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Summer Kinky Summer

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Incest

Author: DrtyStryWriter

Published: 11 August 2018

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I knew I was in for a crazy summer when my mom sat me down with her new boyfriend and told me his daughter Kelli would be staying for good. She was nice enough, I had met her a few times when she came to stay for the weekends, was into a lot of the same music as me and we got along pretty well so I didn't mind at all. However, my mom also told me my little cousin Becky would be staying a month or two and that filled me with dread.

Becky was nice at first but once she hit 18 it was like a switch went off in her head and she became crazy. She'd smoke pot then claim I gave her it (I didn't touch the stuff), would steal my beer from my room's fridge and generally make my life a misery. When my uncle moved back to the coast I was relieved but my antagonist was to return. Joy of Joys.

My mom and her boyfriend had rented a cabin for themselves and left us 3 to fend for ourselves, Kelli being the oldest at 24 was put in charge. A few mornings after my mom and boyfriend left I sat talking with her at breakfast, trying not to notice her breasts had grown a lot since I seen her last.

"So, finished college and taking a year out, must be nice." I said.

"Yea, I have a job waiting for me, I worked my ass off so I want to party hard and get it out of my system." She said with a smile.

With her being a potential step sister at some point I tried not to look at her 'that way' but it was difficult. She was tall, great breasts and was pretty. She wasn't skinny but was well toned and would probably be classed as healthy weight.

"What about you, 21 and no job huh."

"Yea, well, I wasn't really cut out for college, I'm taking summer to relax and find a job. Hey, where's my dog?" Usually at breakfast time my golden retriever Max would be waiting for the bacon he knew I'd give him.

"He's taken a shine to Becky, follows her everywhere."

"Oh that traitor, no bacon for him!"

Almost on queue Max came bounding in the room and sat patiently drooling beside my chair. Becky wandered in about 20 mins later, right as I was finishing my coffee.

"Hey, I need you to drive me to town later, my license got suspended again." Said Becky, full of her usual charm.

"How about please for starters or maybe ask if I'm busy already?" I replied.

"Whatever, I'm saving you from an hour of your gay internet porn. Can you please take me to town later?"

"I'd be happy to, see where manners get you?" I said. Kelli sat watching us, trying not to laugh, she would tease me about how wound up Becky would get me.

Becky grabbed a few slices of bacon before heading back to her room. "Oh there's no hot water left, sorry." she said then was gone.

Kelli laughed aloud when she seen the look on my face.

"Well, maybe a cold shower will stop you staring at my tits for a while." she said with a smile then left to sit on the deck.

I could feel myself go red, I freely admit to taking as many glances as I could when I thought she wasn't looking but I couldn't help it. Some of her low cut tops really showed how much bigger her breasts had gotten in the past few months. I pushed the thought out my head as I put Max in his outside pen then went for my cold shower.

In her defense Becky didn't take too long in the store and actually said thank you when I dropped her off at the house. I'd planned on catching the latest Iron Man before it left our small town theater and with Kelli gone the rest of the day at a beach-house party Becky said she was looking forward to alone time. She seemed a lot calmer than before but her attitude was still feisty and I put it down to the 10 days she'd spent in the county jail for her 3rd DUI. 'You better not tell anyone, you weren't meant to hear that' she'd said to me when I overheard her telling her friend on the phone.

I got to the theater window to be met with a 'closed' sign. The manager came to talk to me when he seen my disappointment.

"Hey Al, good to see you. Sorry I had to close, the city blew a power breaker, said it'd be hours before they fixed it. I figured it would cost me more paying the twins to stay and do nothing than the lost business." He said with genuine remorse. I had been watching movies there since I was 5 years old.

"That's ok Mr Jacobs, I understand. Have a great day."

