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Dad Daughter Mom

Categories Diary, Incest, Mature, Virginity

Author: tom8899

Published: 31 August 2018

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My life is a little out of kilter at the moment. I don't really mind. I'm sort of getting a handle on it. I'm a late night person. So are my mom and dad so we all sleep late in the mornings. I mostly don't have any classes before late morning and mom does fill-in at the local clinic when she wants to, in the afternoons, and dad does home stuff until after lunch then goes in to his office.

My name is patch. I'm an only child. Daughter. I'm 19 and going to college. I'm in bed with my hands in my pants working on an orgasm. Hopefully a good one. It's been a couple of days. My bed is round so I try to box the compass at least a couple of times a week. That's funny. I gotta tell somebody.

Mom and I talk about sex. Not heavily. It started when I got out of high school. I guess we both changed about the same time. Although when we're out shopping or something she won't say, 'that guy is really hung', instead she'll say, 'I'll bet he's popular'. She's been trying to get me more interested in a social life but I don't want to waste the hours it takes over four years to maintain relationships. I'm serious about being in college.

I hear mom and dad moving around so I give up on the orgasm. I don't really mind. I'm always thinking about classes and other stuff and get distracted. I have a lot of fun in my pants and I start the day happy knowing it's still there waiting. I think mom knows about my orgasms, and attempts. I shower the night before so she probably can detect me in the mornings. Maybe dad too but he never gives any indication. Dad is very stable.

A few days later mom and I were going to see a chick flick and after thinking about it for two days dad decided to go with us. One of the characters was in the same profession, the 'factory supply chain' as he calls it. Mom and I wanted to see the sexy hubby actor. He didn't disappoint. Summer and on the beach and swim trunks that showed off his ample assets.

Mom fiddled and I fiddled and dad reveled in the 'factory supply chain' sequences, which happen to be substantial. Mom was squeezing her knees together and I was opening mine up. I happen to be sitting between dad and mom. Mom had on pedal pushers and I had on almost short shorts. Tops and bras. Dad had on short shorts too, with hairy thighs. Nice hairy thighs.

Our guy on the screen shuffled in the sand and got his arms around his screen wife and got in her solid. There was no room to be had between his ample assets and her ample assets. Acting or not I would have him on down on the sand in a heartbeat. There was a nice bulge before they connected, then they shifted to another shot. I always wondered how they coped afterwards.

Mom leaned over and said, "It's fun isn't it?"

I looked at her and she was smiling. I didn't get it right away then I realized I had my hands down over my crotch, moving very slowly. I smiled and lifted one out and shifted a little and moved the other one. I nodded 'yes' and she turned back to the movie. I sneaked a glance and dad hadn't noticed that I could tell. I was horny. Orgasm tonight. I couldn't wait until morning.

I was squeaky clean, hair blown dry and in bed. Lights out, sheets up around my waist. No bra and a really light weight top on. Soft floppy bottoms, lots of room. I wasn't fully shaven but I did get one of those little small cat combs for getting bugs so I could trim. When I combed my pubic hair with a regular comb the hairs sprang down and I couldn't pull them up to cut.

The small comb held the hairs up straight and I could trim everything down to a lower smoother level so I didn't bulge so much in my pants with all those curls. It looked funny when I was sitting down with fabric pressing down in my crotch. Bulky looking. I could run my fingers down in easier too. I liked to open my legs with my knees out. Sometimes all the way over and sometimes up. Up gave me leverage when I wanted to pump it upwards into my fingers.

I don't have any vibrators. I always liked the hands on approach. I could finesse it more in places that needed it. Bulk stimulation seemed to bypass the finer points of sexual pleasure. I used to have a couple of vibrators and they were fantastic and very satisfying but all of a sudden I seemed like a seasoned women with my main sex life behind me so I flipped around and went natural.

I always started twirling a finger around my upper hood area and slowly twirled downwards until I got near the tip. Then I twirled around the tip without touching it. That usually got me to squeezing and my vagina twitching. I loved my butt puckering and I pushed it out on a regular basis then sucked it back in. I had one finger fiddling with my hair and the other playing with my clit.

I started a slow upward fuck with my hips and let my clit come up and find my fingers. I didn't lift my hips up but tilted them up as my stomach dropped a bit. A kind of rocking on my haunches. I once got a golf ball and put it in my pants right at my butt for this. Every time I rotated back down I almost groaned with pleasure. I still do that. The golf ball is in my bed side table.

