised me again. She made me suck the corkscrew off. That was the first time I ever tasted my cum. Delighted, Sandi scooped up as much of my cum as she could around my belly and pubic hair and made me lick her fingers as well. I loved pleasing the both of them. And make no mistake, I was their toy. I may have been Sandi’s boyfriend early on, but now I was just her sex toy. Mind you I hadn’t seen her naked since the second time we walked the yard.”

“Did you love her?” Jo asked.

“I don’t know. I was infatuated with her for sure. But in the end, she used my body to explore the world of a man’s sex organs. Do you know she once even had her hair blower aimed at my balls, then put an ice cube to them to watch them shrink up into my ball sack? Over and over, watching the boys descend and hang like a sack of potatoes, then to shrink back up to look like a young kid’s genitals.

“So how’d you end up in prison?” Jo asked curiously.

“My visits out to the farm dried up. I figured she’d moved on after several months went by and I hadn’t heard from her. I felt bitter and used, but I still enjoyed the memories. Right before school started, Sandi’s dad found and watched Sandi’s videos. He took them to a judge friend of his. The police came to my house and arrested me. They dragged me in front of the judge, who actually licked his lips as he studied me. I was charged with a host of things, public nudity, lascivious acts, sex with a minor, though I never did have sex with her, though in fairness, I don’t know what else you could call it, what we did, what she had me do. Other charges, leading a minor to indecent behavior. Got two years in the pen.

“Was it awful for you?” Jo asked.

“Not really. I didn’t get beat up much. I just became a butt boy. All of us knew what awaited us out in the world. But men get horny and need to empty their cocks. My anus was the preferred receptacle for their semen. Me? I learned to jack off while getting pile drived in the ass. After a while, it wasn’t bad at all. I actually learned to like getting ass fucked. But not so much in those disgusting bars.

“Look, we should get going,” Ted said after a few moments of uncomfortable silence. They stood, and Ted took Jo’s hands in his. “Do you want to know the low point in my life during all this?” Jo nodded. “I’ve never told anyone this before, but when I was released from prison, I was taken before that very same judge. He ordered me to appear at such and such bar at midnight that night. For orientation. Well,I knew what was coming, and the long and short of it was I was ass fucked by some dude while I was forced to suck the judges cock. That was bad enough. But Sandi was there, ordered to be there by the judge. And she was with her boyfriend, a guy I hated in High School and they watched the whole act. The judge withdrew his cock from my mouth, told me to open wide and they watched him shoot his cum into my mouth. I sucked his cock dry afterwards. Same thing with the guy in my ass. He withdrew and I was forced to spread my butt cheeks. My anus was extended and again, they watched the guy cum in my asshole and watched that cum ooze out of my rectum and down my leg. Sandi’s boyfriend was laughing. I looked at Sandi , who stood behind me the whole time, recording everything, and as I stood up, naked and soiled, she smirked as she looked at my shriveled cock. The judge said, ‘This is what is in store for you young man, the rest of your life.’ I slowly walked out of the room and outside, thoroughly shamed and mentally whipped, my head cast down in misery and defeat. I almost killed myself that night. Don’t really know why I didn’t go through with it.”

“Jesus,” Jo gasped. “How awful.”

“After that, no one can do anything to me as bad as that.”

“Do you think Sandi allowed her dad to watch the video of you performing for her, the one that got you into trouble?”

Ted shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe. Makes no difference to my lot in life now,” he said bitterly.

Jo stopped and pulled on Ted’s arm. “Look at me in the eyes. Ted, you’re a decent, honest person and a damn good looking man. You don’t deserve this kind of life. Anytime you want, you can have sex with me. That is, if you find me attractive.”

“Fishing for a compliment? Ted said, a crooked smile forming. “Well, I guess I owe you that much. Yes, you are beautiful. And if I wasn’t so sore and spent, I would like to have sex with you. In a heartbeat.”

“Thank you for that.” She took his hand and they made their way around the rocks back to the road. It was hot, but they paced themselves as they walked down the road.

Ted said, “So, how’d it go at the bar for you last night?”

