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The Deal

Categories True Story

Author: Phillydee60

Published: 11 July 2018

  • Font:

After being divorced for over 10 years, with no intention of ever

getting married again I met the most beautiful, wonderful woman in the

world. It hit me totally by surprise. If she had a flaw, it was that she

had never had any sexual experience and by the time we got married she was

a 40 year old virgin, I was 45. We were both in ministry and our life

together was a storybook.......except for the sex. She just could not get

over the hump and it became very frustrating to me. But because of all the

other wonderful aspects of our lives together I learned to live with it.

Our sexual life together consisted of me rubbing her till she got off and

her jacking me off. Occasionally she would be in the mood for me to lick

her pussy but those times were far and few between, and when it came to

oral sex with me.....that was a no, no. Previous to marrying Christine I

had a very, very active sex life so the change was quite difficult for me.

But now for the story........................

Every other year we would always go on a cruise, we called them the best

all inclusive vacations in the world. We loved everything about them.

Previous to this year, we had been on 6 cruises but this one was very, very

different. It was a seven day to the southern Caribbean, the weather was

spectacular and the seas were calm. It was the second day on the cruise

and Christine was feeling a little under the weather so she said she was

going to our stateroom and lay down for a while and for me to just enjoy

the sun she would be back after a short nap. I was feeling a little hungry

so I walked to the dining room by the pool and got myself a hot dog, some

French fries and Lemonade. As I was sitting enjoying my afternoon snack a

very distinguished gentleman came over with tray in hand and joined me. He

introduced himself as Dr. Rod Stevens. Shortly his wife joined us as well

and he introduced her as Dr. Joyce Stevens, they were a beautifully

couple. He was probably in his fifties, well groomed, well built and very

appealing. His wife was tall and beautiful, dark hair and a body that

wouldn't stop. She looked to be about 10 years younger than him. We

exchanged some small talk for a few minutes when the conversation changed.

You may wonder Darryn why we chose to sit with you? Well, I replied I

really didn't think anything of it. People are so friendly on cruises.

Well we do have a reason. Joyce and I have been in couple's therapy for

over 20 years and our life long goal is to seek out couples who need our

services. Well why did you pick me I answered laughing. It's no laughing

matter Darryn, when couples need help it is serious business. I hate to

tell you Dr. but we don't need any help. We have a wonderful marriage.

Is that so Darryn? Joyce said. Yes it is. I was beginning to get a

little uncomfortable with this conversation. After all, what kind of Dr's

are you anyhow. We are sex therapists. What? I said raising my voice.

Why in the hell would you think we need any help? They looked at each

other and just smiled as Joyce spoke. You see Darryn; the hardest thing

for couples to admit is that their sex life is not what it should be.

That's where sex therapy comes in. We have innovative ways of helping

couples revolutionize their sex lives. By now I was trying to maintain my

composure but my heart was racing. How in the hell did they know there was

a problem with us? At least from my point of view. We have been observing

you and your wife Darryn ever since we boarded and we are across the table

from the two of you at dinner. We have a gift of being able to discern

this type of thing. It's what we do. So Darryn, let me ask you Joyce

cooed, do you and your wife need help in this area? I was speechless, I

actually heard myself start stuttering. Darryn, its ok, there is no shame

in admitting there is an issue Rod said. We only want to help. Just calm

yourself down and tell us your story, everyone has one. As I contemplated

my option; I decided I had two choices, number one, to just get up and walk

away and continue jacking off the rest of my life, OR seek out some help

and maybe it could or would get better. I chose the latter. Ok, I said.

We have been married for 10 years. Christine came from a very straight

laced family and she herself is very straight laced and religious. We are

both in the ministry. Being that she really didn't date much and we didn't

get married till she was 40 she had no experience in sex. When I tried to

teach her she was really resistant and is just happy getting off from being

rubbed and then jacking me off. Anytime I wanted more she would jokingly

ask if I was a sex fiend. Of course I knew she wasn't joking so I just

withdrew not wanting to ever hurt her feeling because she is a wonderful

human being and we love each other dearly. You have no idea how common

this is Darryn, Joyce said, especially among people in ministry. Religious

people have a tendency to be taught from a young child that sex, except for

procreation is of the devil and is not intended for pleasure. Boy did that

hit the nail on the head. These people knew what they were talking about.

So you have encountered situations like this before I asked. About 40% of

our cases Rod answered. Wow was all I could say. So you are probably

wondering by this time Darryn how we can help Joyce said. Well, let's just

say I am curious. Besides I'm not sure Christine would even go for this

because she doesn't think there IS a problem. There is always one who

doesn't; that's why we choose to approach you Darryn. Ok, now I'm curious.

Good they simultaneously laughed. In your case Darryn, Rod said, Christine

doesn't even need to know what's happening. That's the beauty of it.

Through the use of moderate hypnosis, we can alter behavior patterns, and

create a change of attitude and behavior in our patients. Sounds

interesting I said, but we don't have the kind of money needed for therapy

so I'm really going to have to pass. Not so quick Darryn, Joyce replied,

don't jump to conclusions. We haven't asked for money. Then what do you

ask for? Ok Darryn, here's the DEAL. We would ask that for the time left

on this cruise that you would entrust Christine into our care. We will be

together most of the time but there will be times we will want to be alone

with her in order to administer therapy. Now during this time Darryn, you

are not allowed to touch her or have any sexual relations with her. At the

end of the cruise we will turn her back over to you as the sexual partner

you have always longed for and best of all Christine will love it too.

Holy shit I exclaimed, do you know what you are asking? Do you think I'm

nuts? I would never agree to anything like that. You're asking me

permission to touch my wife and to have..........I couldn't finish the

sentence. Joyce and Rod didn't say a word as they just looked at me and

smiled. Well Darryn, Rod said, just go ahead and think about it and let us

know. I'll let you know now. NO, hell NO!!!!! With that they graciously

got up and extending their hands to me, said they were glad to meet me and

to let them know if I had a change of heart.

After they left I just sat there shaking my head in disbelief. Were

these people nuts, did they think I was crazy? Who the hell would ever

agree to anything like this? I decided to go down and check on Christine,

as I entered the room she was be bopping around the room. Looks like

you're feeling better I said. Yes, that little power nap really hit the

spot. Good, well let's see if I can hit a spot too. Mmmmmm she cooed as I

grabbed her, pulled her close to me and kissed her softly and deeply. What

has gotten into you Mister she exclaimed? Just thinking of you makes me

hot I said. I'm glad she said as she took my hand and led me to the bed.

