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  1. My Stepmother
  2. My Stepmother's Surprise
  3. My Step Sister
  4. Discovering my Step-son
  5. My Stepdaughter

My Stepdaughter

Categories Diary, Incest, Teen

Authror: tom8899

Published: 17 August 2018

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"What time do you call this?"

Brittany's response was simply to look at her stepfather as if he had just crawled out from beneath a rock. Clearly she believed that how late she stayed out partying was her business, not taking into account that she was still living under this roof without contributing a cent or even helping out with the chores now and again.

At 23, Mike sometimes felt she hadn't yet left her troublesome teens behind. He'd been about to call her out but realized she had noticed his distracted gaze, which made him briefly uncomfortable. If there was one thing he hated, it was being caught out.

It was her legs, of course. Those fabulous, long shapely legs revealed in all their glory in shiny opaque black pantyhose. The tiny black mini skirt she wore with them was equally distracting and drew his eye...and not for the first time, either.

Brittany gave an insolent smile - more of a sneer, really - which was exaggerated by her heavy crimson lipstick and the heavily mascaraed eyes; the Goth look was something she'd been cultivating for some time now, and annoyingly it made her all the more attractive to her stepfather.

He wanted to wipe that smile off her face, possibly by sticking his throbbing erect cock inside her mouth and forcing her to suck it like a lollipop.

She turned to the sink and ran the faucet, fixing herself a glass of water. And that was when Mike noticed it. A creamy white stain on the pantyhose, high up her thigh, close to her buttocks. It was still wet and still a little slimy, like spilled jelly. Semen, obviously. The sight made Mike's heart - and another part of his anatomy - lurch.

"You've got a stain on your pantyhose," said Mike.

Brittany turned around and looked to where her stepfather was pointing. She pulled the hem of her skirt to one side, twisting her body round to get a better look. The reinforced hip area of her pantyhose came into view, and, briefly the lower edge of her buttocks, which were naked beneath the nylon. Mike's heart thudded and he had to bite his lower lip so as not to gasp. Inwardly, he thought, "Oh, dear God..." and had to struggle to seem impassive.

Brittany wiped at the stain with the tips of her fingers and then gingerly sniffed them, letting the skirt drop back in place.

Her nose crinkled.

"Asshole," he muttered, under her breath.

"What?" said Mike. "Who are you talking about."

That scornful smile again, "Not you, dad...in case that's what you're thinking." She giggled at that. "Though sometimes you can be one."

A brief flash of anger, but Mike held it in check. He risked a comment, "If that's what I think it is, you shouldn't let yourself be taken advantage of like that?"

Brittany began to rinse her hands under the faucet and addressed her stepfather's reflection in the darkened window. "Oh? Who's taking advantage now? I mean, I never said anything about the cum stains on my panties and pantyhose in the laundry...and I know for sure they're not mom's."

Mike blushed hotly. He felt mortified. And backed into a corner. If Brittany told her mom...

As though reading his mind, Brittany turned, backside against the sink cabinet, crossing one ankle over the other, which parted her thighs slightly, and said, "Don't worry, dad...I won't tell. But you might need to do something for me in return."

The nylon gleamed on her inner thighs, shining under the striplights. It was hard for Mike to look away.

He sighed, "Okay, how much do you want, Brittany?"

Brittany gave what Mike could only describe as an evil smile, exaggerated by the thick lipstick and Goth makeup. Witchlike, he thought.

"I don't want your money, dad."

"Then..then...what do you want?"

She shrugged and uncrossed her legs. "Same as you, maybe."

Then she reached down, put the palms of her hands on her skirt a the hips and slowly slid the skirt up and up, revealing more thigh, then the gusset of her pantyhose and then the seam running up her firm belly right up to the waistband. She had no panties on, and Mike clearly saw the mound of her vagina, the crinkly hair pressed flat by the nylon and just a hint of pink flesh where her labia were pressed back by the tight nylon encasing her cunt.

"Wh-what are you doing, Brittany?" Mike whispered, his mouth dry with excitement and fear.

"What do you think, daddy dear?"

Brittany's attitude and sarcasm had the opposite effect on him that she probably intended. In fact, her scornful, dominant and dismissive behavior and way of speaking turned him on massively. As though she were some kind of Goth dominatrix; he was profoundly thrilled to be in her power.

She raised her foot and pushed her high heeled boot between his legs, running the toe up the underside of his cock. Mike almost passed out with excitement. The leather boot was somehow threatening and could easily deliver a vicious kick into his balls should Brittany so choose.

She let the foot drop again and the heel clicked on the hard floor. Mike involuntarily raised his gaze to the ceiling. His wife was upstairs, nominally asleep, though for all she knew she had her ear to the floor, listening to every word if she could.

"Oh, come on, pops, don't be shy."

With that Brittany grabbed Mike's belt and dragged him towards her. Then she reached down and, before he could protest, she slowly unzipped his jeans.

