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  5. TMB Chapter 7 My Family Comes to Visit
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TMB Chapter 7 My Family Comes to Visit

Categories Diary, Exhibitionism, Incest

Author: tigerjoe2018

Published: 08 August 2018

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Chapter 7 My Family Comes to Visit

My family called me the other week and said they all want to come to visit while my father goes to the conference. Of course I said yes and then they said is was going to be my mother, father, Steve, Mandy, and granddad. I told them I do not have enough beds for everyone. Mandy said she can sleep in my room with Tom and I, I just have to sleep in the center. My mother and father in the guest room and granddad on the couch and Steve on the floor somewhere. I told them OK, I can pick them up at the airport on Sunday afternoon.

Late that night Mandy called by herself and was disappointed that we would not have any playtime. I was disappointed also, I had really wanted to tease my father and then fuck him if I could. Now with everyone here, there would not be any alone time. Mandy said that she Tom and I could have some fun we just need to be quite.


I got the house all cleaned up yesterday and I am trying to decide what I should wear to the airport this afternoon. I want to wear my short dress so I can do some flashing while I am waiting for them, but I am not sure how my mother will react to the length of my dress. After some thought I decide to just wear it and if she says anything I can tell her I just threw it on quick and left the house that it must of shrunk when I washed it. If she doesn't say anything, I know that I can get away with flashing while they are here. If she sees that I don't have any underwear on I will say it is too hot.

I arrive a the airport on put on my dress in the parking lot. I think to myself that this might have been the last time that I could be naked for a week. I looked at time and I thought that I had plenty of time but I am running late. I make my way in to the airport and head to the escalator and go up just to flash, I did bend over and adjust my sandal. After I get off at the top I see several men watching me. It was fun but it is more fun when I have Mandy or Cindy with me. I make my way to the arrivals entrance and just stand around waiting for them to arrive. After about a half hour I see them and wave and run over to them. I have not seen my parents for two year and I start to tear up and I give them a hug. I see granddad too and give him a hug and when he pulled me in his hand was on my bare butt. I did not think of that happening with this skirt on. I then gave Steve a hug, he turned me so my back was away from the others and lifted up my dress when he gave me a hug. Mandy did the same thing and whispered in my ear as she was giving me a hug, no panties on today I feel her hand rub over my pussy. We waited for the luggage and then headed out to the car. It was a tight fit but we all got in and headed home. We talked about everything along the way. Mandy and my mother sat in the front while I drove and no one said anything about my skirt length. Which was a relief.

When we got home everyone was thirsty and I gave them all a bottle of water and they all drank it quickly. Some of them get another bottle to drink while I showed them around the house and outside at the pool. It was a hot day and they all said that they would like to go swimming and cool off that we could unpack and get sleeping arrangements sorted out later. Everyone grabber their bag and pulled out a swim suit and then changed in the bedrooms and bathrooms. Mandy asked if she could borrow one of my suits, she and I went in to the master bedroom to change. Once we closed the door she threw me on the bed and kissed me and pulled off my dress and licked every part of my body. She got me so wound up and then said we need to get out there before someone comes looking for us.

We both put on a conservative swim suit that I had in the closet and do not use anymore. We walked out to the pool and everyone was swimming and jumping around to cool off. Mandy asked if I want to lay on the lounge chair she would put on tanning lotion on my back for me. My mother came up in front of me and started to talk with me. I felt Mandy sit down on my legs and then she started to rub some lotion on me. I felt my legs getting wet and I turned around and Mandy was trying to look inconspicuous but had peed on me. She smiled and I tried to look normal as I was talking with my mother. A minute later, I felt something all over my back and head and turned to look. Tom, my father, Steve and granddad were naked and all of them were peeing on me. I turned back towards my mother and she had pulled down her bottoms and her pussy was right in front of my face and she started to pee on me also. I felt Mandy undoing the sting for my top and then she pulled off my bottoms. I was just beginning to comprehend what was happening when I felt someone licking my ass and pussy. I looked and it was Mandy. I watched as she got up and sucked on my fathers cock to get him hard, then he mounted me and started to fuck me. As I looked to the front my mother had moved away and granddad was there and fed me his cock. I was blowing granddad and my dad was fucked me. I never had so much of a rush of excitement after I realized what was happening. Then I saw my mother come over to me, she was naked now and she leaned down and we shared my granddads cock. When he got hard he pulled away and my mother turned around I watched as granddad slipped his cock in to her pussy, he fucked her for a minute and then pulled out his cock and stuck it in my mouth. As soon my tongue touched his cock I had an orgasm. My mother then whispered in my ear that granddad is going to fuck you next. I felt my father cumming in my pussy and then he pulled out. Mandy then started to eat my ass and slipped in her fingers. After a few minutes Mandy helped me up from the lounge chair and my granddad got on. She told me to fuck granddad. As I got his cock in my pussy, Mandy pushed me down slightly, then I felt Steve behind me as he pushed his cock in my ass. I started to ride them both. Granddad was feeling my breasts and pinching my nipples. I then saw my father straddle the chair and he stuck his cock in my mouth. I never have had 3 cocks in me before and I had an orgasm. The orgasms just kept coming, I then heard my granddad say he was cumming. I felt him and then my brother came in my ass, and them my father was cumming down my throat. I suck my father's cock dry and then my brother pulled out of my ass and I got off of granddad. I sucked granddads cock dry and then my brothers. I sat on one of the other lounge chairs and my mother had me lay down. She got on me in a 69 position and started to eat me and I her. As soon as she started to eat me I had another orgasm and squirted, soaking my mother. After a few minutes, she rolled to the side of me and gave me a hug and kissed me. She looked at me and said surprise. We rested for a while and everyone else went back to swimming in the pool. Tom looked at me and smiled. I asked him how long he knew. He told me he just found out when I did. My mother told me that the night they called me to say we were all coming, everyone was already fucking each other. So we made a plan to surprise you. That is why we did not worry about sleeping arrangements.

