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Categories Fiction, Blackmail, Blowjob, Reluctance

Author: Impax

Published: 31 August 2018

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Miranda sighed and shook her head, holding the days mail. The landlord had written her out an eviction notice and mailed it, instead of posting it on a freshly locked door, so she counted herself lucky. The power had been turned off last month, so the lack of food to spoil in the fridge wasn't an issue. He heard the kitchen door open, and her fifteen year old daughter came in, still wearing the blue plaid skirt and blouse/sweater combo that the school provided last year. She kept her silence and directed her daughter to go change out of her school clothes with a wordless glance.

Her daughter, Wendy, came in and saw the expression on her mother's face and immediately knew something was wrong. She saw the bills in her mother's hand, and had a very strong suspicion of what was causing that pained look. She hesitated a moment, then went to her room without speaking. Mother would talk if she wanted to. Wendy would give her the space that she wanted and went to change her clothes, trading the uniform for sweats.

As soon as she had left, Miranda put her face in her hands and sighed deeply, wondering which of the bills was going to go unpaid. Probably all of them, including the rent. Again.

As she sat there, thinking about how much she owed as compared to how much as didn't have, a knock came on the front door. She started, not expecting any company, but got up to answer it. She found her landlord there, smiling gently at her.

“Oh!” she said, startled to see him there. She looked around at the kitchen as he came forward and entered, unbidden. “I wasn't expecting you. I'm so sorry; I would have cleaned up a little better.”

“It's fine, Miranda. You've always kept house good enough to suit me anyway.” His smile widened a little, even though it never touched his eyes. “You're two months in arrears on the rent, you know.”

“I... I know,” she admitted, looking down at the floor “I'm sorry! I can pay you... uhh, later?”

“I know how you can settle the debt you owe right now, Miranda,” he said, putting one finger under her chin and making her look at him. He kept his hand in place longer than necessary, and kept it there, even after she tried to brush it away with one hand. “Just let me do anything I want, Miranda, and your rent debt will go away. Be an active participant in doing what I want you do, and the rest of those bills will be taken care of, too.”

“Ohh, I don't...” she began, but he shushed her with a look.

“I know you don't, Miranda,” he said, smiling again. “That's what I like about you the most. You feel things very deeply.” He looked right at her. “I want you to let me do what I want.”

“I... okay,” she said, looking a little crest-fallen. “You can do what-ever you want. I've been on birth control since Wendy was born. I'm safe.”

His hand went onto her cheek and caressed her face. “Are you going to participate in what I want you to do?”

She shuddered. “You want me to fuck you back, right?” Her eyes met his. “Yes, I'll participate in what you want.”

“I don't want JUST that, Miranda. I want your participation in EVERYTHING I want you to do, Miranda,” he said. “Am I going to get it?”

She shuddered again, then nodded. His smile widened.

“Good. Take me into Wendy's room.”

“What?!! No!” she protested. “I agreed to do stuff with you! Leave Wendy out of this!”

“I'm not going to make Wendy do anything,” he said mildly. “However, she lives here, too, and she should know what her mother is doing to provide for her. This is what I want, Miranda. You agreed to obey me. Are you going back on your word already? I can leave right now, and let the sheriff know that your eviction is in effect and you're trespassing.”

Her face went pale as she realized the predicament she was in. If she didn't comply, both she and her daughter would be homeless within a day, no prospects, no income, no hope of improving their situation, at all. She really didn't want to, but she could see little choice.

Wendy is the same age I was when I learned this about men. She's old enough to learn this. I was. Miranda thought to herself, reasoning in her mind

“You promise not to touch her? I'm the only one you're going to fuck?” Miranda asked, knowing she couldn't make him live up to it unless he chose to live up to it. She wanted him to say it anyway. It helped build a case for rape, later, if it became necessary on Wendy's behalf.

He smiled, seeing the trap her words were laying. “I promise not to touch her first. If she wants to touch me, well, I'm not going to stop her. Come on, you're wasting my time. Show me into her room, or show me the door.”

Miranda hesitated only another moment, seeing the look on his face and the knowing smile on his mouth. She went deeper into the apartment and took him to her daughter's room.

“Go in and explain what she is about to see. I'll give you one minute,” he said, his smile broadening

Miranda went in and saw her daughter laying on her bed, listening to her Walkman while reading a book. She took the headphones off and looked at her mother, a little surprised that she hadn't knocked before entering.

“Wendy, Mr. Malone is here,, and he wants me to have sex with him in order to forgive the debt we've accumulated over the last few months. He wants to do it where you can watch us, because he says part of the debt is yours, too, since you live here as well. He's given me no choice about this at all. Forgive me?”

Wendy looked at her mother, mostly in shock. She couldn't believe what she had just heard! Her mother.. was going to... have sex... with Mr. Malone? And she had to watch them do it? And she was doing it, because of... money. Her mother was going to be a prostitute!

Wendy was more than a little curious about sex. She hadn't been allowed to date at all, but her girlfriends at school had told her all the things THEY had done on dates with boys. Just kissing and stuff, but her best friend Melissa had let Bobby Anderson put his hands on her breasts last time she went out with him, and by all accounts, it had been enjoyable for both of them, because Wendy had heard all about it after Bobby had told all.

He told the whole starting line of the football team that Wendy had even sucked him off for a second, but then she quit and wouldn't even touch it with her hands again. Everyone knew she was a prude who was afraid of cocks by the time she got to school (late, thanks to her father's driving through traffic) and her reputation was sealed forever, in that town.

Melissa had turned down a dozen dates from different boys after that; waiting for Bobby to ask her out again, but he never did, because Melissa now had a reputation as an easy mark. Wendy didn't want THAT kind of attention, even though she kept her friendship with Melissa. In truth, she was more than a little curious to see what sex was all about, but she didn't want a reputation like Melissa. She was a good girl, and she wanted to stay that way.

