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  1. TMB Chapter 2 Cindy and Her Family
  2. TMB Chapter 3 My Sister Comes to Visit
  3. TMB Chapter 5 Mandy at Home
  4. TMB Chapter 6 Cindy Meets Cathy at the Bikini Store
  5. TMB Chapter 7 My Family Comes to Visit
  6. TMB Chapter 8 Mandy, Tawny and her Brothers
  7. TMB Chapter 4 Cathy and the Bikini Store

TMB Chapter 2 Cindy and Her Family

Categories Diary, Exhibitionism, Incest, Water Sports/Pissing

Author: tigerjoe2018

Published: 08 August 2018

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This is an spin off of the characters introduced in Chapter 1. Chapter 3 will return to the main characters.


As you recall, when Cindy left for home she was naked and wanted to fuck here brother, Robby after she met and then fucked her dad, Bob at the strip club. Here is the rest of her story.

While I was driving home I replayed the events in my mind that happen today. Just thinking about the flashing and sex at the mall, Robby catching me, dancing and being finger fucked on the stage with all of those guys watching started to get me worked up. Now here I am driving home naked and was going to be walking in to the house naked, where any of my neighbors could see me. Not to mention that once I got home I am going to fuck Robby. All of these thoughts has my pussy on fire. I need to him to fuck me. There was a car in front of me and turned on to our street. I hoped is was not one of our neighbors as I needed to get in to the house. It pulled in to my driveway, then I saw it was Robby. I was relieved and excited at the same time. He was just getting out of the car as I pulled up and parked in the street. He was waiting for me. I quickly got out of the car naked and ran over to him.

His mouth dropped open when he saw I was naked and asked what I was doing. I put my finger over my mouth in a motion to keep him quite. I pulled him up to the front of his car and kissed him. Then asked if he wanted to fool around. He said what about dad. I told him the lights are out he must be asleep. Robby then said, lets go in. I stopped him and shook my head and and said no, here. I bent down and pulled his short and underwear down. He had a pair of flip-flops on so I grabbed his leg, lifted it up and pulled off his shorts. I did the same with his other leg and then stood up and reached for his shirt and pulled it over his head. He was now as naked as I was. I kissed him again and with a grin om my face I knelt down. His cock was already hard. I reached out and grabbed it and and just swallowed it in a single gulp. I started to bob up and down and massaged his balls with my hand. It was only a few seconds till he started to cum down my throat. I looked up at him while he was cumming. I suck on it a few more seconds and then pulled it out and smiled at him.

His cock was still hard. I stood up and kissed him again, sharing his cum with him. I moved my head to the side of his and said eat me and I bent over and leaned over the hood of his car. He got behind and and started licking my pussy. It felt great and knowing that he was tasting dads cum made it even hotter. My pussy was burning up. I stopped him after a few minutes. I turned around and pulled him up and then bent over quickly and sucked his dick a few more times. I leaned into him again and whispered to him “fuck me” and he smiled. I turned around and resumed my position on the car hood. He got behind me and sank his cock in me completely. I moaned out loud. He started pounding my pussy. He was grunting and I started moaning more and more. Then I started to orgasm and squirted. He was still pound me and now there was a loud slashing sound from all of cum. I had another orgasm and squirted again then with one more hard push he stopped and came in me. I had another orgasm. He just laid against my back and wrapped his arms around me and started to squeeze my nipples and kiss my neck. His cock finally deflated and slipped out of me. I was about to stand up and he pushed me back down. Then slid his hands down my back and rested on my ass. He pulled my ass apart and then I felt his tongue at the top of my ass. He slowly slid his tongue down over my asshole and worked it around a few times and then continued down to my pussy and started to eat me. I had another orgasm. He licked me clean but got me worked up again. He stopped and kiss me. I said lets go in.

