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David seduces his mother

Categories Diary, Incest, Mature

Author: tom231002

Published: 31 August 2018

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It was early evening, opposite sat my son David, home for his summer vacation after successfully achieving his degree in business administration from college. Even sitting in the armchair reading a book I could feel his eyes scanning my body, watching me, stealing glances as he had done many times before. His gaze seemed to fluctuate between my breasts and my legs, I say gaze but it was more of a stare. I felt embarrassed and awkward when shifting my body in the chair, feeling as though I was blushing as he watched my breasts bounce around as I moved. It was not only when I sat in the chair he watched me. Sometimes he watched me from his bedroom window as I worked in the garden, I've even noticed him trying to conceal himself as he watched me through binoculars. I dreaded the holidays when he was home from college. I was always in a quandary whether to tell him to stop it, or even say anything. Since his father died he had been a perfect son doing everything I asked of him, we had never argued and I didn't want to embarrass or upset him.

I decided to ignore the whole situation and just get on with my life, allowing him his little pleasure watching me. In a way I was flattered and took it as a compliment that he enjoyed looking at my body, it was not very often that men looked at me in that way, not that I encouraged it, always dressing conservatively. Even before I realized, the time past so fast and David was preparing to return to college for his final year, to complete his education taking his masters' in business administration. From the day he left high school he had worked through the summer and Christmas vacations having convinced a large local engineering company to take him on to give him work experience, at a minimal wage of course. David hated working for the company and always took the last week of his vacation off so that we could spend some time together and he could get ready to return to college.

I don't think it was the company he disliked, it was his boss Mr. Rush, and a very unpopular man disliked by most, especially those in his department. He treated David like a skivvy always complaining about him to others how lazy and incompetent he was, but always took the accolades for David's work. He was a pig as well, when at the company's dance last Christmas he asked me to dance, he propositioned me. He inferred that if I slept with him he would make things easier for David and use his influence to get him full time employment once he finished college. I left him on the dance floor there and then. Unfortunately I let the incident slip out during the summer break and David made me tell him everything. At first he was furious but I managed to calm him down, then he took me in his arms and kissed me on the lips, a long and lingering kiss. After I just didn't know how to respond, I so confused, my feelings were unfathomable, never had I reacted to a kiss in that way, if he hadn't been holding me I think my knees would have buckled.

The day he left I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips. I felt him pull me closer, enjoying the feeling as my breasts crushed against his chest; he called me by name, Sarah, it was more than a mother's farewell kiss to her son. It was the first time that I had ever cried when he left, even his first year when he left to attend college, I knew, that for the first time ever I would be alone, living on my own, even then I never felt sad or miserable as I did that time. I laid on his bed my face buried in his pillow, sobbing, the weight of my body squashing my breasts into his duvet, reminding me of the feeling when he pulled me close to hug me. I slipped beneath his duvet and drifted off to sleep thinking about him.

Those first few days were no better, even at work where I was employed as a paralegal in an attorney's office I was unable to concentrate, at home I kept expecting him to walk in any second. When working in the garden I would continually look up at his bedroom window hoping that he would be looking down at me or standing back in the shadows, thinking he was unobserved as he watched me through his binoculars. Some evenings I would get ready for bed, put on my nightgown and slip into his bed. I searched his room looking for something personal that I could press against my body as I lay in his bed. Initially I would dab his aftershave between my breasts then with the passing of time rub it on my nipples. When I really became desperate I would rub it along the slit of my pussy to experience a stinging sensation, making believe it was from David's face as he pleasured me with his tongue. It was around that time I began masturbating to pleasure myself, all the time pretending it was David seducing me.

Over time David had various girlfriends and was now at the age where sex had become an important part in his life, numerous times I rummaged around in his bedroom, looking through his things searching for sexual materials. During one of my last searches I found a girly magazine full of pictures of women with large breasts, from it dropped several sheets of typed manu which I assumed was a letter. Sitting on the edge of the bed I began to read it and shocked when I realized it was a story about a son seducing his mother. They were only type written sheets there was no heading or authors name or where it came from and I could only think that David wrote it. As I read it became obvious that it was about me or should I say us, it was all there, where he was watching the woman read a book, with her, in his words, tits bouncing around as she moved. He even picked up on my embarrassment and blushing. Then there were the times when I was out in the garden and he would watch me from his bedroom window, sometimes using binoculars. The story didn't end there, after he returned to college he would email the woman sending her subliminal messages preparing her sexually for when he finished college so she would accept his advances. The story was unfinished the last part being where he had finished college and journeying home, his mother standing at the door waiting for him, wearing a satin mini-skirt and a tight low cut "V" neck sweater, obviously braless because her large nipples were prominently displayed.