Jo shrugged. “About the same. Three of them took me for a ride. One in each hole. The one fucking my mouth came first and I swallowed his mess; I’m very good at giving blow jobs. He then watched the other two sandwich me, them taking turns rolling over as the guy underneath can’t hump very well with all the weight on him. When the guy in my ass was on top, he got on his knees, grabbed my hips, and really went at it. Eventually they did their male thing in me and all three stood over me and pissed on me. Two of them pissed in my open mouth; I let them so they wouldn’t kick me. The third made me spread my legs and open my vagina and he pissed in me there. They left and that witch Tonya came in and whipped my ass with her riding crop and she pissed on my face too. She then dragged me in the next room in time to watch you masturbate in front of us and that disgusting pig of a bar owner. Can you believe she lay on that bed and tickled her crack watching you? Shit.”

Ted knew the rest. Tonya made him eat Jo’s cunt and asshole, licking the pee and cum out of her holes. Tonya directed him to make Jo have an orgasm, which he expertly did, licking her clit, then rolling her over and eating her ass as he fingered her clit. They then were escorted out the back with no clothes on where they were humiliated by a small crowd of bar patrons, laughing, catcalling and pointing. They were hounded down the street as rocks were thrown at them. They found some clothes to wear at a Good Will drop off box.

“It’s a shitty world, for us anyway,” Ted summed up. They walked for a few more miles, the heat becoming unbearable. He was sticky and sweaty, and was sure Jo felt worse, with dried urine all over her. They came upon a steam. They clamored down to the bank and found a spot to wash off upstream about two hundred yards.

They both unabashedly stripped naked and stepped into the cold water. It was waist deep where they were and they scrubbed the dirt and sweat and other nasty stuff off the best they could. Refreshed, they let the air and sun dry them off and standing naked next to each other for about fifteen minutes.

“Do you like me?” Jo asked.

Uncertain how to take that question from a naked woman, he nodded, “Yes, I like you. And your very nice body.”

“You know, Ted, I’ve been fucked every which way to Sunday, but no one has ever made love to me.” She pulled him down on the patch of grass in the cool shade. She kissed him.

“This can’t lead to a happy ending,” Ted said.

“You can’t cum?” Jo asked, puzzled.

Ted smiled. “No, that’s not what I meant. There can be no happy ending for people like us.”

“Then let’s enjoy the moment.” Jo leaned over and took Ted’s cock in her mouth. She made it hard quickly. “Mmmm. I love the taste and feel of your cock in my mouth. I just plain love the look of your cut cock. So hard.” She sucked on Ted for a while as he lay back and closed his eyes.

She sat on his chest and moved her crotch to his face. “Eat me, like you did the other night.” Ted buried his face in her sex and licked her clit with an intense desire for her to orgasm on his face. She humped his face. He placed his hands on her ass and squeezed the erotic flesh, slowing the rhythm of her humping. It drove her crazy. She leaked her feminine emissions and Ted lapped it all up. Soon she was lost in her lusty desire.

“I’m gonna cum,” she moaned. “Ohhh, that’s good. Make me cum. You do me so fucking good. Damn.” She grabbed her tits and squeezed her nipples as she approached her orgasm. At the last moment she froze, squirt, and came. Ted felt her pussy pulse spasmodically in her orgasm. She gasped loudly. “Ohhhh fuuccck!!! Shit!” After a few moments, she stopped humping and relaxed. “Oh god that was good, you’re so fucking good. You can make me cum so easily, and hard! Shit!” She rolled off his face to lay next to him, breathing hard. She fondled his still hard cock. “You know, last night and just now were the first orgasms I’ve had in years. You get me so fucking hot I can’t stand it. Please fuck me. I’m begging you now.”

“Hop on,” Ted obliged. Jo instantly straddled him once more, but much lower than before. She guided his wonderfully hard cock into her pussy and she humped him. She whispered in his ear. “Don’t think about that old girlfriend. Think about fucking me, here, now.”

“Don’t worry,” Ted moaned happily. “Your pussy is so tight. Feels so damn good.” Ted played with her tittles, feeling them, squeezing them, slapping them gently. “I haven’t had sex with a woman in months, and that time was awful. But you’re wonderful.” He moaned and humped her.