I held my finger still and let my hips roll my clit up so my finger slid down the front. I was thinking about the man in the movie. The one with his dick against his screen wife, pressing against her clit. I don't think they meant to as actors but they both rotated their middles just that little bit, almost unnoticeable, just after they meshed. I think that was pure instinct. I bet they both had a meaningful eye contact about that time, just before they kissed, passionately.

My breathing was getting heavier. I could feel my pussy opening wider when I straddled sand man, my knees in the sand. I moved my feet out more, keeping my knees up for leverage and pumped up with a little more force then got back to the guy in the sand. His pants were open and his dick was out in my hand. I bent over for a soft kiss. His eyes were glazed over but he was holding still. He knew my power and didn't fight.

I raised my butt up and could feel him rubbing, just under. At just the right time I dropped and had him fully impaled in that single movement. He thrust upward and lifted me in the air, almost pulling my knees out of the sand. My fingers were working my clit faster and I was breathing deeply and holding it for a moment and going again.

All of a sudden we both were exploding at each other. My eyes were closed and my body was in total disarray. I grabbed on and held on while my hips were as high as I could get them off the bed. I turned sideways and collapsed and fucked the air sideways into my hand until I could stop. I thought about the man in the sand and his wife, which I never noticed through the whole thing. Makeup did a nice job on his crotch.

I heard mom and dad going to bed. They never seemed to hear me. I thought dad looked a little like the actor in the movie. I would have to mention it to mom. I've seen dad's crotch look like sand man. Sometimes he's wearing those molding shorts of his when the wind's blowing a little hard, right at him. It molds his shorts fully down in his crotch. It doesn't happen very often but I have a good memory. I actually had an excellent orgasm once thinking about his dick.

I only think sex speak when I'm in bed and involved. I never talk that way out loud. Well, in the shower once when I was home alone. I was always afraid I would just out with it at a party or at supper or somewhere. There's a guy at college that talks that way in normal conversation. I listen but don't let him know I'm listening. He goes, "Look at the tits on that one. Nice ass too." I just like it in bed, in my mind. Pussies and dicks.

The guy in the movie was good for about a week. Three or four really good orgasms then they quit and I just enjoyed the attempts. Lots of fun. I watched some porn on my cell a couple of times but they were so small it was like watching tiny people with tiny toothpicks sticking out. I was going to try humping pillows but loose sofa pillows are too small and bed pillows are too soft. I need a firm pillow with a hard ridge along the sides, big enough to fill me between my thighs.

I could study and drive without thinking about sex. It wasn't a seriously controlling part of my everyday existence, just a fun thing. But, facing it, I just wasn't getting enough of myself. It was there, waiting, trying to get out of the labyrinth, looking for the right pathway and every now and then I picked up a key. Like the guy in the sand. That muscled hunk of flesh with that fun dick of his looking for a good solid lay, like me, pussy in the bag.

After school I headed for the golf course. I always picked up dad on Wednesday at the golf course. He came out of the club house and put his clubs in the back and opened the door. Standing there he grabbed the edge of his pants and shook them up and down and got comfortable. I saw him flipping around down in. He got in and I could still see an outline in his lap. I disciplined my mind and stopped visioning dad and his assets.

Once I was leaning over a short table reaching up to get something off a shelf. I had one knee up trying to get higher and dad came up behind me and reached up for it to help me. He happen to press in with my straight leg right between his. I was leaning forward and felt him right down in the back of my crotch. He must have been off center down in his pants. He was solid enough for me to catch my breath and think about it for the rest of the day.

I got really turned on the next morning for a long time and even wet my pants a little but no orgasm. What a fun romp. I even let my fingers be someone else's. I put on granny panties and a sports bra to hold down the urges and got going. Mom and I were shopping in a flip store for running shoes. A flip store will sell things for you. Great buys and a surprising amount of brand new stuff.

I got a pair and as mom and I were leaving she said, "How would you like a little edge? I think it would be good for you. More satisfying."

I had to listen carefully when mom said something. What she said wasn't always what she said. I said, "I don't know mom. What kind of an edge?"

She said, "I know this great guy that does great foreplay. Not too heavy handed. It's easy for him to work very relaxed and only use the amount of finesse that's needed. And when you get used to something he can add a little bit that makes it erotic again. You probably won't even notice he's there after the first few times."

"Mom," I said. "I don't know what to say."

