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  2. Vile - Chapter 2 - Bloodhound
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Vile - Chapter 2 - Bloodhound

Categories Fantasy, Oral Sex, Rape, Violence

Author: SinfulOblivionII

Published: 31 August 2018

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The clattering of chains across the rigged ivory floor filled the chamber while distant dripping carried soft, eerie echoes throughout; if one were to listen closely faint panting, that of a female, could be made out deep within. Abstract light ever faintly illuminated the walls of the room, revealing its vast size littered in a wide array of stone columns, packed in such quantities that to the unfocused eye the chamber could be mistaken for a forest. A room with no doors, no windows, seemingly no entrance or escape that housed an untold history of countless vile secrets and sickening truths; an evil filled the chamber, a sense of cruelty that would chill even the most stoic of would be heroes to their very core, and only those broken to the foundation of their being could ever grow use to its oppressive air. It was those misfortuned few, those so beaten and abused that they no longer felt the horrors of this place as any more prominent than the oxygen filling their lungs, that the distant feminine panting belonged to. Women, stripped naked and bound by restraints, were chained in a line at one of the far ends of the chamber; each forced to her knees to accept their purpose of offering pleasure to strange men in strange masks, pitiful toys for their captors pleasures of both flesh and violence.

Ivory crumbled into dust as a clearing opened in the center of one of the chamber's walls, breaking the subtle sounds of the room with hideous screams and desperate cries from just beyond the newly formed passage; a thin fiend cloaked in red dress drifted unnaturally into the faintly lit dungeon, its face obscured by a crimson veiled hood. As the crimson figure floated deeper into the chamber's depths the screams grew ever louder, and soon a black chain suspended by unseen forces made its way in pursuit, as if being pulled by the curled black fingers of the fiend several feet in advance; what followed was a terrified young woman, the dark skin of her womanly naked figure plagued by endless scrapes and scratches, her once beautiful ebony hair now a torn memory of what it had been clinging to her sweaty, sobbing visage. The wall sealed itself immediately following the jailer and its prize's entry, once again closing off any escape that could have been conceived of those who did not wish to remain within. The dark skinned girl clawed desperately at the cold floor of the dungeon, screaming and sobbing in pure terror as she lashed out for anything to grasp in sheer futility; the chain tugged ever harder and she found herself jerked forth with a violent toss, the chain piercing itself into the nearby wall as she found herself amongst several other women in the very same situation, many being used in various ways, none of which she wished to endure herself.

Sharp jolts of pain raced through her scalp as she felt her hair jerking her head upward, her eyes falling on a lifeless mask covering the face of a towering figure with jet black skin standing over her. The woman recoiled and tried to pull away, but the man grasped her hair tighter and jerked her close, using his other hand to viciously strike her across the face so brutally that her vision blurred and blood filled her mouth. Then came that moment she had dreaded, the ebony haired girl found herself face to face with a massive penis, half hardened and dangling just before her; it was vaguely deformed and boasted as size far exceeding those she knew them capable of, and before she could react the man's hips pushed forward and pressed the head to her lips. Crying deeply to herself and fearing what would become of her if she resisted, the girl softly placed her mouth around the tip of the monster before her, trying her best to stomach the taste as she began to create suction. The girl's scalp burned intensely as her captor pulled her closer, forcing first the head and then the first couple inches into her mouth; it throbbed within and felt as though it would shatter her jaw at any instant, and just as she felt she could take no more it did. The enormous, otherwordly cock forced its way so deeply into the enslaved girl's mouth that a loud crack could be heard, immediately drowned out by the horrid cry of pure agony that accompanied such an event. Grunting angrily the masked captor continued to force his meat down her throat until she could hardly breath, and all that kept her conscious was the overwhelming anguish that filled her shattered jaw as he began to hatefully fuck her face. Blood pooled from her lips and slathered the girth of his shaft as it pounded forward again and again until finally it tensed up and unleashed its torrent of vile semen, so much that it flooded her throat and mixed with the pouring blood that dripped to the floor beneath them.