"Aw, poor, baby," she said, her purple-nailed fingers massaging and tickling his cock and balls through his underpants. "He's desperate to come out and play."

And "he" was. Mike's cock really jumped to attention now, under his stepdaughter's ministrations. Because she had moved her right hand, the right side of her skirt fell down a little, hiding her bush.

She followed his gaze. "Why don't you pull it back up, daddy? I can't do two things at once."

Heart pounding wildly - he could feel the perspiration on his forehead and top lip, too and reflected that he must look a complete fool to his stepdaughter - Photos http://uii.io/rSofu he tremblingly reached out, cupped a hand on her inner thigh and pushed back the hem of her dress with the heel of his hand until it touched the damp patch of her nyloned gusset.

The discovery that she was wet unnerved and excited him at the same time. How could he, a much older man, make his young step daughter's pussy flood like this?

When Brittany reached out and started to unzip her stepfather's pants, time seemed to slow down. Mike couldn't believe what was happening and, while every fiber in his body wanted this, his brain was on fire with the potential consequences if he let this go on.

"N-no, Brittany..." he began, rather weakly and unconvincingly.

That wicked, sly smile again. "Too late, daddy dear...we've gone too far already...don't you think?"

Gazing helplessly at his stepdaughter's firm thighs, the shiny pantyhose wrinkling slightly at her inner thighs where the V of her vagina connected to them, he knew that he was already far too late.

His cock bulged against his underpants, and Brittany reached down inside them, gently cupping his balls with her hand, then encircling his shaft with two fingers and a thumb and slowly slid her hand up the shaft, pulling his cock out through the opening in the zipper.

"Oh, dear..." she said. "It's already leaking..."

Dismayed, Mike looked down and saw that the red head of his cock was shiny with pre-cum, a dribble of which must have leaked out even as he began pushing up Brittany's skirt - or possibly even before then, perhaps when he saw the cum stain on her pantyhosed thigh earlier.

"Oh, fuuck..." Mike breathed.

Brittany didn't comment, but instead began to lightly, slowly - and expertly, Mike realised - to stroke his throbbing dick. Each time her long fingers pushed back, and lightly touched his balls, he twitched. He couldn't help hmself then, and started to rub the ball of his thumb up and down the dimple in the gusset of the pantyhose, feeling for the little bump of Brittany's clitoris as he did so.

Brittany shuddered, but barely-perceptibly.

The feel of the nylon chafing against his thumb and the spreading dampness through the nyloned crotch made Mike want to throw his stepdaughter on the floor and stick his cock high up inside her and viciously fuck her. Not that he would do such a thing. Besides, he was under her control.

The stroking persisted, ever now and then stopping. Brittany relaxed her encircling fingers so they were barely touching the shaft but moved her hand up and down. When he fingers and thumbs reached the swollen head, though, they brushed a little more firmly around the edge. When Mike gasped at that, she kept her fingers there and brushed up and down in that one spot for what felt like forever.

As he felt the build-up inside his testicles, Brittany suddenly stopped, and took her hand away.

"Oh, no, daddy, sorry...I - I can't go through with it..."

She smiled wickedly, adding, "I mean...what would mummy say?"

But Mike had had enough. So he grabbed his stepdaughter by the shoulders and swung her around, pressing her against the worktop and pushing her torso forward.

"You started this," he hissed, "You don't get to say what goes."

She began to whimper.

"No, daddy, no..."

But her heart didn't seem in it. Her protest was too weak for that.

Mike pushed her skirt up above her waist, loving the sight of her firm buttocks and the pantyhose seam running up the crack between them.

Then he pushed his cock between her thighs and hissed, "Close your legs, Brittany...and do it right now."

"Y-yes, daddy," she agreed in that little girl voice she sometimes used when she was trying to manipulate him for money, or some other kind of favor like giving her a sick note for school when she had been a teenager.

The nyloned thighs clamping around his cockshaft were soft and yielding, but he could also feel the muscles beneath the soft flesh tensing as he started to slide in and out between them.

The nyloned thighs pulling at his cock shaft, the sight of the buttocks quivering each time he slammed up against them, was all too much. After no more than a dozen strokes the semen boiled up inside him and he started to spurt. At slow leak at first, but as the chafing nylon and the sight of those nylon-sheathed thighs and ass assailed his senses, it all became uncontrollable and he started to cum. And cum and cum. Huge, fat dollops of the stuff, squirting out of him, and shooting down the front of Brittany's thighs. For the last part, he pulled all the way back and stroked himself, ensuring that the remainder of the hot, creamy glue splashed all over his stepdaughter's pert, nyloned backside.

He was panting with the intensity of it, and shamefacedly pushed his dick back in his pants.

Brittany did not stand up, but instead looked back at him across his shoulder with that mocking smile of her's.

"Good job, daddy...now you'll have to buy me a new pair. And maybe next time...who knows...I might even let you stick that thing of yours inside of me."

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My Stepdaughter

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