Lying down on the bed, we kissed for about ten minutes when I placed my

hand on her leg and began to rub the inside of it moving ever so slowly

upward. Mmmmmmm she cooed again as I reached her pussy and began to

slightly rub it as she liked. Oh baby she purred, you know how much I like

that. Yes I do baby, I want to make you feel good I said as I took my hand

and placed it in the waistband of her panties and pushed downward. She

raised her butt up off the bed as I pushed them off, over her thighs and

off her legs till they fell on the floor. Immediately she spread her

beautiful thin legs and I continued my ministrations to her pussy. It took

only minutes for her to start convulsing as she was in the troughs of a

climax. Oh honey she mewed as she held her arms tightly around my neck as

she came. Then I attempted to slide my finger inside her. Oh honey,

please don't, you know it hurts when you do that. So I pulled my finger

out and just rubbed her clitty. Finally done, she laid there panting and

content. Would you like me to take care of you honey she asked. Yes baby,

but could I just put my dick inside you. It feels so good to do that. Oh

honey, you know how much it hurts when you do, you are so big. Ok, then

how about just kissing it for me a little. Please baby, you know I don't

like that and you shouldn't either. It's of the devil. I was ready to

blow my stack but I held back and maintained my composure. She fell asleep

in my arms fully satisfied and content while I lay there frustrated and

horny She woke up about an hour later saying we had to get ready for

dinner, so she got up and headed for the shower. Doubtless to say, I used

the time to jack off and get some relief. While jacking off I began to

think about the offer Joyce and Rod made and when I came it almost shot to

the ceiling. What the fuck I thought, am I getting turned on at the

thought of this demented DEAL? Your turn honey Christine yelled from the

shower letting me know the shower was free. Walking in Christine put her

arms around me and kissed me passionately. Thanks honey for that little

treat earlier. You're welcome baby. I love you so much she exclaimed. I

love you too Christine.

Shortly thereafter we made our way to the dining room where we

approached our table. It seemed like our other guests decided to stay

ashore and enjoy the Cayman Islands instead of coming to dinner. Just then

I heard Joyce call out. Darryn, come over and join us, our other guests

decided to stay ashore as well. Christine gave me a quizzical look as I

took her hand and moved toward the table. Christine, this is Joyce and

Rod, I met them this afternoon when you went down to take a nap. Glad to

meet you Christine countered to their greeting. Sit, sit Rod said, we have

a bottle of Champagne, would the two of you like a glass? I looked at

Christine. Yes, that would be nice she replied. With that Rod poured us

all a glass and we toasted. To life, love and the pursuit of happiness

Joyce toasted. Amen, Christine and I replied. Amen indeed Rod countered.

As we ordered, Christine and Joyce chatted girl stuff as Rod and I just did

man talk. It was at this point that Rod looked at me and raised his

eyebrows as if to say, "so"? I looked back and nodded my head yes. He

smiled as he looked over to Joyce and gave her a knowing look. She nodded

in response. Then Rod got up and motioned for me to follow as he announced

he was going to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom I was shaking like a

leaf. Now what I asked Rod as we stood at the urinal relieving our

bladders? Even as we speak Rod said, Joyce is doing her magic. What will

happen I asked? Just watch and go along. There will be a key word to

listen for, when Joyce says the word BEAUTIFUL, Christine will be under.

She will appear normal but will react to things much differently. The word

STUNNING will bring her back out. She will remember everything but will

not react adversely to it. How so I asked? Just observe Darryn. And

remember the DEAL!! Ok I replied. Returning to the table I saw Joyce

leaning into Christine talking to her. I saw Christine shaking her head

yes when we interrupted. The dinners were on the table. Well let's eat up

everyone, the steak look BEAUTIFUL Joyce said. Christine gave a little

shake to her head. I looked over at Joyce and she just smiled. Christine

was telling me what a wonderful life you have together Darryn. Yes we do

Joyce, a storybook life. Everyone laughed. Then Rod reached over and put

his hand on Christine's and rubbed it telling her what wonderful hands she

had. Thank you Rod I heard her whisper. I'll bet you're quite the lay he

snickered. Undaunted, she replied. Well I hope so. Holy shit I thought

to myself. Christine would never be so calm when asked a question like

that. Then Rod took the back of his hand and stroked Christine's cheek,

softly and tenderly. I heard this little mewing sound emanate from her

throat. Rod then returned to eating. After dinner and dessert Joyce

suggested we make our way upstairs to one of the lounges. Do you like to

dance Christine, Joyce asked. Yes, we love to dance Christine answered.

As we passed the Crown lounge the music was playing and we all went in and

joined those were dancing. Christine and I did our usual twirls and moves

as the music played on, and then the band changed to a slow dance. Nothing

was different except for the look in her eyes. May I have this dance

Christine? Rod asked as he extended his hand. She shot me a look and I

nodded...Yes. Rod took her in his arms and began to dance as Joyce and I

joined them on the dance floor. As Joyce and I danced I saw Rod with his

head next to Christine's talking to her. What is he saying Joyce I asked?

He is prepping her Darryn, slowly but surely. Like how? Through

subliminal messages Joyce replied. I'm really nervous about this Joyce. I

know, but hey, you have me. What? You have me Darryn; I'll be your

surrogate for the next few days. My what? Tell me you haven't thought

about fucking me Darryn? I about choked at her words. Well, yes, who

wouldn't? You're beautiful. And you are very handsome. As we looked back

over toward Christine and Rod, he had pulled her very close and was rubbing

his midsection against hers. She was not resisting in the least as he

nibbled on her neck. My cock was getting hard just watching this erotic

scene. Joyce smiled at me as she moved her midsection to mine and rubbed.

Did you want to go somewhere or just stay and watch she cooed? For now I

would just like to stay and watch I said. That's ok; it's always a little

mesmerizing for the man the first time. Just so you know, in Christine's

current state, she is not aware of anyone else in the room but Rod. The

music ended and Rod took Christine by the hand and they walked over and sat

down at a booth with a table in front of it, in a darkened area of the

lounge. It was kind of hard to see them so Joyce took my hand and we

walked a little closer and sat down where we had a good vantage point and

could see them clearly. I couldn't believe that Christine didn't know

anyone else was in the room. He had ordered them a drink and they were

sipping on them as he continued to whisper in her ear. It seemed strange

to me to see how Christine was fidgeting in her seat at he talked to her.

Then I saw him move his right hand and place it on her left knee. Then

slowly he began to gather the material of her dress in his hand as it was

down to her calf. They just continued to talk and she was unfazed by what

was happening. That's when I felt Joyce reach over and put her hand on my

crotch and start massaging my cock. Whispering in my ear she went on to

say what a nice cock I had and how she was going to enjoy it. But I was

too caught up in what was happening that it didn't sink in. When Rod had

gathered the material up to her knee he then took his hand and placed it on

the inside of her bare knee and began kneading it slowly moving his hand

upward. He said something to her and I watched in disbelief as she spread

her knees slightly. By now I had a raging hard on as I watched the scene

before me unfold. Rod was halfway up the inside of her left leg when he

whispered something to her and she moved her left hand to his knee on this

right leg. Shit Joyce I quipped. Shit for sure Darryn. Is he going to? I

couldn't get the words out. Is he going to fuck her Darryn, is that what

you want to know? I nodded my head YES. Not tonight. There is a ways to

go yet. You want her complete when we send her back, right Darryn? With

that I began to cum in my pants. It was just too much for me to handle.

