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Hot Afternoon With Mother

Categories Diary, Incest, Mature

Author: tonysex23

Published: 11 July 2018

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I honestly thought I was alone in the house. It was a warm summer day and I'd come home early from work and taken a shower straight away, and then afterwards lay naked on my bed, relaxing and idly flicking through one of my mags. And of course I got an erection which I duly toyed with, pulling my foreskin down to expose the pink glans. I was proud of my penis, a good six inches of smooth, pink meat, and I liked masturbating, especially lying clean and naked on my bed. After I was sufficiently hard I dropped the magazine, closed my eyes and let my fantasies wander. No need to hurry; I was going to enjoy it.

I had no idea where the rest of my family was. Father was probably still at work, sister at school and mother shopping. I left my room door ajar to hear if any of them came home, but I felt safe so I carried on playing with myself. Little did I know!

I was almost on the vinegar strokes when I heard the sound of a door opening across the landing. It took several seconds before it really registered, or before I could do anything about it. My door suddenly opened wide and there stood my mother in her dressing gown, looking down at me with wide eyes.

'David!' she gasped.

Too late. I had reached the point of no return. Right there in front of my shocked mother I ejaculated three or four times, my sperm shooting several centimetres into the air before it splashed onto my chest and stomach. The very experience of being watched added to the force of the orgasm.

'Mum,' I managed to gasp, trying to vainly to hide my shrinking penis with my hands. 'I didn't know you were in.'

'I'll bet you didn't,' she smiled. 'I was asleep on my bed. My, what a surprise to wake up to. You're certainly not a little boy any more. But there's no need to hide your penis from me, is there? It's obviously not the first time I've seen it although I had no idea that it had grown so much. Quite the young man aren't we. But we need to get you cleaned up.'

Mum came over to me on the bed, smiling down at me, and I wished the ground would open. I was amazed at how she was taking it - so matter of fact. She sat down on the edge, reached over for the box of tissues, and started to wipe the semen off my front. I kept my shrinking penis covered with my hands. 'Come on, mind your hands,' she said, pushing them out of the way and causing me to expose my now shrunken penis to her. She took hold of my penis, held it up, and wiped the eye and around my glans with some tissue, removing the come that remained.

'Mum, this is embarrassing,' I said.

'Embarrassed? Oh, everybody masturbates darling, so there's nothing to feel embarrassed about. And you're not going to deny your mum a little fun are you? she said, continuing to wipe gently with the tissues. 'My, you certainly came a lot, didn't you. Is that normal, that amount?'

'I guess so.'

'Goodness,' she said, and then looking directly at my penis she continued. 'It's a bit smaller now, isn't it, and cleaner?' she giggled. As she held it upright in her left hand she allowed the fingers of her right hand to wander down over my balls and cup them gently. 'And they're so much larger than the last time I saw them, although after that last deposit they're probably empty now.'

God, she was making fun of me. I was getting quite embarrassed at this treatment. 'What . . .?'

'Your testicles, of course, silly, or do you call them your balls?' I couldn't answer her. Her middle finger stroked the sensitive skin behind my scrotum and it had the expected effect. 'Do you masturbate very often?' she asked straight out. 'Or do you call it wanking? Oh look, I do believe it's getting hard again.'

She wasn't kidding. There was nothing I could do about it. I was getting another hard on and it was my mother who was causing it. This was unbelievable. She was smiling like a cat that had found the cream.

'I can't help it when you do that to me,' I explained.

'That's the great thing with young men, they can get hard again pretty quickly.' She tickled me again and gently squeezed my balls. 'Shall we see how big we can make it?'

'But Mum . . .' I protested.

'No buts.' she said. 'Look how it's grown already.'

I looked down at my penis as it swelled, and must admit that I was quite proud of it, even with my mother holding it. Also I was losing that awful feeling of embarrassment. I was starting to enjoy this. I mean, it couldn't get more intimate than having your own mother witness the very act of ejaculation. She continued running her finger nails up and down my shaft, gently pulling my foreskin and then feeling my balls.

