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  1. Egg Ch. 1
  2. Egg Ch. 2
  3. Egg Ch. 3

Egg Ch. 2

Categories Fiction, Fantastic, Dark Fantasy, Monster

Author: DesTodes777

Published: 25 July 2018

  • Font:


Chapter 2

Everything to Jacob now centered on his dick. Even as he sat in class and the hot history teacher droned on about the Civil War, it was all he thought about. How hard it was and how difficult it was to conceal. Mostly because of the alien organism suckered to it.

He knew little about it except what it claimed to tell him in his dreams. The alien woman in those dreams didn’t share much either. All it seemed to want is to tease him and feed off him. The results so far over the past few days had lengthened it from a mere inch to almost twelve. What weirded him out, is that it felt for him like his cock had grown with it.

Even worse, his clothes were beginning to not fit. Before, he either wore a really big pair of jeans or just stuck with sweats. He wore sweats today, but he worried the thick pole in his pants would be seen. Though with a fifty-pound weight loss so far, the clothes began to become baggy.

An open juice box of orange juice suddenly brought his thoughts from his cock when it smashed painfully against his face. A peal of group laughter sounded from the other side of the room. Of course, the perpetrators were Billy and his gang of friends. All three of them live with no regrets, and Jacob wished they would just disappear.

“Billy,” Ms. Devons yelled. “Office now.”

Billy laughed as well as his friends.

“Just a joke,” he said shooting daggers of anger over at Jacob. Jacob knew right at that moment, even though he lacked any blame for the situation, Billy would blame him.

“Not a joke, office now,” Devons screamed. Many in the class cringed, not because of her sudden inflection but because no one talked to Billy in such a way. Boy’s family had money and so far, Billy had scantly felt any consequences for his actions.

“Fuckin cunt,” he said before storming out of the classroom.

Jacob said nothing and he did nothing. Mrs. Devons happened to be the nicest person in his life and he didn’t want to risk upsetting her. Even if he suspected she just felt sorry for him. Interruption dealt with, the class continued without another problem. Except maybe that Jacob could not keep his mind once again off his throbbing cock.

When the bell rang, Jacob watched as each student filed out of the class. A ritual in which he would be the last student out. Better that way for them and him. No one had to deal with him and he could move at his slow pace. As the last student went out, he stood up from his desk and moved towards the door.

“Jacob,” Ms. Devons spoke to him stopping his navigating through the desks. He turned and found she was next to him, dwarfed by his massive frame. She was smiling up at him and he saw the beginnings of crows feet. She may be older, but Jacob thought she looked amazing.

“Yes,” he said in a low voice.

“Are you doing okay?”

“Yeah,” he said before turning and meandering back into the halls of the school. Thankfully the history class was the last of the day. Mostly because a boiling heat of anger had surged in the pit of his stomach. Somehow, the display of concern from Ms. Devons angered him where before he would just feel ashamed.

With a sigh, he went to the bathroom on the way out of the school. There, he urinated and washed his hands and face. Just as he prepared to leave, the heavy bathroom door opened and Billy walked in.

“Well, well,” the boy began. “Looks like I just got lucky.”

“Better back off,” Jacob stammered.

“What did you say, fat boy?”

“Let me be.”

Billy got into Jacob’s face. Normally the raised fist of Billy would have made Jacob flinch in fear. Much to his surprise that changed to Jacob’s own fist smashing into Billy’s face. That surge of anger finally exploded out of his belly and satisfying crunch could be heard.

“You broke my nose,” Billy screamed in pain. Jacob shoved the jock out of the way in desperation to escape. Blood dripped to the floor, which was the last Jacob saw about Billy as he rushed out of the bathroom. He even managed to run to the door of the school and went out unharassed. Out of breath, he struggled to walk but pushed himself to make it home.

When Jacob made it home, thankfully with no further incidents, he found himself craving fruits and vegetables. Thankfully his father had left him a stack of money, so he ordered Chinese. An order of mixed veggies and one meat dish. When he completed the order and hung up the phone, the Chinese guy on the other end seemed surprised. After all, Jacob never ordered less than a plate of rice, three types of meat and often one or two appetizers.

Feeling disgusting with himself though, the sweat sticking to him and the smell, he took a shower. There, he washed and became delighted that he could turn around in the shower.

“What are you doing to me?” He asked the alien attached to his cock while he looked at himself in the mirror. As if to answer, the thing came to life and he shuddered in pleasure as it milked him. Expertly it brought him to orgasm quickly and as he shuddered in orgasmic bliss, he swore it grew another inch. He made a mental note to ask the being later about it in his dreams.

A few minutes later he was in his room looking for clothes to wear. While searching, a sudden sharp pain in his crotch causing him to fall to his knees in pain. While there, tears flowed freely from his face. A sudden painful sucking began on his cock and he shook as something weird began. As he rolled around, the pain caused him to blackout.

