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Close encounters of the female kind

Categories True Story

Author: Phillydee60

Published: 23 July 2018

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Let's start at the beginning so you understand. It had been a rough

road for Melissa and me over the last 4 years, it was next to impossible to

get her to tell the truth in tough situations but it seemed that she had

finally gotten it, which made me very happy, so much so that I was ready to

ask her to be my life partner. So I figured tonight would be as good a

time as any to pop the question. I arrived at her house at around 8pm.

Her daughter Brittney was working and wouldn't be home till around 1pm. So

I grabbed a bottle of Gatorade and made a little small talk then began to

count. 1,2,3, this was our little secret signal for Melissa to get her ass

upstairs, lay on the bed, remove whatever was encumbering her pussy and

spread her legs for a good licking. As soon as I started counting, her

eyes lit up like Christmas lights on a tree. She jumped off the couch and

headed for the stairs and disappeared as she bounded up them and I heard

the door open and close. I always gave it about 2 minutes for her to get

properly dressed as we called it. I could tell by Melissa's demeanor that

this was going to be a good night. Just the twinkle in her eyes let me

know she was hot to have great sex. I grabbed my crotch and started to rub

my cock as I walked slowly up the stairs, I knew that when she was spread

that the anticipation drove her nuts. Reaching the closed door I called

out. "Is Melissa ready for a good licking"? Yes baby yes, she replied.

Good, cause Jimmy's gonna lick you good. All I heard was a little moan. I

opened the door and walked in, the street lights were shining through the

window just enough for me to see Melissa lying on the bed, stark naked with

her feet pulled up to her ass and her knees spread, I always loved seeing

her clean shaven pussy with that little wisp of hair at the top. She had

even placed a pillow on the floor for me to rest my knees on. Good girl I

thought, I had her trained so good. Walking over to the side of the bed I

knelt down on the pillow and placed my mouth on the inside of her left

thigh, I took my tongue and began to slowly and lightly lick up and down. I

felt really ornery tonight so I decided to tease her really good before

giving her what she loved so much. With the feel of my tongue on her thigh

Melissa began to shiver. She was so easy I thought. Turning her on was

not even an effort. Up and down, little by little I licked and kissed the

inside of her thigh, making only a little progress toward her treasure each

time. Then I moved to the right thigh and did the same thing. Oh honey,

please don't tease me she said. I never responded. I was about half way

up her thigh when I looked down and saw a little drop of her pussy juice

just glistening in the light. That was all it took for me. I immediately

moved my head toward her pussy and extending my tongue and lightly licked

the drop of juice from her pussy. Oh gawd she moaned. Oh baby, oh baby.

Then without further ado I inserted my tongue to the hilt into her pussy.

When I did her ass bucked up off the bed and she began to scream.

Aggggggggggggggggggggggg she screamed as I tongued her. Oh, oh, oh, oh,

oh, oh she moaned and cried as she came over and over again. When her ass

came back down onto the bed I removed my tongue and moved it up to her

clitty where I proceeded to lightly caress it with my tongue, slowly

flicking it. Well this only proved to get her started all over again. Oh

gawd, oh gawd she groaned as her ass began to gyrate up and down on the bed

once more. When she finally came back down to earth I said, "does Melissa

like". Oh gawd yes she chanted, oh that tongue, oh gawd that tongue, it is

a miracle. What else is a miracle Melissa I retorted? That cock, oh that

cock. It is a miracle too. Tell Jimmy what Melissa wants? Oh baby, you

know. Of course I know, but I want to hear you say it. NOW!!!! Oh baby,

oh baby, I want to feel that cock, deeeeeep inside me. I want to feel

those balls slapping against my ass. You know I love that baby. Of course

I do Melissa I answered, of course I do. You are one hot little cock

loving bitch aren't you Melissa? Yes baby yes, I'm hot for you, I'm hot

for YOUR cock. My cock baby? Just my cock? Yes baby, yes, just your

cock. Climbing onto the bed I positioned myself between her splayed legs

bringing the head of my rock hard cock right to the entrance of her cunt.

Looking down into her face I said, "so Melissa likes my cock huh"? Yes

baby, you know I do. And you like my cock better than whose I said looking

down into her face? (these were her past boyfriends that she lied so much

about for fear of losing me) Oh baby, I love your cock better than RON's,

better than JERRY's, better than GARRY's, better than anyone in the world.

And who's the only cock you're thinking of when I'm inside you baby? Yours

baby, yours, I swear. Only yours. With that I slowly inserted the head of

my cock inside her and she gasped. I began moving slowing in and out, just

enough to cause a little friction. Oh baby, your cock feels so good she

moaned, so good, please give me more. Looking down into her pretty face I

said, "Repeat after me". She looked back at me quizzically. I Melissa,

She repeated. I Melissa. Take you Jim Reply" Take you Jim To be my life

partner Reply" To be my life partner. Tears began to well up in her eyes.

I promise Reply: I promise...... she choked. To love and respect Reply:

To love and respect. Tears were streaming down her cheeks by now and she

was in a full blown cry. In sickness and in health Reply: In sickness and

in health For better and for worst Reply:For better and for worst Till

death do us part Oh baby, even longer than that she sobbed I swear to you

Reply: I swear to you

I will never lie again about anything, no matter how small or how large

I promise NEVER to ever, ever lie to you about anything again, ever. I

promise she sobbed With that I pushed my cock to the hilt in her now

drenched pussy. You like fucking me Melissa? Oh baby, you know I love

fucking you. Tell me baby I snapped. Tell me. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

fucking you Jim. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fucking you. Do

you hereby promise to fuck me anytime any place I want or need it? Oh

baby, I'll fuck you whenever you want. I'll never hold back on you. Never

baby? Never baby, I swear. Does Melissa promise to submit to me totally?

Doing whatever I ask? I do honey, I do, I do, I do, I promise, I do. Good

baby. Now, I Jim, promise to love you, respect you, protect you, guard

over you, treat you like my little ewe lamb, to take care of you mentally,

spiritually, physically and financially all the days of my life. By now

Melissa was bawling like a baby as I began to move my cock in and out of

her slowing and methodically. I promise to try to the best of my ability

to meet your every need and make your every fantasy come true. Oh baby,

lay still; let me grind it she groaned. Well I knew what that meant. She

was wanting to cum, that deep cum that comes from deep inside your being,

consuming you 100%. I promise to submit to your every need and desire. I

then laid still. Melissa began to grind her pussy hard into me till I felt

our pelvic bones collide and lock on to each other. Then she began her

chant that I was so familiar with. Oh baby, so deep, so hard, ohhhh gawd

honey, oh gawd, I can hardly stand it, so good, so good. With that I felt

her body convulse and she began to cum. The guttural sound that came from

deep within her being was scary; it was like she was possessed. And in a

way I guess she was. With my cock. She began to buck on my cock as her

climax intensified. Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby, fuck me back she screamed.

