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Max is a Freak part 9

Categories Fiction, Authoritarian, BDSM, Blowjob

Author: nutzbubby

Published: 23 August 2018

  • Font:

Sonia was now Max's slave her former master/son Arthur was now just a cuckold like her husband Charlie . Sonia licked Max's ass while his mom Carol swallowed his penis, upstairs , Joan was cooking dinner dressed in her newly purchased French Maid outfit & heels . Earlier Max had sent Joyce his stepmom home & told her to give his father a good fucking before she returned to her duties in the dungeon tomorrow. Unlike Carol ,Joan & Joyce , Sonia(Arthur's mom didnt work , so he could use her anytime & for how long as he liked.) You see he had hypnotized Arthur , so now he & Sonia had sex. Arthur now worshipped Sonia like his dad Charlie. He let his friend still be a dominant but only with older fat or bbw women( lol ) As he thought about this he got superhard & jerked off all over Sonia &Carol . When he was done he covered his mom & Sonia's face with a massive load of jism.

Sonia had arrived home , after a 3day stint at Master Max's dungeon & she felt very horny so she went to son's room to see if he would eat her cunt to orgasm . When she opened the door she realized her former master was getting a blowjob from her bbw neighbor Olga . The late 50 something granny was snacking on Arthur's weiner so she decided to just sit on her son's face as she watched her filthy neighbour swallow her former master's jism. When she was done Olga was ordered by Sonia to suck her tits while she reached climax from Arthur's magic tongue

Joan had Master Max fucking her ass with his massive schlong while her girlfriend Carol fucked her face with a massive strapon. Tomorrow she was going home after a 4day stint in the dungeon . She had experienced 6 golden showers , 4 from Max & 1 from Sonia (before she went home ) & 1 from Carol. She had also had the pleasure on peeing on both of the ladies faces . She now had permanent piercings on her tits & belly button . She had a specially made collar & leash, she had no gag reflex & now could deepthroat Master Max's cock like Carol and Joyce. Her ass was gaped , Max had fucked her ass at least 10 times while she stayed in the basement dungeon. While she got fucked she always ate pussy whether its was Sonia's or Carol's . Before she left for her brief vacation from the dungeon , her Master told her to fuck her hubby , The PASTOR real good because the next time she'd be enslaved for a week. Also she was informed , Carol,Joyce & Sonia would also be in attendance

chapter 1-A MONTH LATER

Carol was collared with hooker boots leading a leashed, ballgagged, nude , spike heeled wearing Sonia down the stairs to the basement she was the first to arrive . He had purposely not used Sonia for the past month because he knew that she was always horny & she would keep him up to date on the enslavement of her hubby Charlie & Arthur. Sonia would daily give both her men golden showers before she went to work . And Arthur had now been trained to lovingly eat momma's ass. Olga who was Arthur's new fucktoy was also trained as Sonia's part-time pussy licker

As soon as Max saw Sonia he could see that Sonia had changed to a more confident slut, now she would once again be put down a few pegs as he shoved his massive dong down her throat. Carol in the meantime licked her son's balls . After a while the ladies switched positions as Max sat on Sonia's face , she licked his shithole & from above his mom Carol sucked his prick. Choking on penis & smothered in manass , Carol & Sonia were now both laying on the floor as he jerked off all over their faces & covered them in his man jism.

Max leashed Carol too, & lead his mom and Sonia to the bathroom where he pissed all over their cum covered faces,tits and he even pissed in their hair . The two submissive mind-controlled stank of their master's man pee & went to the shower to wash up & perfume themselves for the next round.

Chapter 2- Joyce & Joan

Joyce was collared wearing 5inch spiked heels as she lead a nude collared,leashed & ballgagged Joan Jones down the stairs to the

basement dungeon . As they arrived Master Max french kissed them both. Before he instructed Joyce to begin fist fucking Joan , he had plans for both of them as they lay on the bed. Joan moaned as Max's stepmom Joyce had her whole fist in her cunt . She gaped as she watched Joyce gulp down her stepson's dick .

Joan was very wet from the fisting as she licked the young man's nuts . Just this morning , Joan had jerked off her husband (the pastor ) as they watched an earlier encounter she had with her Master . Max had sent a scene where she alone blew Max's dink , she deepthroated it , & Max came all over her face before he gave her her first piss facial . Her husband saw that & came instantly from the handjob she was giving him thought Joan. As she was still deep in thought she realized Master Max was presently coming all over her & Joyce's face. She smiled as she saw Max was taking pics with his cellphone , she wondered if he was sending these to her cuckold husband . Well ladies let's go to the bathroom , you know what comes next ???

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Max is a Freak part 9

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