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Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing

Author: ben10ve

Published: 10 July 2018

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My name is Seb and my best friend is Michael. We have known each other from primary school. We grew up together and experienced what ever life through at us, sometimes good and sometimes bad. We are now both 18 and will be heading off to university soon and the strange thing is, it will be separate universities which marks the end of an era. Many a night I spent at Michaels house growing up, it was basically a second home for me. What I looked forward to most with my sleep overs was catching glimpses of his mom. I never had any sisters so when I seen sexy lingerie hanging up in there indoor drying area, it was a huge turn on because this wasn't any old lingerie, this was Cassie's underwear. It drove me wild trying to imagine what she would look like wearing some of this sexy gear and I was also very envious of her husband. What a lucky guy to be married to a babe like that. Cassie was one of those sexy milf's that get better looking with age and I can verify this because this is were the story really begins. It was nearing autumn and I was running my brother to the airport, he works overseas and had just spent a weeks holiday at home to see Mom and Dad. I pulled up to the front of are small local airport entrance and helped my bro with his luggage, shook hands and wished him all the best. As I was getting back into the car I spotted this babe pulling her suitcase along. She was immaculately dressed and what a figure, I guessed she must have been a flight attendant heading home or to a hotel. When she turned round to cross the road I was completely gub smacked, it was Cassie!! I sprung back out of the car and shouted her name. She spotted me and waved and made her way over to me. I couldn't help noticing how gorgeous she is, from her beautiful skin, sparkling eyes,bright white teeth, perfect hair and seductive lips. She has a striking resemblance to Maggie Siff, such a sexy woman and again I think of her husband - you lucky bastard. "Hi Seb what brings you up here"? Cassie says. I replied "I was dropping my brother off, have you arranged any transport to get home"? Cassie said "i am going to get the bus, it leaves in an hour" I said "forget that and jump in, I am heading home and can drop you off on the way" Cassie said "that would be fantastic Seb, talk about perfect timing" I replied "hey it's not every day you pick a babe up from the airport" My goodness her smile was beautiful. I put her luggage in the trunk and jumped in behind the wheel. Cassie was sitting in the passenger side front, her short skirt had rose up her beautifully toned thighs. As I plugged my seat belt in I was gifted of a side view of her lacy white bra through the button gaps in her blouse. I was already hard and we had a two and a half drive ahead of us.

We were on are journey home and I had said to Cassie about how amazing it was to run to her at the airport and the odds of that actually happening. I asked why she was traveling alone and she told me she had some holidays to use up which provided her the opportunity to visit her sister and spent a week with her. We then started taking about as we get older and move to different parts of the country like me and Michael and how important it is to stay in touch. She then got quite emotional when talking about Michael and me moving away and how much of a change its going to be and how it was the end of the journey for Michael and me at home but also the excitement of are new journey away. It was then I decided I was going to risk my entire life long friendship with Cassie and confess my secret to her. I said "Cassie I need to tell you something and this is something I have give a great deal of thought to and I really hope it won't upset you but it's something I know in my own mind that if I don't say, then I will regret for the rest of my life" there was no doubt about it I had Cassie's full undivided attention "oh my goodness, is everything alright Seb" Cassie said thinking that this was life threatening news. I said "here goes, Cassie I have always had a crush on you, it started years ago and as time went on and I got older this crush got stronger. I see you different now, I see you as a beautiful sexy woman, a friend who you can seek advice from, an amazing organiser, a very kind person, fantastic loving and caring wife and the older you get the better looking you get. If I ever get married and my wife resembles you, then I will have won the lottery. I really hope this doesn't offend you but I had to get it off my chest and this was one of those very rare opportunities that I could achieve that". Cassie sat silent for what seemed ages and then said "WOW Seb". I said "oh no, you don't approve of that type of talk, you seem to be struggling to digest what I just confessed to you, I am so sorry" Cassie said No no no! You don't need to apologise Seb, I am flattered in fact what you said about me is the nicest things anybody has ever said to me" I was astonished and said "seriously? I bet your hubby complements you all the time" Cassie stirred at me and said "yeah right" I was gobsmacked when she said that, like what is wrong with the bloody man. Cassie said "so went did the crush start" i felt more relaxed now and didn't have to be super careful on what i said "it began when I started staying a lot at your place and having sleepovers at the weekends. You see Cassie I never had any sisters so when I seen your underwear hanging up in the bathroom and over room heaters and in the drying area it was a huge turn on and this wasn't any old plan run of the mill underwear, this was all lacy stuff, skimpy panties and thongs and g strings. I even started to fantasise what underwear you had on and what you would look like with it on" Cassie was listening to every word and generally looked fascinated. She said "now that I think about it, leaving underwear particularly the more let's say more revealing underwear on display must have really been quite teasing for you"? I replied "yeah definitely, the only other place I seen underwear like that was in porn mags or porn sites but what made this unique was this underwear I seen was owned by an absolute babe who was better looking than any of the girls online or in mags" Cassie said "Seb you are such a sweet taker". Cassie's next question caught me off guard, she said "did you ever masturbate over my underwear" It took me a few seconds to get my head around that question and said "to be honest Cassie I did it loads of times" Cassie smiled and asked "did you have a favourite pair"? I was finding this conversation riveting and told her "when I first started masturbating to them it was the pink ones but as I got older it was the more slutty ones that became more appealing" Cassie said "by the way this is not all one way traffic, you can ask me anything you want, she looked me in the eye and emphasised the words anything you want" Cassie must have known I had a throbbing hard on because I was constantly readjusting my seat position. I thought I would ask a very private question to see how open Cassie actually is, so I said "Cassie one thing I always wondered in my various sexy thoughts about you, are you shaved down there"? Without any hesitation whatsoever Cassie said "I am as smooth as silk down there. I haven't had any hair down there since my teens" what a fucking conversation I thought. Next I asked "do you have any sex toys"? Again without any delay Cassie said "I have a box of toys in the bedroom, I mainly only use three regularly, they are a rabbit vibrator, a thick rubber dildo with a suction pad and a butt plug". I really wasn't expecting that answer and and Cassie seen that I was surprised and puzzled her answer and asked why I was I surprised to which I said "what about your husband or does he use the toys on you" Cassie laughed and said "he doesn't know I have them, you see Seb one thing you need to understand about me is that you left one crucial thing out when you said all those lovely sweet things about me and that is that I am a really filthy slutty bitch in the bedroom and yes my hubby does satisfy me but there is times I need fucked like a dirty whore and my hubby isn't into that type of behaviour so I take my sexual edge off with my toys". I was totally blown away not just about her sex drive but her openness on the whole issue. My confidence was at an all-time high so my next question was "Cassie could i please pretty please take you to bed" She looked at me and said "I have never cheated on my husband, he is a good man and looks after me". What interested me about her reaction was she didn't say NO. I said "Cassie I am not looking to wreck your marriage, this would be a secret between you and me, you get what you want and I get what I want" Cassie looked at me with a cheeky grin and said "what makes you think you have got what I want"? I proudly replied "any girls I have been with have always told me that I have the thickest cock they had ever seen plus i can go for hours" Cassie said "did I tell you that Michael and his dad are away for the rest of the week on holiday and also checking accommodation near his university"? I said "How convenient"

