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Daddy fuck me!

Categories True Story, Incest, Teen

Author: tom231002

Published: 11 July 2018

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First she was born, she was my baby and I would have killed anyone to assure her safety. I spoiled her, sure, but when she looked at me with those blue eyes of hers and asked "pleeeaaaase?" I just couldn't say no. She was the sweetest kid, too. She made friends easily and she never said a mean thing about any of her schoolmates. She was polite, she listened to me and she knew what to do and when to do it. In a word, she was perfect. Of course, you're probably thinking that I'm biased since she's my daughter, but other people told me the same. So, it's not just me.

Then she became a teenager and I was scared for her: after all, I had been a boy and I knew we weren't to be trusted. Especially at around 14 or 15, when the hormones start to work their magic. Emily was a bit precocious, meaning that her breasts were well formed by the age of fourteen and she looked older than she was. I'm sure that her long slander legs, her thin frame and her long brown hair were present in more than one boy's dreams. But I wasn't too worried, knowing that Emily was responsible and wouldn't go out with just anybody. This being said, she was never bitchy or snotty about her looks. The not-so-popular kids as well as the cheerleaders loved her because she just was herself. That's something I taught her at an early age, knowing that a bitchy girl is really annoying (I had known more than a few when I was a teenager and had a hard time getting over them).

And then she graduated high school and it was such a happy occasion. She looked radiant on her prom night and her date was a kind and gentle boy, someone nobody really liked at school and whom nobody even expected to see with Emily. Which is why she went and asked him out. Apparently he almost passed out when she did. And a lot of boys were jealous. But good for Emily. She told me she had had a lovely time and that the boy had been a perfect gentleman.

Then she moved away to go to college somewhere back East and I was quite sad, knowing I wouldn't see her as much; but I was also excited for her: her life was starting. She wanted to become a lawyer and I always joked with her, saying she wouldn't make it, because she was too honest.

And so here I was, alone at home, working and emailing Emily daily. She kept updating me on her life, on her boyfriends (she always had a new one as things never really seemed to "work between them"), her friends and where they hung out. It made me miss my youth. And I couldn't believe that my baby was already in college.

One summer, she came to visit to enjoy Los Angeles and it's sun. I picked her up at LAX and drove her home and we couldn't stop talking and asking each other questions. We were so excited to see each other again! I was so happy because she wasn't faking it. Unlike other kids who hated their parents and for whom visiting them was a chore, she was obviously happy to see me.

And so we talked all the way home and once there, we sat in the living room and talked some more. I poured myself a Martini and when she asked for one, I almost told her, "You're too young for a drink, honey." But then I remembered that she was 21. Christ... 21! So I poured her one and we drank. And then we drank a couple more and I think that's when things started to get weird...

I proposed to go to Chianti, a restaurant I knew she loved and she immediately agreed to it. We got up to change into more appropriate clothes and went to our own bedrooms. As usual, I got ready before her, even though my head was spinning from the gin. I had my blue suit on and a lovely Armani tie she had sent me for my last birthday. I then went back to the living room and had another Martini. I then heard her footsteps.

"Okay, I'm ready!"

She entered the room and I almost dropped my glass. It is at this very moment that I realized my baby was not a baby anymore. But a woman. And a striking one at that. She was wearing a black skirt that stopped at mid-thigh and some black leather boots. Her top was a pretty blouse, which accentuated her forms. My eyes couldn't get away from her legs : They were beautiful. And having always loved boot-clad women, this was even a more amazing sight. Her thighs were muscular but thin and they were tanned. They looked so smooth, I wanted to caress them.

I blinked a few times, trying to stop myself from staring at her and gave her a compliment. I then downed my drink and got up to make myself a new one.

"Can I have one, too?"

And so we drank some more. We sat and she was close to me, her legs crossed. Her skirt was a bit up and I could see the thigh muscles under that perfect looking skin and to my horror I could feel an erection starting to poke my pants.

"You're wearing the tie I got you!"

