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The Loop

Categories Fantasy, Erotica, Incest

Author: DrtyStryWriter

Published: 10 August 2018

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Summer of 2017 was an interesting one for me, I should know, I lived it long enough. I'd watched countless movies on what was happening to me, thought it was just stuff of fiction but there I was, living the same five days over and over again. Sounds fun right? It was the first few times, once I figured out it was happening I started to learn but getting through it was rough.

Being a test pilot was always high risk, I envied those guys a lot, I was just ground computer support though which meant keeping a close eye on the huge servers that ran the high tech experimental aircraft and drones my company developed. One they were working on was a near light speed drone that was to revolutionize space travel, one idiot decided to try it in the atmosphere though and ripped a hole in the space/time continuum, guess who fell through it.

"Baker, what do you mean 18,000 feet, that's still in our atmosphere." Said Fred Miller, one of the project leads.

"I thought it would save us money on launch costs so I gave it a try, it worked, it flew 50 miles in .04 seconds." He said happily.

Neither of them seen me in the room, frantically trying to prevent the overload cascade the drone sparked when it uploaded it's telemetry data. I knew there was nothing I could do, the servers were going critical.

"Sir, Mr Miller, please, you need to take a look at this." I said, handing him my tablet computer.

"Fuck, do you think you can salvage any drives?" He replied after looking at my alarms and handed me back my computer.

"I can try. Oh wait, Shit shit shit! Sir, hit the evac, my cooling system just overloaded, I've hit the data dump, I'll see if it's safe to get the drive but get these people out!" I said frantically.

I watched on my monitor as my failsafes were compromised then watched the redline spike all my meters. If I was quick enough I may have been able to pull the emergency drive that would salvage some of the fresh, non nightly backed up data but only if the server room wasn't already starting to catch fire. I ran at full speed, no sprinklers or halon had started yet so I was optimistic. The noise of the evacuation siren was deafening though and I ran past quite a few people already headed for the exits. As I got into my server room though, weird arcs of electricity started running up my server racks then a strange ball of light appeared in the middle of the room. I decided my life meant more than data and turned to leave, the door jammed though and right as I went to hit the emergency halon timer, everything got really bright then I blacked out.

At first I thought I was dead. My head was killing me and my vision was a little blurred but I woke up in my bed, my alarm beeping it's face off. I was a little confused, last thing I remembered was being in the server room looking at a ball of light. I didn't remember being rescued or being brought home. I looked at my phone after silencing my alarm, didn't notice the date at first and just got up to shower. The first thing I noticed out of place was my favorite shirt. The light blue shirt I figured was ruined when my co-worker squirted marinara sauce all over it ("You can eat calzones this way, watch!!") was hanging up in my closet, along with 4 other shirts I thought were in my laundry pile. With a quiet 'what the fuck' to myself I looked at my phone again, Monday June 5th. Monday. No No No, today was Friday, I had bought concert tickets on Wednesday that would be right there in my wallet. I looked and found them gone too. I called my stepsister, she was always playing pranks on me and I hoped it was her and that I wasn't going insane.

"Hi Clara, this was a good one, did you get control of my phone again?" I said when she answered.

"What are you talking about bro, did you hit your head?" She replied.

"Where's my concert tickets for tonight, you're meeting me there, I told you they'd be safe with me."

"Dude, the concert is on Friday, today is Monday. Are you sure you're okay sweetie, you're starting to worry me."

"This is Friday, I know it is. I'll call you later and we can laugh." I said then hung up.

I made my coffee and turned on the news, Clara was good but good luck making BBC World News change the day.

'Today's headlines for Monday June 5th......'

I checked a few more channels. I checked the internet. Not a prank. I heard my front door open and my step sister Clara came in, a worried look on her face.

"You better not be kidding, you're scaring the shit out of me." She said as she hugged me. "What is going on?"

I explained the last thing I remembered, the accident at work.

"Are you sure you didn't drink too much tequila last night Alex, you were knocking them back." She said.

"No, I swear, I can prove it too, that blue shirt, was ruined today, jackass I'm sitting next to at lunch bites into his calzone and sprays pizza sauce all over me. I'm going to sit away from him and live stream my lunch, you'll see." I said.

"Well shit, what else do you remember from this week, lottery numbers maybe?" She asked.

"I work in a bubble remember, the outside world barely exists to me, I couldn't even tell you any headlines from the week." I replied.

