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Daughter rebounds with dad

Categories Diary, Incest, Teen, Virginity

Authror: tom8899

Published: 25 July 2018

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This was a painful week for me. I just broke up with my boyfriend who I was seeing for the past two years. I had just turned twenty and Alex told me he wanted to see other people. I couldn't believe that I was no longer good enough for him. I was home and in my bedroom. Only my Dad was in the house. My Mom was away with some of her friends.

I took off my clothes and tried to relieve some of my tension. I began to rub my clit with my fingers. I must have really gotten worked up. My Dad knock on my door.

"Are you okay in there Ellen," he said to me.

"I'm fine Daddy," I told him.

A few seconds passed and I thought my Dad had walked away. That was when I heard the door open up. In walked my Dad and he was staring at my naked body. The room got deathly silent. I said something I can barely believe I said.

"Come in Daddy."

My Dad is a big guy. Not really fat, but big boned. I hate to admit it, but I thought about what his cock might look like a few times. Dad walked over to the bed and looked down on me.

"Stay with me Daddy," I told him.

My Dad didn't miss a beat. I watched as he slowly stripped out of his clothes. In a minute or so he was naked before me. I have to say that my Dad's cock was enormous. Alex looked small compared to him. Dad climbed up onto the bed and spread my legs. A shiver went down my spine as Dad climbed in between my thighs and he lowered his head. The next thing I knew, Dad was licking my pussy.

I just lost it then. I started to moan and tell my Dad to lick my pussy. Daddy pushed a finger into me and his tongue went to my clitty. I was so fucking wet to begin with. Daddy made me even wetter. I pushed my hips into his face. Dad pulled his finger away and I felt his tongue slide into my gash. Damn, I was getting so turned on at that point. I should have told him to stop, but I couldn't bring myself to tell him that.

A few minutes of him licking me and my Dad pulled his face away. I was staring directly at his hard dick. It had to be a good eight inches in length. Daddy pulled me to him and he took hold of his cock in his hand. He started rubbing that fat cock head across my lips. I thought I might just pass out. Daddy then pushed a few inches into me.

I threw my head back and let out a squeal. I was so tight and my Dad's cock felt like it was splitting me open. In and out Daddy fed more and more of his cock into my belly. I did manage to wrap my legs around his back. Daddy stretched his legs out and he began to pound into me hard.

To be honest, I had never felt a cock like that before.

Daddy was so thick and long. I thought I might pass out from the fucking he was giving me.

Daddy drove his pole into me and then he lowered his mouth to my pouting nipples.

He inhaled both nips into his wet mouth. I totally gave into my father's fucking and tasting of me.

Fuck me hard, Daddy!"

I was glad no one else was around to hear me beg my Dad to take me with his hard member. I know he had all eight inches inside me because I felt his low hanging balls hitting my ass cheeks. I took every hard inch he gave me that day. Daddy said he had wanted me for a long time.

Now he had me in bed and I was taking his cock deep in my pussy.

We must have fucked for well over an hour. I had a few orgasms as he took me like some cheap whore.

Daddy finally grunted and arched his back. I felt his hot seed squirting into me as I milked him with my pussy muscles. I know we shouldn't have fucked without a condom, but his cum felt so good flowing into my hot tunnel. Daddy filled my tummy up good with all his white hot cum.

He finally collapsed on top of me, leaving his cock buried in my pussy. We ended up kissing each other.

Daddy did finally go soft. His cock slipped out of me with this plopping sound. I reached down with my fingers and felt his warm seed dripping out of me. I brought some up to my mouth for a taste. My Daddy really pushed me over the edge that morning.

I went into the bathroom and got cleaned up. When I returned my Dad was on his back and his cock was now erect once more. I knew I had to have him again.

I got up over top of him and I took hold of his shaft. I slid down onto his slippery dick and Daddy's cock went all the way into me one more time. I went up and down that thick monster as my Dad reached for my ass.Photos http://uii.io/nAkyQ3 He was pulling my cheeks apart as I rode his pole. It actually felt better the second time around. I was able to take him much easier. I just kept slamming down on his long prick and he made me scream to be taken a second time.

His cock felt so deep inside my belly. It was like a snake was crawling around inside making me lust for it. We must have fucked even longer this time around.

"I'm cumming!' My Daddy cried out.

I felt his blasts of cream enter me again. I just kept dropping down onto his cock as he raised his ass up to fill my belly with his long cock. This time I collapsed onto my Dad's chest.

"Thank you Daddy," I told him.

A few weeks have passed since that morning. It has been harder for my Dad and me to find a time to be together. Whenever my Mom leaves the house we head directly to my bed. Daddy has taken me with his bare cock each and every time. I am on the pill, but I still think about my Dad making me pregnant. I wonder what it would be like if my Daddy makes my belly grow big.

I did tell him once if he wanted to impregnate me it would be okay by me. He gave me a strange look. I am not sure if that is on his mind as well. I might just go off birth control and have my Dad seed me until I have his baby.

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Daughter rebounds with dad

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