Her door opened again as she was digesting what her mother had just told her, and was surprised to see Mr. Malone enter, also without knocking. Mother looked a little disturbed to see him there, but she didn't send him away, either. He smiled at the younger girl and turned his attention to her mom.

“Your minute is up,” he said. “I would like you to start by kissing me, on the mouth. Let Wendy see what you're doing, because I know for a fact that she's curious. Every girl her age is.”

“I'm sorry you have to see me doing this, Wendy. A girl your age shouldn't have to witness such things.” Miranda said, then went forward a little and let Mr. Malone put his arms about her waist, bringing her in so close that their bodies pressed against each other. She closed her eyes and waited for him to kiss her, but it never came. She opened her eyes again.

“I want YOU to kiss me,” he said. “Else, how would I know that you're actively participating, and not just letting me do what I want? You have to fuck ME, Miranda.”

“Oh, well, I... yes, sir.” she said, seeing the warning look her gave her. She pressed her lips to his and began kissing him, but was surprised a moment later when she felt his tongue go into her mouth. She tried to pull back, but he had his hands on her head, preventing her from getting away so easily.

“Are you watching, Wendy? Are you paying close attention to what I like?” he asked. He was enjoying himself immensely, she could tell. He liked taking her mother against her will!

“Leave her out of this!” Miranda gasped. “You're not to touch her!”

“I'm not touching her at all, Miranda. I'm merely asking her a question, which I expect an answer to. Right now!” He gave the younger girl a warning look, the same one he had given her mother just a moment ago, and the daughter was just as intimidated by it as her mother had been.

“Yes, sir, I'm watching. I'm paying very close attention. Sir,” she added, seeing that look again.

“Good, I want you to watch VERY closely at everything your mother does,” he said. “Miranda, when was the last time you were intimate with a man? How long has it been for you, since you got fucked?”

Miranda's breath caught in her throat, and she shot a terrified look at her daughter.

“It was when I was in high school, sir. I was only fifteen, and Wendy's father invited me to his Junior prom in my sophomore year. I was incredibly honored, because a whole lot of other girls were vying for the same thing. I was incredibly proud to have been chosen, but instead of taking me to the dance; he brought me to his parents lake house and raped me. I've been afraid of men ever since.”

“What about women? Are you afraid of them?” he asked, then kissed her again. She kissed him back, feeling something awaken inside her; something she'd never felt before. Well, she'd felt it at night, occasionally, and masturbated it away, but thankfully, it didn't happen very often, and she could easily dismiss it the next day. That feeling was here; she felt it, and his kisses were making it more intense.

“Sir? I've never been with another woman. I guess... no, I'm not afraid of them.” she whispered, answering his question.

“You've never kissed another woman? Never been kissed by one, like I'm kissing you right now?” he asked, kissing her again and tasting her passion. It was very sweet.

She shook her head, and winced at the look in his eyes. It was a look of gleeful pleasure, and she didn't much care for the hint of lust she saw in it. That made her shiver slightly, and his eyes glinted brighter.

“Please? I don't want...” she began, but he shushed her by putting one finger over her lips.

“Shh,” he quieted her. “I'm well aware that 'you don't want...” he said. “Ask yourself this, how much do I care about what you want? I'm quite aware that you don't want to be doing this at all, let alone in front of your only daughter, but we're doing this because it's what I want, remember? The very idea of losing control, having it TAKEN away from you; that is what you really desire, is it not?”

She nodded under his hand, and let him kiss her again, feeling his tongue inside her mouth. His hands went onto her head again, making her look right at him as he moved his face away.

“So, did he just fuck you, the father of your child; or did he make you suck his cock, too? Have you ever seen a cock as big as mine? Did he put it right in front of your eyes and made you keep them open, so you could see it coming, closer and then it was inside your mouth? Do you remember the way he tasted?”

“What? No, I never even saw it; he just had sex with me! I never even really got a good look at it, honest! I had my eyes shut, most of the time. All I can remember about that night is his face, and the hate in his eyes!” she said, but his hands went to her shoulders and encouraged her to kneel in front of him.

“I'm taking the choice away from you, Miranda! I'm MAKING you do this! You have no choice; no choice AT ALL!” he ordered firmly, not looking at her, at all. He was looking at Wendy, but feeling Miranda's newly awakened lust. Her secret fantasy was coming true!

“Oh, please, don't make me do this! Not in front of Wendy, please?” Miranda begged, feeling the full effects of knowing that she was about to prostitute herself for the very first time. She was afraid that her daughter would finally know that truth about her; the truth she had denied to everyone all her life, even to herself.

It was her last chance; her very last excuse, but she could tell that he was having none of it. She looked at him, but he was looking at Wendy. She looked at her daughter and realized that all of the girl's attention was focused on this man. Miranda looked back up at him and got his attention with her delay, begging with her eyes.

“I'm a generous man,” he said, smiling. “I'll grant you this one request. You won't have to suck it in front of your daughter.”

“Oh, thank you, thank you!” she gushed with relief, starting to stand back up, but he stopped her with his hands and grinned at her.

“You won't have to do it in FRONT of her; you'll be doing it BESIDE her! Wendy, come over here and kneel beside your mother. Do it right now!”

Wendy felt a thrill of fear shoot through her, but one look at the warning in his eyes told her to get moving. She hesitated only a moment, but then she saw the look her mother gave her, and moved to come beside her. In front of HIM, this man with his pants closed and his massive thing tenting out the front.

She looked at her mother, who, if anything, looked more afraid than Wendy felt, but the woman on her knees had a defeated look in her eye and gave a silent shake of her head while her eyes said yes, so Wendy went to her knees beside her.

“Miranda, open my pants and take my cock out. Make sure that that your daughter gets a good, long look at it, then take it in your mouth and begin sucking on it.” he commanded, and Miranda let out a sigh, knowing she had no choice but to obey.

