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TMB Chapter 5 Mandy at Home

Categories Diary, Exhibitionism, Incest, Water Sports/Pissing

Author: tigerjoe2018

Published: 08 August 2018

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Chapter 5 Mandy at Home


Jane and Tom dropped me at the airport and I am waiting for my plane to start boarding while sitting at the gate. I look at my watch and say to myself that Jane and Tom should be almost home by now. I had got a text message from my mother, my father is coming to pick me, I got a sly smile when I read that. I started to think about how to tease my father on the way home. I have plenty of time to think of something on the flight. I sat back and watch people walking by as I was waiting to board the plane.

My plane landed on time and I have a plan. I knew that my father would be waiting for me at the arrivals exit so as soon as I exited the plane I made my way to the bathroom. I took off my bra and put it in my purse and buttoned my dress back up.

I started to the main terminal and once I cleared the exit I saw my father. I waved and went over and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He asked if I had fun and told him Jane and I got to go dancing, went to the mall, shopped, had dinner out and hung out by the pool. We made our way to the baggage claim and talked until the bags came in. I told him I need to use the restroom before we leave.

Since this is my good girl dress which was mid thigh. I went in and opened another button at the bottom and sat down on the toilet to see what would happen to my dress. The ends of my dress fell apart but did not show my panties, but showed a lot of leg, which was perfect. It wasn't much but I wanted to start slowly. I did not want to freak out my dad.

I left the restroom and joined my dad and we headed to the car. We talked the whole way home. He asked where we went dancing and I said some club and he asked how often, I told him three nights. He asked me what I liked the most and told him hanging out by the pool. I told him that since Tom was not there, that Jane and I went au naturel. He laughed when I said that. I saw him looking over at my legs a lot. I want to do something to get him hard so bad, but thought I better slow down and take it easy. He ask me what clothes I bought. I told him I got 2 dresses and 2 pair of shoes, and some bikinis for tanning and some lingerie.

When I mentioned bikinis and lingerie he did not look at me and had me second guessing telling him about the them. What if he asked to see them, that could start an argument. Then I said the lingerie is just a night gown and downplayed it. That seemed to easy him a little.

We made it home and I did not see Mon's or Steve's car and ask if they are out and he said they were till later tonight. He got my bag and we headed in. I told him that I wanted to get a shower that the plane was hot and I feel all sweaty. He went in to the kitchen. I went up to my room and left the door slightly open then quickly took off my shoes and dress. I was standing there and just turned around as my dad open the door and brought in my bag. He was shocked to see me standing there topless. He said sorry and I told him it was ok and did nothing to cover up. I said thank you picking me up at the airport and bringing up my bag. He looked at me and I thought I need to keep him engaged, so I asked him about the conference and if he was going to go. He was still looking at me and said he had emailed Tom while at the airport and Tom said I can stay at their place. So I am pretty sure I am going. I told him he is going to love it there.

I said ok I am going to jump in the shower and walked by him to the bathroom. Then he followed me. I am getting wet just thinking about him seeing me topless and then by butt in a thong. I got in the shower and thought what if he comes up again after my shower. I got to have a plan to tease him some more. I quickly got a shower and made some noise as I left the bathroom. I left my door open a bit again and listened. I heard him coming up the stairs. I grabbed a little cotton thong panties out of my drawer quickly and pulled off my towel and bent over with my ass to the door. Just after he opened the door and walked in, I pulled them up. He again said I am sorry. I said dad, you don't have to say your sorry every time you walk in her. You have seen me naked before so don't worry about it, “ok” and walked over and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He stood there and said ok but it's just you are all grown up now. I said, yes we are all adults. He smiled and I wanted to change the subject.

I told him I was just going to unpack, do you want to see what I bought? He said wait a minute, I wanted to ask if you wanted some pizza, I was thinking of calling in an order. I said yes that would be great. So he called in the order while I was standing there topless, in a small pair of thong panties. I am wondered how far I can take this tonight. I opened up my bag and he finished on the phone. I started to pull out the items, bending over in front of him. I told him here are the shoes and showed them to him, then bent over and put them on and said look how much taller they make me.

Pulling more stuff out of my bag, I was thinking to myself what do I want to show him, do I want to go faster or should I slow down. Should I see if I can get naked now. My mind was racing and he was just standing there watching.

I held up two bra and panties sets, and said Jane gave these to me. Don't you think they are pretty. He said yes they are. He said you will look pretty in the red pair with your white shoes on. I thought oh my god, I got to see. You think so, I looked at him and said let me try them on. He smiled and I brought up the bra and put it on in front of him. I then pulled down the panties that I had on and lifted my feet and threw them on the bed. I picked up the red panties on and pulled them up. My pussy was wet. I turned around a few times and asked what he thought. I then saw he had an erection. I have only been home a few hours and I am already naked in front of my father. My next thought is now what do I do. I said this is the one dress, it is all white and Jane says it makes me look like an angel. Here is the other, I really like this blue pin strip. I wrapped it around me, as I did I said it does not look right with the red bra and panties. So I took the dress off and then took off the bra and put the dress back on again with out buttoning it up. I turned around and pulled down my panties exposing my ass and pussy. I then turned so I was again facing him and only buttoned the middle button. The door bell rang, we looked at each other and said pizza. We both got up and went downstairs and my father opened up the door while I stood behind him. My father handed me the pizza and I walked to the kitchen. I looked at myself to see what was showing. Both breasts and nipples were on display. The bottom has an inch gap and my pussy is visible. I grabbed some plates and napkins and put them on the table. My father came in the kitchen so I reach in the upper cabinet to get some glasses and I felt my dress pull up over my ass. I then went to the frig an asked my father what he wants to drink as I bent over showing him my ass. I got our drinks and we went and sat down at the table to eat. I sat across from him, the table has a glass top, so I used a trick that Jane taught me. I could feel my dress open up when I sat down. I remember what Jane had said about show a guy some bits and he will talk to you as long as you want. Well, it worked on my father also. When we finished eating, I could see a wet spot on my chair. We cleaned up the kitchen and I told my father that I was going to finish unpacking, hoping he would come up with me. I saw he still had an erection and he said go ahead that he had some work to do in the office. I said ok and went up stairs. I left my door open so he could stop by but he didn't. I got everything put away and was getting tired and my mother and Steve were not home yet. I put on the night gown that Jane gave me and went downstairs looking for my father. I snuck to his office door and could here him saying my name. He must be jerking-off. I backed away and went in the the kitchen, then yelled dad, are you still in the office. It was a couple of seconds before he said yes. I made my way to the office and knocked on the door and turned the knob. It was locked and I waited for him to open it. He had turned off the computer screen. I told him that I am tired and going to bed. Is there anything planned for tomorrow I asked him. He said that mom is going to see her sister in the morning and she is going to leave about 8:00 and be there till late afternoon, if you want to go along. Steve has practice at the school or something so he is also out of here before 8:00 and also be out till late afternoon. Tell mom I want to sleep in a little tomorrow so she can go without me. If I am not up by 9:00 come and get me awake. I lean over to kiss him and I can feel the night gown pull away from my body and I see my dads eyes look at my breasts. I tell him good night and went to my room. I closed the door and called Jane and tell her everything that has happened. I said I hope you are not mad at me but I think I am going to fuck dad way before you ever get the chance. She said no I am not mad. Call me tomorrow and tell me what happens. I opened my door and went to the bathroom just in case my father is looking. I come back and leave the door slightly open and take off the night gown and go to bed, naked.


I slept all night long and rolled over to look at the clock. It is 8:30. I look at my door and it is open further that I left it, then I roll over again and went back to sleep. I feel something and I get awake groggy and I finally make out it is my father trying to wake me. I said good morning and sat up. He says here I brought you some coffee as he hands me a cup. I see that there is no sheet covering me and I remember that when I got awake at 8:30, I had the sheets pulled up. I asked him what he had planned for the day and he said he did not have anything to do, he was staying home all day. I said me too. He said come on and get up I have breakfast waiting. I got up and followed him out the door naked, then said I need to use the bathroom first. I went in and left the door open. He was waiting for me across the hall and had a clear view of me. I sat down and started to piss. I asked him what the weather forecast was for today just to keep it normal. I finished then washed my hands and face and went downstairs with him. We got a few plates and glasses out and then we sat and ate. I saw he got hard again.

