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Sebastian and the Gara Rufa Fish

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Boy, Cum Swallowing

Authror: Daniel Marcellini

Published: 10 August 2018

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Sebastian was in Thailand on vacation. He loved the humidity of the summer months and would often take long walks in the forests. On this particular day the weather was especially hot and he decided to take his shirt off. Beads of sweat had soaked his t-shirt and even after taking his shirt off those same beads struggled to keep his dark mocha body cool. They rolled down his smooth, young, and toned body. As he walked the heat seemed to beat him down. He was deep in the forest and decided to take his pants off. He continued to walk in the forest. After several hours he came across a pool of warm water. Sebastian welcomed the sight and he took off his shoes and submerged himself.

In the water Sebastian bathed himself, water on his face, neck, shoulders and chest. His hands moved down his body to his cock and balls, he washed his butt and butt hole, moved down his legs, as far as he could reach without submerging his head. He stood in the water, letting the slight current wash over him. In the clear, warm, fresh water he saw some tiny fish drawing close to him. Sebastian stopped moving and thought the fish would leave him if he left them alone. The large school drew closer to him. A few of them started nibbling on his smooth chest, eating the dead skin cells and several moved in and nibbled at his nipples. With the little bites of the toothless fish on his bare muscular chest he found himself the subject of an interesting meal. He raised his arms so his arm pits were fully exposed. The little fish began to slightly pull at his underarm hair, cleaning the follicles and the skin underneath. Other members of the school had been cleaning his shoulders, his back, Sebastian spread his legs and squatted so his head was above the surface of the water, his anus was wide open and the fish began to nibble at his firm buttock and anal opening. He could feel the other members of the school nibbling at his abdomen, his washboard abs firm and his solid core held him up strong in the pool. The school of fish had found another source of food from Sebastian.

Just like his underarm hair had been cleaned a small school nibbled at the dark forest of pubic hair that grew above his cock. His soft cock dangled between his legs but was becoming affected by the nibbling of the school. Sebastian felt his hairs being gently pulled, his skin being exfoliated, the school had begun to nibble at Sebastian’s soft intact cock, his heart was beating fast and his breathing was short. Little fish were cleaning the skin of his firm ass, they moved between his legs, eating the dead skin from his scrotum, pulling the hairs on the testicular sac ever so slightly to clean the flesh beneath. His penile shaft touched by a thousand little hungry mouths and his cock growing for his captive audience. The penis grew with all the stimulation and Sebastian’s cock head pushed itself out of the protection of the foreskin. A couple of the fish seemed to like his cock head. Sebastian’s smegma became an added attraction to these little guys.

The feeling of these little fish eating his dead skin cells tickled and Sebastian continued to stand. Sebastian resisted the urge to rub his cock and shoot his load. A few more of these tiny fish began to nudge his cock. As his penis grew and got both thicker and longer several members of the school started to nibble at his pee hole. The little fish went after the corona, freed from his foreskin, the mushroom head of his glans shone under the water and cleaned as the little fish continued to peck at it. His penis stood stiff and hard, engorged with his blood, the urethral tube was being cleaned, his whole cock surrounded by these hungry mouths. He continued to look at his cock being consumed by the little fish. The stimulation was too much for Sebastian to take, his cock shot a massive load of cum into the water and the little fish around him consumed his cum as if it was a dessert for all their efforts. The little fish continued to clean the rest of his ejaculate from his pee hole. The little fish seemed to enjoy Sebastian’s smooth body. He let them clean all that was submerged. They continued to eat the cells from his body for several more minutes until they lost interest and swam away.

Sebastian decided to stay next to the river for the night. He’d head back in the morning. The sun shone bright in the sky and Sebastian lay his Nubian body down on the shore of the river. The air was hot but humid, Sebastian didn’t feel the cold at all and he closed his almond colored eyes and went to sleep. When he awoke the sun had set, it was the best sleep he had had in months and although no longer physically tired he knew he could sleep again. The crickets had begun to chirp, there were no dangerous animals to threaten him, he gathered some leaves from the forest floor and made a bed for himself, he covered up as best he could and listening to the silence of the forest and the gently blowing breeze in the trees he went back to sleep.

He rose with the sun, he was going to make his way back to civilization; but first a quick bath in the warm river to refresh himself. As he drew closer to the water his cock got hard and he rubbed it to make himself even harder. Maybe those little fish want a little breakfast. He submerged himself to the waist so only his cock and ass would be affected. With only a few minutes of contact with the water the little mouths came back to feed on Sebastian. He sat in the water deep enough to cover his hard cock. He saw the fish cleaning his shaft, nibbling at his corona, eating the dark pubic hair, his testicles being poked and prodded by the fish. The fish went to his pee hole, as if they knew dinner was about to be served, the fish were not disappointed. Sebastian’s cock erupted several teaspoons of semen. The dollops shot out of his pee slit and jumped out of the water. The fish continued to clean Sebastian’s dick and others ate the salty explosion.

Sebastian moved to get on his knees. He rubbed his cock under the water and shot yet another load. “There you go, have a little more.” The fish ate the semen and sensing Sebastian’s departure they moved on. Sebastian promised himself, as he put his shorts back on and his t-shirt that he’d return with some camping equipment and spend several days feeding his new found friends.

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Sebastian and the Gara Rufa Fish

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