“I don't want to do this,” Miranda whispered, lifting her hands up and unbuckling his belt. “Please, please, don't make Wendy suck it! She's so innocent!”

“I'm not going to 'make' Wendy do anything,” he countered. “Wendy, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do, okay? Your mother does! I'm fulfilling her deepest fantasy right now, making her do every dirty thing she never dared to image.” he explained. “However, that being said, if there is something that you DO want to do, you have my full permission to do it. That includes leaving, if that's what you want.”

Miranda's hands stopped moving, his fly half-way down. “She can leave?”

“If she wants to,” he answered. “But she can stay, too. If she wants to. I bet she's more curious about what sex looks like than she is afraid. Aren't you, Wendy? Do you want to stay and watch me fuck your mother?” The feelings he was beginning to get from Wendy hadn't been influenced by ANY device, and he was intrigued that he could feel them.

“I'll stay, because I really DO want to watch. I've only heard rumors about it at school, and I want to see if any of them are true.” Wendy said. She didn't know this man, but wasn't a liar, so she told him the truth. “I'm pretty sure I don't want to learn about it from my mother, though.” She just told him more than she intended, that's all, she thought to herself,.

“Do you want to try sucking it, Wendy?” His question startled her. “You can if you want to,” he said. He saw her hesitation again, and made a wild guess. “Nobody will ever know about it, I promise. I'll keep your secret.”

His words had the desired effect, and the girl's face broadened into the widest grin he'd ever seen. He couldn't wait to feel it on his most private area!

“Miranda, I told you to get it out and let your daughter look at it! Quit hesitating!” he barked, making it a direct order that Miranda HAD to obey.

Miranda froze, but then looked up at his face and quickly pulled his pants down. Both of them could clearly see the bulge his erection made in his boxers.

“Pull then down, Miranda, then use your hands to stroke me. Lastly, take it in your mouth and suck on it. Let your daughter see you doing it, too. I want her to see how much you like it.”

“I don't think I'll like it,” Miranda said, pulling down his underwear and exposing his full hardness to both her and her daughter. “You want me to suck on it? Really? I've never done it before, you know.”

“I know,” he smiled, feeling her hands on him, stroking it back and forth. “And, yes, I want to feel your mouth on me, sucking it. Go as deep as you can, too. Choke on it, if you have to, but I want my pubic hair in your nose, bitch!”

“No, you can't talk to me like that! I'm not doing ANYTHING with you!” Miranda said angrily, pulling away from him. He grabbed two handfuls of her hair and made her stay there. “Let me go!”

“I'm not letting either of you go!” he replied, not sounding angry at all. “You're feel things more deeply than anyone I've ever met, and I like being near you. Besides, and unless you want to be homeless, you'll do everything I tell you to do. And right now, I'm telling you to suck my goddamn cock!”

“She doesn't want to do it, Mr. Malone, is it all right if I do it, instead?” Wendy asked. He smiled at her and moved in front of the teenager. He knew Miranda actually Did want to suck it, rather, she wanted to be MADE to suck it, but Wendy actually DID want to suck it it.

“Yes, because I want active participation, for now,” he said. “This doesn't get her out of doing it forever, though.”

“Wendy, no!” Miranda whispered, but her daughter smiled at her as he moved over slightly.

“It's okay, Mom, I can tell from your words that you really DON'T want to do it, but it don't look that bad to me. Besides, my friend Melissa did it the other day. She SAYS she didn't, but I know she really did. If she can do it, so can I.” She didn't say that Melissa had chickened out, but Wendy knew that THAT wasn't an option here.

“You're too young!” Melissa protested, then looked up at him beseechingly. “Please, I'll do it, I will. Just don't make Wendy, okay? I'll do anything you want, just don't touch my daughter!”

“Well, the truth is, Miranda, I am far more attracted to YOU than your daughter. If you will be my willing partner, I won't put it in your daughter's mouth until she comes to me for it. I promise. Will you commit to me, now and forever?”

Once again, he was standing in front of Miranda, his hard cock pointing right at her face after he freed it himself. She reached up with one hand and took it in her little fist, then brought her face closer.

“I will. I give myself to you, now and forever,” she said, then opened her mouth wider and took the whole head of his cock in between her lips, closing her mouth and sucking on him. He sighed with pleasure and stroked her hair with both hands, encouraging her to go deeper.

“Miranda, I've been waiting for this day since you dropped off the rental application at my office, two years ago!” he sighed, then looked at Wendy. “Do you still want to do this, little girl? You look just like your Mom, only younger. Smaller tits, too, but I can forgive that. Will you be my willing sex partner as well?”

“Wendy, don't!” Miranda said, but Mr. Malone grabbed the woman's head and stuffed his cock back into her mouth.

“Shut up and keep sucking me!” he ordered, then looked at the younger girl again. “Answer me, do you want to be my sex partner?”

“Can I just suck it?” she asked. “I'd like to try that, but I don't think I'm ready to go all the way, yet.”

“You won't have to do anything you're not ready to do, sweetie,” he said, still fucking her mother's mouth, but then he pulled it out and moved back in front of her. “I'd rather have a willing sex partner than one who has to be forced into it. If it's what YOU want, then it's what I want, too.”

“Wendy, you don't HAVE to, you know...” her mother said, and the girl looked at her and smiled a little.

“I know. That's just makes me want to do it more.”

“Wendy, you know what men call the girls that do it, right?” Miranda said, trying one last time to talk her daughter out of doing this. “Sluts, and whores, and a hundred other things, each one worse than the last!”

“Who's going to know about it?” Wendy pointed out. “Nobody will call ME names, because it will be a secret!”

“Oh, Wendy, YOU are going to know,” she said to her daughter. “You're going to know what you are for the rest of your life! Don't ruin yourself so soon!”