"I'll be waiting for your call, if this is a prank I'm seriously going to kick your ass. I have to go, I should be on duty." She said, kissed me on the cheek then left.

That day at lunch I waited until jackass (Mike Jones) sat down then sat on the corner of the same table. I put my phone in my pocket with my earpiece in, it's camera stuck out the top so was perfect to let Clara see, she spoke to me, telling me about a woman she'd arrested as she watched my feed, I told people I was catching up on a training podcast. I did feel a little bad for my friend Kim who sat where I should have been but her lab coat caught most of the sauce when right on schedule, a big spray of marinara hit her in the chest.

"No fucking way, go somewhere you can talk to me, I'm turning off the video." Said Clara in my ear.

"That was me, I always wear this shirt on Mondays, is the shirt mom got me when I got promoted so is my favorite. The dry cleaner said she did her best but the stain won't come out, I was so mad." I said to Clara once I was in the lobby.

"Did anything else happen before the accident, focus now, try and remember." She said.

"Nothing significant, I need to bolster my firewall cascade defence grid though, I may be able to prevent the overload." I replied.

"Ooh, that was computer talk, all I heard was nerd nerd nerd." She said laughing.

"If you weren't a Cop I'd kick your ass you know." I replied.

"Oh please, I'll take this uniform off and you still couldn't take me."

"Such a tease big sister, you know I'd be distracted by your boobs and wouldn't be able to fight."

"Such a perv, I'll come see you later okay, make sure you're still alive."

Later that day I took my proposal for my upgrade to my manager, he looked them over and handed my tablet back to me.

"This is too much like overkill Alex, I can't approve this. Jane already went nuts about my emergency data dump drive, said my IT budget is killing her. Fucking accountants right? I'll try and get approved for next quarter, I just need to make her lasagne a few more times this month and she'll soften up." Said Fred with a smile, Jane was his wife.

"Okay, I'll try make do with what I have." I replied.

"Hey, are you okay, I've not seen you this on edge before." He said.

"Just a feeling I have Mr Miller, can't seem to shake it. I'll be okay, thank you." I replied then left.

I was very overly optimistic that I'd be able to bolster my grid without extra parts and time and wasn't surprised, despite the expensive network I already had, I couldn't do any more to stop what was going to happen. That night I went over in my head everything that led up to the accident, I figured the catalyst was Baker's launch and upload but there were safeguards in place that he should have followed so that couldn't have been it. Due to not having top secret clearance I wasn't allowed in Launch Control but these were professionals.

"Well thanks for explaining in layman's terms, I tease but I really don't understand half of what you do. Are you positive his launch started it." Said Clara.

"Yes, as soon as the drone docked my systems went nuts." I replied, I had explained my theories to Clara.

"We've both watched our time travel and loop movies to death, what if you change something that makes it worse." She replied.

"That's just it, I still don't know exactly what happened or what the aftermath is. All I know is I've been sent back 5 days. I tried to bolster my grid but my boss said no, I can try pulling key parts but I don't know. What if I pull the one part that makes it take out the whole building without warning, this is giving me a headache." I said.

"So just relax and drink your beer, I need these snuggles, I had a rough shift." Said Clara.

My step sister had been single for a while. She was tall, blonde with green eyes and great boobs but the fact she was a Cop put a lot of guys off and most were afraid of her. Bad days she would bring us beer and we'd chat while she snuggled into me, really bad days she'd bring vodka and drink more with me. I remembered something from one of the days I'd already lived.

"Hey sis, tomorrow when you get the call about the domestic violence with a knife, he's behind the dumpster and still has his knife. Be careful okay." I said.

She sat up and looked at me.

"Do I get hurt? Don't sugar coat Alex, tell me." She said, a serious look on her face.

"You are fine but your partner gets cut pretty bad, you told me he was high on drugs and charged as soon as you turned your head to look behind a fence. Your partner needed a lot of stitches and may lose her sight in one eye. You took it pretty hard." I said.

With her face still serious Clara put an alarm in her smartwatch then kissed me on the cheek.

"Thank you for telling me. If this helps me stop it I'll cook you a big steak dinner. Love you bro, I gotta go." She said then left.

I remember my Tuesday that week being pretty boring, the drone pilots and test teams were all checking calculations for an upcoming launch so my servers were busy but was a pretty nonde day. After lunch I got a text from Clara to meet her out front, she was in her patrol car, when I approached her partner got out, I'd met her a few times, her fiance had taken me fishing a few times.