Now, I am trying to think of someway to get his shorts off. He asks what I am going to do today and tell him I may lay in the sun for a while to keep up my tan. He says that is a good idea. I asked him if we have any sun tan lotion. He said he was not sure he will check after we finish eating. We finished eating and I helped him clean up the kitchen. I ask about the lotion again and he said he would go look. I went outside and moved the chaise lounge in to position. He came out about ten minutes later and I saw his erection was gone. He said here you go. I asked him to rub some on my back for me. When I felt his hands on me I started to get wet and blushed at the thought of him seeing me wet. He finished my back and I said could you do my legs also. He started on my left foot and was rubbing up and I parted my legs so he could get my inner thigh. Then I felt his hand graze over my pussy. I had to stifle a moan. He then started on the right side and did the same. He said there you go and I told him you might as well do my butt also. I felt him squirt lotion om my butt, he then started to rub all over and I felt his fingers go over my asshole. I felt his fingers touch my pussy and let out a audible moan, this seemed to encourage him and he did it again and I let out another moan. He finished and removed his hands. He asked me if that was all. I rolled over and told him while he was here he might as well do the my front. I saw him smile. He asked where, I said all over. He started on my left leg and worked his way up and I could feel his hand against my pussy. Then he went to my right leg and worked his way up to my pussy. My pussy was hot and dripping. He came up along side me and squirted lotion on my stomach and started to rub it around. I felt his hands making their way to my breasts and he finally ran his hands over them. It felt so good that I started to moan. He then squeezed my nipples, he was no longer being coy. He massaged my breast and I was moaning loudly. I felt his other hand reach down and rub my pussy and then I felt him insert a finger. This was it, I reached out and touched his cock and gave it a squeeze. He didn't pull away. I looked in his eyes and told him to remove his shorts. He pulled them down and his cock sprang out. I moved to the side of the chair and pulled him by his cock to my mouth and sucked it down. He came quickly and I swallowed his cum. I kept sucking and he got hard again. I pulled his head to my mouth and kissed him hard on the lips, then looked him in the eyes and told him to fuck me as I pulled my legs open. He moved down and stuck his cock on my pussy and started to move it up and down along my slit. He finally started to push it in me and it felt so big. He started to fuck me slowly. I told him faster. He went faster and I had my first orgasm. He kept going and his balls were slapping against me with every stroke. He says he is going to cum. I tell him to cum in me. This does it and I came feel his cum in me and he starts to slow down. I pull him up and to me and then suck his dick till it is dry. I then pull him to me and kiss him. I told him to eat me. He smiles and moves down, as soon as his tongue presses against my clit I have another orgasm. After about fifteen minutes he pulls off of me and stands up. I tell him to lets go inside and get cleaned up. He asks me if I want to get some more sun first. I told him no, that was just to get you more excited so that I could fuck you. He smiled and gave me a kiss. We both showered together and I sucked his cock to get him hard again. He fucked me from behind in the shower and then ate me. We finally finished and went in and sat on the bed. I started to tell him about what Jane and I really did and that she wanted me to tease you, so she could fuck you when you are there for your conference. He said don't tell her that we fucked. Tell her I stopped you from teasing me. Then, when I get there we will see what she does. Make her work for it. My father and I laughed.

My father asked another question, did she fuck Steve? I asked what he means, he says when Steve left he was shy and did not have any girlfriends or confidence. Now he is dating and has several girls calling him. I just had to smile and as soon as I did he said I thought so. Then he looked at me, you are going to fuck him too. Again I smiled and as soon as I did he said, I thought so.

I pulled my father to me and gave him a kiss, then whispered in his ear. Someday I want you to fuck me in my ass and while you are doing that I want Steve to fuck my pussy. His cock began to twitch. Someday this week after you rest up and have a big load for me. I want you to fuck my ass. Then after I get Steve to fuck me, we can make my dream come true. He got a big smile on his face. I told him to stop jerking-off to porn on the computer, save it for me.

I asked him if he would do two favors for me, and he said what is that. I tell him I am going to be flashing Steve, do not let on that you know. He says ok, what is the other. Has mom every said anything to you about being with another girl. He said what do you have in mind. Well if we are all fucking each other and everyone knows about everyone else. We can have a lot of fun as a family. He said she has never said anything to me before, but he will try bringing it up in the next couple of days.

We should think about you taking mom along when you go to the conference. Jane may have some ideas to get her in bed.

Now that I am fucking my father, I have to start teasing Steve. Although I have not seen Steve since I got home and it is hard to tease him without him being here. Hopefully I will see him later this afternoon. My father and I finally got dressed. I put on a small top and shorts, but without a bra and panties. It is getting late in the afternoon and I keep an eye out for my mother or brother.

I hear a car and look out it is my mother. When she comes in I get up and go over and give her a hug and a kiss. We start to talk about the trip and everything that has gone on while I was away. We are catching up when Steve finally comes in the kitchen. I give him a hug and a kiss. When I hugged him I really presses my breasts in to him. Now all of us are sitting around talking. I see Steve looking at my breasts. Dad brings up that Jane and I were sunning au naturel. Mom smiles and says, oh were you. I told everyone she does not have any neighbors and has an 8 foot privacy fence. I said it feels so good and look no tan lines, I stood up and pull down on the side of my shorts. Steve says you never get much of a tan line there anyway. I say ok, where then. He says around my nipple. I say well you are just going to have to take my word.

Nothing else happened until everybody was getting ready for bed. I heard Steve go in the bathroom and looked and he did not close the door completely. My parents are in their room and the door is shut. I think to myself what can I do. I can just walk in on Steve, but that is not going to tease him, that will tease me. I have my bedroom door slightly open, I decide to take off my top and listen for Steve to come out of the bathroom, maybe he will open my door and walk in. I get a comb and sit on the bed facing the door, ready to comb my hair at a moments notice. I hear the squeak of the bathroom door open and start combing my hair. Then I ask myself what do I do if he comes in, just let him look or cover up. I don't know. I hear the floor squeak some more, he is just looking through the crack in the door at me. I try to play it cool, I comb my hair for a little longer. I think to myself, if I get up I can walk to the drawers and pull down my shorts and put on some panties all while being seen by Steve. I put down the comb, and squeeze my breasts and nipples a little. I get up and pull down my shorts, I am now naked. I walk over the drawer open it and pull out a small pair of panties and bend over with my ass towards the door and slip them on. I need a top or something. I see my bathrobe, that will work. I grab it and put it on. I then loudly say “Steve are you finished in the bathroom”. I hear feet moving over the carpet, and finally here, yea I am done from his room. I get up and open my door and go to the bathroom. My nipples are hard and my pussy is wet from that little bit of teasing. I see why Jane told me I would enjoy the teasing. Tomorrow my mother and father go to work, so I may have all day to tease or fuck Steve. I go to my room and leave the door slightly open, undress, and got to bed.


When I get awake this morning, I do not have any covers over me again and I can see that my door is open more than I had left it. I listen intently to determine, if anybody else is in the house and hear nothing. I look out the window and see Steve's car is here. I throw on my bathrobe and head out my door and see Steve's bedroom door is open. I walk over to his room and yell “Steve are you here” and get no reply. I go to the bathroom and don't close the door and sit on the toilet and pee. Which makes me smile, it reminds me of peeing on Jane. I finish up and leave my bathrobe open, just in case someone is watching while I wash up. I head down to the kitchen and turn the corner and at the table is Steve looking at me. I pull my bathrobe close and tie it quickly, I know he saw me. I then admonished him for now answering me earlier.

I grabbed some cereal out of the cabinet, bowl, and milk and sat down opposite Steve. I am think about the old glass table trick again. When I sit down and slide forward the chair, I can feel my bathrobe slide off my legs. As I start eating I ask Steve what he is doing today and we start making some small talk. He is talking more than usual and then it occurs to me he must be seeing something he likes as I can see him looking at the table. I finished my cereal and he keeps talking, so I crossed my legs just to see what happens. Almost immediately he gets up quickly and drops off his dishes in the sink and heads up stairs. I did see he had an erection, and had to laugh. I did find out he was going to be home till this afternoon. I went to my room and saw that Steve had closed his door. I sneack over to his door and listened. I could here him jerking-off. I had to put my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing and went back to my room. Leaving the door wide open so I could hear when Steve opened his. I was thinking about what I could do next.