"Well, there's just the three of us," she said, "I think you'll enjoy the experience and he'll get to play around with a young girl. He'll remember it for the rest of his life. He'll be super thrilled. I won't tell, he won't tell, you won't tell. I certainly won't mind. Just take however much of him you can handle or however much you want. You know it'll give all three of us great orgasms. Probably for a long time. Great memories."

I was somewhat taken aback. I looked at mom and smiled. She smiled and we stopped talking about it. I guess she knew I had to absorb it and think. I know the next morning I had this over the top orgasm, and rather quickly, and I had my pants up around my knees and the sheet down which was unusual for me. My pussy was right out there in the breeze. I never even thought about sand man but I did think about hairy thighs.

Dad was off to work. I was about to leave. I said, "Mom, I don't know what to do."

She laughed and said, "I know. It was out of left field wasn't it? Why don't you give it a try? If it's to your liking enjoy yourself."

I thought about it some more. "Ok," I said. "What should I do now?"

"Nothing," she said. "It's not a monumental thing. Enjoy however much he'll give and he'll enjoy however much you'll give. Build some memories. Put it out of your mind. It'll take care of itself. Leave it to him. Have a good day. See you later."


It must have been four days later. Dad never showed up or mentioned anything during the day. Maybe he didn't agree with mom. I was getting back to my normal routine. This morning I was on my stomach with one hand down under and one for my boobs. I could thrust downward and have my fingers right where I wanted them and keep up a really nice rhythm.

Sometimes I pulled my knees up under me so my behind was up in the air, not high. That was great for exposing me to a lover. I would run my hands up the bottom of my thighs the way he would. His dick was swinging around and sometimes it would flick itself on the inside of my thigh, looking for the right path.

As soon as the head started in I would squeeze and push backwards just enough to get the whole head in then let him go in on his own. I would open my thighs out wider and tilt back and up. He wouldn't be able to resist the invitation. As soon as he was fully in he would bend over and slip his hands down under my tits and work his magic.

Just as he pinched one of my nipples there was a soft knock at the door. I froze, my eyes wide open. Then another knock at the door. I jumped out of bed and turned on the bed side light and pulled the sheet up so it looked normal and pulled up and straightened my pants as fast as I could. I looked around, looked ok. I glanced in the mirror on the way to the door. I looked like a brazen hussy that's been playing with herself.

I got a smile on and opened the door and there was dad. "Hi," he said. "Got an hour or so?" He was smiling and had on boxers. Nothing else. Wow. At least he wasn't sticking way out or way up. Maybe mom prepared him. My top only came down to my upper stomach and my pants were little bed knit things for teasing, baggy for my hands. We both seemed to be advertising.

"I guess," I said. "I mean, of course. Come in." He came in. "First things first," he said. He closed the door and ever so softly slipped his hands around my waist and I Instinctly wrapped his neck. He didn't kiss me but he did get me in fully all the way down and we did an amazing hug. Not the kind I was used to from dad. By the time we broke his status in his boxers had changed, for the better.

He kept his ample assets against mine but leaned back enough at the waist that we could see each other. "I'm supposing mom has said about the same thing to both of us. I've thought about it a lot and I'm sure you have too and here we are." He went over and turned out the light. It's really dark in my bedroom when the lights are out. "I've always loved your round bed," he said. He came back and found me and held my hand and said, "Could you get us started. I'm really jittery."

I found his face and gave him a kiss on the cheek and led him to the bed. The far side. I got on the near side and we found each other in the middle. I found my pillow and he found one. We got up against each other and after a few sentences finally kissed. Our feet were having fun and our assets were too. We were about the same height, only an inch different at 5ft8 and 9. Both slim.

I don't have a big butt but it's workable. Boobs very workable. Dad's stomach is pretty flat. He seems to really enjoy letting me feel his dick rubbing around. I do too. Other than the time he got into me from behind, reaching for something, this is the only time a dick has played around down there. I was almost wetting my pants already. This was way up the erotic scale.

He said, "Would you like to have one of your normal type orgasms for me and I'll see if I can help it along? Don't worry about sounds and gestures. I'm used to those. I like them as much as you do. I'll sort of run my fingers around and I can tell what you do and how you do it."

"Ok, uh, I usually have on knit pants like these that have a lot of room for my hands and I normally leave them on. Is that ok?"

"Sure," he said. "Whatever you want to do is fine with me. Do you want me to take off mine?"