"Hey Alex, you sister told me you warned her about the DV call today. I was sceptical but I followed her lead. She told me what would have happened if you didn't tell her and I just want to say thank you." Said Laura who then grabbed me in a big hug.

"What happened, did you shoot him?" I asked.

"No silly, I found out from his soon to be ex wife that he's terrified of dogs, even high on drugs I was able to bluff him, called out when we got close to the dumpster if anyone hiding didn't come out we'd release the K9, he threw out the knife and came out with his hands up yelling 'please no dog' over and over. We had him in cuffs before he knew we'd faked him." Replied Clara.

"That's great, I'm just glad you're both okay." I replied.

"Well, I get off an hour before you, straight home, I'll have steak cooking for us, Laura is buying the wine." Said Clara.

The rest of my day was pretty dull, I got home to find Clara cooking like she'd promised, already drinking the wine Laura had sent with her. She greeted me with a hug then got back to cooking.

"Go get changed, this will be ready soon." She said with a smile.

After a perfectly cooked steak with mash and green beans, Clara snuggled with me on the couch.

"I am stuffed, that was perfect Sis." I said.

"Glad you enjoyed. So last time, did I come to see you?" She asked.

"Yes but was with vodka and you spent most of the night in tears until you passed out." I said.

"Well thank you again, I know Jim will be glad his fiance isn't cut up and blind in one eye. Anything else happen this week I should know about?" She said.

"No, you spend your days off here, sleeping mostly. You can still stay, I don't mind."

I liked having Clara around, she was an early riser and always had coffee ready for me in the morning. The rest of my week was pretty standard at work, when Friday arrived I was nervous. Clara gave me a big hug after I'd drunk my coffee.

"Be careful okay, no trying to be a hero. We'll both get wasted after the concert tonight, it's going to be awesome." She said then kissed me on the cheek.

"Thanks Clara, I'll see you tonight."

I was waiting this time, I confirmed the drone docking caused the cascade and nothing I could do would stop it. I took my sunglasses with me this time, the ball of light seemed to have a bubble of glass or something in it's center, I closed my eyes when it grew.

I didn't get out of bed this time, I silence the alarm on my phone and turned on the tv.

'Today's headlines for Monday June 5th......'

I called Clara again and like before she showed up with a worried expression on her face.

"Alex, slow down, what do you mean this has happened before." She said.

"I can't prove it until lunch time but I'm not crazy sis. After lunch I'm going to tell you something for you too." I said.

I couldn't focus at work, my boss gave me a couple of worried looks but otherwise left me alone. At lunch I showed her my co-worker and his calzone spraying then spoke to her on the phone again.

"I'm taking the rest of the day off, you do the same and meet me at your place." She said.

"I know you really well, I know you're not crazy. I also know when someone is lying to me and you have me really worried about you Alex. What happens to my partner if I'm not there?" Asked Clara after I told her everything.

"I assume she'd get more hurt, last time you asked his wife and found he's terrified of dogs, you shouted that you had a K9 and he surrendered without being able to hurt anyone. Please go to work, I like Laura and don't want to see her hurt. I'm going to talk to my boss, see if he'll believe me." I replied.

The next day went as before, Clara went to work and arrested the guy without incident, I asked to talk to my manager alone.

"I'm having a hard time believing you Alex, you looked a little stressed out before you went home yesterday, you sure you don't just need a break? I know we ask a lot of you but never once have you complained or let me down. You're telling me this is the third time you've lived this week?" He said.

"Yes, I've pinpointed the cause but no matter what I try I can't stop it. The data from the in-atmosphere jump overloads the servers and sends me back in time." I said.

"Well, I have safeguards in place that prevent that being possible. I'll tell you what, take the rest of the week off, I'll pay you of course and if you're still in my timeline on Monday you can bring me a fancy coffee from that new store okay?" He said with a smile.

"What if me not being here makes it worse?" I said.

"Then you can help me build a new server room. I'm not taking no for an answer, go." He said.

I knew I was wasting my time arguing with him so I texted Clara then drove home. That night she came over again.

"Laura sent me home with a bottle of really nice wine, want me to cook us a nice steak and we can drink it together?" She said.

"Your cooking is amazing Clara, the steak was perfect last time. I'm not really hungry." I said, my mind distracted as I went through things on paper.

"Then how about a nice slow blowjob and you can fuck me." She said.

"What?" I asked.

"Oh, there you are, I was checking that you were even paying attention to me, your face has been in that notepad all night." She said.