I drove home planning to watch a few dvd's instead, pulled up in the driveway and quietly let myself in. Max wasn't in his pen but even if he was in the house he'd usually run to greet me. Confused I looked around and seen no sign of him or Becky. At that point I heard a moan from upstairs so I slowly made my way up, hoping to catch Becky masturbating or something (yes, I freely admit to being a perv). I stayed in the shadows so I couldn't be seen and couldn't believe my eyes when I looked in her open door. She had a blanket on the floor and was completely naked, down on all fours. Behind her was Max, licking her pussy from behind and was clearly excited. As I watched he mounted her, jamming his cock into her pussy then began to thrust furiously into her. Becky's moans became louder the faster Max thrust then when his knot pushed its way into her pussy her moans became whimpers of 'oh fuck yes, get that thing in me'.

At this point any normal person would have ran in screaming 'what the fuck are you doing you sick bastards' but I never claimed to be normal. Not ever. I felt my cock harden the second Max entered her and without thinking I had taken it out and was slowly stroking it as I watched. I stopped stroking and just stared as Max fucked her. Becky must have cum about 3 or 4 times by the time Max pulled his engorged cock from her, I watched in amazement as what looked like a river of cum spewed from her pussy when his cock was free. He turned round an seen me, almost growled until he recognized me then slowly walked past me with his head down and tail between his legs. Becky was too much in a daze to notice me, I took off my shorts and shirt and stepped quietly into the room. I was knelt before her before she really noticed I was there, my hard cock sticking out in front of me. She looked up at me, a mixture of fear and anger in her eyes but I spoke softly and firmly, told her to start sucking. She hesitated at first then took my cock into her mouth and began to suck me, circling her tongue round the head and doing her best to get me off quickly. I fondled her small but firm breasts and before I really wanted to, groaned in pleasure as my cock erupted in her mouth. She swallowed what she could, let the rest dribble down her chin as she sat up.

"Are you going to tell your Mom?" said Becky, sheepishly.

"Yes Becky, I'll tell my mom I got so turned on watching my dog fuck you that I had to come in your mouth, I'm sure she'd love to hear that. No, this stays between us but things will be a little different now. I want you to be a little nicer first of all, I also want to fuck you before the dog does. Would you like that?"

"I'm not so sure about the nice part but you really want to fuck me? I'm your cousin."

"Not any more Becky, your my dirty little slut and I will take you when I want, is that clear?"

I could see she was a little shocked. "Y-yes Sir."

"Good, now go shower, I want a fuck before Kelli gets home and I want you clean."

Becky didn't answer, just got up and headed to the bathroom. I couldn't believe what I was doing, figured I was going to hell for all the porn I'd jerked off to anyway and thought why the fuck not. I walked to my bedroom after putting Max back outside then swore in frustration as Kelli arrived home. I quickly threw my clothes on then went to greet her.

"Hi, party was no good huh?" I said as she walked in the door.

I could see she had been crying, her eyes were pretty red and her eye makeup was everywhere. Despite it being pretty hot outside she was wearing a sweater too.

"Are you ok?" I asked with concern.

Kelli just looked at me for a few seconds then her tears started again.

"Do you promise not to tell anyone?" she said, sobbing.

"Of course, what's wrong?" I asked, walking her to the couch.

"My ex boyfriend wanted me to have milk, he knew I can't have kids but wanted to suckle on my breasts. Well, after he dumped me I kept taking the hormone and lactate pills because they made me feel dirty and sexy all at the same time. So, today I was so excited about going to the party I forgot to empty them this morning and they leaked all over my shirt. Those bitches at the party just laughed at me, calling me a milk cow and were just really mean."

I didn't know what to say. Despite having emptied my balls into Becky's mouth about 10 mins prior my cock had hardened in my shorts and all I could think about was sucking her nipples into my mouth and letting her milk dribble down my throat.

"You're not saying anything Alex, have I totally grossed you out?" asked Kelli.

"Um, no. Quite the opposite really, is one of my fantasies, sorry."

Kelli looked down at my erection pressing a bulge in my shorts, then looked up, her eyes meeting mine.

"Do... do you want to?" she said quietly.

I wondered for a second what she meant until she took off her sweatshirt and top together and freed a breast from her bra. She held it in one hand and put the other at the back of my head, slowly leading me down to her. I didn't need much more encouragement and sucked her nipple between my lips. It didn't take too long for her milk to start and I drunk hungrily, not wanting to spill a drop. I could feel Kelli's breathing get heavier and a few soft moans escaped her lips. She unclasped her bra then gently led me to her other breast, I closed my eyes and fed from her. I felt her hand move between us, hoped she wasn't pushing me away but she put it down her pants between her legs and began to play with her pussy.