"Oh, uh, if you want to or when you want to. Ok, I guess I'll start." I decided I wasn't going to get on my stomach again. I pushed the sheet way down the bed. Dad helped. I could feel his feet moving up and down. I got my knees up and out a little. My right knee ran into his hip. It took an elephant effort not to react. I think I touched the part of his boxers where his dick head was with my outer thigh. He seemed to move back out of the way.

My eyes were adjusted to the dark but I couldn't see anything, not even a dim image. This was truly going to be a touchy feely thing. I felt dad's fingers down on my foot and then my ankle. I usually worked inside my pants. I slid my hands down my stomach to my tuff. I had to stop thinking about dad and start doing my orgasm. I was turned on a lot more than normal. I took some silent but deep breaths and settled down and got my fingers going.

Dad was up about half way on my calf. His fingers felt really good doing that. He was lightly ringing my leg and I loved his fingers on the back of my knee. I tilted my hips up and slowly got into my normal rhythm but not too fast or too violent. I was feeling dad's fingers. He was moving slow. After a while he stopped and after a moment I felt his fingers on my shoulder. The one that was moving around. The one that leads down to the hand on my clit. I knew he knew.

He didn't put any weight on my shoulder or arm but skip traced his fingers all around my upper arm and slowly worked down. He could feel my muscles working my arm and hand on my clit. I had two fingers right up on the hood, either side, above the tip. I let my hips push the hood against my fingers then pressed down with my fingers and held it as my hips dropped back down, dragging the hood up my clit.

His fingers got to my elbow then forever later just above my wrist. I kept working my clit. I noticed I was breathing harder. All this really felt good. Very erotic. More so than normal. He kissed my cheek and I turned his way and felt his tongue on my lips. His fingers slid down the back of my hand and I felt two down about middle way on the top of the two fingers working my clit.

I opened my lips and his tongue slid right in and I felt his two fingers on my nails, just above me working my clit. I have absolutely no explanation why I did it but I moved my fingers down towards my vagina, very slowly so he could keep up. When I got there I tilted my hips up and curled a finger over and slid it in, ever so slowly. Dad stayed right on my nail. My vagina was flooding. Easy entry.

I pushed in as far as I could and pulled back and did it again. He stayed with me. I kept that up for about ten or twenty times then pulled back up to my clit and got it going again, still tilting my hips. Dad's fingers left my hand and I felt them on the inside of my thigh just at my knee. He skip traced again all around, moving down. When he got way down he moved to the back of my thigh and I could feel him move up in my pants on the bun on that side, not far. His thumb was almost in my butt crack.

I was still thrusting my hips. I could feel him coming back and rubbing my hair as he went. If he moved over just a little I would be thrusting up with my vagina at his finger. I could feel him move over ever so slightly. We were still kissing and tonguing. I was pushing my hips up harder and pushing my fingers down harder and all of a sudden I had a damn orgasm. I groaned and snorted and lost my voice and my control and grabbed on to my pussy and turned into dad and held on.

He got his hand over my waist and held me with my head against his neck and my knees in his chest. I thrashed my hips until I could stop and worked to get my breath back. It took a lot longer than usual. I might have gone to sleep for a few minutes. It had to be almost 8:30 or 9:00. My curtains were thick black naugahyde with magnetic seals all around and in the center along with black fur edging. That's why the bedroom was so dark in the bright sun.

We got off the bed and went to the door. I knew how many steps and what direction from habit. We hugged. He said, "You ok with all this?"

"Sure am," I said. "Thank you dad. I had a great time."

"Would you like another secret rendezvous? I'll try to do better," he said.

"You did just fine," I said. "Sorry I didn't give you a better time."

"You're forgetting where my fingers were and what was rubbing up and down your thigh the whole time," he said. Wow, I had to pay more attention.

Another peck and he was out the door. Bright light blinding both of us. I forgot about it mostly all day like it never happened. My sexual appetite seemed to have been filled for the moment. In fact it was a few days before I was randy again. I must have been throwing out signs because dad came over the next morning.

Same general movements getting in bed. There's something about climbing in bed with a man with just boxers on that's your dad. I didn't have a top on and just little panties. He tried not to look but took a good sly gander at my boobs and at my butt while I was turning around. I saw him in a mirror before turning the lights out. When we settled on the bed it was much different. My tits and hard nipples were right in his chest and my little panties offered no barrier at all with his dick in my valley. He was hard against my clit and he wasn't even thrusting around.

We seemed to take our time, both wanting to get as much of each other as we could. He ate a lot of my face and I ate a lot of his. I got my knee and leg up on his hip and down his leg, not fully over. It opened me up somewhat and once or twice he tilted over towards his back and I followed on top and pushed out right against him and worked up and down his dick.

