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  1. Some of Samone's life story.
  2. Some of Samone's life story. Part two
  3. Janey makes some ,money

Some of Samone's life story.

Categories True Story, Black, Cum Swallowing, Domination/submission

Authror: Dirty Samone

Published: 11 July 2018

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Samone was a young black girl of 22. Her mother had died while she was in high school. She now lived with her sister, Trish, and her father. It was a very hard time for all three.

Not long after her mother’s death, her father began drinking. A lot. He came home most nights quite drunk, and he had started to be abusive to the sisters. The girls became closer as they began to be afraid of their father. They began to sleep in the same bedroom to share each others fears.

One night the father came home and went into the girl’s bedroom. He watched them laying there in bed huddled close together with the look of fear on their faces. He stepped forward and grabbed the blanket and pulled the bedding off the sisters.

They laid there in only their panties and bras and they were so afraid. This seemed to excite the dad as he hadn’t had any closeness to a woman since his wife had died. He came closer and grabbed Samone’s panties and tore them from her. The girls were screaming for their father to stop. The screaming seemed to raise the rage in him. He could only see Samone’s hairy pussy staring him in the face. His mouth was watering and dribbling down his jaw. He paused for just a second and fell forward onto the bed. The girls grabbed each other and tried to shove their father away kicking with their feet. It didn’t work. The father grabbed Samone by the hips and plunged his face between her legs and started licking and sucking on her hairy pussy.

Trish jumped on her father’s back and was trying to fight him off, but he was to big. Samone was crying and telling her father to stop. He just kept sucking and licking. HIs tongue was running from her asshole to her clit. He was getting his fill of sucking pussy and moved up and over Samone. His big black cock was hard now for his young daughter’s pussy. Samone’s screams only made him more wild. Her pussy was wet from all of her dad’s wet mouth slobbering all over it.

As her dad placed his cock at the entrance of her wet pussy, he shoved with all his might. His cock plunged all the way into Samone. He busted her cherry and keep going until her hit her cervix, and she was no longer a virgin.

Samone had never felt such pain. She was screaming while her arms were flaying on her dad’s back. She tried to get from underneath her attacker, but he was to strong. After he hit bottom, he started coming out and then ramming back in as hard as he could. Samone was still in such pain that she was about to pass out. Her dad kept pumping in and out of her sweet cunt. It wasn’t long before his balls started squeezing and he was getting ready to blow his load. He held Samone by her hips and slammed his last thrust into her pussy. He paused a few moments as his cock pumped out all he had stored up for so long and slowly deflated,and he slide out.

He looked down and saw his cum and Samone’s blood from her hymen being broken. In a moment of clarity, he was afraid of getting his daughter pregnant and what should he do? He had to get all that oozing cum from his daughter.

He looked over at Trish and grabbed her head and forced her between Samone’s legs. “Suck all the cum from your sister”. Trish was fighting back and trying not to be forced to lick her sister. Her father smacked her hard across her face and again shoved it into the bloody cum. “Suck it I said”.

Samone was laying there in a daze, not quite knowing what was going on. She saw her sister’s head between her legs and wondered what was going on. Trish was afraid of what her father would do if she didn’t do as she was told, so she ran he tongue between her sister’s legs and was very repulsed by the taste. Blood and cum, but she forced herself to continue.

Samone remembered that her father had raped her and the pain was almost more that she could bare. It was horrifying, but now Trish was doing something that was kind of soothing to her painful cunt. It wasn’t long until her father said “thats enough. Her cunt is clean. You girls had better never tell anyone of what happened here tonight, or you will be very sorry. I am the boss in this family and what I say, goes. Now go to sleep.”

After the father left the room, the girls hugged each other and trembled in their fear of their father. As Samone looked at her sister, she saw the dried blood on her face. “What happened Trish? Did dad hit you?” Trish, feeling humiliated, not wanting Samone to know she had licked blood from her sister’s pussy, said “yes. He is a mean dad. He scares me”. Samone felt the same way.