The wetness on my trousers seeped through and Joyce rubbed her finger over

the wet spot and brought her finger up to her mouth and licked it. I'll be

looking forward to getting some of that "first hand" she said. Then I saw

Rod's hand disappear between Christine's legs and come to rest on her

pussy. I watched as she gasped and her mouth made a little "O" as I'm sure

she was feeling the full effect of his hand. Then I saw her butt start to

move back and forth as he kissed her on the neck and rubbed her hot little

treasure. I watched as she took her left hand and move it to the elbow of

the arm that was rubbing her and she closed her eyes and pursed her lips

real tight. I knew she was cumming. Is she going to remember this I asked

Joyce. Yes she will but she won't react to it. She has been conditioned.

When Christine finally came back down to earth, her breathing was labored

and she had stopped fidgeting. Joyce seeing the same thing as I did took

my hand and we walked over to the booth and sat down beside them. Now Rod,

I have to say, that was STUNNING! With that Christine did a little head

shake and just quizzically looked around at all of us.

Are you ready to call it a night Christine I asked? Sure honey, I'm

feeling kind of tired. Joyce and Rod smiled as they hugged us and we left

and headed to our stateroom. In our stateroom we got undressed and as we

were getting ready for bed I noticed that Christine's panties were soaked.

God Christine, your panties are soaking wet. How do you think they got

that way? I guess it was when Rod was rubbing me she said as matter of

fact. I about swallowed my tongue. I wanted to dive in and suck her pussy

so bad about now but I remembered the DEAL.

We both slept well that night and in the morning Christine acted as if

nothing ever happened as we got ready to go on our excursion. Once ashore

we boarded the bus that was going to take us a tour of the island. As

fate, luck or whatever you want to call it would have it, Joyce and Rod was

on the bus as well. Greeting them you would never know anything happened

the night before. Christine acted as normal as normal goes. Her and Joyce

talked all day and Darryn and I talked, never once bringing up the

incident. At one point Christine stated what nice people they were and she

was looking forward to spending time with them tonight as they had invited

us to their suite after dinner for games and drinks.

Upon our early return to the ship we all got changed and met on the sun

deck for some sun and relaxation. Joyce opted out early as she has a spa

appointment. A little later Christine said she was going to our stateroom

for a nap and she would see me when I came down to get ready for dinner.

She no sooner left than Rod got up and told me to follow him. I looked at

him quizzically and he just laughed. Follow me shithead and watch what I

do to your wife. I was visibly shaking as I followed him into the elevator

and then on the floor where our stateroom was. He motioned for me to stand

to the side as he knocked on my door. I heard Christine say, "who is it"

and Rod said, it's Rod. I then saw the door open slightly as she spoke to

him through the crack. That's when I heard Rod say, I want to talk to you.

I heard the door close and the latch being undone and then the door opened.

As Rod proceeded to go through the door he motioned to me to grab it so it

didn't close. As I grabbed the door and opened it enough to look in and

see Rob standing there facing the door and Christine had her back to the

door still in her bathing suit. What is it you want Rod, Christine asked?

He then reached out and took one of her hands and pulling it up to his face

he kissed it. She pulled her hand away quickly and asked. What are you

doing Rod? Just kissing a BEAUTIFUL ladies hand Rod answered. Then I saw

as Christine shook her head and Rod just looked over her shoulder and

smiled at me. I then remembered the night before when Joyce told me that

when she was in that state that the only person she saw in the room was the

person right in front of her, so I stepped in closing the door behind me as

I saw Rod reach out and grab Christine's hand, pull it up to his face and

kiss it again. This time she did not question it. My cock rose to

attention. Then I heard him say. I'm going to kiss you now Christine and

when I do you will wrap your arms around my neck and kiss me back until I

break the kiss. With that he moved in, placed his lips on hers and began

to kiss her. Immediately her hands went around his neck and she began

kissing him back. With both hands on her hips he moved his hands downward

toward her waist and let them come to rest on her two piece bathing suit

bottoms. Still kissing him he proceeded to put his fingers inside the

waistband of her suit bottoms and push. I saw her jerk but never removed

her lips from his as he pushed gently till they were completely off her ass

showing her cute little ass crack for me to see. He continued to push till

they hit the floor and she stepped out of them. However, when he placed

his hand between her legs and started to rub she began to protest in his

mouth. Mmmmmmm she protested as he rubbed and then her legs started to

buckle and give away. Rob then reached down and lifted her up in his arms

and walked toward the bed. No Rod I heard her say, we can't do this.

Please. Yes Christine, we CAN do this and we WILL he said as he laid her

down on the bed with her butt on the end and her legs on the floor. I saw

her look him directly in the face as he kneeled down in front of her, took

her legs and placed them on his shoulders. Then putting both his hands

under her ass he lifted and at the same time moved his head forward and

placed his mouth directly on her pussy. Her eyes rolled back in her head

as I heard her moan. Oh gawddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd. By now Rod

was vigorously licking her from her ass hole to her clitty, never letting

up for a moment. Her legs were pressing down hard on his shoulders as she

lifted her ass up and down to the rhythm of his licking. Oh

gawdddddddddddd she screamed, oh gawddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

as her climax totally and unconditionally consumed her from head to toe.

By the time her climax has subsided she was weeping like a baby. Oh my

gawd, oh my gawd, oh my gawd was all she could say. Then Rod stood up,

took her bottoms and put them back on her and lifted her off the bed and

back into the position she was in when it all started. He motioned for me

to go open the door and be ready to leave. When I reached the door I heard

him say that she was STUNNING and her head snapped and he said, so we will

see you at dinner? Yes, see you then she said as he walked past her and

followed me thought the door. Looking at me he just smiled. I then took

my key and walked into our stateroom as Christine was standing there

quietly. What's up babe? I said as I leaned over and kissed her. I just

saw Rod leave, what did he want? Quizzically she looked at me and said. I

think he just came to eat my pussy. That's nice I said nonchalantly as I

walked passed her shaking my head. I was so horny I couldn't wait to get

in the shower so I could jack off.