I finally hear Steve door open his door and saw him walk by and go in the bathroom and closed the door. Before he was leaving the door open. I am thinking to myself this is some odd behavior. I then hear the toilet flush and figure he must of have been taking a poo. Which means he may come out very shortly. I here him washing in the sink. I rip off my robe and run over to my underwear drawer and pull on a pair of thong panties to my knees. With my back to the door and bent over with my hands holding my panties and a bra at the ready, I wait for him to come out. Once I hear the door is open I pull up my panties. I then go about getting my bra, I hear Steve walk up to the door and turn my head and said I thought you were getting a shower. He said no, just using the toilet, while I was putting on my bra. I finished with the bra and turned around. I can see his eyes wondering over my body. He asked what I was going to do today. I said I do not have any plans, I might go out and tan a little latter. Steve says oh yea your tan lines. I said I don't have any and said here. I turned around so he could see my ass and pulled down the top of my thong to the middle of my ass showing him the upper portion of my ass crack, then said “see”. He said ok I can see. Then he says what about now. I asked what he meant. Well today if you go out and tan, are you going to be nude or wear a suit. I was going to wear a suit. He said so you will get a tan line, that is what I was talking about. A little embarrassed, I said “oh”, I had not thought about that. I am thinking to myself, although I do like teasing, I just want to get it over and fuck Steve. So I make another plan and say “I do have a smaller bikini that I could wear”.

Steve says “oh yea” and I said hold on a minute and reach in my drawer and get one out and wave it in the air. Steve says go ahead on put them on and we can see where you might get a tan line. I said ok. I walked by him and go in the bathroom, then close the door. I am nervous, even thought I did all that stuff on stage with a hundred guys watching, walking out in a bikini in front of my brother is making me nervous. I quickly put on the bikini and I had never really looked at it before. When the material is stretched, it is see through. I summon up some courage and open the door, then walk out. I asked Steve what he thinks and turn around. He is smiling and says I look beautiful. I said “oh thanks” what about the suit. He says you are still going to have tan lines at the frame of the suit. I asked what he meant frame of the suit. He tells me the frame where the material is rolled over and is sewn, it is thicker and will block the sun. Then I look down at myself and I see it is transparent. I act like I just saw it and cover up. I see he has an erection. He tells why cover up now he has seen everything. I tell him he is right, I can just tan naked and don't have to worry about it any more. While he is watching I reach back and undo the top and pull it off. Then reach to the bottoms and push them down and let them fall at my feet and then kick them off. Steve's mouth has fallen open. I reach up and squeeze my breast and pinch my nipples and then turn around. I ask Steve what he thinks now. He says I am beautiful. I walked over to him and give him a kiss on the cheek and tell him thank you. I then said to him, would you like to join me. I reached down and pulled off his shorts and his erection slaps his stomach. I get on my knees and stroke his cock a few times, while I am looking him in the eyes. I open my mouth and swallow his cock and start to bob up and down while keeping eye contact. Jane said he was quick and needs some more experience. It was less than five minutes and he came down my throat. I sucked him clean and got up and kissed him. I told him I know all about what you did with Jane and now he can do it with me too. He smiled at me and then leaned in to kiss me. I said lets go to your room. We spent the day together and he fucked me in every hole. He had to leave at 3:30 for football practice and he was already worn out, I can't image he did well at practice.

After he left I went out back and laid down to get some sun. I fell asleep and someone was pushing on me to get me awake. I rolled over and it was my mother. She asked what I was doing. She was kind of mad at me. She told me to hurry up and get inside before my father gets home. Just as we got in the sliding door my father came around the corner and saw me and my mother coming in. I covered up pretending I did not want him to see me. I got dressed and then came back down. My mother asked what I was doing. I told her after Steve left I went out to get some sun for a few minutes and must of fallen a sleep, which was the truth. She said next time be move careful. Which is better than don't do it again. My father was also there and just tried to hide his smile. My mother left to go up stairs and use the bathroom. I told my father to have sex with her tonight and tell her that seeing me naked has you really turned on. I told him that Steve and I fucked today and he smiled. I told him by the end of the week, my dream may become a reality.

We stopped talking and I went up stairs before my mother came back. I went in my bedroom and called Jane and told her that dad stopped me from teasing him. However, I did get to fuck Steve today. Also while I was outside tanning nude, I feel asleep and only got awake when mom came home and got me up. We were talking for quite a while until my mother called me for dinner, and we finally said goodbye.

The rest of the night was normal and Steve came home and we all just sat and watched some tv. My parents said they were going to bed and my dad winked at me and left. I was sitting with Steve and grabbed his cock and gave it a squeeze and asked how practice went. He said it was brutal, I am so tired, I think I am going up to bed. He went up and I turned off the tv and also went to my room. I snuck down to my parents door. I could hear my mother moaning, dad was fucking her, this brought a smile to my face and went to bed.


When I got awake and looked at the clock is was 8:30. I put on my rode and went to the bathroom and made sure my parents were gone. I went in their room and the bed was unmade and ran my hand over the sheets, I found a few damp spots on my mothers side of the bed and licked them. That wasn't man cum, that was women's cum. I wondered if she quirts.

Steve had his door slightly open so I took off my robe and threw it in my room, then went in Steve's room. He was lying naked on top of the sheet with an erection, morning wood. I started to lick and suck his cock. He got awake and I jumped up on the bed and put my pussy in his face and he started to eat me, after a few minutes he came in my mouth. I sat back and just enjoyed his tongue on my pussy and then had my first orgasm of the day. I got off Steve's face and kissed him and tasted myself. He looked at me and said he cannot fuck all day and then go to football practice again. I told him ok, just fuck me once in the ass. He smiled at me, he was ready. I told him to eat my ass which he did wonderfully. I finally told him to fuck me already. He slowly entered me and was starting to pick up the pace. It felt so good. I reached down and started to play with my clit. Then I felt Steve cum in me and I start to orgasm, the strongest one since I have been home. Steve finished and pulled out his cock and I motioned for him to move beside me and suck his cock dry and licked him clean. I gave him a kiss and he went back and ate my ass again, sucking out all of his cum. We both rolled over and fell asleep. I awoke about an hour later and got up and cleaned up. Then went to the kitchen and ate breakfast naked. Steve finally came down about noon with some shorts on. I was sitting on the couch watching some tv. He came over and kissed me and then sat down beside me. We just sat and talked till he had to leave for practice. We had never just talked for that long before. Since I have been naked and having sex with my sister and brother, we are closer now than we have ever been. It is the same with my father, we can talk about anything now.

I decided to get some more sun and went out back and laid down. I brought my robe with me so I could put it on quickly if my mother came home, but I was also watching the clock. Her routine was pretty regular. Just before she was to arrive I put on my robe and went in to the kitchen for a drink of water. As I was drinking it she walked in. I went over and gave her a kiss and she could smell the suntan lotion. She looked at me and asked if I was out tanning. I opened my robe and flashed her and said yes. She said I see you got covered up before coming in this time. I had to smile and said I just did not fall asleep this time, she said “oh you know what I mean” and we both laughed. I said to her “You look awfully chipper today” and she blushed. I said oh my god, did you and dad make love last night. She blushed even more. I said I have never seen you so radiant. I asked her what happen. She said I don't know. He has not been like that for a long time. I smiled at her and said maybe him seeing me naked had something to do with it. My mother put her hand over her mouth and gasped. She said I did not even think of that, oh my. I said it is ok mom. Do you want me to flash him again tonight, we still have time, as I started to laugh. She smiled at me and said no, you have a dirty mind. I said ok, but if you ever want me to do it again let me know and walked up stairs laughing. I then said I am getting a shower.

Later that night when I was alone with my father, I told him about the conversation mom and I had this afternoon. He smiled and said, you did have a lot to do with my performance last night. I then said goodnight to everyone and went to bed.


Today when I got up Steve was still in bed, once I check to make sure my parents had gone to work. I went to his room and laid down beside him and fell asleep. Steve woke me about noon, he just got awake himself. We did not have any sex and we both just stayed naked. Soon he was getting ready to go to practice and I asked him how long he would be. He said 7 or 8 tonight. I said it will just be me, mom, and dad for most of the night again. He said this is grocery night for mom, had you forgot. I then thought dad and I here together alone. This is great, I will get him to fuck my ass tonight. My parents came home at their normal time and mom had picked up some take out on the way so we sat and ate. My mother asked if I want to go along grocery shopping and I quickly said no, which was my standard answer for that.