It was about a week after David left that I received his first email telling me how well he had settled in and was enjoying his classes. He also mentioned his departure and how he enjoyed our departing kiss which he said seemed to linger, he spoke of the softness of my lips and how he missed holding me in his arms. I read his email over and over again, reliving the moment we hugged, feeling his body crush my breasts as he pulled me against him, forcing the bulge in his pants against my groin. I emailed him back telling him just how much I missed him and would have preferred that parting moment to have been moment where we were reunited. Little did I realize that David would pick up on my indiscretion, which it certainly turned out to be when he suggested that moment when we were eventually reunited would be wonderful. In each of his emails he pushed the mother son relationship back a little further replacing them with a potential seduction scenario as his comments gradually became more explicit on our parting kiss. The tone of his email sounded more like a lover than a son when he wrote words like, "Due to our enforced separation, by the time I return home our love for each other would have been multiplied tenfold."

Other times when he wrote of our parting he referred to how my body felt as I lay in his arms, while I pressed my body against him. I never thought that I could be embarrassed by an email, but was, when David suggested that it was me pressing up against him, when he must have been fully aware of deliberately pulling me up close to him. As the weeks past he became bolder asking me what I was wearing the day he left, because as I pressed against him he said it felt silky and was I wearing satin underwear. In my reply I told him that I don't wear satin lingerie, in his response he said it was a pity because he enjoyed seeing women wearing satin. Was he suggesting that he would like to see me in my underclothes or perhaps expanding on that by wanting to undress me first? Was my imagination working overtime and reading more into the situation than there was?

It was about the sixth week when David emailed me that he had met this girl Kate and attached a photograph. She was pretty but oh those clothes she wore, I wouldn't say they were indecent but you know how these modern day girls are. The satin skirt she wore was unusually short and her sweater extremely tight and David had the audacity to say how wonderful she looked and suggested that I should follow her example and dress in a similar vein. In his next email he asked if I had bought a satin mini-skirt and if I had could I send him a photograph of me wearing it. I was beginning to think that David was a deviant because he also asked if I had bought any satin lingerie, I expect he would like me to send him photographs of me wearing that as well.

To me the relationship developing between us felt a strange, over a period of time and numerous emails there was definitely an undercurrent of a sexual theme being created, probably initiated by my reply to David's first email. Looking back it was probably unwise of me to infer that I wished our parting kiss to be one where we were reunited. Another incident was, when I failed to reply to his suggestion that I buy a satin mini-skirt and lingerie and send him photographs of myself. I found his emails tantalizing as I pictured myself taking selfies of me wearing short skirts and sending him a copy. The thought of it excited me, set my heart racing, making me go weak at the knees, although I would never admit that to David.

Our emails to each other were in general pretty mundane, how are you, what are doing, are you planning anything, except for that underlying sexual theme that was being driven by David and I was the patsy. He began hinting that he had a problem it was so subtle at first I never picked up on it until he became more direct. He began by saying, "Mom I have a bit of a problem and it's not something that I'd like to discuss with a woman, this is where I need a father, perhaps you could suggest someone that I could talk to." That statement alone should have told me I was becoming involved in a subject with my son that mothers should never have to discuss, I was just heading for trouble. I replied, that there was no one I could suggest that he could confide in, but as he so aptly put it, this is a job for a father, but since his father is no longer with us perhaps he might like to discuss this delicate matter with me.

I appreciated that the subject he wanted to talk about may be extremely embarrassing, but that was ok. I emailed David saying that he was a thousand miles away, and it wasn't as if we are talking face to face. He thanked me, and took me up on my offer because he still couldn't find anybody that he would feel comfortable seeking advice from. David did suggest that if I felt uncomfortable talking about the subject, if it becomes too embarrassing, I could cease our discussions immediately. Briefly, he told me that he and Kate were sleeping together and things were not quite working out as he expected, suggesting the situation was extremely delicate which was creating an embarrassing situation. I fell right into the trap thinking his problem was something physical between them, although I suppose in a way it was, but if I was to help him he needed to tell me what the problem was.

In his next email he told me that when he and Kate make love he's fantasizing that he's making love to another woman, not Kate. It was a bit of a shock for me and told him so and continued to say, that it wasn't a situation that I was familiar with, but understand and probably a more common occurrence for both men and women. I asked him about the woman he thinks about, was she imaginary or was she a real person? At this point you must appreciate the time it took for these emails to flash back and forth. David said that she was a real person, then I asked if she was well known to him, was she aware of his interest in her, and did she respond to him?