“Just cum in me, whenever you’re ready,” Jo smiled.

“Soon,” Ted groaned. “Let me fuck you from behind.” She climbed off and assumed the position as Ted quickly took her from behind, admiring her luscious ass. He drove his cock into her vagina, deep, and humped her hard, driving his cock in and out of her soaked pussy. She reached down and played with her clit and humped him back, meeting his thrusts. She came again quickly, screaming in lust, lost in a sexual haze. A minute later, Ted crowed he was coming.

“Cum in me. I want your creamy semen deep in me.”

“Now!” He humped hard and froze, his cock buried deep in her pussy as he came. “Oh shit!” he moaned, leaving him exhausted and dazed. He left his cock in her as it shrank up. Finally he pulled it out. He fell on his back, breathing hard. “Fuck me.”

Jo laughed. “I just did, sweetheart. And thank you for a great fuck.” She french kissed his mouth and he returned the favor. They cuddled for a bit, softly kissing each other. “Come on, let’s clean up.” He chased her back into the water, splashing and laughing. He couldn’t ever remember laughing so hard.

Ted asked, “So where do you stay at night?” Once again they were air drying, standing in the sunshine naked and free, studying each other’s bodies. Of course “free” was a relative term.

“Oh,” Jo replied, “here and there. Probably like you. In abandoned houses, barns, on back porches for a few hours while the families sleep, you know.”

“Where you staying tonight?” Ted asked, somewhat nervously.

Jo smiled. “You want company, do you? After not particularly wanting me to tag along with you this morning? Hmmm?”

“Well, yeah. I like you,” he admitted.

“Be still my beating heart,” Jo smirked good naturedly. “Is it my naked body you like, or me?”

Ted shrugged. “I would not be honest if I didn’t say both.”

“Well, let me take a good look at you, then I’ll decide if I want you to be with me tonight.” Jo slowly circled him, appraising his body as if for the first time. Facing him, she said, “Well, you’ve got a nice head of brown hair, if a bit shaggy, a semi strong chin, dark blue eyes, nice overall face. You got broad shoulders, well muscled chest, thin waist, no belly but no six pack either, a really cute, cheeky butt, nice pubes, medium hanging balls, average penis when flaccid, nice form when it’s hard with a very nice cock head, and long, thin legs.” She took his hands in hers. “And nice thin, long fingers too. I think you’re six foot, a buck seventy, seventy-five maybe. All and all, I’ve decided to give you a trial period, with no strings. Turns out I don’t like you, you’re on your own. Fair nuff?”

“Well, let me see.” Ted smelled a female trap. The no strings attached condition didn’t usually originate from women. He suspected she’d already made up her mind about him. Ted slowly circled Jo’s naked body. “You’ve got a cute face, the hair is a bit short for my taste, fantastic C cup boobs, really nice small aureoles, which by the way is the way I like them, thin waist, nice hips, maybe a 35-22-36 measurement, nice hairless crotch, a hot clit, nice vulva, deep vagina, very nice ass, long sexy legs. I’d say you’re five foot eight, 110 pounds, and,” taking her hands, “short stubby fingers.”

“Ha! My fingers are not short and stubby.” They both laughed. He leaned in to kiss her. She allowed him to. They embraced and kissed for long moments. They came up for air. “I could get used to this,” she whispered in his ear still hugging him.

“So where you staying tonight?” Ted asked.

“I’m camped out in a cabin not far from here. People use it to get away from the big city. It’s nice.”

“Sounds perfect.”

“I try not to make a mess, or eat their food. I’d like to stay there as long as possible.”

Ted could understand that though he preferred to keep moving. “Sounds perfect.”

“Let’s get dressed then,” she said.

Arriving at the cabin, more of a home really, Ted checked the place out. It was nicely furnished in a minimalist sort of way. “I’m going to take a proper shower,” Jo said. “Care to join me?”

“Wouldn’t turn that invite down,” he said smiling. Stripped once again, they soaped each other up under hot water in the spacious walk in shower. They scrubbed each other with wash cloths, paying particular attention to each other’s crotches and butts. He helped her douche, enjoying pushing the wand into her vagina and anus. She did the same with his anus. They both unabashedly expelled the soapy water from their bowels.