My mother got her things together and asked me to clean up the kitchen and then she left. I waited about ten minutes after she left and looked at my father and said “Do you want to fuck my ass”, he got a big smile on his face. I quickly cleaned up the kitchen and my father helped. Then I told him to come with me. We ran to my room and I pulled off my clothes and helped undress my father. I laid on my bed and told him to eat my ass. He look confused so I asked him if he ever fuck anybody in the ass or eat ass before and he shook his head no. I told him I will tell you what to do. I said, pull my ass cheeks apart and start licking my asshole. He did it without any questions. He was at it about 5 minutes and then said to take you index finger wet it by sticking in your mouth and then slowly pushing in my hole while turning and moving it around. You can spit on my asshole to make me wetter.

After a while he says it is in, which I knew already. I told him to start moving it around to loosen up my hole, as I start to moan. I can feel him in me. I tell him to wet the next finder and push it in. He now has to fingers in me and it fells great. I tell him to move then around again pull the fingers apart to make my hold bigger and to spit some more on my asshole. He is doing so good. I tell him to eat my ass again while he is moving his finger around. After a couple of more minutes, I told him to come here. I grabbed his cock and sucked on it make it nice and wet. I then said ok, put your cock against my hole and start to push in slowly. He said it is going, which again I knew. I said once it is in the whole way to slowly start fucking me. I felt him start to move. Oh it felt so big in me. I told him faster, I could feel his balls hitting my pussy. I reach under myself and started to rub my clit. I was moaning and he was grunting, then I felt it, he had cum in me and he held his cock in me as deep as he could, then I felt him start to slowly pull it out. He rolled over and sat on the bed and I moved down and sucked his cock dry and clean. I laid back down and told him to eat my ass again. He didn't look to happy but did as I asked and once he was done and pulled away he was smiling. I kissed him and asked how it liked that. He smiled at me as said he thought he would not like it, but he enjoyed it a lot. He looked and me and said I will eat you ass anytime. I told him that is a deal and we better get cleaned up before mom gets home. He went to his shower and I to mine and I just had come out with my bathrobe on, when my mother ask for help bringing in the groceries. I went down and then dad came down. Dad and I were bring in the groceries and mom was putting them away. I didn't notice but the sash on my robe was getting looser. Then as my mother and father were stand there watching me I put a bag on the counter and as I moved away my robe fell open exposing me to the both of them. I did not realize it a first and took a couple of seconds until I closed it again. I actually blushed. My mother smiled at me but said nothing.

We got all the groceries put away and I went up to my room again to finish drying and combing my hair. My door was open and I heard my mother go to her room for a shower and my father stopped at my room. I opened my robe and flashed him again, then told him to fuck mom tonight again. He smiled and said good night.

Steve finally come home and stopped by my room and ask if I want to fool around. I told him no that I have something special planned for him Saturday. He should save up his energy for then. I closed the door slightly and took off the robe and got in bed.


This morning I got awake early for some reason and both my mother and father were still home so I threw on my robe and went to the bathroom and then went downstairs and said good morning to everyone. My mother was beaming again when my father was out of the room I asked her about sex again and she smiled then told me to keep quit.

I asked her if she was going to see Betty this Saturday and she said yes did I want to go along. I told her no, I just wondered what everyone was doing. My mother went to kiss my cheek and just at that same time my father came around the corner and said something, she ended up kissing me on the mouth. My father saw the opportunity and took it, he asked us what is going on here. We both blushed and smiled and I told him we can kiss on the mouth, women do it all of the time. He said while I have never seen it before. I told mom to come here and she knew what I wanted to egg on my father so she came over and we kissed again. I held it for longer than she expected. We broke apart and I told my mother she was a good kisser. She got embarrassed again and said she had to go, and smacked my ass as she left. We all started to laugh and my dad said he had to get going also.

I took off my robe and then got some breakfast. Steve came down with some shorts on and had breakfast and we talked for a while and he asked what I was going to do today. I told him I might go shopping. He said are you going the the mall. I said probably why. He said to the mall to flash like Jane does. I said no, I did not think of doing that. He said that is too bad, I would go along with you if you want to flash. I told him that I did not want to do it around here because someone might recognized me. He said we could go to the Cloverdale mall which is about an hour away. I said they do have some nice stores there. You can never tell anybody, ok. He said yes, I said lets hurry and get ready. I went up and got fixed up and put on a bra, panties and my good girl dress and then brought my white and blue pin strip dress along.

We made it to the mall before lunch started. I was nervous and excited. I took off my good girl dress and bra and put on the other and got out of the car. Steve ask about my panties and I said they are staying on for now and said to follow me and phone. He said I know. Steve was about 20 feet behind me as I went in the door. It had been a while since I was at this mall and I have never checked it out for a flashing point of view. I just walked from one end to the other and did not see anything as far as security personnel or people that I know. There were not that many people around on a weekday morning. Steve was still following me so I stopped and turn towards him and undid another button at the top and bottom on my dress and then reached under the dress and pulled off my panties and put them in my purse. Anybody passing by me could still not see anything except for a lot of cleavage. Earlier I passed a swim suit shop and the experience that I had at the other ended so well I thought I would check out this one.

I went in and started to look around and saw two sale girls. There were both were very cute. I started to look around and they came over and asked if I needed any help. So I started to talk with them. They both had nice dresses on. I asked if they ever wear a suit to model and both said no. I told them I have a friend in California and she wears a different suit everyday to model and her business is booming. They told me the owner of the store said they can, but they just don't. I tell them as pretty as you two our, there has to be something else. I ask them if they are scared of showing off their body. They both blush and smiled. I tell them that I use to be that way also until I found out how freeing it is to not worry about showing your body. They both look interested. I ask their names, Susan and Tonya. I told them that one thing I did was dance in a strip club on amateur night, I was so nervous at the thought and once I did it, I really liked it. I tell them to just start out slow and challenge yourself everyday and once you get the confidence you will never regret it. It will change you life.

I ask them if they go to the pool and both say yes. You wear a suit there correct, again they say yes. You are probably trying to get a boys attention when at the pool. They smile again. They both are listening intently and I said on a day like this when nobody is around could walk about in a very revealing suit and them change into something more modest when you start to get busy. They both agreed and I said do you want to try. They both shook their shoulders. I said I will tell you what I will put on a suit also that is more revealing so if anyone comes in there focus will be on me. You can pick out the suit. They finally say ok. They get suits for them selves and they are just normal swim suits and the one they pick out for me is not daring at all, but I play along. We all go the the changing room and Susan stands out so she can watch for customers. I quickly change and step out. Tonya steps out and Susan goes in and changes. I am talking with Tonya. She is a little nervous but just talking with her calms her down. Susan comes out and we start talking and I say not bad right. They both say no, it just different from the pool. I say where you can blend it and they say yes. I said there is at least one girl at the pool that always has boys around her, am I right. They both say yes. I also would say that you are really jealous of her, they both shake their head yes. Then I said but both of you secretly want to be her don't you. They look at each other. I said both of you are really pretty and can be like that girl, it is just your confidence that is holding you back. They are both getting what what I am telling them and start to perk up. They both tell me I am the only one who has ever told them or encourage them to be confidant.

I ask them if they are ready for another suit change. They both say yes. I tell them to pick out a suit for the other person. They look at me and I tell them they can pick out one for me. I said to them go pick one out for me first. They came back pretty quickly and hand it to me and laughed. I is a peekaboo bikini. I told Susan to go get something for Tonya but don't let her see it. She comes back and is holding it behind her back. Then I have Tonya go get a suit. I said ok now switch changing booths so no one chickens out and put on their clothes. They tell me to go first. I said well with this suit there is no point in going in to a changing booth and start to strip right there and put on the suit. I say ok Susan your turn and Tonya hands her the suit. I take the suit meant for Tonya and hold on to it. Susan comes out it and twirls around in it, it is a micro-bikini. Susan tells Tonya it is your turn and I hand her the suit and she see it is also a micro-bikini and puts it on and walks out and twirls around in it. We are talking for a while and nobody comes in the store. I see there are men's suits here also. So I asked if I should call my friend and have him come in, I told them he was waiting right outside. They both took a gulp and said ok. Steve came in and I hoped he would not blow it and when he saw all of us he said “that we all looked beautiful” and both Susan and Tonya ask to help him. Then walked him over to the men's section. I stood there and changed back in to my dress and left the dress open so they did not think I was trying to cover up.