After a while everyone was getting hungry and someone suggested Chinese food. I called Nanjoi and place the order and asked her if she want to have some fun, she and her sister can bring the order. About an hour later a car pulled up and it was Nanjoi and her sister, Sarah. Tom and I answered the door naked, after Nanjoi and Sarah entered they both just stripped off their clothes. We walked out to the pool and when they saw all of the naked people there and smile came on each of their faces. I told them they can suck or fuck any or all, it is up to you. Sarah a petite girl looked at all of the guys and then said I want to fuck you, to my granddad, he has the biggest cock. She went over and started to blow him. Nanjoi saw my mother and said she want to eat her pussy while he (pointed to my father) fucked her. They all got to it.

Mandy and I went in the house and opened up the food and got some for ourselves. When we came back out my father had just cum in Nanjoi and granddad had cum in Sarah. Sarah went over to Nanjoi and they got in to a 69 position, although it was a little awkward for them to get in to position. They went at each other for about a half and hour and then they kissed each other. A few of us were watching and Nanjoi saw us and just started to blush. She meekly said I guess you think we are some kink of weirdos being sisters, this is the first time that we ever did anything together. I smiled and said you are not weirdos. I then said this is my father, my mother, my sister, my brother and this is my granddad, and this is Tom, my husband. I then leaned over to my father who was standing beside me and sucked on his cock for a minute. Nanjoi looking surprised then said everyone here is your family. I smiled again and said yes, since we all started fucking and sucking each other, our family has been closer than we have ever been. I then told them that just a bit earlier that granddad was fucking my pussy, Steve was fucking my ass, and I was blowing my dad. It had started out by everyone pissing on me. So there is nothing for you to be ashamed of. Nanjoi asked me how it all started and I told her the story. Is there anything else you would like us to do today. Sarah then asked if anyone had to pee, she would like to be peed on. Nanjoi looked at her and said had had to pee, what do you want me to do. I went over and told them what I usually do and Nanjoi started to pee on Sarah. I asked Nanjoi if she wanted to be peed on and she said yes. I got up and put my pussy at her mouth and started to pee. She was hesitant at first and then was going all out. When I finished they looked over at the rest of the family and asked anyone else. All of the guys came over and Nanjoi and Sarah got on their knees beside each other and the guys pissed on them while they kissed each other. Nanjoi said oh my god, we have to get back to the restaurant, everyone will be wondering where we got to. They both got up and got under the shower and I gave them some towels to dry off. They came by and kissed and hugged everyone and then said till next time. They put their clothes on and left.

We all finished eating and then just hung out for the rest of the night. When it came time to go to bed, everyone just picked a bed.


My father got up early and head out to the conference and Tom had to work so he left also. Since both the cars were gone, we had to stay home all day. We all stayed naked for the day and hung out by the pool. Tom got home about 5:30 and my father got home about 6:00. Everyone was asking what we are going to do for dinner. I said Mandy and I had plans for that and the guys should put on some shorts and shirts. Mandy had brought along 4 pairs of white shear panties for us to wear. My mother, Mandy and I got cleaned up and made up she gave us each a pair. My mother thought we were crazy when we said that is all we are going to wear, but she put them on. The guys got in one car and headed to Town Center Mall to the food court. We went to pick up Cindy and gave her a pair of panties to put on then we headed to the mall. We coaxed my mother out of the car. Mandy, my mother, Cindy and I walked in the entrance and with our heels making a click-clack sound as we went. There was not too many people there but anyone around watched us as made our way up to the food court and to the bikini store. When Cathy saw us she came running over and gave us all a hug and a kiss. We asked her if she had time we were going to get something to eat. She said sure as it was very slow this time of night and could watch the store from the food court. She smiled and said let me change in to something else and we can go. She just pulled off the suit she had on and said that is better, are you ready to go. We all laughed and went to get some food. The four of us sat together and talked and occasionally someone would kiss or feel a boob or something. I put my hand on Cathy's leg and then moved to her crotch, see opened up her legs to get me access and I started to rub her pussy. She was very wet already. After a few minutes, I leaned over to Cathy and sucked on her nipple. Mandy saw this and not to be out done leaned over and sucked on our mothers nipple. At that point Cathy said we should go in to the store. As we were heading to the store Cathy's father was standing at the store entrance. Once we were all in the store, he closed the door and locked it. We went to the back and all of the women formed a circle and ate the pussy of the person in front of them. We stopped after a while and got Cathy's father who had been watching us, we stripped him naked. Cathy suck him to get him harder and then all of the women lined up in a row alternating head and ass and had her father go from one to the other, sticking his cock in a pussy and giving a couple of strokes, then moving on the the next woman where she would suck his cock for a couple of minutes and then go on to the next woman. He made it around one time before he came in Cathy's pussy. We all then took turns sucking the come out of Cathy's pussy. When we all finished Cathy had a huge smile on her face. She kissed us all and thanked us for making the evening more exciting. I asked Cathy what would be her wish for us to do the next time we visit. She said she would like to be fucked by several guys. I told Cathy we can do that now. I placed her on a bench and then had my mother start to eat her. Mandy went over to Cathy's dad and started to suck him to get him hard again. I opened up the front door and told the guys to come in. When Cathy saw all of the guys she got a big smile on her face. I introduced them to her and Cindy. This is my father, this is my granddad, this is my brother, Steve, and this is Tom, my husband. I told them all to strip, that Cathy wants you to fuck her. Cathy's dad started to fuck her, and my dad stuck his cock in her mouth to suck on a while he was waiting to fuck her. Then granddad, then Steve, and finally Tom. In all Cathy got fucked for about an hour and a half. She had countless orgasm and her pussy was dripping with cum. When she finally got up I asked her again what she wanted to do the time time we stop by. She just smiled and said I will let you know later. We all got dressed and Cathy kissed and hugged everyone and we left the mall and went home, Cindy came with us and stayed for the night. She and Steve slept out on a lounge chair by the pool.