His response was that it was a relief to be able to talk to someone like this, and yes she was well known to him, but he wasn't sure whether she was aware of his feelings for her. He said he was so frustrated at not being able to enjoy her company as a potential lover, and unfortunately she hadn't responded to a clumsy hint he provided, and was I able to suggest how best to approach her to win her over. In my reply I said it was very difficult to give him advice on how to approach this woman when I know nothing about the person concerned. I wanted to know if she was one of the students at college with him, possibly a friend of Kate's, would that have been the problem?

I became concerned when David told me it was no one at college, the woman, he said was in her early forties, a single parent who lives in our home town, and has been seeing on and off for a couple of years. That deion could apply to ten percent of the women in our town, why, it could even apply to me. The thought stopped me dead in my tracks, was he talking about me or someone else? There was that kiss, no two kisses, then there was the contact between our bodies. Is he saying that he is in love with me, is he saying he wants to sleep with me? I really didn't know what to do, I couldn't say anything in case it's not me he is referring to, I decided to let things slide and see how the situation develops, but now I needed to find out more about this woman.

In my reply I asked if he was in love with this woman, if so why was he sleeping with Kate, was that fair to Kate or the nameless woman? David had said she was a single parent, so I asked for her name, her offspring's name, age and gender and if he has a good relationship with her offspring. David avoided answering my questions saying that he was depressed having broken up with Kate having agreed that I was right, it was not fair on either girl, then asked how he should proceed. He wanted to know what sort of things would please her, then suggested the same sort of things that would please me, then he asked what sort of things would please me? There it is again I'm back in the firing line. Suddenly he changed his tack by asking me what I was wearing, was it a dress or a skirt and was I wearing a garter belt with stockings. It didn't stop there he asked me to describe what clothes I was wearing every time I emailed him, because having broken up with Kate he missed me much more than usual, so much so he wanted to picture me at the computer drafting the email.

I sympathized with him for the break up suggesting that he had done the right thing, and I also reminded him of the questions I posed and that he still hadn't provided answers for which I was still expecting. As for knowing how he should proceed to impress his mystery lady I could only convey the sort of approach that I would enjoy. First he needed to befriend her offspring which after knowing them a couple of years he should know the offspring's attitude towards him. Had he brought the lady flowers, taken her out to a restaurant perhaps somewhere romantic with live music and dancing? Taken her on a picnic or for walks along the river in the evening holding her hand or placed an arm around her waist. I hesitated for a few minutes to think whether I should satisfy his curiosity on what I was wearing, he was obviously down and I would like to cheer him up so I decided to grant his wishes.

In answer to his previous email I told him I was wearing my green dress without stockings, for this email I told him I was wearing my black pencil skirt, white blouse and stockings with a garter belt. By the time I had finished typing my heart was beating fast and my hands shaking as I pressed, send. Immediately I regretted providing David with a deion of what I was wearing, knowing full well that he would escalate the situation, and I was right. His response to my email took me deeper into the trap when he told me that he always thought that I looked extremely hot wearing my black pencil skirt especially when I was wearing my white blouse that you could see my bra through. He asked me if that was the particular blouse I was wearing, and was I wearing my white bra which was just about visible beneath the blouse, or my black bra which is extremely obvious. He said that he finds it arousing when he sees me wearing my black bra, as probably the men in my office would. The whole thing seems to be getting out of hand, his emails were having a definite effect on me and I wasn't sure if I could defuse the situation, I wasn't sure if I wanted to. David still hadn't answered my questions about the mystery woman and by this time it was getting close to the Christmas vacation, so for the last couple of weeks we agreed not to send each other emails.

Knowing he would be waiting for me, I was both nervous and excited as I arrived home from work, that Friday David finished college for the Christmas break. There were no bags in the hall, but a bunch of flowers lay on the table still in their plastic wrap, I guessed he was up in his bedroom putting his clothes away. Strains of Sinatra's 'Songs for Swinging Lovers,' one of my favorite albums was drifting down the stairs. David, grinning like a Cheshire cat, was leaning over the banister looking down as I made my way up the stairs, having shouted, "Hello, I'm home." We embraced on the landing, I kissed him on the cheek he responded by kissing my neck and then we just held each other. Our greetings over, with arms around each other we entered his bedroom, I was right he was putting his clothes away, one shirt and a set of underclothes, the rest, intended for the laundry basket was piled up on the bed. I made us dinner after which we sat on the sofa together watching a DVD, some romantic story. What with the little interruptions and me shifting my position every time I got up to get drinks or nibbles, by the end of the evening I was leaning against David with my head on his shoulder and my arm through his. It was not my intention but I realized that my breast was pressed hard up against his arm and from the smirk on his face he must have been enjoying the sensation.