Steve found a little speedo he liked and tried it on. After about a half an hour of talking with these girls and Steve, I told them I was going to go to another store. If Steve wants to look around more he should stay here. Steve said he would stay a little longer, then catch up. I felt so proud of myself for my good deed for the day. As I was walking out I buttoned up my dress but not all of the way.

I found a shoe store and went in and there were two boys working. I looked around and saw a black pair of heels with straps to go around your ankles and toes. I asked to try them on. I sat down and once the guy came out with them he sat on the little stool in front on me as I lifted my leg the dress fell open and I thought he was going to faint when he saw my pussy. He finally got the shoe on. I then put up my other foot and he got the shoe on it. I stood up and walked around for a while and looked at other shoes. After a couple of minutes I said I would take them and wear them out, which must of disappointed both of them. However I did bend over to pick up my purse and old shoes, I then handed them to the sales guy. There mouths were hanging open. I was starting to get excited with that little bit of teasing. I paid and left with my bag and started looking around the mall. I found a clothes store and went in and found a little white tube skirt and tried it on. I liked it for flashing but is not something I could wear all of the time. I left there and saw a lingerie store. As I was looking around I saw a robe and thought I could use that at home as it was a lot shorter than what I have now and it is silk. I tried it on and checked out the length till I found one that was just right, not too long not too short and bought it.

I had enough shopping and still have not seen Steve. So I took an escalator upstairs. There was not even anybody around to look up my skirt. I went in to the swim suit store and saw that Steve was still there with both of the girls, although the girls had on a different swim suit than what they had when I left them. So I turned around before they saw me and went to the food court and got something to drink and sat down and waited. I started to watch the few people around and I saw a girl coming with a short dress on and started to watch her. She got an drink and sat down at one of the tables, she was looking around so I had to pretend to look the other way. I saw her open her legs and could see she had no panties on. She looked around again and then opened them wider. I thought oh my she is exposing herself. This is the first time I was seeing someone do what I have been doing and found it exciting. I kept on watching her and she opened her legs wider. After a while she got up and left. I thought about going after her but thought I better not. I went back to the swim suit store and went in. Steve was still there talking with Susan and Tonya. I went over and hoped I did not disturb them to much and asked them how is it going. Susan said she was glad that I came in here that she is already more confident about herself and her body. I said that is great. I see you have change in to another suit. She said that they both have changed a coupe of times now. I asked her how small of suit did she wear. The micro-bikini that we had on was the smallest. I told them ok that is good. I said to them, I should mention that if you wear a suit to small, some women get a little annoyed, so generally you want to have a suit on that covers everything and then if they are looking at something smaller you can tell them you can put one on if they would like to see how it looks on someone else. That is a good idea they said. In came a customer so I watched to see how they handled it. They did great and I was impressed and told them so afterwords. They said they were talking about this earlier. For you we would would like to do one more thing. I asked what is that. Susan looked at Tonya and said are you ready. I looked at Steve and he did not know what they were talking about. Tonya said yes. They both started to undress in front of us and swapped suits and got dressed again very quickly. I smiled and said good for you and clapped my hands. Steve had a big smile on his face. I finally said ok we got to get moving Steve. He gave both of them a hug and kissed them on the cheek. When we got out to the car, I asked Steve if he had a good time and what happen. His said we talked almost the whole time and then they would go in to the changing booth on occasion to change in to a different suit. It was only when you were there at the end did anything else happen. He said I did get their phone numbers though. They are the same age as me. We left the mall and headed home.

Later that night after we had finished dinner, mom came by my room. I told mom to take my bathrobe that it may help you with dad, you know. She said what will you wear, I told her I got another one that might help with dad also and showed her, it was just shorter. She gave me a smile and said you are a naughty girl. I leaned over and kissed her on the mouth again. She did not pull back, so I guess she liked it. I told her I am going to get a shower. Then headed to the bathroom. I went downstairs after just to show off the robe and say goodnight to my parents. I saw my father watching me as I walked in. I told them good night and turned to leave, when my mother ask me to get the magazine by the tv for her. I am thinking does she wanted me to flash my ass to dad. So I turned around and leaned over and I could feel the robe slid up my ass and I bent over to get the magazine. I picked it up and handed it to her and she had a smile on her face, so apparently that is what she wanted me to do. I said good night again and headed up stairs. As I just got to the last step, I realized they could probably see me on the stairs also and I began to blush. I went to my room and slipped off the robe and left the door partly open. I was laying there about two hours later and the door opened and it was my mother, she asked if I was still awake. I said yes and she came over and said thank you. I said for what. She said for the little show downstairs. I told her I was not sure what you wanted but I thought or hoped I got it right. She said you did and your dad want to start playing with me when we were sitting downstairs. I am just waiting for him to get out of the shower now. She leaned in and kissed me on the mouth again. I told her to have fun and said good night. She left the door open wider than it had been so I just left it alone and went to sleep.


Today, I awoke early again It was about 7 and I knew that my parents would still be home. My door was open wider that my mother left it last night, but I really did not care. I got up and put on my new bathrobe and went to the bathroom to pee and wash my face. Then I made my way downstairs and my mother and father were in the kitchen getting some breakfast. I joined them and sat at the table. It did not even occur to me until I had been there for a while but my robe fell off my legs and I was sitting across from my father. I just ignored it. We all finished and then got up and I told my mother I would clean up. Both got everything together and were ready for work and standing in the kitchen with me. My mother came over and said thank you for cleaning and have a nice day, she then leaned in and kissed me on the mouth again and held it there, so I opened my mouth a little and slipped her my tongue. She then opened her mouth and sucked it in. She pulled away and then slapped my ass again. After I said awe, she said sorry and rubbed it a little. Then my dad kissed me on my cheek, they both said goodbye and then left.

I stood there and asked myself what is happening with my mother. I pulled off my bathrobe and finished cleaning up the kitchen. I grabbed my robe and was just about to go up stairs and the door bell ring. I put on my robe and went to answer it. It was my granddad, Frank. He came in and gave me a hug and kiss and we started to talk. I asked him if he wanted some coffee and he said that would be great. We went in to the kitchen and thought I can tease him a little and see what happens. I reach for a cup for him and I knew my robe would go up so I took a little longer than necessary to grab it. When I turned around his face told me he saw something. I poured two cups and we sat down at the table. I sat across from him. We talked for about fifteen minutes and I finally said could you excuse me for a minute I have to use the bathroom. He said sure honey. I went up quickly and made sure Steve did not come down or make any noise. But I think granddad thought I was going to put on some clothes. I loosened up my robe a little and went back downstairs. I could see more of a smile when I returned and sat down again and started talking. I could see him look down through the table at my crotch. I knew that the robe was open. I shifted in my seat a few times leaning forward and to the side like I was stretching my back, I felt the robe fall open a little more so that the seam was close to my nipples. Granddad kept on talking. I asked if he would like more coffee and he said yes. I put my hands on the table to lift myself up and could feel the robe open even more and slid over my breasts. Once I got up I grabbed the robe and closed it then said excuse me. He told me that I need no excuse and that I looked beautiful. I went over to him and leaned over to kiss him, I felt the robe fall forward showing my breasts again and then kissed him on the cheek.