All the couples were at their appropriate table tonight so we took our

place at ours. We did however go over and greet Joyce and Rod and confirm

that we were going to their suite after dinner. Dinner was nice,

uneventful, as we got to know the people at our table better. I couldn't

help however, looking over at Joyce and Rod's table occasionally to see

what they were doing. Joyce was so gorgeous; tonight she had her hair down

and was wearing a knee length dress. Her high heels just accentuated her

thin shapely calves. She was surely a looker and to think I was going to

be with her. For the first time the thought of this caused me to begin

getting erect. As dinner came to a conclusion everyone started to file out

to go to the late show, but Christine and I made our way over to Joyce and

Rod's table and greeted them after the other guests had left. Well I guess

we can make our way upstairs to our suite Joyce stated. Sounds good I

heard myself say. Christine and I followed Joyce and Rod into the elevator

as we held hands chatted. Finally we arrived and the elevator opened and

we made our way down the hallway as Rod put his key into the door and

opened it. God, it was a beautiful suite. Two Queen beds, a bar a

balcony, and a dining room table to go with the galley kitchen. Wow, so

this is how the other half lives I quipped. Everyone laughed. How about a

glass of Zinfandel for everyone Rod said. Sure we all responded. Does

anyone know the game, Pass the Pig? Christine and I were all too familiar

with the game so we all sat down at the table and played what can only be

described as a "mindless" game, it is a scream and hilarious. The first

one to reach 100 point wins and Joyce was the winner. Then Rod asked if we

would be up for a game of "Truth or Dare". This was a game that we were

NOT familiar with but we went along and said yes. Rod then explained the

rules to us. Each person took a turn at being the "caller". The caller

would then pick a person who would accept a "truth or dare", this occurred

by the person picking a lot from a bowl with "truth or dare" on it. The

caller would then decide the question for "truth" or the challenge for

"dare". Everyone had to agree to be good sports and do as they were told

by the caller. I could see that Christine was a little nervous but none

the less she went along. All four people would toss the dice and the

person with the highest score would be the first caller then it would go

clockwise around the room. So after pouring all of us another glass or

wine we took turns tossing the dice. Rod was first and tossed a 5; I was

second and tossed a 3; Joyce was third and tossed a 7; Christine was last

and tossed a 6. So the game started. Joyce chose me and I picked a

"truth" from the bowl. Darryn, have you ever been unfaithful to Christine

she asked? Definitely not I replied. The turn then went to Rod sitting on

the left of Joyce. Rod chose Christine and she picked a "dare". Christine

I dare you to kiss Darryn for 15 seconds. Christine smiled as she leaned

over and kissed me sweetly as Rod counted out the seconds. The turn then

went to Christine and she chose Joyce, and she picked a "truth". What is

the craziest thing you and Rod have ever done Christine asked? Well Joyce

thought, it would have been on one of our cruises, Rod and I made love at

the back of the ship in a lounge chair at midnight. Everyone howled,

Christine however blushed and started to fidget. It was then my turn and I

picked Rod. He picked a "dare". Rod, I dare you to kiss your wife and

feel her up for 20 seconds. What? Christine protested, what kind of a

game is this? Joyce then answered by saying, it is a game that only

BEAUTIFUL people play. Christine shook her head and replied. Oh ok, I was

just wondering. We all smiled. With that Rod leaned over and kissed his

wife while rubbing her breast through the thin material of the of the sun

dress that covered it. I counted out 20 seconds and at the end Joyce

quipped, we have to stop so soon? Everyone laughed. Joyce picked

Christine this time and she picked a "dare". My cock started to stir.

Christine I dare you to kiss Rod for 30 seconds. Christine blushed as Rod

leaned over and placed his mouth on hers and kissed her tenderly as Joyce

counted out the 30 seconds. At the end of the time Rod pulled away and

Christine was breathing heavily. Rod then chose me and I also picked a

"dare". Darryn, I dare you to kiss Joyce and feel her up for 20 seconds.

Ohhhhhhhh Joyce laughed. Christine just sat there, no reaction. I leaned

over as I pressed my lips to Joyce's and at the same time I placed my hand

on her left breast and massaged it. When the time was up Joyce said, very

nice Darryn. What do you think Christine? Christine just replied, yes it

was very nice. Christine chose Joyce and she picked a "truth". Have you

ever had an affair since you have been married to Rod? Blushing Joyce

answered. Yes. And Rod knew about it, right Rod? Yes Rod replied. And

you were ok with it Rod, Christine asked. You only get one question Rod

said as the turn went to me. I chose Rod and he picked a "truth". Rod,

what is your favorite sexual position? Christine gasped when I asked the

question but did not say anything. Rod and Joyce smiled. Well to be

truthful Darryn I love fucking doggie style. Woot, woot Joyce laughed.

Joyce then chose Christine and she picked a "truth". So Christine, do you

like to fuck doggie style? Christine choked at the question, but I already

knew the answer. We have never done it that way Christine whispered so I

wouldn't know. Joyce just smiled. Rod picked me and I also picked a

"truth". Darryn, would you like to fuck Christine doggie style? Christine

started to get really uncomfortable as I answered......damn right I would.

Christine then chose Joyce and she picked a "truth" Joyce, doesn't it hurt

in that position? I was shocked at her question. Actually NO Christine,

when you get used to it there is nothing that compares with how deep the

man can get and how full you feel. It became very quiet in the room.

Everyone was watching Christine's reaction. She blushed. I chose Rod and

he also picked a "truth. We were on a roll with the truths. Rod, do you

like to perform oral sex on Joyce? Christine gasped at my question. Boy,

do I ever Rod replied. Her pussy is sweet as can be. Everyone laughed.

Joyce picked Rod and he chose a "dare", about time I thought. Rod, I dare

you to come over here and lick my pussy for 30 seconds. Absolutely my

darling, my pleasure he said as Joyce turned in her chair and spread her

legs. Rod fell to his knees, pushed her dress up, pulled her panties aside

and proceeded to lick her pussy as she counted, very, very slowly to 30.

How was that my darling, Rod asked. It was wonderful Joyce swooned. I

loveeeeeeeeee your tongue. After that dare, the room took on a whole new

atmosphere as Rod chose me and I picked a "dare". Darryn, I dare YOU to

kiss Joyce's pussy for 20 seconds. Noooooo I heard Christine whisper as I

stood up and walked over to Joyce. Falling to my knees I replicated what

Rod had just done as he counted to 20. Wow Joyce quipped as I finished.

Christine is really lucky to have someone like you who has such a wonderful

tongue. Christine gasped again. Christine hesitated this time and did not

pick anyone. What's wrong Christine? Joyce asked. I don't want to play

this game anymore she whispered? Why not Joyce asked? I, I, I, just

don't' want to. Sorry Rod cut in, you agreed to the rules before the game

started. There is no coping out he said sternly. Christine was a little

taken back by his reply. Pick someone Rod said. She picked me and I chose

a "truth". Christine's voice cracked as she asked, do you like doing that

to me Darryn? Yes I do Christine, I just wish I could do it more often.

Wh...wh...what? She stammered. You don't let me do it most of the time

Christine, I love kissing and licking your pussy. Well ok then Joyce

laughed as I chose Christine and she picked a "dare". At this point I

said, fuck it, I was going for it. Christine I dare you to let me lick

your pussy for 20 seconds. Darryn she said, shocked at my request. But

then Rod looked over at me and said, the Deal Darryn. Oh I forgot I said.