Fuck me backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. With that I began to move in and out of

her like a jackhammer fucking her for all I was worth. She wrapped her

legs around me and pulled my face down to hers as she began to kiss me

screaming into my mouth all at the same time. That's when my cock began to

swell and she knew what was coming. Oh baby yes, yes, cum in me, cum into

your little Melissa she groaned. And cum I did. I began to explode inside

her and she knew it because her climax started all over again as both our

bodies bucked and convulsed for over a minute together. Then it was over

and I collapsed on top of her as we both lay there gasping for air. I

finally rolled off of her and she cuddled up in my arms and we fell asleep.

The clock said 11:04 when we finally woke up. Melissa moved into me and

gave me a big kiss telling me how much she loved me and how proud she would

was to be my life partner. I returned the sentiment, and we hugged. Then,

I don't know where it came from but all of a sudden I was compelled to ask

her a question. Well Melissa, since we are fresh off of our vows can I ask

you a question? Sure honey, whatever you want. Well I know I've asked you

this question before but I'm just not quite settled in my gut that I have

received the right answer. Her face turned pale when I asked her the

question. So Melissa, tell me about you and Teresa. Her face turned white

as she contemplated the question. And this time I want the truth, just

like you vowed. It was a shot in the dark but I took it. And I want to

know everything I sneered. Every sorted fucking detail. Oh Jim, she

retorted, you are a piece of work she said as her voice crackled. That gut

of yours never stops working does it? Damn, I knew it, I hit the jackpot.

Nope, and it won't till I get the truth. After a brief hesitation Melissa

spoke. Ok Jim, I'll tell you everything, that's what you want, right?

Right Melissa, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God.

That was the deal wasn't it? Yes it was she softly said as she lowered her

head and took a deep breath. Ok, here goes, remember your first trip to

Spain in July of 2010? Yes Remember that Teresa and I went to Connecticut

for three days? Yes, like you do every year I said. Yes, well that's when

it all started, I swear to you Jim that it took me by total surprise. We

had done most of the stuff we always do, going into antique shop,

consignment stores, just generally scouting around. We ate dinner around

6:30 and retired to our hotel room. After we had both showered we jumped

into our individual beds and started our usual dialogue about counseling,

kids, men and life in general. I guess it must have been around 11 when I

said that I was ready to hit the hay and how tired I was. Teresa responded

by asking me if I wanted a back rub, which was nothing out of the ordinary

cause we had been giving each other back rubs for years. So of course I

said yes. It started like any other backrub, with her starting at my

shoulders and moving downward to the small of my back. Just having on a T

there was no obstruction for me feeling the essence of her strong hands.

Finally she reached the small of my back and began to massage deeply. It

took my breath away as she pushed and massaged. It felt so good. But

that's when things began to change. As Teresa massaged my lower back with

her left hand I felt her right hand begin to move lower until she was right

below the waistband of my shorts. Continuing with her left hand her right

hand moved downward till she was just at the top of my butt. Ah dearest,

what are you up to I asked nervously? Teresa did not respond. At this

point I was beginning to get a little concerned so I made a move to get up

when she pressed hard on my lower back pinning me down. By now her right

hand had reached my ass crack and was starting to move her finger between

my ass cheeks ever so slowly. At this point I began to panic. Teresa, let

me up, I think we need to talk. And then for the first time Teresa spoke.

Shut up Melissa she said, and just lay still. Teresa I said with a tremor

in my voice, we have been friends for over 20 years. What is happening

here? By now Teresa's finger was deep into my ass crack and was rubbing up

and down in a slow methodical motion. Teresa, please answer me. What has

happened to you? I didn't have any idea you were gay. Gay my ass girl,

I'm not gay, I'm bi. I wasn't getting anything from Jerome so I had to

turn somewhere for some kind of fulfillment. My friend Nora introduced me

to the pleasures of a woman's touch, and now I'm going to introduce you

love. Teresa I don't want this I said just as her finger reached my

asshole and started to rub harder. My whole body shook as a jolt ran

through me. Teresa come on, please, let's stop this now. Loosen your ass

up Melissa, Teresa replied. Quit tightening up, now. This was not the

Teresa I had known for over 20 years, but I could not deny the feeling it

was giving me. I did my best to relax and when I did she inserted the end

of her index finger into my ass through my shorts. Come on Teresa I

begged, please stop. Please. No Melissa, I'm not stopping, now relax and

enjoy. Holy fuck I thought to myself. What was happening here? Who was

this person I knew and loved? That's when she began to finger fuck me

through my shorts. She was up to the first knuckle of her index finger and

was just moving it in and out. I began to feel my belly starting to spasm

as her ministrations was definitely having an effect on me. Then without

warning she removed her finger from my ass and moved it quickly downward

till it came to rest on my pussy. My body jumped as a bolt of electricity

coursed through it, while at the same time her finger started rubbing up

and down from my clit to my asshole. My ass began to move instinctively

whether I wanted it to or not as she continued to rub up and down. Like it

or not I felt an orgasm welling up inside of me. Teresa must have sensed

it as well because she removed her hand from my pussy and her hand from my

lower back and placed them both in the waistband of my shorts and began to

push them down off my ass, down my legs and off my feet. Then she rolled

my body over and stretched out and we were face to face. She just looked

at me as I felt her finger return to my pussy and start massaging my clit.

I could feel my eyes roll back in my head and the next thing I knew

Teresa's lips were on mine and her finger plunged to the hilt inside my

pussy. That's when I exploded. She had a hold of my head and was pulling

it forward with her left hand as her right hand was making me cum, over and

over again. My ass was bucking up and down and I was moaning in Teresa's

mouth. I must have cum at least four times before it started to subside

and I came back down to earth. When I had totally calmed down Teresa

removed her mouth from mine and just laid there looking at me. Well

dearest, what do you think now? Wow, was all I could say as she leaned

over and softly kissed me again, lightly touching my lips with her tongue.

I just closed my eyes and let her lick my lips and eventually enter my

mouth where she simulated a tongue fuck. Rubbing the back of my head with

her left hand she removed her lips from my mouth. I was breathing hard by

now and Teresa just looked at me and grinned. Not so bad huh love? No,

not so bad I replied. Then she rolled over and pulled me with her as she

got me in the cuddling position with my head on her chest. Then with her

right hand she began to massage my ass and I drifted off to sleep.