I poured more coffee and filled my cup a little too much. I spilled some on the way back to the table and made sure my granddad knew it. After I put the coffee down I said to him let me clean that up quick. I got some paper towels and bent over with my ass pointed towards him and wiped up the floor. I washed my hands and as I did I loosened the sash again, then came back and sat down. Granddad never said a thing to me about showing him my bits. But I knew he saw by the expression on his face. Now I was trying to think of a way to see his cock or get in to a situation where I could fuck him or give him a blow job. I was turning and stretching my back again to make the robe loosen up and granddad asked if I was having back problems. I told him no just a little stiff. He said I can massage your back for you. I thought to myself this could work. So I told him that would be nice, thank you. He said lets go on to the couch. I had no Idea what he had planned. He told me to lay on the couch which I did. He started to massage my back and said the satin material was to slippy for him to grasp. I said I can pull it off and he said that would be best. I raised my body enough to open the sash. I tried to wiggle out of it and keep it over my ass but that was impossible and I gave up. Granddad started to massage me again. It felt wonderful. After a while I left my legs open up. He asked how my back was and I said it felt great now. I must say the old guy had some moves when he asked if my legs were stiff he could work on them. I said if you are as good on my legs as you back go ahead. He moved down and sat next to my legs and lift one up and put it on his lap. I am sure my pussy is exposed to him now. He starts the one leg and spends some fifteen minutes rubbing it. Then he says now for the other one. He starts massaging the other leg and ever so often his hand brushes my pussy and I let out a little moan when it does. I hoped he would just start rubbing my pussy but he doesn't. I am not sure if I should try to suck or fuck or do nothing with him. He finally finishes up and gets up. I can see his pants have a big bulge in them. I get up without picking up my robe and stand and move my back around a little. I say thank you granddad, that was wonderful and walk over to him and get close and give him a hug and a kiss. As I am doing this I can feel his dick, it is semi-hard. I take a chance and rub my hand over it and say to him did I cause that. He smiled and said yes you did. I told him I can help you with it if you would like. He shook his head yes. I pull him to the couch and I sat down and open up his pants. I pulled his cock out and it is the biggest that I have ever seen. I stoke it a few times and then start to lick it. I open my mouth and suck it down. I am working on it for twenty minutes before he cums and he is coming a lot and I swallow it all. I sucked it clean and then pull up his pants and fix his belt. I then leaned and kissed him again. I say to him thank you, that was wonderful. He says I am wonderful. I asked him if he would like more coffee and he said yes. I stayed naked and we go back to the kitchen and sit down with our coffee. I reached down and started to rub my pussy. He looks at me and tells me to come over here. He says sit on the table and I open my legs and he starts to eat me. I have an orgasm and he is still going I have another and finally I push him away that I am too sensitive and kiss him. He reaches up and starts to play with my breasts and pinches my nipples and I start to moan again. I pull him in and whisper in his ear, you can fuck me if you want to. He smiles at me and shakes his head up and down. I reach for his belt and open it again. And before I drop his pants I suggest that we go to the living floor and help him down after I pulled down his pants. I then suck his cock for a few minutes to get him harder and I squat over him and lower myself on it. I start riding him for a good twenty minutes before he cums in me. I pulled myself off of him and suck his cock clean and help him up and pull up his pant and redo his belt. I asked If he wanted something to drink. He finally says no that he should leave before you kill me. I smiled and he started to laugh. He said if you did kill me, it would be the best way I could ever die. He kissed me again and said thank you, then left.

I went up stairs and Steve was still asleep in his room. I thought good, I don't have to explain that to him. I got a shower and went down to the living room to get my bathrobe and to make sure no signs of sex remained. As I walked in front of the window the mailman just happen to pass by and saw me naked. I jump behind the door quickly as he startled me and put on the bathrobe. For the rest of the day I just hung around the house naked or tanning in the yard.

I had just come in the house from tanning and was in the kitchen when my mother came in from the garage and ask how my day was and leaned in and kissed me on the mouth, I opened my mouth again and she opened hers and we were french kissing, I felt her hand go under my robe and wipe over my ass, which surprised me. We broke apart just before my father came in. I told them I was going to shower and went up stairs. I went in to the bathroom and had to think about what is going on with my mother. I finished with the shower, put on the robe and went down to the kitchen to see what was for dinner. My mother had on my old robe and to kid her I said it looks good on her. She said do you want to trade. I thought she was kidding because my father was sitting right there. I saw her take off her robe and hand it to me, she was naked. My father is watching and I assume this is to get him excited so I said ok and took mine off and handed it to her. Then she said no never mind it is too hot anyway I will just stay naked. Now this is blowing my mind. She looks at me and tells me I can stay naked if I wanted. I am not one to say no to a challenge I say ok. She came over to me and says that I am beautiful and kisses me on the mouth again and starts to rub her hand over my back and down to my ass. We are fully making out in front of my father. She breaks away from kissing and goes lower and kisses my neck and starts moving down. She turns me around so I can see my father. He is watching us. My mother lowers her head more and starts licking and sucking on my nipples, and then lowers her hand and is rubbing my pussy. I am really getting turned on. I feel her insert a finder in my pussy and she starts to fuck me with it. I am moaning and I have an orgasm. She moves me over to the table and lays me back on it. She leans over me and starts to eat my pussy. I see my father get up and he pushes down his shorts, I can see he has an erection. He walks over to my head and feeds me his cock and I start sucking on it. I have another orgasm. My father pulls out his cock and my mother stops eat me and they move me in to the living room and have me lay on the floor. My mother gets on me and put her pussy on my mouth and she starts to eat me. I start to eat her and I feel a cock entering me, it has to be my dad. I then see a cock above my head but cannot see who it is. I suck on it and then they take it out and push it in my mother as I lick her. I have an orgasm and then another. This is more than I ever thought it was going to be. However is above me pulls out of my mother and sticks their cock in my mouth and I suck it again. My mind is spinning, who is this.

Everyone stops and my mother gets up. I look around and it was Steve that was fucking my mother. I see him go over to her and she sucks on his cock. Steve then gets on the floor and tells me to start fucking him in cowgirl position. I do as he asks, then my mother kisses me and says your dream has come true and tells me to lean forward. My mother goes behind me and starts to eat my ass and sticks in a finger in and then another. I feel her move out of the way and I feel a cock on my ass and it is being push in. Someone tells me to start humping, I start slowly and then start going faster and faster. I have two orgasm quickly and I can feel I am all wet. I hear both my father and brother say they are going to cum soon. I have another orgasm. I feel both of them cum in me and finally slow down and lay on Steve's chest. I feel my father pull out and then I feel a tongue on my asshole and turn around and look, it is my mother. With just that thought I have another orgasm. My father comes up beside me and feeds me his cock and I suck him dry. My mother finishes and helps me up, then rolls me on my back. She gets on me again and puts her pussy on my mouth as she is eating me again. She has finished and comes up beside me and kisses me. She looks at me and asked if it was everything that I thought and I shake my head yes.

She finally tells me that she has known since the day I got home. She noticed how I have change after I got back. She said when Steve can home from Jane's she went in to his room one day and found him jerking-off. It went from there. Then when you can home and did that with your father. We knew and have been stringing you along ever since. I said even granddad, she says granddad, what about him, and I told her what happen this morning and everyone started to laugh. My mother said no he was not part of it. But since you started, we might have to invite him over, I kind of like the idea of fucking my dad.

My mother told me not to let Jane know what has happen, we can surprise her somehow. I told them I know exactly how we can do it. We all sat around and talked about all that has happen and the things that Jane, Steve, and I have been doing. In particular interest to my mother was the flashing My mother was going to visit Betty in the morning, but would be home about noon and we could do something.


Now that I have been double penetrated by my father and brother last night, that leaves me free for today. I spent all morning on the internet trying to find somewhere to go that I could have sex in front of people or could be nude in front of people and could not find anything. The only thing that I could come up with to do was to go flashing at the mall. I could go see how Susan and Tonya are doing. Hopefully I could drag my mother with me so I waited till she got home. I was already dressed in my blue and while pin strip dress and has my new pair of heels on when she came in.

She look at the way I was dressed and asked where I was going. I told her we are going to the mall. I said we are doing a little flashing and some shopping. I said come on, lets get you dressed. She put up a bit of a fight that she did not want to go, but I could tell she did it was just because she was nervous. She is the same size as me so I told her put this on and gave her my white dress. She went to put the dress on over her bra and panties and had to stop her. I removed her bra and quickly massaged them and suck on her nipples a bit to distract her and then pulled down her panties. She started to have second thoughts again and I had to encourage her and beg and she finally gave in. I got the dress on her and then my white heels. She wanted to look in the mirror and I stopped her because I did not want her to back out when she did. The dress was about two inches below her pussy. She could not believe that I wanted her to wear a dress that short in public. I said look at mine, this is what I am going to wear. I got her to say ok and we left in the car.

