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  2. TMB Chapter 3 My Sister Comes to Visit
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  4. TMB Chapter 6 Cindy Meets Cathy at the Bikini Store
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TMB Chapter 6 Cindy Meets Cathy at the Bikini Store

Categories Diary, Exhibitionism, Incest

Author: tigerjoe2018

Published: 08 August 2018

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Chapter 6 Cindy Meets Cathy at the Bikini Store.

Last week Jane called me on Friday and told me about how she and Mandy went to the Town Center Mall where they flashed and had sex with a girl. The girl, Cathy, manages a bikini store near the food court. Cathy had told Jane about the mall policy that girls can show themselves there without having to worry about getting kicked out of the mall or arrested.

Jane called me Sunday and is going to be busy this week and wanted to know if I wanted to have some fun. I said sure what do you have in mind. She had some more information about Cathy and the mall as she had just finished talking with Cathy on the phone. Cathy walks around the food court in a small bikini and/or topless every day at noon and through-out the day. It is attracting lots of people in to the food court and her store. Cathy is also having sex with her father and he likes to watch her on exploits through the food court. Jane also said Cathy is dying to have sex again. She was asking Jane to come and visit her.

So tomorrow I am going to the mall and see what kind of fun I can have. Jane and I came up with a plan to make it exciting for Cathy. I told my father, grandfather, uncle Brad and Robby to go there for lunch tomorrow and to get a table before noon. I did not tell them why, I want to surprise them.

I left the house at 11:00 so I had plenty of time to get to the Town Center Mall. I want to be in the store a good bit before noon. I have on a modest dress and look like a good girl in heels. It is about 11:30 and I walk in to the food court and there are plenty of guys there already.

I walk in to the bikini store and see Cathy, see is very pretty and she has on a small bikini, but not very daring. But I expected that as Jane had told me she changes in to something more revealing for her walk. I see a couple of guys walking out of the store and each has a bag with them. I do not see anyone else in the store at the movement.

I start looking around at fairly modest bikinis and Cathy comes over and introduces herself and asks if I would like some help. I ask her what the new trend is for bikinis. She starts telling me that bikinis are getting smaller and more revealing. I ask her if what she is wearing is one of them. She smiles and says no and turns toward a rack with some smaller suits and points at them. I tell her those are not much small than what she has on. I ask her if she ever wears any of them and Cathy says oh yes. I say you do, I could never wear anything that small. I would have to be dared and be with someone else to do something that like. I saw a sly smile on her face.

I then said oh my god, look at how small that one is, it was a micro-bikini. Cathy took the bait. Cathy says I will wear that suit (the micro), if you put this one on. I say really, here in the store is not that bad. I said ok. I grab a suit my size and she picks out the smaller one for her and she takes me back to the changing room.

I go in and put on the suit and when I come out she already has on the smaller suit. I look at my self in the mirror and say this is not as bad as I thought. Cathy smiles, then says you are beautiful, you shouldn't hide your body in a suit. I say to her lets look at other suits so we both go to the front again.

This time I see the peekaboo bikini. I tell her that is some suit there. Cathy says it is very freeing to wear a suit like that. I say you would not even need a changing room for that suit. You might as well go nude. Cathy says I will change in to that suit right here if you also put it one on, you can change in the room if you would like. I say you would not do that. She asks me if I wanted dare her and I said sure.

Cathy takes off one suit and puts on the peekaboo suit in the store front window. I saw a man come in and go behind the cash register so that must be her father coming for her noon walk. When she got the suit on she ask what size I want. I tell and she hands one to me. I just pull off the one suit and slip on the peekaboo suit right there in the front window. I can see several men watching us from the food court. My pussy is getting hot playing like this.

I say I need something to drink. Again Cathy sees an opening and says we can walk across the way and get something. I tell her I might as well get use to people watching in this thing. I say let me get some money and she interrupts me. Cathy said she will get it. She is enjoying my company. I put my heels on and we start out the door.

The guys were waiting for her walk but they see both of us. I see my family and give them a little smile as I go by them. We get our drinks and start to return and I see her father watching from the door. When we are in the middle of the food court I stopped Cathy. She look at me like why are we stopping.

I said I dare her to take off her bikini right here. She smiled and said what will you do. I said the same and when we get back to the store, I will eat your pussy, while your dad fucks you. I saw a smile on her face. I then told her I am a friend of Jane's. She told me you needed some excitement, so what do you think. She did not say anything. We put down our drinks and take off our bikinis. We got our drink and we head back to the store and I turned around and waved to my family. They were all smiles.

Her father was standing at the store entrance with a smile on his face. I stopped her and gave her a kiss and a hug then we went in to the store. Her father followed us in, and Cathy told him to lock the door.

I grabbed him by the hand and drug him to the back and undid his belt and pulled down his pants and underwear, he was already hard. I told Cathy to get in to a doggy position. I moved her father around to her ass and sucked his cock a few times then told him to fuck her. I slid under her and started to lick her clit while he was fucking her. She was moaning and had several more orgasms. Then he came in her. When he pulled out I sucked his cock clean and then started to eat Cathy's pussy and cleaned her. We stopped and she got up slowly, then helped me up and we kissed again. She had a huge smile and said thank you.

I pulled her up to the front of the store and we kissed and hug there for a few minutes with all of the food court watching. I picked out a bikini for her and put it on her. Then I went and gathered my stuff and pushed it all in my purse and walked to the door. Cathy opened the door and I gave her another kiss and then left the store naked. I walked to the car and went home. Once I got in the door, my family was there waiting for me. I told them, “the other day I said I want to take on all four of you on” today is that day. You can fuck me in any hole you want. Lets go.

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TMB Chapter 6 Cindy Meets Cathy at the Bikini Store

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