I was awakened in the morning when the sun stared to shine through the

drapes. Teresa woke up when I stirred and laid there just looking at me.

So, what do you think Melissa? I don't know Teresa, in a way it's very

weird to me, on the other hand it was very erotic. Then Teresa took her

right hand and moved it to my pussy and began to rub. I'll give you a

little morning delight she quipped as her finger gently rubbed my clit. It

only took about 60 seconds of that and I started to cum. We just looked at

each other as my climax hit me and I moaned in ecstasy.

Jim, I'm ashamed to say it, but I can't deny how good it felt.

Doubtless to say, my cock was hard as steel listening to this story. Do

you want me to suck you honey Melissa asked? Damn right baby. Suck me and

suck me good. She quickly moved to my cock and began to suck hungrily as

she massaged my balls. It only took seconds for me to start cumming as I

filled her mouth to the brim with my hot love juice. Once she swallowed it

all I told her to continue.

Well we got up after that and showered, had breakfast and went on with

our day doing the normal things we always did. A couple of times Teresa

attempted to hold my hand but I told her I just couldn't and she honored

that. We did have a candid conversation over lunch about how this new

adventure started for her as she related that I was only the third person

she had shared anything with. I didn't know whether I should be honored or

insulted. The rest of the day went as normally as any other when we were

together and we finally had dinner around 7 and retired to our room. I

have to admit I was a little apprehensive as to what might happen next.

Teresa told me to go ahead and take my shower first as she got ready for

bed. The shower felt very soothing as the warm water careened over my

tired body. With my eyes closed letting the water flow over my face I

heard the shower door open. I rubbed the water out of my eyes and saw

Teresa standing there with a bar of soap in her hand. I had never really

seen her tits before as I looked at them now, they were extremely big but

very proportionate to her body. As my eyes moved downward I saw she had

immense pubic hair all over her pussy. It was jet black as it hugged her

brown body. Teresa then reached out and started rubbing the soap over my

shoulders, then she moved to my tits and lathered them up, squeezing the

nipples she then moved to my belly and then to my crotch lathering up my

pussy. Her middle finger lightly caressed my labia as her left hand

continued washing me. My knees started to get weak as Teresa stepped back

and handed me the bar of soap. I really didn't know what to do so I just

replicated what she had done to me. I rubbed the soap over her shoulders,

down to her tits and further to her belly. Then Teresa extended her arms

putting them on my shoulders as she proceeded to spread her legs and looked

me in the eyes. She didn't have to say a word, I knew what she wanted. My

hand was shaking, I had never done anything like this before but Teresa

looked me in the eyes and just nodded. Not breaking our gaze I moved the

bar of soap lower till I came in contact with her wiry pubic hair. I then

took the soap and moved it between her legs and began to move it back and

forth. Teresa closed her eyes and cooed as I continued. Then without any

forethought I took my finger and replicated what she had done to me. Her

pussy was so soft and so hot as I moved my finger back and forth. Teresa

then leaned toward me and put her head on my shoulder as she began to move

her hips back and forth. I continued rubbing her when I felt her pussy

start to throb and I knew she was on the verge of cumming. That's when I

took my middle finger and plunged it deep inside her. Her hips started to

buck as her climax hit and her whole body convulsed; then she threw her

arms around me and squeezed me tight as she came over and over again. I

never relented as I continued finger fucking this black beauty. Finally

subsiding, Teresa whispered in my ear. Ok dearest, you can take it out

now. Slowly I removed my finger from her swollen throbbing slit. As I did,

Teresa lifted her head from my shoulder and placed her mouth on mine. I

then threw my arms around her and we kissed passionately licking and

sucking each other's tongues.

I can't explain it Jim, I was hot, but I knew it was so wrong. But I

couldn't deny the desire I felt. She had left me hanging and I needed to

cum. Bad.

Teresa? Yes dearest she cooed. I need to cum. I'm sure you do she

snickered. Tell me again. I need to cum love. I need to cum. Then dry

off and get into bed. I couldn't move fast enough as I hurriedly dried off

and jumped into bed. I laid there for what seemed like hours but I know it

was only minutes. Are you coming Teresa I called out. Be there in just a

minute she answered. Then I heard the bathroom door open and as she walked

around the corner into the room. I gasped in shock as I saw a cock hanging

from her crotch. What the hell I gasped. It's a strap on Melissa, don't

be so naive. I'm not, it's just that I have never seen such a thing

before. As she got closer I could see that it was jet black, 3 inches wide

and at least 6 inches long with big black balls hanging below it. And what

the hell do you intend to do with that I retorted? Nothing but give you

the most incredible cum of your life Melissa. I don't know Teresa, playing

around and touching each other is one thing, but this, I'm not sure I'm

ready. Oh, you're ready dearest, you're more than ready, you just don't

know it she sneered. She finally reached the bed and just stood there with

that big thing dangling between her legs. I almost laughed it looked so

weird but this was no laughing matter. Touch it Melissa Teresa said

snapping me out of my shock. I looked up at her with what must have been

pleading eyes and she spoke again. Touch it I said, Teresa commanded. I

reached out my hand took hold of it. I couldn't believe how real it felt

as I slightly squeezed it. Stroke it Melissa. I began to move my hand

back and forth when I noticed what looked like a mini remote in Teresa's

right hand. I saw her press a button and the huge shlong in my hand slowly

started to get erect. Teresa laughed when she saw the look of amazement on

my face. I kept stroking and it became more and more erect until it was

sticking straight out at about 10 inches. Suck it Melissa, just like it

was real Teresa quipped. Teresa moved in as I moved closer, I saw Teresa

press the button again and a little drop of precum oozed out of the opening

in the front, I looked up at Teresa and she mouth the words....... Lick

it. I stuck out my tongue and licked the droplet. It was warm and sweet to

the taste as I placed my mouth around the head and started to suck. Put

your hand under the balls Teresa said. I took the big balls in my hand and

was amazed at how real they felt. They were hard yet soft and it felt like

they were slightly vibrating. But then I felt something else, it seemed

like behind the balls was another cock about half the size of the one I was

sucking on. Go ahead dearest, Teresa spoke, put it in me. Teresa's pussy

was dripping wet as I took the other cock and inserted just the head inside

of her. Then she hit another button and the cock immediately became hard

as I shoved the length of it inside her. She hit another button and it

began to vibrate inside her. I looked up and she was smiling. Now I can

feel everything you are going to feel. Then I took my mouth off of the

dick and said. Christ Teresa, what is going on here, I don't believe it?

Oh dearest, before this night is over you WILL be a believer she laughed.