Tom took my father in to the conference today. We hung out by the pool and then I got a phone call from the manager of the strip club. The girl doing the sex act show was not going to be there tomorrow night and asked if I would like to do the show. I quickly came up with and idea. I told him yes, but there will be 4 or 5 women performing if that is OK. He said it was and the money will be the same and I said yes that is great. I told Cindy and Mandy and both readily agreed. I said since it is almost lunch time lets go tell Cathy. We all put on our sheer panties again and headed to the mall. My mother was complaining about the number of people that might be there eating. I told her we would pull off those little panties if she did not stop complaining. She then kept quite. We all went in the mall with Steve and granddad following behind us. As we got closer to the food court, my mother started up again with all the people here as the place was packed. I warned her again. But she kept it up. I looked at Mandy and winked, so knew what I had in mind. Once we got the the food court, the click-clack of our heels gave us up and everybody was watching us. When we got towards the center of the food court I gave a nod to Mandy and she and I grabbed my mother's panties and just ripped them off. A loud cheer went through-out the food court. She looked at us and I said we warned her. Mandy and I each grabbed my mother's hand and we went to see Cathy. We pulled Cathy to the side away from my mother and told her the plan to tomorrow night and asked if she wanted to join us. Cathy smiled and said yes. I told Cathy to bring her father along, that all of my family and Cindy's family would be there to watch. We got together again and Cathy saw my mother was naked. Cathy told her that she is getting brave walking around completely nude. Mandy and I laughed and then told her what we did. We asked her if she would like to join us as we are going to get some food. Cathy said she would like that, but that she would not go out nude, we should let all of the guys just watch my mother nude, then gave us a wink. Cathy went over and took off her suit and put on a peek-a boo bikini and we all waked out of the store. Mandy and I held our mother's hands again. When we were waiting in line to place our order, everyone in the food court was watching and giving wolf-calls. I was standing behind my mother and turned her towards the crowd and ran my hand over her pussy. She was dripping wet. I brought my hand up to her mouth and had her lick off my hand. When I did that the crowd started to go wild.

We got our food and all of the tables were taken, so I suggested that we stand by a table filled with guys and just asked if we can set our food on the table. They were more than happy for us to do that. As we were standing there one of the guys said look at her she is dripping and pointed to my mother. I looked and I could see how wet she was and is was running down her legs. I took a french fry and ran it over her pussy a few times then feed it to my mother. I then asked her how is tasted loud enough that the guys could hear me. Cathy was watching the store and saw a person go in, so she said she had to go, but first she came behind my mother and made her open up her legs by kicking her feet apart. Then she reached under her and rubbed her pussy, it just made a squishing sound. Cathy then went in front of her and licked her pussy and few times and rubbed her clit until her clit and lips were erect. She then kissed all of us and went back to the store.

There my mother stood with her pussy opened up for all to see. I think if anyone touched her again she would faint or have an orgasm. We finished our food and made our way out of the mall. We got to the car and granddad just grabbed his daughter and kissed her while fondling her breasts. He said that was the hottest thing he every saw. He pulled his cock out of the fly and started to fuck her in the parking lot by the car. As soon as his cock entered her she had an orgasm and was squirting so much there was a puddle on the ground. Granddad only lasted five minutes before he came in her. They finally pulled apart and got in the car and were kissing and hugging each other. We dropped Cindy off at her house and then headed home. We all got naked again and hung around the pool, till Tom and my dad came home. My mother told my dad about what happen at the mall and he laughed and said he wished he would have been there. We just hung around the rest of the night, swimming, playing pool and talking. I told Tom and my father about tomorrow night at the strip club, but told them not to say anything to mother. As we were going to bed I heard my mother asking my father to fuck her that she was still horny from this afternoon. He said no and then she asked Steve and he also told her no. We all wanted her nice and horny for tomorrow night.


