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  1. Jessicas 4th period story
  2. Jessicas sexy shopping story

Jessicas sexy shopping story

Categories Young, Lesbian, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism

Authror: Laotamst

Published: 11 July 2018

  • Font:

Jessica was walking down the street to "Joe s hoes" a sex store that they drove past everyday on the way to school. She only had thirty two dollars and wondered what that could get her from the store. Jessica noticed a hooker across the street saying" $100 for thirty minutes" to a passer – by.

"She probably has money I can steal" Jessica thaught to herself

Jess approached the hooker who was wearing a skirt and white panties.

"Hey, what are you doing" the hooker asked as Jess moved the hookers panties to the side.

"I m gonna make you squirt" Jess said as she twisted the hookers clit in her fingers.

"We re in public, and your underage and... .. Oh fuck that feels really good. " The hooker moaned out.

Jess reached around the hooker with her other hand and grabbed two one hundred dollar bills, while making it seem like she was grabbing the hookers ass.

A second later the hooker squirted on Jessica s hands.

Jessica then quickly walked across the street to Joe s hoes

Once inside Jessica was enthralled there were shelves filled with all kinds of sex toys.

Jessica used her two hundred and thirty two dollars to buy three but plugs that were the size and shape of two fingers, she also caught three clit pinching little vibrators, a mouth and tounge shaped vibrator. And three sets of nipple vibrators. She also got a fourteen inch double ended ribed dildo. And two vibrating gloves. All these vibrators had one button that turned them on. The intensity was not as strong as the remote control vibrator that they already have.

"Ain t you a little young for these" the store clerk asked.

Just then a police officer named Jody Mills walked in.

"Yes she is, she s also to young to be fingering hookers" Jody said as she walked towards Jessica. "Ill take her down to the station"

Jody put Jess in handcuffs and grabbed her bag of toys and walked outside with her.

Jess was sat down in the back of the police car. Jody set the shopping bag in the seat next to her.

After about five minutes Jody pulled the car over on the side of the road.

"What are we doing" Jess asked with consern in her voice

"I m taking my lunch break" Jody said pulling Jess out of the car.

Jody bent Jess over the front of the car and lifted her skirt to reveal Jessica s young pink pussy Jody bent down and began eating Jessica s pussy.

Jess felt amazing being eaten out while handcuffed, Jessica loved being submissive and she loved getting her wet little pussy pleasured by a cop even more. Right before Jess could cum Jody pulled away.

"You look like the kind of girl who likes it rough" Jody said pulling out her batton

Jody forsed half the length of the baton into Jessica s pussy and stuck her middle finger deep in her ass. Jody began twisting the baton in and out of Jess wile curling her finger inside her.

Jess screamed as she had an orgasm so powerful it forsed the batton out of her pussy.

"That was amazing"Jess panted out

"It was so hot seeing your little body squirm as I made you cum" Jody said while uncuffing Jess"I ll drive you home, get in"

So Jess rode home with Jody to meet up with Betty and alice

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Jessicas sexy shopping story

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