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Sharing is caring - from her perspective

Categories Fantasy

Author: Caledfwlch

Published: 12 July 2018

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I was aroused from my sleep by a hand gently stroking my cheek, followed by the light brush of lips kissing my forehead. This affectionate awakening brought a smile to my face and the sensation of being loved flooded into my veins, coursing from my fingertips to my toes.

Moments later, without so much as a sound and before I could open my eyes, hands gripped my head and a blindfold was roughly forced over my eyes. I was then hauled from the warm sleeping bag and tent which I had blissfully entered only a few hours previously. Any previous sensations were brutally replaced with adrenaline, panic and the sound of my heart beating rapidly in my ears.

Blind and confused, I was dragged out of the tent, and on to my knees. Instantly, my breath was taken away by the cold night air on my skin and the cool, damp forest floor beneath me. Without warning, the nightdress I wore, which offered little respite from the biting chill, was literally torn from my body.

The sound of threads tearing hung in the trees, intermingled with a screaming which realised was coming from me; although I couldn’t tell if it was out in the world or just within my own head.

Tears rose behind the blindfold as I fought to regain control of myself. Somewhere the rational part of my brain was trying to calm me down, give me a moment to think. Something was familiar about this scene, but I needed time.

Before I could process anything else, I felt a breath on my face and the soft familiar scent of his skin entered my nostrils. A memory of a conversation months previously exploded into my mind. We had talked about this on the phone. We had been joking around and telling each other about the fantasies we enjoyed most. This had been his, which had subsequently become mine once told; I knew now why I found this familiar.

As the memory struck me, my instincts relaxed. Turning the deluge of fear to relief, mixed with excitement and nervousness.

Then he whispered into my ear. “They will be coming for you soon. You need to be ready...”

With that, he took my hand, stood me up and placed a garment over my head. I was still blindfolded but didn’t need to see to know what it looked like. During our conversation, he had described what I would wear. Described, how the sheer lace dress would cover me but do nothing to hide the darkness between my thighs or prevent my erect nipples from so obviously standing to attention in the brisk forest air.

Stood quietly now, I put my hand between my legs and it was instantly soaked. The sudden knowledge of how beautiful and sexy I appeared to him at this very moment, the swift turn in my emotions and my excitement for what was coming were all having an impact. Not wanting to leave this moment just yet, but unable to help myself, I put my fingers to my mouth and sucked my juices from them, I savoured the tart taste, wanting him to join in.

However, true to our fantasy and the bigger game at play, he resisted. He took my hand from my mouth and placed it by my side. Putting his hand on my shoulder, he guided me carefully past our tent and across the forest clearing, no doubt flooded with light from the full moon.

We reached the trees on the other side. He placed my back against one. With arms by my sides, I now felt a rope pull my waist and wrists tight against the tree. It was then looped around the tree and I twice more; crossing my body at my sternum just below my breasts then across my shoulders just above my breasts. My upper body was now tight to the tree with my legs free.

With senses still somewhat heightened from my earlier awakening, I heard the echo of his voice in my head, "They will be coming soon". I wondered how long I would have to wait. It wasn’t long.

After a short while of trying to ignore the cold, with my body attuning to the night around me, I caught a faint smell of aftershave. Suddenly there was a hand between my legs and someone bit my neck. Hard!

A deep voice with a slight London accent muttered into my ear “‘ello darling, you're ours now…” with that, rough fingers pushed their way into my pussy and a hand tightened around my throat!

I knew I was already wet and as my mind raced at the sensation of being strangled and finger fucked by a stranger, I can only imagine how much wetter I became! As I was barely concealing a moan, the fingers were removed.

Moments later I felt warm moist air on my pussy lips and then a tongue as rough as the fingers had been, thrust itself inside me. I realised there must be two of them as there were also hands now squeezing my throat and breasts. As the first pair of hands gripped my thighs; I fantasised at the bruises they might leave. After while of being subjected to having my pussy was licked out and my clit bit and pulled, sensations of pain, cold, sexual lust and blindness became overwhelming. I let go! My pussy tightened then relaxed and I came all over the mouth of the stranger!

Everything stopped. I was momentarily left alone.

The only sounds I could hear were my heartbeat, my panting and slow heavy breathing from two strangers.

Out of nowhere, a stunning blow rocked my head sideways, I felt the sting left by the backhand of the stranger and was in shock.

Then words in a gruff London accent. "I told you darlin', you're ours. We permitted you to moan without askin’ but didn't give you permission to cum. We can't ‘ave you breakin' the rules. Now you won't moan or cum, you understand?"

