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  1. Puritan Whores Ch1
  2. Puritan Whores Ch2
  3. Puritan Whores Ch3
  4. Puritan Whores Ch4

Puritan Whores Ch2

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Incest, Wife

Author: Satinslip

Published: 10 August 2018

  • Font:

‘I hope Abigail is right about this.’ I think as I open the door to my wife’s bedroom. It was just before lunch and she had come in to change after working in the garden.

I get a great view of Josephine’s ass. Bent over pale and lovely. Her big E-Cup breasts dangling down. Long curly red hair pooling below her.

It’s rare that I see my wife naked. Her puritanical upbringing had some really strange views. We only had sex once a month. Even then it was through a hole in a sheet.

A wife was not to drive her husband mad with lust.

That was all about to change.

The redhead yells in shock and stands up. Grabbing a quilt from the bed in a desperate attempt to cover herself.

“W...what are you doing.” She looks frightened. Frightened and ashamed. Like she had been caught doing something naughty.

In her mind she probably had.

“We have to talk.” My dick was getting hard. Seeing her like this, vulnerable and nearly nude, was turning me on. “First drop the blanket.” I order.

She visibly hesitates.

“I am your husband. Your duty is to obey me.” I remind her as Abby suggested.

Reluctantly the beautiful redhead drops the quilt. She obviously wants to cover herself with her hands, but is unsure if I would get angry.

As I ogle my own wife, I continue, “As you said, we come from different worlds. It is time for you to properly support your husband. It is time for you to join me in mine. Until now you have failed in your duties. Leaving my needs neglected and wasted.”

“No, I...” She starts.

“Hush!” I say. Firmly but not harshly. Abby had me practice that. Josephine blushes. I notice her nipples are hard little nubs. Not that that necessarily means anything.

“Tonight you will come to me as a proper wife. We will lay together as I wish. This is the word of your husband.” My message clear I turned and left. Leaving the door open.

I hope Abigail was right about this.

Later in the evening I lay on my bed in the nude. I check the village website on my phone.

Then there is a tentative knock on my door.

I open it to find Josephine. Standing, nervous in all her naked glory.

She looks as if she had been crying. Now I wasn’t so sure of the plan. Abigail said it would be good to give her most of the day to think about our evening together.

In fact I couldn’t help notice that Josephine kept glancing at me and blushing throughout the day. I had thought it was a good sign. Now?

“I am here to see to your needs, my husband.” She says. Almost formally.

I usher her in. Suddenly nervous myself.

I pull her into an embrace. Kissing her on her sweet lips. She is tense, but soon relaxes almost despite herself. She lightly puts her hands on my waist. Not quite a hug.

I guide her to the bed and lay her on her back. When I’m next to her I caress her tummy with one hand and kiss the nape of her neck.

She lays there like a log. Arms at her side. Determined to let me take what pleasures I want, but to receive none of her own.

I move my hand down through her bushy red pubic hair. Down to her soft cunny. She gasps and grabs my wrist as I lightly caress with my fingertips. She doesn’t try to force my hand away though.

Her breathing comes faster as I play with her body. Fingers petting her soft warm peach. Lips kissing her shoulder.

Soon I feel wetness between her netherlips.

I move on top and spread her legs. She looks away as I position the tip of my cock at the entrance of her love canal.

Gently but firmly I push her cheek so she looks me in the eyes when I slowly enter her.

I groan as my dick gets deeper and deeper. Finally coming to rest balls deep in my lovely wife.

I begin to slowly thrust in and out. Not quick and done like I’m sure she is used to.

I squeeze and kiss her large tits. Something I’ve wanted since we first met. Relishing in the sensation of fucking the beautiful woman.

I can hear her start to moan. Quietly, like she wants to hide her pleasure from me. I quicken the pace of my thrusts.

Her body starts to tremble and she lets out a long moan through clenched teeth. Grabbing the sheet as she fails to hold back her orgasm.

I lean up and grab her hips. Positioning her so that I can fuck fast and deep.

I pound my wife’s twat as she whines loudly.

Finally with a gasp I fill her full of jizz.

I continue to thrust for a bit. Draining every last drop into her. Then I roll off.

Quickly she is up and out of the room.

Soon Abigail comes in. Dressed in a cute pink nighty that barely covers her round ass.

“I want to taste her, daddy.” She says. Crawling on the bed. Moving between my legs.

I moan as she licks and sucks my soft dick. Tasting the slime left over from fucking her mother.