Jacob found himself once again in the dream state place that always greeted him when he wasn’t awake. He stood in the cone of light, as per usual, in front of the golden throne that the mass of tentacles sat upon. Concealed in that mass of tentacles was a goddess of sex. Or rather, not a true goddess, as she claimed to be the harbinger to her master of lust.

“What’s going on?” He asked the swirling mass of tentacles and cringing as even the pain could be felt here.

“Relax Jacob,” she said.

“It hurts,” he replied doubling over.

“A little pain is a small price to pay for us,” she spoke. Normally she would have been sultry but the voice sounded flat and focused.

“What are you doing to me?” He cried.

“I have to have mass there master. For that to happen, I have to suck it off of you. By the time I am finished, we will have made you more pliable for a male of your age.”

“Why does it hurt?”

“There's a lot I have to take. We have bonded by now and let me tell you, I am so happy about that. It took me longer than expected to break down your genetic material for that.”

The pain dulled for a moment and Jacob did his best to recover.

“When will you be done?”

“Because of your schedule and needs, in the next few minutes.”

He let out a sigh at that.

“You said you’re taking mass, at that speed won’t I look skinnier than I do now?”

“Extremely so,” she said. “Oh, I get your point. You will have to go to the hospital then.”


“After you eat of course. Just say you came home from school, took a nap and woke up like you are.”

“But,” he said trying to come up with a counter-argument. That much change would surely give rise to many questions.

“Don’t worry, just claim you are having a hard time and get a doctor’s note explaining everything and take a few days off from school.”

“I,” he wanted to talk couldn’t.

“And we will have plenty of time to enjoy each other with my new body and yours,” she said. The mass of tentacles still swirled but they gave him no indication for when the pain flared up suddenly. “And besides, we have to work on completing me and for that, you need some time to tone your body.”

And then the pain became excruciating and he felt like he was shrinking. Then as soon as it all began, the sound of a doorbell going off brought him back to the real world.

The first thing he registered was the lack of pain. The second, his cock was free. Even though he still wore clothes, another ring of the bell kept him from investigating. Getting up, he held his pants up as he made it through the house to the door. Opening yielded a surprise.

“Jacob?” That was the delivery boy named Mark. The two had known each other since the first time Jacob had ordered food.

“Yeah,” he replied holding out the cash and taking the bagged food.

“What happened man? You need a doctor?”

Jacob only nodded no, before assuring Mark that he was headed to the E.R. in a few.

“You have a ride?”

“No, I can call a cab,” he said.

“Fuck that man, you need attention now.”

Jacob fed himself struggling not to comply with Mark, but the guy dragged him to his car and drove him to the emergency room.

“I’m off at eight, so if you get out before then, just wait by the bus stop over there. I’ll pick you up.”

Jacob watched as Mark drove away and sighed. He didn’t want to do a hospital, but somehow, both Mark and his goddess were correct. Plus, what better way to get out of school for a few days and get a break. Sighing he went into the emergency room.

The receptionist was a chubby redheaded girl. She had freckles, green eyes, and wore purple-rimmed glasses. Her lipstick matched the glasses.

“How can I help you?” She asked.

“I need help?” He said.

“Oh dear,” she said standing up from the desk. “Do you have insurance?”

Jacob realized then that the women assumed he was homeless. He took out his wallet, a struggle with the loose clothes being held up and gave her the card.

“What exactly is your issue?” She asked.

“I’ve lost weight,” he said. “Like two hundred pounds in a couple of days.”

Her eyebrows rose.

“I wouldn’t be walking around in ill-fitting clothes like this if I wanted too. Here take a look at my school I.D.”

She swore when she looked at it.

“Let me get you to an examination room.”

Seconds later, a plethora of tests were run on him. Blood was drawn, and he was left in the room to himself. Hours could have passed, and he leaned his head back to close his eyes. He had hoped to fall asleep to chat with her once more, not even knowing if he could still. A doctor walked in.

“Jacob Grand?”

“Yes, sir,” Jacob replied to the older male. The man had no hair and his head shone like it was polished.

“You’ve got quite a problem it seems,” he said. “What happened?”

Jacob told him exactly what his goddess had told him too. The doctor didn’t believe him though.

“You may have picked up a parasite,” the doctor offered, and Jacob wished he could have told him that was right on the money. The problem was, that parasite had removed itself.

“Will I be okay?”

“Only time will tell. We took some blood samples so in a few days we will know for sure.”

“Until then?”

“I want you to be at home and avoid contact with anybody. We will know now if it is a parasite, but I honestly feel like this is a prank.”

“I am who I say I am,” Jacob said in defense.

“I believe you, just farfetched you can lose so much weight so fast,” the doctor said while looking at his clipboard. “I would commit you in, but you look fine and so far all the tests we ran say you're as healthy as a young buck.”