You may never want a guy again and all that male bullshit that goes with

it. Now lay back and assume the position Teresa said as she grabbed hold of

the big cock.

What was I supposed to do Jim? I couldn't leave, and I have to admit I

was more than a little intrigued and kind of turned on at the same time.

Thank you Melissa for being so honest and transparent with me. That's what

you want right Jim? Yes it is honey, yes it is. So go on I said.

Teresa I said, I have never had anything so big inside me. Please don't

hurt me. No way love, you'll adjust just fine and you will love it. Well

that's yet to be determined I retorted. Laying there with my legs spread

and my feet slightly pulled up so my knees were in the air Teresa climbed

between my legs. As she hovered over me she took her left hand and rubbed

it across my forehead. I love you dearest, Teresa whispered. I love you

too I whispered back. Pull your feet up higher love. I pulled my feet up

till they were touching my ass. Then Teresa leaned down and stretched her

body over mine. With her left hand she took the big black cock and began

to rub it up and down my pussy. Then I heard her press another button and

the device between my legs began to softly hum. She concentrated the head

on my clit and I swooned. Gawn, what a feeling. She must have seen the

look on my face because she leaned her mouth to my ear and said. Does

Melissa like? Wow, it sure is different I answered. The vibration of this

thing against my clit was bringing me close to a climax. But just then she

moved it off my clit, slid it down my pussy crack and inserted just the

head inside of me. I gasped as I felt the vibrating head enter me. You

see Melissa; I knew you would like it. I was right wasn't I? I just

nodded my head yes. Teresa moved her hips and another inch slid inside.

At the same time she took her free hand and put it behind my head as she

lowered her mouth and began kissing me. Then she began moving her hips and

the big cock started sliding in and out of me, with each forward motion

just a little more inserted itself inside me. She pressed the button again

and the vibration became a little more intense as she continued to fuck me.

Then she removed her mouth from mine and placed her head beside me.

Dearest Melissa, I can feel everything you can feel with what's inside me.

I had forgotten that she had a cock inside her as well. We can both enjoy

this together she said as she continued to push in and out of me. By now

three quarters of this big cock was inside me. With the next forward

motion Teresa pushed and the length hit bottom with those big balls coming

to rest on my ass, and sandwiched between us. Teresa pushed another button

and those big balls began to vibrate along with the cock that was inside

me. We both moaned but I started to cum. Then she pressed another button

and the big cock inside me began to not only vibrate but started to throb

as well. Oh shit Teresa, I screamed. Oh shit. Teresa never moved faster,

she just kept up the methodical motion as the big cock vibrated and

throbbed inside me. I was out of my mind. I was screaming, I was moaning

I was fucking her back with all I had. Then she pressed another button and

the big thing inside me began to swell and become bigger and bigger as it

continued to throb and vibrate. At this point Teresa stopped moving.

Teresa, Teresa I screamed, it's hurting. Hang in there love, just hang in

there a couple more seconds. Just when I thought the big thing was going

to rip me apart Teresa pressed another button and I felt one last throb and

it began to gush inside me. Oh fuck I screamed, oh fuck, as my whole body

began to convulse in one gargantuan climax as the hot liquid filled me.

Then I heard Teresa began to moan and grunt and she started to cum as well.

Whatever button she pushed next must have been for her pleasure cause she

started to spasm all over the place. That's when I blacked out. When I

woke up Teresa had removed the strap on and was in the 69 position

straddling my face as she had her face buried between my legs. She must

have heard me stir. Welcome back dearest. It`s time for dessert. I was

looking up into Teresa's gaping cunt and I could see the wetness. I put my

hand on her ass and pulled. She let her legs collapse and her pussy was

just inches from my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and began to lick. Her

ass started quivering as my clit was throbbing from the licking it was

getting. I'm cumming dearest, Teresa declared as I plunged my tongue deep

inside her. Then she plunged her tongue deep inside me and I started to

cum. Together we were screaming into each others' cunts as our climaxes

went on for what seemed like forever.

I have to say Jim that the taste of her juices along with whatever was

shot inside her was incredible.

Then I heard Teresa quip. Tonight dearest, you get to be the man.

By this time I had mounted Melissa and was sliding my cock slowly in and

out of her. We were kissing when we both reached our climaxes. Oh fuck me

honey, fuck me good Melissa exclaimed. And fuck her I did. We both

blasted off in one beautiful passionate cum. Finally subsiding, Melissa

looked me in the face and said. Please tell me you don't think less of me

now. Less of you I said? Hell no, I think more of you. And I can't wait

to hear about that night. Oh, it was something, Melissa said as she

blushed and we drifted off to sleep.

The whole day at work I went nuts waiting for the next segment of the

story between Melissa and Teresa. Well, evening finally came and I was

greeted for dinner by Melissa who was only wearing an apron, and nothing

else. Wow, to what do I owe such a sexy Melissa to? To my pervert man,

that's what, she said laughing. You calling ME a pervert? That's like the

pot calling the kettle black. I've never been fucked by a strap on. Maybe

you should she laughed. How about if I just live vicariously though you?

Lez. Oh we want to resort to name calling do we? Keep it up bitch and

I'll eat your pussy right here on the dryer. Promises, promises, promises.

Put up or shut up I laughed. With that I put my hands on Melissa's waist

and lifted her up and onto the dryer where I immediately dove between her

legs and hungrily ate her pussy for all I was worth. Within minutes

Melissa threw her head back and was howling like a basset hound. Oh gawd

she screeched, oh gawd that feels soooooooooooooo good. I let her get

through her climax, then I pulled her off the dryer and pushed her to her

knees. Suck my cock you cum lover. Take my cock out and suck it till I

squirt all over your face and down your throat. She quickly unbuckled my

belt, unzipped my pants and quickly pulled my pants down. Having not worn

any underwear today my cock immediately sprung out. I took her head in

both hands and pulled it toward my cock. She opened her mouth wide and I

shoved the hilt of it into her throat and she started to suck hard and

fast. It didn't take long for me to cum, I grabbed a hand full of hair in

one hand and my cock in the other. Where does Melissa want it? In my

mouth, on my face, wherever you want to give it to me baby. At those words

I felt my cock start to swell and it erupted. In her hair, on her face, in

her mouth. I was drenching every part of her with my hot juice. Then I

reached down and rubbed my hand all over her face covering every part of it

with my cum. Mmmmmmm Melissa moaned. You know how much I love your cum

don't you baby? I do Melissa, I do. And there is plenty more where that

came from. I sure hope so Melissa laughed. So now I guess you want to

hear the "rest of the story" don't you Jim? Damn right baby, I want to

hear what you did with that strap on. I want to hear how you fucked Teresa

with that big black dildo. Do you want to go upstairs and lay down? Sure,

let's go, I can hardly wait I said laughing. I'm sure you can't. LOL. We

both took a good piss and headed to the bedroom. Laying down on the bed

Melissa just looked at me with that "cat that just ate the bird" look.

