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Happiest Halloween

Categories Fiction, Erotica, Incest

Author: DrtyStryWriter

Published: 10 August 2018

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It was the first Halloween I'd spent single in forever, my ex girlfriend had been offered a job overseas that was too good to pass up so we split rather than try the long distance thing. We were mostly just together for fun anyways so it wasn't as painful as past breakups.

I had some good friends though, we always got together to party and Halloween was always special for us, I hoped to find some hottie to spoil and found a great Batman costume to wear, my friend Claire put dampeners on that when we announced what we were wearing though.

"I'm sorry Marcus, you know how I get at these things, I don't want to get confused and James already had his costume altered to fit." She said.

"Why we can't do these consults before the week of the party is beyond me, there's no way I'll find anything decent now!" I said, frustrated.

"Okay, I'll take you to my cousin's shop and help you find something awesome if you agree to change it." She said, smiling.

"Fine." I replied.

I was right about there not being much left, I had to settle for a 'sexy bear' outfit that consisted of a large bear head complete with voice changer, sleeves that led to big claws and furry spandex shorts and boot covers. It had a fur patch for my chest but my abs would be on full view, I was thankful I was hitting the gym hard.

"Holy fuck Claire, I feel this would be more suited to wear to a gay club not a regular party." I said, looking in the mirror after I changed.

"I still say you would look great in the Harley Quin dress." She said, trying not to laugh.

"Definitely fuck no. How does this voice changer turn on?"

Party night finally arrived, I got dressed (minus the head), put on a long coat and got my cab to our friends house. I put on the head in the bathroom, covered my exposed midsection with baby oil and made my way to the bar.

"Oh wow, that's um, pretty neat! Who's in there?" Said our host and good friend Lisa.

"It's Marcus, raahr." I said.

"Holy shit that voice changer is good, can't tell it's you! And you've been working out Mister!" She said, poking me in the chest.

"I think I'll need one of your straws for my beer too." I said.

A few beers later the party was in full swing, there were lots of great costumes and I barely knew most of the women. I actually got a lot of compliments from people on my costume too, helped me relax a little more.

"Dude, that is awesome, you rock that suit!" Said my friend Steve.

"That's not much of a Batman voice, thought that thing came with a voice changer too?" I said.

"Yea, I spilled a drink on it, is fried. Talk later, Claire found tequila and is getting a little wild." He said then left me.

I spotted quite a few single women, I mostly couldn't see their faces but one girl had just a masquerade style face-mask, white makeup and deep red lipstick. She was wearing the sluttiest nurse dress I'd ever seen (I was impressed) complete with white suspenders and stockings to match the skin tight latex and plunging neckline. Her blonde hair was dyed pink at the tips and was in pigtails. She seen me watching her and came to talk to me.

"Hi Mr Bear, looking for some honey?" She said in a pretty annoying squeaky voice.

"Something like that, you're pretty sexy." I replied.

"Aww, thank you. I spent enough on this outfit but the boys here prefer the slutty maids." She said then started coughing pretty hard. Her voice was hoarse when she spoke again.

"Sorry, was trying to keep the image up, want to drink with me?" She said, her voice barely above a whisper.

We drank a little then she pulled me by the hand/paw to the dance room and held herself to me as we danced. She'd occasionally turn and grind her ass against me and wearing just spandex shorts, I had no way of hiding my excitement.

"Oooh, did I do that?" She said playfully as she felt my cock pressing against her ass.

"Yes you did." I said, my bear voice sounding ridiculous to me by then.

"Come with me." She said and pulled my by the hand again.

She led us to the basement and pulled me over to a dark corner. Before I could say anything else she got to her knees and pulled my shorts down and started sucking my cock. I got hard pretty quickly, she muttered something like 'very nice' then stood up facing the wall, pulled (or rather peeled) her dress up to her waist and looked back at me.

"Make me cum more than once big naughty bear and you can fuck me all night, I have a hotel room for the night." She said as she led my cock to her pussy.

I almost came right away, her pussy felt amazing but I focused on something else and slowly pushed the rest of my cock inside her and began slow, deep thrusts.

"Oh fuck, you're so big." She gasped when I finally had all of me inside her.

I thanked the alcohol for making me last so long but the girl came at least three times before I got close. I warned her I was going to cum but she breathlessly told me she was on the pill so I pounded her hard before pushing all the way inside her to erupt, spraying my seed deep into her pussy. My climax set her off again and with each spurt her pussy tightened.