It won’t stay soft for long.

We had sex again the very next night. I made it clear that I expected it to be a regular thing.

This time when she gets up to leave I grab her arm.

“We will take a shower together. To get clean.” She looks like she wants to argue for a moment. Then she nods and follows me docily into the master bath.

Josephine was as amazed by the shower as her daughter had been. Though she tries to hide her excitement as I help her step into the steamy stall.

I make her clean my body as I clean hers. Lathering each other up before washing off. She seems interested when she washes my penis, but quickly pulls away when she sees me watching.

I take my time washing her giant breasts. Obviously playing with them. I press my body against hers from behind. Enjoying the way her ass feels against my crotch. Reaching around to squeeze and caress her boobs.

Finally we step out. I enjoy watching her dry off with a fluffy white towel. She isn’t trying to put on a show for me, but she does.

She definitely notices my erect cock as she steps out of the bathroom. “Save that for my daughter.” She says, with the hint of a smile.

I don’t detect any anger or bitterness in her voice. Was it playful banter?

Minutes later a naked Abigail peers at me from around the open door. Then she runs in and jumps on the bed. Rolling around with me till I pin her down. My dick throbbing with its need.

The teen grins at me. She spreads her legs, ready for what daddy has to give her.

“Ok, now a few on your hands and knees. Good, arch your back.” Abigail was dressed in sexy lingerie as she posed on my bed.

I was taking pictures of the teen. Something she found she enjoyed very much when we looked at the pics I had taken of her in the store changing room.

“It makes me feel so naughty daddy.” She told me, sitting on my lap. “Like the naughty girls on the computer.”

So we were doing another set. She had started in her plain dress. Quickly stripping to reveal the lingerie underneath.

By the time she was naked except for a garter and stockings I couldn’t hold back anymore. I push her face into the bed, forcing her round ass up. I spank her a few times as I position my dick.

“Oh, daddy yes!” She gasps as I plunge into her. Fucking the teen hard and fast.

There was a sound. A gasp. I look up. The door hadn’t been closed all the way. I guess?

Josephine was standing, peering through the crack at us. Our eyes meet and I see a look of shock and embarrassment on her face as she flees.

I’m pretty sure she had been caressing her thighs.

“We could do...more.” My naked wife grasps for words she doesn’t yet have the vocabulary for. She was crawling onto my bed for our nightly lovemaking.

And I’m confident in calling it that now. She might not be able to admit it. But it sure seemed like she looked forward to our nightly trysts.

It has been a few days since my photo shoot with Abigail. And her watching us fuck. However briefly.

Neither of us had brought it up.

“Get on your hands and knees.” I order her.

She tries not to smile as she obediently, eagerly, does as told. Looking at me to see what comes next.

I move up behind her. She’s heartachingly beautiful. Just like her daughter.

“You look like a naughty girl.” I tell her. My hand rubbing her cute freckles ass.

“That’s what you want, isn’t it?” She looks so erotic looking back at me. Brushing her long, red hair aside. Loose now, usually she keeps it in one long braid. “You want a naughty wife, don’t you? A...a whore.” She smiles at me.

With a WHAP! I smack her ass, her body tensing with the shock. “Naughty, Naughty wife.” I taunt. She gasps in pain for each of my dozen or so swats.

Then I reach between her thighs. Rubbing at her tender peach. Finding her already wet. “Very naughty indeed.” She moans in pleasure.

I mount my beautiful wife. Breeding her like an animal. After she quickly has an orgasm I shove her face and tits into the bed. Relishing in the degrading position.

She seems to enjoy it too. She comes a second time before I shoot my load in her.

In the shower she is even more willing to wash me. Touching me more playfully than usual. Squeezing my ass. Nibbling my shoulder. Tugging on my dick, then looking at me to see how I’ll respond. Exploring her quickly blossoming sexuality.

I pin her to the wall as I get hard again. She gasps when I force her around and shove my dick into her from behind.

She whimpers loudly as she cums. Very much like her daughter.

“I’m so glad you and mother are getting along.” Abigail says. I’m brushing her long red hair. Both of us naked. A bit of loving foreplay before our sex. “Do you think she will be as slutty as me?” My beautiful daughter asks.

“I don’t know Muffin. Maybe.” I can’t help thinking about how Josephine has gotten a bit more daring in bed. “Probably.”

“I hope so.” She turns her head to smile at me. “Let’s do something naughty with the brush.” She asks. “I saw some things online I’d like to try.”