He grabbed his clothes and we walked inside and shut the door. A light came on and I saw my dad standing there in his robe. He said he thought he heard something outside. He had a smile on his face. I looked over at Robby and he had a panicked look on his face. I smiled at him and said watch this. I walked over to my dad and opened up his robe. His cock was hard and I knelt down and suck it into my mouth as I turned my head slightly and looked at Robby. After about a minute of sucking I stood up and removed his robe completely. I gave him a kiss. I motioned for Robby to come over and he stood beside my dad. I said to both of them “Do whatever you want with me, I am totally yours”.

They both smiled. I leaned in and kissed my dad and then turned to Robby and did the same. Both of them leaned down and started sucking on my tits. One on each, it felt incredible. Robby then pulled away and went behind me. I felt him push on my legs, so I opened them wider. Robby put his hands on my ass and pulled it open. Then I felt his tongue on my asshole and he started to eat me. My dad started to kneel down and kissed my stomach as he went. He then looked up at me. I grabbed his head and pushed his mouth against my pussy as he started to eat me my pussy. Having Robby eat my ass and dad on my pussy was incredible. I then felt Robby stick a finger in my ass and started to work it around as he licked my hole. Then he inserted another finger and kept working me. My legs were becoming weak and felt like rubber. I could fell Robby's tongue deep in my ass and I started to moan loudly. Robby stopped and stood up and he said dad, stop. My dad looked at him and Robby said I have an idea.

He pulled my dad up and then told me to suck their cocks as they stood beside each other. They were both already hard and I knelt down and grabbed a cock in each hand and pulled them together. I shoved one in my mouth and then the other and kept alternating between them. Robby then said to stop and told dad to sit on the edge of the couch. He then told me to sit on his lap facing him and put his dick in my pussy. As I lowered myself on his dick I had and orgasm, doing this in front of Robby was getting to me. Robby then came up close behind me and turned my head and gave me his cock. He told me to make it nice and juicy which I gladly did and then he pulled it out. He got behind me and started rubbing his cock on my asshole. I now know what he intended to do and was pussy and ass got red hot. He slowly started to insert his cock in my ass. My dad started to suck on my nipples and squeeze my tits. Robby was in my ass completely. He told me to start humping slowly. I could feel both my dads and Robby's cock start to slide out and then lowered myself again. I started to move faster and developed a rhythm. Is was the most incredible feeling I ever had. After a few times I had my first orgasm but kept going and started to go faster. I had another orgasm, then I started squirting, then another, I increased the pace, then another orgasm. Robby yelled out he was about to cum. Then I felt him cum in my ass, I yelled and moaned. I had a huge orgasm, and squirted again. Then my dad grunted and I felt him cum in my pussy which brought on another orgasm. I stopped moving and fell forward on to my dad and he held me. I felt Robby pull out of my ass.

I was like a rag doll and my dad lifted me off of him with Robby's help and sat me on the couch. My pussy and ass were just dripping with cum. Robby opened up my legs and sucked the come from my pussy. Then put his cock to my mouth and I sucked him clean and he sat down beside me. My dad got up and put his dick to my mouth and I clean him. He then rolled me over and pulled my ass apart and started eating the cum out of my ass. I was wiped out and could hardly move. Robby got off the couch and he and my dad position me so I was laying down. They turned of the lights and left me laying there where I fell asleep.

When I got awake the sun was coming in the window. I heard somebody in the kitchen so I got up and walked there. It was my dad, dressed in some shorts. He came over and kissed me and gave me a hug and whispered in my ear, I love you. He told me to go and get cleaned up that he was making breakfast, something that he never did for me before. I had to smile, already things were better around the house. I made my way to the bathroom and passed Robby. He stopped me and put both hands to my face and held me there as he gave me the biggest kiss and then told me he loved me. I continued to the bathroom and stood under the hot shower. The shower reinvigorated me and I got my energy back.