The abuser pulled his manhood from the broken girl's face and she instantly collapsed onto her hands, vomiting what she could onto the ground and taking deep breaths when she could. With a violent shove the captor's foot knocked the poor girl onto her back helplessly, her legs naturally falling wide to brace her and exposing her crotch to him. With a heavy thud the bulky frame fell atop the enslavers' prey, his beastly hands on either side of her head while his bloated gut painfully pressed against her small body. Tears blinded the victim's eyes in heavy streams both at what had occurred and what awaited her as she felt the massive head of his mangled cock press between her legs, and soon the floor was bathed in blood from a most cruel penetration. Ever deeper drove the throbbing girth of this masked man's penis, stretching and tearing as it pleased with no concern for its victim, and soon that very blood mixed with thick, furtile seed overflowing from the trembling girl's entrance. Seemingly satisfied, the masked behemoth rose to his feet, glanced at the crimson cloaked figure as if in acknowledgement, and the two vanished from the room. The girl convulsed on the floor, her body destroyed and abandoned while the other girls simply ignored what had happened, as if entirely numb to such travesties.

"Hey, Ox... do you think that guy really took her? At the time it seemed right but I think I was just freakin' out, ya know? Would he really... do that?" Rhino looked down at his feet as if in shame to have ever thought so ill of someone he did not even know. Ox remained silent for a moment, but in a calm voice replied, "No idea. Seen some pretty messed up shit in my time, even before all this. Didn't seem the type but wouldn't be too surprised either. Anyone who'd get violent with an old lady like that's bad news." The four of them continued on through the forest, mostly free of banter and occasionally stopping at small heaps to take rest. Bird had come up with the idea to take some of the dust from each heap and form what they could of a trail along their path so they could find their way back to the others, but the thought had not occurred to her until they had already walked for what must have been an hour; she was also the first to see it. Off in the distance shambled a frail, pale form, its body stumbling with almost every step, its gait barely directed to any set path beyond the occasional tree to fall against. "Look! They look hurt!" Bird cried out, quickly making her way forward towards the frail one ahead. She could now see the figure's legs completely covered in blood, and before long she knew it was one of them; his hands, legs, and head were encased in the same shell of bone, exposing a majority of the rest of his body to the world. Bird's cries were labored in worry, "Are you okay!?" She continued to run towards the wounded man at full speed, but as she closed in she came to a sudden halt, her eyes widening at the sight of his mangled groin. "...W-what happened!? What did this to you!?" The man, who had not responded to her before, now turned to face her. A profound still fell over the silence of the shaded woods abound them as the two stood in a locked gaze, and quickly Bird felt a terrible fear creep into her mind. Crisp grass crunched rapidly as the torn man bolted towards the helpless girl at unnatural speeds, freezing Bird in place from pure horror; the man's body seemed to contort the faster he ran, his limbs stretching and thinning with each step before taking to the air in a bold leap. Bird cried out in fear at the sight of the quickly approaching attacker, and soon he was upon her.

Two thin, powerful hands whipped and clawed at Bird, tearing into her flesh and warming her body in her own blood. She tried desperately to force him off of her, but with each attempt the contorted man felt as if he grew stronger, and soon his gnarled hands were violently tearing at the girl's mask, as if for some unknown reason completely desperate to remove it. Cries of terror filled the darkness as Bird steadily lost further control of the situation, and just as a large chunk of the mask cracked free exposing the girl's mouth and jaw, Hound charged forward and tore the man away from his lover, pinning him to the ground and savagely striking him again and again with all of his might. Ox and Rhino caught up shortly after and helped Bird to her feet, who immediately clung to Ox's powerful frame and buried her masked face into his chest. Hound continued to drive his plated fists against the contorted man's chest and face, cracking the bone and breaking away entire segments before soon striking through to flesh. The frail man made no human cries from the bruality crashing down upon him but animalistic, gutteral snarls while viciously trying to fight back, his own plated hands scraping and clawing in vain as his body grew ever weaker before finally succumbing to the beating. Shaking with rage, Hound lifted his sturdy frame to its feet above the fiend he had slaughtered, blood dripping from the plates covering his still clenched fists, his skin spattered in deep red gore as he glanced over his shoulder at the others. "How is she?"