'You've certainly got a good erection now darling, this is fun.' She smiled down at me and moved on the bed and then suddenly bobbed her head down and planted a kiss on my glans.

'Mum . . .' I protested. But already my thoughts were racing round my brain at what was happening and what might happen. Here I was naked and being intimately handled by my mother, and she was obviously enjoying it. She was now openly wanking me and I was loving it.

'Is that nice darling?' she asked.

I could do nothing but grunt. As she had moved on the bed her dressing gown had fallen open and I could see her cleavage as her breasts were constrained by a white lace bra. Without asking, I simply reached out and slid my fingers into her cleavage, feeling the firm curve of her breasts. She raised no objection as her hand movements gained speed.

'Mum you're going to make me come again.'

'Come on then darling, come again, let me do it for you. I want to watch you come.' She said excitedly as she expertly pumped away.

My fingers found one of her nipples. It was hard and erect. She herself was squirming on the bed, squeezing her thighs together as she handled me. It was all too much. Her own excitement took me over the top and my balls tightened. I gasped as I came in several high spurts, my sperm hitting me on the chin as she trembled beside me and her breathing became hoarse. As I came down from my plateau, I realised that she had orgasmed as well, although it was all so new to me as the mysteries of the female orgasm were yet to be fully experienced. I was still a virgin.

My mother relinquished her grip on my penis and lay beside me on the bed, eyes closed, her breathing getting easier as she recovered from her own climax.

'Wow Mum, that was really something,' I ventured. 'Did you come as well?'

'Mmm . . .'

She was obviously still enjoying it so I reached over for the tissues and cleaned my come off me. Cleaned up for the second time I lay back again and took the time to survey the woman beside me. What we had done had not quite hit me, and I had never really looked at my mother as a sex object although I realised that she had all the womanly attributes. But only a few seconds ago my fingers had touched an erect nipple on a firm breast. My mother's nipple and my mother's breast. Somewhere at the back of my mind the word incest kept cropping up but mentally I dismissed it. Here was my mother, an attractive woman, slim, dark haired, medium build, who had such intimate knowledge of me, that I wanted to know more about her. She could hardly object after what had just happened.

I reached over and pulled at the belt holding her dressing gown together.

'What are you doing darling?' she murmured.

'Just undoing your belt, Mum.'

As it came undone I pulled the gown open to reveal her firm body dressed in white lace bra and matching knickers. I allowed my hand to run over both her breasts and then down over her stomach until it reached her panties.

'I don't think you ought to go any further darling,' she said, her eyes opening.

'Fair's fair, Mum.'

'But I'm your mother.'

'It's different now.'

'No it's not.' I leaned over her and silenced her protests by kissing her on the lips, at the same time reaching my fingers into the top of her knickers until I felt the beginnings of her crinkly pubic hair. I was now giving my mother a deep French kiss and her mouth had opened. I felt her tongue as it darted in and out of my mouth. I found it difficult trying to co-ordinate my mouth and hand but my efforts worked. I reached further with my hand and felt the smooth lips of her vagina but then she broke violently away and pulled my hand from her knickers.

'David, it's obvious you've never done this with a girl before, have you?'

I had to admit it. 'No Mum.' I said. 'But I want to. I mean, you've felt me and now I want to feel you.'

'And you can darling if we've got time,' she said patiently. 'But first of all we have to agree that what's happened is to stay a secret. I don't think your Dad would be any too pleased if he knew about us and what we've been doing.'

'I won't say anything!' I would have agreed to anything at that moment.

'Well you have to realise that a girl needs to be treated gently at first. You can't go at it like a bull at a gate.'

'So show me how Mum,' I pleaded.

'Right darling. Ready for lesson number one. Well it's normal to start with a girl's breasts. You have to fondle them gently, stroking the nipples. For some girls there's a nervous link between the nipples and the vagina. Then you have to kiss the nipples, lick them and suck them, but always be gentle at first. Now come on. Let's see what you can do with mine.' She sat up on the bed with her back to me. 'Unhook my bra.' She commanded.