Saturday morning my usual routine was to go shopping at the mall, David offered to come with me which in its self was a miracle. He would take my hand while walking around flitting from shop to shop. Occasionally he would stop outside a woman's clothes shop and pick out various dresses or skirts he liked. Of course you can guess the type of clothes he picked out, I assumed hoping that I would wear them for him. Shorter, tighter and more revealing than the style I was wearing at that time, but they weren't indecent. He did the same thing outside 'Victoria Secrets' only this time he was picking out lingerie sets, and while standing there he put an arm around my waist and pulled me tighter to him. After we had put the shopping in the car he took me to lunch.

In the afternoon I spent a little time in the garden and when I came back inside David was stretched out on the sofa watching a soccer match, moaning and groaning when I asked him to shift up so that I could sit down. He seemed to jump at my suggestion that I sit on the end and he could rest his head on my lap. We spent most of the afternoon and evening like that and for those television programs which held no interest for us he would turn over, lie on his back and we would talk while I stroked his hair. Everything was going fine until I began to question him about his mystery woman, he just turned over, buried his face in my lap and mumbled something about he was not ready to discuss her. As he spoke he pressed his face deep between my thighs, his voice producing vibrations which I could feel penetrating my skirt, causing certain areas of my body to produce feelings that I had long forgotten. I couldn't help thinking what those sensations would be like if I wasn't wearing a skirt.

Our relationship pretty much continued in the same vein over the holiday I would sit at the end of the sofa David would rest his head on my lap either watching TV or lying on his back talking to me. He did develop a few minor additions inasmuch that when he was lying on his back his concentration seemed to be more on my breasts than our conversation, subsequently at times I would jiggle them just to tease him a little. Also when he turned over, first to press his face between my thighs then later to bury his face into my body, my stomach to be precise, as he turned he would brush his face across my breasts. Occasionally when maneuvering himself, he would fake a slip and press his face deep into my breasts, then have the audacity to apologize.

Our situation began to change during that last week before returning to college, up until that point our relationship had just been an enjoyable flirtation, or so I assumed. David had finished his work experience at the local engineering company and had the last week off at home. Monday morning he wandered down wearing only his jockey shorts and apologized when he saw me and ran back upstairs to some pants on. Tuesday morning also saw him wandered down in his jockeys and just stood in front of me and asked if I minded; I said I did mind and he went back upstairs to put some pants on. Wednesday morning the same thing happened only this time he never asked me if I minded and just carried on as if it was an accepted practice. Thursday and Friday were the same, only Friday he sat at the breakfast table ignoring my pleas to put some clothes on. Most of the morning he paraded around in his jockey shorts, it was so embarrassing because my eyes kept continually focusing on his manly appendage.

David went out celebrating that evening with his friends, what they were celebrating I have no idea because as far as I knew he was the only one still at college and that was due to him doing his masters. I was still up when he came home and I knew he had been drinking, not that he was drunk or staggering around let's just say he was experiencing high confidence levels. We sat on the sofa next to each other while he told me of his evening, and how his friends where making out. Suddenly he said that he was going to bed and before I knew it he stood up, bent over and kissed me passionately on the lips, during which he placed his hand on my breast and gave it a squeeze and was gone. I was so taken aback that it took me several minutes to recover my composure before I also went to bed.

Rather than wear my satin pajamas I put on a nightgown and lay in bed turning over in my mind what had happened and how I felt about it. After some serious consideration I came to the conclusion that I was falling in love with my son, and how did I feel about that. I always enjoyed making love with my husband and losing those feelings of a man bonding with a woman, believing that I would never experience them again was extremely depressing. Now my son had given me back some of those feeling, but whether he could restore all of them remained to be seen.

Saturday morning I deliberately laid in bed longer than usual so that I had to go downstairs wearing my nightgown to cook David's breakfast. He waltz down in his jockey's and when he saw me in my nightgown, after what happened the night before he must have thought all his birthdays had come at once. He moved up behind me wrap his arms around waist and pressed himself up against me. I could feel him and pressed back as I gave my ass a wiggle to let him know that I was accepting his advances; but pointed out that I was his mother not his girlfriend and because he was returning to college the next day, now was not the time to play with my feelings. We didn't see much of each other for the rest of the day, David was out getting things for college and I was generally tiding up the house.

In the evening we resumed our usual position with David lying on his back, head in my lap looking up at me. He commented that he could see my black bra through my blouse, I gave him a playful slap and told him he was naughty. He poked my breast with his finger pushing my nipple deep into my flesh. I told him to stop it which only encouraged him to do it again and again and again. I was well aware of my circumstances, and told him to turn over when he said that my nipple was getting bigger and harder. He buried his face between my thighs and laid there while I stroked his head, until that is I felt his hand on the calf of my leg. I knew what was going to happen but unable to bring myself to prevent it. His hand began to slide up my leg and under my skirt. While I tried to act nonchalantly as if I didn't care, it crept higher and higher, making me think he was going to touch me, but he stopped just short with his hand resting on the inside of my thigh. I was nervous in case he moved his hand up that fraction to touch me, but it also excited me, bringing back one of those familiar sensation into my life again. That's how our day ended, but mine continued for hours, fantasizing of what could have been and saddened for what was about to happen.