"Well you shouldn't tease like that, I know we used to make out when we were kids but..."

"Who's teasing, we're both adults, you saved my partner and I can't thank you enough. I've been waiting for you to make a move for years but you won't take advantage when you think I'm drunk and well, I want you Alex, you are the kindest, most wonderful man I know, you accept me for all my flaws and don't judge me in any way." She said.

"You don't have any flaws Clara, you're beautiful, intelligent and strong, guys out there are just expecting a bimbo and you're far from that." I replied.

"No more talking." She said then straddled my lap and kissed me with a passion I'd never felt before.

My world seemed to go in slow motion at that point. Clara stopped kissing me long enough to pull her t-shirt off then carried on kissing me as she unclipped her bra. She took my hands and placed them on her breasts, I fondled them as best as I could with her kissing me but she stopped, pulled my hand away and pressed my mouth to her nipple. I sucked hungrily and could feel my cock starting to get hard, turned on by her soft moans of pleasure. She felt I was getting hard and started to grind her hips against me but when she soaked through her panties she abruptly stood up, took my hand and led me to my bedroom. She pulled my t-shirt off and pulled my sweatpants and boxers down in one then took off her own pants and panties and stood before me naked. I could feel my cock throbbing, I hadn't been with a woman in a really long time and the taboo nature of what was about to happen had me turned on more than I could ever remember.

"Once we do this there is no turning back, I want you Alex." She said.

I replied by holding her close and kissing her. Clara got onto my bed, laid down on her back and opened her legs, at first I went to lick her but she stopped me.

"We can do that later, I need to feel you inside me."

"I might not last long, it's been a while and you're sexy as hell." I said.

"We have all night sweetie, quit stalling." She replied with a smile.

Part of me expected her to stop me at the last minute, push me away with a 'do you really think I'd let you' as she laughed but that went away when she guided my hardness into her and I felt my cock being enveloped by her tight, moist pussy. She moaned with pleasure as I slowly slid my 8 inches into her then kissed me as I began to thrust. She felt amazing and she sounded surprised when she told me she was cumming. Her pussy tightening and gripping my cock was too much and I pushed deep into her as my cock swelled then sprayed the contents of my balls deep inside her. She kissed me softly as we both caught our breath then had me roll off her.

"I've never cum so quickly with no foreplay, that was amazing." She said, smiling as he touched my cock.

"I knew I wouldn't last long, you're the sexiest woman I've ever made love to." I replied.

"Well, I belong to you now little brother, this isn't just a one time thing, I just ask that you're faithful to me too." She said.

Clara sucked me back to hardness then rode me, she came a few times before I came a second time but we spent most of the night making love. Right before we drifted off to sleep I spoke to her again.

"Clara, what happens if I loop again, you won't remember any of this." I said. She turned to look at me.

"Then hold me, touch my face and kiss me, tell me you love me, it's what I've been waiting for." She said then drifted off to sleep.

We spent most of Wednesday and Thursday talking and making love, I learned that she loved to be in charge and I loved being led and taught how to please her, when Friday came around though I was nervous. Clara came and rubbed my shoulders, watching as I checked my servers remotely.

"What time did it happen last time." She said.

"By now the drone should be landing, takes it 15 minutes to taxi back to the hanger where it will dock and upload all it's data." I replied, not taking my eyes from the screens.

Clara slowly spun my chair to face her.

"If you go back again, remember what I said, touch my face like this, kiss me then tell me you love me. I love you Alex." She said before she kissed me.

I looked back at my screens again and right on time my servers started to spike then my connection was lost. I got my phone out to call my boss but before I could call my room went bright and I blacked out.

I woke up alone. I checked my phone, Monday June 5th...

"FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKK" I yelled at the top of my voice.

I called Clara, when she arrived I hugged her tight then did as she told me, touched her face, kissed her then told her I loved her. She looked confused but kissed me back.

"I... How did you know to do that Alex, I've daydreamed about that for so long." She said.

"It's really hard to explain but on Tuesday when you get a domestic call, he's hiding by the dumpster waiting to attack your partner with a knife. Before you get close, yell out that you have a K9 and he'll surrender." I said.

"You're not making any sense sweetie, tell me how you knew that. I've never told a living soul, you did exactly what I had in my mind." She said.

"You told me Clara, after we make love on Tuesday night. I'm stuck in a time loop, This is my 4th or 5th time round, I can't remember anymore. I can't stop it. I love you, I can prove all of this."