I didn't need telling again and soon her bra was off. She then turned and presented her breasts to me. I was pleased that they didn't drop very much when I'd freed them. For the first time I was looking at a pair of lovely breasts with pretty pinky brown nipples.

'They're beautiful Mum,' I said as I reached out to stroke the taught skin of each breast. As my palms stroked across each nipple I noticed how they became erect.

'Now suckle them,' she ordered.

I bent my head towards her and took her left nipple into my mouth, letting my tongue get to know the texture of nipple skin as I licked and sucked. The nipple hardened under my attention and my Mum gave a deep sigh. This was unbelievable. I didn't know such pleasure existed, and my penis gave evidence at the same time. I was getting hard again.

'That's right,' said my mother, 'and now the other one please. Don't want it to feel left out.'

I transferred my attention to her other nipple and gave it the same treatment. She started breathing deeply and lay back on the bed so I had to change my position. I was now kneeling over her, holding her breasts in my hands and alternately licking and sucking each nipple, and my newly erect penis was waving in the air. She started breathing deeply. 'That's lovely,' she murmured. 'You're doing really well darling.'

I didn't answer because my mouth was already occupied sucking her nipple.

'You can take my panties off now if you like,' she whispered.

I removed my mouth and moved down the bed. I hooked my fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly drew them down her thighs until she kicked them off.

'Is this the first vagina you've seen?' she asked

'Mm hmm,' I nodded, studying the neat crease and pubic hair which stopped abruptly above it.

'Well you must stroke it gently. The whole area is very sensitive.' Mum opened her thighs slightly until I could see the whole of her outer vaginal lips. 'Go on then, stroke it for your mother. Stroke your Mum's pussy.' Her eyes were closed.

'Have you shaved it, Mum?' I asked.

'Yes darling, your father likes my pussy to have smooth lips.'

I was surprised to hear her use the word 'pussy'. 'Do you like my pussy darling?'

I ran my fingers slowly up and down the lips. 'Yes Mum, it's lovely.'

'Tell me then.'

'I like it Mum,' I replied, embarrassment starting again.

'You like what, darling? Tell your Mum.'

'I like your pussy, Mum.'

'And what else do we call a pussy?' she continued.

'A vagina?' I ventured.

'No darling, the very rude word.'

Using language like this in front of my mother was worse than being naked in front of her. But I took the plunge. 'I love your cunt Mum,'

'That's it darling. Tell me again.'

'I love your cunt Mum.'

'She still had her eyes closed and was moving her hips slightly. 'That's lovely darling. Now, separate my cunt lips with your finger.' She opened her legs further.

I placed my finger end inside my mother's cunt, still stroking up and down and feeling the lubrication trapped inside. She reached down and took hold of my wrist, guiding my fingers. 'Now search for my clitoris. Do you know what a clitoris is?'

'Yes Mum, I think so.' I said, although up to now I had only read about them.

Eventually I located a little firm nub at the top end of her vaginal lips.

'That's it darling. Rub it gently though.'

By now I could see the love juice as it escaped from her vagina and ran down her buttocks. As I rubbed her clitoris, her breathing became deeper and her hips moved more.

'Keep doing that and you're going to make me come darling. Now put your finger inside me.'

I pushed my finger inside and felt the secret undulations of the inside of a vagina and it hit me that it was through this channel that I had entered the world some eighteen years earlier.

I continued probing with two or three fingers. Without removing my hand from her cunt, I lay beside her on the bed and took her left nipple into my mouth, sucking gently as before.

'Stroke my clitoris again,' she commanded.

She started bucking and I pressed harder, wiggling my finger against her clitoris even faster. Her mouth opened wide and her breathing became ragged. She started panting and gasping as I continued the stimulation until eventually she came in one long violent gagging spasm which shook the bed. Her thighs closed on my hand until I could move it no more. 'No, no, no, don't move,' she gasped. And there was nothing I could do but lie there with my hand trapped between her thighs as she basked in the afterglow of what had been a terrific orgasm.