I spank her with the flat side of the brush as she lays across my lap squealing. I stop after only a few firm strikes.

“No, daddy.” She gasps. “Don’t stop. Punish your little whore.”

So I turn her pale ass red with the brush. Spanking past where I would normally stop, even if it was just my hand.

Then she lays on her back, spreading her legs and putting her hands behind her head. I can’t take my eyes off her big perky tits.

“That’s right daddy, those are next. First I want you to brush my pussy.” I must look confused. “The bristles, daddy. Directly on my pussy. I want to feel it.”

I place one hand on her fuzzy pubis. And the other grips the brush handle. Lightly I run the brush up and down her young cunny. Listening to the rasp of horsehair bristles on soft flesh.

She groans loudly at the sensation. “Does...does that hurt, Muffin?” I ask concerned.

“N...no daddy. Not exactly. There’s just so much sensation. Don’t stop, please?” She begs.

As I continue she moans deeply. Her back arches and her body starts to tremble. Then her moans turn to whines as she orgasms to the brush rasping against her pussy.

I move to her breasts. Running the bristles against her hard nipples as she gasps. Then I flip the brush over. She gasps and whines as I spank her beautiful tits with the flat side.

I watch as they jiggle and bounce from my strikes. Turning red and sore. She rubs her legs together the sensation overwhelming her.

Finally I relent. Sliding the brush down her body. Bristles to skin, rasping across her smooth tummy.

When the pitiless brush reaches her pussy again I spin it around. With no warning I shove the smooth wooden handle up her wet cunt.

Abby squeals and reaches down, grabbing my hand. Her body shuddering as another orgasm takes her. She pushes at my hand. Desperate to be fucked. With a grin I thrust the brush in and out of her quivering twat. Loving the way the teen squirms.

Finally I toss the brush aside and climb on her. Driving my fuck rod deep. She wraps her arms and legs around me. Biting at my neck and gasping with pleasure.

I don’t last long. Way too turned on by the sex play, I quickly fill her with my hot cum.

As we lay together, resting, she continues to moan with pleasure.

“I should have been tied up, daddy. Wouldn’t that have been even more fun?” She grins at me.

“Yes, Muffin. Maybe next time.”

“All three of us are going in to town,” I announce. Abigail clapping and hopping up and down. Josephine frowning slightly. “My whores need some more appropriate clothes.”

Josephine gasps at the harsh language. But I notice she blushes and looks nearly as excited as Abby. The teen giving me a big hug.

We pile into my car. My wife next to me in the front seat. She can’t stop staring out the windows with awe.

“It’s so fast, isn’t it mother?” Abby asks from the back seat.

“Yes, very.” Josephine answers. Trying to maintain her proper ladylike attitude.

My wife seems overwhelmed when we enter the store. I put my arm around her waist and pull her close as we walk. This seems to help as she presses against me.

Abigail leads us to the women’s clothing section.

“May I pick out some regular clothes too?” She asks.

I nod. “And help your mother pick out some stuff. Something simple, that she won’t be too embarrassed in.”

My two women shop. Josephine alternates between excitement and disapproval. Abigail is just excited to be allowed to pick out jeans and T-shirts.

I move up close behind my wife. Wrapping my arms around her waist and hugging her. “Seeing you in these clothes will make me very happy.” I whisper in her ear.

She nods and blushes. My encouragement seems to remove her reluctance.

Both girls pick out some outfits for regular wear. Then we move on to underwear and lingerie.

Josephine’s eyes go wide when she realizes just what lingerie. When she sees how it looks on the tag’s models. She blushes again.

“I...I’m not sure I can wear that.” She says. Turning to me concerned.

“Sure you can.” I assure her. Brushing her freckled cheek. “You will look beautiful.”

I pick out a particularly risqué one-piece. It was black and sheer. We would see nearly everything except her nipples and cunny. Blocked by some strategically placed opaque shapes. Plus it had a thong rear.

Abby describes how to put it on when we get to the changing rooms with our pile of clothes.

“I...I don’t think I can come out.” The older redhead says from her little closet.

“Please.” I ask. “I’m not allowed to come in, and I’d love to see you.”

She steps out looking nervous and vulnerable. Also very, very sexy. The sheer lingerie showing off her wonderful body. I notice her pubic hair is visible through the cloth. May have to do something about that.

“Turn around so I can see everything.” I order. She blushes, but does as told.

“My...my rear isn’t even covered.” She says.

