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TMB Chapter 4 Cathy and the Bikini Store

Categories Diary, Exhibitionism, Lesbian, Incest

Authror: tigerjoe2018

Published: 10 August 2018

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Chapter 4 Cathy and the Bikini Store

After Jane and Mandy left I started to thing about what Jane had said about my father. I then panicked as I did not even think about what would happen when my father found out what I had done. Every store owner in the mall knows me and my father. He will surly hear about it quickly. He may be on his way right now, his office is just downstairs. I quickly came up with a plan. I grabbed a very modest bikini and put it on. He had always said I should wear one. It might help.

Not even 5 minutes after I got the suit on he came in the store. I smiled at him and told I him I finally took his advice and will model a suit while working. He smiled and looked at me with a sly grin. He said I understand there were two girls here and gave a show. I said they were amazing. Then he said the owners of the food stores are very happy, as you see there is still a crowd out there where usually at this time the food court would be empty. I see what you mean. They were good for business weren't they. Then he said I understand you walked across the mall and got a drink in a swim suit. I had to smile and shook my head yes. I asked him if he liked the suit I had on. He said it is ok. I then told him I can put on something else if he would like me to. He smiled and looked around and found a suit a little more daring and asked me to try it on. I took it from him and headed to the changing room. I pull the curtain mostly closed but let it open a little so he could see some of me.

I turned my ass to him and bent over pushing down the bottoms with my ass hanging out of the curtain. I grabbed the the other bottoms and pulled them up. I removed the one top and put on the other then opened up the curtain and walked out. I walked to him and turned around and asked him what he thought of the suit and before he could answer I said I can try on something else if he liked. I could see the bulge in his pants and then realized what Jane said was true.

He walked around the store and found a even smaller suit. He asked me what about this one. I said that is cute, let me try it on. I again went in to the changing room and left the curtain open wider than before. Once I took off the suit I asked him if he want to put this one back on the rack and pulled the curtain open a little more. He could clearly see me, he walked over and I handed it to him. He watched me for a minute before he turned and went towards the front of the store. I watched him and saw he brought the suit up to his nose and took a deep breath. Watching him do this made my pussy even wetter. I finished changing the suit and was was standing there in it when he came back. I made a show of me adjusting the suit and pulled the top away from my breast and then laid the little triangle back down. I know he could see my nipple when I did it. I turned around again and asked what he thought.

I said I had on smaller one when I got a drink. He said why don't you show me that one. I walked to the front of the store and got the suit and walked back to the changing room. I barley closed the curtain this time. I bent over with my ass pointed in his direction and took off the suit and put on the bottoms. The walked over to him and told him I did not wear a top when I went for a drink. He said did you go for anything else from the food court. I told him we also got some food a little later. He asked what I wore. I pulled down the bottoms and said nothing, we were naked.

I turn around and few times and ask him what he thinks. He could hardly talk. I ask him if he is thirsty that I could go and get drinks for us. He quickly reaches in his pocket and hands me some money and I asked what he wanted, a coke? He shook his head yes. I causally walked out of the store and across the food court, I waited in line for a couple of minutes to be waited on and then start back. Everyone in the food court is watching me. I stopped and went back to get some straws. I got to the center of the food court where there is a trash can and stopped and turn so my butt is facing the most people. I unwrap the first straw and put it in the drink. I start on the second and as I unwrap it a piece of the paper fell to the floor. I put the straw in the drink and then bend over at my waste to pick up the paper and threw it in the trash. I grabbed both drinks and start sucking on the straw of my drink. I walk in the store and I can see my father's cock is pushed up against his belt making a tent in his pants. I say here you go and handed him the drink. I set down my drink and closed and locked the door. I said dad why don't you get a suit for yourself and grab his hand and walk to the men's section. I grabbed a suit and said lets try them on. My father still has not said a word. I pull him back towards the changing room and push him in one. I did not bother to close the curtain. I help him take off his shirt and jacket and now he is bare from the waist up. I then undid his belt and pull down his pants, then remove his shoes and pull the pants off his legs. While I am kneeling down I look up at him and reach up with both hands and pull down his underwear. His cock is hard and slaps back against his stomach. I say oh sorry and reach up and caress his cock. I pull it down and stick it in my mouth. I am still looking him in the eyes. I start to bob up and down on his cock, it does not take very long and he is cumming, filling up my mouth and I have to swallow seven or eight times. I licked his cock several more times sucking all of the cum out of it. He is still hard. I then stood on the bench and spread my legs wide. I reached over and pull my fathers head to me and gave him a kiss. Then push him down by the shoulders and pulled his head into my pussy and he started to eat me. I started moaning and had my first orgasm from my father. I had two more orgasms them I pulled his head away and got off the bench. I push him back so he sat down on the bench and straddled his legs. I grabbed his cock and aimed it at my pussy and lowered myself on to him. I started to ride him. I brought his hand up to my breasts and he took over, he started to squeeze them and then brought his head down and sucked my nipples. I had another orgasm. He started to grunt as he was now thrusting into me. I felt him tense up and then stop as he came in me. I could feel his hot cum in my pussy and had another orgasm. I lifted up his head up and kissed him and told him that I loved him. He finally spoke and said I love me you too.

I could feel his cum dripping out of my pussy so I reached down and wiped it up with my hand and then lick my hand clean. I looked at my father and said, dad don't you have some work to do. He said yes and I help him up and sucked his cock clean and got him dressed. I walked with him to the door and just as I opened the door a man came in looking for a suit. I kiss my father and said I have a customer. I caught up to the man and asked if I could him with anything. I showed him around the store and he ended up buying two suits for himself. After he left I thought I should put something on so women don't get really upset at me and got a micro-bikini and slipped it on.

From that day on, I or my father would pick out a swim suit and wear it at the store. At noon every day and at other times throughout the day I would walk in to the food court to get a drink or some food. If the suit that I had on did not show as much as I liked, I would adjust the top panels so they showed more or I would just take the top off. Other times I would go to the front of the store where I keep the very small suits and pick one out and change right there. Then take my walk and stop in the front of the store again and change back. Women would come in and see me and think if I can wear it in here they could at the beach. Several times women would see a suit they liked but were still unsure about. I would tell them I could put it on so they could see how it looked on someone else or at a distance. This seemed to help. Business was booming in the store, guys we always coming it and getting a suit for themselves. More often then not they wanted to buy a suit for their girlfriend or wife and would ask me to try it on so they could see what it looked like. That was their story anyway. The food court was always busy throughout the day now.

My father started to visit the store more often he liked to be there to watch as I went for food or a drink. He would even suggest which suit to wear for my walk. One morning just after I got naked to find a suit he asked me to come with him. We walked to all of the shoe stores and I got to pick out 10 pairs of heels for me to wear while working at the store. He really likes me to wear stilettos so when I go to get food they make a click-clack sound on the tile floor so everyone aware of me.

We make frequent use of the changing rooms. Things changed at home also. I now do not wear any clothes at home and sleep with my father every night. I do miss Jane and wish she would come and visit me, I am dying to have sex with her again.

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TMB Chapter 4 Cathy and the Bikini Store

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