Ok then, Rod, I dare YOU to lick Christine's pussy. Shocked at the dare,

Christine started to get up off the chair but Rod put his hand on her

shoulders and pushed her back down. Christine's eyes got big as saucers as

Rod proceeded to fall to his knees, as he pulled her dress up. Looking up

at her he said, spread em Christine. Obediently she moved her legs apart

as Rod lowered his head and I heard Christine gasp when he made contact

with her pussy and began to lick. No one was counting as he licked her

clit hard and she began to moan as her eyes rolled back into her head and

she grabbed hold of the table. Then he put his hand under her legs and

pulled them up as he turned up the heat and she began to cum.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she moaned as Rod expertly manipulated her clit

with his tongue. Oh gawdddddddddddddddd she screamed as he continued to

lick and she continued to cum. After two climaxes Rod stood to his feet

and returned to his chair and sat down. Well that was nice Joyce laughed

as she chose Christine again and she picked a "dare" There was a panicked

look on her face as Joyce said, take your panties OFF Christine and give

them to Rod. Hands shaking I watched as Christine reached under her dress

and wiggled her ass as she removed her panties and handed them to Rod.

Thank you Christine he laughed. I will cherish them. The turn went to Rod

and he chose his wife she also picked a "dare". Take YOUR panties off

Joyce and give them to Darryn. Standing up she simulated a strip tease and

pushed her panties down off her ass, past her knees until then hit the

floor. Then she reached down, picked them up and handed them to Darryn.

Realizing it was her turn Christine whispered, Rod, take YOUR pants off.

Christine, I didn't even pick a truth or dare yet. Oh,oh I'm sorry she

apologized. That's ok Rod laughed, I'll do your bidding. With that he

stood up, unbuckled his trousers and let them fall to the ground.

Surprisingly he was not wearing underwear and as his pants fell his cock

came into full view. Immediately as it was my turn and before Rod had a

chance to sit down I said. Christine, reach over and touch Rod's dick and

stroke it for 20 seconds. Tentatively she reached over and cautiously took

Rod's dick in her hand and began to slowly stroke it, when she did it began

to get erect. Without hesitation Joyce said, lean over and kiss it

Christine. Christine began to nod her head no as she continued to stroke

Rod's now fully erect dick. Did you hear me Christine? Joyce said

sternly. Lean over and kiss the damn thing. I knew that Christine had

NEVER kissed a dick before so you can imagine my surprise when she leaned

over, placed her lips on the head of his dick and kissed it. By now MY

dick was hard as a rock. Open your mouth Rod commanded as he exercised his

turn. Surprisingly again, she opened her mouth and when she did Rod put

his hand behind her head and pulled it forward. She just sat there not

knowing what to do next. So skipping Christine's turn I immediately took

the lead and said, start sucking it like a lollypop. I watched as her

cheeks began to inflate and deflate and I knew she was sucking Rod's dick.

Rod then began to move his hips back and forth as he held her head and she

continued to suck. Open a little wider Christine, Joyce said. She did and

when she did Rod pushed and half his 10" dick disappeared in her mouth. I

heard a slight choking sound when Rod said, breath through your nose

Christine. By this time Rod had established a rhythm as he methodically

moved in and out of her mouth and I could hear her slurping as she sucked.

Taking her head in both hands Rod announced that he was ready to cum and

she was NOT to take her mouth off of him but swallow every drop. The look

of panic in her eyes was priceless. I watched as Rod began to shake and he

started unloading his balls in her mouth. She was struggling to swallow it

all and his cum started to run out the sides of her mouth and out her nose.

Her eyes were watering and it took all she had to not choke. Finally being

finished Rod removed his dick from her mouth and she gasped for air as she

struggled to get enough air in her lungs to breath normally. My cock was

hard as a rock and I was surprised when Joyce got up came over got on her

knees unzipped my pants took my cock out looked up at me and said, what's

good for the goose, lowered her head and took my whole cock to the hilt.

She then reached up and began rubbing my balls and it was over. I began to

explode in her mouth as her head continued to bob up and down on my cock.

But unlike Christine she never lost a drop. She expertly swallowed every

drop. I finally finished as she stroked my cock and removed her mouth and

looking up at me with a smile on her face and said, yum, yum. Then

everyone returned to their seats. Well, where were we Joyce smirked. Her

and Rod started to laugh and I didn't know why but they were looking at

Christine, as I looked over I saw their amusement. Christine still had a

gob of Rod's cum on her chin that she had not wiped off yet. Wipe it off

Darryn and while you're at it, taste it Joyce said. Fuck you I said, you

taste it. Darryn, don't talk like that Christine replied. Then maybe

Christine should be the one to finish it off Rod said as he reached over,

took his finger and scooped up the last gob of his cum and slid it into

Christine's mouth. You see how much SHE likes it Darryn? Rod then stood

up, took Christine by the hand and led her over to the bed. Lay down

Christine he commanded, and lift those legs up in the air and spread them.

Christine obediently lay down, hiked her dress up over her knees lifted her

legs in the air and spread them nice and wide. Holy fuck I said out loud,

this can't be my wife. She would never do anything like that, not as prim

and proper as she is. You think she's prim and proper do you Darryn?

Watch this. With cock in hand Rod moved toward the bed where Christine was

and as he reached her he took his cock and rubbed it up and down her slit.

Ohhhhhh she moaned. See Rod, she likes the way it feels. Don't you

Christine? Yesssss she hissed. What do you think Joyce should I make a

real women out of her? Why not Rod, you're dying to fuck her. Yes I am,

and the bonus is that Darryn is here to witness it. My cock was hard again

as I stood there open mouthed watching the scene unfold in front of me.

Christine has NEVER let me put my cock in her; she said she was too small

and that when I tried on our honeymoon it hurt too badly. She had tried

things over the years to try and stretch herself but her muscles were so

atrophied, having been a virgin for so long, that they would not open up

enough to take me inside. Now here was a dude with a bigger cock than me,

he would NEVER get inside of her, she will scream like a banshee Indian I

thought. Rod had now stopped sliding his cock up and down her slit and was

standing still with the head at the entrance of her tight, nearly, virgin

hole. Then slowly and methodically Rod began to push, when he did, her

legs started to quiver and she started to grunt. That hurts she cried; but

she never took her hands off of her legs as they stayed raised and spread.

No it doesn't Christine he said as he stopped about half way in and just

started to pull out and slid back in, slowly and gently. Christine's legs

stopped shaking and she started to breath heavy and I watched as her belly

was heaving up and down while Rob continued his ministrations inside her.

Then Rod told her to let loose of her legs and he took them and put her

feet on his shoulders. Then his ass tightened and he moved his hips and

the other remaining five inches of his big cock slid all the way into her

as his balls came to rest on her ass. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she

protested, that hurts, please take it out she begged. No way Christine,

your pussy will adjust, trust me. Nooooooo please. Come on Rod, stop

hurting her I said as I moved toward him. Shut the fuck up Darryn, you

have no idea of what she can or can't do. You just watch and learn. I

felt Joyce behind me as she took hold of my arm and told me to trust them.