Jacob didn’t know how to respond even as the doctor gave him the excuse and left. After a moment, Jacob went out of the Emergency Room and waited by the stop at a loss. Having forgotten his phone and anything, he just sat at the stop with his baggy clothes. At least the temperature was moderate.

Minutes could have passed or even hours but he sat enjoying watching passing traffic. No one bothered to sit with him in the enclave and no one walked by. Eventually, Mark actually drove up in his car. Jacob got in.

“Hey man, so what they say?” Mark asked.

“Said I might have a parasite.”

Jacob didn’t look at Mark but peered out of the window and watched as buildings passed by.

“That isn’t good,” Mark offered.

“At least I lost some weight, but I have to be out of school for a few days, which works because I have to get clothes and can’t be near anyone as much as possible.”

“Well, if you need some help just call me here.”

Mark handed over a business card to Jacob.

“Thank you,” Jacob said taking the card. The gesture confused him, but he didn’t say anything else as they pulled up in front of his house.

“Hey man, call me if ya want to hang sometime,” Mark said to him as he got out.

“I will,” Jacob said before heading into the house.

Back inside, his stomach growled, reminding him that he had never eaten. Feeling famished, he reheated his dinner and ate it. Jacob found the food was much tastier and after finishing that his massive weight loss also meant having a small stomach. Feeling full now, Jacob did the one thing he knew he never should. He called his father.

The man didn’t answer. Not that it surprised Jacob. He was only supposed to call in an emergency and those calls never happened. After leaving a message explaining what had happened, Jacob decided to head to bed. Early or not, he hurt and he had been through much in the day.

Falling into bed, he heavily sighed realizing he needed to order new clothes. Getting up with a heavy sigh, he sat at his desk and for the first time, didn’t cringe. The chair let out no protest to his weight and it brought a smile to his face. Logging into his computer, Jacob began researching clothes.

Quickly he realized he had no idea what size he was. Feeling braver than normal, he went into his father’s room and tried on a pair of pants. Those almost fit, but they were still too big at a size thirty-eight. After trying on a shirt, he found a large to fit correctly. Armed with this knowledge, Jacob ordered a whole new wardrobe from an account he had for savings.

Being one for graphics, he ordered shirts, mostly black with designs on them. Then there were the band shirts. Something he had always wanted to wear, but never possible due to the lack of size variety. Feeling accomplished, he sat back in his chair and let out a sigh.

“Amazing how you creatures work,” a feminine voice said.

Jacob looked around his room in a panic.

“You’ve forgotten me already?” She replied with a giggle.

“Where are you?” He asked.


“Why?” Jacob asked shifting around in his chair to study his room. His eyes traced over every surface with no luck in finding her.

“Because I am terrified,” she said.

“Of me?”

“I am vulnerable right now,” she said. “With being attached, my metamorphous made my new body soft.”

“I’m soft,” he said, not quite sure why.

“Not too much anymore after me,” she said with an amused laugh.

“Will I be okay?” Jacob asked with a growing pit of dread in his stomach.

“You should be, but there will be a lot more changes yet to come to herald the good news of our lady.”

Jacob sat in silence for a bit debating on how to press her for more answers; especially her refusal to reveal herself.

“What other changes?” He asked.

“Well, for one, us. We need joining together soon, but my skin has to finish hardening.”

“Are you gonna feed on me more?”

“I can’t,” she said after a moment of silence. “Your body can no longer provide what I need to continue my evolution.”

“What do you mean?”

“I need a woman to get the chemical and hormones my body needs in order to become more humanoid.”

“So you don’t look like that right now?”

“Patience, Jacob.”

“What are the other changes?”

“I would think you would admire the gift of the cock I gave you.”

She was right about that. Even sitting in the chair, the alien feeling as it lay placid on the edge of the chair. He worried a bit.

Sighing, Jacob got out of his chair and shut off his computer. Silence returned and he moved around the room turning off lights and all. He gave a pause in his doorway before he closed it; listening to for a phone ring he knew would never sound. With a sigh, he closed the door to his room and flipped the light off.

In bed, Jacob let his mind wonder about things. For one, he wondered if he fell asleep would his dreams return or would it be a marathon of sex. Strangely he thought about his father for a bit. Would the man even care about the weight loss?

Sighing, he tried relaxing before falling asleep. His mind, though, had different plans. Fear went through him suddenly as he realized the repercussions of the pact now. The amount of questioning that would be sure to follow after everyone saw him made him breathe heavily. What would everyone think?

When something rubbed against his foot, he let out a yelp of surprise. He shifted quickly and pulled himself up to the head of the bed until he was sitting and could go no further. Suddenly his blanket rose up.

“Relax Jacob,” she said.

“Christ you scared me,” he replied noticing that her rise had stopped.

“I am ready,” she said. “Turn the light on.”

Jacob obeyed and flipped the lamp on his nightstand next to the bed. Blinking heavily by the sudden brightness he wondered briefly about what was about to happen. If she re-attached to him or even what she looked like made his imagination run wild with fear.