"Yes, do you like it on me?"

"Of course!"

She grabbed the tie in her long delicate fingers and looked at it closer. To my shame, I took the opportunity of her not looking at me to look some more at her legs, at the calves coming out of the boots, at her small but firm-looking breasts, the shape of her neck, her...

I drank some more and looked away.

"Okay, so... should we go? It's gonna be eight, soon."

"Yeah... but... Are you okay to drive?"

I started to tell her that I was, but I clearly wasn't and so I told the truth.

"Neither am I..."

We looked at each other and laughed.

"Great, my daughter and I get drunk on Martinis. Great education, huh?"

She laughed some more.

"Come on, you're the best dad there is... You know that!"

I blushed a bit. She smiled and handed me her glass.

"Well, since we're staying in, how about some more?"

I couldn't get up! My erection was still very much there and getting up would certainly make it obvious to Emily. I had to find an excuse.

"Why don't you make them?"

"'Cause you make them better! Pleeaaaase?"

I smiled and thought of her when she was a little girl.

"No, really... you do them, Emily."

There was a pause and she looked at me.

"Don't worry about getting up, I've seen your erection."

I felt my ears warm up and my face flushing. Had I heard right?

"Excuse me?!"

She hesitated for a second. She clearly hadn't meant to be so straightforward. Blame it on the gin.

"I... I mean, you know... It's okay. I mean... You're a man. It's not like I've never seen an erection before..."


This time it was her turn to blush.

"Well, you know I'm probably not a virgin..."

"Yes, but that doesn't mean I want to hear about it!"

She giggled.

"Sorry... I think I'm a bit tipsy."

"Yeah, well... Me too."

Surprisingly, her talking about my erection had not had the effect I expected. Instead of receding, it was still very much alive. More so than before, even.

"So what were you thinking about?

"How do you mean?"

"I mean why do you have an erection?"

I paused.

"Listen, this is not appropriate dialogue for... for a daughter and her dad."

"No, but it is for a man and a woman. Come on, it'll be fun! It'll be like truth or dare or something."

"I'm not one of your college friends, Emily... I'm your father!"

"Yes, so you keep saying. Come on... Let's talk about this, it could be fun!"

"I don't think so."

"Come on!"

"I said no, Emily."


"Drop it. I mean it."

"Just tell me. Why wouldn't you tell me?"


"Because what?"

"Just because?"

"Just because what?"

I couldn't take it. I knew I had to tell her and I was too buzzed to make up a lie. And so I blurted out the answer without really thinking.

"Because of you!"

There was a silence and I hated myself for having told her. She was probably going to storm out of the room, leave for the East Coast immediately and never talk to me again. But she just said, "Oh..." And then looked at me and then down at her. And then back at me, with a sly smile.

"What's so special about me?"

I tried to look away and to think of something else to say, but I couldn't. Then I felt her small hand grab mine and I looked at her.

"Tell me, daddy..."

I don't know why, but I did.

"It's your... your outfit."

"So you like it, right?"

"Yes. Yes I do..."

Her smiled widened.

"I knew it!"

I was confused.

"What do you mean?"

"Even since I'm a little girl I see you look at women who wear boots and a skirt differently. I know you were trying to be discreet and I know it's okay to just look and that's why I never said anything... But I bought these back East and I wanted to wear them for you. Because I knew you'd like it."

I didn't know what to say. Was she saying she wanted to seduce me or was she saying she just wanted to look beautiful for me? My mind was too muddled up by booze to make any sense of it.

"What... What are you... What are you saying?"

"Nothing... But I thought you'd like it... Don't you?"

She extended her right leg, giving me a nice view, she even pulled a bit on her skirt, showing me more thigh than she should have. Her knees were beautifully shaped and those legs going into those boots just drove me crazy. To my horror, I could feel my underwear getting moist with pre-cum.

"Okay, Emily, this is enough. I don't know what you're doing, but..."

"When's the last time you made love?"

I looked at her, certain I couldn't have heard her right.