“I know, it looks great. You look great. You make me very happy.” I pull her in for a hug and a kiss. My hands going to her round ass and squeezing, causing her to moan as my tongue slips past her lips.

Finally I let her go to try on more clothing. Abby helps her with the bras and some other tricky items.

Finally we buy the clothes we want. And head home.

“For the next couple weeks you will both only be allowed to wear your lingerie around the house.” I tell my wife and daughter when we get home.

Abigail looks excited, Josephine looks mortified. “If you need to go outside you may whatever you wish. Except you, Muffin. If you are to go anywhere near the village I want you in your regular dress. Understand?” She nods enthusiastically. “Do you understand?” I ask my wife pointedly. She nods a bit more reluctantly.

Both women take their new clothes to their rooms. Then come down wearing very little.

Abigail in a green silk thong and bra set, with black thigh-high stockings.

Her mother in the one-piece thong she had tried on first. Blushing when she sees me staring. She goes into the kitchen to start preparing lunch.

“Mom’s coming along nicely. Isn’t she?” Abby asks, standing close to me. Both of us admiring her sexy form as she works.

I nod. “Faster than I expected.”

In the afternoon, Josephine puts her dress on over her lingerie to do some gardening.

When she comes back in she carefully takes her dress off at the back door. Obeying her husband’s commands.

I grab her right there. Her pale body glistening with sweat from her work. Pulling her into an embrace and kissing her passionately. A kiss that is eagerly returned.

I pull off my pants and sit on the bench near the door. I pull her into my lap, her legs spread to straddle me.

Pushing the crotch of her lingerie aside I enter my wife. She gasps as I impale her wet twat. She hugs my neck tightly, unused to the new position, as I thrust upward into her.

“You look so amazing.” I whisper. “So beautiful.”

She whimpers as she starts to orgasm. Her pussy throbbing around my dick. I reach down and squeeze her nearly bare ass. Loving the feel of her body against mine.

Finally I shoot my seed deep up her cunt. I stand her back up and pat her bottom. “Back to work.” I tell her with a smile.

A smile that is eagerly returned.

We have been invited to another dinner at the village. One I was happy to attend.

I made it clear that both my wife and daughter would have to wear lingerie under their plain grey dresses.

Abby ran off to get dressed. That’s what she would have worn anyway. Josephine, I followed to her room to supervise.

I sit on her bed and watch as she strips. Totally naked she turns and looks at me, biting her lower lip nervously.

Surely she had never done that before? Abigail did it a lot now. I had told her it was something I found sexy when we saw a girl do it in a video.

“We are going to have to shave your pussy bare.” I tell her with a grin. She looks down, running her hand through her bushy pubic hair.

“That seems like a very naughty thing to do.” She says with a tentative smile. I grin back.

She pulls out a pair of white stockings, and I nod. We had picked them out especially for trips to the village. They were thigh-high and opaque. Almost like socks. They would pass as bloomers if the girls’ skirts got flipped up a little. They had ribbons at the top with a small bow at the back.

Josephine’s ribbon was green, Abby’s was pink.

She looks amazing standing there for my inspection. Naked except for the white stockings that very nearly reach her crotch.

I stand and make her bend over her dresser. The redhead rests on her elbows as I run my hands up her stockings. I stop and fiddle for a moment at her bows. Then move on to squeeze her asscheeks. My thumb rubbing at her sweet cunny.

“We’ll be late if you keep interrupting.” She moans.

“Can’t a man spend a moment with his wife?”

She just moans as my thumb pushes inside her to the first knuckle.

I move back to the bed to let her get on with dressing. My dick hard as iron in my slacks.

She picks out a jade green corset that I help her cinch up from behind. Her round ass pressing into my crotch as I pull.

She finishes with a matching, green silk thong.

“You like it?” She asks spinning around for my approval.

“Very sexy.” I stand and pull her into an embrace. Kissing before I leave her to finish.

Soon the three of us enter the village. I can’t help smiling. Thinking about how the villagers would be mortified if they could see what my girls wore under their dresses.

I was just a little worried as the lingerie they both wore gave their large breasts more support. Making them look bigger, presenting them a bit more noticeably.

I chatted with some of the men who crafted goods for the website. Then had a long conversation with Obidiah who seemed quite happy with my work.

The girls seemed more confident. Drifting away to talk with the more friendly women.

When we sat down to eat, I lean over and whisper in my wife’s ear, “I know what you’re wearing under that dress. I know just what a slut you are.”

