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with Mom

Categories Diary, Incest, Mature, Teen

Author: tonysex23

Published: 10 July 2018

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It was that time of year again, time for Dad to dump the family at the summer cottage and return back to the city to work. The cottage was a cozy fake log cabin on the shore of Echo Lake, one of the hundreds of small lakes dotting the Muskoka Lake of Bays district. A four-hour drive north from the city it was a sanctuary of nature away from the hustle-bustle of city life.

Every year since we were kids my dad would leave mom and us at the cottage for the summer while he tended his used car lot back in the city. One of the local year-round inhabitants, Jack Hammond, got the cottage ready each spring and looked after the maintenance.

This year mom had allowed my brother and I each to bring along a friend to stay with us. My brother brought one of his classmates, JJ, a young colored lad and I brought Tim.

"Rolling your own" had been the flavor of the month in our family for as long as I can remember. Dad did me, Mom did my brother Owen and Owen and I did each other. "The family that fucks together stays together." Dad always said.

There are three bedrooms in the cottage. The big one was Mom and Dad's and the two smaller ones were used by Owen and me. When we had friends along they usually shared bedrooms with us or slept on the couch in the sitting room.

Tim shared my bed with me as we were shagging pretty non-stop at the time. Tim was a freshman like me at McMaster University and we were looking forward to a summer of relaxation and fucking.

JJ was a likeable young lad about the same age as Owen my brother. Owen had just turned eighteen in February and was studying auto mechanics as Mohawk College.

At that point in time I had never had a black man in me but suspected it would not be long before I corrected that. I smiled thinking Mom's bed would be big enough for both JJ and Owen to keep her company at night.

Sunday afternoon Dad left to return to the city leaving me with a belly full of his cum.

"See you next Saturday." Mom said bidding him good-bye.

Mom knew Dad would be busy fucking Sally Webster, the little blonde tart he had hired to answer the phones at the lot. She didn't mind as she had her own agenda.

At forty-five Mom was still an attractive woman. She had maintained her figure and her 40DD breasts were man-magnets. Short blonde hair and baby-blue eyes added to her long shapely legs that seemed to go on forever. Mom was an exhibitionist, prancing around in a flimsy string bikini that almost covered the essentials. Even Tim commented on how hot Mom looked in her itsy-bitsy bikini.

Of course Dad, Owen and Tim had all ridden me many times so JJ would be my only summer conquest. Even old Jack Hammond had given me the rail last summer on a rainy afternoon in his place while his wife had gone into town to see their son's family.

Hammond was a gnarly old guy who had eked out a living in the harsh life of a northerner. He was always bragging that he was related to the great Mohawk chief Tyandaga.

Jack was far from a handsome man but what he did have was a powerful cock. Hammond's thick dick had given me a good workout as he pounded me on their squeaky old matrimonial bed for almost an hour. The guy did have staying power and it was probably the most action the bed had seen in years.

As I was on the pill I had allowed his to drain his balls into me planting his wayward seed in my young garden.

With Dad out of the way it was time for Mom to turn on the charm. She had no intention of sleeping alone.

As Dad's Caddy disappeared around the bend in the road Mom disappeared into the cottage to change outfits.

It was only 7 pm but Mom had changed into a negligee. It was a white floor length number and absolutely transparent. Every detail on Mom's body was discernable, including the little blue butterfly tattoo to the left of her shaven twat.

Mom had a fine gold chain strung from one nipple ring to the other. She wore a single strand pearl necklace that would be replaced with my brother's cum later in the night.

JJ and Tim just stood with their eyes popped out.

"Why don't you get ready Michelle?" Tim suggests.

"Ready for what?" I smiled as I disappear into my bedroom.

I knew Tim fancied fucking my Mom and was willing in exchange to sacrifice me to JJ. It sounded like a fair trade to me!

I slipped out of my swimsuit and pulled on a fluorescent green thong that was immediately swallowed up my butt crack. With just a tiny dago green patch covering my snatch and a smile I walked back into the sitting room.

My milky-white breasts still bore the marks of the discarded bikini top as JJ stared at my perfect 36B's.

"Yes!" exclaimed JJ who already had his cocking his hand.

It was a beautiful ebony cock perhaps eight or nine inches long. It had a streamline shape like the Japanese Bullet Train and an almost purple shining head. Just looking at it made me horny.

"Can I touch that?" I boldly asked.

JJ just smiled releasing his boner.

It felt warm and was pulsing like a living entity in my grip. My fingertips almost touched as they encircled JJ's dark meat. Curiously I gave it a couple of hasty yanks. Immediately a drop of glistening precum formed on its tip.

Brazenly I pushed aside the little patch of silk covering my pussy and nuzzled JJ's cockhead between my labia. Thrusting my hips forward he began to slide into the space previously occupied by Tim.

"Oh yes!" I gasped while the others watched in amazement.

We had out first fuck right there in front of my mother, brother and boyfriend. JJ's hands full of my ass cheeks and his sleek black cock slamming deep into my cunt.

It was a true knee-shaker, I came quickly receiving JJ's stream of cum as I whimpered like an injured animal.

A round of applause as JJ's spend cock dripping with our love juices emerged from my pussy.

