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Asian hucow transformation

Categories Fiction, Asian, Body modification, BDSM

Author: Canis Lycaon

Published: 03 September 2018

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“Keep her under observation, start tapping into her water” the man said as he turned to his companion. They were both seated in the front seats of a plain white unmarked van, seconds before they had been watching the jogging form of an Asian woman running past before they had come to their decision. They both turned back to her as she jogged into the distance, her C cup breasts bouncing with every step and sweat from the summer sun giving her tanned skin a wet sheen. As she turned the corner of the street and disappeared from sight they put the car into drive and left.

Returning from her run Prija went straight to the bathroom and turned on her shower, stripping off her sweat soaked clothes as she did so. She paused to observe her body in the mirror before stepping into the shower. Over the past few months she had lost most of the belly fat she had had before, turning her stomach flat and toned. Rotating slightly her plump ass stuck out, round and firm whereas before it had been much flatter. Her dark nipples capped her round large breasts, the size accentuated by her height as she stood at only just over 5 feet. She sighed as the water splashed onto her body, instantly relieving her from the hot summer heat. She scrubbed her body clean, taking care to soap and scrub every inch of her body. Pirja left the shower and walked through to the kitchen of the small one bedroom apartment she lived in. She was a first generation Thai American and she lived in the city alone while she studied law at university, consequently she could walk around the house naked whenever she pleased, which suited her just fine. Turning on the faucet she paused for a second and frowned as the water spluttered and slowly trickled out, a short while later the water finally began to flow properly and she poured an ice cold glass of water. As she drank she thought it tasted strange and decided to call the landlord later to fix it. Since it was a Sunday and she had nothing better to do Prija went to bed and fell asleep, deciding to leave her essays for her to deal with in the future.

Day One

Prija awoke a few hours later, her head felt slightly strange at first but the feeling went away when she woke properly. She got up, had another drink of water and went about writing her essays. A couple of hours in she decided to quickly check her phone notifications, three hours later she looked at the clock and realised that she was still on her phone. Cursing herself she put it down and went back to studying before realising she was hungry, looking in the fridge she got whatever food she could find and ate dinner, she collapsed onto her sofa and watched some tv, leaving her studies for her future self to deal with. By the time it was 10 o’clock she gave up on studying, had a glass of water and went to bed to watch Netflix; she then fell asleep around midnight.

Day Two

Upon waking Prija realised that her head was feeling strange again, but even stronger. Not only that she realised that the feeling had spread to her breasts which were feeling tender and sore. She checked when her period was due but it wasn’t for another two weeks. Confused, she groped her breasts and after some gentle massaging the feeling disappeared. Shaking it off as random pains she got up and dressed before leaving for her afternoon classes. The rest of the day followed much the same pattern and she fell asleep having procrastinated until midnight after getting home from her classes.

Day Five

The pain in Prija’s breasts had been increasing throughout the week, with the feeling in her head becoming more of a numb buzzy feeling. When she awoke on the fifth day and it had increased, with the pain in her breasts now becoming more of an aching feeling she decided to go to the doctor within the next week. She subconsciously reached down to her vagina and was startled to find it dripping wet, and her clit was extra sensitive to touch. Frowning she withdrew her hand and felt the urge to masturbate. Prija was far from being against sex and masturbation, but was equally far from masturbating very often. Reassuring herself that it was random hormones she got dressed and went to her classes again.

Day Eight

By the Monday of the next week Prija awoke with genuine panic. Looking down at her naked form she realised that white liquid was slowly dripping from her breasts. She grabbed her tits and squeezed, yelping as she felt milk squirt out and a rush of sexual pleasure flow through her body. She reached down and sure enough her pussy was the wettest it had ever been. Running to the bathroom she was alarmed to see that he breasts had gradually throughout the week grown a whole cup size, with most of the change happening within the last 24 hours. With all thought of going to her classes that day leaving her mind she ran to her phone and rang the doctor’s clinic. A middle aged sounding man answered the phone and she asked for an urgent doctor’s appointment. He replied that they were all booked out for the next two weeks. Trying the other clinic’s in the area she got the same response and finally she gritted her teeth and booked an appointment for two weeks from then, hoping to herself that no more drastic changes would occur in her body.

