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  1. Predatrix: Prelude
  2. Predatrix One: An Education
  3. Predatrix Two: Revenge and Betrayal
  4. Predatrix Three: Things Fall Apart

Predatrix: Prelude

Categories Fiction, Authoritarian, BDSM, Coercion

Author: Everythingg

Published: 24 July 2018

  • Font:

If somebody asked him when it all started, he’d probably say it was the teachers’ picnic.

Throughout the half hour the teachers of Woodward High were on the bus, Michael was nervously sitting next to Ms Jane Abbott, the Math teacher, and making small talk. He had been looking forward to this, Michael. He’d had a bit of a crush on Jane ever since he joined Woodward as a history teacher five months ago. He remembered the first time he had seen her. He was waiting outside the Principal’s office to be called in for his interview. Jane had glided past him with a visibly ill girl into the Principal’s office. He only caught a glance and a whiff but he was mesmerized. She had shoulder-length glossy reddish brown hair that wonderfully framed her soft features. Her oval face was not too pale and she managed to look professional in spite of blood red lipstick on her full lips. Her eyes were deep pools of dark brown. She was wearing a bright red sleeveless top that day, and he wanted nothing more than to be feel her supple, white arms and kiss her fingers. Around her curvy waist she was wearing a conservative, knee-length black skirt. Her smallish white feet looked quite sexy in her black pumps too. When, a few minutes later, she came out of the office with a wide grin and an arm around the student’s shoulders, he reflexively looked up at her. They met eyes for a brief moment, during which she seemed to understand why he was there and gave him a friendly thumbs-up and a wink. He was floored.

And now, on the bus ride to Elliot Park, they were sitting next to each other talking about her last Tinder date, which had gone horribly. Yes, they were just friends. Yes, Michael wanted more – much more. He wanted to hug her close and smell her hair and kiss her neck, but he never quite found the right time to ask her out. They were, strictly, platonic. So he took what he could – he sat next to her on the bus and beside her at the picnic. He got her her drinks and heard her stories. In the middle of one of these stories is when Mark, from the next table, walked over and sat on their table, asking, “So, Mike, is Jane boring you with one of her stories again?”

Jane playfully hit him on the knee and laughed, “Why are you such a dick, Mark? Michael likes my stories.”

“But you know what I like, don’t you?” he asked her with a wink.

She was too surprised to think of a witty comeback, but the open-mouthed grin on her face said all. Mark smiled back, touched her cheek, and walked away.

“Did you see that?!”, Jane asked Michael, still smiling.

“Yeah, what a creep.”


And yet, what was even harder to believe for Michael was how over the next couple of hours Jane was spending more and more time with Mark than with him. When Mark would come up behind her and startle her, she’s laugh and hold his hands. They definitely had a vibe going on. When the picnic was over, she even went back in his car instead of splitting a cab with Michael as planned. Generously smiling, he told her it was okay but during his solitary, silent cab ride was the saddest Michael had been in a long, long time. That night, wandering in the relatively unknown and sordid recesses of the Internet, is when he came across a website called Predatrix. On the home page, he saw the following:




You probably think that you’re here because you’re weak and unable to get the woman of your dreams.

You’re wrong.

See, the Captain knows why you’re actually here. You’re here because, after years of doing what society told you to do, you’re slowly realizing that it it was all for nothing. You swallowed your natural instincts and behaved like a nice gentleman for NOTHING. The hottest girls won’t sleep with you. Hell, you even have to beg your wife to give you a blowjob while making sure you’re not violating the norms of consent. Well, here’s the kicker.

You don’t have to live like this. You were never meant to live like this.

Men naturally have a high libido. We’re meant to have sex – just as we were meant to have food and drink water. However, unless you’re a rock-star or a football star, you just won’t get the hottest women. The women you really want to sleep with. So you’ll settle for being their friends. But don’t all men deserve to have sex? Remember: it’s a natural need. If all men deserve food, all men deserve sex. So what do you do?

Lesson one: consent is a socially constructed meaningless concept.

NO, I AM NOT ASKING YOU TO BECOME A RAPIST. I am saying that society lies to you when it says that either a woman does or does not want to sleep with you. Sexuality and attraction don’t work like that.

Any woman will sleep with you – provided you do the right things.

Here’s where Predatrix comes in. One 100 mg tablet of Predatrix will heighten the usage of your brain power from 10% to around 90%. And all that power will be focused on seducing the girl in front of you. Your brain will be picking up millions of verbal and non verbal cues, compare them to your previous knowledge about women, and apply them to make sure you say and do what is necessary to get your girl in bed. She won’t even know what hit her.


On any other day, in any other circumstances, Michael probably wouldn't have bought that shtick and ordered something online. But he had had enough. He was miserable and alone in high school as a student and now even as a teacher. It was some kind of cruel joke. And so, in his bitterness, he ordered one box of 20 tablets and read till he fell asleep.