I thought he probably was waiting for me. I slipped off my panties and we got into it some more and when he was over mostly on his back I got his boxers off. That held him off a few moments but he couldn't resist my pussy rubbing around on his dick and got into a rubbing back routine. He almost got into my vagina a few times and I wasn't totally trying to stop him but either one or both of us weren't ready yet.

I think he was trying to stay with what mom said, giving me a little edge. I could have orgasms on what we've done so far for six or 60 months. If this was an edge I'd love to see the handle. The thought popped in my mind that I'd have to use my left hand. It was ok, easy to do. We slowly slowed down and got back to holding and kissing. Nude body against nude body. Wow.

I said, "Should I do about what I did before? I don't quite know how to go ahead."

"That would be splenderific," he said. "I had a very good time before. I'll see if I can make it more erotic. I like being nude with you." It isn't that easy being formal during sex stuff but we seemed to be doing just that. It was actually a lot of fun.

I turned over on my back and adjusted my pillow and got my feet up and out like before. It felt a whole hell of a lot different, being nude. I had to give him my right side so I slid my left hand down and got into my tuff. I settled down and played around and slowly slid my right hand down and found his dick. That was a first for me. I heard dad take in a little breath and run his dick up through my hand a little. What a thrill that was.

It was thicker than I thought and the head was bare. I though they always kept them covered if they had foreskin. The skin down his dick was loose. It just slid up and down with ease. I couldn't get my whole hand around but almost. I could squeeze a little and feel my fingertip coming around the other side. I played that way while I started on my clit with my left hand. Quite skilled that left hand. Then I remembered his balls and thought about a way to go about getting down there.

I moved up and down and let up a little going down so I would slip over the loose skin. I would eventually wind up lower. Dad was thrusting kind of slowly. My hips were starting to move up just a little bit, not up off the bed, not rotating up yet. I got down to his balls and very gingerly fingered all over and under and around. I could feel two hard bubbles inside. His testicles. I stayed away from them except to get a good feel.

I was breathing harder but not hard and dad about the same. He put a hand over my knee and down the inside of my thigh to play with my hair again. He went up the side and I bumped into his hand with my fingers. He stayed there a little bit them worked down but didn't do my vagina. He got under on my butt and found where to tease me, very nice that tease.

I had my eyes closed and was coasting along really great and dad lifted my right leg and slid down and under me. My leg wound up over him above his hip. He slid over more and pulled my left leg over below his hip, about high thigh. He was crossways between and under my legs. His dick was about at my crotch. I could pull my feet towards me and he would go right in.

He kept playing with my thighs and my hair all over my outer lips, which were fairly open now. I stopped thrusting up when he moved down. If I thrusted I might thrust right into his dick. It had to be right there, just an inch away. I could lift my buns ever so slightly and push out and find it. It would touch me somewhere. It had to be very hard and sticking right out at me.

It was starting to get to me, an orgasm. I got my head together and slowed down on my clit and let myself settle down. I wanted to play with dad. If I had an orgasm I would probably have to wait for another day. I felt soppy but I didn't care. If I pulled my legs in dad would know what I was doing so I pushed my pussy out. Nothing, so I did it again. I could feel my bottom sliding down the sheet. He had a hand on my boobs and the other one playing with my pubic hair.

About that time I could feel him moving. Towards me. I didn't know if my pussy was up high enough for him to hit. I waited but he didn't touch me anywhere. I stopped moving down and started with my clit again.Photos http://uii.io/6nnWkK I didn't thrust. I wasn't into clitting right now waiting for dad then it hit me again. He was here taking the edge off. He was waiting for me to show what I would or wanted to do.

Well, shut up or put up. I did want him to do something. I slid a heel over near his butt and pressed, not hard. Not hard enough to say 'go in there'. Let him wonder. At the same time I tilted my pussy up and out a little and waited. I felt his butt muscle clinch just a little and felt him lightly touch the top of my ridge. I pulled my pussy back down and up again like I was thrusting before, with my clit.

I felt him again. When I pulled back this time I slid down so smoothly he wouldn't notice because of the movement of my hips. When I thrust up again his dick parted my outer lips. I was working my clit again. This was too good to stop but I forced myself to cruise slowly so as not to go over and get an orgasm. The next time I cycled up I pulled my hips backwards a little so he just barely touched me.

