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  1. Le Petite Mort, Part I
  2. Le Petite Mort, Part II

Le Petite Mort, Part II

Categories Diary, Consensual Sex, Incest, Male / Female

Author: phyllisroger

Published: 30 August 2018

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Le Petite Mort (the little death), Part II by PhyllisRoger


A little story of the taboo that might have happened. With an Afterword.

I knew my thoughts were naughty and taboo; Me thinking about sucking off Dad, and then maybe…just maybe…even more than that. I mean, after all, it was my Dad…and my Mom. What would Mom think? Just as important: what would Dad think? I dreamed of Dad’s erect cock and watching Mom attending to it. I wanted some of that, too. I was a very naughty young woman who enjoyed naughty things and so I went ahead with my dream and planned to find a way to realize it. I had experienced Le Petite Mort (the little death) with granddad’s donkey and longed to “die” again! This time with Dad.

I struggled with the Daughter/Dad thing and knew it was taboo but then the naughty in me rationalized: it was just a young woman’s hot willing mouth (and cunt?) and just a man’s impulsive hot cock with great pleasure for both…pleasing Dad and pleasing Daughter…what was wrong with that? And it could happen, I hoped. After all Mom, Dad and I were a close family and “they” started it all one night with an unknowing exhibition for their daughter. I figured it was their fault. Thus…

My awakening as a naughty person, fingers and hairbrush aside, dreaming of my Dad began when I left my room one night after hearing strange noises, tiptoed along our balcony and looked in Mom and Dad’s bedroom. What I saw was startling and wonderful: Mom sucking Dad’s cock and he was obviously enjoying the attention…I watched as his body stiffened, his fingers in my Mom’s hair stopped moving, and I stared as he tensed, lifted and let his cock release its cum into Mom’s mouth…so much it dribbled from her lips as she swallowed and looked up at him…both of them full of smiles. Did Dad have one of those ’little deaths?’ Later, still glued to the scene, Mom played with him until his cock went hard again, and I watched as they fucked and fucked…finally how Mom’s body erupted, shook and she made those seductive noises. I had dreams that night, squeezing myself to sleep on slippery hands.

I loved my Dad and knew it was very wrong but I wanted to suck on his cock and make him cum and smile and have his cum, what I couldn’t swallow, ooze from my lips…I wanted him to smile and hold me tight and whisper in my ear just like he had done Mom. Fucking him? That was more than I ever thought possible…but at least sucking him off. I loved my Dad so much. I wanted to please him…make both of us happy. His cock would be a fountain of joy for both of us if I could only find a way.

This was the problem: I didn’t know how to get that done…after all, he was my Dad and faithful to my Mom, I thought…but there was nothing that wrong about sharing with his daughter, was there? I wanted to find out!

Having rationalized the whole taboo thing, I had to get started with my plan but how to do it? I puzzled it over in my mind. A secret desire and how to make my dream come true? I took a chance and told my best girlfriend, Sherry, about things…I mean all the things that were extremely private and forbidden. She had been my school friend for several years and we had talked about our growing bodies and even sex things…I didn’t tell her about sucking granddad or my le petite mort with the donkey…I mean I told her everything but not quite “all” of everything.

I decided to tell Sherry about catching my Mom sucking Dad’s cock. Catching people doing those things, one’s parents, Sherry could understand that innocent, accidental encounter so I told her. “Gosh, Phyllis,” she confessed, “the same thing happened to me last month but I was too embarrassed to tell you.” That set us off into giggle land about our sexy Moms and Dads…and on the way home from school that day we were still full of giggles. We were closer as friends after that and I felt I could trust her with my desires for Dad. What I didn’t know about Sherry was that she had some sexy secrets of her own.

It was the beginning of my plan and the next day at lunch I made my own confession: “Sherry,” I said, “I have something private to tell you but it has to be a really, truly secret. Promise not to tell?” Secrets are so great and lots of fun to share and she quickly nodded, eager to hear my story.

I continued: “When I heard the bedroom noises and saw it was Mom sucking on Dad’s cock I couldn‘t stop staring. It was cool on the balcony in my nightie, peeking, but I didn’t get cold. Instead, I got hot and wet between my legs. I was rooted to the spot, watching them. Dad was stroking Mom’s hair and face as she sucked and licked his cock and then he stopped moving and tensed and came in her mouth. I could see her swallow and look up and they smiled and hugged. It all got me really hot and I masturbated and came good later that night. I went to sleep with my legs squeezing on my hands. When I woke up that morning I was still holding myself.” Sherry’s eyes were flashing and big. “You promised not to tell,” I repeated and she promised again…a sacred, best friend’s promise. Just telling her got me aroused. Her, too, because her face got red.