"Holy fuck, it's been a while for you huh, pumped like a gallon in me!" She said, gasping.

"It has yes."

"Well I'm yours for the night, I can get Viagra from a friend and you can fuck me for as long as you can stay awake."

"Sounds pretty fun." I said, still catching my breath.

She let my softening cock slide from her and pulled a pair of panties from her bag and put them on, sucked my cock for a few seconds to clean me then pulled my shorts back up.

"I'm going to leave, Hotel 7, Room 611, I'll leave the door unlocked but we'll be in darkness, I want to keep us anonymous until morning. I'll leave my panties hanging on the inside doorknob so you know you're in the right room, you can call me Ginger for now, you're Big Bear. Follow me in about 30 mins okay?"

"Okay sexy Ginger." I replied.

I waited for a few minutes in the basement, went upstairs to find a beer to gulp down then got a cab to the Hotel still in my costume. I didn't think at the time about a change of clothes for morning but I was half drunk and had more sex on my mind. I lightly knocked then let myself into room 611, checked for the panties and called out to Ginger.

"You can take your costume off in the bathroom but no lights once you're out here okay." She said, her voice still hoarse.

I undressed and found the pill she left for me and swallowed it down with a glass of water. I turned off the light and after letting my eyes adjust to the shapes in the room, made it to the bed without cracking my knee off anything. Ginger was laying naked.

"Climb up here and kiss me Big Bear." She said softly.

I held her close to me and kissed her with passion then kissed her neck, getting lower on her body until I was sucking her nipples. She moaned in pleasure, I sucked each of her nipples to hardness then kissed my way down her body, opening her legs and kissing her inner thigh.

"You don't have to eat me, I'm still leaking your cum sweetie." She said but I ignored her and licked her with one broad stroke.

"It doesn't bother me, I've had a man's cum in my mouth before."

"Oh fffffuck, are you bi?" I answered with a 'mmm hmm' as I began to lick her.

"Sssoo fucking hot." She gasped as I explored her with my tongue.

I ate her to a couple of climaxes, my cock had hardened again by the time she pulled me up to her. I pushed into her again and enjoyed her wrapping her legs round my waist as I began to thrust. We kept kissing the whole time so I still didn't get a good look at her face but the glimpses I did get I was impressed, she was very pretty. I lost count of how many times she came, I came inside her a second time then slowly pulled out of her. She rolled to her side and had me spoon behind her.

"I know I said all night but your cock is amazing and I'm worn out Big Bear, cuddle me to sleep and we can fuck again in the morning if you like." She said, catching her breath.

"Sounds great sexy Ginger." I said.

We both slept pretty hard, I woke up to her still asleep, the blackout curtains on the window keeping the room pretty dark but her hair was all over her face anyway. Her naked ass pressed against me had my cock growing again, she woke and pulled my hand up to her breasts and reached back to guide me inside her.

"Once we're finished I'm going to turn on the lamp and we see each other for the first time okay. If I'm not for you just be nice about it okay." She said as I fucked her.

"Okay." I replied and pushed deeper into her.

I really had to pee so my climax took ages, she'd came twice by the time I erupted into her. I stayed inside her as we caught our breaths.

"I love how much cum you spray each time, comes out with so much force too, swear is like a gallon a time, I love it. Okay, lay on your back and close your eyes, I'll turn on the lamp, open your eyes when I touch your chest." She said.

When I opened my eyes as her hand touched my chest, time seemed to stop, the fresh feeling of being inside her and my cum slowly oozing from her pussy as we stared at each other. Eventually her face contorted to a 'holy fuck' look and a tear ran down her cheek.

"Wh... wh... what did we just do?" Said my sister Louise.

"I have to pee." I said then got up.

Louise was sitting on the side of the bed when I came back out, naked and just staring into space, tears running down her face. I didn't know what to think but seeing her beautiful breasts got me aroused again and I started getting hard.

"Are you okay?" I said, sitting beside her.

"I've just spent the night receiving the best sex I've ever had in my life to find out it was my younger brother the whole time, but yea, just great. How are you?" She said, still staring into space.

"Louise, we're both consenting adults, we found each other attractive and we fucked. I really enjoyed making love to you, your body is amazing and you're really sexy." I said, she looked over at my still hard cock.

"You used to be tubby, I didn't know it was you. Do you not think what we did was wrong?"

