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Inquiring minds wanna know

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Boy, Cum Swallowing

Author: Daddydick89

Published: 11 August 2018

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Jon's mother Cathy is your typical stay-at-home-wife, who cooks, cleans and take care of her husband Ritchie and their 15-year old son Jon.

Cathy isn't the type of stay-at-home-wife, who sits around all day watching soap opera's while eating fatty foods all day, Cathy takes pride in maintaining a clean home. But her pride and joy is her beautiful garden. Which she worked tirelessly to maintain almost every day.

The sunny California weather allows for Cathy to grow lots of fruits and vegetables all year round. So it's rare that you won't see Cathy on her hands and knees, as she works in her garden.

Which is exactly the position she was in, as Jon and his friends Mike and Anthony watched from the kitchen window.

"Damn, dude, your mom has some of the biggest tits I've ever seen," Mike said as he looks over at Jon.

"I know, man. Those things are fucking huge! I wonder if they're even real?" Anthony said, as he too looks over at Jon, who's just as curious.

"I'm not sure. I've never asked" Jon responded

Mike say's, "I'm sure you've seen your mom naked at least once. I saw my mom's tits last year, as she was getting dressed in her bedroom. Her DD's were nice, but I think your mom's tits are even bigger."

"Nah, well, maybe once. I caught a little side-boob when I came home from school early one afternoon and caught her braless while wearing a tank top. But that's about it!" Jon Replied

But one thing is for sure, the boys wanted to see Cathy's huge tits. So they all ventured into Jon bedroom, to devise their plan.


Cathy is a 35-year old MILF, with the body of a pornstar. She's 5' 7" tall, 150 lbs, natural brunette hair (Which she keeps short), brown eyes, with the cutest heart-shaped butt, but her most prized assets are her natural 40-E breasts. They weren't saggy at all. They are plump and firm, with a very deep cleavage line. With large areolas surrounding two small, yet super sensitive nipples.

Cathy has the kind of tits, that draw attention to them no matter where she goes. Whether she's talking to her husband, her son, his friends, her pastor, her son's teachers, or even her own siblings. If Cathy's in the vicinity, all eyes will be on her huge rack.

She doesn't mind all of the attention that her breasts get. She's gotten used to it over the years.

So when all of the men in her neighborhood make it a habit to stop and honk their horns, as she's bent over letting her tits sway, while she tends her garden, she knows they're only honking, so they can get a better look at "The girls" when she turns around to wave back at them.

She figures Men will be men. So she lets them have their little fun.

Cathy even knows that her own son Jon has been checking out her tits for years. She's even caught him adjusting himself, out the corner of her eyes once, as his eyes were zoned in on her deep cleavage, the night she wore a new dress, which showed off her ample bosom.

She also knows that his two best buds, Mike and Anthony check out her rack all the time. With them being horny teenaged boys, she knew that they all fantasized about seeing her big tits one day.

She had often wondered how it would be, to suck a stiff teenaged cock again. Something that she hasn't done in years. But the thought has crossed her mind, on more than a few occasions. And each time her fantasies get more and more explicit. Leaving Cathy with a throbbing wet pussy.


Meanwhile, the boys were trying to devise a plan, to finally see Cathy's tits, or at least find out if they're real or not.

"I don't know, you guys! Afterall, she is my mom!" Jon said

"Come on, man! You have to be at least a little curious" Anthony replied

Then Jon said, "Well, maybe. But we're going to need a damn good plan."

The boys racked their brains for 20 minutes before Mike came up with the perfect plan.

"I've got it! I know how we can start it off." Mike say's

"And how's that?" Jon replied

Mike answered, "We can ask her, without really asking her"

"And just how do you supposed we're going to do that?" Anthony asked

"All we have to do is ask her how she feels about women who get breast implants, then as she answers our questions, we'll inquire about how she feels about her own breasts," Mike said, wearing a devious smile on his face.

"Damn, dude, that might actually work," Jon replied

Now the boys were putting their list of questions together, to engage Cathy in a conversation about women's breasts.


As the boys were upstairs concocting their plans, Cathy had come in from working in her garden and was now on the phone talking to her husband, who was out of town on business.

After talking to her husband for a few minutes, Cathy went into the kitchen to wash her hands. As she turned around to dry her hands, Jon and his two buddies were walking into the kitchen.

"Hey, boys, what ya up to?" Cathy asked

Jon was nervously looking down at his cell phone when he decided to put their plan into motion.

"I have kind of a personal question to ask you. That is if you don't mind" Jon asked

"It's no problem, honey. Fire away!" Cathy answered

Mike and Anthony waited anxiously as Jon asked the first question.