I went on. “Sherry…this is the really secret part…I’ve been dreaming about my Dad and about ME sucking his cock. I really want to do that.” “Phyllis!” she said. “Really? That is so naughty! He‘s your Dad.” I laughed: “Sherry, that’s the thing…I’m a very naughty girl…there’s got to be a way to do it. His cock is beautiful and thick…when I watched him cum in Mom’s mouth I almost came, too. I want to do it…to make Dad cum but I don‘t know how to do it.” It was very quiet and we finished our lunch. After school we were still quiet walking home. Then Sherry said: “Maybe I can help.” I looked at her and her eyes were big, a huge smile on her face asking her: “How?”

“Will there be a time when you and your Dad will be home alone?” she asked. I thought and remembered Mom was starting a night class. “Mom’s got a night class on Fridays,” I said, “but what’s your plan?” I was eager to know as we walked along. “Invite me over for the night on Friday, then I’ll show you…it’ll be me at first, not you, but after I get things started it’ll be easy!” I looked at her and she had this huge naughty smile. “What are you going to do Sherry?” I asked. “Just let me take care of the plan,” she said. She giggled and said: “You’ll see! Trust me.” I could hardly wait to see.

It was only Tuesday and we had to wait until Friday. That night I asked my parents if Sherry could stay overnight for “homework” and both Mom and Dad agreed…”What night?” Mom asked. I told her Friday…she looked at Dad and he said: “It’s fine with me. I’ll fix dinner for the three of us or maybe order a pizza.” I could hardly wait to tell Sherry the news and the plan was set, whatever her plan was I was trusting her and excited.

On Friday Sherry and I walked to our homes and she said: “I’ll be over about 6.” I nodded excitedly not knowing what to expect…I still had to wait a few hours until then. Later there was a knock on the door and there was Sherry, a night case in her hand. She was wearing a really short dress, her legs were bare and she had a ribbon in her hair.

Sherry was a sexy pretty girl, she filled out her clothing and looked great as she walked into the kitchen saying “Hi” to Mom and Dad. Sherry bent over to put down her night case. I was behind her and her little dress hiked up so I could see her panties! I was scared Mom might see but she didn’t. I began to figure out Sherry’s little devious plan: Sexy Sherry! I thought…you’re just as naughty as me…short dress, slim bare legs, skimpy panties. You’ll take every chance…after Mom leaves for class of course…to give Dad a little eye candy of your bare legs and your sexy panties…what man wouldn’t get aroused by a sweet young sexy woman showing her wares in the privacy of his home…when his wife was gone…nature would take over. His pump…his cock…would be primed.

I couldn’t wait to see how it all played out. Dad loved sex and sexy women. My Mom was very pretty and very sexy and loved sucking him off…He was ripe for Sherry’s plan…but he would never make a move in my presence. I decided at some point I would leave the two of them to play alone! Sherry wasn’t as naughty as me, I was sure, but she was close and someday I might tell her some more secrets to see what would she would say. We were having fun.

Mom left for her class and Dad ordered pizza which soon arrived…we sat at the table and he opened a beer…Sherry said: “My parents let me drink beer at home…is it okay?…I like beer.” Dad looked at me…back at Sherry…went and got her a beer. “Dad?” I asked. “Okay…okay, sweetie…a beer isn’t going to hurt and both of you are growing up.” He got me a beer and we began to eat pizza and wash it down. Sherry went over to her night case saying: “I should put this in our room.” Dad watched as she leaned over for the case…showing us her slender legs and panties. By this time, sitting and eating pizza, her panties had scrunched up into her butt crack and she was showing us her bare bottom cheeks! She was almost naked.

God! She had a gorgeous ass! I looked at Dad. He just smiled at me but kept looking…staring and stopped chewing pizza. He adjusted on his seat. Sherry gave him a nice long shot of her bottom. Did she wiggle slightly? She was being naughty and I was getting excited about our evening and drank some more beer. I was having trouble eating the pizza…my appetite was somewhere else with all the excitement. She took the night case to our bedroom. When she returned she took out another beer and sat down. I practically spit out my pizza she was so brazen. Dad was red in the face but didn‘t object. He got another, too. We all sat there eating and drinking with the air of sexuality swirling about us. It was all very warm in the room. Sherry smiled at Dad, her eyes were flashing again. “You are a very pretty girl,” he said. “Thank you.”