Mr. Malone put his hands into Wendy's hair and made her look up at him. “Wendy, never mind her. She's never done it before, and I'm willing to bet that none of her friends have, either. If this is what you want, then by all means, go ahead and do it. Don't be afraid. If you decide you don't like it, you can stop. I promise.” His hands went from grabbing her hair to stroking it, and she smiled at him.

“I have a feeling I'm going to like it very much,” she told him. “You have no idea how excited I am right now!”

He pushed his hips forward a little, letting his cockhead brush her lips. She opened her mouth, but he drew back a little, taking himself in hand, then rubbed it all over her face. It went on on one cheek, then over her nose and onto the other side as she moaned. She had a sticky line across her face, and she could feel it there.

“Please, let me suck it?” she begged, looking up at him again. “Please? I really want to try it. None of my friends will admit to doing it, but I know for a fact that they are all curious about it. I am, too. I really WANT to try it, please? Please let me suck it!”

He pushed it into her mouth, making her mother groan. “Oh, baby, what have you done?” He smiled at he despair she felt; a different but equally good taste. This little lady had a good dose of pleasure mixed into the sense of loss she felt so deliciously.

“Stand up, Miranda,” he ordered, his voice brooking no disobedience. Miranda stood up while he kept fucking her daughter's mouth. “Take off all your clothes. I want you to stand there naked while your daughter sucks me off. I want to watch you naked, slut!”

“I'm not a slut! I've only had sex once in my life, and I didn't enjoy it at all. I'm not slut.” she protested, but then she saw his look and shuddered, and quickly unbuttoned her blouse. One of the buttons gave her trouble, and she had to quit watching her daughter for a second to get it undone. She unsnapped her bra, and saw his eyes light up a little as he glimpsed her nipples feeling herself flood with shame.

That made her more embarrassed than seeing her very first erection, right before he had shoved it into her mouth, and she quickly pulled her blouse closed again, blushing furiously. At the look he gave her, though, she opened it back up and let him look.

“When you get your skirt off, leave your panties on, then bend over so I can see your ass. I've always liked looking at your ass, Miranda.” He looked back down at Wendy and smiled.

“I can't wait until I get to see YOU naked, too, little girl. You're every bit as beautiful as your mother.”

“Oh! That's one of the things I don't think I'm ready for, just yet,” she said, taking her face away for a second so she could look up at him. “Just the thought of it makes me nervous.”

“I'm nervous, too,” Miranda said, hesitating a little before pushing her dress the rest of the way off.

He stroked Wendy's hair and got her to take him back in her mouth. “There's nothing to be nervous about, you know.” He looked at Miranda and his eyes hardened. “I really enjoy looking at nudity. It makes me want to shoot my load.”

Miranda knew that the faster she could make him come, the less time her daughter would have to spend with his cock in her mouth, so she really didn't waste much more time hesitating and stripped her dress off as quickly as she could. Then she turned her back and allowed him to view her ass, thinking it would make him come faster.

He chuckled and looked at Wendy. “Is your ass as nice as your mom's? I sure hope so!”

“Please don't make her take her clothes off! She already said she doesn't want to, so please don't make her do it.” Miranda said, crying openly. “You said you want a willing partner? Well, I'll do whatever you want! Please? Allow me to be your willing partner instead of her. Please!?”

“You will? You'll suck my cock for me? You'll swallow all my come and let me fuck you?” he asked, looking at his tenant. “You'll fuck my friends too?”

“Oh my God,” she whispered, looking at him sadly. “Yes, I'll do it. I'll do anything you want. Just please, please, don't make Wendy do anything else!”

“He's not MAKING me do anything, Mom,” Wendy said, looking at her mother, then back at Mr. Malone's cock again. She kept her eyes on it a long moment, then looked up him. “Please, sir, I can hear it her voice. She's really scared right now; can't you hear it too? She's only volunteering to do things with you so that I don't have to do them, but she's a lot more scared than I am. I'll do them so that she doesn't have to. Please don't let her hurt herself to save me. Please don't make her do anything?”

Miranda looked at her daughter, then began sobbing. “Wendy, no!” she whispered, hugging herself. “You don't know what you're doing!”

Mr. Malone looked at Miranda and smiled without humor. “You're much prettier than your daughter, Miranda. You're the one I really want.”

“NO!!” Wendy screamed at him. “Look! I'm doing it, I'm taking off my clothes! You'll see! I'm just as pretty as she is, honest! I'll do everything you want; you can have my virginity! I'm the same age as she was when she lost hers; I'm old enough! Please don't make her do anything, please!”

He didn't say anything at all for a very long moment; he just let his gaze take in the sight of two naked females, each trying to catch his attention away from the other and enjoyed the view.

“Miranda, your daughter is correct. She really is just as pretty as you are. She's pretty good at sucking my cock, too. Tell me, have you ever had three or four orgasms in a row? I bet Wendy hasn't.”

Both of them looked equally shocked. Wendy said quietly, “I can have more than one at a time? It didn't say anything about that in the books.” Both of the adults ignored her outburst, choosing to ignore it, if they even heard it. Wendy had whispered it under her breath.

He turned his gaze squarely on Miranda. “Answer me! How many climaxes have you ever had in a row?”

“I... I don't think I've EVER had an orgasm, sir,” she admitted. “I heard some of my room-mates have some, and they sounded like it was a toe-curling, fingers clenched and teeth gritted pleasure that was making them scream from the sex their boyfriends were giving them, but I don't I've ever experienced anything like that myself.”

He chuckled. “You're jealous because you want some of that, too, neh?” He chuckled again, looking at Wendy. “You want some as well, don't you?”

He laughed out loud at the look on Miranda's face.

“You're not allowed to be jealous, bitch!” he snarled, then looked at Wendy. “You either! Especially of each other, or I'll never fuck either one of you again, and good luck finding anyone who can make you come like I can!”

“What do you mean?” Wendy said, at the same time as her mother. In unison. They looked at each other, both of them surprised; then they both looked at him together.