As soon as we reached Cassie's place she said she was going to have a quick shower and freshen up. It was strange walking around the house without Michael there. I heard the shower on up the stairs, I couldn't resist and made my way up the stairs into Cassie's bedroom. Her clothes neatly folded and her bra and panties sitting on the chair in the corner of the bedroom. My horny autopilot took over and lifted her panties and was amazed at how wet they felt. The conversation on are drive back must have really got her going. I sniffed and licked her panties which drove me wild, in fact I said fuck it and stripped and made my way to her shower armed with years of frustration and fantasising about Cassie. I opened the shower door and a startled Cassie looked me straight in the eye and then her eyes darted to my thick hard throbbing cock. I will never forget the filthy look in her eyes. I stepped into the shower and closed the door. I kissed her deeply and sucked each other's tongues, her skin was so soft and her body was beautiful. Cassie's nipples were poking my chest. My throbbing cock smearing pre-cum on her tummy. I broke the kiss so I could start kissing and licking her neck, she lifted he head up giving me full access to her gorgeous slender neck. She forced her hand in between are bodies so she could wrap her fingers around my rock hard cock. Slowly she started stroking my cock. The feeling was absolutely incredible, she licked my left ear and whispered "I can't believe how fucking thick you are Seb" I told her that I was not going to last long. She turned round with her back to me and legs apart and looked over her shoulder and said the words I have dreamt of "fuck me seb, fuck me hard" I rubbed my cock head up and down her wet slit and pushed the head into her wet throbbing pussy and then followed by one big deep thrust, forcing my cock deep inside her pussy. I put my hands on her shoulders and pounded her tight pussy as hard and deep as I could. Cassie was moaning and squealing with every thrust, her pussy was gripping my cock forcing my foreskin back over my swollen head which felt so good causing me to pound her harder. I grabbed her shoulders forcing her down to meet my thrusts. In between her squeals she was shouting "that's what I fucking need, feed my fucking hunger" I was close and pounding her really hard, I could feel Cassie tensing up. I was giving her deep long hard strokes and could feel her legs buckling, I grabbed her hips and continued banging her. She started coming, I brought the head of my cock just outside her pussy and she started squirting. I felt her release jet over my throbbing cock head as I held her in place by her hips. After she stopped squirting I thrust my cock back in deep and hard whilst holding her up. I was only a few thrusts from exploding so I made these final thrusts extra deep and hard and emptied my seed into Cassie. I lifted Cassie up and carried her to the bed and lay her down. I parted her legs and and kissed her very sensitive swollen lips followed by long licks before darting my tongue into her pussy and tasting my own cum mixed with her juices. I sucked out some of her cream pie and presented it to her via a deep passionate tongue sucking kiss. We spend the night fucking and made arrangements to meet up.

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