After about 3 minutes, Christine breathing had returned to normal and it

looked like she was relaxing. On that note Rod began to slowly pull out

and then push back in, each time he did so Christine grunted. He was not

about to let up as he continued to push and pull his big cock in and out of

her. Joyce came in behind me and reaching around took hold of my cock and

started slowly stroking it. By now my balls were so tight I thought they

were going to explode. I watched as Rod now became more aggressive as he

would pull out and then push harder as he reentered her. I watched

Christine's little ass begin to wiggle and tighten up each time Rod pushed

inside her. All I could think of was that I couldn't wait to get her home

and fuck her brains out. Ten years of frustration and now, finally, I was

going to get what I always wanted. I then became aware of Joyce leading me

over to the bed where she laid me down with my head where Rod was screwing

Christine so I could continue seeing the show as Joyce mounted me and

positioned my cock at her pussy and sat down on my lap. Shit, what a tight

pussy she had I thought. Then she leaned over and kissed me as she began

to move up and down on my cock. I turned my head and saw Christine's ass

begin to heave up and down on the bed as Rod pushed harder and faster and I

hardly recognized the guttural sounds coming from her mouth. Then I heard

Christine begin to moan. Oh gawd, oh gawd, o gawd I'm

cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming. Rob began fucking her harder as he also began to

moan and I knew he was ready to unload inside her. Joyce had picked up

speed as she fucked me hard and aggressively. Just then I heard Rod yell,

oh fuck he screamed. Christine responded with an "oh fuck" of her own and

I began to explode in Joyce while at the same time Joyce's climax hit her

hard and heavy. We were all screaming as our climaxes went on for what

seemed like hours, but in reality was only a minute or two. Rod has

stopped moving by now but Christine was crying and was moving her ass

toward him, shit she wants more I squealed. She wants fucking more. Do I

give it to her Darryn? Do I? Yes I panted. Yes. Tell me Darryn, tell me

what you want me to do to her? Fuck her Rod, fuck her little prissy ass

off I yelled. Rod reached down and took hold of her ass and lifted it up,

and then he pushed hard and bottomed out in one fail swoop. He began

fucking her. Is this what you want Darryn? Yes I replied. Is this what

you want Christine? Ug, ug, ug, ug yessssssssssssssssssss she screamed.

And then I heard the words that I NEVER thought would ever emanate from her

mouth. Oh FUCK ME ROD she screamed. FUCK


fucked her silly, I didn't know how she was doing it but I really didn't

care. Then she started to scream as another climax engulfed her entire

being. By now Rod had stretched himself over Christine and was kissing

her. She had her legs wrapped around him and was digging her heels into his

ass as she was straining and grunting to get as much out of this climax as

she could. Finally it was over. Christine's legs fell apart and onto the

bed as Rod strained to get up. There she laid, legs splayed open like a

two bit whore, her body still shaking as little tremors hit her

sporadically. Rod then climbed onto the bed and positioned himself behind

his wife as she was still leaned over with her head in the nap of my neck.

She grunted and I knew he had entered her. I reached up and held her waist

still as Rod plummeted in and out. Each time he would bottom out she would

lose her breath; she would catch it again when he pulled out. He fucked

her relentlessly for about 10 minutes when she started to shake all over,

her face became beet red and she stopped breathing momentarily. And then

it hit her. She gave out a blood curling scream that about broke my ear

drum. The louder she screamed the harder he fucked her. Her beautiful

face became so contorted that I hardly recognized her. Then I heard Rod

grunt and when he started to unload in her she went nuts. She had her arms

so tight around my neck I thought she would break it. I could feel Rod's

cum flowing out of her pussy and dripping down onto my cock and balls.

Then they were done. My gawd Joyce laughed, what the hell was that? Rod

returned the laugh, you got me, I can't ever remember having such an

intense orgasm he quipped. Me either Joyce laughed. You ok Darryn? I

think so. A little smashed but ok. They both laughed. Christine must

have either passed out or had fallen asleep cause she was breathing calmly

but was still laying there with her legs splayed with what looked like a

quart of cum running out of her vagina and onto the bed sheets. Well

Darryn, Rod quipped. Are you a believer yet? I believe I panted, I

believe. We all fell asleep. I was the first to wake up as the sun came

through the balcony at 6am. It was going to be beautiful for our last day

in the Caribbean. By now everyone else had awaken except for Christine.

Finally she stirred and sat upon the side of the bed just rubbing her eyes

and licking her dry lips. I walked over and sat down beside her and Rod

and Joyce headed for the shower, but not before Joyce called out to

Christine saying, you look STUNNING this morning my dear. Christine and I

got dressed and left the suite for our stateroom where we proceeded to take

a long shower and get our suits on for a fun day at sea. We were the first

to arrive at breakfast. Joyce and Rod joined us shortly after that as they

sat down and acted as if nothing had ever happened. We engaged in small

talk till we were through and then made our way to the sun deck and sat

down on our beach chairs.

The day was uneventful, I was dying to talk about what happened last

night but the silence regarding the subject was deafening. So doing my

best to contain myself I just relaxed and slept the afternoon away as did

everyone else. The afternoon sped by and it was time to wrap it up and get

ready for dinner so we could enjoy our last night of the cruise. We

enjoyed steak and lobster tail at dinner and afterwards took in the last

night finale of the stage show, it was spectacular. We were all walking

toward our favorite lounge when Rod and Joyce took Christine's hands in

theirs and headed toward the elevator. Where are we going I said? WE are

not going anywhere Darryn, Rod snapped. But Joyce, Christine and I are

going to our suite for a drink. Right Christine? Yes she cooed. We will

send her back to you later Joyce jeered. It didn't look like they had

hypnotized Christine as she was very much herself and I was shocked that

she did not protest and demand that I come along. As they got in the glass

elevator I got a glimpse of Joyce leaning over and kissing Christine

directly on the lips. Rod has his hand on her ass and was rubbing it. I

made my way to the lounge and got myself a drink and listened to the music

till 1am and then headed back to our stateroom. Christine was not there. I

lay on the bed just commiserating about everything that happened the last

two days when I heard a soft knock on the door. I jumped up and opened it

and there stood Christine, disheveled as hell. Her perfect lipstick was

all smudged and her perfect little dress was all wrinkled, she had her

shoes in her hand and she was barefoot. What the hell I said? Christine

just walked by me and went over and sat on the bed. Are you OK I yelled?

Yes, I'm OK Darryn, just a little weak and tired. Well you sure as hell

look like it I snipped. What happened up there tonight? Christine just

took a deep breath. What happened I pushed again? Well she began; Joyce

and Rod said I need to tell you EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING? What the hell is

EVERYTHING? Well I'm going to tell you Darryn, don't interrupt me. Ok I

said as I tried to calm down and I sat down beside her.

Taking a deep breath Christine began relating the happenings of earlier

this evening. First of all Darryn I just want to say that I just don't

know what has come over me. I feel like a completely different person. I

know the sexual challenges we have had in the past and I know how

frustrated you have been over the last 10 years, but you do know that I

love you right? Right Christine I replied waiting for the other shoe to

drop. But over the last few days it's like I have been in a fog or a semi

fog, some of what I remember and a lot of what I don't. I'm hoping

sometime in the near future you can fill in those blanks. I'll sure try

honey. Well last night at the finale of the stage show as I was sitting

beside Joyce she was talking to me about how beautiful I looked tonight.