“Pull the blanket off,” she commanded after a second. At that moment, gripping the fabric of the comforter, Jacob somehow knew his old life as a fat boy that got picked on constantly would end at this moment. With a pull, the blanket came away and revealed to Jacob a serpentine body.

Pale white flesh revealed itself quickly on a coiled body. She had the shape of a snake, but the body was bigger than anything he had ever seen. He wanted to panic and run, but those galaxy eyes once again trapped him in their allure. Her face almost had some humanity in it, but only some. Long, it did look like a garden snake. The tentacles she sported for hair hung in long locks.

“Hey master,” she said with a soft mewl, and he could swear she was smiling.

“Hey,” he said completely confused by her look.

“I told you I need more of your species DNA to progress further,” she said as a matter of fact. “While I have fashioned a receptacle to receive you into for both of our mutual pleasure, I will need a female of your species to reproduce.”

“So, we can have sex?” He asked being the only thing that she offered that made sense to him.”

“Yes, we can have sex,” she said with a giggle. “Would you like to now?”

Jacob couldn’t process the offer. A girl, well a female something wanted to have sex with him. A strange stirring happened.

“Oh, I can see you like the thought of it,” She said. He thought the white specks in her eyes shimmered like diamonds in the light.

Uncomfortable with his shorts on, he took them off quickly. When his cock sprung up, he gasped.

“What did you do?” He asked in wonderment of the meat stick that rose before him. The head was purple and swollen, pulsing angrily in its need for release.

“I just teased you a lot in your dreams,” she said with a lick of her lips. He saw that her tongue was purple. “And I am glad I did.”

Droplets of pre-cum oozed from the tip.

“Would you mind if I tasted it?” She asked with no hesitation of decency.

His heart stopped. Never in his wildest dreams would he have thought to be asked such a thing. The way he looked before, probably wouldn’t be a woman in a million years who would have looked at him. Not that the alien life form in front counted as a woman, but she identified as a girl and that was good enough for him.

“You have to grant me permission,” she said. Her head swayed back and forth, mesmerizing Jacob.

“I,” he began not even registering an actual thought. “Grant permission.”

Suddenly a long purpled tongue was wrapped around his entire length. The pressure of it made him moan and swirled pleasurably around his shaft. Her eyes didn’t leave his as she ‘tasted’ him. To him, it felt like that taste left nothing untouched on his scrotum. After a bit, the cool air caressed his cock once more as she pulled away.

“It's delicious,” she said.

And unfamiliar feeling washed over him. Queer as it was he did speak.

“Thank you,” he said watching as her hair tentacles danced. “Can I see yours?”

“Certainly,” she said with a squeal of delight.

He watched in fascination as her serpentine body rose. As it rose, he marveled at its smooth pale skin. It looked succulently soft and so he reached out to touch it.

“Oh?” She said in surprise.

“What?” He said recoiling from her exclamation.

“I didn’t think you would take such an action.”

“Was I wrong?” He said suddenly afraid that he had ruined the whole thing. Thoughts of self-doubt plagued him.

“No,” she said with a cock of her head. “I don’t understand why you would be afraid.”

“I thought I ruined it,” he said burying his face into his hands.

“Ruined what?” She asked. “Every action we take that pleasures not only ourselves but each other honors our mistress.”

“You liked it?” He asked in surprise. Looking up at her gaze, an amount of confidence built. Bold once more, he reached out and rubbed the creatures with an open palm. “You’re so soft.”

“Thank you,” she said.

Even bolder now, he sat forward and used both hands to feel her flesh.

“That feels nice,” she said after a few moments. The words broke the spell and he settled back. “Is it time to show you?”

He nodded.


She rose up and the first inkling that Jacob got that her sex approached began with the sudden change in coloring in her skin. Where her body had a pure white tone, the sudden change began as a slight pink before it steadily became an angry red. When the color became dark red, her body stopped moving.

There, Jacob saw a slit leaking copious amounts of liquid. As he studied her anatomy, it spread apart heralding a mass of tentacles.

“It is just a shaft, but the tentacles act much like a sexual pleasure organ for me,” she explained.

He could care less about what she spoke of. All that mattered is that even with its completely alien look, it looked inviting. Moving towards her and off the headboard, he moved till she sat close to his body and between his legs.

“What will you do?” She asked. His answer was to grasp one of the purple tentacles. She responded with a gasp.

As he played with the spread starfish of sexual organs, he listed to her moans. Some few minutes later, she suddenly let out a scream.

“What was that?” Jacob asked finding himself spitting to clear his mouth out of the liquid she coated him with.

“That was a gift from the goddess,” she exclaimed falling onto him. Her weight caused him to lean back onto the bed until he lay once again. The shift of weight surprised him.

“To think you pleasured me fully before yourself. I have truly been blessed,” she heaved.