Two hours later I sat in the holding room waiting for my evaluation. I tried to think of more ways I could prove I was telling the truth but I couldn't think of anything.

"Hello Alex, I'm Doctor Kline. Your Sister is very worried about you, she told me you told her you can see the future." Said the man that sat down in front of me.

"No, I told her I'm stuck in a time loop. Things have happened that cause me to be sent back in time and no matter what I do I can't break the loop. I'm not crazy."

The Doctor took some convincing, he put my 'episode' down to stress and signed me off work for 2 weeks, I kept the laugh of irony to myself and worked out how I was going to mend things with Clara. Tuesday night after her shift she came with a bottle of Vodka and hugged me after she put it on the counter.

"I'm so sorry Alex, I should have believed you. Everything you said was going to happen nearly did if I hadn't asked his wife about dogs. Laura is okay, you were right. How many times have we been together, sexually I mean?" She said.

"My last loop was the first, I wasn't sure I was still looping so I asked you how I should approach the subject of 'us' with you and you told me that." I replied.

"You should maybe wait until after today. You have no idea where my emotions are after that arrest today, to see Laura hurt would be horrible to me and the fact you stopped it makes me feel so, I don't know, open to you I guess? Tell me about this loop, lets try and stop it. I can't go through another day like yesterday, not seeing you after I took you to a shrink gave me so much guilt and I feel horrible about it." She said.

Clara and I talked a lot, we held each other as we fell asleep on the couch but when I woke she was gone. I found a note from her that she'd gone to the range, her usual place to clear her mind. I thought about how to break my loop and decided I needed better ways to prove things to save me time explaining. I sat and watched the news for a while, nothing going on this week apparently, certainly nothing I could keep. Biggest powerball jackpot in years, interesting but would take weeks to cash. I memorized the numbers anyway. I got online and looked at the news for Monday, looking for something big I could use, again, nothing. Clara was still too freaked out to open up to me but Friday rolled around and sure enough, sent back.

I called Clara, told her I could prove I was in a loop, live streamed Kim getting a chest full of marinara, warned Clara about her call and waited until that night to tell her I loved her. She was right about her emotions, I felt bad for exploiting them but in my defence, she told me to. We made love all night like the first time and I waited until Friday to enact my plan to break the loop.

I timed my plan to the second, right before the drone was about to dock and upload I'd cut the power to the transport line, it would delay the upload but the data would remain intact. It didn't work, I woke up on the Monday again.

I called Clara, told her I could prove I was in a loop, live streamed Kim getting a chest full of marinara, warned Clara about her call and waited until that night to tell her I loved her. She was right about her emotions, I felt bad for exploiting them but in my defence, she told me to. We made love all night like the first time and I waited until Friday to enact my plan to break the loop again.

I lost count of how many times I tried. I cut power to the entire building, disabled the backup generators, even electrocuted myself (by accident) trying to just isolate my server room but every time I woke up on the Monday. The only thing keeping me sane was the countless first times I'd get to make love to Clara.

One Monday sitting at lunch, I felt bad that poor Kim got the marinara meant for me and asked her to join me to discuss a project I was thinking about. She seemed a little distracted.

"You okay Kim, you seem a little distant." I asked her, I'd known her the whole 12 years I'd worked at the company.

"I'm sure it's nothing, my sister went missing last night, she went hiking at the weekend and didn't come back, the Rangers said I have to wait another 24 hours before they're allowed to call her missing." She said.

"Gina right? She's always in the flight room, I never get to talk to her anymore. I hope they find her okay." I replied.

"Yea, she's the manager there now, they have Derek covering, between you and me the guy's an idiot but I'm sure Gina will be back tomorrow if she's okay." Said Kim.

"What's his last name?" I asked.

"Baker I think, Gina hates him, she says he's reckless and always making mistakes. Sorry, I'll talk to you about that project later, sounds interesting but I can't focus with worry." Said Kim then she left.

I thought about it and wondered if the safeguards about the flights were human. I spoke to my boss again.

"Now Alex, you have a very specific set of clearances, asking questions like this usually force me to open an internal investigation. Who gave you information about my flights." Said Miller.

"Please believe me Mr Miller, I'm not asking for any reason other than the safety of this entire facility. If I'm correct, Baker is Gina's backup, you trust her not to allow him to screw up and launch in atmosphere. With her not there, he's going to launch on Friday at 18,000 feet and tear a hole in space/time and cause the loop I'm stuck in. If I'm wrong, do what you need to Sir but I've lived this week for about 6 months by my estimations and I'm tired of it."