Then she began to tell me how sexy I was and how lucky you were to have me

as your beautiful wife. At that point I really began to feel warm all over

and I felt like I was on pins and needles. She was saying some other

things but I couldn't fully comprehend what she was saying. Something

about how far I had come in the last two days and something about being

submissive, and how my attitude is changing about sex, etc, etc. Then I

began to get these flashbacks and I felt Joyce rubbing my hand as she

talked to me. It was like I was watching myself doing some pretty intense

things. Like what Christine, explain. Christine began to blush. Well

Darryn, it was like, well, you know, it was like a,a,a having sex. WHAT I

said yelled, acting shocked. I know, its crazy Darryn. Anyhow she said

that after the show I was to accompany her and Rod back to their room where

I would get my final test. I asked what test. She just laughed. I asked

her if you were coming too and she said NO, it would just be the three of

us. I asked why not and she said because I said NO. Darryn, I didn't even

protest, I don't know why but I just listened to what she said. By this

time my cock was beginning to get hard cause I could only imagine what was

coming next. With everything in me Darryn I wanted to say NO, that I was

going back to my cabin with you, but for some strange reason I just

couldn't say the words. Instead I said, OK, if you say so. What do you

mean you couldn't say the words? Well I knew in my head what I wanted to

say but I couldn't get my mouth to speak the words. This was amazing I

thought. She was not hypnotized but yet she was under some kind of control

where she would be submissive to what she was told, saying YES when she

really wanted to say NO. Go on Christine I anxiously said. Well after the

show as we were walking back to our lounge Joyce took hold of my hand and

then Rod took hold of the other one and began to walk me toward the

elevator. When you said where are WE going I wanted to tell them I wasn't

going without you, but no words would come out. As soon as we got into the

elevator Rod put his hand on my butt and began to rub it while Joyce kissed

me on the lips. As soon as she broke the kiss I wanted to tell her not to

do that again cause I didn't like it, but just as I was getting ready to

say it she took her hand and put it up my dress and took hold of me between

my legs. She grabbed your pussy? Yes, but I would prefer to call it my

kitty, you know that Darryn, pussy is so crass. I snickered as I

remembered the night before and how she was screaming to get fucked.

Anyhow I went along. As she continued to rub me my legs got like real weak

and started to give out under me. Rod then put his arm around me to steady

me. Then the elevator opened and he held on to me as we walked down to

their suite. What's going on I asked, I'm feeling really weird. Nothing

my Dear, you're just relaxed that all and you are ready to do our bidding.

Whatever we ask Christine. Do you understand? Not really wanting to I

said YES, I understand. I was a little confused at what he said but I

didn't challenge it. We got to the door of their suite and went inside,

the door shut hard behind us. I could see the full moon shining through

the balcony and it lit up the room because they didn't turn any lights on.

Christine, undress us Joyce said. Wh wh, what I answered. Undress us, and

undress us now. It's like I couldn't help myself Darryn, I walked over to

Joyce and started to undress her. I unbuttoned her blouse and rolled it

down over her arms then I unsnapped her bra, I actually thought to myself

what pretty breasts she had. Then I reached down and unzipped her skirt

and it fell to the ground. She stepped out of it still in her black patent

leather high heels. She was just standing there in her black bikini

underwear. I looked up at her and she nodded her head, and I just

instinctively knew she wanted me to take them off. I put my thumbs in the

waistband of her panties and began to push them down off her hips. She

wiggled as they proceeded down her thighs, over her knees and like the

skirt, just fell to the floor. Stepping out of them she was totally naked

expect for the high heels. She then took one step outward with each foot

and told me to rub her. I'm telling you honestly Darryn, I didn't want to

do it, but I couldn't stop my hand from moving between her legs and begin

rubbing her back and forth.

Holy fuck I said to myself, my cock was like a steel rod and I felt like

I was ready to cum with no stimulation. I moved closer to Christine and

put my arm around her and pulled her close. Then I leaned over and kissed

her on the neck and she cooed. That feels wonderful honey. Tell me more I

said. Well Joyce got all wet and gooey between her legs and I could feel

myself getting warm as well. Then Rod spoke up and told me to come over

and undress him now. When I walked over to him he took his hand and

grabbed hold of my hand and directed it to my mouth and he told me to open

wide. When I did he slid my fingers in and told me to suck. Then he said.

You do love the taste of pussy, don't you Christine? Yes I heard myself

mutter. Good. Now undress me. I unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, I

thought to myself what a big hairy chest he had and how strong he looked.

Then I unbuttoned his pants and pulled the belt out and his pants fell to

the floor and he stepped out of them. Looking down I saw he had on boxer

shorts and to my amazement there was this big tent in them. I must have

looked up at him funny cause he laughed and told me to get on my knees and

take them down. I went to my knees and as I pulled them down his big thing

popped out like a spring, as a matter of fact it kind of startled me. But

I continued with his boxers till they hit the floor and he stepped out of

them as well. Now both Rod and Joyce were naked. Rod then took my head in

both hands and told me to open my mouth. I did and he then shoved his big

thing in my mouth. It's not a thing Christine, for shit sakes call it what

it is, a dick or cock. Ok his dick Christine replied. Then he started

moving his hips back and forth telling me to suck him like I did last

night. I didn't know what he was talking about but I began to suck him like

he wanted. Joyce then walked over and took my right hand and put it

between her legs and began to move her hips back and forth so my hand was

rubbing her. Rod then told me to stand up. When I did he unbuttoned my

blouse and took it off and threw it across the room. Then he reached

around me and unsnapped my bra and let it fall. I felt so embarrassed

because I knew my breasts were nowhere as big and nice as Joyce's. That

really didn't seem to matter much to him because he reached out and started

to fondle both of them. Little bolts of electricity shot through my body

as he rubbed and tweaked the nipple.

About this time I was ready to explode. I reached over and unbuttoned

Christine's blouse and took it off, she didn't resist as I then removed her

bra and started to rub and tweak her nipples. Ohhhhh she cooed as I rubbed

and fondled them. Go ahead Christine, continue I said.

Well then he reached down and unzipped my skirt and pushed it off my

hips and it fell to the ground. What pretty white silk panties you have on

he said. Why don't you take them off? So I reached down and wiggled out

of them, as they fell to the floor I stepped out of them. Then he told me

what a beautiful vagina I had as he reached out and put his hand between my

legs, that's when I felt Joyce come up behind me and cup my breast with her

hand and start kissing me on my neck. Rod then leaned into me and placed

his lips on mine and started kissing me.

Christine's nipples were getting hard as rocks as I played with them,

then I moved my hand down her belly onto her lap, down her skirt till I

reached the bottom of it and proceeded to move my hand up inside it till I

reached her pussy. To my surprise she had no panties on. Where in the

hell are your panties Christine I asked? Rod told me I was not allowed to

wear them till I got home. The rotten prick I whispered under my breath.

Go ahead, continue.

Joyce then knelt down between us and told me to spread my legs. When I

did, she took turns sucking on Rod's dick and rubbing and licking my pussy.