The next morning onward, he fell back into his usual routine. A rushed breakfast followed by a long, stuffy commute to school. A packed schedule from morning till lunch during which he’d listlessly teach a bunch of 12th graders. During lunch, he’d sit in the park and pathetically look at the pretty schoolgirls prancing about in their skimpy clothes. If he was lucky, he might catch the cheerleader squad practicing. Then he’d go back to teaching, hopefully meet Jane at some point during the day and head back home, exhausted and miserable.

After a few more days of this drudgery, he received a parcel – it was a bottle of Predatrix. This only reminded him of his misery and he kept it in his school bag before drifting off to sleep.

He was at school. He was supposed to be taking a class. For the life of him, he couldn’t remember what it was about.

“Need some help?”

He turned to his right and saw Jane, buck naked, spread out on the tables. His gaze moved from her seductive mouth to her ample breasts, down her flat tummy and to her exposed, shaved, pink snatch. Her open pussy was facing the students. He looked to the class and it was full of the prettiest and hottest girls at school. Inexplicably, they were all wearing cheerleader outfits. A couple at the back were making out with each other. The hottest cheerleader of them all, Anna, was sitting in the first bench.

“Mr Scott, won’t you finish your lesson?”, she asked him in a pretend baby voice that made him tent his pants. Her big breasts were pushing against her top like they always did – oh how he wished to bury his dick between them.

“Mr Scott”, another one chirped, “why is Mr Mark taking over your class? Can’t you finish it yourself?”

He looked to the table and there Mark was – fucking Jane on his table. His muscular naked body had pinned her down. He was thrust his pelvis against her hard, deep, and fast. She clawed his back and looked right into Michael's eyes, moaning. She wrapped her smooth, long legs around Mark’s hips and pulled him in even deeper and harder. He was pounding her. As Michael stood and watched their sweaty, writhing bodies in front of him, Jane arched her back and squealed at the top of her voice as she came. Mark then got off her and pulled out. Jane got up next and went down on her knees between the two of them. Her eyes dropped to Michael’s crotch.

“Is that your erection, Michael?”

She started laughing and all the cheerleaders joined in, along with Mark. After a few minutes, she held up Mark’s cock and said, “That’s a real dick! Why don’t you show us yours?”

He looked at Mark’s cock in disbelief. It was the size of a human forearm. It was at least ten inches long and as thick as Jane’s wrist. Jane was stroking it with both hands and sucking on its head. He looked down and his own cock was already out – but for some reason it was smaller than usual. It was tiny!

He tried to explain himself but they were all laughing and pointing at him.

"It's okay", Jane said, "you can jerk yourself off while I choke on this man meat."

With that, she went back to stroking Mark's giant penis while Michael starting stroking his penis.

"Here, Mr Scott", Anna called him, "maybe this will help you."

The blonde teenager walked up to him and pushed him down on a chair. He kept stroking as she started dancing. She turned around and swayed her hips. The sight of her tight, teenage ass made him salivate. Her skirt was super short and if she just bent over a little, he would be able to see her underwear. She turned around and unzipped her sweater, throwing it aside. Underneath, she was wearing nothing. He stroked himself faster as she came close to him and grazed her big tits against his face. She then grabbed his hair and pushed his face between her pillowy tits. He sucked on them and slobbered all over her. Then she let go of his head and turned around again, bending over all the way, revealing a pair of wet cotton panties. She pulled down her skirt and threw it away. Then she sat down her ass on his lap and began grinding against his hard but small penis. He was moaning and groaning as he felt her toned butt on his dick.

"You like that, you old creep?" she asked him and grabbed his hands and put them on her tits. He pinched her nipples and continued to dry hump her. He moved his hands down her smooth body and reached for her pussy but Anna slapped his hand away.

"Oh no, Mr Scott, your pathetic dick is much too small to enter me. Only someone as big as Mark can fuck my pussy."

Mark stands in front of her and pushes her back against Michael's body. Michael tries to protest but, in no time, Mark has shoved the cheerleader's panties in Michael's mouth and is fucking Anna hard. The force of his thrusts is incredible, Michael thinks, as Anna moans and writhes on top of him. her sweaty, hard body feels amazing pressed up against his own. Her scent is intoxicating and he is harder than ever. Her panties taste a bit vile in his mouth but he loves it, he realizes. He loves the decadence of what is happening. It's bewildering, but arousing. He looks around and sees Jane sitting on the floor with her face covered in cum, fingering herself. And soon, Mark grunts and moans as he shoots his load all over Anna's body - some inevitably landing on Michael.

Michael wakes up in a sweat. After a few moments to recover from the dream, he lifts the covers and sure enough - he had shot his load. Angry, bitter, and wet, there's only one thing on his mind right now - Predatrix.

Thing are about to change around here.

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Predatrix: Prelude

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