Cuddling up I said, ok baby, let's hear it.

I have to tell you Jim that the entire day I had butterflies in my

stomach just thinking about what was going to transpire that night. I

wanted to be creative, I didn't want to just do the same thing that Teresa

did, so I spent a good part of the day just thinking of what I could do

that was different. I gotta tell you Jim, I felt like a huge pervert on

one hand and so exhilarated on the other. The closer it got to evening the

more nervous I became. My gut was wrenching but my pussy was dripping wet.

I could feel it all day. Every time I went to the bathroom I was drenched.

At one point I even rubbed my clit and made myself cum. What the hell was

becoming of me I thought? I had not had sex since Garry, even with you,

and I guess I was just ready.

Now, that really pisses me off I said, you'd fuck Teresa but you

wouldn't fuck me. I know honey, it was terrible, but somehow since it was

not with another man I somehow justified it. I otta slap the shit out of

you right now, you know that don't you? Even though I don't believe in

that stuff you would be totally justified in doing so. With that I hauled

off and slapped her hard across the face. A tear came to her eye and she

had a look of shock on her face. Did that make you feel better honey, she

said? Sure as hell did you two timing bitch I laughed. Do you want to

hear the rest of the story or not she quipped? Or would you prefer to just

slap the crap out of me? Sorry, go ahead, continue, I laughed.

Finally, the hour of reckoning arrived. We ate dinner at this little

Italian restaurant about a mile from our hotel and by nine we were home.

Are you ok Melissa, Teresa asked? Shit Teresa, I don't know. What

happened last night blew my mind. I'm still reeling from the reality of it

all. Good reeling or bad reeling? I guess the jury is still out on that

one I retorted. Well if you want to back out tonight, I certainly will be

more than happy to take the lead. It was quite obvious at this point that

this whole thing was going to continue whether I wanted it to or not. I'll

try Teresa, but I don't know. That's all I can ask she laughed. But I'm

sure you'll do fine. So let's get our showers, I promise I will not bother

you tonight and then we can get you strapped up for the night. Wow, I

thought, guess she's getting right to the point. So I took off and headed

to the shower. When Teresa was finished and came out I was sitting in a

chair with my shorts and T on. She looked at me and laughed. Damn girl,

you look like you are on death row she laughed. First of all, take those

clothes off. I think at this point we don't need to be shy. I stood up

and pulled my T off and pushed my shorts down and kicked them across the

room. That's better Teresa said. Now let's get you strapped up. With

that Teresa went to the drawer and brought out the strap-on she used last

night. Now come over here and step into this harness. Teresa proceeded to

pull the harness up and make sure it was tight. When she did I could feel

the other cock rub against my pussy. She then wrapped the belt around my

waist and tightened it.

Gawd Jim it was so weird looking down and seeing this big black cock

dangling in front of me.

I reached down and grabbed a hold of it and pulled it up. At that

moment I guess I could understand what a guy feels like and why he likes to

hold himself and is always scratching his thing. We both started laughing

at this point. Then Teresa showed me the remote control unit and the

function of each buttons. If you press and release this button the dick

gets a little erect. If you hold it down it will continue to get erect

until you release it or it is fully erect. This button will make it

vibrate if you press and release, and if you hold it down the dick will

swell until you release the button or it swells to the maximum, which is

about 5 inches wide. And this button causes the balls to vibrate.

Finally, this button will release just a little precum if you press and

release, and if you hold it down it will squirt until you release or until

the balls are empty. And oh, by the way, the dick that is in you will

emulate everything the other cock is doing, so you will feel what I am

feeling. Got it? I guess I replied. I was blushing like crazy by now; I

could feel how hot my face was. Then the night is yours Princess Melissa,

Teresa quipped. Have fun. Have fun I thought. Yea, right.

Tell me Melissa, how did it make you feel to be all strapped in with

that cock hanging from in front of you? Well actually if I take all the

other weird feeling away, if felt pretty powerful. You guys have quite an

arsenal there and probably are not even aware of it. Oh my dear Melissa,

don't be so fucking naive I said, we know exactly what we have. We both

laughed. So what was the hardest part for you at this point? It was

probably knowing what to do first and how to proceed. So what DID you do?

I asked.

Well stupidly, I just stood there and Teresa kind of broke the ice and

got things started. How so?

Well she walked over to me and reached down and took the dick in her

hand and began to stroke it. Nice dick you have their Melissa she smiled.

Bet you could have a good time with it. Then she moved in and placed her

lips on mine and began to French kiss me still stroking the big dick, but

she also reached under the balls and took the other dick and inserted it

into my pussy. I put my arms around her and kissed her back. We did this

for about 3 minutes. That's when I instinctively reached down and cupped

her pussy in my right hand. Mmmmm she moaned. Then I pushed her backwards

and she fell onto the bed. Scoot up onto the pillow Teresa I said. Once

she was there I laid down beside her and started to kiss her as I placed my

hand on her pussy and began to run my index finger up and down her now

soaking crack. I lingered at her clit and rubbed it lightly. Teresa was

moaning in my mouth by now and her body started to shake and I knew she was

close. Then I took my hand off her pussy and just laid there. Her eyes

popped open and she pulled her mouth away from mine. What are you doing

girl, she asked? I was just about ready to cum. Then I used one of your

lines Jim. Really Teresa, tell me what you want? Tell me now I barked.

Oh, is this how we are going to play it huh, she asked? Only if you want

to cum I retorted looking her directly in the face. She smiled. I want

you to rub my clit Melissa and make me cum. Are you sure I responded?

Tell me again. With that, still looking her directly in the face, I

returned my index finger to her clit and began lightly rubbing it. Teresa

gasped when I touched her and began to gyrate. Teresa like, I taunted?

Teresa likes, she replied. Then I applied more pressure with my finger and

began to vigorously rub her clit. When I did her eyes rolled back into her

head and she began to scream. I moved my face to hers and placed my lips

on her lips and began to tongue fuck her mouth. This seemed to only

heighten her ecstasy and she began screaming and thrashing all around. I

assaulted her clit mercilessly for a little while longer and then took two

fingers and plunged them deep into her cunt. This sent her over the edge

and she went crazy on me. Screaming, thrashing, grunting and muttering, oh

fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuckkkkkkkkkk.