He could feel the slime of her pseudo-pussy moisture spreading across his stomach. The heat of hit made him throb in need.

“And I’ve forgotten about you,” she said lifting up.

His eyes rose witnessing the bridge of slime from her sex lift away off of his stomach.

“Let’s fix that,” she said with a sudden determination.

She shifted around trying to free his cock which was uncomfortably trapped between their bodies, when she did it sprang up with an enthusiastic bounce. A shock of delight went through him when it slapped against her body.

“Someone is sure eager,” she said. Her body lowered until the heat of her sex rubbed against the underside of his cock.

“I’ll say,” he said stuttering in disbelief. “You seem to have lost control of your tentacles.”

“Indeed, I have,” she said. To Jacob, he hoped he heard amusement in her voice. That thought quickly disappeared as the tentacles enveloped his cock.

“I can’t do this for long,” she said abruptly.

“It feels good,” he said concentrating on the feeling.

“I know, can I put it in now?”

He couldn’t respond. Even when she took the liberty of sinking her sex down onto his cock, they both groaned in anticipation. The amount of pleasure slammed against his brain so hard though, that by the time she took him all the way into herself, he orgasmed.

“Oh no,” he cried out filling her with spurt after spurt of cum. Nothing moved while his cock spurted.

“That was a big load,” she said after he had finished.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“For what?” She spoke, and he could hear the confusion in her voice.

“For cumming so fast,” he said honestly feeling dejected with the sudden expulsion.

“It’s all for pleasure. We both suffer from our virginities, and you should never be upset about that. Plus, I do have a pussy designed to bring your pleasure about quickly.”

“Why, if you don’t need my seed anymore?”

She lay on him, her hot breath on his ear.

“Because the act is extremely fun and I will need your seed to reproduce eventually.”

“Oh,” is all he said.

“And the vessel for that should be here sometime soon.”

“What do you mean?” He asked afraid once more.

“I set up the vessel that will provide all I need to become more compatible with you as your mate.”

“You are perfect now.”

“I can feel that,” she said and at first he didn’t know what she meant, but the something pulsed around his rod.

“I’m still hard,” he said.

“And probably will be a lot more from now on,” she said. “Why don’t you get on top?”


The two of them shifted around and soon he was on top of her.

“I didn’t slip out,” he said in amazement.

“My tentacles apparently don’t like to give up something they like.”

He smiled.

“So you have to move your body,” she said after a second.

“I know, just studying your body.”

Her head turned from the bed to look at him.

“Then fuck me, Jacob, and make it last longer this time.”

The first pull and subsequent thrusts into her depths was a slow one. Jacob hadn’t ever done this activity before and he wanted to make sure it was right. Plus, all he did know about sex came from the internet and some articles he had often told that one should not mimic porn.

“Is it good?” He asked after another few thrusts.

“So good, please keep going,” she said breathing heavily.

Encouraged, Jacob picked up the pace and found himself quickly breathing as heavily as her. Except now, moans came from her. He could feel her tentacles against his stomach and suddenly it gave him an idea.

“Hey, where are you going?” She said with a whine as he pulled out.

“I had an idea,” he replied looking into her eyes. “Pull you tentacles inside.”

Eyebrows or rather her eyes widened as she understood what he was getting at.

“The goddess will be pleased with this suggestion.”

An almost sickening sound resounded, but Jacob ignored it as best he could. Not that it mattered. Whatever alien noise her body made, it was still a vessel of mutual pleasure.

“I’m ready,” she said.

Without the help of the tentacles to guide him Jacob found the cliche’ task of finding the right angle to sink into her. Eventually, he succeeded.

“Oh crap,” he said when he fully buried himself into her. He couldn’t even move anymore because of overwhelming sensations.

“No, not that. Sex,” She cried out.

He may be unable to move, but she did. All of the contorting and writhing of her body made for her taking the lead.

“Give me more,” she begged. Then it stopped. Jacob hadn’t even realized he had closed his eyes, but he opened them to stare into her galaxy ones.

“You aren’t doing a good job, Jacob,” she said.

“You’re enjoying it,” he said trying to figure out where he messed up.

“It isn’t for me, but us. Get your ass into gear and fuck me,” she said trailing off into a whisper.

It could have been a warning, and that’s what finally caused the block for Jacob to break.

“You want to be fucked?”

“Yes,” she said in the same low tone.

“Then take it,” he said leaning his head against hers. In a jiffy, he began moving and thrusting as hard as he could.

“Yes,” she hissed this time before falling back. “Goddess yes.”

He grunted. The feeling of her sex could not have been anywhere near as good as a human. Though he couldn’t be sure of such a thing; the fact was he felt like he was sliding into a tornado of ribbed sex.

Her thrashing became savage as their sexes blurred together in a feverish pace. As much as it stung when her flesh slapped against his he refused to let up. The encouragement of her gasps and hissing pushed him further than anything before. For the first time, in a time of many firsts, he felt compelled to give everything he could.