“Maybe we can see a movie later?” he said and we both agreed. We cleared the table and went to the TV room…Sherry sat on one side of Dad and I sat on the other. Her dress hiked way up her legs and she adjusted herself saying: “My panties got tight,” then moving and reaching under her dress to straighten them. She looked over at me with this look: ‘time for you to go somewhere.’ I took the hint and said: “Dad, I’m going to take a shower and get dressed for bed.” “Okay sweetie…” And I trotted off…I was so excited about how things were going I had to settle down for the quickest shower.

After showering I put on my skimpiest nightie…I had been gone half an hour, when I returned the TV was on but no one was watching it…I tiptoed to the corner of the room as quietly as possible. Sure enough, my sexy Dad and Sherry were in a deep embrace…they were actively kissing and feeling. Her bare knees were apart and in the air. Dad’s back was to me and as I entered Sherry opened her eyes, not breaking her kiss, and winked at me…her plan was in full flow. I just stood there and watched. Dad had no idea I was there. I was breathing softly. Their breathing was heavy.

“You kiss good. I love to suck cock, and I want to suck yours,” Sherry said to him, pulling out of the kiss. Dad looked at her and she pushed him down prone on the couch. “No, Sherry,” he said but didn’t move. “This is wrong,” he said. “I know, but I want to suck your cock. We’re along and no one will ever know,” she said. Dad mumbled something and I heard his zipper. “Sherry,” he mumbled, “Sherry!” I saw her move down…she was sucking him now! Dad’s hands were in her hair, caressing; Sherry’s head was moving and I heard the sucking and Dad’s oohing and ahhhing… and ohgodding…Sherry’s hand went up beckoning me and I tiptoed over to see it all…Dad, his thick stiff cock standing all erect and engorged…Sherry licking it up and down, kissing the tip…she motioned to me to kneel beside her and I did.

Dad heard me and opened his eyes. “Honey,“ he said to me…his face hot and embarrassed…“It’s okay Dad…I love you…your cock is beautiful…I want to watch you cum….” “Sherry…Phyllis,“ he grunted but he was in the thralls of pleasure. He was too far along on pleasure road and just closed his eyes, reaching out to hold my hand, all the while petting Sherry’s hair and ear as she held his cock, licked under its tip which was oozing precum…her tongue was all over his cock with their juices and it was shiny and slick…also playing with his balls. I squeezed his hand and he gripped mine.

This was the moment I had dreamed…Dad’s cock, erect, moist, his eyes closed…Sherry and I changed hands…and it was my turn to start licking and stroking Dad’s cock…it flexed to my touch and I licked up to the tip which flexed and oozed. He reached out… played with my hair. But my hair was long. Sherry’s was short. He felt my long hair and then stopped, looking up to see it was me sucking him. His eyes were big and hesitated. “I love you Dad,” I said. He closed his eyes and laid back.

“Phyllis! This isn’t right.” “I love you Dad…I’ve seen Mom suck you off and I want to do it too…Lie back and let me…please?” I resumed licking and sucking…it was too late for him, his body had taken charge of his mind and he laid back…he was close and stiff and he just rested on the pillow, moaning some words. I heard something like Oh god, sweetie, you are so good …Sherry was stroking his balls and his legs and I was licking him slowly and carefully, sucking under the head of his cock. He moaned again, feeling my hair and mumbling: “You’re good Phyllis…just as good as Mom…OH GOD!…OH!…“ He tensed then, his fingers gripped my ears…I felt his cock stiffen and his hands went still on me…just like with Mom…I waited, licked more and then he came in my mouth and came again with wonderful spurts…I swallowed every bit of cum I could but some still oozed from the corners of my mouth and I licked that beautiful cock up one side and down.

“Phyllis!” he moaned and looked at me…”You are very good…that was so good…it’s just so wrong…I don’t know…” He let out a deep breath…a sigh from his mouth. I smiled at him and petted his cock and belly, ran my fingers in his cock hair and fondled his balls, leaning up to kiss him…his cum on my kissing lips…I licked his cum all over his lips. It was very sweet and I held his face to mine for the longest time. I reached down and played with his limp cock. “I’ve dreamed about it Daddy ever since I saw you and Mom. I heard you two late at night and making noises…I came to see what you were doing.” It was quiet in the room and I kept stroking. Dad held me to him…”I love you, too,” he said and I licked cum over his lips. I whispered to him: “Am I as good as Mom?” He whispered back with a nod, chuckling: “Maybe better.” His words thrilled me. My body was so hot and shivering.