Bird stared at the man she had been so fond of, her eyes glistening with tears as she witnessed the madness before her; she felt as though she should fear him, this Hound she only just realized she hardly knew, and yet such feelings absent. In a running leap Bird grasped onto her lover, embracing him tightly against her trembling body. Hound wrapped his arms securely around Bird, his eyes focusing passionately upon her, his hand stroking her brown hair softly. "Are you alright...?" Bird's eyes locked onto Hound's and she quickly nodded, still trembling from the intensity of the passing moments before clutching him tighter to her naked body. Her lips now exposed, she leaned close and kissed Hound's neck, and soon she found herself pinned against the grass. The world did not exist anymore, those horrible moments had no longer happened; all that remained was Bird and her lover. Ox and Rhino averted their gaze as the others immediately began to fuck each other, choosing to find the nearest heap and give the lovers privacy. Fiercely Hound thrust his hips into Bird's heated groin, her pussy clenching tightly around his swollen manhood as his girth pulsed within her. Their bodies were wildly entangled, arms and legs locked around one another as cries of passion and pleasure filled the night air, their sweat washing away the blood of the carnage only moments earlier. Upon her first climax, Hound withdrew from his lover and flipped her around, pushing her onto her hands and knees before him, immediately thrusting his throbbing cock back into her swollen mound and gripping her by her hips. Bird grasped heavily against the damp grass beneath her as she braced for his powerful body, her eyes rolling back in her head as she panted in loving rapture and slammed her ass back against her lover's heat. As Bird's second climax approached Hound's cock tensed deep within her, and the two of them cried out as they came.

Wasting little more time than to get her breath, Bird spun her body to face her lover and pushed him onto his back. "I have an idea..." As she gazed upon his glistened, skyward manliness she drew closer and, taking advantage of her newly exposed mouth, began to kiss along his still pulsing length. Every last bit of Hound's cock was thoroughly explored by Bird's hungrily, soft lips as they made their way from head to base, first on either side and then top and bottom. Lips all but satisfied from kissing Bird's warm tongue then began to lap and curl at her lover's engorged erection before she finally took him into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down as he entered her throat again and again almost as if she was a professional; gripping the back of her head Hound's eyes rolled back and he let out a gasp at the intense spoiling he was receiving. The no longer timid brunette sucked deeply and hungrily, taking every bit of his cock all the way beyond her lips until Hound could hold it no longer, and hot cum shot deep into his lover's throat. Bird blushed as her mouth filled with thick cream and she continued her suction until not a drop was wasted; delicately bathing the length of his cock and curling her tongue around the ridge of the head she expertly cleaned his manhood and swallowed what little remained, and the two collapsed once again in one another's arms.

"I really need to find a woman..." Rhino muttered to himself as he rested against the heap of dust. "We're not even here a day and the guy gets pussy twice... here I haven't even gotten a glance." Ox's nostrils flared as he overheard Rhino talking to himself. "I hope you ain't complaining about them. You gotta apply yourself if you want a woman, not just stare at them while they sleep." Though hidden by the mask, every bit of color drained from Rhino's face at the booming sound of Ox's words. "I... I was just looking out for her! Nobody else was nearby and... somebody needed to make sure nobody tried anything! You saw her!" "Yeah, and you saw her too... Can I be real with you? First thing I thought when you said she went missing was you did it." Ox glared down at the heavy set man as he clumsily rose to his feet from the pile of dust, almost falling in the process. "What!? I'm the one who warned everyone! Why would I if I..." Ox scowled, "Like I said, first thought. Not like I still think that, wouldn't make much sense. But I ain't lyin' when I say part of why I was cool with you coming along was to keep my eye on you." Rhino scoffed and sulked his way to the other side of the small heap, falling back against it. "When you're done poutin'... we need to get back to the others. By the looks of it Bird and her boy are done, and we did just see somethin' pretty fucked up I think they should be warned about."

There was a silence from Rhino for a short while, but before long his tone had changed, "...Who was that guy? Was he one of us? He was wearing the same stuff we are... but I don't remember seeing him when we fell... What the hell happened to him...? Why was he like that!?" Ox had dropped his aggressive demeanor, "I've got no idea what the hell was goin' on with that, I don't remember seein' him neither." "Come to think of it... I swear I noticed him briefly." Bird, now returned with her lover to the small ivory pile, spoke up. "I remember seeing someone kind of like that when we were falling... he gave me a really uneasy vibe. It's part of what freaked me out so bad... I guess I just sort of forgot about him, though." Hound wrapped his arm around Bird's shoulders, pulling her close. "You're right, Ox. We need the others to know and I think it's best we take the body with us." As the group turned to head towards the bloody remains of Hound's prey, a chill crept throughout each of them. There, in the blood matted depression of grass in which the frail man's beaten form once lay lifeless, now remained only crimson; the man was nowhere to be seen.

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Vile - Chapter 2 - Bloodhound

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