I dried off and combed my hair. By habit I went to my room and almost started to get dress and thought what am I doing. I stopped and headed back to the kitchen. As I turned the corner, right in front of me was my grandfather. No point in turning back now, I just went to him and gave him a big hug. I felt his hands go to my ass. I knew I had him. I pulled back a little and gave him a kiss, he was speechless. I leaned in again and whispered in his ear, “its ok”. I gave him another kiss and brought his hands up to my tits and he started to play with them. He looked over to my dad and Robby and they shook their heads up and down and said it is ok. He turned back towards me and I pulled his head to my breasts and he started to suck on my nipples. I reached down and started to rub his cock through his pants. I could feel him getting hard. I started to undo his belt and open his pants which fell to the floor. I pulled him away and knelt down. I pulled his underwear down and his cock sprang free, it was huge. I looked up at him and smiled. I kept looking him in the eyes as I opened my mouth and sucked down his cock. I got him hard and pulled him by his cock and turned him around. I pulled him to my ass as I leaned over the counter so I could see my dad and brother. I then told him to fuck me. He eased his cock in me and was soon pounding me. I looked in to the eyes of my dad and brother. He came in me. I turned around and cleaned up his cock. Then pulled up his underwear and pants then tightened his belt. I then gave him a kiss and said thank you. He pulled me in to him and gave me a hug and said “I love you”. Robby came over to me and had me lie over the counter again. He licked and sucked on my pussy cleaning up all of granddad's cum and then gave me a kiss.

I stayed naked as we ate breakfast. We sat and talked about everything that I had done the last couple of days. It was almost 2 hours later when we finally got everything talked out. Everyone was happy and smiling. Robby said he needed to go to the bathroom with all of the coffee he drank, my dad and granddad said they need to go also. I got a grin on my face and said there is one more think I forgot to tell you. They all looked at me. I said I can show you and told them to follow me. I walked out the back door to the yard and laid down. I told them to gather around me. I now told them to take out their cocks and pee on my face. They were all smiling as the opened their pants and pulled out their cocks. They all started to pee on me as I swallowed as much as I could. Robby moved down and was pissing on my pussy. It was wonderful. When they finished I had each one come by me and I suck out the last drops, then would tuck their cock away and do up their fly or pull up their shorts.

When I finished with Robby laid on the grass beside me and told me to sit on his face. I told him I have had enough sex for today and he said he just wanted to clean the piss off of me. I said ok and squatted on his face and he licked me all over. The I had to urge to pee so I placed my pussy over his mouth and started to pee. He started to gulp it down but was not quick enough and had it all over his face and shirt. I finally finished and he licked me clean. I sat back and leaned over and licked up his face and gave him a kiss and then told him thank you. He said anytime just let me know. I gave him another kiss and got up. We went back in the house and Robby and I got a shower together.

I got dressed in a short pair of shorts and a t-shirt this time. I went in the kitchen and now my uncle, Brad was there. When he saw me he perked up. He gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. My dad mouthed he does not know. I took the cue. He asked what I was going to do today. I told him I wanted to go shopping for some clothes. He tells me that he was thinking of going to the mall also. He smiled and said he heard Robby's story about the girl at the mall and thought I might hang out and see if it happens again, with a laugh. I said do you want to join me. He perked up and said yes, I will drive. I said ok, let me get my purse and we can be off. My granddad, dad and Robby all guessed what was going to happen and all were smiling. I quickly came back with my purse and said lets go. I gave a kiss to everyone and we headed out.

Brad asked which mall I wanted to go to and I told him the “Springfield mall” as it had a Victory Secret store. My uncle thought it was his lucky day. We got to the store quickly and I looked around at some items and thought I would start off slowly. So I picked up a little silk night gown which I purposely got one too small. I had him sit in a chair outside the changing room and went to a booth that he could clearly see. I pulled the curtain mostly closed except there was about a two inch gap. I pulled down my shorts, I had no underwear on and stood against the curtain so my ass pushed against it as I bent over to undo my sandals. I know he could see my pussy.