It was the same routine for my father and Tom today, conference and work. We all got up and had some breakfast and I told my mother what we were going out dancing tonight. She looked at us and asked if we will be wearing clothes. I told her she can wear the white dress and bra and panties tonight when we go out. She was relieved. She had no idea what we had planned. Around lunch time we ordered some subs and had my mother answer the door, naked of course to get the food. Then after my father and Tom came home we ordered pizza, again we had my mother answer the door, but this time Mandy came up behind her and rubbed her pussy while the delivery boy watched. Mandy only rubbed her until she started to get wet then stopped. At dinner I heard my mother asked my father to fuck her again and he turned her down.

It finally got to be about 9pm and we needed to get ready, we all cleaned up and got dressed and were ready to go. We took both cars and when my mother saw where we were going she about fainted. I told her she would not have to dance. We all went in and the guys got a table near the front and got tables for Cindy's family and Cathy's father. They both showed up right on time we hung out till a couple of minuted before the show started and dragged my mother backstage. The announcer started talking about the sex act and my mother looked at us. I said mom you do not have to watch I wrapped a pair of panties up and put them over her eyes and told her to stand over here until we finish. Which is when we drug her on stage. I told her to stand here out of the way and she thought she was safe. The four of us danced around and removed each others clothing. We were kissing, sucking, licking each other and then we dragged my mother out to center stage. Cindy and Cathy each held an arm and Mandy and I undressed her, by cutting off the dress, bra and panties and throwing them in to the crowd. I went around her back and started to squeeze her breasts and play with her nipples. Mandy went in front and started to eat her. Event though she could not see anything, she knows what was happening and became wet very quickly. We then turned her around so her ass was to the crowd and I started to eat her ass and stuck in my fingers to loosen her up. Mean while Mandy put on a strap-on and brought out a dildo. We turn my mother around again and Mandy went over to Cathy and had her suck on the strap-on and then started to fuck Cathy with it. I went and put on a strap-on also and had Cindy suck on the cock and them I started to fuck her with it. Mandy left Cathy and started to fuck my mother in the pussy with the dildo. I could see how wet she was. Mandy pulled the dildo out of my mother and I started to fuck her with the strap-on. We turned around again and Mandy then started to fuck my mother in the ass with the dildo. My mother is just moaning now on every stroke. Mandy then pulled out the dildo and had my mother suck on it while Mandy entered her ass with the strap-on. I pulled off the panties off of my mothers head and as her eyes adjusted she saw how many people were watching her get fucked in the ass and pussy. Then I told her to look down there, granddad, dad, and Steve were watching her getting fucked in front of all these guys. She tensed up and started to orgasm and squirted non-stop. A puddle was starting for form under her feet. She made a loud growling sound and then went limp, just as we finished the show. Cathy and Cindy helped her go back stage as Mandy and I sucked each others strap-on cocks. Then we walked off the stage. The crowd really liked the show and our family's were standing and clapping as we walked off.

Once back stage we found a chair for my mother to sit on as we all talked about how we did. We saw the manager coming over and we gathered around him. He again asked us if we would like to do the sex shows on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Cathy and Cindy were interested and said they would think about it. We put some of our clothes back on but we did not think about bring anything extra for my mother as we cut off her cloth. She came to her senses about 20 minutes later and although she told us that we should of never done that she was smiling and said that was the most intense sexual experience of her life. I then told her we don't have any clothes for her to wear, and she again smiled and said what is the point now after what happen to me in front of everyone. We gathered our stuff and went out to meet up with the family. Granddad came over to my mother and kissed her and gave her a hug. I saw her looking around and told her she can take him to one of the private booths and off they went. Cathy went over to her father and sat on his lap. Mandy went over to Steve, Cindy went over to her father, and I went to my father's lap. I then got my father to pull his cock out of his fly and lifted up my dress and lowered myself on to his already hard cock. The other girls saw what I was doing and did the same thing. We were all getting fucked by our fathers while watching the dancers strip. Once my father came in me, I moved over to Robby and did the same thing. The others saw that and we all made the round to every member of our party so every guy in the party got fucked. When we all finally stood up cum was dripping out of each one of us on to the floor. My mother and granddad finally came back arm in arm. Granddad sat down and my mother sat on his lap. We all got drinks and hung out for another hour before we left the club to go home. My mother just stayed naked.

When we got home, Tom and my father went to bed. The rest of us went out a relaxed in the pool. After a while my mother looked at Mandy and I and asked what we were going to do to her tomorrow. I asked her how many guys would she like to fuck her in a row. Twenty, thirty, or one hundred. Maybe we should have you just let guys piss on you all day long. Maybe take you to the food court and have you blow everyone there, would you like that. She said no but smiled. I looked at her and said your smile gave me the real answer.