“Jesus,” he cried out as she exploded underneath him in both scream and liquid.

“Not the right one,” she replied through gasps. He knew she meant for him to praise the goddess for the pleasure she was experiencing. “But please keep going.”

“No plans to stop,” he said as sweat pooled into his eyes. Slamming into her, he marveled at how much of an Adonis he had become. This alien girl had freely given herself to him and at that moment, he felt the feeling of utter abandonment.

The slick sound of their sexes meeting and coming apart took on eroticism to Jacob that he never wanted to stop. Even when he glanced over at his clock and saw that more than a couple of hours had passed. By now, she had fallen silent and moved only occasionally. Jacob couldn’t believe how many times she had shuddered into sweet release.

“Last one,” he cried out with a final thrust into her.

She didn’t reply but he grunted as his balls boiled out an eruption of liquid heat. As it tapered off, too fast this time, he fell atop her before rolling to his side. Breathing heavily, he stared into the dark of his room marveling at how well he could perform.

“The goddess will be pleased with you tomorrow,” she said.

“Why not now?” He asked.

“Because it was a test.” She replied before the sounds of her breathing became deep. He sighed and thought about how great he felt.

There were many things he wished to experience now. The prospect of losing so much weight meant that his whole world had changed. All of it because he had gotten his ass beat by his bullies. He blinked and then suddenly found himself opening his eyes to an insistent ringing of the doorbell.

Sitting up and blinking he shook his head to clear the fog of sleep away. He didn’t even do anything but quickly find a robe and put it on; which in his case happened to be ginormous. Moving quickly, he looked to not even see the snake-like alien he had spent the night with in bed. He almost disappointingly dismissed the night’s activities before as a dream, but then she said something.

“Fuck her well master and bring joy to the goddess.”

He looked quickly around his room but didn’t see where she resided. The doorbell rang insistently again. Rushing out of his room, he made it down the stairs and found by the time he reached the door, he wasn't’ out of breath. The miracle continued to him and he opened the door.

“Hello,” he said in surprise to see who it was.

“Hey,” she said with a pause. He looked at the blond haired girl with blue eyes. “Jacob, was it?”

“Yeah,” he said utterly confused as to why the woman his father forced to fuck in front of him stood right now in the doorway. “What can I do for you?”

“I know show up is irregular, but I need to talk to you.”

Jacob looked at the woman astonished. How could she stand in front of him saying that? There was no repulsion in her like there should have been. Had it been too dark for her to see the behemoth of a fat body that he used to possess?

“You going to invite me in?” She asked after a pervasive uncomfortable moment.

“Sure,” he said still astonished that she was here. He stepped aside and she went in. The door closed quickly behind.

“Surprising how dark this place is,” she said as he followed her through the house and into the living room. The room where only one chair resided. “But it smells better.”

They walked into the room, her first then she twirled around once before facing him. It was then that he realized she was wearing a skirt. Especially when she got halfway into the turn and it flared up showing her bare ass.

“I don’t know your name,” he said plainly.

“Oh, I’m Shanda,” she said.

Jacob thought it was a weird name, but she seemed nice enough. She did keep her distance from him though introducing herself, but then he didn’t extend a hand.

“I can understand you are uncomfortable,” she said fidgeting with her hands. “Do you know where your father is?”

Jacob gritted his teeth.

“Oh no, I just want to make sure he isn’t lurking around. He can be pretty possessive and also pretty dominant,” she said looking over to the chair. He followed her gaze and cringed.

“He isn’t around; in another state.”

“Okay great,” she said, her sudden cheerfulness breaking the gloom of the room.

Jacob looked over the room once more. There wasn’t much besides the chair, just a curtain that hung up to black out the daylight. It happened to be particularly old, and holes had begun allowing light to peak through the fabric. Not enough, though so Jacob turned on the light to the room.

“So what can I do for you?” He asked feeling altogether out of place in the situation. It intrigued him that she stood there in front of him. He knew that her asking of his father’s whereabouts also meant she feared the man’s wrath.

Shanda smiled, her teeth a perfect white. If Jacob could guess correctly, he would have said the woman fit more into being a model than anything. The way she dressed oozed sexuality, something that he found intimidating. He backed away from her to lean against the wall.

“I’m not sure why I am here,” she said walking over to the chair. She ran a hand over the fabric of the thing. “The other night made me never want to see him again.”

Jacob nodded as she stopped behind the chair.

“I intended actually to never come back.”

“Then why did you?” He asked her feeling altogether exposed to her.

“As much as your father’s behavior repulsed me,” she said pausing while she looked to be thinking.

Jacob had a moment to reflect that she had continued having sex with his father while the two of them conversed. Seemed to him that Shanda liked the audience.

“But you enjoyed it,” he said in accusation before she could finish. A queer expression passed across her face.