“I mean this,” he said, dropping to one knee. He reached down with both hands and grabbed each of their bare pussies. His thumbs found their clits as his middle two fingers caressed between their labia, but penetrating neither.

Both of them started to rise in surprise, but his strength held them in place without hurting, and before long his talented digits were having an effect. They both felt it, and he could see it in their eyes.

He looked deeply into Miranda's eyes, his thumb rubbing gently over her clit, making her waves of pleasure rise and fall with her breathing as he let go of Wendy.

“I want you to love me, Miranda. I want you to love me, and I'll give you THIS whenever you want.” His fingers went inside her and found her G-spot, stroking it in time with her pleasure, bringing her to higher heights than she ever knew possible.

Wendy watched as her mother screamed in pleasure until she passed out, which he finally allowed, and her curiosity was plainly written on her face when he looked at her. He nodded to her unasked question and smiled, then looked back at Miranda, who was just coming around.

She opened her eyes and found herself looking up into a man's smiling eyes. For a long moment, she didn't know who he was, but his eyes were kind and smiling, so she felt safe in his arms as she lay there. Then her memory came back, of who she was, and who HE was, and she was laying on the floor in his arms. She stiffened and started to panic, but he held her still. She was safe, so she stayed.

“I love, Miranda. You are the first one I've ever meant that to. I've said it before, pff, who hasn't? But I never meant it before now. I can see that, and all the times everyone has said it just cheapens the words compared to what I feel right now. I love you.”

“I don't even know your first name!” Miranda giggled. “How am I supposed to say it back and mean it? I don't even know you, sir.”

“Evan.” he told her, “My first name is Evan,” then pressed into her G-spot again, and this time, she was able to stay conscious. Barely. He was smiling down at her, and then he looked over at Wendy.

Miranda followed his gaze and saw her daughter, kneeling beside her, and looking down with a sense of wonder and awe. The same expression she had worn herself, those dark nights when her room-mates were screaming the same passion she'd just felt herself.

He was looking at Miranda again. “Do you really want to deny her this pleasure? She's the same age you were when you learned about this and began wanting it too. Don't make her waste her life in ignorance. Let me teach her about it with you.”

“I love you.” Miranda said, tasting the words for the first time. Her eyes filled with wonder, and she said it again. “I love you.”

She looked at her daughter and said, “I love you, too,” but then she saw Evan's hand slip between her daughter legs and knew he was making Wendy feel the same things. She was glad for her girl, and knew that Wendy had learned about womanhood. Her childhood was over.

Wendy lay down beside her mother and looked her in the eyes, one adult to another. Mother smiled and nodded her approval to allow this, so she opened her legs for his hand. His fingers found every one of the most pleasurable spots her own fingers had found in dark of night and discovered what it meant to be a woman.

“I've never tasted a virgin before,” she heard him say, then his whole body moved between her open legs and he was kissing the inside of her thigh. Wendy closed her eyes and allowed herself to feel all the things he was doing.

Miranda could see all of the pleasure on her daughter's face and began to love him more. She loved him that he was able to show her daughter this pleasure; this POSSIBILITY of such pleasure, when she herself had never known such things were even possible until today.

“Nobody has ever tasted YOU either, have they?” he asked, moving over. Miranda felt him get between her legs, then his kisses were moving up the insides of her thighs, and she felt the most exquisite wetness as his tongue entered her. Soon, his fingers were inside, too, and her G-spot was being tickled for the third time that day. The third time in her life, too.

Wendy watched as her mother experienced it again, and she wanted to feel it, too. Especially when he crawled up between her legs and began rubbing his cock up and down the same sparse patch of hair that adorned her own groin. The look of rapture on her mother's face was surreal.

Wendy was looking at him with eyes that spoke of awe and wonder as she watched his cock disappear, knowing it was going inside her mother; and he saw her silent permission to be the one she allowed into herself in this way. He could see the love she had for him, the choosing; he could see the love she had for him in her eyes, and returned it with a smile.

He knew, at that moment, he had them both. They were his forever, and he had great plans for them. He got pleasure from giving others pleasure, and this mother and daughter felt pleasure separately more than any three other he had known. He could only imagine their ecstasy when they finally pleasured each other.

That would be a memory to have forever, because videos came close, but nothing was like the real experience. Ahh, the flavor of the feelings flowing through the energy of the moment! Exquisitely sublime and surreal as it was fleeting, and these two felt things more deeply than anyone else he had ever met.

It was their innocence that tasted so sweet, and the more he drank of it, the more he desired it, but he knew nothing might be ever so sweet again. He truly DID love these two; the BOTH of them, and going slower meant he could enjoy himself a little longer.

He looked into Miranda's eyes, then Wendy's, and saw mirror images of love for him, so he was helpless to do anything but smile at the ceiling because of the pleasure he felt, and all he had to do to prolong this moment for eternity was lay there and smile at the sky and feel the pleasure flowing through him.

It was Wendy who broke the moment. “Mom, I'm hungry. Is there anything to eat?” It was her sitting up that roused the adults, and he sat up next.

He opened his wallet and showed them the money in it. “I have all this much right now. In the morning I will have this much again, or more, if I want it. That means you two have this much, too. I expect to wake up broke in the morning, and you two are going to help me spend it.”

He took the big was of bills out and strew them on Wendy's bed. Both women goggled at it all; neither of them had ever seen that much money before, not even at the bank.

Wendy picked up one of the hundreds, looking at it in awe. “Can we go out to eat? I want to go to a real restaurant, too, not just McDonald's.”

Evan grinned at her. “You don't know who I am, do you?” His look included Miranda, too, and his smile widened. “No, why should you?” he mused out loud. He looked at Miranda shrewdly, then looked at Wendy with an appreciative glint that gave her a cold shiver.

He reached into his pocket in took out his phone. A couple seconds later, he held it up to his ear and spoke into it. “Hello, this is Evan Malone. I'll be there for breakfast in about... an hour, probably closer to two. A party of three, thank you.”