The next time I thrust he was back where he was the first time so he did move up. The next time I pushed out he parted my outer lips and hit bottom, just above my vagina. I moaned so he would know I liked it but I couldn't help moaning anyways. I froze in that position and let him adjust and when he spread my vagina I grabbed his arm and pushed with both my heels and he went in.

The stars burst, my brain went gooey, I tried to fart, and my eyes watered. The feeling was a longtime desire, a monumental achievement. I've had things in my vagina before but never a penis. I don't know why it's such a different thing but it is. I said, "If that's ok with you it's ok with me. Please don't stop. I can't get pregnant. Let's have orgasms."

Dad pushed into my thighs and I could feel him pushing into my vagina. He wasn't all that treating me like a kid thing. He pulled back out and went again. About three or four thrusts and we were fucking like champs. I pushed at him and left my clit alone and enjoyed it. He was pretty big and I was filled to the brim. When he thrust I thought he was never going to stop going in. He didn't go in hard, just steady.

I could feel him lightly touching my butt, probably his balls hanging down sideways. I always thought they got fairly firm in sex but here they were, hanging down sideways. After about five minutes I pulled at his arm again. He thrust twice more and pulled out and I felt him moving around, touching parts of my body and he squashed my tits and got between my thighs.

I said, "Just do what you do to mom."

"Wow," he said. "It's a little early for seasoned sex." About that time his dick went in again. I wrapped his legs with mine. He said, "How about regular sex and I can show you some exotic things as we go along." He was working his elbows and arms and hands into place and rocking his hips into place and his dick never stopped. He got into my lips and tongue and I let him fuck me like he wanted.

I was so wet he was going in smoothly. I could still feel his dick opening me wider as he went. It was more than I expected but I was handling it. It was confortable, just unexpected. The sexual excitement was extraordinary and the pleasure pains were too. I was having shooting pleasure everywhere down there, nothing was off limits. I started floating away into some kind of place all by myself, soaking it all up.

I could feel his crotch pressing into mine and his hips spreading mine out each time and the quick reversal when he came out. He slowed down and dropped his head down to my nipples and the pleasure rippled across my chest. I could feel his stomach lift and him porpoise his hips into me so he could stay at my tits. The tongue kissing was like fucking, just a different part of the body.

That's why people flipped and interchanged dick for tongue and mouth for vagina. You could actually feel the excitement where it was happening that way with a very sensitive part of the body, the mouth. I wanted to do that someday. Maybe with dad. I was starting to breather a lot harder and deeper. I was also thrusting up into dad and holding on tighter. I pulled my heels up under his ass which spread my pussy out wider and give him more room.

He started popping into me and sliding out a little faster. He stayed with his mouth on mine and his tongue with mine. He was pushing his dick in with a little more force. It felt just really good. It finally dawned on stupid me that we were both going to orgasm. It occurred to me that this was a wonderfully good fuck when I screamed into his mouth and jerked up against him, a number of times.

He held me around the shoulders and kept tonguing my tongue and let me orgasm but before I was past it he pushed in and held it ever so slightly and rammed in again. I was thrusting up and down but somehow he stayed thrusting and stopping and pulling out and going again, moving his hips to keep his dick where it should be. It was a mess getting through both and stopping and him getting off me.

We lay there in the dark with his arms around me. I was wild eyed and puffing. That was a different kind of orgasm. I hadn't had one like that before. Not like grabbing your pussy and hanging on. It's ignoring everything and doing nothing and breathing. Dad and I cycled in the bathroom and rather than bowing out for the morning he climbed back on the bed. We spent more than half an hour playing with each other.

Soft sensuous fingertip playing with me just about everywhere. Me too. I played with his dick head. A lot. I pulled his foreskin down and back up and played down his dick and balls and back to the head. I even got it hard again and he pumped out some pre-cum. Slippery stuff. I even sucked on his tit. I almost turned the lights on but it was more fun in the dark. Finally we did our close hug, oh those close hugs, and blinded ourselves with the light at the door and he smiled more and went off down the hall.

That's how I lost my virginity. It was a mom and dad effort. Of course I lost it quite a few times with dad before I went out on my own. When I met Chester I wasn't even nervous. It only took a couple of days and we were a pair. Mom really likes Chester. Chester doesn't need an edge so I don't think mom has a chance with him. I honestly don't think I would mind but I don't think it'll happen.

Dad and I eye each other but he isn't horning in on Chester. Poor choice of words there. I wonder how they'll like being grandparents.

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