I don't know what came over me at that point Jim, but I went off the

deep edge. What do you mean? I don't know. I just went nuts. It was

like every person who had ever hurt me or fucked me over I was getting even

with at this moment.

I pressed the button that made the dick erect and held it down till the

dick was at full erection, hard as a rock. Then I rolled over on top of

Teresa, reached down and grabbed the dick, pointed it at the entrance of

her cunt and looking down at her face directly below me I shoved it in as

hard as I could. Shit girl you are hurting me Teresa shouted. Shut the

fuck up Teresa, this is what you wanted now deal with it. I then began to

move the big dick in and out of her still looking her in the face. Humping

back and forth I started to taunt her. This what you want black girl; you

want this big black cock in you? Huh? Huh? Is this what you want? Yes

she hissed, yes, it's what I want. And I want it from you Melissa, I want

it from youuuuuuuuuuuu. She started to cum as she wrapped her legs around

me tight. I continued to hump her by pulling the big dick out to only the

head and then driving it back in her hard and fast.

God Jim, I got to tell you, I never felt so much in control of anything

in my life and I loved it. Then when she was in the middle of her climax I

stopped humping her and pressed the button on the remote that made the dick

swell up and held it down. Not only did the dick in her swell to maximum

but the dick in me did the same. Teresa screamed and I screamed, I pressed

the vibrator button and we both climaxed simultaneously, and what a cum it


Holy shit Jim, we weren't even moving, the vibrator was doing all the

work with these swollen dicks and it was unbelievable. I could hardly

breathe I was cumming so hard but I managed to hit the button on the remote

that released the liquid from the balls and that was it. Oh my

gawdddddddddddddddddddddddddddd we both screamed and we held on to each

other for dear life. We must have cum 5 times apiece before I was able to

press the vibrator button and the one that caused the swelling to go down.

Once it stopped vibrating and the dick was back to its normal size we both

laid there panting and finally came back down to earth.

Melissa, oh shit Melissa, Melissa, I have never and I mean never

experienced anything like that. I swear to God, I'm telling you the truth.

Still panting I responded. Me either Teresa. Me either. We both were

shaking like leaves as we laid there trying to regain some semblance of

control. Still having both dicks embedded deep inside us both. Then we

both drifted off to sleep in that very position. When I awoke the clock on

the nightstand said 1:30. Both stiff dicks were still inside us as I had

never pressed the button to soften them. I went to press the softening

button when I thought to myself. This is what the bitch wanted, so I'm

going to give it to her again. With that I started to move slowly in and

out of her. Teresa opened her eyes wide and started to say something when

I pressed my lips to hers and kissed her deeply. I felt her stomach start

to spasm and I knew she was getting ready to cum again. That's when I

pulled out of her. Roll over and get on your hands and knees I commanded.

Melissa I don't particularly like it that way. I didn't ask your

permission Teresa, I gave you an order, not get on your fucking knees.

Teresa rolled over, got up on her knees, spread her legs and rested her

head on the pillow below. I then scooted between her wide spread legs

until the dick I had in my hand was right at the entrance of her cunt. I

then took hold of it and inserted just the head into her gaping hole. The

cum that shot into her earlier from the big balls was pouring out of her as

I went two more inches deep. Then I pressed the vibrate button and the big

dick started to hum. Teresa's ass started to twitch as the stimulation was

taking its effect. Shit girl, shit, Teresa exclaimed. You sure you have

never done this before? I just smiled. No never love, never. Then you're

a natural. Then I pushed and three more inches of the vibrating dick

disappeared inside her black cunt. Then on my back motion I said, here it

comes Teresa. I felt Teresa tighten up as I pushed the big vibrating dick

in to the hilt. When the big balls came to rest on her ass I pressed the

final button and the balls began to vibrate. By now I was on the brink as

the dick inside me was replicating everything that was going on with

Teresa. Then Teresa began to scream into the pillow and I started to hump

her hard and fast. I'm cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm she screamed. She didn't

have to tell me cause I was cumming as well. We both came two or three

more times and then I turned everything off. Teresa was still on her hands

and knees as I got off the bed, got out of the strap-on and laid down

beside her. I think you can lay down now Teresa I quipped. You think she

retorted? Then she flattened her body, rolled over and I cuddled up in her

arms and put my head on her chest. We fell fast asleep.

Shit Jim, your cock is hard as a rock. Do you want me to take care of

it for you? Damn right I do, get down here and do what you do

best..........suck cock? Gladly my Prince, anything to bring you pleasure.

After that story I was so ready. It wont' be long baby I quipped. Mmmmmm

she moaned as she massaged my balls. Then momentarily taking her mouth off

of me she said. You know I love your cum darling. Give me a big

mouthfull, I want to feel it in my tummy. With that I started to shake as

Melissa sucked me, massaged my balls and then as an extra added treat she

inserted her index finger in my ass. I felt all the cum in my balls race

up my cock and squirt into Melissa's mouth. Mmmmmm she moaned and I filled

her mouth to overflowing with my hot juice. Then I reached down over

Melissa's ass and moved my finger to her pussy and plunged two fingers in.

Wow, you're really ready baby I laughed as Melissa started to grunt and her

climax hit her like a ton of bricks, but she never took my cock out of her

mouth as she grunted and moaned through two more explosions. Finally she

removed her mouth from my cock and put her head on my stomach panting like

a dog. Oh Jim, oh Jim, oh Jim, what you do to me. What you do to me.

Better than Teresa? Don't be cute. Well it's a fair question. No

comparison Jim. It's just totally different. So was that it with you and

Teresa, or is there more? Oh, there's more baby. Much more. Then let's

hear it. Jim, I trust that you are not going to hate me for telling you

all this. By your reaction I'm thinking that you kinda like it. Like it?

I fucking love it I laughed. She then cuddled up in my arms and kissed me.

Her lips were covered with my cum and she rubbed them over my lips. I then

took my two fingers that were buried inside of her and stuck them in her

mouth. All is fair my dear I quipped. All is fair she replied as she

sucked my finger. So she began again.