I had completely forgotten about Becky at that point. That was until she came bouncing into the room, talking before she got through the door.

"I'm clean and ready for you to fu...." She was completely naked, stopped dead when she seen what we were doing and just froze.

I sat up, licking the milk off my lips, not knowing what to say. It was Kelli who spoke first.

"Did he catch you with the dog?" she asked.

"Yes Ma'am." replied Becky, looking down.

"Well good, it was going to happen eventually, I told you to be more careful." said Kelli, smiling as she seen the look on my face.

"I watched what you probably did the other morning, made a deal with Becky to help me empty these for me to keep quiet. I guess we can all have fun now it's all in the open. Becky, Alex is going to keep sucking me while you tell me about this morning, I want to know what you were going to do with him too." Kelli had pushed away any hint of the upset woman that came in from the party and was taking charge.

I was ordered to strip down to my boxers and my head was pushed back down to Kelli's breasts, Becky knelt on the floor beside us and described in detail how I had her suck my cock then go shower to I could fuck her.

"Well, that was before he knew. Becky's pussy is only fit for Max's cock Alex, her mouth is mine to drink my milk and lick my pussy and if she's good and I need a rest she will be given permission to suck your cock. As for you Alex, you will help Becky drink from me and you will fuck me whenever I command. Is that acceptable?" said Kelli, a finger under my chin to look at her.

"Uhm, ok. Yes." I replied.

"It's yes Mistress from now on too. Now go and let Max in while Becky gets me ready."

I didn't argue, simply replied 'yes Mistress' and went to get Max. It only took me a minute or so but by the time I got back Kelli was naked and had Becky on all fours between her open legs licking her pussy. Max went straight to Becky, nuzzling between her legs and wagging his tail before mounting her again and furiously thrusting into her. Kelli turned round on the couch and positioned herself to have Becky suck her tits and motioned to me with her finger.

"Lose the shorts and fuck me." She said, breathlessly.

I almost tore my shorts taking them off so quickly and positioned myself between her legs, briefly gazing at her shaven pussy. I entered her slowly, savoring her warmth and tightness then began to slowly slide my cock in and out of her. I didn't last as long as I'd hoped but I felt Kelli cum then lost it, spraying my seed deep into her pussy.

The next few weeks went about the same, we had to start feeding Max twice a day to help him keep up but he was a happy dog. Becky and I spent most of the time latched to Kelli's breasts, she had us all walk around naked when we were inside and any hint of dribbling from her breasts had to be taken care of instantly. I don't think I've touched my computer for weeks either, Kelli has quite the appetite and has me fucking her at least 3 times a day. Not that I have any complaint about that of course! This was going to be the best summer ever....

Pt 2

My summer was going way faster than I really wanted it to but that was always the case. This one was different though, being breast fed by Kelli then fucking her however she wanted it while my happy dog fucked the hell out of Becky. I suppose in all my fun I hadn't been paying as much attention to Max, my horny golden retriever so when he didn't come in for his breakfast and his morning session with Becky I was a little shocked. I wandered out to his cage calling him and he was just laying in his kennel looking up at me. His tail was wagging but he didn't even have the energy to get up.

Two hours later I was sitting with him at the vet.

"Well, I'd say he's just fine but he's exhausted. I gave him some glucose but I'd really like to keep him here overnight, all his tests came back clean but you never know. He's still young so I'm sure it's this heat." Said Jennifer, the very pretty veterinarian.

"Ok, you said you're keeping him at your house?" I replied.

"Yes, this place has no ac so my fans are all I have. He'll be fine. I'll call you in the morning and you can come by my house to get him ok?"

I felt better, Jennifer had been looking after my buddy since he was a puppy and I knew he was in good hands. Becky immediately expected the worst when I arrived home without him and burst into tears.

"I've killed him, I wore him out too much I'm so sorry." She sobbed, trying not to look at me.