“I did, so much so that I’ve never cum so hard in my life,” she replied nonchalantly. “I’m sorry if that surprises you. I am, after all, a self-prescribed nymphomaniac.”

The moan after she said nymphomaniac made it clear to Jacob this woman meant exactly what she said. Maybe he should have been surprised, but then he remembered his pledge and mission from the alien goddess.

“Is that why you are here?” He asked her.

She came around the chair and sat in it, legs crossed.

“I am here because, in a moment of fucked up, you decided to be decent.”

“All I did was give you a glass of water,” he said.

“Yes, and if I had been you I would have turned around and beaten the hell out of my father.”

“Fat chance of that,” Jacob replied with a scoff.

“Look, I get it,” she said. “Even though what he did to you was amazing for me, it isn’t lost on me how messed up it was.”

“He doesn’t care, but he will if you’re trying to apologize.”

“Truth there kiddo,” she said with a giggle. Her legs spread slightly. Jacob noticed it, and he noticed that she saw him notice.

“Because you kept your composure, I wanted to say sorry and thank you,” she said spreading her legs all the way.

A hiss sounded between his clenched teeth as he viewed her bare pussy. The first in his life to see and it was glorious.

“Seems you like the view,” she said.

He did, but it took him a second to realize that his cock had exposed itself in its eagerness.

“Sorry,” he stuttered out a few times covering himself up.

“Nothing turns me on more than a hard cock,” she said licking he cherry lips. “I honestly would have loved to have a father-son tryst, but as we’ve said, your father is a little too abusive.”

Jacob was surprised someone else saw how his father behaved.

“But you’re not your father,” she said. “Instead of freaking out at the situation, you let him talk and even gave me a glass of water after.”

“Yeah,” he said, blushing slightly with the compliment.

“And you haven’t called me a whore, even after I told you I was a slut.”

“I can’t,” he said not knowing really why he couldn’t. He may be looking at the blond woman who excessively wore sex like a second skin and deserved the title, but something kept him from actually saying it.

“Either way, I wanted to thank you,” she said with a beaming smile. “And by thank you, I mean I want you to take your cock out a come fuck me with it.”

Her brazen demand made him hesitate. Suddenly a sick feeling washed over him and somehow he knew the only way to get rid of it was to obey.

“Well,” he said with sudden confidence that surprised him. “I will take you up on the offer.”

The robe dropped to the floor and he heard her gasp. A sudden self-conscious feeling hit him.

“Your cock is huge,” she said getting up from the chair and rushing over to him. “I have to taste it.”

Jacob tried to protest, but as soon as she had grasped his cock, his concerns became rather lax with the pleasure of just being grasped.

“Can I lick it, daddy?” She said. The sheer amount of perversion in those words sent a tingle up his spine. Looking down at her, he saw her eyes glowing in fascination as they moved from his cock up to lock eyes with him. “Please?”

“Yeah,” he said unfamiliar with the nonchalant tone his voice had. Detached or not, he did moan when her hot wet tongue licked teasingly over the tip.

“Now what?” He asked feeling the blood pump in his ear.

“Well daddy, what do you want?”

They stared at each other, his cock pointed straight at her awaiting mouth.

“Suck it,” he said, feeling a surge of power in himself with the words.

“Okay,” she said excitedly before she began to choke herself on his cock.

The bimbo took his cock in her mouth like a champ. Inch by inch she worked down her throat in sloppy gaga. Once or twice she pulled off the cock for a cough before she sucked herself back onto the meat. He marveled at how she got his cock deeper down her throat with each attempt and sighed in heavy contentment when her nose pressed up again the hair of his crotch. She went to pull off, and Jacob made his first move during the entire fiasco.

Grabbing her hair, Jacob began to use her mouth as a cock sleeve. Ramming the mass of meat in and out, Jacob only lasted a few seconds before he released a tsunami of cum directly into her stomach. He lost count at six spurts before losing the ability to stand.

He fell, and barely felt the sudden cool air on it his cock. It still throbbed and shot out cum as he heard Shanda coughing in a fit. Clearing his head, he gathered himself before getting up to help her.

“Are you alright?” He asked, helping her stand.

“Yeah, just a lot,” she said, still coughing.

“I’m sorry,” he said leading her over to the chair. He had her sit down before getting some water. When he returned, she took the glass and drank it greedily in long gulps. Soon it was gone, and she let the glass fall to the stained carpeted floor.

“Don’t be,” she said finally without coughing. “Whew.”


“You were blessed hon. I thought your father was huge, but you; you have a true gift there.”

“Thanks,” he said.

“I mean, it's too bad you came.”

“Why?” He asked. She had lifted a leg, and he could plainly see her cunt. It looked invitingly wet, and soon she had it make noises that showed that effect.

“Can’t you see how wet I am daddy?” She said with a moaning pout.