Day Fourteen

Unfortunately for Prija the changes did not slow down over the next week, her breasts grew gradually into an E cup with milk freely flowing from them. Along with this she awoke in the morning with an intense urge to masturbate that would reoccur every night before she slept. She masturbated until she squirted every morning and night, leaving herself a panting moaning mess as milk squirted from her tits as she orgasmed. With her vagina dripping wet throughout the day and the urge to masturbate only ever hours away Prija hadn’t left the house since the previous Monday.

Day Fifteen

Prija once again woke in a passion filled haze as she reached down for her clit and began to masturbate furiously. So complete was her horny daze that she didn’t even realise that two men entered her bedroom. One nodded to the other stating that she was ready and they lifted her, grabbing her arms and handcuffing them behind her back. She groaned and shook with the need to orgasm until one stuck a vibrating dildo deep into her soaking pussy. She moaned passionately as it sank into the depths of her vagina and the two men gagged her and put her body into a large bag with her writhing form trapped inside. With intense speed they hauled her body into the elevator, after having cleared any evidence of their presence and locking the door behind them. They carried her into their plain white van and unzipped the bag, slamming the door shut and driving away from her apartment.

Day ???

Prija awoke in a daze which slowly cleared from her mind. She remembered being in a van and a man injecting her with something, then her falling asleep but other than that she remembered nothing. She took stock of her surroundings and realised that she was in some kind of animal pen. To her sides her arms were restrained up high to either side. She was bent over into a doggystyle position with her ass, like the rest of her body, naked and exposed. Her legs were restrained in this position with her body being supported at the back to take the weight off her legs, leaving her half dangling in mid-air. She no longer had the urge to masturbate but could feel her pussy still dripping juices and could feel her large E cup breasts still tugging downwards, these changes appeared to be permanent. The pen was old fashioned but the restraints were shiny and high tech, with there being no chance of breaking free at all. She stayed like this for hours, occasionally yelling out to the faint noises she heard from other stalls, not knowing or caring if they were people or animals. Eventually she grew tired and fell asleep in her restraints.

Prija awoke and lifted her head from its hanging position, looking at the feet standing in front of her. Jerking her head upwards she looked up and saw a large man in a tan suit and trousers, with sunglasses and black boots. He smiled down at her “finally woke up have you?” he asked with a sneer. “Prija felt rage boil up in her veins. “Who the fuck are you? Where the fuck am I? Let me go!” she screamed as she tugged at her restraints. “Ah still got some fight in you eh?” he said with the same cocky sneer “you’ll lose that after a year in the pen, don’t you worry”. He went out of sight for a second and reappeared with a handful of tubes and other vaguely sexual looking devices. Prija shook in her restraints again “Let me go you fucking creep, where am I?” she asked again as the man ignored her and attached two of the tubes out of sight above her. He walked behind her and she strained in her restraints to try and look. She hung her head and looked down her body but her large hanging tits blocked her view that way. She heard more tubes being clipped into place before the man walked back to her front. “You’re in the barn, cow” he said and Prija felt her blood boil at his words. He reached up above her and she opened her mouth to yell at him again and demand her release. Before she could say a word he jammed one of the tubes down and into her mouth where it slid down her throat. He slipped some straps round her head locking the tube into place and she was forced to be silent as the tube filled her mouth, only able to let out muffled moans. He pressed a button and she felt liquid squirt out of the tube and down her throat, which she was forced to swallow. The man then walked behind her again and felt two more tubes be slowly inserted inside her. The first went into her vagina and the second slipped into her asshole which made her moan into the feeding tube. Finally the man went below her hanging body and attached two suction cups with tubes to her breasts. She felt them immediately start to suck on her tits and before long she felt milk begin to squirt out before it was sucked down the tubes and out of sight.