With that, a ball gag was shoved down my throat and more words "Now that you've cum, it's our turn darlin'. We're gonna take it in turns to fuck you ‘ard an want two fings from you whilst we use you. One, you don't moan, if you do, you'll get ‘urt more. Two, put your legs around our waists and start wigglin’ them hips”

I’m not one for overt violence but I couldn’t get enough! The power in this man’s threat and the promise that he and his friend were going to use me like meat sent me wild! My pussy was aching for cock… I was desperate. I nodded my head in agreement.

Those strong hands again gripped my thighs tightly and lifted my feet from the ground. I felt a warm, heavily muscled body press against my almost bare chest and I wrapped my legs around the stocky waist. Without hesitation, the violent stranger thrust his cock deep into my soaking cunt! "Wiggle bitch” a deep voice growled into my ear.

His thick shaft pounded my pussy as I wiggled my arse and hips. OH IT FELT SO GOOD! So many feelings were happening at once. The feel of this stranger’s cock hitting the back of my slutty vagina, the pain of rough bark tearing at my back as we moved and the struggle to stay silent at the threat of violence was driving me wild!

As I was being used and abused, the violent stranger bit my neck so hard I thought there might be blood. He was grunting into my neck with teeth locked in and I felt his cock swell!

In a forest, in the middle of the night, a stranger I couldn’t see was about to cum inside me. I couldn’t take it anymore, my pussy tightened! A sudden hand around my throat was joined by a final quiet growl in my ear “Don’t. You. Fuckin’ dare…”

Before I could take in what had been said, he came, I came, I let out the longest, loudest moan from behind my ball gag and the stranger roared his orgasm into the quiet forest night.

As he pulled out of me and put my feet to the floor I froze, I’d broken his rules, I had to be ready for whatever violence was to come next, but it never did. The stranger's body was still pressed against me when I felt it tense. Over the sound of my heart beating in my ears, I thought I heard the barely audible word "No". Spoken to the stranger by him. I felt some relief. With the moment over, I didn’t want to be backhanded again.

With that the first stranger swapped places with the second. Whilst I was still gagged, they didn't stop me from moaning or cumming again. Although they certainly took pleasure in being aggressive and overly rough. Each took multiple turns inside me, shooting their load into my pussy each time.

I loved it all.

My throat was hoarse from screaming against the gag and my tits were on fire from the harsh groping and slapping they received but the feelings of being dominated and made to submit to their every whim were amazing!

After I'd had about five loads of cum shot into my now sloppy pussy, both strangers just upped and left, I was alone again. Cum dripped down my leg to the forest floor and for the first time that night, I felt warm.

After a while I heard the rustling of leaves, someone else was there and somewhere he was watching all this. Getting off on seeing me enjoy these unknown encounters.

Before I could catch any more sounds, the ball gag was removed. Smaller hands than before began to caress my breasts, tweaking my nipples and pulling on my piercing through my sheer lace dress. Small, light kisses trailed down the side of my face where I'd been hit. They stung but it was refreshing. Whoever this was, they were much different from the first stranger.

“I don’t like ball gags, senseless violence or facial bruising. Far too crude and blunt for my liking” a soft Swedish female voice said… It was a woman, my mind reeled! It was totally unexpected, he hadn’t mentioned women in his fantasy! My pussy stirred at the thought!

She continued to tweak my nipples, pulling on my piercing and running her hand over my stomach. Then, without warning, I felt the ropes loosen. With her hand on my back, she led me further away from the clearing and sat me down on a large log.

“You must do as I say now yes? Lie face down along this log". Still blindfolded, she helped me lower myself along the log, face down into the wood, waiting.

I heard her sit down close to me and then she spoke again “raise your head now, I am here and waiting for you to eat my pussy. Also, we have a surprise”. I’d almost missed it… she had said we! It had been a while since I was with a woman, I was excited and my pussy juices were mixing with the cum left behind inside me.

As I lifted my head she shuffled herself close to me, she must have been straddling the log. As I lowered my face she put her hand on the back of my head and pushed me into her. She was fully shaven, soft, warm and smelt like perfume. She tasted exquisite and as I started running my tongue across her clit she let out a low moan, beautifully accented in gentle Swedish, I was hooked!

I couldn’t have been eating her out for more than a minute or two when hands spread my butt cheeks and someone started rimming me! This was the we that she had mentioned! It was ecstasy! The more I was rimmed, the more I moaned into her pussy and the more she moaned, her accent coming out!

I felt weight shifting behind me and then suddenly I had a cock in my wet, gaping pussy.

A totally different experience to the first stranger, these two were working as a team. As this guy moved inside me I was rocked back and forth, the bark on the log was scratching my hard nipples and catching my piercing through the lace. The pain mixed with my mouth pressed firmly against her pussy was making me gasp and gag! A few minutes later she came in my mouth, I swallowed her load and mentally begged for more, I would have asked, but my mouth was full. I wasn’t to be disappointed though.