Well in the morning when we woke up we had never moved from the position

we were in. I lay very still not wanting to wake Miss. Teresa. As I laid

there the distinct pungent smell of female cum was as strong as I have ever

smelled it. I began to think what had transpired over the last two nights

and my heart started to race. I felt like I would throw up any minute but

I prayed to hold it together as I started to sob. The tears were streaming

down my face as I tried my best to hold it together. I felt Teresa stir as

my tears kept streaming down my face and onto her naked chest. You ok

girl? Teresa said groggily. Hell no I'm not ok I sobbed. Teresa began

stroking my hair as she tried to console me. It was hard for me the first

time as well she whispered. But it gets easier. I don't want it to get

easier I sobbed. I just want it to be over. Well that's not going to

happen dearest, Teresa replied. I won't let it happen. Then she grabbed a

handful of my hair and pulled my head around till I was face to face with

her. She then planted her lips on mine and kissed me hard. Noooooo I

groaned in her mouth. Nooooooo. Teresa then inserted her tongue deep into

my mouth as she began to tongue fuck me while at the same time reaching

down and cupping my pussy. As she squeezed furiously I could feel myself

starting to cum. I didn't want to but I couldn't help it. Then she took

two fingers and drove them deep inside me. That was it, I lost it, I just

gave in to the climax that was engulfing me. Arggggggggggggg I screamed in

her mouth as I began to shake and spasm all over. Then she took two

fingers and took hold of my swollen clit and started to squeeze it hard.

Oh fuck I yelped. Oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. My pussy was

exploding uncontrollably as my whole lower body shook like an earthquake.

Let it go Teresa I screamed, let it go, please. Oh gawd please, let it

gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Not on your fucking pathetic life

Melissa, Teresa retorted as she squeezed harder. I couldn't stop cumming

as she continued yanking on my clit. I was thrashing around out of

control; my ass was bouncing up and down on the bed like a basketball.

Gawd Teresa, pleaseeeeeeeeee it is hurting me, please. Then Teresa

released her death grip on my clit and took my face in both hands as she

moved her face nose to nose with me. Now, do you still want it to be over

Melissa, she snarled? For the first time in my life I was scared of

Teresa. Answer me she growled. No Teresa, no, I don't want it to be over.

Good girl. Now get your ass up and go get the strap-on she commanded. I

shakily got up and stumbled to the dresser where I picked it up and walked

back to the bed. Teresa was standing and told me to put it on her. And

stop your fucking crying Teresa yelled. Once I had it in place I buckled

it and Teresa spoke again. Take that cock and slide it inside me she said.

I took my hand, reached under the big balls and took hold of the dick and

slid it into her pussy. Teresa gasped. Good girl, Teresa said. Now lay

your ass down on that bed and spread those fuckin white legs. I was

shaking but I moved to the bed and lay down. I scooted up on to the pillow

and adjusted my lower body pulling my feet up to my ass and spreading my

knees. That's more like it Teresa quipped as she moved toward me with the

big dick already fully erect. I'm going to teach you to NEVER say that to

me again Teresa growled. With that she crawled between my legs and

towering over me she took the big dick in her hand and started wagging it


I have to admit Jim I was scared, really scared. I had no idea at this

point if she was in a frame of mind to really hurt me bad.

As she moved closer to my pussy with that big thing I heard it start

humming at full speed. Then she touched my clit with just the head and I

began to convulse. She had my clit trapped with the head of this monster

and it was like a steady jolt of electricity coursing through my body.

Teresa smiled when I started to cum. Oh gawd I groaned. Oh gawd as my ass

started bucking up off the bed. I was in a full cum when she removed it

from my clit and placed it at my entrance, then she pushed brutally and

drove the whole of it deep inside me. Argggggggggggggggggggggggggggg I

groaned, it hurts I screamed as I kept cumming in spite of the pain. Then

she started to drive it in and out of me as I saw her press a button and I

could feel it swelling. I thought she would tear me in two as she kept

driving the swollen dick in and out of me. It was stiff, swollen and

vibrating. Then she pressed another button and I felt it begin to unload

warm liquid deep inside my cervix. I looked down and I saw my stomach

begin to distend as this big thing assaulted me. I heard myself start to

fart uncontrollably as my eyes rolled back into my head and I passed out. I

awoke with Teresa holding a handful of my hair and slapping me

relentlessly. Wake up Melissa she was chanting, wake up you aren't gonna

miss a thing. As I regain consciences I could feel this big dick thrusting

in and out of me each time bottoming out to the balls. I didn't know where

one orgasm ended and another began as Teresa fucked me with reckless

abandoned. Then Teresa grabbed the big dick and pulled it out of me, she

had pressed the button that had caused it to swell and it was back to its

normal size. Spread those ass cheeks Melissa she sneered. No Teresa,

please, you're gonna hurt me. Hurt you my ass, I know Garry fucked you in

the ass more than once now spread em. I reached under me and placed a hand

on each ass cheek and pulled. Teresa's eyes lit up as she directed the

head of the big dick to my exposed hole. She turned the vibrator on low as

she slowly moved the head to the entrance of my shithole. It made contact

and my body jumped. Put your hands closer to your asshole and pull

Melissa, open up that ass for me. I moved my hands closer and pulled.

Nice Teresa whispered. Nice With that she moved her hips forward and the

head entered me with a pop. She held still as my asshole adjusted to the

vibrating head. Then she reached down and started to rub my clit with her

thumb. Oh fuck, oh fuck I panted as the double stimulation was getting to

me. Then, like before Teresa took two of her fingers and grabbed my clit

and started to squeeze. My ass bucked up off the bed and when it did she

smoothly slid three quarters of the dick into my ass. That was it, I

fainted again. This time when I woke up Teresa was much gentler, she was

stroking my face softly. You ok dearest she said? I think so I replied.

Ok she said as she continued sliding the big dick in and out of my ass. It

had adjusted by now to this big intruder and the pain was minimal. As a

matter of fact it started to feel soothing. Then she removed her hand from

my face and brought it up to her mouth and licked her thumb. Then taking

her thumb she moved it to my clit and started to rub it lightly never

losing rhythm to what she was doing in my ass. Then she applied a little

more pressure on my clit and the fireworks began. I began farting out my

pussy hole as she picked up speed in my ass. Then what happened next I

couldn't believe. What the fuck Teresa laughed. I looked down and my

pussy was squirting like a fire hose directly into Teresa's belly. She

just kept rubbing and fucking me and then she pressed the button and the

big dick started vibrating at full speed. I was out of out of my mind as I

was, convulsing, thrashing, squirming, howling, groaning, and begging for

more. Oh gawd Teresa, fuck me, fuck me, fuck

meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I screamed as she buried the

big thing balls deep in me and made it start to squirt. Then I heard

Teresa start moaning and groaning and the dick inside of her started to

squirt as well, and I knew her own climax was close. Melissa, oh Melissa

she screeched, my gawd, I'm cumming. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh my

gawddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd. She was out of her

mind in ecstasy, convulsing everywhere. Then she sprawled out and extended

her body over me as she continued to convulse. She moved a few more times

and just collapsed on top of me shaking and convulsing all over the place.