"O.K. Let's party!" Mom said dropping her gown to the floor.

JJ and Tim were allover my naked mother while Owen turned his attention to his freshly fucked sister.

My cunt was drenched with JJ's cum allowing Owen to slide into me effortlessly. He was on top of me on the couch, my legs splayed wide-open as he lost himself in his sister's cum swamp.

"Fuck me little brother, fuck your sister good!" I pleaded.

Owen's cock slammed deep into me making wet suction sounds as he withdrew. My fuckhole was so wet now it did not want to release his cock.

Glancing into my mother's room I saw her lying naked on her bed, her mouth full of black cock and Tim riding her writhing body.

I wrapped my legs around my brother and pulled him into my quagmire of cum. I felt his body stiffen as he surrendered his seed to my womb.

Mom was taking two cocks full blast as I cum on my brother's cock.

"Oh yes, I love it!" I cried as my brother emptied his nuts into me.

Owen always gave me a better climax than anybody. It was something about the shape of his cock that got me off even better than Dad.

Mom gagged as JJ's cum started flowing down her throat. Mom had taught me never to waste a drop of jism. The rate Tim's ass was pumping up and down I knew he was about to blow a load into her cunt.

"Go for it Mom!" I shouted her encouragement.

JJ's cum was spurting from Mom's nostrils as she choked on the black cock. Tim gave her one powerful drive as his cock released his load. Mom's climax took her over the top.

"God your Mom's got a big cunt." Tim said as he took Owen's place inside of me.

"She should have!" I smiled.

"Feels like your brother did a good job on you?" Tim added sliding in and out on Owen's jism.

"He always does!" I admitted still grinning.

Tim must have liked my freshly fucked pussy because he fucked me harder than usual.

"You going to take the black cock again?" Tim asked.

"Do you want me to?" I teased.

"Yes," he begged.

"Suck it or fuck it?" I continued teasing.

"Both!" he managed to answer before he cum.

It was time for a short break to give the guys a breather. Mom and I would keep them going most of the night.

"O.K. JJ, into my bedroom!" I ordered getting up and leading him into my room. We were both nude and it was obvious he was ready to go again. I left the door open so Tim could watch wile Mom kept Owen occupied.

I sat on the edge of the bed and took JJ's smooth cock into my mouth. I could taste Mom's musk on his as my lips sealed around his shaft.Photos https://cpmlink.net/X5tqAA I gripped the base of JJ's cock just above his balls and began milking him as my tongue caressed his cock swirling up and over and around its smooth head and I was in heaven.

I loved swallowing cum, white man or black man's cum it all tasted so good to me. I hoped JJ had enough left to give me a full mouthful.

Tim was standing in the doorway stroking his cock while he watched me sucking off the black lad. I knew he wanted to see my face when JJ released his cum into my mouth.

Tim did not have long to wait before JJ's hot jism soon began spurting over my tongue. I opened my mouth so Tim could see JJ's thick cum puddle on my tongue and than quickly closed it again and galloped. Opening my mouth again Tim could see JJ's cum was gone!

I got up from the bed and walked over to my boyfriend and gave his a big kiss forcing my cum-coated tongue into his mouth.

"Want to eat it out of my pussy?" I teased.

I could tell by the grin on Tim's face it was his fantasy.

"C'mon, time to fill my pussy!" I said returning to JJ.

I let JJ tit-fuck me until his cock was nice and hard again. Tim watched his black snake sliding between my alabaster white mounds.

When he was hard once more I opened my legs inviting his in. JJ slid easily into my sloppy cunt. I put my ankles on his shoulders so I was almost doubled. In this position his cock penetrate me deeply kissing my cervix.

"Oh yes, that's it!" I cried as I gripped is waist.

My orgasm shook me like a leaf in the wind as JJ's thick cream flooded my already sodden pussy. Cum squished out around his shaft his load was so great. Tim watched in amazement as JJ prepared his feast.

I thought he would never stop cumming. JJ's cum flowed into my pussy like a tidal wave of thick, sticky cum. There was so much cum it squirted out around JJ's ebony shaft soaking my inner thighs. Tim's dish was ready for eating.

"O.K., come and get it. You don't want to waste any!" I called Tim as JJ pulled his dripping cock out of me.

Tim hesitated looking at the sloppy mess between my spread legs.

"If you don't want it I'll call Owen?" I threatened.

I knew Tim wanted to go down on me but needed coaxing.

"Owen!" I called out.

Tim jumped into action crossing the room and pressing his face into my juicy cunt. I felt his tongue go into me digging out JJ's cum. He must have liked it as he was slurping me like a hungry dog.

Tim's tongue was creating another orgasm in the pit of my pussy. The more he searched for JJ's cum the more he excited my clit. I grabbed the back of Tim's head and pressed him into my open cunt.

I heard Tim gasping for air, the poor guy couldn't breathe. Reluctantly I allowed his time to take a breath and quickly pulled him back into my swamp of cum.

I saw JJ smiling as he watched my boyfriend sucking his cum out of my pussy.

After what seemed an eternity I finished cumming and let Tim come up for air with his face all shiny with JJ and my juices.

"See you later." JJ said as he headed back to Mom's room.

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with Mom

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