"Come again?"

"Yeah, maybe later, but first answer me."

I frowned, not understanding. Then I realized she had made a sexual pun, albeit a bad one. I was so confused. And so turned on.

"Emily, what is this? Are you drunk?"

"Of course... Isn't it supposed to loosen inhibitions?"


"Look, I'll be honest too... You raised me all by yourself, you did your best and your best it was and I think I turned out all right. You were the best father anybody could have asked for. And you're the only man I truly really know. I don't know about Freud and his theories, but I know the first time I touched myself, I thought of you..."

"Emily, please!"

"No, I gotta finish this... I can't believe I'm finally saying it, but here it is... Then I had my first boyfriend but I didn't like him because he didn't like the music you liked. Then my second boyfriend who didn't have the style you had. And then the third one who didn't have your sense of humor... See... None of them ever compare with you! And... I don't know... It's wrong, yes, I know. But I also know there's nothing I can do about it."

"About it? What's it?"

She paused, as if she was hesitating, afraid of saying any more. Then she quickly glanced down at my crotch and saw my bulging erection and she smiled, as if getting the assurance she needed.

"About you. About wanted to feel your hands all over me. About... making love to you."

I didn't know what to say. On one hand there was this beautiful young woman who looked perfect, whom I adored and who obviously had feelings for me. But on the other hand, she was my daughter! My baby! My mind was saying "no." But my heart, or rather my testosterone, was saying "yes, yes yes!"

"Look, Emily, I'm flattered, I think... But..."

She started to unbutton her blouse, starting with the top button.

"What are you doing? Stop!"

She then slowly removed it and let it drop to the floor. She wasn't wearing any bra and her breasts were so beautiful, they looked as if they'd fit perfectly in my hands. The nipples were erected and she was breathing fast, out of nervousness or lust? I couldn't tell.

I was about to say something, but my eyes traveled down to her flat stomach, where I could see her abdominal muscles. She was obviously working out. She was so beautiful, she could have been a model. I then looked in her eyes and I truly didn't see her as my daughter anymore. Call it weird if you must, but I saw her as a woman.

I saw her hand move and I gasped as I felt it on my crotch, grabbing at my hardened dick.

"Emily... I don't know what we're about to do..."

"Well, let me tell you then..."

She expertly unzipped my zipper and fondled around, looking for the opening of my underwear, all the while still staring at my eyes. She then found my hard and moist dick and she moistened her lips with her tongue. She was smiling.

"It's bigger than I imagined..."

I smiled, not knowing what to say...


"Yes, honey?"

"Please... touch me..."

And this triggered an explosion in my mind. The explosion destroyed my inhibitions and my doubts and opened the floodgates of my lust.

I pulled her toward me and she gave a small surprised gasp. I put my hands on her back and started to hungrily suck her nipples. She soon started to moan and I could feel her hand starting to jack me off. I put my hand on hers and took it away from my penis, not wanting to come in her hand. Oh, no... I wanted to come somewhere else.

I circled the nipples with my tongue, sucking on them and gently biting them while I caressed her back. Then my hands moved to her stomach and I loved the feeling of her ab muscles. And finally I moved to her hips and her thighs and I almost came right then and there. Her legs were even smoother than I had imagined. They felt strong and firm and yet delicate and feminine. I couldn't touch them enough, feel their smoothness on my palms while I kept sucking on her nipples.

Emily's hands were in my hair now, playing with it. She kept moaning softly everytime I tickled a nipple with my tongue. My hand kept caressing her thigh, down to her knee, her calf and the hard leather of the boot and then back up to the thigh again. I then caressed her leg up her thigh and I realized two things, which surprised me and turned me on even more: she wasn't wearing underwear (which I later realized confirmed the idea that she had arranged for all this) and she was shaved. Her pussy was so smooth, I loved the feeling of if on my hands.

"You like my pussy, daddy?"


"I didn't put panties on... So you can take me with my skirt and boots on..."