Sunday morning I helped David pack to return to college for his last semester, the cab taking him to the airport was booked for midday, although he brought his case down early because he was already to go. I was in the hall already crying, he put his arms around me and kissed me, a son's kiss on his mother. Wrapping my arms around his neck I pulled him down kissing him hard and long on the lips, pressing my breasts into his chest and my pelvis into his groin. I pushed myself into him grinding my body against him, continually gyrating back and forth. He was so aroused I could feel his erection as I pressed myself against him, he responded by synchronizing himself with my movement. As we kissed I could feel his fingers against my legs pulling my skirt up, I ceased the kissing, looked him in the eye, then drove my lips hard into his as he continue to raise my skirt. I felt his fingers rub across my panties, pushing hard against his hand as his fingers stroked along the entrance to my womanhood.

Breaking the kiss I spoke of our taboo subject, asking if our actions was fair for me or his mystery woman, I demanded to know who she was. The look on David's face was like thunder, in a raised voice he said, "You know who she is, you've always known who she is, and you also know who her son is, and you know that her son is in love with her, so why do you keep asking?" I never said a word just resumed kissing him and slipped my hand down between our bodies to feel his erection in my hand. I asked him what he wanted of me, he said he wanted photographs of me taken on my phone the day I draft the email wearing only bra and panties. He withdrew his hand from under my skirt allowing it to drop back down, then unbuttoned my blouse and slipped a hand inside my bra and began to squeeze and roll my nipple between his thumb and forefinger. We were still in the hall when the cab driver knocked, with one last kiss he was gone.

Upstairs in his bedroom, the bed was unmade, the covers thrown back and his pajama bottoms tossed in a heap on the pillow. Picking them up, I pressed them against my face, using them to wipe away my tears. Grabbing his pillow, with an arm wrapped around it held it tight against my body as I sat, then finally laid on his bed. Lost in thought, I pulled the covers across myself while continuing to cuddle his pajamas and pillow. Without thinking I began to unbutton my blouse fantasizing that it was David undressing me. I took my blouse off then loosened my skirt pushing it down before kicking it off, closely followed by my panties. In the process of removing my bra, I thought of David whose fascination of what's concealed beneath, something that he has touched but never seen, and possibly the main incentive for our relationship. Naked in his bed lying on top of his pillow, positioned so that I could feel it between my legs and crushing my breasts, I began to pleasure myself.

David had asked me to send him photographs of myself wearing only my bra and panties, this was all due to a considerable change in our relationship. The week before I would have slapped his face at such a suggestion, but from the day he left, his suggestion provided me with some excitement. It was necessary to try different ways to achieve the best results, I held my phone at arm's length but was unable to achieve the desired effect. Finally the only way I could get all of me in the picture was to stand in front of my full length mirror and take a picture of the mirror. As we progressed towards the completion of his course I made a few small changes to the photographs, first I posed with my bra undone, then finally discarding my bra, photographed myself topless.

In our emails we spoke of our love for each other, David now called me Sarah, beginning his email with "Darling Sarah," dropping the mother title completely. We discussed how we would manage living together after he finished college, and spoke briefly of sexual matters and our expectations. It became obvious that David's views differed from mine which is probably understandable considering the way the social scene had changed since I was first married. I wondered if he would want me to have his child or whether he would use a contraceptive, if both the answers were no then it would be down to me to prevent any pregnancy, with the obvious way being the pill. I could start taking it and if he wants to have a child I could just stop, it seemed the simplest solution so I went on to the pill, again.

For me time dragged excruciatingly slow over those few months, spending many lonely hours searching and making use of David's room. He still retained the girly magazine but there were additional sheets to his story. Reading from the part where his braless mother stood waiting, wearing a satin mini skirt and a tight low cut sweater, the story continued where she fell into his arms and they kissed. Later when they were lying on the sofa together and the son began to undress her, with her preferring to be undressed in the bedroom. Finally lying naked on the bed she held her arms up and said, "Darling are you going to fuck mommy." I couldn't believe what I was reading, never, to the best of my knowledge had David used language like that. Perhaps he didn't write it, but all the evidence said he did, is he expecting me to say those sort of things to him? I read on. In the story the son says he wants to fuck her tits, which he does, and comes all over her face and neck, they also performed oral sex on each other with the son coming in the mother's mouth. Those things were something my husband and I never attempted, having considered them sexual perversions and a possible a health risks. Is David expecting us to perform those sexual acts on each other and for him to cum in my mouth? Is this story a direct attempt to prepare me for how he intends our relationship to develop?