As great as was a nice stiff cuming cock, what happened to it after that was also fun…Dad’s was now so soft and I loved petting and fiddling with it. Flopping it back and forth on my fingers. His soft cock was like a little baby, sound asleep and I was caressing its tiny body. I continued to lick my cum-coated lips on his mouth…tonguing his tongue…then I played with him some more, and slowly his cock began to come alive…I kept at it. Dad was relaxed and resigned to enjoy all of the pleasure Sherry and I were giving him…the taboo thing was in the past. We were past it forever. And tt was as though the sweet, slumbering baby cock was coming around and needed nourishment.

Dad’s soft cock was like that…it was arising, arousing, and needed attention. His soft baby cock came alive in my hand. Sherry was tugging off his pants…I looked down and Dad was now naked below the waist, all inhibition gone, his cock in the air…Sherry was rubbing his legs and his cock rose full up…she played on it with her fingertips, teasing him with her nails and it flexed to her teasing. Then she played with his balls and pushed my hand away. She stood and lifted her dress. Her panties were gone and she was bare! A bare, hot cunt and my Dad…the baby cock now awake…erect, flexing, wanting and eager. Dad and Sherry were ready for more…I loved the scene of lust and passion…it was so hot and wet! I kissed him again. I was so happy.

Sherry had a gorgeous ass and her small pussy was nice too…with little hairs like a frame around her puffy cunt lips…I could see she was wet, Dad’s cock was oozing too. She got on the couch and straddled Dad’s legs as he lay there stretched out…she scooted up, up, and brushed away my hand from his cock…Dad was stiff and his cock was hard and standing again, pulsing, slick. Sherry took hold of it, stroked the wet and moved over Dad…her cunt now in prime position. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing…she moved his cock along her cunt lips. Dad looked up feeling her legs along his: “Sherry…what? No!” But it was too late as she lowered her body…cunt and cock meeting, hot, wet and teasing. We were all hot again and I kissed Dad to stop him from resisting. He kissed back…I peeked at Sherry out of the corner of my eye. She was straddling and squatting and Dad’s cock was entering her cunt…it was so sexy to see the head of his cock hidden inside, spreading her puffed lips.

Sherry had a hot smile, watery eyes and winked again at me…that cunning wink…I hoped Mom wouldn’t come home early…Sherry slowly inserted Dad’s cock into her wet cunt finally, squatting and impaling herself with his entire length. Her blonde cunt hairs and his dark cock hairs made a beautiful scene. She sat on him and rested, looking at the ceiling, moving herself on him, back and forth, then lifted and sat, lifted and sat. Dad got involved now. His hands went to Sherry’s hips, holding her, lifting her and pulling her down…more and more…he was making her his fucking tool.

”You’re fucking my cunt, you dirty man,” Sherry said to Dad teasing, “I want you to come in me…I’m on the pill. [Sherry…I didn’t know that! I was thinking…she’s not told me she was fucking people. Sherry’s naughty…like me] Sherry milked my Dad, “Fuck me,” she demanded and he was in and out, I watched his glistening cock lifting into her…she held her head and rode Dad…it was such a hot scene…just like Mom and Dad except Sherry and I were doing it to him. He tensed and lifted and held and she rode him a few more strokes…his cum was dripping out of her cunt…Dad’s delicious cum that was still on my lips…he was a real man to cum twice…maybe it was Sherry…or me… or both of us…She rested on him, still impaled, leaned on his chest, resting her head on him and purred…his arms went around her and held. “You are really dirty girls,” he murmured…”this was all wrong…and wonderful.” His words sent me another thrill. My body shook. Sucking Dad didn’t give me another Le Petite Mort…not this time at least…but Mom had classes every Friday…Sherry and I had all week to plan another visit!

“We love making you cum Dad…” I said, and gave him a final lips lick. We heard the garage door open…it was Mom…home early! We all moved fast…dresses, pants, panties, zipper, straight faces…all of us back to watching the TV on the couch…Then the door opened and there was Mom…we all looked up and smiled innocently though I knew my face must have been flushed. I didn’t think Mom noticed. “Did you have a good class?” we asked. Mom nodded…”How was the pizza?” she said…”Good.” “Have you had a nice evening?” We nodded and Sherry said: “Great.” ”What were you watching?” she asked. Dad said: “Just an old show.” She let it go at that. It was what we were doing…no idea of what we were watching, except each other. But she let it go at that. Whew!