I kept reassuring her it would be fine and we finally got to the mall. When she got out of the car she kept fiddling with her dress trying to pull it down. To start out I let her keep all of the buttons buttoned except for the top one. I already had the two bottom and three top ones opened on my dress. The mall had more people in it today than when Steve and I were here earlier in the week. I thought the easiest way to get her started was to look at swim suits, where we could change and get her use to showing more of herself. So we headed upstairs to the shop. Both Susan and Tonya were working. When they saw me both came over and gave me a hug and a kiss. Both were wearing swim suits. We started to talk and I suggest that my mother try on a couple of suits and walk around. She left us to look at suits and I asked Susan and Tonya how it has been. They both said we got a raise. When the manager saw them modeling swim suits and how it helped relax the customers she gave us the raise. We already sold more suits this week than we had in the past three weeks. I asked if they wore any really skimpy suits yet. They both said no not yet but they are really becoming comfortable with themselves. I told them that another thing my friend does is walks out to the food court in the suit to attract attention for the store. They both said oh yea that would get some people to notice. Do you have a break where you could go get some food. They said we do, but only one of us can go at a time. Someone has to stay and watch the store. I told them it would be a little intimidating going by yourself the first time. I said I have some time I could put on a suit and walk up with one of you, if you would like. They both said that would be great, would you do that for us. I said sure let me get a suit on. I asked them any suggestions. I then said we better make it so it is not too daring because we do not know how the other store owners will react, so until you do it a few times and see what happens we should be pretty modest.

They agreed with me. They picked out a bright pink suit for me. I asked them who is going first and what are you going to wear. Susan said she would go first and looked around for a suit and came back with a drab color suit. I said you don't want to wear that suit. It is too drab, you want something to say you are a bright confident woman don't you. She smiled and said yes your are right. I see a lime green suit the same style as she had picked out. My mother was watching us while still looking at the suits. Susan looked at me and asked if I was going to put on the suit here. I smiled and said we can. I dropped my purse and undid the buttons and slipped off the dress and put on the suit. Susan then changed her top and then the bottoms. Susan said we started to change out here more often and we are getting use to it, although no body has walked in on us yet. I grabbed my purse and we headed to the food court. Between the bright suit and the click-clack of my heels everybody was looking at us. We had to wait in line to order and I asked Susan how she was doing. She said she is nervous but, she is liking the attention. Once we got out drinks we started back. When we got back to the store Susan had a big smile on her face. Susan said to Tonya you are going to be so nervous but you will enjoy it. I said I should change in to something else before I go again. We looked around and found something. I asked Tonya to get something for herself. I then told them I am going to get Mary, (my mother's name) in to a suit and have her come along. I am try to get her to break out of her shell. So some encouragement from both of you would be greatly appreciated. They both smiled and said we will help. Susan went over to my mother and started talking with her. I saw her give a suit to my mother and it looked liked she was going to go and try it on and Susan gave me a thumbs up.

My mother came out of the changing room in her suit and was looking at herself in the mirror. All of us walked over to her and I said this is Mary to Susan and Tonya then each introduced themselves.

I asked Mary if she would you like something to drink. She said yes that would be nice. I told her to put on her shoes and we will go get something. Mary then realized what I meant and a look of fear came over her face and said she cannot do that. Susan said that she thought the same thing and now that she did it, she can't wait to do it again. You have to try. Mary gave a little smile and squeaked out ok. The three of us left the store and headed to the food court. All eyes were on us. Tonya handled it well and my mother looked very nervous, but still had a smile. We were standing in line for our drinks, and I was standing behind my mother. Where we were standing, the view was blocked by a structural support column. I grabbed her arm with one hand and whispered in her ear to stand still. With the other hand I reached between her legs and started to rub her pussy through the suit. She quickly put her hand over her mouth. She became stiff, so I removed my hand from her arm and started to squeeze and play with her breasts. While doing so I moved her top so it just barely covered her nipple and told her not to adjust the top once I let her go. Do you understand, she shook her head yes. The line had moved up so I released her and we both moved forward. When I thought no one was looking, I would rub her pussy. We got our drinks and Tonya got some food, I asked them if they would like to sit down for a while. Mary immediately said no, but Tonya looked at my mother said she would like that. I said ok lets sit over her. I told Mary where where to sit and I sat beside her. As soon as we sat down, I put my hand on Mary's crotch and started to rub her pussy again. I heard a moan escape her lips. Tonya finished her food and we went back to the store. Tonya had a big smile and said she enjoyed that so much. Mary was sticking close to me now. A customer came in and Susan and Tonya went over to them them. I pulled Mary over to the side behind a clothes rack and kissed her. I knelt down and saw her bottoms had a wet spot on them. I pulled them down and started to eat her pussy, she moaned and had her eyes closed. I did not want to give her any relief and stop and pulled her bottoms back up. I told her she better get dressed, you are walking around with a big wet spot on your bottoms, you wouldn't want more people to see that would you. She quickly looked down and blushed, then I kissed her again. Mary walked over to the changing room and went in and closed the curtain. I quickly went over and opened up the curtain and told her to go ahead. I could see no one was around but she did not know that. She quickly took off the top and put on the dress to cover herself. Then removed the bottoms and started to button up her dress. When she was done, I said no not this time and opened the top and bottom buttons so that only three buttons held the dress closed. I then ran my hand over her bare pussy and rubbed it a few time, she was very wet. I had her lick off my hand. I went over to where my dress was and took off my top and bottoms and put on the dress but did not button it up and walked over to Mary. I told her to suck on my nipples which she did. I then closed the dress and did up a few buttons. Susan and Tonya finished up with the customer and came back over to us. Susan said that she saw what we did and thought it was so hot to see two woman together. She asked if we were lesbians. I told her no, we just enjoy each other, and like sex, she is married. I asked her if she ever kissed another woman, and she said no. That she has only kissed a boy a few times. I said well you kiss both the same but a woman is more gentle and softer than a boy. I said would you like to try it with me. They both said yes. Susan went first, and I gave her the most sensual kiss I could and then did the same to Tonya. Both of them said wow. I said now you know how it is done, you can practice with each other. You may want to be discrete when you practice, being in high school, boys will just think you are gay and you may not get any dates. Tonya asked if we did other things too and said we do everything together.

I looked at Mary and asked “are you ready to go” and said yes. Tonya said she had hoped to see Mary change that she had hoped to see her body. I smiled and told her ok. I had Mary come over to stand in front of me and look at Susan and Tonya, my back was to the front of the store. I reached around Mary and opened up her dress and pulled it off. I told Mary to turn around so they could see her body. Both Susan and Tonya said she was very pretty. I had Mary put on the dress and she waited for me to button it up. I reached around her and squeezed her nipples with one hand and then reached down and started to rub her pussy. Both Susan and Tonya watched with eyes wide and mouths open. I asked if they wanted to see more and both said yes, so I started to slid my finger in to Mary's pussy and started to finger fuck her. After a few strokes I pull out and put my finger in Mary's mouth and she suck it. I then did a few buttons up on the dress. I said ok we need to be going and I went over to them and gave them a kiss on the mouth and a hug. Mary and I left the store waving goodbye.

As soon as we got out the door my mother said she was so hot, she needed to be fucked. We were neared the escalators and I told her she has to do what I do and then we will see. We went down the escalator to the first floor and stood off to the side. I said when there are some men coming this is what I want you to do. Get on the escalator just before them and while going up bend over and pretend to empty out a stone from your shoes. She said what, I said watch this. I walked close to the escalators and there were two men coming. I got on just before them and bent over took off one shoe and dumped it out and then did the other, we were at the top of the escalator so I then stood up and walked off. I waited till they had walked away and went back down and talked with my mother. She could not believe what I just did. I told her it was your turn or I would open up her dress completely right here. She said ok. I stood and watched. She did not do as good as I did, but she tried. When she got back to me, I reached under her dress and rubbed her pussy, she was dripping wet. She said stop teasing me I need fucked so bad. I told her we need to buy a new outfit. Something that will show off more of our bodies.

I told her there is one more place we need to go. I held her hand and went into a dress shop, a place that I had stopped by the other day. After weaving through the store I found what I was looking for. Sheer Mesh bodycon dresses. A sales girl, about my age came over to help us. I picked out a black lace for myself and a yellow one for my mother. I said lets try them on. I asked the sales girl her name and it was Amber. I looked at Amber and asked her if we can just change here, since there is nobody else in the store. She smiled at us and said yes. I pulled open my mothers dress and helped her put on the sheer dress. Amber's smile grew bigger when she saw my mother did not have on any underwear. I then pulled off my dress and put on the black mesh dress I had picked out. My mother and I looked at each other and then in the mirror. From a distance it looked like we just had on a regular dress, but up close every inch of our body was visible. I asked the sales girl what she thought. She said we both really looked sexy, then licked her lips. I then picked out a white mesh and asked my mother to try in on.