Miranda grabbed the phone out of his hand and spoke into it. “We'll be there in ten minutes, don't do anything special. I'm hungry.” She handed the phone back and smiled sweetly at him and shrugged, getting off the bed and pulling her sweats back on.

“You're going out... like that?” he asked. “No, we're going shopping. Both of you!” His look included Miranda, too, quelling any protest she might have made.

“Listen, both of you,” he said. “I am a man of quite some standing. I have a very carefully built reputation, and that is someone who is in control of every aspect of his life. I give orders and people obey them out of respect for the persona I have created. Not all of my associates have... reputable reputations, and they defer to me as well. I will not allow either of you to disrupt that!”

“I'm hungry, and if everyone really does what you say, then I'll get to eat faster, won't I?” Wendy said, smirking. “It would make it a lot easier to be happy if I was fed. It's the only thing that could make life better right now.”

He spoke into the phone again. “You heard the lady. We'll be right there.” He got up and was dressed very quickly, too, then looked at Miranda, still laying there naked. “Are you that hungry, too, or do I get to dress you up for our first time out?”

“Dress me up?” Miranda asked, then fingered the pile of money and looked at Evan with a smile. “Oh, yes, our first date can be someplace VERY special. I would like that.”

Evan grinned. “Great, we'll go to a place I'VE never been either. I've been waiting to go there, too. I hear it's first class and tons of fun!”

“What's it called?” Miranda asked. “Am I allowed to know that much? Makes it easier to dream.”

“It's the Eighth City if Gold, my dear.” He laughed at her look. “After they built the Seven, you don't think they stopped there, do you? This place is beginning to get a reputation.”

“No, history hasn't stopped, so we're still writing it. By definition, prophesy is the interpretation of a vision, is it not? A guess as to what the future will bring based on what someone thinks they saw while they were tripping on something really good.”

“Well, guesses are wrong all the time. Not a good way to play the stock market, let me tell you that. No, one gets all the data one can, and after that, it's not really guessing, is it?”

He held out his arm to Wendy and they left the apartment together.

* * *

“You got all this money on Wall Street?” Wendy asked, as they got in a limo out front. “I've always wanted to ride in one of these. I can't believe this is really happening!”

He sighed. “No, you need outside money if you really want to play Wall Street. Most of it isn't real.”

Looking right at her, he spoke again. “I didn't inherit any of this. I earned every bit of it.”

“How?” she asked. “Can I do it, too?”

“I don't know. Can you hurt people?” he asked.

She sat back and looked at him coolly, with her face unreadable. He was getting nothing from her emotions, nothing at all. It scared him, and it was that look on his face that decided her next words.

“Everybody hurts somebody every day. I'm not very strong, if that's what you mean, but one doesn't have to be strong to pull a trigger, does one? I've never hurt anyone on purpose, if that's what you're asking, but I think I could, if I had a good enough reason.” She looked right at him. “I would kill to protect my own life.”

“Would you kill to get all this?” He asked, waving his hand about in a general direction. He held his breath, awaiting her answer.

She blinked, her face still unreadable. “Tell me the truth. Have you ever killed anyone?”

“Many have died because of me.” he said, looking at her. “Have I ever murdered? Yes, once, when I was very young, and never since. I am more sorry for that act than you will ever know. I live in atonement for the rest of my days, in truth.”

She closed her eyes, then opened them and sat forward. “I forgive you for it, because you were honest with me about it. I can still respect you. I can still love you, Evan. I do love you. I can't believe any of this is really happening!”

The driver's voice sounded through hidden speakers. “We're here, sir.” The car stopped. Wendy looked out the window and saw where they were and how everyone else was dressed as they entered or stood outside, milling around and greeting old friends.

“I can't go in there dressed like this!” she said, pulling the door closed as it opened. She looked at Evan desperately. “I just want two eggo-muffin sandwiches and a big cup of coffee. Look at me!”

Evan smiled and reached over, opening the door again. “This is going to be fun! Think about how comfortable you are and how many hours it took to get the rest of them to look like that!”

“Even, I'm not going to BE comfortable, because I'll be the only one there who can't AFFORD to have all those hours spent on me to look like that! I'll feel like a freak! The poorest freak ever!”

“Okay, you don't have to go in today, for breakfast. But I am definitely bringing you back here for lunch!” He rolled the window down a bit and told the driver to go in and get them food, and what he wanted. He made sure to include her breakfast sandwiches without any prompting from her, too, something she appreciated.

Sooner than Wendy expected, much sooner, he was back with two steaming bags of food. Another man was there with cartons of coffee and other drinks, which he helped load aboard.

Wendy's sandwiches were right on top, and she immediately opened one as soon as she got it and took a big bite, smiling with satisfaction as they began moving again. She swallowed it and took another one, holding half a sandwich. She accepted a paper cup of coffee with her free hand and took a grateful sip to wash down that bite.

“Oh! It's hot!” she said, fanning her hand in front of her open mouth. She set the coffee down in a convenient holder. She demolished the last half in two bites, then began opening the second.

“There are really good.” she said, tipping it toward Evan before taking a normal sized bite.

“Oh, good, she know how to eat like normal people, too,” he said, sounding relieved. “I was beginning to worry about what lunch was going to be like.”

“You needn't worry about lunch,” she said primly. “I know how to be a proper little lady. My mother raised me well, thank you very much! Just don't let me get hungry, that's all. I can be quite a handful. That's what Mother always says, when I get like that.”

“I'll remember that,” he laughed. “Do you get like that very often?”

“Not often,” she said. “Just when I'm upset or stressed out. Or hungry,” she added, smiling ruefully.

“I like that about you, actually. It's nice to finally meet somebody who actually knows what they want, for once. Most people are just happy enough to be TOLD what to do. They want someone else to do their thinking for them. Lazy fuckers.” He said that last bit under his breath, but she heard it anyway and flashed a brilliant smile at him.