Is was a hot night last night so Mandy and I slept with each other on a lounge chair. Our bodies were intertwined and I had to pee so I just went while laying there. Mandy started to get awake so I dipped my finger in the piss and put it to her lips and she started to suck on it. She got awake and we kissed. We started to make out and then turned around and licked my pussy while she straddled my head and put her pussy against my mouth. Mandy then started to pee. I could still taste cum on her. I put in to fingers and started to fuck her and she did the same to me. I started to eat her ass and insert a finger, with the other hand I was fucking her pussy. I could feel her shake as she had and orgasm. She turned around again and kissed me as we cuddled up again. She smiled and said I win, I had the orgasm first. We laid there for another half hour talking until we got up and went in the out-side shower and cleaned up.

We then started to make coffee and breakfast as the others started making their way in to the kitchen. We all talked a little about what we did last night and how much fun we had, even my mother admitted she had fun. After some breakfast we headed out to the pool and swam for a while and talked. We were all trying to come up with something that we could do this afternoon for some fun. No one could think of anything that could be fun and we could get away with without being arrested. We all went for a walk to get some exercise, it was the most clothes that we had on since the family arrived. When we got home everyone was getting hungry again.

So I suggested we go to the food court and get some lunch with Cathy. At least we can flash some while we are there. My mother then spoke up with an idea. She had heard about us fucking in the strip club by sitting on the lap of the guys. Since we only had 2 guys, Steve and granddad at least two of us can fuck in the food court. But we need to make it so they can get their dick out without being seen and we need a distraction so it is not very obvious what is going on. My mother then volunteered to come in the food court nude to be the distraction. That left Mandy and myself to fuck Steve and granddad. Granddad looked at mom and said I really would like to fuck you. I came up with a plan. So I explained to them, mom and Mandy wear their short dresses and take Steve and granddad in to the bikini store. There they pull their cocks out get them hard. Use a bag from the store to cover themselves and walk in to the food court and get a table. I will walk up to the food court naked walk around and look at the menus to distract everyone. When I do that mom and Mandy go over and sit on the laps and get positioned. Then I will go in to the bikini store and get Cathy, we both will come back to the food court, look at some menu items, and then buy some food and sit and eat. You can be fucking during this time. My mother suggests she and Mandy get some food and bring it back to the table so that can lean over the table to eat and when they do they are actually riding the cock. Everyone said that is it, we can use our phone to coordinate when we need the distractions. The plan was set.

We all headed to the mall and went in. I went in to the shoe store to look at shoes and then to a clothes store. I got a call from my mother, they are standing in line to order and she estimates about fifteen minutes till they need the distraction. I made my way out of the store and headed to the food court very slowly. I was getting wet being here naked, it is the first time I have been naked the whole time while in the mall and by myself. My mother calls again and says you need to come now. I walked quickly to the food court, it is packed and I make my way around to several stores looking at the menus. I finally spot my family and they are sitting down, so I go to the bikini store.