Her face flushes with embarrassment or excitement. She slips her hand in mine and starts eating, a little smile on her lips.

That evening Josephine pulled her dress off in my bedroom. When she was only clad in lingerie she looks at me demurely. Her hands held docily over her tummy.

“What would my husband like to do to me.” She asks. A slight grin on her lips.

“I definitely want to make love to you.” I answer.

“Is that all? The master of the house could certainly do as he wished with his whore wife.” Her smile turns into a grin.

I move close to her. Then gently push her to her knees. “You want to experiment with some naughtier sex?” I ask. She nods. Just a little nervous. “Pull out my cock.” I order.

Eagerly she opens my trousers and pulls my hard dick out of my boxers. Then looks up for her next order. Her big tits looking magnificent in her green corset.

“Lightly stroke the bottom of the shaft while you kiss and lick the tip.” I close my eyes, breathing heavily at the pleasure she brings.

“Good, good. Now take it into your mouth. Suck on it and caress it with your tongue. Be careful of your teeth.” My wife begins her first blowjob.

“It feels great the more you can take.” I tell her. “You probably won’t be able to take much at first, though.” She gives it a good try. Taking more than Abby on her first go.

“Good, very good.” I tell her. Putting a hand on her cheek, guiding her to look up at me.

Then I lean in. Rubbing my balls across her face. Tentatively she licks them.

“That’s a good whore. Now take them in your mouth. Suck on my balls. Gently though.” I order. “Very gently.”

I moan as my wife sucks on my balls. Licking them with her tongue.

I make Josephine stand. Then I pull her big tits out of her corset. “Put your hands on your head.”

When she does I grab each of her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Slowly I pinch harder and harder. Then I lift her big tits up by her abused nipples. I can see the pain on her face, but she says nothing. She just groans quietly while I lift.

Finally I let go. Watching as her large breasts jiggle back in place. “Take off your panties. Lie down on the bed.”

I make her spread her arms and legs out. Then I tie her wrists and ankles to the bedposts. I tie a cloth across her eyes as a blindfold.

“I will be back.” I tell her. She whines quietly as I leave the room. Quickly I gather a few things. Then return.

“B...booker? Husband?” She asks desperately when I step back in. Closing the door.

“I’m here my lovely wife.” I answer. I climb on the bed next to her, naked. My dick hard at the sight of her. Tied up and helpless.

I take the brush I had grabbed and lightly rasp the horsehair bristles against her nipples.

Josephine cries out in shock. Yanking at her restraints. Her nipples tighten even more. Stimulated by the uncomfortable brushing.

I stop after a moment. Then take the two chip clips I had also got and let them clamp on her hard little buds. She hisses at the pain, but doesn’t protest.

I grab the base of her large breasts and wiggle them back and forth. The clips yanking painfully as they shake.

I move down between her creamy, freckled thighs. Kissing and licking my way toward her wet cunny.

She moans loudly when I take a long lick of her pussy. Followed by a series of kisses.

Then I lick deep inside her. Tasting her sweet juice and feeling her pussy tremble around my tongue.

When I suck on her clit she shudders to orgasm. Whining loudly as she cums.

I finger her as she cums. Flicking her clit with my thumb. Prolonging her pleasure.

I untie her ankles. Pulling her legs together and lifting them into the air. Giving me access to her bottom. I swiftly paddle her round ass with the flat of the brush as she groans. Quickly turning her pale moon red.

Finally I spread her legs and plunge my hungry cock balls deep inside her. Fucking my wife hard and fast.

With a loud groan I shoot my load. Filling her with my jizz.

“Oh! Oh my!” Josephine gasps. The clips on her nipples waving back and forth.

Soon she lays next to me, resting. Naked except for her lovely stockings. Her head on my chest. Red hair spilled about us.

“That was wonderful.” She coos.

“You seem to like being degraded, and punished.” I tell her.

She nods. “You seem to like doing it to me.” She rests a moment. “I like the...corset?” I pet her head. “It’s tight. It feels like I’m being punished for being a sinful woman. Bound under my clothes.” She turns her head and smiles at me.

I caress her cheek and smile back.

I was on the couch. Josephine sat next to me in a sheer bra and panty set. We were discussing her using more modern amenities around the house, when Abigail came in.

“Daddy, I need to fuck.” She announces as she walks over to me. She was wearing her plain grey dress.

“Abigail!” Her mother protests in shock.

The teen hitches up her dress enough to straddle my lap, facing me.