"It was amazing, I enjoyed every second." I replied.

I wiped the tears from her face and kissed her cheek, she reached over and stroked my cock then told me to lay back on the bed. Without saying anything she straddle me then took my cock inside her and began to ride me. When we'd both cum she laid down and rested her head on my chest as I held her.

"So what now baby brother, I am not ready to give up this cock just because we're related."

"I think first I have to figure out a way to get home in just my costume, it's not really suited for daytime wear." She just looked at me and smiled.

"I meant about us, you're single right?

"Yes I am."

"Then good, do you want to keep fucking me?"

"I really do, you're amazing."

"I want you to be loyal to me, no fucking other girls okay."

"I don't want anyone else." I said, kissing her forehead.

We left a big tip in the room and borrowed a bedsheet (she made me return it once it was washed at home) and life at home became amazing. Louise and I would fuck as often as we could, learning how to be quiet so we didn't have to wait until we were alone. One Sunday, convinced we were alone, I was deep inside her, fucking Louise hard from behind when Mom walked into the room carrying a basket full of laundry. She froze for a second, put the basket on the chair then left.

"Don't stop, I'm really close." Said Louise.

"What about Mom?"

"Baby, it's not like we can undo it now, finish what you started and we'll go talk to her."

Mom was sitting in the chair when we finally went down to talk to her.

"Did you at least finish? I'd hate to be the cause of blue balls." Said Mom.

"We, uhm, it just kind of happened." Said Louise.

"Maybe the first time, I should have knocked, I couldn't be bothered with church today so I stayed home to get the laundry done instead. I know you've both been fucking for months, I also know you're on birth control. As far as the morals crap your father may spout if he catches you, I lost my virginity to my uncle Carl and would regularly join him and his wife in bed. I even fucked my dad at times so you won't get any lectures from me other than please don't get caught by your father okay?" She said.

"Okay. Thank you." Said Louise.

"For what?"

"For being so cool about it, we honestly thought we were being discreet."

"Oh please, pair of you used to fight and barely stand to be in the same room then went to playful banter and fun. That and you wash your sheets 3 times a week compared to once a month from before. I'm serious, I'm happy for you both and I'll admit a little jealous, I love your father but I miss how good my Aunt, Uncle and Dad could get me off." Said Mom.

Louise whispered something in my ear. I nodded my head.

"Will you please come with us Mom." Said Louise.

"What did you say to him?" Asked Mom.

"Threesome, he said yes." Replied Louise with a smile.

Mom looked at us both for a few seconds.

"I'm flattered but tell me you're doing this because you want to not because you feel you owe me." Said Mom.

"Marcus, show mom how hard you are already."

I figured she meant just through my shorts but when I stood, Louise pulled my shorts down and my cock sprang out in front of me, I was almost fully erect again.

"Oh my, I can see why you're addicted. Okay, we don't have too much time." Said Mom.

Seeing my own mother fully naked for the first time was a treat for me. She'd kept herself in shape and was essentially an older version of my sister and just as sexy. She'd breast fed us both so her breasts were bigger and hung lower but I loved them. Louise got between her legs and licked her long enough to get her wet then had me slide my cock into her. She gasped in pleasure as I pushed my cock inside her and moaned 'oh fuck yes' as I began to thrust.

"Come sit on my face sweetie, we may not have time to get to you." She said.

Hearing Louise moan in pleasure as Mom ate her was probably the hottest thing I'd heard in my life, I was thankful I'd already cum in Louise or I may have lost it right then. After a while I felt mom's pussy tighten as she moaned into Louise's pussy, the combination of that setting me off and I pushed in deep as I came. Louise got off her when I was still cumming.

"Holy fuck, you've already cum in your sister, how are you spraying so much in me?" Gasped Mom.

"It's a gift, he sets me off every time he cums." Said Louise.

Mom soon became a regular in our bed, she helped keep it from Dad but eventually the inevitable happened and he walked in on me fucking her from behind as she ate the load I'd cum into Louise. He was not so impressed or as forgiving as Mom and after yelling for about an hour he stormed out of the house with a suitcase of clothes. To this day he still won't talk to any of us. As for us 3? We moved to a quiet place in the country and just enjoy ourselves as much as my energy allows....

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Happiest Halloween

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Comments (1)
ohbegentle — 12 August 2018 08:59
Really well written .....made me horny ...and hope you have more .....
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