His cock began to spring back to life. A tingling feeling already beginning as it re-inflated.

“I want to help,” he said prepared to fully do just that.

“How daddy?” She said with a whine. It bothered him a bit that she called him that, but only on the unknown expectation of how he should respond. He went with what came first in his mind.

“Well little girl,” he began. “I plan to fuck you with your new favorite toy.”

By now Shanda had leaned back in the chair and had her eyes closed when Jacob approached and pushed her hand out of the way with his now throbbing cock.

“What the hell?” She cried out in surprise as his cock began to spread her eager cunt open.


“I didn’t think you'd be hard again so soon,” she said before moaning as he earnestly began sliding in.

“I’d like to think I’m full of surprises,” he said gratefully the blond bimbo hadn’t seen how large he was the other night. Something felt off about it, but as he slid up the tight snatch, that concern melted away just like his cock.

Before long, they were both grunting and moaning in unison as he pummeled her. Legs eventually wrapped around his waist and the chair pushed up against a wall; a product of his hard thrusts. A rhythmic thumping could be heard with the chair being driven against the wall.

“Oh my god daddy,” Shanda shouted suddenly. Jacob held on as she convulsed in the chair. A tearing sound interrupted her groans and then the side of the recliner fell off. She went with it, sliding off his cock with a laugh.

“Damn it,” Jacob said in utter fear as he knew his father would flip out over the loss of the chair.

Shanda didn’t share his discontent. Instead, she opted for laughing.

“You fucked his chair apart,” she laughed.

“What do I do?” Jacob asked utterly lost.

“Nothing,” she said. “Now let me get into a good position and fuck me up the ass with that salami daddy.”

Without missing a beat, she moved on all fours to the center of the room. She leaned down and presented her pale ass to him. The skirt fell down her body, giving him an unobstructed view of her sex. Her pussy gaped, but in contrast, her wrinkled starfish looked like it had seen its fair share of reaming.

“Remember daddy; it’s really sensitive so take it slow.”

Jacob couldn’t understand why she told him to remember, but with a shrug, he decided his first anal experience took much more precedence over a chair. With gusto, he took his well-lubricated cock and got into position.

“Not my pussy again daddy,” Shanda said. By now, Jacob became frustrated at trying to get into the anal orifice. Over time he tried, his cock shifted and he slid into her pussy. “Can I help?”

“Sure,” he responded with gritted teeth. He didn’t really understand what she did, but he knew it involved her own fingers in her greedy snatch. It did the trick and soon he was slowly sliding into a tight orifice.

“Oh daddy,” she exclaimed as he slid in. He did take it slow, even though every fiber in his being urged him to bury himself fully into the woman. He knew he couldn’t get his cock fully into her snatch but something told him her ass would take it all.

“This is too much,” he groaned in immense pleasure that almost had him seeing stars. Up to the hilt, she took him. “Is that okay?”

“Daddy,” she whined. “Pound my ass.”

The sudden change in attitude from entering her slowly to actually fucking her took him aback. That sick feeling washed over him again. Fearful, he began the movement that would turn her insides out.

“Shit,” she cried out.

Eventually, the slapping of their bodies took on a more powerful sound as she began to greet his thrust. He heard the tearing of carpet, and he looked up to see that her hands had dug into the fabric, anchoring them to the floor. That was fine with him, and he continued his ministrations realizing that her screams egged him on.

Jacob had never felt so alive before. Sure, last night with the alien goddess was great, but she wasn’t able to move like Shanda could. Now he understood her meaning when she had told him the sex wouldn’t be the same until she had a better body. Now Jacob understood and he wanted more.

The orgasm that came burning out of his cock took his breath away as he emptied into Shanda. He heard her make a weird noise but that became drowned out as the high of orgasmic release washed over him. A rush of stress gone and a content relaxation took the pleasure’s place.

When the fog cleared, Jacob saw that Shanda was vomiting onto the carpet. By now, she had pulled herself off his cock and had crawled a few feet away. Jacob fell to the floor and found himself unable to move or help her.

He saw the serpentine form of his alien goddess slither into view. “You’ve done well,” she said to him. Her galaxy eyes now glowed blue. “I’ll take her from here. Make sure I am undisturbed while I work on her. In less than a week Jacob, we will be joined.”

He watched in a morbid fascination as she suddenly wrapped herself around the girl. A blink and the alien moved the girl to the stairs. Another blink and he was left in utter quiet. In a few seconds, whatever the paralysis was wore off, and he sprung up worried about Shanda.

Jacob found that neither was in his room. His father’s room yielded no sign also. With fear, he went to his abandoned parent's room and found himself greeted by something his mind had no idea how to comprehend.

There, in the corner next to the bed, was a sack of flesh secured to the wall. It pulsed in weird colors and tendrils snaked away from it across every surface. He fell to the floor, realizing that somehow, Shanda no longer existed.

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Egg Ch. 2

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