She removed herself from the log and the guy pulled out. "You have made shivers in my spine and you look beautiful like this you know" she whispered intimately in my ear "though now I must go, I will leave you with my friend here. He can be rough and dominating but is not violent like the first man. Still, you must do as you are told yes?"

I smelt a slight scent of male sweat and a French accent spoke into my other ear, “We are together now, just us, you will now be tied up again, I will tie your feet so you cannot run”. I was slightly nervous at why I might want to run, however before I could consider it much, with a few practised moves, my feet had been deftly tied together.

Partially picking me up by my hair I was now turned, so I was over the log rather than along it and thrown back down. I was enjoying this roughness! Immediately, the guy went back to rimming me and after a while stopped. Then there was a sudden pain! I wws getting fucked in the arse! I hadn’t felt any lube and the guy wasn’t being gentle! Oh my god it hurt and felt so good at the same time! Every time of trying the guy got further in and every thrust forced my stomach across the rough wood, my tits were hanging down on the other side of the log and slamming back and forth! I was moaning and crying all at once! As my arsehole was fucked, one hand was placed under my chin pulling my head up making my back arch and the other hand was grabbing fists full of my hair pulling my head back!

Suddenly, it was too much. I orgasmed. Then I orgasmed again as the guy did the same and filled my arsehole with his hot cum! Tears were streaming down my face and cum was running down both legs!

I ws let go and the guy pulled out. Sounding husky now the voice said "You didn't try to run, some girls don't like it when I go in dry. You are a good girl and will be rewarded, but first, you will clean me up. Now."

With that, I was gripped by a handful of my hair, dragged off from the log and to my knees on the forest floor. I knew what was coming. I would be a good girl for this man, friend of the woman who was nice to me, and clean up.

I opened wide.

Seconds later the now soft cock was thrust into my mouth. It tasted of my musk and pussy juice, I was feeling super dirty now and couldn’t wait to make it hard! I didn’t just want to clean up, I wanted to milk this cock dry and swallow the load!

It didn't take long to bring it back to full attention! Even with the blindfold, I had no problem finding sensitive areas of the guy's manhood.

Squeezing my breasts hard now with one hand and gagging me with the other! I couldn’t breathe with my throat full of dick and my nose pressed against his stomach. It started to swell!

This guy was going to cum down my throat, so I started to rub my clit wanting to bring myself to orgasm again. I didn’t get chance before the finish, but as my mouth was flooded with warm, salty cum the cocktail was removed from my throat and I got covered down my cheeks, across my throat and in my hair! I was in dirty, slutty, sexual heaven! I had been a good girl and gotten my reward for sure!

My feet were now untied, I was lifted to standing and the French accented voice whispered in my ear “Thank you. I think you are beautiful also. I ‘ope you ‘ave enjoyed your experiences so far this night. I go now and must tie you up again before I do”. With that, I was backed into a nearby tree and tied back up, much as I had been earlier in the night. The guy fondled my breasts one last time, kissed my mouth, tasting my salty lips and left.

For the third time this night I was alone, blindfolded in the forest. I didn’t know what was going to happen next. I’d had the best night of my life but was now drained and starting to get cold and shiver.

It wasn’t long before I became aware of a crackling noise in the near distance followed by footsteps.

 As before, when the night began, that soft familiar scent of his skin entered my nostrils. After these other strangers had come for me and gone again, it was now his time.

He kissed my lips, gently touching his tongue to mine and removed the blindfold. In the distance, in the clearing near the tent there roared a small bonfire, ashes rising into the clear night sky like fireflies.

He untied me and for the first time that night I felt truly tired. I collapsed into his arms and he held me for a moment.

Then, stepping back and lifting my chin with his hand, he looked into my eyes and I saw there a sparkle; a sparkle only a special few people ever see. A sparkle that was all the stronger for us now both having lived out a long-held fantasy.

We walked to the clearing, slowly sitting down in the warmth of the tent and bonfire. The night was almost over now, but not quite.

My sheer lace dress was removed, I was laid down, naked on my back. With the full moon overhead and the light of the fire reflecting off our skin, we fucked. It was different from my other experiences that night, it was truly intimate; gentle but firm, old as time but fresh and new in the same instance.

For a while, time felt like it stopped, as if the universe was waiting with baited breath to allow us just that one moment more. Then, when we came, we came together, before collapsing into a tangle of limbs and drifting into what was probably the best sleep ever. Barely holding my eyes open I heard myself say the simplest words but most honest words I'd ever spoken "Thank you. For everything".

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Sharing is caring - from her perspective

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