Cathy is at the door watching with a smile on her face. As we are standing there a very pretty girl goes in the store. So we both follow her in. Cathy recognizes her and signals that she got this so I stepped aside. Cathy asked if she can help her. She said she was just looking. Cathy says to the girl, I have seen you in here before haven't I. The girl smiles and nodded yes. Cathy said you like to try on bikinis and stand in the front window so the guys can see you. She gets a scared look on her face and Cathy immediately says it is OK with me. There is nothing to worry about, I like to be seen also, and my friend over there, well you can see she likes to be seen. The girl says yea. Cathy introduces herself and tells her about the mall policy about girls can show themselves and not get in a trouble, etc. As Cathy is talking a older man keeps walking past the window and is smiling at the girl. The girl says her name is Tawny and she does like to be seen and that someone likes to watch her. Cathy says it is the guy that keeps walking past the window isn't and he is your father. She is caught off guard and says yes and then no. Cathy tells her it is alright, my father likes to watch me also, he likes me to be nude. Tawny says her father has never seen her nude, only in small swim suit or underwear, and he likes it when other people are watching me, that is why I come here. Cathy says we are a lot alike. Cathy asks Tawny how comfortable are you being nude. Tawny says fairly comfortable, why. Why my friend, Jane and I were just going to walk out to the food court and get something to eat, would you like to join us, oh by the way we are both going nude. You can wear a bikini if you would like. After hearing this I came over to join the conversation and introduced myself. I told Tawny if she did not want to go or if she got scared she to let us know and we could come back to the store. She got a huge smile on her face and said lets do it, I have always been turned on by showing myself and wondered many times about doing just what you are talking about. Cathy asked if she want to strip in the front window with her or go to the back or we could strip each other if you would like too. I then asked her if she ever had sex with another girl. Tawny told us she always wanted to but never found another girl willing. I said right here are two. We all went to the front of the store and Cathy started to undress Tawny. Once Tawny was down to her bra and panties, Cathy stopped and said now take off my bikini. Tawny took the top off of Cathy and then rubbed her hands over Cathy's breasts. Tawny then leaned over and pulled down the bottoms and once Cathy stepped out of them ran her hand over Cathy's ass. Cathy then finished undressing Tawny. My mouth was watering, she has a great body and huge breasts. The guys in the food court noticed the activity in the store front and Tawny's father was standing up against the glass with a huge smile on his face. Cathy grabbed Tawny's hand and asked if she was ready. Just as we were getting to the door Cathy's father came in. Cathy said “Hi daddy” can you watch the store while we get some food. He said yes and we walked out. Everyone in the food court watched us. I was watching Tawny, her breasts were jiggling as she walked. I was getting horny and wanted her so badly. We were waiting in line to order and I told her that I really liked her breasts. She pulled up her hands and rubber them. Then said to me that this is so hot and she was getting very excite and wet. She saw me staring at her breasts and rubbed them again, she told me I could touch them if I liked. I reached out with one hand and squeezed one and then pinched her nipple. Tawny moaned and then said if you do that again I think I will have an orgasm right here. I just had to try and this time I reached with both hands and again squeezed and pinched her nipples. Her head flew back and low grunt came out of her mouth. I saw cum running down her leg. I thought I better not continue now. Cathy was behind me and I felt her rub my pussy and rub her hand down my back, and I could feel her wet hand leave a streak down my back. We got our food and then looked for a table which there was none available. I looked at Cathy and Tawny and asked them if we should try sitting on a guys lap. They both smiled and said yes. I saw a table with some good looking older guys and asked if we could sit on their laps. Of course they said yes. So we straddled their legs, we ate quickly and the guy were too scared to touch us. We finished and I turned around and gave the guy a kiss on the cheek and then got up. Cathy and Tawny did the same and as we said goodbye to them I noticed that all had a large wet spot on their pants from us. We threw our trash away and I looked at Tawny and asked her how she felt. Tawny smiled this has really excited her and her pussy was hot and wet. I asked if I can kiss her and Cathy said what about me, lets make it a three-way kiss. We all came together and kissed. The food court got quite. Then Tawny reached up and pinched my nipple. Tawny pulled her breast up and offered one to me and one to Cathy. We both leaned in and sucked on her nipples for a couple of seconds. I believe Tawny had another orgasm. We all said we should get back to the store. Just before entering the store I saw Tawny's father and took his hand and pulled him in with us. Cathy's father closed the door and locked it. Cathy pulled Tawny to the back as I pulled her father with us. I rubbed his crotch and he was hard. Cathy and Tawny started to make out and I pulled down Tawny's fathers pants and sucked his cock. Cathy's father came over and undressed. Cathy pulled Tawny over to me and then pushed her down on to her knees in front of her father. She looked up at him and then leaned forward and sucked his cock. She only started to bob on it and he came in her mouth and she suck it some more as he remained hard. I pulled Tawny and her father over to the bench and had Tawny lay down. I pushed her father's head down and he kissed her for a while then took his hands and put them on her breasts. While he was doing this I spread her legs and rubbed her pussy, she was soaking wet. I then started to eat her, she was delicious. I backed away and moved her father in to position and then grabbed his cock and pulled him to her pussy and slid it in. Once there her father took over. I reached down and squeezed her breast and licked her nipples. She pulled my ass over to her head and I straddled her and she started to eat my pussy. She was making moaning noises in my pussy and it vibrated throughout. I leaned forward and started to lick her pussy as her father was fucking her. It wasn't long until her father came in her and I started to eat her, she had a huge orgasm and pussy juice was running out on to the floor. Tawny pulled me away as she must of got to sensitive and we all pulled apart from each other. Tawny went over and sucked her fathers cock dry and then kissed him. He then realized what he did and got really worried about fucking his daughter. We all told him to calm down and Cathy said that this is her father. I told him I fuck my father and everyone else in my family. Which reminded me, so I went to the front door and my family was waiting there.

I told them to come in and then locked the door again. I then introduced everyone. Tawny finally said this her father, Dave, this is the first time we had sex and it was great and I don't want to ever stop having sex with you dad. I told them how I just started out teasing Steve, my brother and here we are all fucking and how close we all our now. I also mentioned my mother and her dad. They all thought that was really cool. We then told them how we like to have sex in public and how they were fucking while we distracted the crowd. Everyone started laughing about that. Tawny said she had two brothers that were always trying to get a look at her tits, maybe she could have some fun with them also. I went over to Steve and said we are really close now as he bent down and closed his mouth over my breast. Mandy opened her dress and parted her legs and said my sister and I are really close also as she pushed my head down to her pussy and I licked her. Mandy said she is licking out Steve's cum from my pussy. I said to everyone we must all get together and have a big orgy and we have to get Cindy and her family to come along. I asked Tawny if she can get her brothers to fuck her by tomorrow. She smiled and said I believe I could, why. There is a nude beach about two hours from here where people also have sex. Who wants to go. Cathy asked her father if we can close the store early as it is a Friday and after lunch it is really slow. Mandy went over to him and said you can do what ever you want with me if you go. Cathy then said, dad you always wanted to fuck me in the ass, you can do it tomorrow if we go. Mandy said you can fuck me in the ass also. He smiled and said OK we will close at 1. Tawny said how about us dad, can we go. He said what bout your brothers. I said Mandy can help with that, will they be home if you go home now. Tawny said yes. I asked about her mother and she said they are divorced. When does you dad normally come home, is he suppose to be working now. Tawny said yes he gets home about 6:00. OK, Dave when you get home tonight, come in the house quietly and come up to Tawny's room and Mandy will take the lead and you play along. Dave, go back to work. Tawny get dressed but forget about the panties and bra. Cathy said wait an minute Tawny, I got to suck on your tits before you leave if that is OK. Tawny said yes and Cathy came over and licked and fondled them quickly. I will call Cindy and tell her, hopefully they will be able to make it. Depending how things go tonight Mandy may have to stay at Tawny's house if that is OK. Tawny and Dave said that is fine. Is everybody set. We all hugged and kiss each other and headed out.