I started licking her between her breasts and licked my way up her collarbone and her neck. I suck on her neck right below her ear and she moaned some more. My hand was starting to get very wet with her juices. I caressed her clit with my thumb, running little circles around it and she moaned some more. I loved to hear her moan, it was so sexy.

After sucking on her neck, I kissed my way up to her lips. We paused for a second, gazing into each other's eyes. Our breaths were both so fast. We smiled and then our lips met into the hungriest kiss I ever gave. It was like I was drinking her all up. A vampire feeding on lust. Her lips were sweet tasting and so smooth. Her tongue entered my mouth and caressed my own tongue, sucked on it and this time I'm the one who moaned.

While we were kissing, my thumb entered her pussy and she bit my lower lip as it did. She felt so wet and so warm. She was tight and it felt good in there, it felt like entering a velvet tunnel. I started to move my thumb in and out and she started to moan louder and louder as my thumb entered her pussy.

She stopped kissing me long enough to say:

"Fuck me. You gotta fuck me. Now!"

And I was more than happy to oblige her. While she was still sitting, I got up and let my pants fall to the floor. I didn't even take my underwear off, my cock was sticking out of them, ready to enter my daughter's sweet pussy. I half-laid half-stood over her, grabbed her ass with both hands and raised her pussy to my eager dick. She looked at me, with such lust in her eyes that I wanted to kiss her again. I wanted to do it slowly, to enjoy the moment, to make it meaningful, but we were both so obviously turned on that I just entered her all at once and she screamed in pleasure as she felt me slide in her. I moaned too, loving her tight smooth pussy around my dick. She wrapped her legs around my back and I kissed her knees and thighs, licking and sucking them eagerly. And with both hands still grabbing her ass firmly, I started the movements.

First slowly, and we were both moaning and looking at each other, smiling. Then faster and faster until our bodies were one, until we started to sweat and seeing her glistening stomach, breasts and neck excited me even more and I started to really pound into her, digging my cock deeper and deeper into her with each thrust.Photos http://cpmlink.net/IS4PAA She was soon screaming and squeezing her legs, making me go even deeper than I thought was possible.

"OH! OH! Yes! Oh, yes! Daddy, yes! Fuck me good! Fuck me, yes! OOOOH!"

Her hands were on my back, grabbing it and pushing me forward in her. She knew how to fuck, that was certain.

"Oh my God, yes! This feels so fucking good, yes yes yesyesyesyesss!"

Our lips met again and she started to suck on my tongue once more, biting it with each thrust. I loved to feel her firm ass in my hands and I loved to see her perfect body under me, her breasts moving up and down as I went in and out of her. Seeing her ab muscles work under me and most of all, her booted legs around me...

She took her lips off of mine once more.

"Daddy! Fuck me! Harder! Harder!"

I didn't think I could. But I did. Soon the couch was dangerously shaking under us and we lost all sense of rhythm, we just fucked like two wild beasts and I knew it would soon end.

"Oh! Oh! Ohh! Awwwww! I'm... Oh! Yeeeeessss!"

Suddenly she stopped the movements and I felt her pussy tighten around my dick, spasm after spasm. Her body shook as the orgasm took over her. Her eyes were closed, she was biting her lower lip and with her legs and hands made sure I was as deep as I could be and did not move. As I felt her body shake under me and she screamed with pure pleasure, I couldn't control myself any longer and felt the familiar sensation in my body.

And I came in her.

Stronger and longer than I ever did, it seemed. And as I did, I shouted out her name and she squeezed me some more with her legs and I moaned.

And then we were both out of breath and sober again. Me still on top of her, softly kissing her stomach. And her caressing my hair. We were enjoying the silence and trying to get over our orgasms. My hands kept caressing her legs and I couldn't wait to start over, but this time I'd take my time and we'd make love instead of fucking. This time, it would last longer and the orgasms would be even stronger.

And then there would be the next time.

And the next.

And the next one after that...

But we had time, she was home for two whole months.

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Daddy fuck me!

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