“They ARE lazy fuckers. Most of them. Stupid, too.” she said, agreeing with him. She giggled at the look he gave her.

“What, because I said fuck?” she asked, then shrugged one shoulder. “I don't say it often, but when it's the right word, I use it. Know what I thought to myself when I heard you say it was going to be a couple hours before I ate? I thought, “Oh, HELL no!” and took the phone away from you!”

He laughed. “Nobody needs to be psychic to know that! It was written in your eyes like a like in a story!”

“My mother likes to be told what to do.” Wendy said quietly. “I think you already figured that out, though. You made her do all the things she wants to do anyway.”

“I like that about her. I like it about you, too,” he said, and smiled at the sudden look of consternation on her face.

“But I like doing the things you tell me to do,” she explained. “The more wrong it is; the better I like it. Is that wrong?”

His smile reassured her utterly. “I want to show you exactly who I am,” he told her, pushing a button to give instructions to the driver, then let it go and looked at Wendy again. “It's up to you to tell your mother. I'm going to keep her in the dark about most of my life, especially after she moves into my house.”

“She's going to move in with you?” Wendy blurted, surprised.

“Well, of course she will, once she see where I live and I make the offer.” he said. “You can take care of the apartment by yourself. You practically do anyway, with all the hours your mother works.”

“How are we supposed to pay the rent?” Wendy asked, sounding frightened by the idea, but then a slow smile opened her face as she considered the idea of living on her own. She was exited to begin as she was scared, and felt more alive than any other moment in her life.

“I own that building, Wendy. As well as three others on that street, and two on the other side of the block. It's a good neighborhood,” he smiled. “I told you. I'm rich.”

“You own the apartment building behind mine?” Wendy asked, a slow dawning light of realization flickering into her eyes. She'd heard rumors about that place, and it was the reason Miranda had only looked at street facing apartments last time they went looking. “I've never been on that street. I'm not allowed to go there, but today is a day for breaking my mother's rules, is it not?” She hesitated, and looked at him. “The people on the bus... the ones who go to that part of town and come back... they look kind of...rough.”

“Yes, and once they see you with me... well, they would hurt you as a chance to hurt me,” he said. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“You'll keep me safe!” she said, kissing him on the cheek. “You'll keep me and Mom both safe. I trust you with my whole heart, Evan.” She kissed him again, this time on the mouth. He kissed her back, enjoying the moment as much as she did.

The door opened once more. “We're here, sir.” Wendy climbed right out, looking around and seeing just normal brick buildings, apartments and houses, mostly.

But the people in the street weren't dressed in the bright colors she was used to seeing. There was a lot of gray and black and dark blue. No yellows at all, and the few whites she could see were dingy and gray, too. Even the green of the lawn strips along the sidewalk were yellow and pale from lack of water.

Evan went right up the steps and and pushed open one of the glass doors, then ushered Wendy into the lobby. A man sitting at the bottom of the stairs saw who it was and held his silence respectfully, just giving a little nod, but Wendy stopped and looked at him. Even stopped, too.

“What is your job?” she demanded of him.

“Excuse me, miss?” he asked, looking back at her. “Well, I collect the house money from the customers coming in.” he said.

“How much does it cost?” she asked, her voice demanding an answer. He looked at Mr. Malone, who just shrugged and nodded at him. “Don't look at him; look at me!” Wendy said angrily, and the man's attention went right back to this little girl.

“Usually, I collect one hundred dollars for the men who cater to this establishment, miss.” he said. “Mr. Malone doesn't have to be charged, nor do his guests. Miss.” He sat back down in hi chair and moved his computer mouse to bring the screen to life.

Wendy turned to Mr. Malone and looked at him. “Can I have a hundred dollars?” she asked sweetly. He looked startled, then returned her smile, a little sheepishly.

“I'm afraid I let all my cash upstairs, with your mother, and I haven't stopped anywhere to pick more up. It's on my list for today, actually.” he said. He smiled weakly and shrugged one of his shoulders, too. “Next?” he asked, hopefully.

“Your guests don't have to pay?” she asked him. He nodded. “Consider me a paying customer, then. I want to see exactly what those men get for their money. I want to see what the girls who work for you have to do to earn their money.”

“Not all of it is pretty to look at. Sometimes, people can have some pretty disgusting ideas.” He licked his lips and looked at her out of the corner of his eye, almost afraid to look her in the face. He felt ashamed of his own desires, suddenly.

“Show me. I want to see it. I need to learn this about life, so please, show me what I don't know?”

He looked at her and nodded. “We go upstairs and sit in a room. Soon, a girl will come in; if we don't like her, she goes out and a different girl comes in.”

“What if I like them all?” Wendy asked, going up the stairs with him. “Is there a place where I can see them all at the same time so I choose?”

“At my house, there is. I'm not sure about here. Is that something you would like?”

“I'd like to try it once. All of them kneeling in a line, topless. And sometime, at a party, I could send a servant to give a special key to a person of my choosing, to come to a room that only that key can unlock. Or I could be the star of the party, dancing until I'm naked and all the men could masturbate on me up on stage as all the women see me covered in their men's sperm!”

“You're as dirty as I am!” he whispered admiringly. “I love you as much as I love your mother!” They were upstairs, and he took her to the first door and knocked on it.

A young girl wearing a black negligee that you could almost see he nipples through was all she wore. Plus the big smile on her face when she saw who it was. She gave Wendy as strange look as she followed her way in and sat on the couch beside Mr. Malone.

“Go get Michele and Susan.” he instructed, so the brunette bowed her way out.

“Michelle and Susan.” Wendy repeated. “How many other girls live here?” she asked.

“Right now? Probably two dozen. They're not all whores, you know,” he told her. “Some of them make a LOT of money without doing anything sexual at all.”

