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  1. Max is a Freak
  2. Max is a Freak pt 2
  3. Max is a freak pt 4
  4. Max is a freak part 5
  5. Max is a freak part 6
  6. Max is a freak part 7
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Max is a freak part 7

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Domination/submission, Humiliation

Author: nutzbubby

Published: 16 July 2018

  • Font:

Joan wore a leopard skin thong bikini with spiked heels , and she was collared &leashed as her bff lead her down the stairs to the basement dungeon , waiting for the middle-aged sluts was Master Max . He immediately grabbed Joan by the leash & his mom/slave Carol got down on her knees & began blowing her son's massive dong . Joan watched her best friend Carol give her son a taboo dick smooch before Max directed Joan to get behind him & lick his rear end . Max was in taboo heaven , before he let loose a load of man goo all over Carol's face & then he had Joan share his man dessert . As the two besties french kissed Max decided it was champagne time & led Joan by her leash & told Carol to crawl on all fours , before they reached the toilet whereupon he unleashed a stream of urine all over Joan & Carol . Covered from head to toe in his wet manjuice both ladies smiled for the camera as Max decided to add another pic to his wall of cum & fuck as he liked to call it.

Chapter 1

After both ladies washed up in the shower , Max was using Joan as a footstool, smoking a joint , as he casully watched a lesbian porn on tv. Joan couldnt help but see the nasty, taboo pictures posted all over the dungeon walls . First Carol (Max's mom ) & Joyce(Max's Stepmom ) dressed normally with jeans, tshirts & running shoes smiling . Then beside these two pics , the ladies were completley naked with cum on their faces & wearing dog-collars & leashes with thigh high hooker boots . Next to that Bill(Max's Dad) was in a photo with his arms around both women , & she could see that Master Max had obviously not only jizzed on their faces but he had also doused them both in his piss. Carol was upstairs making lunch as Joan now was getting high from all the pot smoke. Your photo will be up next Max said to Joan . Like Carol & Joyce , your cuckold hubby will have his arms around you also . He will be proud to see what ive done to his owned cum & piss loving wife. As Max did this he got up & jerked off all over Joan's face , giving her a massive cumload facial . Max snapped a pic & texted this to Joan's husband.

Chapter 2

Max had told Carol earlier to call Joyce & tell her to join them asap. As Max brought Joan doggystyle up the stairs with her her face still covered in jism , he loved what he saw, Both Carol & Joyce were wearing thong bikinis & heels and french-kissing on the living room couch , As the cum dripped from her face & on to the floor Joan was wet again as she watched her best friend go down on her husbands new wife . As Carol licked Joyce's cunt, Joan licked Carol's asshole. Max told them to have their lezzie fun, he had to go to his room and make a phone call.

Chapter 3

Charlie was filming his wife Sonia as took her son/master 's monster dick up her ass. Oh aaah fuck my ass Arthur she screamed , gape your momma's shithole she yelped , Arthur loved it. Over a year ago he had hypnotized the wench and now she always begged for more. She had a very sexy wiggle when she walked from all the assfucking she had received. Arthur pulled out of her asshole & shoved it up her cunt ,Mom was superwet as the big dick widened her already massive pussy hole. He could fist her, fuck her with cucumbers, bottles , baseball bats she was ready for everything. Arthur was ready to cum , so Mom Sonia got on her knees & Master Arthur came on her face, hair & tits. Charlie handed Arthur ,a collar & leash who immediately put it around Sonia's neck, after which Sonia was led like a dog on all fours to the bathroom & Arthur pissed all over his old ladys's tits face & hair ,Masked at all times . Arthur would bring this video to his friends house this afternoon. Max was introducing him to new his sexslave Joan & of course Sonia would service Max.

Chapter 4

Arthur how's it hanging As Arthur answered the phone not too shabby Max laughed . Sonia was now behind him licking his asshole. When are you bringing that slut mom of ours over here Max asked how about this afternoon ? Arthur responded. Sure that's great Max replied . Sure and bring a case of beer i ran out , dont worry about pot ive got plenty of plenty of that Max said Okay Arthur said hanging up.

Let's get ready slut Arthur said , tell pops he's driving us there mumsy as Sonia got off her knees & immediately went to use mouthwash & put on her sluttiest thin thong bikini It was gonna be a scorcher outside , but little did she know she'd be spending most of her time in Master Max's air-conditioned dungeon.

Chapter 5

Max liked what he was seeing Carol & Joyce had decided to welcome Joan to the family by dping his new addition to his sex slave harem by dping her using strapon dildos. Carol had a 10inch dildo up Joan's fatass , & Joyce was fucking Joan with a smaller strapon dildo in the cunt. Ballgagged Joan was silent because unlike the dungeon , the living room wasn't soundproof. Max laughed as he decided to piss all over Joan's face as she was getting totally humiliated & loving it . Max couldnt wait til Arthur brought his mother over ' He'd be really suprised , he knew about Joan , but not about his mom & stepmom

Max is a Freak 8 , Arthur & his mom Sonia drop by ,"Coming Next "

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Max is a freak part 7

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