I tried on the gown and then asked my uncle if he could take it back and get one a size bigger. As I was doing this I squatted down with my butt toward him to pick up the hanger that I had dropped. Since the curtain only went to a bout 2 feet off the ground I knew he could see me. He came to the curtain and I handed him the gown but stood to the side and then pulled the curtain closed. He came back and told me here it is. He must of looked where I was stand and as I opened the curtain he peeked in. I put it on and then opened the curtain and asked what he thought. It was tight against my chest so I brought my hands up and pressed them against my boobs and told him I think it is still too small. Let me take this one off and could you get the next size bigger for me. He smiled and said yes. I went to the booth and bent over at my hips to pick the hanger off the floor, again exposing my ass and pussy to him. I pulled the curtain almost closed again and held it out for him so my right tit was in view between the curtain gap. Then I said instead of just a size bigger, which I knew was my size, get it 2 sizes bigger. He said ok and headed off.

I was still standing in the opening when he returned and handed me the gown. I quickly put it on and if I pulled down on the front, my nipples were on display. I pulled it back in place and walked out. I said I believe this is too big. As I began pulling it back and forth. I pulled down on the front a little harder and my nipples popped out. I gave a little gasp and quickly readjusted the gown. I told him after looking in the mirror I do not like it as much as I thought. Maybe something else. We walked over to the gowns and I began looking around. Brad said I like this one. It was totally see through and had a bra and pantie set with it. I said that is was cute but the material is a bit thin to be walking in front of dad and Robby with it. Bless his heart, he quickly said that with the bra and pantie on no one would ever see. I said you may be right. He then said try it on and if you like it I will buy it for you. I said ok, you have a deal. I took it back to the changing room and pulled the curtain almost closed again. I took off the gown and put it back on the hanger and ask Brad to return it and handed it to him. Letting him get a quick peak of me. I put on the new pantie, bra, and gown and walked out just as my uncle had returned and I asked him what he thought.

I slowly turned around letting him see me. His mouth dropped open but was able to stammer out that I looked beautiful. I leaned over to him and kissed him on the cheek and said thank you. I said I sort of like the panties and bra but not sure about the covering, then took it off. How does that look, can you see through it, knowing that you could. He lied and said no. I said ok you can buy it for me.

What else looks good in the store as we started to look around. My uncle was following me and I would bend down occasionally and would turn and ask him something and could see he was staring at my ass. Then he started to make suggestions on what I should try on. It was all very small or see through. I did see a dress that reminded me a lot of the dress Jane was wearing at the strip club. See through with just a sash to keep it closed. I look at my uncle and asked how he like this dress. He immediately said it was pretty. I want to see if he would take the bait so I said I don't know. He said try it on, it you like it I will buy it for you. I smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek and said ok. I held it up to myself to see how big it was and said I think I need a smaller size. I did it again with the next size smaller and then again. I said this looks good. I went back to the changing room and just pulled the curtain half way closed. I took off the bra and pantie and got the cover up and then handed them to my uncle and told him to hold on to these.

He came over to the open side and stood there looking in and I then reached up and pulled the curtain closed some more, but it still had about a three inch gap. I put on the dress and closed it and then tied up the sash. I walked out to the mirror while Brad watched me. At the mirror I saw the dress was way to short, all of my pussy was exposed and my nipples were not covered. I gave a fake gasp and pulled on the seams and open it completely and then closed it again as if it should go closed more. All of the time my uncle watched intently. I walked back to the dressing room and asked Brad to get the next size bigger, not even bothering to close the curtain. After handing him the dress he came back with the bigger dress. I put it on and again walked out, this time it was just to the bottom of my pussy. I just stood in front of the mirror and took it off and handed it to my uncle and asked for the next size bigger.

After getting the next size larger, he slowly walked toward me as I faced him and handed me the dress. I put it on and tied the sash. It was about 2 inches below my pussy and a good portion of my tits were on display. Just barely covering my nipples. I turned around and asked my uncle what he thought. He said you are beautiful. I told him I would take it. I flagged the sales girl down and said I would take this dress and that night gown, but I want to leave the dress on. I went in to the changing room and bent over to put on my sandals while my ass was pointed at Brad. I picked up my shorts and shirt and we headed to the cash register. Brad paid and we left.

