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  1. My neighbour Sharon (pt. 1)
  2. My neighbour Sharon (pt. 2)

My neighbour Sharon (pt. 1)

Categories Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Exhibitionism

Author: GNW

Published: 10 July 2018

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The First Day

"Oof" I grunted, as I took another big, heavy box off the trailer and started to walk it up the driveway. It was a beautiful clear day, and the sun was hot against my skin and at any other time I'd be loving it - but not today.

Today was moving day. My partner and I had just decided to make the switch to a smaller rural town as she'd secured a new role with a local company. It was a move we were both looking forward to, given that we had spent the last few years together in the city in a small apartment with me working nearly 100 hours a week and her studying for her degree.

At 22 years of age, my partner Samantha was a stunningly beautiful ex gymnast with long brown hair, shapely legs, an amazing butt and double-d breasts. And right now she was laughing at me, hands on hips with that amazing smile spread across her face as I staggered up the driveway holding what felt like half a tonne of her clothes.

"It's good for you! Come on, not too far now."

"It's alright for you" I grumbled, "You're not the one carrying it!"

"Please, this is light for you, or did you forget I've seen your gym videos?"

That was true actually. At 26 years old, I was tall and broad shouldered with short brown hair, around 90kgs, and had been going to the gym fairly rigorously for the past year. I'd like to say it was for my health, but really I enjoyed the looks I now got from women of all ages. While I was dedicated to Samantha, I was also pretty flattered by the occasional Facebook message or note that ended up in my hand.

I was lucky enough to be working for an internet based company that had ended up being very profitable, meaning I could work from home and was pretty flexible with my hours, which is what had allowed us to come to this town and secure a townhouse in the nicest suburb in town. It was part of a duplex, on a large block of land, and I had insisted we find somewhere that had some lawn as I'd grown up in the country before moving to the city, and couldn't stand another apartment.

"Look, there's something in here for you after all!" Sammys voice brought me back to the present, especially the naughty tone in it. That was the tone she only ever used when she was up to something that would make my cock strain against the front on my pants unless released. She'd reached into the box, and slowly drew out a pair of frilly pink panties in plain view of the whole street, the ones I loved that framed her ass so well I literally couldn't control myself when she wore them.

"Mmmm, looks like they still have an effect..." With a start I realized her hand was drifting over my crotch, lightly scraping my rapidly hardening cock through my jeans.

"Really? Right here?" I asked her, quickly grabbing the panties out of her hand. "Lets go into the garage..." She grabbed my hand, and pulled me in off the street, leaving the box where it was until we were just inside the door to the garage. My hands ran up her sides, taking control as I slowly backed her into the wall, pressing my hard body against hers as she moved eagerly to meet me, my tongue sliding against her lips as she moaned, her nipples hardening under her shirt, hands frantically pulling at my belt....

"Hellooo? Is anyone home?" A voice called out from the street.

"Shit!" Sammy and I scrambled to compose ourselves, it wouldnt be ideal for our first meeting with someone to be like this. Quickly putting clothes back into place, we hurried outside, and when we got there, well...that's when we met Sharon.

Sharon introduced herself as our new neighbor, very recently divorced with two young sons. She was obviously a bit upset by the situation, especially as her husband was still living on the street. Sammy is a total pushover for a sad story, and within 10 minutes of meeting her had Sharon sat down on our front porch and was talking to her earnestly while I continued to carry in the boxes from the car. A few times during the process I noticed Sharon watching me, and even though there was still some tears in her eyes the expression on her face was a bit different to what you'd expect from your neighbor. Not that I was complaining - Sharon was a beautiful 45 year old, blonde with long long legs and a still pert bosom which was heaving as she struggled to rein in her emotions.

After about 20 minutes I was all done, and we chatted briefly as I stood in front of them. "Sorry" I laughed "I'm a bit sweaty from all that, I'm going to go take a shower"

"Hey I'm not complaining!" said Sammy with a laugh, and even though Sharon didnt say anything I could tell she agreed.