After I was held by security for 4 hours I was fired and escorted from the building. I managed to warn Clara, spent the night making love to her then on the Thursday she came back in uniform with 2 officers I didn't recognize.

"Alex, on Monday you told me about Gina Florence going missing, how did you know that?" She asked, she had a serious look on her face.

"Her sister is a friend in work, Kim. Did they find her okay?" I replied.

"Alex, she was found murdered in the woods close to the trail she was walking. They think she hurt her knee then when she called for help she was attacked and killed. You need to come with us and answer some questions. With what you told me on Tuesday I want to be sure it wasn't to distract me where you were Monday during the day."

I didn't get out of the Police station, I was asked a lot of questions then arrested for suspicion of murder. It took me a couple of loops to get the information I needed.

My next loop I called into work sick Monday morning, went to a survival store and bought everything I needed and headed for the trail. The man didn't stand a chance, as soon as he got out his car I hit him with my taser and threw him back onto his seat. I called the Police from a throwaway cellphone (I'd learned on prior loops he had warrants in 5 states) and ran full speed up the trail. I found her a short time later, her cries of help barely audible.

"Alex? How the hell did you find me, I was afraid I'd never be found. I twisted my ankle and slipped down the hill, I lost my cellphone somewhere too." She said when I approached.

"I'll tell you all about it after work on Friday, lets get you some help."

The parking lot was crawling with Officers when I appeared with Gina draped over my shoulder. She was really light so was easy to carry. The Officers helped me, got her an ambulance and after taking my details, thanked me and let me go. That night Clara heard what had happened and came to see me.

"So how the fuck did you know where she was, and don't try me with any dream crap, I know you better than that." She said.

"I will explain everything tomorrow night when you come for dinner, read this when you get the Domestic call tomorrow. I have to go, Gina and her husband insisted they take me to dinner." I said then left.

I didn't tell them about my time jumps or that my conversation with Kim about her being missing happened on 5 or 6 loops ago but Gina told me she'd be back to work on Wednesday, it was all I wanted to hear. The next day my sister and her partner came to see me at work, both hugging me. That night Clara and I made love all night long and she was with me when I woke. Wednesday morning at work Gina came to see me with a red folder, the kind terminated employee files were held in. She had a change order form with her too.

"Hi sweetie, I know they said I could just email this stuff but I wanted the walk, this boot is killing me and I like to stretch my other muscles." She said, sitting down on one of my guest chairs.

"Glad to see you getting around." I replied with a smile.

"Baker was planning an in orbit launch, with me not there Monday and Tuesday he thought he'd get away with it. Idiot had the telemetry planned and everything, who knows what would have happened. Anyway, it was the last straw, Mr Miller finally let me fire his ass, can you shut his access down please, security has him right now." She said.

"Happy to oblige. Something like that could have caused a tear in space time or something, glad you stopped him." I replied. Gina laughed.

"You and your movies. Hey, who was that blonde Cop you were hugging yesterday, she's gorgeous." Said Gina.

"Someone special, you can go now." I said with a smile.

"Oh I see, I get it, keeping it quiet. Don't worry, I won't say anything."

I bought a lottery ticket on my way home with hope I'd done enough to break my loop. Clara was already home waiting for me and was dressed in only lingerie. I let her check the numbers after we made love a few times.

"Um, honey, is this a real ticket? You better not be pranking me again." She said after checking three times.

"It's real, did we win something?" I asked, knowing full well I would be the only one to pick the numbers.

"Well, if this is real then you just won $870 million!!" She said.

"Sweet, how about we move somewhere nobody knows us, like our own island and spend our days just making love." I said.

"I swear you can read minds sometimes." She said.

That Friday, after making a successful flight round the moon, the drone docked and uploaded data that would make me, one of the new silent partners, very rich. I woke up beside Clara on Saturday morning and was still smiling when she woke.

"You're horny again? My pussy is still aching from last night sweetie, would a blowjob work?" She asked.

Clara and I did eventually buy our island, we walk around our house naked, making love most of the day and enjoy life with no worries. I had spent many years living the same week over and over again, I learned everything about my beautiful blonde lover, saved a life and lived to talk about it. Maybe when they build my first warp ship I'll tell my story to the world, until then, I'll just tell you.....

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The Loop

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