I had begun rubbing Christine's pussy vigorously as she talked and I

could hear her breath becoming labored and raspy.

Oh Darryn, that feels so good she cooed. Then I did what up to this

point I had never done before. I slid my middle finger all the way inside

her. She took a deep breath as she opened her legs more for me to have

better access. Once inside her pussy I could feel it was drenched, I

imagined it was probably full of Rod's cum. But it was sure well

lubricated and my finger slid in and out easily. I was so fucking horny at

this point I thought I would explode any second.

Kissing her on the side of the neck I told her to continue.

As Joyce continued to kiss me there. Where Christine, for shit sake,

say it. Ok Darryn, as she kissed and licked my pussy. I could feel myself

getting very close to a climax. But just when I was ready she removed her

mouth from between my legs. She must have sensed me wondering why she

stopped because she smiled and said. That was just round one. That's when

Rod took my hand and led me to the bed. Lay down our sweet, sweet

Christine. Isn't she gorgeous Joyce? Yes she is Rod. Then Joyce got onto

the bed as well and told me to get into the 69 position. I wasn't familiar

with what that was but Joyce showed me. So I straddled her body with my

butt right at her face, she then put her hands on my waist and pulled me

into position as she started licking me. Then spreading her legs she told

me to do the same thing to her. So I leaned down and began to lick her. I

was shocked at how nice she smelled. It was nothing like I had imagined it

might be.

By now I was taking Christine's skirt off and shucked it across the

room. I scooted up onto the bed and pulled Christine with me as we laid our

heads on the pillows. Then I leaned my head down between her legs and

started to eat her pussy, I was right, it was Rod's cum inside of her, but

I didn't care, I just wanted to eat her. I was licking for all I was worth

when her hips came up off the bed and she let out a blood curling moan as

everything inside of her came gushing out, Rod's cum and her juices. She

started squirting like a fire hose all over my face and in my mouth as her

climax totally engulfed her. Oh gawd Darryn, oh gawd she screamed, don't

stop, please don't stop. And I didn't. I ate and ate till her climax

finally subsided and her ass came to rest back onto the bed. Oh Darryn she

cooed, rubbing my head as I licked up the last traces of her climax. Oh

baby she cooed, that was so unbelievable. Well it may have unbelievable

for her but I was going insane. So I crawled over her, got between her

legs and positioned my steely cock right at her entrance. You ready baby?

Yes baby, yes, I'm ready. I shoved and in one fail swoop I went balls deep

inside her. I could not believe how stretched her pussy was and how easily

I went in. She wrapped her legs around me and began kissing me as she

moved her hips up and down. Getting in rhythm with her I pushed in and out

in concert with her. Then without any solicitation Christine stared to

talk again.

While Joyce and I were licking each other I felt the bed move and then

Rod's fingers on my pussy. He slid his finger in and out of me a few times

and then I felt the head of his dick at my entrance. Then without any

warning he pushed until I felt his hard balls bounce against my butt. He

never hesitated for a moment, he just started moving in and out of me real

fast as I felt Joyce licking my clitty. It didn't take long Darryn and I

was ready to cum again. This time they let me finish and it was amazing.

As I continued to lick Joyce I felt her hips start to buck and I knew she

was ready too. I wanted her to have a nice climax so I started to lick her

real fast and she exploded.

Her's was amazing? Are you shitting me? I was blasting off inside

Christine like a fire hose. Oh fuck I screamed, oh fuck Christine. Cum

baby she called out, cum in your Christine. And I did, I thought I would

never stop. Finally my climax subsided and I collapsed on top of

Christine. Then Darryn I could feel both Joyce and me cumming but Rod was

still just methodically sliding in and out of me. But then I felt Rod's

dick begin to swell inside me and he let out this big groan and I felt all

this warmth inside of me, but he just continued moving in and out of me.

Then it seemed like he was finished cause he pulled out of me when he did I

could feel his juice running down my leg and I presumed it was dropping on

Joyce's face. I knew for sure it did when I felt her licking the inside of

my leg. Then Rod came around the bed and pushed his dick right into my

face and told me to clean him off. So then we all got up and Rod went over

and got us all a glass of wine and we sat on the bed and drank it. That's

when they both took turns kissing me. At that point Rod told me to get

dressed and go back to my stateroom and tell you everything that happened

Darryn. I thought that was strange but I did it.

You sure did Christine and I'm glad you did. You're not mad at me? Of

course not baby, we have a wonderful sex life in front of us, I couldn't be

happier. Christine then snuggled up in my arms and we fell asleep.

We were awaken by the announcement that we would be in port in 45

minutes and would begin disembarking as soon as we cleared customs. My

mind was racing as to how our new lives would be now that sex was an

option. We both got dressed and headed up to the sun deck with our carry-on

bag with us to have some breakfast. Once there we saw Joyce and Rod and

went and joined them. Top of the morning to you both Rod smirked. Have

you enjoyed the cruise? More than you could ever imagine I quipped.

Hmmmm, I'm sure you did. Everyone laughed. The girls wanted refills on

coffee so Rod and I took their cups and went up to the coffee station. As

we were pouring our coffee I glanced over to the table and Joyce had leaned

over to Christine and was talking to her. I got a chill as I watched her

but just shook it off. I just wanted to get the hell off this ship and

home with my baby. Returning to the table we just talked small talk till

finally the announcement came over the speakers that our floor was ready to

disembark. Pulling our carry-on's behind us we made our way to the

stairwell and walked down to the main floor where everyone was filing out

of the ship. Finally making our way to baggage, we found our bags and

headed toward the parking garage to retrieve our car. As we walked out of

the terminal pulling our luggage behind us we bid Joyce and Rod good bye

and hugging them started to walk to the left toward our garage. As I

looked behind me thought I saw Christine change direction and begin to walk

toward Joyce and Rod who where were standing there smiling. Christine,

what are you doing? Come back here. She totally ignored my voice as they

turned and started to walk away. What the fuck I screamed as I ran and

caught up with them and grabbed Rod and spun him around. What the fuck are

you doing I screamed? It's very simple Darryn, we are taking what is ours.

Fuck you I screamed, Christine is NOT YOURS. Really Darryn? Christine,

who do you belong to? You and Joyce she muttered. You're out of your mind

I screamed. Not really Darryn, don't you remember, you agreed to the DEAL.

So, what does that mean I yelled. It means you BROKE THE DEAL and fucked

Christine last night. So what, she's my wife. Not until we gave her back

to you Darryn. You broke the DEAL, now she belongs to us.o They began to

walk away as I stood there screaming but they never turned around.

It has been three months since that fateful day. All I do is cry and

wonder how in the hell this all happened. I get an email from Christine

about once a month telling me how happy she is. Never asking about me but

letting me know she is so happy with her new family. Her last email ten

minutes ago that I am holding in my hand is informing me that she will not

be communicating with me any longer, and that she is pregnant and her Rod

and Joyce are going to be having a baby. For all intents and purposes, my

life is over. I fucked up BIG TIME, and now I need to pay the price. I

love you Christine.


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The Deal

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