"He's fine Becky, Doc said he is just worn out and she's keeping him for observation. I'll pick him up tomorrow morning." I replied.

Becky pounced at me, buried her face in my chest with joy.

"I'm glad Max is ok, we can talk more about that later. I'm on my period so no sex for you but my nipples are aching, both of you get over here." Kelli was in just her shorts, sat down on the couch topless.

Becky was naked already but I was still clothed, I tried to sit and suckle but I was pushed away.

"Since when do you drink my milk with clothes on mister, go and get them off now." Said Kelli firmly.

I did as I was told and came back to her naked, the sight of Becky already sucking on her had me hard in no time and I tried to put sex out my mind as I drunk from Kelli. After we had drunk enough Kelli gently pushed us both away.

"Alex, since Max is out for the day go and get some condoms and fuck Becky until I get back, I have some errands to run. I better see at lest 2 used condoms when I get back, you had your viagra this morning." Said Kelli as she put on a bra and shirt.

Becky smiled as I rolled the condom onto my cock and instinctively got on all fours to offer her pussy to me. I had different ideas and had her lay on her back.

"Save that for Max, I want to see your face." I said to her.

Half expecting her not to be very tight I was pleasantly surprised when I entered her, Becky put her arms round my back as I fucked her, enjoying her cute little face looking up at me. She was enjoying it too and I felt her pussy tighten as she came. I filled my first condom a few moments later and I stayed on top of her as I caught my breath.

"I don't think you've ever been this nice and gentle with me, I really liked it." Said Becky, smiling up at me.

"Well to be honest you have been a bit of a bitch in the past, who'd have guessed it was sexual repression. You've been an angel since Max has been keeping you worn out." I replied.

"I'm sorry and you're right, I had so much anger and frustration in me, every time I cum a little of it goes away."

"What way do you want it next, we've another condom to fill for Mistress and I swear my ass still stings from the last time she spanked me." This brought a giggle from Becky.

"Mmm, how about you sit on the chair and I ride you, I'd love you to play with my nipples too."

I put on a fresh condom and sat on the chair and started licking and sucking Becky's tits as she rode me, doing her best to take as much of me as she could into herself. That position was more for her and she came another twice before I held her ass and thrust from below, getting myself off and filling our second condom. Becky held me close to her then kissed me with a tenderness I'd never seen in her then just looked into my eyes before holding me to her again.

"Do I disgust you fucking your dog?" Said Becky, she actually had tears welling up in her eyes.

"Becky, we just made love twice. Not fucking just to please Kelli. I enjoyed it very much. I find it very arousing watching you with Max. Are you telling me you want to stop?" I replied, wiping away the tear that ran down her cheek.

"No, I. I just care more about how you think about me is all."

I wanted to know more, why she had changed but Kelli came home and our talk was over. By the look on her face she had been crying.

"Mistress, what's wrong?" Said Becky, sitting down beside her.

"I used to get my milk pills from a friend in town, she owns a pharmacy and gave them to me no problem, they're non narcotic and can't be made into anything else. Well, she just sold the place and said she can't give me them anymore. Now I'm worthless and can't be your Mistress anymore..." She said before bursting into tears.

I pulled the condom from my cock, winked at Becky and knelt at Kelli's feet.

"Mistress, your milk is wonderful and it made me happy that drinking it helped you but I gave myself to you and that doesn't change because of this. You have shown me respect, taught me how to please a woman correctly and Becky and I both love you. Please don't cry, you still have us both." I said, Kelli looked at me almost in awe.

We spoke some more and ended up laying on a blanket in the summer breeze, Kelli in the middle and her 2 love slaves at either side.

The next morning I got up and made the coffee but before I could get a chance to drink it all Jennifer called, asked me to go and see her and talk about Max. I could hear him barking in the background so I knew he was back to himself again.

"Come on in, take a seat. Do you want some coffee?" She was in a really good mood.

"Sure." I replied.

"Well, as you can tell Max is fine, I was right, he just needed some extra rest and some fluids. I'm going to ask you something though, I'll charge you overnight fee's, weekend rates and double my consultation if you lie to me though but who has been making Max fuck her? Is it Becky or Kelli?" She asked, her face was pretty serious.