Drying off with white, fluffy bath towels, Ted said a bit sadly, “I don’t ever remember being this clean and feeling so fresh.”

“You say it like you’re hitting the road in the morning. Don’t you want to stay for a while?”

“It’s a lie, Jo. This isn’t real life. For us, me anyway. This place makes me think how shitty my life really is. Maybe I shouldn’t have come here.”

Jo said quietly, “Maybe you should have said that before taking a shower with me.”

Ted ran his fingers through his still wet hair. “I’m sorry. I’m just really weary of my way of life.”

Jo kissed his lips. “It’s going to be okay.”

Ted held her at arm’s length and looked deep into her eyes. “I could very easily fall in love with you Jo. I think I am falling in love with you. You’re the best person to have ever entered my life, even if it lasts just 24 hours. But what kind of shitty life could we have, submitting to every asshole’s sexual whim?” To watch you get pounded mercilessly by three, six, nine guys in a row? The woman I love? I’d go fucking insane.”

Jo walked naked out of the bathroom and Ted followed. “I’m sorry, Jo, to be so mean. But the reality of us being together, caring for each other just doesn’t jibe with what we have to do to survive in this world.” Ending up in the kitchen, Jo went to the fridge and pulled out some steaks. She bent over and dug out some potatoes. In the freezer, she decided on a frozen vegetable. “Are you listening to me, Jo? Am I off base here?” She turned on the oven, cleaned the potatoes, forked them, and put them in. She put the steaks on a cutting board and seasoned them.

Ted stopped with his argument and stared at her naked body. And the food. “I thought you didn’t want to eat their food.”

“It’s my food. I bought it.”

Suspicious, Ted asked, “Your food? What-”

“This is my oven, my plates, my food, my hot water, my bath towels. Ted,” she said turning to face him, “I own this home.”

Stunned, Ted stepped back a pace to regard this woman. “But, but you, you went to that bar. You did those unspeakable things with those, those people there. No, no, this is a lie.”

“No, Ted.” She pulled her purse out from under the counter and dug out her driver’s license. He stared dumbly at it. “I haven’t lied to you, well, until I told you where I was staying. I did go to prison. But my mom stood by me the whole way. She’s rich. She bought this place for me, far away, as everyone scorned me. She sends money monthly, more than I’ll ever need.”

“But, but why go to that bar?” Ted argued, confused.

“Ted, I feel real guilty about how I live versus say how you and other less fortunate ex-cons live. I’ve been going to that bar and others off and on now for three years, humiliating myself with degrading sex acts, being paraded naked in front of a hundred bar patrons, having them bid on me, submitting to every sexual whim their perverted minds can make up. Just like you and others do.”

“Jesus, I can’t wrap my head around this.”

Jo came over and kissed his lips softly, passionately. “It’s real, Ted. And I want you. I want you to stay here with me, live with me, perhaps marry me. And I want to fuck your brains out. I want you walking doubled over, your penis on fire from massive over exertion. Ted, I love you. I fell instantly in love with you in that shower last night.”

“You, you love me? This?” Ted indicated his naked body.

“Oh yeah. Make no mistake, I’m falling head over heals for you and your gorgeous body and hard cock. Ted, are you crying? Holy shit.”

Ted fell to his knees, tears streaming down his cheeks. Jo knelt before him also, took his face in her hands and looked him in his tearing eyes. “It’s true, I swear. I own this place and I have lots of money. And I love you, sweetheart. What’s mine is yours, from this moment on.”

They both had tears in their eyes now, and Ted sobbed openly. “You’re an angel. I think I’m falling in love with you, too.”

“You think?” Jo asked pointedly.

“No, okay, I do love you. And I pledge myself and my body to only you. My love for you will only grow stronger, as I start to love myself once again. I can’t see how I wouldn’t love you more and more. But please realize I’ve been living in a sewer for a long time; I need to get used to fresh air again.

“Come on,” Jo said, “while the bakers are cooking, let’s consummate our new love for each other and do us some hard fucking.”

The End

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On The Road

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