"The guys and I were looking at pics of women on Instagram, and we noticed that more and more of the women are getting breasts implants. Some only go up maybe a size or two, but others go a lot bigger. Almost too big. So big that they don't even look sexy anymore. They actually look kinda gross. So I guess my question is, where do you stand on breasts augmentation?" Jon asked

Cathy had already known what the boys were up to, but she decided to play along and tease them anyway.

"Hey, it's their bodies, so if having bigger breasts means that much to them. Then, more power to 'em!" Cathy Replied

"Well, would you ever consider getting breasts implants, mom?" Jon asked

Cathy had a sneaky smile on her face when she replied, "No, sweetie! All of the women in my family are blessed in that category."

That's when Anthony chimed in and asked: "Not even a little bit?"

"No, hun, I'm big enough as is" Cathy answered

Next up was Mike, who nervously asked, "Well, exactly how big are they? That's if you don't mind sharing."

"Well, aren't you boys a couple of curious fellows? I'll give you each one guess, and the one who guesses the right size gets a special treat." Cathy said as she watches the boys visually examining her breasts

First Jon answered and said, "48-DD"

Next Mike answered, "46-DDD"

Finally, Anthony answered, "48-DDD"

To which Cathy replied "Nope, nope, and nope! You're all wrong"

Then Jon asked again, "Well, what size are they, mom?"

"Well, maybe, I oughtta pull 'em out, and give you boys a better visual?" Cathy replied

All three boys were now sporting rock hard erections in their pants, as they waited to see if Cathy would actually show them her massive melons.


What the boys didn't know was that Cathy had been flashing her well-developed breasts, for young boys every since she was in grade school.

Once Cathy hit junior high school and her plump 32-B cups, turned into 34-C cups, the boys in her school were all over her.

Once Cathy had her young heart set on dating the cutest guy on campus, a young boy named Roger Hill.

Cathy was determined to do whatever it took to go steady with him. Even if it meant showing him her well-developed breasts.

So when young Roger expressed interest in Cathy, she was determined to not screw things up, by playing hard-to-get.

And when Roger finally asked to see Cathy's breasts, she jumped at the opportunity to not only show them to him, but she also let him lick them and suck them.

Roger would eventually ask Cathy for a blowjob, something she'd never done before, but she happily did it anyway. Then before she knew it, Cathy had grown to love the feelings she had whenever she sucked his cock. She loved the way Roger's 5-inch cock, would hit the back of her throat, causing her to gag on it. But the main thing that Cathy loved about sucking cock, was the power that she now held over whomever cock she would suck. She loved the way Roger would lose control and scream to the heavens, as she sucked the cum from his spurting cock.

After breaking up with Roger, Cathy decided to use her huge breasts to get what she wanted.

So when practically every young boy on campus, asked for Cathy to show them her breasts, she would only agree to do so, if they let her suck their cocks. Soon, the boys gave Cathy the nickname "The Soul Sucker" Because they said it felt like Cathy was sucking the soul out of their cocks.

Cathy had sucked hundreds of cocks, throughout her junior high, high school and college years. With no one being able to last more than 5 minutes, before unloading in her mouth. Something that Cathy took much pride in.

Something that Cathy's son Jon and his young horny friends are about to find out.


Cathy looked at the boys, with all 3 sets of eyes waiting for her to make her move. A look that Cathy was all too familiar with. She knew that these boys were just like the boys she used to suck off when she was their age.

She knew that once she offered to suck their young cocks if they wanted to see her naked breasts, would be a deal that they'd all gladly accept.

Cathy had seen the boys erections through their pants, so she knew that they were ready to go. That's when Cathy began to stroke her melons over her shirt, as she said to the boys, "Why don't you boys move in a little bit closer"

All three boys stepped right in front of Cathy, sporting their teenaged erections, pretty much surrounding Cathy.

"How about we make a deal? I'll show you boys my breasts if you let me play with your cocks?" Cathy asked

It took a few seconds for the boys to catch on to Cathy's question. But eventually, they all got it.

Then Anthony asked, "You mean you wanna see our cocks?"

"Yes, dear! It's only fair that I get to see yours since I'm letting you see mine...right?" Cathy asked

The boys took a second to think about it. Then Jon said, "I will if you guys will"

Then Cathy sat and watched, as every boy pulled out their hard cocks.

Anthony's cock was the smallest, at just under 6-inches. But Jon and Mike both had an impressive 7-inches of hard teenaged cock.

With all three teenaged cocks only inches from her face, Cathy removed her shirt and bra, letting her massive E-cups hang. Then she asked the boys, "Is this what you boys wanted to see? Did you wanna see my big tits?"