At last he had finished his exams and was preparing to come home, unfortunately, he said that he couldn't get home until Saturday afternoon because he had some things to clear up. I decided to greet him at the front door and stood waiting at the front window watching for the cab to arrive. I was dressed similar to the mother in his story, having been shopping buying satin mini-skirts, tight "V" neck sweaters and some new lingerie from Victoria Secrets, which David said he liked. That was the Saturday we went shopping, also it was the first time we walked around in public holding hands, and I think that was the beginning when I began to realize that I was falling in love with him.

The cab pulled up and I watched him pay the driver and collect his case and rucksack from the trunk and began walking up the path towards the house. I ran to the door and stood out on the front step, my skirt fluttering in the breeze, not caring who saw me. Once inside behind the closed door, I threw my arms around his neck and we kissed a long passionately. Braless, wearing a black mini-skirt and my white blouse I knew my breasts were visible and my nipples extremely obvious, hoping he would tell me that I looked beautiful and loved the way I dressed. While we continued kissing I could feel his hands feeling the fabric and my butt, eventually slipping up under my skirt expecting to touch me, I whispered, "Not here, upstairs."

Taking his hand I led him upstairs and into my bedroom where I asked him to undress me. Standing behind me with his arms around me David unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it off over my shoulder. He moved me in front of the mirror with us both watching while he wrapped his hands around my breasts squeezing and jiggling causing them to shudder and flop about. He sought out my swollen nipples and finger flicked them up and down, watching them spring back as part of his enjoyment, then pressed them like a bell push pushing them deep into my breast flesh. He loosened my skirt and let it fall to the floor, then knelt in front of me to assist me to step out of it, before slipping my panties down my leg and helping me step out of them. Standing naked before him he kissed me on the naval pushing his tongue dip into the depression. David continued to kiss my body working his way down until I felt his kisses then his tongue dip into the entrance to my pussy. He spent a little while kissing, licking and nuzzling the area before finally standing and suggested that I lie on the bed.

My thoughts drifted back to his story and what the mother said to encourage her son to make love to her. Laying there I watch David undress and as he crawled towards me fully aroused, I raised my arms and spread my legs inviting him in, said, "Darling are you going to fuck mommy?" He positioned himself between my legs and leaned forward, tucking his hands under my body and resting on his forearms as he slipped inside me. Slowly he eased himself back and forth while we kissed he told me how beautiful I was, and that my photographs did not do justice, as he put it, to my tits. The feelings he fired up inside me were something that I had never experienced before, he was taking me places I never knew existed, and my thoughts were becoming obscene. I told David that I would do anything he asked of me, and for some reason I had to tell him exactly what I was thinking of.

Sexually specific that's what I wanted to be with him, then realized it was just another way to say I wanted to talk dirty. David was surprised to hear me say that he could work himself off on any part of my body, including my tits and mouth. He could cum in my mouth if he wished or if he wanted anal sex, my ass, I was prepared to do anything for him. Our conversation must have affected him because by the time I have finished talking he was pounding me like a piston. How long it lasted I couldn't say but it was quite a while, all I could think of was he must have had plenty of practice, and felt slightly jealous that he hadn't practiced on me. David was still going strong, I on the other hand had already experienced one orgasm, bearing in mind that for quite a few years my sexual experience was nonexistent. A second orgasm was quickly followed by David's ejaculation, feeling him cum inside me confirmed my concerns and was pleased that I decided to go on the pill, and there was no way I was going to bring up the subject about making a baby. That first time was intense for both of us and we collapsed in each other's arm saying very little.

The room became darkened as evening drifted to night with us having made love a further twice, both times almost as intense as the first time. Neither of us had eaten, David's case and rucksack were still in the hall where he dropped them, and the only progress made that day was our sexual progress. I asked my lover if he would like something to eat and said yes, he wanted to eat me, he spread my legs and maneuvered himself between them before I realized what was happening. The sensation of his tongue lapping along the entrance to my pussy, then to penetrate me, slipping in and out caused all sorts of conflicting feelings which were intensified when he began to suck my labia lips into his mouth. If this was oral sex give me more of it. We never left the bed making love twice more in the night, and our third and last time in the early hours.

Sunday morning we were still in bed, naked in each other's arms, we talked, about our future together, in between kissing and exploring each other's bodies. David asked me if I would be his wife, I said I thought I already was. We discussed if we could remain in the area and live openly as a married couple or move away, alternatively we could maintain our secret and continue to act as mother and son but live together. It was a decision that only time could help us make, there seemed to be no immediate solution. Putting on my satin robe I went downstairs to cook breakfast, David followed soon after forcing me up against the worktop as he pressed himself against me while caressing my body. I responded by twisting in his arms and providing him with a passionate kiss, after which I suggested that there was plenty of time for him to become amorous he should go and lay the table, and allow me to cook breakfast. As he walked out of the kitchen I mentioned that there was a letter on the table for him from his company. He pulled a face as if to say this is not good.