"Ho-how did you know? It's Becky but we don't force him."

"I um, was playing with myself last night, I've been without a boyfriend for a while and my vibrator did the trick. After I came I went to run my bath but dropped one of my contacts taking it out. Still naked and on all fours in the bathroom looking for this thing I had forgot about Max, he came in the bathroom, licked my vagina which made me freeze then the next thing I knew he was fucking me! I'm not going to lie, I enjoyed it a lot but I've never done anything like that before and he did it so naturally I knew then that was why he was so tired. How many times a day is he fucking her?"

"About 3 to 5 times a day." I replied.

"Holy shit Alex, you'll kill him if you keep that up!" Jennifer looked down at her coffee then spoke again. "I'll make a deal with you, if I get you another dog to share the load I want something in return."

"Sure, what is it."

"I have a friend who needs to get rid of a great dane, he was cute as a puppy but she can't handle him, said he's trying to hump her leg all the time. I'll get him for you to help Max and in return you visit me 3 nights a week to take care of my needs. Deal?"

"Uhm, sure."

"Good, you start today, finish your coffee and come up to my room."

Jennifer wasn't kidding when she said it had been a while for her, she wanted to be on top and it felt like she was trying to slam my pelvis through her mattress but I enjoyed it, she was pretty sexy and had great tits that swung in my face as she fucked me. I knew Mistress wouldn't mind when I told her. After she had cum twice she collapsed on top of me as the last of my cum spurted into her.

"Oh that was amazing, how did you last so long, I've never had a guy be able to not cum when I ride like that for more than 2 minutes." She said breathlessly.

"Viagra and I already fucked Becky twice."

"Oh ok." She rolled onto her side and held me.

"Hey, are you still friends with Amber? I need a regular lactation pill supply and isn't she pregnant like every other year?"

"I'll call her. If I get them it'll cost you an extra night." She said, like it was going to be a hardship for me!

A few hours later I pulled into the driveway with Max's head out one window and our new dog Trigger's head out the other. Becky's eyes widened when she seen him.

"Jennifer said Max has been overworked so she got me Trigger here from a friend who can't handle him to share the load. Oh and this is for you Mistress." I said handing her a small bag. Becky was already petting Trigger and making friends with him.

"Holy fucking shit Alex this is like a 2 year supply!" Said Kelli, looking at the lactate pills I had got her.

"Well they and the dog come with a price, lets go inside and talk about it, Becky looks like she's ready to fuck Trigger out here on the porch."

Once inside I sat with Kelli as Becky put Max in his pen and explained my 4 nightly visits to Jennifer.

"I can live with that, you said this is only half of the pills she has?" Asked Kelli.

"Yes, Jennifer will have them for me when I go see her tomorrow." I replied.

"Good, you've earned a rest baby, you can watch with me." Said Kelli as she kissed me on the cheek.

We sat and watched as Becky got Trigger ready, she was already wet and she wiggled her ass at him. He sniffed her then gave her pussy a lick and to our delight he started getting hard. He was bigger than Max and when he pushed his cock into Becky she moaned "oh" before her eyes glazed. When he pushed his knot into her she opened her mouth almost in a silent scream and eventually whispered 'oh my god' as Trigger pounded away at her. When he was done Becky was in a daze and Kelli and I watched as almost a river of cum spilled out of her stretched pussy.

It's now me who needs extra feeding every day but Mistress makes sure I get my milk every day and is delighted she can feed us again. Jennifer is loving my visits too, she'll open the door wearing new lingerie and when she said 'nights' she meant it, doesn't let me leave until about 3am. She said she's going to get me a job so I don't have to leave town again. Max is doing great too, he still gets his daily fill of Becky but Trigger has more stamina and gets to have her twice a day. As for Kelli, she bought us all a house with the proceeds from her 'Ultra Fetish' video porn site and said we'll all be millionaires in a couple of years.

For me, I'm living a summer that'll never end....

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Summer Kinky Summer

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Comments (1)
barbiespony — 10 August 2018 17:34
i think these folk need more dogs,love your story
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