She looked at him askance. “How?” She sounded very suspicious. “They sell drugs?”

“Some do,” he admitted. “A lot, actually. Almost all of them DO the drugs, though. I guess it's better then their life.”

The other girl came back in, followed by three others, and Wendy smiled at them.

“Kneel,” she told them, still smiling. “Kneel topless. All of you are going to bare your breasts while you kneel. Do it now!”

She looked at him as all three of the kneeling women took their blouses and bras off, exposing themselves at his nod and smile. “I want them to be dirty; to do all the dirty things, so I don't have to do them myself. I'm going to tell them to fuck you.”

“Oh!” he said, startled. “No, not me! Bring in Brian from the car!” He got out his phone and spoke into it briefly. “I'm not bringing any diseases back to your mother! Brian will do everything you require, I promise.”

She looked at him quizzically. “Are you gonna marry my mom?” she asked plainly.

“Not legally married, but she'll be living in my home as my wife, if that's what you mean. She' a very monogamous type, I can tell. You are too, I strongly suspect,” he replied.

She nodded her agreement, a terse smile on her face. The kneeling girls made a point of not looking at her, but Wendy could hear their silent laughter anyway.

“I see. Can we go? Will you take me home?” she asked. “I don't want to be here anymore.”

He nodded, smiling, and dismissed the kneeling girls with a toss of his head. They all saw the meaning of her words and filed wordlessly out.

“I want to collect Mother, and go have people make us beautiful for the rest of the day. She needs that right now. So do I.” Wendy said. “I have a feeling she's feeling lost and confused right now. She's showered and dressed after we left, but she's fired from her job, so she stayed home and stared at that spot on the living room wall until I come home. Will you bring me home?”

“How about we go collect your mother and I bring you both to MY home?” he said, smiling. He stood up and Wendy gratefully took his arm, allowing him to escort her out. “Then, you can take her out with James and have the car for as long as you need it. I have others.”

“Evan, how rich ARE you?” Wendy asked, sounding amazed.

“I have enough,” he replied, smiling. “My wife stole some research from the company she worked for, and when their idea didn't work, I fixed it and utilized the invention to my own benefit. It's been used on you, as a matter of fact, and the fact that you didn't even know it until I just told you is proof that my last refinements were successful. I'm quite pleased.”

“Have you tested it before with results that were not quite so pleasing?” she asked, then paled at the look on his face. “Who ARE you? Please tell me. Do it for my mother.”

“My real name is Brian Miller,” he told her, looking away, then back. “My wife is dead, as are six others. Everyone I ever used the first iteration of the device on. This is my third attempt, and I am very hopeful, because I was exposed to the first iteration, too, even because the programming I received didn't cause conflict within myself. That save me more than anything else, actually, which is the thing that saved me. It helped my wife, too, in her later years, but not enough. Not enough. Her programming was not as... precise.”

“What does it do?” she asked curiously. “Not the first ones. What does the thing you used on me do?

“It enhances pleasure.” Evan said, smiling. “Everyone who comes into contact with it has has their pleasure centers in their brain doubled, at least. Sometimes, more. The net number of neural pathways is increased exponentially.” He looked at her again. “I also have an earring that allows me to pick up the pleasure signals of everyone around me, too.”

“Ohh! I want one of those!” she said. “Two of them...” she stroked her other ear.

“I have choker necklaces for my special friends.” He smiled at her. “Don't tell your mother. It will spoil the surprise.” He handed her a small silver disk on a velvet collar, so she put it on straightaway, and her smile matched his as her feelings sensed his.

“Don't men look funny wearing a woman's choker?” She smiled at the thought.

“I have a gold ring for them. It can be worn on as simple or elaborate a necklace as the individual cares to have full effect. Most choose their dog tag chain.”

“Is there... telepathy? Can you hear what I'm thinking?” she thought to him, looking at him questioningly.

“I think I can almost hear your thoughts,” he said, his voice fully of wonder. “Did you just ask me if I can hear what you're thinking?”

“Yes,” she replied, smiling. “Guess what I'm thinking now?”

“I honestly have no idea,” he said, grinning. “I bet it's something your mother wouldn't approve, though.”

“Every single girl I know has lost their virginity in the back of a can. I bet I'm the first one who can claim a limo, however.” She grinned at him. “That's what I was thinking.”

“Hmm,” he said to her. “You know what I think?”

“I'm very interested to hear,” she said, sounding completely honest and truly intrigued. She was willing to give him anything he wanted.

“I think you deserve better than any other girl you've ever known. I think you deserve to have your first time be in a bed, a bed you get to sleep in after the experience, so you can wake beside the man you gave yourself to the night before, feeling safe and secure and well rested. You deserve to feel that for the rest of your life.”

Her face fell. “You're not going to take my virginity?”

“Not today,” he chuckled. “What would your mother say?” He saw her look. “I wouldn't even know you, if not for her. It was her that I originally fell in love with, you know, and those feelings haven't changed, no matter what I feel for you. I love you both. That's the best I can do. I can't deny my love for her. I wouldn't want to.”

She kissed him. “I wouldn't want you to. I love her too,” She looked at him, then fingered her choker. “You feel what other feels, through one of these? In your earring?” she asked. He nodded.

“I was learning to pick it up before I built the things that allowed it, though. The machine inspired the idea. It wasn't really me.”

“What does that mean? How could it not have been your idea? Didn't you invent it?”

“I built a computer to help me with the computations for the device. That computer help me design more schematics for another device that would allow the computer to interpret the signal sent, and then I had my own idea, which is the third implementation, which is what you have been exposed to. It allows your signals to be read by the computers, that's all. Everyone I ever meet is exposed, sorry about that.”

“I'm not,” she said. “I'm glad I met you. I have a feeling my life is about to get infinitely better than I have ever dreamed.”

“You have no idea,” he smiled. “Wait until you meet my computer!”

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