The letter was from Mr. Morris the companies Chief Executive Officer the man in overall charge of the company, making an appointment for David to attend a meeting, in his office Monday morning at 10:00 a.m.

David looked worried, now that he had finished college his work experience program no longer applied and assumed his job was at risk. I told him not to worry with his qualifications he could soon find another job, in the mean time we had no college fees or living expenses away from home, so things could have been worse. Even if it meant getting a little job just to tide him over. Most of Sunday we spent lying on the sofa kissing and cuddling, me with my blouse wide open, David sucking and fondling my breasts, him with his pants undone with me rubbing and squeezing and generally pleasuring him. David had an insatiable sexual appetite but I wasn't complaining after all the years I had been starved of affection however, although he didn't show it I knew he was concerned about his job.

Monday night I arrived home the house was surprisingly empty, David followed shortly after, and from his poker face I was unable to tell whether the news was good or bad. He refused to tell me anything until we had made love, taking my hand he pulled me upstairs into the bedroom where we both laid on the bed fully clothed gradually undressing each other. He undid my blouse, and because I had just got in from work was still wearing a bra, which he pushed up over my breasts exposing them. He removed my blouse, I removed his shirt, he removed my skirt, I removed his pants, and pretty soon we were both lying naked in each other's arms, our bodies pressed together. We kissed and cuddled and touched each other, gradually increasing our arousal until I felt him slip inside as he rolled us over preparing to acquaint me with those sensations previously missing from my life. After us satisfying each other we lay there several minutes recuperating before I asked him about the day's events and this is what he told me.

Monday morning when he arrived David reported to Mr. Rush who said that David was in deep trouble and had to report to Mr. Morris's office at 10 o'clock, saying, "You're out kiddo, its bye, bye, for you." Five minutes to ten, David walked into Mr. Morris's secretary's office and reported his presence. He was instructed to sit outside Mr. Morris's office and wait to be called in. While he waited the Human Resources Director passed and went into Mr. Morris's office without acknowledging David, he felt that he was about to be dismissed. He saw Mr. Morris and the HR director sitting at the conference table inspecting and discussing documents which lie in front of them. David was called in at ten minutes past ten.

Mr. Morris directed David to sit opposite the two men. It was Mr. Morris that did most of the talking. "I understand that you have finished college and have your master's in Business administration, an MBA in fact."

David said that he had not received the official results. "Quite so." Mr. Morris was strumming his fingers on the table. "I understand you have had some issues with Mr. Rush." It was at this point David glanced up saw Rush walking past Mr. Morris's office, apparently he had no business to be on the top floor so it was assumed that he was just being nosey." Further questioning continued with regard to his performance over the past four years, until he was asked to wait outside the office. David was surprised by just how much they knew about him.

He watched the two men as they discussed the situation including a lot of nodding and shaking of heads, before being recalled into the office. Again it was Mr. Morris who did most of the talking. "David I know what you're thinking, if you think you're in trouble, you're not. For several years now I have wanted to replace Mr. Rush, I have never been happy with his performance or attitude towards his subordinates but there has been no one who I though suitable until now. How would you feel if I asked you to head up that department? I appreciate that it is short notice but I need your answer say before 2 o'clock so I can make the necessary arrangements. He pushed a slip of paper across the table. "This will be your new salary, a substantial increase wouldn't you say." David said he would be pleased to accept the position providing Mr. Rush wasn't a part of the department. Mr. Morris informed David that Mr. Rush would be called into the Human Resources manager's office and told he was being let go.

Naked we lay together making small talk, my breasts squashed against his chest, one leg lying between his, my hip pressing on his manhood allowing me to feel the occasional jerk as it began to recover from its wilted state.

I felt it grow in stature which suggested that David was becoming aroused, he pulled me close kissed me and rolled me onto my back. Leaning over me he kissed me again, then on both of my nipples, the underside of my breasts, my naval, then numerous times as he worked his way down to my sex. Photos http://uii.io/i3rb3z He had settled between my legs when I felt his warm moist tongue slip inside me, flicking in and out, snake like, for several minutes before adding that little something extra. It flicked in and out twice then tracked along to my clitoris rubbing across and around my little nub before returning to dip into my sex again to continue pleasuring me in that manner.