My mother took off her dress and gave it to me. I looked at her and she said she wants to be naked again. I had to kid her that she use to complain about being naked. She looked at me and said no more.

We all left and went home, I hoped Mandy could get her two brothers in line, and then I had to laugh at myself. If any guy did not want to fuck Mandy and Tawny, they were gay. Although I did envy her for getting to sleep with Tawny. Once we got home we all swam and laid around the pool for the rest of the day.


Once everyone was up we got some breakfast and then gathered all of the stuff to take along to the lake and packed up the car. I got a text message from Mandy this morning that said all good here and we got an extra female with large tits, who looks like Tawny. I texted her directions to the lake. Tawny's brothers are probably going nuts, fucking their sister one night and now going to an orgy at the lake to have sex in front of other people.

We are waiting for Tom and my father to get home. Cindy and her family are waiting here with us. Cindy drove here nude and I asked her if she has any clothes with her and she said no why would I need any. She says to me I dare you to not take any clothes with you today. My mother heard her and said it is a dare and then looked at me. She asked if I was chicken, you always want me to go naked. So I said dare. My mother and I went to the car and get our clothes out, we still had a towel if we needed something I reasoned. Just as we got the clothes out Tom and my father arrived. Everyone jumped in the cars and we headed to the lake.

We got about an hour out and I needed to get some gas. I called Cindy and told her we need to stop, that I need to get some gas. Cindy said OK but remember you cannot put on any clothes, and you said you need the gas, she knew I was on speaker phone. My mother started to laugh. I was caught. I call Tom and told him we are stopping for gas. He said OK that he is good and will just wait. We got off the interstate and I saw a gas station, it was full of cars. I was hoping for a quite place but there were people all over the place. I just had to suck it up and got out to pump the gas. I saw where Tom and Cindy were parked and they were just laughing at me. I was trying to hide behind the pump and then the horn blared out, my mother was doing it purposely so people would look. After what seemed like hours I finally got the tank full and got back in the car and we left the station.

Once on the road again I called Mandy and asked where she was at. Mandy and Cathy were just a few miles behind us. They caught up to us and came along side, and I saw the windows go down and Tawny pushed her breast out on to the window frame. Then in the back seat a woman who looked like Tawny put her head out the window and laid her breasts on the window frame. Oh my god were they big and beautiful. I cannot wait to get my hands and mouth on them. We got to the parking lot by the lake and we all piled out. We all introduced each other, it took a while. So I am Jane this is my husband Tom, my sister Mandy, my mother Mary, my father Jack, my brother, Steve and my granddad, Richard. Cindy started her introductions, I am Cindy and this is my father Bob, my grandfather Chet, my uncle Brad, and my brother Robby. Then Cathy said I am Cathy I run the Bikini store and this is my father Mike. It was Tawny's turn to do her introductions, I am Tawny, this is my father Dave, my mother Patricia, my brothers Joe and Mike we all just started fucking each other yesterday, thanks to Jane, Mandy and Cathy. So there are 19 of us, 7 girls, 12 guys.

We walk to the lake and found a place to sit and laid out the blankets. I saw Patricia and said hello and I just got to play with and suck on your breasts, do you mind. She said no go ahead and help yourself. Patricia started to ask me if she could and I stopped her and told her she can do anything she wants. Her breasts were so big and beautiful that I had to kiss and suck every inch of them. When I bit on her nipples hard, she would moan every time. We laid down on the blanket and were mouth to tit and just sucking and chewing on the nipples. I felt someone behind me and they started to eat my pussy and ass. Then I felt a cock enter me, it felt so good. I did not even look to see who it was. I felt them come in me and then eat me and then they left. Cathy and her father made the rounds also since they usually do not get to see other people very often. I asked how how she was doing and she said she like to be outdoors in the daytime, this is the first time in months that I have seen the sun. She also said that Cindy and her are going to start doing the sex act at the strip club so anytime you want to join us you can. We also talked with Tawny and her mother they are interested in doing the show sometimes.

Throughout the day I think Joe, and Mike, and Steve fucked every woman. But I think that Steve hung around with Cindy the most. Tawny and her mother were very popular, their nipples and breasts are going to be raw tomorrow. We drew quite a crowd who were watching us all day long, some guys seemed to be jerking-off all day long. We all started to get hungry and since everyone was fucked out, we decided to call it a day and headed back to the cars.