She was panting and gasping trying to get air into her lungs as her spasms

finally subsided. My gawd Melissa, what the hell just happened? What just

happened? Still panting Teresa posed the question. So, do you still want

it to "just to be over" Melissa? No Teresa, no, no, no, no, no darling no,

never I replied as we held each other tight. Teresa laughed. Good

Melissa, because if I ever hear you say it again I will stick this big

thing up your ass hole and inflate it to full capacity and tear you apart,

I will ruin you for sex for the rest of your life, do you understand me?

Yes I panted, my voice shaking. Yes my love, I understand perfectly. With

that Teresa placed her lips on mine and we continued kissing. We laid

there for another 15 minutes kissing and fondling each other till we both

had regained our composure. Ok, let's get up and shower and get this day

started Teresa said. I lay there commiserating as I heard the shower go on

and Teresa get under it.

I wondered Jim, what in the hell had happened to me? Who the hell was

this friend of mine who I had known for so many years? This whole lesbian

experience of hers changed her dramatically and she was hell bent on

dragging me into it as well. I have to admit though; it was so different

from anything I had ever experienced in my life. And if I'm honest Jim, I

didn't hate it.

Then I heard her step out of the shower and yell. Your turn girl.

Let's go. I bounded up and out of bed and headed for the shower. As I

passed her she took hold of my elbow. And today when I want to hold your

hand you better not resist. Got it? Got it I said as she leaned in and

kissed me softly. Now get going she said as she playfully slapped my ass.

So all the time I thought Garry was the problem it was Teresa you were

struggling over as well. You wouldn't even let me touch your fucking tit

and here Teresa was fucking you like a common whore. Don't put it that way

honey, Melissa pleaded. How in the hell else am I to put it? I was

falling in love with you and I was struggling with Teresa and the

unresolved breakup with Garry. If only I would have known you had so much

going while all the time holding me at arm's length. I know baby, it was

so tough, I was so conflicted. So when you walked away from me in

November, Ron, Jerry, and Garry was not the only things you were struggling

with, but Teresa also huh? Melissa hesitated with her answer. Answer me

Melissa; remember the vow you just made. You fucking better not lie to me

again or I will walk out and you will never see me again. By now Melissa

was crying. I don't want to lose you again Jim, I swear to God I love you.

Yes, and you love fucking Teresa too, don't you. Yes she sobbed. Yes I

do. So during that period from November to April when you came crawling

back to me you were fucking Teresa and who else? The panicked look on her

face told me I hit the jackpot again. You fuckin slut I shouted, you did

fuck Ron; just like I thought didn't you? And that horseshit story you

told me about Jerry being drunk and taking advantage of your time was

bullshit too. Right? And when I asked you if you spent the night with

Jerry you said no and that was a fucking lie as well. Wasn't it? Yes,

yes, yes, fucking yes, you were right about everything, everything Jim, is

that what you want to hear? All I want to hear is the truth Melissa, the

first time I ask, not months later after I fuckin drag it out of you. How

many times did you fuck Jerry? Twice Jim, just twice. And how many times

did you fuck Ron? Once, that's all. Fuck you Melissa; you're lying to me

again. How many times? Three time, three times. I grabbed a handful of

her hair and jerked her head back till she was looking up at me. So by the

time you came back to me in April you had been fucked and abused my

Teresa....... you had fucked Jerry twice...... and Ron three times. Does

that about summarize it? Yes she answered whimpering. Did they all shoot

their cum on your face and down your throat too Melissa? Yes. And did

they fuck you in the ass too? Yes, but I thought I had lost you for good

and it was over for us. Honest. You're a fucking slut Melissa, you know

that? Yes Jim, I know. I am so sorry for everything. But I swear to you

that I love you more than anything else in my life. For now, but how about

tomorrow? Or until you spread those legs for someone else I said as I

released her hair and got up off the bed and started to walk out of the

bedroom. Where are you going Melissa sobbed? Please don't leave. Fuck

you I said as I went into the bathroom and shut the door. I was just ready

to piss when Melissa started to pound on the door. Honey, please. Don't

shut me out. Please, you are the only one I want. Honest to God. I went

over and opened the door and there she stood sobbing like a baby, stark

naked. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her into the bathroom as I

planted my lips on hers and kissed her hard. She was still bawling as she

pulled her face from mine. I love you Jim, I, I, I, love you so much she

sobbed. No one else, honest to God. I can't ever lose you again she

stuttered. That's when a thought came to my sick mind. I grabbed her by

the hair with my left hand as I pulled back the shower curtain with my

right hand. Get your ass in the tub and lay down I commanded. She quickly

jumped into the tub and lay down. Looking up at me with a quizzical look

on her face I smiled at her as I stepped into the tub and straddled her

body. You know what a dirty slut like you needs I growled? No, what

honey? You need a good shower to clean all the dirt off you. Again looking

at me quizzically I grabbed my cock and began to piss on her. She gasped

with surprise as she felt the hot liquid begin to splash over her body.

She started to say something but as she did I pointed my cock at her face

and pissed. She shut her eyes and closed her mouth tight. Open those

fucking eyes and open that mouth I screamed. Fucking now. Melissa opened

her mouth and eyes and I directed the flow directly in her mouth. Coughing

and gurgling to avoid swallowing, the piss started gushing back out her

mouth and on to her naked tits. She never closed her mouth or her eyes

again as I finally emptied my bladder depositing the last few drops on her.

Then I grabbed her hair pulling her head forward and commanded her to suck

my cock. She willingly opened her mouth and took the length of my cock

into it and started to hungrily suck me off. She reached up and started to

massage my balls as she sucked and it didn't take long before I was

squirting in her mouth. I pulled out so some of it would get on her face.

She loved me cumming on her face. Oh Jim, oh Jim, oh Jim she chanted.

Finally, having unloaded my balls on her face I reached down and rubbed my

cum all over it. Mmmmmm she cooed as I gave her a good facial. Looking up

at me with those puppy dog eyes she said. I love you Jim. I honestly love

you. I love you Melissa I replied. As long as you do what I say. I'm

yours honey, I'm yours. Do with me as you like. I'll do whatever you say.

You have my word. I turned on the shower and helped her to her feet. We

both took a bar of soap and washed each other good while we kissed and

fondled each other. We have a lot more to talk about Melissa, you know

that right? Yes Jim, I know. Because I know you. We both laughed as we

toweled each other off and climbed out of the shower and headed back to the

bedroom. Now Melissa, I want to know all about your sex life with Garry,

and I don't want you to leave a damn thing out. You understand? I want

every detail. I understand my prince she cooed. I smiled, as my cock

started to stiffen again.

To be continued..................

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Close encounters of the female kind

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