I walked up to the shower and started to strip off when I noticed that the whole time I'd had that pair of pink frilly panties sitting in my pocket, peeking out the top where they could have easily be seen....

"Hey there sexy" I turned around to see Sammy leaning against the door, staring eagerly at me, her top open all the way down the front so you could just see subtle hints of her ample cleavage. I started to harden - this is what I'd been looking forward to ever since we were rudely interrupted earlier that day. "Hey yourself" I smiled back at her. "Wanna join me?"

"Mmmm you know I do" she purred, slowly sliding off her top, before unbuttoning her jeans, watching me all the time. I stood there with my thick, erect 8 inch cock pulsing towards her as she slipped her pants off and thrust her fingers into her own dripping wet pussy, staring at me before training the wet lines up her body and over her nipples.

"Should we close the door?" I asked breathlessly, aware that our bathroom backed out into our bedroom which had a window straight into the neighbours yard.

Sammy slowly walked over to me, sinuously, her feet quiet against the tiles, letting me see every inch of her as she continued to rub, tug and lightly pinch her own dark nipples, her arousal now running down her legs.

"Do you want me to stop?" she asked as she fell to her knees before me, her hand sliding up my thigh, causing my cock to jump.

"No... not at all" I moaned as she took the tip of me into her mouth, her tongue sliding over me like an eagerly anticipated lollipop. She began to lick me, then took me deeper into her hot wet mouth, making me shudder as she bobbed her head back and forth, hands sliding over my ass and pulling me deeper. After a few minutes I started to moan harder, and she leaned back, her mouth coming away from me with a satisfying "pop" noise, her own saliva now running down her front to join with the wet puddle under her.

Looking down, she smiled as she saw something, and before I knew it she'd pulled the panties out of my jeans pocket. Keeping full eye contact with me, she licked the crotch slowly, and then reached up to start rubbing them slowly over my dick, the scratchy material causing me to almost cum immediately.

"Can I ask you something babe" she said conversationally, as she continued sliding her panties back and forward, and I could see now her other hand was working her own pussy in exactly the same rhythm, her hand wet as she started to breathe heavier.

"Anything" I gasped, just trying not to cum.

"What do you think of Sharon?"

"What?!" If anything, this caused me to almost snap out of my aroused state, but Sammys continually moving hand kept me there.

"Do you think she's pretty?"

"Ahhh...she's not bad....this is a weird time to be asking though"

"Oh?" She looked up as me mischievously "Are you going to cum thinking of Sharon?"

"What are you talking about?"

"It's ok baby" She purred "It'd be kinda hot...you thinking about Sharon, her fit body on top of yours...I wouldn't mind watching that actually, maybe I'd get involved..."

She was pumping harder and faster now, and my cock was ready to explode. I was holding onto the edge of the shower as she breathily told me all the things she wanted me to do to Sharon

"Would you fuck her huh...take this big dick and push it in between her legs, make her scream for it like I do... I want to see your hands all over her tits, in your mouth and over your cock...oh you like that don't you baby, you want to feel those big, perky tits all over your hard cock as you cum...."

Sammy was panting now, thrusting against her own hand, her big breasts pushing up with every movement, and the combination of what she was saying along with the panties was pushing me rapidly to the edge.

"Say you want it baby...say you want it..."

"Oh fuck Sammy, I want it so bad..."

"You want to come for Sharon baby? Tell me....say it as you cum...oh fuck Nick, say it!"

Sammy started to buck and moan, riding her own orgasm as she jerked me off, plunging her hand deep into her own wet pussy and finally I was there:

"Fuck yes Sharon...make me cum!"

Thick, hot ropes of cum poured out of my cock and all over Sams hand, soaking the panties and her tits. I hadn't cum like that in a long, long time.

"Mmmm...oh fuck baby, that was so hot" Sammy laughed, looking up at me.

"Yeah" I gasped, "It was something else"

I leaned back against the shower, trying to catch my breath, and looked out the window....straight into the eyes of our neighbor Sharon

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My neighbour Sharon (pt. 1)

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