The next night the dad came home a little drunk, but not as drunk as the night before. He knew what he was going to do. He went to the girls room and the girls were hugging each other again in fear of what the father was going to do. Again he grabbed the bedding and pulled it from the bed. The girls again were in their bra and panties. This time he went for Trish. He wanted her virginity like he had taken Samone’s. He like that tight pussy.

This time he didn’t get Trish’s pussy wet. The hair he saw between her legs made him so excited, he just forced her legs apart, positioned his hard black cock, rubbed it around and little and, bang. He rammed it in. Trish’s scream was so loud both Samone and her father was worried the neighbors may hear.

As before with Samone, the dad plunged in and out at a fast pace. Again hitting bottom and coming all the way back out. He was feeling so good, it wouldn't be long until he filled this daughter’s cunt full of man cum. It was happening. He started to holler. His balls began to boil. He stiffened and shot his load up Trish’s cunt.

He slowly came out and smiled as he saw the blood and his creamy cum. He looked at Samone and wagged his finger for her to come to him. Samone, being afraid, did as her father wanted. He pointed at Trish’s bloody cunt and said “lick all that cum and blood from her pussy. She licked yours, so it is time for you to clean her”.

Samone remembered seeing Trish’s bloody face and then she knew how it got that way. Knowing there would be trouble if she refused, she went between Trish’s legs and licked up the drippings. She knew she had to, so she didn’t think much about it, so she did a good job of cleaning her sister’s blood and cum.

The dad said “you two know how to clean pussies. I don’t want to get you pregnant, so this will keep you from it. Just suck it all out. “ The father even raped them when they were on their monthlys. The girls were getting use to licking cum, mixed with blood. “I will be back each night to let you service me. Give me any shit and I will knock the hell out of you.”

The girls were so afraid, but didn’t know how to prevent their dad from raping them each night. They did know that sucking out the cum wouldn’t keep them from getting pregnant, so they went on their own and got birth control pills. They just didn’t know what else to do.

As time went on the dad didn’t come in every night to deposit a load in his daughters. His cock was still hurting both girls as he fucked them and they were glad he wasn’t coming in each night. It was so big, and he didn’t prepare them for his invasion. As he rammed his big cock in their little sore pussies, the girls were beginning to enjoy themselves licking it out. It soothed their stretched cunts and gave them a “feel good all over” feeling. They had discovered climaxes.

After the dad would leave the room, the girls would start licking and sucking. They would suck their dad’s cum out and if they kept sucking, after the sister would climax, the taste would change. Both sisters was enjoying both taste of man cum and woman cum. On the nights the dad didn’t come to their bedrooms, the girls would still enjoy licking each other’s pussy. They soon learned how to enjoy the 69 position and they soon discovered that Samone would squirt a lot of pussy juice when she climaxed. The first time it happened, Trish was on the bottom and when she was soaked down and received a mouth full, she was so surprised, she coughed and spit. She though Samone had peed on her. Samone was also surprised. She knew she hadn’t peed, but the bed and Trish were wet. She put her fingers in it and tasted it. It was not pee. The more they tasted it, they discovered it was quite tasty. They started doing the 69 with Samone on top each time, as this was the only position she would “gush”.

This went on all the time the girls went to collage. They stayed at home under their father’s rule. They were so alone in what was going on in their life, they seldom had any conversations with others. They were just sisters that no one had anything to do with. They didn’t like boys, because they thought all boys had large cocks like their father and it hurt, so they though all boys would hurt them. Both of them were so happy doing what they were doing with each other, they didn’t need anything, or anyone else.

When they graduated from collage and got jobs, they were lost. They started having money and knew they could get away from their dad. They had lived with their father all their life. Here they were 22 and still getting fucked by their father at least twice a week. They hated the cock hurting them, but they loved licking, sucking, toying, and making each out climax. They decided to leave their father and go out on their own. They wondered if they should live together the rest of their lives, or try to fine other girls that felt the same way as them. They started to try to find other girls. They didn’t know where to start, but they went to the internet.

Samone found a lovely on face book and as she worked as a school teacher, she had the entire summer off. She decided to try to 'hook up'.

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Some of Samone's life story.

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