The man stepped in front of her again and she scowled at him, shouting muffled insults at him through her feeding tube. He laughed in her face before explaining her situation. “You’re a hucow now, slut. That tube will feed you nutrients and hormones keeping you producing milk and making sure you stay nice and healthy, those other tubes will dispose of any waste you might produce and the milkers will drain all the milk from this big fat udders of yours.” He said with the same familiar sneer. “You should be honoured, you’re one of the first hundred women we’ve kidnapped for this fine establishment, but with our infiltration of government you’ll have plenty more joining you soon enough I think”. He began to walk away out of sight and yelled back over his shoulder “Enjoy the next 20 years of this you cunt” before disappearing from view.

The next month was hell for Prija. She had tried desperately for days to escape her restraints, enduring the days of boredom and frustration as she was forced to drink nutrients and produce milk. After the first three weeks a new woman was brought to the stall opposite her, a tall slim red head with swelling F cups. Prija watched helplessly as the same process was done to the red head, as she was strapped into the same restraints and before long was also producing milk by the gallon. After a full month of captivity she eventually gave up on escape, sagging into her restraints. It was on this day that three men came to her pen and informed her that it was time for her breeding so she would produce extra milk and create more slaves for the factory. She cried and screamed into her feeding tube as they took the waste tube out of her still dripping vagina and the first man rubbed his cock up and down her wet slit. Her slowly pushed himself inside her and her wet pussy easily accommodated her. He groaned and moaned and she struggled in her bonds as he fucked her, slowly building in intensity before she was bouncing in her restraints with each thrust. Eventually he finished inside her and she felt his cum slowly drip out of her pussy. The other two took their turns afterwards and when they had finished they reinserted the waste tube into her vagina and left. Two weeks later she watched as the redhead was raped in the same way, her massive tits bouncing and swinging as the men behind her used her body for their pleasure as they bred her. Over the next few months both women’s bellies would swell with their rapists babies and they began to produce even more milk. After nine months they painlessly gave birth due to the changes in their vaginas and three different men returned, reimpregnating the women. Prija remained like this for the rest of her life as the facility grew and grew, becoming a legal institution. She produced countless future slaves and gallons upon gallons of milk during her time in the factory, until she finally lost her mind and became a mindless hucow.

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Asian hucow transformation

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Comments (5)
Batman59595 — 04 September 2018 02:12
It was a good, although short, story, but it would probably do better if you put in a little more of a warning in. I say that because of the rating and the fact that it wasn't really a happy story, and people expect the happy endings and when the don't get wht they were expecting the story rates poorly. If it were up to me I would have put either extream or horror in the tags so peope dont go in expecting something that they won't get. But hey, this is just a random comment with no real professional knowledge of the subject. Good story though
Batman59595 — 04 September 2018 02:12
It was a good, although short, story, but it would probably do better if you put in a little more of a warning in. I say that because of the rating and the fact that it wasn't really a happy story, and people expect the happy endings and when the don't get wht they were expecting the story rates poorly. If it were up to me I would have put either extream or horror in the tags so peope dont go in expecting something that they won't get. But hey, this is just a random comment with no real professional knowledge of the subject. Good story though
Similix — 04 September 2018 14:07
Nice, I like bad end, and the theme of hucow (which I call holstaur for myself) is an interesting subject very little develop. I encourage you to browse this theme as you have your own idea, even though it was very short as text.
Canis Lycaon04 September 2018 11:02
Hey Batman, thanks for your feedback. I'll make sure I remember to do that next time. Glad you enjoyed it
Canis Lycaon04 September 2018 11:02
Hey Batman, thanks for your feedback. I'll make sure I remember to do that next time. Glad you enjoyed it
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