All three boys said, "Yes"

"Don't be afraid boys, come on and touch 'em" Cathy said

Soon, Cathy felt all three sets of hands squeezing her jugs and pinching her sensitive nipples.

"Oh my, you boys are really good at that," Cathy said

Cathy couldn't take it any longer. She had to have a cock in her mouth. That's when she leaned forward and took Mike's 7-inch cock into her mouth. Letting his cock slide across her tongue and down her throat.

"Oh man, that feels great! Her mouth feels too warm!" Mike said

Soon, Cathy was jerking off both Jon and Anthony, as she licked and slurped Mike's hairless ball sack.

With drool dripping from her chin, Cathy said, "Tell me boys, is this what you've fantasized about? Do you fantasize about me sucking your big cocks? Tell me!"

Mike say's "Yes, I fantasize about you all the time" As he watches Cathy take her son Jon's 7-inch cock into her mouth.

"Hell's yeah, I fantasize about you and your big tits all the time." Anthony answers

"Well, where on my body do you cum, when you boys are fantasizing about me? Come on boys, don't be shy" Cathy say's, as she takes Anthony's 6-inch cock into her mouth.

"I've always fantasized about shooting my jizz all over your tit's, mom" Say's Jon

"What about you boys?" Asked Cathy

"I've always wanted to blast a hot sticky load of goo on your pretty face, before shoving my cock back down your throat" Anthony answered

"And what about you, Mike?" Cathy asked

"I wanna cum on your tongue, then watch you swallow every drop" Mike answered

"Oh my, you're such naughty little boys. Okay, now, who want's to go first?" Cathy asked

As she awaited the boy's answer. Cathy began to finger her hot pussy. Knowing that soon she was about to be drenched in teenaged cum.

Jon said, "I wanna go first, mom"

Cathy smiled and said, "Okay, I'm willing to give you boys everything you asked for. But you gotta promise me that when it's your turn, that you really try and fuck my mouth as hard as you can. I mean, really try to ram it down my throat. Make me choke and gag on your cocks before you cum. Can you boys do that for me?"

All three boys said, "Yes, Mame, we sure will"

Then Jon slides the tip of his cock into his mother's mouth, before ramming it down her throat. Causing Cathy to gag and drool all over her son's cock.

Mike and Anthony watched as Jon fucked his mother's mouth. Making her huge tits bounce, with every powerful stroke.

"Oh, mom, I'm gonna cum," Jon said

"Go ahead, give it to me baby. Come on mama's tits!" Cathy said

Jon stroked his cock a few more times, before blasting his jizz all over his mother's tits. Then placing his throbbing cock in between them.

"Oh, mom, that was even better than I imagined," Jon Said to his mother

"I'm glad you liked it, sweetie!" Say's Cathy as she pulls Anthony closer to her.

Soon, Anthony had replaced Jon.

Cathy licked his hairless balls, before engulfing his entire cock. Anthony held Cathy by her head, as he ferociously fucked her mouth. Giving Cathy the kind of savaged face-fucking she yearned for.

It wasn't long before Anthony was ready to spray Cathy's face with cum, soon to be followed by an impatient Mike, would have been rapidly stroking his cock, as Jon and Anthony fucked Cathy's face.

"Holy fuck, you guys, I'm gonna cum!" Anthony say's as he aimed his cock towards Cathy. Who is waiting with her mouth wide open?

"Come on, give it to me, baby! Splatter my face with your hot jizz" Cathy say's

That's when Anthony dislodged his cock from Cathy's throat and shot his load right into Cathy's face. The first blast hit Cathy directly in the eye, followed by another one to the forehead, while about three of them shot right down her eager throat.

Cathy was trying to wipe jizz from her eye and catch her breath when Mike stepped in and came in her mouth.

"Oh fuck, I can't hold it. Open your mouth, I'm gonna cum!" Mike said

Cathy kept her eyes closed, but she opened her mouth wide, ready for Mike's creamy load.

"Give me your load, baby! Shoot it right on my fucking tongue." Cathy said

And that's exactly what Mike did. Sending rope after gooey rope of hot jizz on Cathy's tongue and down her throat. Which she eagerly swallowed.

"Oh my, you boys really let me have it, didn't you? I haven't been bathed in this much cum since I was in high school." Cathy said

"Geez mom, you're drenched in our cum" Jon said

"I know, hun! I hope you boys don't mind if we do this again, sometime?" Cathy asked

All three boys said, "No, Mame" in unison

To be continued...

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Inquiring minds wanna know

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Comments (1)
longcarlforyou — 10 August 2018 23:42
Wow pretty damn hot
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