Soon her eyes opened and she regarded me with a coy smile. She gave me a peck on the lips. 'You're really very good, darling,' she said. 'Who would have thought it?'

'Thanks Mum, but could I have my hand back?' I asked.

She chuckled and opened her thighs and I removed my hand. 'But lovemaking doesn't end there, darling.'

'What Mum?'

'Well just look at you, you've got an erection again.' She reached out and grasped my hard penis. 'She brought her mouth close to my ear and whispered. 'Your cock's got hard again sweetheart.'

'There was nothing much I could do about it, Mum.'

'And I'm still feeling very randy, and we'll be on our own for ages yet,' she continued. 'Come on honey,' She put her free arm around me and pulled my body to her, kissing me on the lips with little butterfly kisses. In between the kisses she asked. 'And would my son like to make love properly to his mother?'

My hard-on hadn't diminished, and was becoming even stronger with this treatment, but her kisses denied me an answer. But without saying any more, and purely by body movements, she manoeuvred us until she was lying under me with her legs wide open and my penis pressing against the mattress. She reached between our bodies, causing me to get up on my hands and knees, and took hold once again of my penis.

'Feel my cunt darling, feel how wet it is. It wants your virgin cock inside it, come on.' She pulled on my penis and rubbed the swollen end against her vulva.

I couldn't believe it. Here I was at last about to have my first fuck, and it was with my mother. I allowed her to guide me to the entrance, separating the lips with my glans.

'You're there darling. Now just push gently. Don't expect to go all the way in at first, you got to spread the love juice up your shaft.'

I felt my glans force the opening, and pushed slowly until it had fully entered her, luxuriating in the moist caress of those soft, unresisting lips.

'Now in-and-out and you'll go a little further each time until you're fully in. That's beautiful darling, you're now fucking me.' she whispered as I obeyed her commands.

Soon my whole penis was fully entered and my balls were slapping against her buttocks. Her breathing became deeper with each thrust.

'Oh fuck me darling,' she said into my ear.

But even though I had just come twice, her language, the novelty and the excitement took over and I lost control. Photos http://cpmlink.net/tIgLAA I was going to come again and there was nothing I could do about it. I stared to thrust even faster and soon ejaculated my sperm deep into my mother's womb, my body arching over her as I tried to get even further in with each thrust. She started to come again herself and wrapped her legs around my thighs, thrusting back against me, and she gave out little strangled sounds as her breath caught in her throat and we finished together in a thrashing heap on the bed.

We lay entangled for a few minutes as we caught our breath and I could feel my penis shrinking inside her.

'Mmm, darling,' she murmured, 'that was wonderful. You are such a quick learner. Thank you so much my darling boy. And what did you think to your first time?'

'It was wonderful Mum,' I answered.

'Well there's a lot more to learn. You'll have to come home early from work again soon and we can continue where we left off. Would you like another lesson?

'Yes please Mum. But what about Dad?

'Don't worry, I will still keep your father satisfied, but there's no need for him to know anything about us. It can be our little secret. Now, it's time to clean up I think, and get rid of your sperm. There certainly seems to be a lot of it. And don't worry about getting me pregnant. I had my tubes tied ages ago.'

Well that statement brought some relief as the spectre of pregnancy was hovering at the back of my mind. My mother climbed off the bed and stood in front of me, showing me fully her shapely body for the first time. Her breasts were high and firm, waist narrow, and hips in the right proportion. Her thighs were plump but showed no sign of cellulite. From my position on the bed I looked directly up at her cunt. I could see my own sperm dripping from her pink shaven lips so I took a tissue and gently wiped her, letting my finger end slip inside again.

'Be careful darling or you'll get me going again,' she smiled down at me. Bending over she gave me a full kiss on the lips, and I reached out to feel her breasts as they hung down.

'Tomorrow again then Mum,' I suggested. 'Same time, same place?'

'OK honey,' she said, and she turned and left the room, carrying her clothes.

I relaxed again, trying to replay in my mind the recent events. I couldn't wait for tomorrow, but life had to return to normal, at least for the time being, as I heard

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Hot Afternoon With Mother

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