Mom said: “I’m exhausted and I’m going to bed.” Thank goodness for that we thought as we three smiled at each other. Truth be told, we were exhausted, too.

It had been more than I could have dreamed…and Mom had classes every Friday…think of that…which we did. That night, in my room, Sherry and I were full of little secrets and giggles…“You’re on the pill? Where can I get the pill?“ We hugged and held each other and fell into a deep sleep…wet dreams…we were exhausted and wondered if Mom and Dad had sex that night…I didn’t think so. Enough was enough for all of us and, besides, Mom had said she was tired. I looked forward to next Friday…maybe it would be my turn to fuck Dad…Would I have a “little death” again? I could dream, couldn’t I?…so far my dreams were working. I dozed off with dreams of Le Petite Mort. I wanted to “die” again…this time with Dad.

AFTERWORD: Later, with trepidation, Dad entered the master bedroom, pausing, and listening. Was Mom sound asleep so there would be no nervous pillow talk? He relaxed as Mom was apparently asleep, her breathing slow and steady. Dad tiptoed past their bed to the bathroom where he washed his cock of any lingering evidence, brushed his teeth, dried everything carefully. It had been a startling, sensual night with two young sexy women…he had crossed the line past TABOO…he should have been ashamed of himself but he wasn’t. The blowjob was outstanding and then vigorously fucking Sherry’s tight wet young girl’s cunt was the finishing touch to the erotic evening. An evening of lust. ’God I hope she is asleep and not feeling randy’ he thought to himself…and ’Please God.’

He exited the bathroom and with as much stealth as he could muster slipped gently under the covers, lying still, purposely not touching his wife’s body that might awaken her. She was still breathing steadily. His prayer had been answered.

But then! …………..She turned on her side quietly saying: “Good night sweetie.” He mumbled a ’mmmm’ but a nervous ’mmmm.’ He wanted sleep and quiet and no talk, just heartfelt prayer for slumber………… “Have a nice time while I was gone?” another whisper and he said: “I’m tired.” Damn it! Put this night to bed now, please! Dad was getting nervous. Mom’s hand was inside his pajamas playing with his soft cock. “Sherry’s face was a bright red when I came home.” More play with his cock. ‘mmmm’ he mumbled…more prayer…please let us sleep…please dear God.

“I’ve seen a red face just like Sherry’s before…haven’t you?” ‘mmmm’ “She is a very sexy young girl…did you see her bend over in the kitchen when she arrived? I sure did. Beautiful bare legs, skimpy panties and a luscious ass.!” ‘mmmm’ but his body was betraying him, thinking of the evening and now his wife’s fingers playing, his cock was hardening, confessing to the taboo. He focused on his cock, urging it to softness…to no avail…the evening, the cock sucking and cunt fucking and now wife’s damn fingers…impossible!

She said…while fingering…”Confession is good honey…and besides, your cock is already confessing, just thinking about sweet sexy Sherry, it doesn’t need any help from me you dirty man. I’ll bet she was a good fuck.“ ‘mmmm’ “So, I love you even if you’ve been naughty but I need to know…tell me all about it…It‘s making me randy just to think about that sweet young thing fucking you.”

Dad’s cock was at full attention and oozing again…her fingers playing the slick over his tip. He flexed. He took a deep breath and exhaled his confession: “I couldn’t help myself, honey. It wasn’t my fault. They took advantage. We were just sitting there. Sherry said her panties were tight and lifted her dress. Her bare legs are beautiful and I couldn’t help looking. Sherry seduced me. They seduced me.” Mom whispered: “Of course they did…I‘m glad you told me. I already guessed. She is a naughty girl. They?”

‘Oh no!’ that word and did she ever hear it? “THEY? THEY! Can’t I leave randy Dad alone even with Phyllis…Sherry is one thing, but Phyllis, our daughter? You said ’THEY’” Mom was cooing in Dad’s hot ear, his cock alive. “Tell me the truth…tell me what happened.” And I did…the whole thing…all of the seduction and cocksucking and fucking [Sherry’s on the pill] how she positioned her cunt and sat on me…and all the cuming and cuming. It was great, the best.

With that, inspired by his confession, the covers were thrown back, pajamas off…Mom asked for it! and Dad showed Mom he still had something left…only it was just straight fucking and loud groaning. Sex had never been so good or so naughty…Mom had Le Petite Mort. They fell asleep, “dying” in each others arms, Mom still impaled on his now truly exhausted, softening cock. What would the morning bring? And what about next Friday? ‘mmmm!’

End of Part II…but part III, to be continued…

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Le Petite Mort, Part II

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