“I...um...” Josephine starts, standing up.

“Make her stay, daddy. Make her watch.” The teen says kissing my neck and reaching between us to pull my dick out under her dress.

“Sit!” I order my wife. Who quickly obeys.

I put my hands on Abby’s hips and groan as I thrust into her. Fucking my cute teen daughter right next to my beautiful wife.

For a moment I am lost in the bliss of fucking my wonderful Muffin. Then I notice her mother. Nearly nude in her sheer underwear, the older redhead has her hand between her thighs. She moans as she rubs her pussy. Watching her own daughter bounce up and down on her husband’s lap. Fucking in front of her.

When I finish Abby hops off. “Make her taste me on your cock, daddy. I want to see mommy be a whore.” She asks sweetly.

“On your knees, slut.” Josephine quickly gets between my thighs. Hesitating only for a moment before swallowing my slimy dick.

Abigail grins at me from behind her whore mother. The mature woman’s red hair bobbing up and down in my lap.

That evening after I took turns fucking both women I called Josephine back into my bedroom.

“You will sleep in here from now on.” I announce as she stands at the foot of the bed. Staring at her naked daughter. Snuggling contentedly on my left.

My wife gives me a smile then crawls up the bed to lay on my other side.

Soon we drift happily to sleep.

The next day I pick out lingerie for Josephine to wear. A garter with stockings. A lace thong, with matching bra.

There was a plan afoot.

She looked at me, shocked, when the doorbell chimed. We rarely had visitors.

“Better go answer it, whore.” I tell her. Her eyes go even more wide at the thought. She may as well have been naked.

She nods and obediently goes to the door. I move out of sight of whoever is there, but I can still see Josephine as she opens it.

Her face flushes as the delivery man must be ogling her beautiful, lingerie clad body. I had ordered a few things for the house, and carefully tracked the shipment. Waiting to make her go through this.

She bends down to sign his clip board. Thanking him for the delivery. No doubt offering a generous view of her great rack.

As he walks away she closes the door leaning against it and panting in her excitement.

I step up behind her. Sliding my arms around her and slowly caressing her smooth stomach.

Gradually I move one hand down and the other up. Caressing her most sensitive areas.

She sinks to her knees taking me with her. I pull out my hard dick and fuck her. Right there where another man gazed at her intimate beauty.

She quickly shudders to a loud orgasm.

Josephine and Abigail stand next to each other in front of my bed. Totally nude.

Abigail is just a little shorter with smaller, perkier breasts. Her ass is bigger though.

Josephine has long straight red hair. It falls past her ass and is lighter than Abigail’s which is curly and stops halfway down her back. My wife also has freckles scattered all over her body, where my daughter only has them on her face and shoulders.

We had spent some time in the afternoon plucking both women’s pubic hair. Abby was now completely bald down there. While Josie had a small heart shaped patch of fuzz just above her pussy.

She blushed anytime she even thought about it.

I direct Josephine to lay on her back and spread her legs. Then Abby eagerly straddles her mother’s face.

The teen is well familiar with this position from the porn we watch together. After the shaving we had shown a video to Josie so she would have some idea what to do.

She was astonished at the thought of pornography, and of lesbians. She seemed excited by the idea of both.

“You...you will take pictures of me and...put them on the computer so others can see them?” She asked. That slight smile on her lips I now knew to be lust.

I hadn’t actually planned on it, but it was an intriguing idea. “We will see.” I told her with a smile.

Now she greedily dives into her daughter’s smooth muff. Licking and kissing like we showed her. Wanting to be as naughty as can be for her husband.

For her part, the teen greedily licks her mother out. Drinking deep of the older redhead’s twat.

Smiling I spank Abby’s big round ass. Listening as my two women moan and gasp their pleasure.

Soon they are both whining. Louder and louder as their orgasms take them.

I smile at my Puritan whores.

“It’s bad news.” I tell them reading the letter again. They sit naked on the couch. Our good mood from last night’s incestuous love making gone.

“It looks like Grandpa couldn’t cover some of the village payments. The taxes went up a few years ago.” I look at the two women. “We owe back taxes. Even with the website we can’t cover it.”

I sit in the big leather chair. Abigail moving to sit in my lap. I put an arm around her warm slim waist. She puts her arms around my neck and rests her head against my shoulder.

“Basically the village has been slowly losing money for years.” I finish.

“You will think of something.” Josephine comes over and leans in to kiss my cheek.

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Puritan Whores Ch2

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