Once we got back to the cars we all talked about going somewhere to eat. They were talking about a restaurant and then we realized that 3 of us did not have any clothes with us. It was decided that we could wear a towel in the restaurant and we would call it a tie if they would not allow us to be naked. We stopped at a steak place and they said we cannot be nude so we wrapped a towel around us, the other women joined us. The towels barely covered everything but we did not care. Tawny and her mother had a choice to either show pussy or a lot of cleavage, so they went with more cleavage as more people would be able to see it. We all had a nice dinner and when we got up to leave pulled off our towels as we walked out the door.

We drove home with no additional fooling around as we were all pretty tired. Once home we all just cleaned up and relaxed until bedtime. We were also sad because everyone was going home tomorrow and we had such a great time. We all went to bed but it was hard to choose who to sleep with on this last night.


The alarm got us up this morning as we need to be at the airport by noon, so we all slowly got up and had some breakfast. While eating I asked is there anything that anybody want to do before we clean up and get dressed. My mother said she would like to try something. She was a little embarrassed but she asked if anybody had to poo. Mandy and I smiled and said we tried that once and did not like it, but I have to poo if you want to try it. She said where do you want to do it. I told her in the yard. She laid down and everyone came out to watch. I hovered over her face as she licked my ass. I had to pee first so I moved back a little and peed in her mouth and re-positioned myself and she was licking my ass again. I started to poo and I looked between my legs and watch as my mother opened her mouth and took it in. I was in disbelief. I saw her bite it off and she reached up and grabbed the remainder. She chewed for a while then swallowed. She said it wasn't bad, then she said she had heard it depended upon what you ate. She reached up with the piece in her hand and said try it. She said dare. Although I did not want to I stuck out my tongue and licked it. It did not taste to bad, so I bit into it and started to chew a piece, she was right. It was nothing like when I tried it before. She offer me the rest and I took the hole piece in my mouth. She asked if I have to go more and said yes as I pushed and some more came out, she opened he mouth and took in a big piece and again chewed on it and swallowed. I pushed again and another piece came out and took it in her mouth and them rubbed it over her lips and mouth. Mandy could not believe it and came over. My mother offered her some and so Mandy tried it. She said it was a lot better than before. I was done and my mother licked my ass clean.

Mandy said she had to go so I got down and Mandy hovered over me as I licked her. She started to poo and I opened my mouth. She tasted better then my mothers. I kidding her that even her poo is good. My mother asked for a piece and tried it, she said you are right. At this point Steve said I don't know why I am trying this but let me taste some. I had some in my mouth so I told him to kiss me, and as he did I exchanged some with him. Although he said it was not too bad, he said it is not something he is into. Granddad said he has to both piss and shit and my mother laid down again and granddad pissed on her then shit in her mouth. She rubbed it all over her face and breasts. When granddad was done my father took his place and then it was Steve's turn over my mother. While Steve was over my mother, Tom came over and piss and shit on me and I rubbed it all over myself. My mother was the only one who did not shit yet and came over to me and got over me. I tasted her and and then rubbed the rest over me. We were both covered in piss and shit, and she laid on me and we began to make out. She started to lick all over my body and I hers. After we were done and cleaning up we both looked at each other in disbelief. It must have been because it was so taboo, that got us so turned on. My mother went to kiss my father and he said no and pulled away. He told her to brush her teeth and use mouth wash for a few days before you can kiss me. Tom told me the same thing.

We all got cleaned up and dressed. This time Mandy, my mother and I all wore our short dresses and no underwear. We packed up the car and we all got in, it was uncomfortable buy nobody had to worry about who or where they were touching. We left for the airport and got there in good time parked and make our way to check in. We had to go up an escalator and Mandy and I stopped everyone and said watch this, as Mandy and I went up. The people behind us got a show. We stood at the top and looked down, my mother had got on and bent over right away and fiddled with her shoe the whole way to the top. The guys behind her, their mouths were hanging open. The guys came up and we made our way to check-in and got all taken care of there.

We made our way to the security line and said our goodbyes. I was so sad to watch them go. Once they go in line for security I ran upstairs and stood by the glass railing again. Getting a little more daring. I unbutton my dress and left it hanging open. Whoever looked up could see my breast and pussy. When they got to security, and had to take off their shoes, both Mandy and my mother bent over and everyone behind them got a good view of the ass and pussy. I laughed at some of the reactions people were making when they saw that. They then disappeared in to the departure gate.

I fastened one button on my dress and Tom and I walked out of the building. Once we got outside I opened the button again and before getting in the car I took off my dress. As Tom was driving home I laid over on the seat and gave him a blowjob.

I asked Tom if he was hungry and said he could eat. I told him lets go to the mall, we can get something to eat and I can visit with Cathy. I walked in naked and Tom went to the food court and I went to the bikini store. There was hardly any body there. Cathy was just sitting behind the counter and was just about asleep. When she saw me she became very happy and came over and gave me a kiss. I asked if she want to get something from the food court with me and she tore off her bikini and said lets go. We got some food and sat with Tom. We stayed for about and hour and a half and just talked.

We finally said we should be going and Cathy and I kissed and hugged each other. She went back to the store and we left the mall for home. When we got home we just hung out by the pool and relaxed, but I was already bored.

I was thinking about what we can do to have some fun.

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TMB Chapter 7 My Family Comes to Visit

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