It wasn't long before he was driving me crazy. Raising my hips off the bed by arching my back, and placing my hands behind his head, pulled him tight against me, forcing myself against his face. He had me screaming obscenities at him, calling him a motherfucker, pleading with him to go faster and deeper. He pushed his fingers inside me using them like a piston as they flew in and out, unable to control the stoke his hand painfully ramming up against my body, all the time his tongue was servicing my clit. God I almost passed out having never been treated that rough before. I wanted him to kiss my mouth, at the same time suck and bite my nipples, I wanted to bury my teeth in him, I wanted everything, but I didn't want him to stop massaging my clit with his tongue, or ramming his fingers up inside me.

I felt it start deep within me, gradually increasing like a crescendo, finally hitting me like a hurricane, I screamed out as the most violent orgasm I had ever experience hit me. Eventually I calmed down my body sinking back into the bed, David was grinning with my juices running down his face, telling me they were squirted over him.

I held out my arms for him to come to me not expecting him to slip inside me, as he crawled over my body. Shattered, there was no way he was going to arouse me. I could have been one of those sex dolls as far as he was concerned, dictating his own pace and receiving no response as he used my body for his own gratification.

It was too late to cook so we sent out for Chinese. While we waited I slipped into something comfortable and David into sweat pants and polo shirt, with me ending up on his lap, his hand on my breast. Well where else would it be? That night in bed, as we kissed and cuddled, there was no love making, David asked me to lay on my front then pulled my nightdress up, with him naked snuggled up against my side. I could feel he was aroused and with my head turned towards him we continued kissing. As we kissed I felt a finger dip between my buttocks and began to stroke me up and down, gradually spreading them to work his way deeper. His other hand slipped beneath my body to nestle between my legs seeking out my sex before easing a finger inside me. I pushed back forcing his finger even deeper between my cheeks until he was touching me in an area nobody had ever touched before. I felt a fumbling and a touch, a slick touch and realize he was lubing me up with my own body fluid. David pushed a finger inside me, it wasn't painful and I couldn't say it was unpleasant, just different, but when he slipped in a second finger in became slightly uncomfortable. He began to concentrate on pleasuring me with his other hand and with the combination of the two I was a pretty happy girl.

The rest of the week was pretty similar, without David's story of course. We made love, I turned onto my front and he dipped his fingers into me, he was preparing me for the weekend. Saturday afternoons were for romance, lying on the sofa kissing and cuddling, sweet talking each other and discussing how we should proceed in the future. Saturday evenings we had found an out of the way restaurant, with a romantic ambiance, providing good food, dimmed lights with a DJ playing records we could dance to. Saturday night we would make love and anything else we thought appropriate. That particular Saturday night after recuperating from making love, David asked me to position myself on all fours. Fortunately I had bought some lube and asked him to use plenty and stop if I needed him to.

Kneeling on the bed in that position provided David with far more accessibility to me than when lying on my stomach. Finally, after making me ready by inserting his fingers he slipped inside and began to ride me, slamming himself hard against me before withdrawing, causing my body to rock back and forth. This continual action caused my breast to swing to and fro with David watching their movement in the mirror. He must have been close to coming when he laid along my back, slipped his arms around me allowing him to clamp both hands over my breasts. For me I can't say that it was enjoyable, David got some satisfaction out of it, but afterwards we showered together washing each other's bodies and made love again which was far better.

Sunday mornings I would slip right down the bed and wake him using only my mouth, providing his sensitive body part with a warm moist awakening, as I massaged him with my lips and tongue until he was totally satisfied. Sometimes if he was already awake he would prefer to satisfy himself between my breasts, at first I would need to hold them firmly clamped around his shaft so that he could achieve his desire. Eventually I modified one of my satin bras which when my breasts were lubricated would provide the right amount of pressure allowing him to push his way between them. Our sexual practices were quite varied as we watched ourselves in the mirror, lying or kneeling on the bed sometimes standing, as our hands lovingly pleasure each other's body. We would watch each other, as we pleasured ourselves following the same procedures, but in each case we would occasionally lean forward and kiss. Nevertheless by whatever method or position we made love, the missionary position was always our preference, allowing us to face each other, kiss, talk of love, and press our bodies together.

Eight months later we found out that I was pregnant, and four months after that we moved to Florida. David's company bought out a failing engineering firm and David was put in charge to revitalize it. Several production lines were transferred to Florida, first to assist on the financial side to make the company more viable, secondly because the customer of those products were much closer to Florida thereby reducing transportation costs. Initially the company rented us a nice house with a pool which we eventually bought. We sold our house in Washington, and even if we were forced to return, we wouldn't have purchased property in the area we left. Publicly we now declared ourselves as a married couple. We were quite pleased when people gossiped about our age difference, because it distracted them from our real relationship. Our daughter Charlotte, later to be nicknamed Charlie, was born five months after our move to Florida, everything was perfect I never thought my life could be so wonderful.

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David seduces his mother

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