She pulled off the dress, and I stopped her and gave her a kiss and rubbed my hands over her breasts while watching Amber. I asked Amber what she thought of Mary. Amber said she is beautiful. I asked Amber if she would like to feel how soft she is and Amber came over and rubbed her hands over my mother, first on her breasts and then slide her hand down and was rubbing her pussy. When she pulled her hand away is was all wet. Amber brought her hand to her mouth and sucked off the juices. I went over to Amber and kissed her, we both started to explore each others body. I broke away for a minute and bent down and reached under Amber's dress and pulled down her panties. She kicked them off her feet and left them lay on the floor. I had Mary get on her knees and duck her head under Amber's dress. Mary started to lick and suck on her pussy while I straddled my mother and began to make out with Amber. Amber had started immediately to moan and in a short time had an orgasm. She backed away from Mary, so I pulled up Mary and had her kiss Amber. I then had Mary put on the white dress. We talked with Amber for a few more minutes and I mentioned she might want to visit Susan and Tonya. I told Amber we would take the dresses and my mother smiled and then I said we would wear them out. A look of panic swept over my mother face. We checked out and said good bye to Amber. As we were walking through the mall everyone was watching us. Even though my mother was nervous, she was smiling.

We went to the car and once we got in my mother said I am so horny, I need fucked so bad. I told her I am going to get you fucked, would you like that. She nodded her head yes.

We started home, my mother thought that is where we were going, but I pulled off at the town before. She asked what I was doing, I need to be fucked, stop teasing me. I told her I know and you are going to get fucked. Then she realized where we were are at. She said I don't know if I can do it. I told her don't worry I am going to help you fuck you father. I had texted granddad while my mother was going up the escalator and asked him if I could stop by for some fun again. Of course he said yes. We got there and rang the bell and my granddad came to the door in his underwear. He must of thought it was just going to be me. When he saw us in our sheer dresses, he did not know what to say, he just let us in the door. We went in to the living room and I told him to have a seat on the couch. I threw my purse on a chair and then got my mothers and did the same. I pulled my mother over in front of the couch and said to my granddad you are going to love this. What do you think of the dress your daughter is wearing while I rubber my hands over my mothers body. He did not know what to say. I pulled off my dress letting it fall to the floor. Then I went behind my mother and reached around and slowly pulled it off of her. I started to squeeze her nipples and reached under her and rubbed her pussy. It made a squishing sound it was so wet. I told my granddad she knows everything and she wants you to fuck her. I said to my mother, tell him what you want. She starts saying I want you to fuck me, you can fuck me anywhere you like, my mouth, my pussy, my ass, you can do to me whatever you want or have me do to you whatever you want. Just take me.

I let her go and told her to go to him. She walks over and sits down beside him and give him a kiss on his mouth. He says to her, I always though about you and I love you and kisses her hard and brings his hands up and starts to play with her breasts. After they break off from kissing he lowers his head and starts to suck her nipples. After a few minutes my mother says I cannot take it anymore, I need you cock and slides off the couch and tells her dad to stand up and pulls off his underwear, grabs his cock and starts licking and sucking it. She gets him hard quickly and then asked him what he wants to do to her. He says I want to eat your pussy. Granddad lays on the floor and my mother squats down over him and as soon as his tongue touches her pussy she squirts on him, he starts to lick and eat here and she has several more orgasms. My mother lifts herself off of her dad and tells him I need you cock in my pussy. She re-positions herself above his cock and lowers herself on to him, she is moaning on every stroke and granddad shouts out I am cumming and my mother leaves out a loud moan and I see cum dripping out of her pussy, she humps him a few more times and then leans forward and kisses him on the mouth and say she loves him. They hold each other for several minutes before my mother rolls off him. I look at granddad and ask him if he wants to eat her pussy, he smiles and says no you go ahead. I crawled on top of my mother and sucked on her pussy keeping a big load in my mouth. I turn around and showed my granddad my mouth full and then kiss my mother feeding her his cum. She takes it all and swallows. I whisper in her ear to suck his cock clean. She moves over to him and looks him in the eyes and starts to suck on his cock till it is dry. She than lays beside him and kisses him again and she tells him she loves him. I then move over and suck his cock for a minute and then lay on the over side of him and kiss him and tell him that I love him also. We all laid there for a while and we talked about the family and that he can come and fuck us anytime he would like too. We also tell him we are going on vacation and we want him to come along and told him the details. My mother asked him to come over for lunch tomorrow.

We left granddad's house and were on our way home and we noticed the time. I asked my mother if we should stop and get some takeout for dinner. She said that would be good idea and we decided on Mexican food. Once at the restaurant I parked and told her to go in and get the food. She was not so eager about getting food now. She went in and placed the order and about twenty minutes later came out with the food and got in the car. She was smiling. I asked her if she liked doing that and she said it is very exciting to her.

At home my mother was anxious to tell my dad and Steve all of the things we did today. She was telling him how she was so nervous but how thrilling and excited she got exposing herself in front of others. She talked about everything through dinner. We had all been drinking a lot of water with dinner as the food was spicy and at the end my dad said he had to pee, my mother and brother said they had to go also. I told them to come out back with me, and my mother asked what for. I told her there is one other thing that I like to had done to me. She asked what it was. I told them I like to be peed on. Both my father and brother smiled. My mother gasped and said are you sure. I said yes. I told them to come outside with me. I laid on the ground and had my mother squat in front of me with her pussy at my mouth. I told her to start peeing. She did and I gulped some down and then squirted back on her pussy and then licked her pussy while peeing. She was moaning. I asked her if she want to get peed on also.

She said she would try it. I had my dad and brother stand side-by-side and then my mother and I got on our knees in front of them. I told them to piss on whoever or where ever you want. I opened my mouth and so did my mother. My dad and brother started and pissed in our mouth and face and hair. Till they were done we were covered in piss. I turned to my mother and gave he a kiss and we started to make out. I lowered my hand and rubbed her pussy. I told my mother to lay down again and I squatted over her and started pissing in her mouth. She was licking my pussy as I peed. When I finished peeing, we got in to the 69 position and started to lick up the piss and then eat each other. I was not to long until my mother had her first orgasm and squirted. I then stuck a finger in her butt and in her pussy and she had another orgasm. We got up and kissed a few more times and were licking and sucking each others breasts. We hugged each other and she told me she never thought that she would enjoy it so much, thank you. We went up stairs and showered together. That night I slept with mom and dad.

In the morning we all made out for a little while and then my mother said we all need to get dressed that her sister Betty was coming about 11:00, for lunch. Granddad and Betty showed up at the same time. Everybody said hello to each other my mother asked us to go in to the living room and have a seat, but she pulled Betty over to her and they were standing in front of everyone. My mother said that you all know that Betty and I are very close and we visit each other often. Betty had a strange look on her face, almost scared. Then my mother said that with events that have happen in the last week she had something to tell us. Betty was looking confused and scared. My mother leaned in and kissed Betty on the mouth. Then backed up and removed her clothes. She said to her dad you are going to like this. She kissed Betty again and said it is ok, then started to remove Betty's clothes. As she was removing her clothes, my mother told us that Betty and her have been having sex with each other since they were in high school. When my mother was taking off Betty's bra, she said to Betty, I fucked dad yesterday and now it is your tun. Betty locked eyes with her father and he got up and started to remove his clothes. Now that both granddad and Betty were naked, Betty kissed her father and reached down and started to stoke his cock. Betty then knelt down and started to blow her father. After a couple of minutes granddad said he want to taste her pussy and they got in to a 69 position. Everyone else stripped off their clothes and got together and started to play with each other while watching Betty and granddad. After a couple hours everyone was satisfied and we all stayed naked and had lunch. We spent the rest of the day together.

That night we called Jane and told her that instead of just my dad coming out for the conference, we were going to make it a family vacation and we were all coming out, including granddad. She said was excited to see all of us. Later on in the evening I called Jane by myself and talked with her. I said we are not going to be able to have our little fun time and she would not be able to tease dad. She was disappointed but she still was happy we were all coming. I told her maybe we can sneak away and have some fun.

We are waiting to take our trip as a family. We have 2 more weeks to go.

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TMB Chapter 5 Mandy at Home

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