Once out of the store, I told Brad to follow me about 20 feet behind. He asked what I was doing. I said you want to see a girl at the mall in a see through dress so come on. I made my way to the food court and phoned Brad and told him once I sit down find a good seat to watch me. I went to McDonald's and got some fries and a drink. As I was looking for a seat I loosened up the sash, I could feel the dress start to open and found a seat where I was facing everyone. Teasing Brad all morning and now in this dress was making me and my pussy hot. I sat down and left my legs open. People were starting to notice. I nonchalantly play with the sash with my hand as I ate, making it looser. Till it was undone. I then flipped my hair back which released the dress off my breasts and my dress fell to the sides. I took a couple of more bytes of the fries and finished them. I moved forward in the seat till my pussy was over the edge. I reached down and started to finger myself. I started to orgasm and squirted 4 or 5 times. I looked up and almost everybody in the food court was watching me. No one said anything.

I then got up and my dress was still at my sides. I grabbed my trash and took it to the trash can. I walked back to the table and took off the dress and reached for my purse on the floor and using Jane's little trick brought up my leg to keep my balance. Everyone could clearly see my pussy. I walked over to the front on the one shop and grabbed a napkin and pretended to wipe off my dress like I got something on it. I walked back to the table again and put on the dress and tied the sash, grabbed my purse and turned around and left. I looked over my shoulder, everyone in the food court was standing up to watch me leave. I headed to the car. Brad came running out. I could see he was hard. He opened the door for me and I grabbed his hand and held him there. I asked if he enjoy the show. He leaned down and said yes very much and kissed my cheek. I grabbed him by his neck and kissed him on the mouth. I looked him in the eyes and said fuck me.

He did not know what to do. I grabbed his pants opened them and pulled them down and quickly sucked on his cock. I them turn and put my feet just out of the door and my hand on the seat. With the other hand I grabbed his cock and pulled it towards my pussy. He final took over and started fucking me. It was not long till he came in my pussy. He pulled out of me and I told him to eat me. He sucked and cleaned up my pussy. I pulled away and told him to get in. He pulled up his pants and got in the car and we headed home.

Once we got home I told him to follow me. He did not want to as everybody was still there. I kissed him and told him it was ok. I grabbed his hand and lead him in to the house. My brother, dad and granddad were watching a game. When I walked in they all watched me. I pulled Brad over to the couch and pushed him down. Then moved in front of everyone said do you all like what Brad bought me and turn around showing off the dress. They all smiled and said yes. Brad looked relieved. I said this is a prefect dress for flashing, right Brad, as I opened up the sash and pulled the dress apart. I said Brad tell them what you saw in the food court. He told them the story and all of them were excited and asked why I did not phone them so they could watch. I had to laugh at that.

I told them I want to do one more thing today and then I am going up to soak in the bath for a while. They all asked what is that. I want all of you to stand around me and cum on me. Robby said sis we have been here watching the game and drinking beer. We need to use the bathroom first, my dad and granddad agreed. I said come on lets all go outside. I laid on the ground and Brad did not know what was going to happen and watched as the others started to pee on me. Then he joined in. I sucked on all of them till each one was hard as they all started to jerked-off. After a few minutes they all had cum on me. I was covered with piss and cum. I sucked all of them clean and then stood up and kissed them one by one. I told them in a couple of days after I rest up a bit, I want to take on all four of them.

Oh, also my friend Jane wants to come over and play too. I started for the bathroom and turned around and ask them when you have some dinner ready to please come and get me. My dad spoke up and asked if we should make something or order-in. I smiled and said order Chinese food. Let me know when you are ready to order.

Chapter 3 Returns to the main characters.

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TMB Chapter 2 Cindy and Her Family

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