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Pirate, Chapter 1

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, BDSM, Non-consensual sex

Author: C B

Published: 12 September 2018

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The pirate captain slammed the door behind him as he entered his cabin, his thick, leather boots planted firmly on the gently rocking floorboards. He wore a frilly shirt, a pirate captain's hat, a kilt, and baggy leather pants to his boots. He was still a little sweaty from battle, and there was a hungry look in his eye as he surveyed his captive.

She was a barmaid from the town he has just sacked, and her ankles were loosely chained, facing away from him. She turned as he entered, and now stood meekly facing him, waiting to see what he would do. Her dress came down to her knees, and was laced up the front and the back to her bust line, with only her white shirt underneath to cover her breasts that spilled out over the top of her dress. She had seen strong, handsome men all day, and now with this stunning captain bursting into the room, her nipples stood out against the fabric of her shirt despite her reservations at being helpless before him.

As he took off his sword and removed his pistol from his belt, he eyed his captive like a starving man eyes a whole roast turkey. His eyes followed her curves and as his gaze caressed her bare neck, shoulders and pronounced cleavage she thought she saw his kilt twitch. He leisurely closed the gap between them and produced a metal shackle from a drawer somewhere. His hand reached up and stroked her neck and clavicle, before slipping the shackle around her neck. It was covered in silk and soft to the touch, but still firm and she knew it would not bend.

He turned her around and pulled her hands up over her head and back behind her neck, where he firmly secured her wrists in the shackle around her neck. Now when he turned her back around she felt completely helpless, like she could not resist to the smallest extent whatever he had in store for her. Her heart raced, but although she had initially been fearful of being forced to satisfy this man, now she was thrilled with the attention and care he was taking in possessing her for his very own. She had never known anyone like this, and the more he was with her in the room, the more she wanted to be his.

Stepping back apace, the pirate captain unbuckled his belt and swiftly drew off his kilt in one swift motion. His captive let out a gasp as she saw that his leather trousers were only chaps, and his exposed, semi-hard cock was pointing straight at her. He smiled at her surprise, and closed the gap between them once more.

Reaching up his hands to caress her neck and shoulders, he slid his fingers along her collarbone and down onto her breasts, pulling away the fabric that so thinly veiled them and letting them jump out into the musky air of the captain's cabin. He smiled wide and his dick started steadily getting harder as he bent forward and sucked on her exposed nipples. His groans of pleasure made her smile as he cupped and suckled on first one and then then other breast in a trance brought on by pure happiness. He occupied himself on her bosom for several minutes, but it seemed like an hour to them as they both grew steadily in sexual energy until, when he had finished, her pussy was soaking wet and she was thinking only of how good he would feel when he finally forced his member inside her.

Grabbing her shoulders, the captain pushed down forcefully and his captive understood she was to kneel. She did so, and found her face directly at the level of his now rock-hard cock that filled her vision and glistened in the dim light. She felt his strong right hand on her head and saw his left hand pointing his dick at her, and she knew it was no use struggling. She closed her eyes and felt him press the head of his cock against her lips and she opened herself up to him. As he slid his dick into her moist, warm, waiting mouth, he could feel her tongue caressing the bottom of his cock and he slowly slid his shaft in and out of her tight mouth. He filled her lips back to her throat with his swollen sex organ, and smiled to hear her moan as he slowly fucked her face. After only a short time, the barmaid could taste precum on the tip of his cock, and he pulled himself out of her and stood her up once more.

Now he was brazen, his dick standing tall, proudly anticipating the final plunge into his captive's waiting pussy. He licked his lips and sharply yanked a chain that had been lying on the floor. She could feel her ankles being pulled apart, and she spun around and fell forward onto the bed. Now she could only wait, her legs spread by the shackles on her ankles, toes barely touching the ground as she lay forward on the bed. He took a knife and deftly sliced her dress off of her at the waist, leaving her ass bare and exposed, poised dangerously up in the air. She could feel him staring at her ass, lusting after her pussy, and her thoughts were confirmed as she felt his strong hands groping her ass, thighs and pussy with intense passion. She was already turned on, she just wanted him to fuck her brains out with his raging cock.

Finally she felt the head of his cock touch her dripping pussy lips as he positioned himself behind her and drove his shaft home. Her whole body tensed in pleasure as he bottomed out inside her, his balls tapping her pussy lips. She felt like he had bruised her kidneys, and he felt her pussy hungrily grip his shaft, telling him she loved it and wanted more. Holding her waist, he pulled himself most of the way out of her, and then pulled her onto him again, fucking her hard and fast on his swollen member.

She could feel his hips slamming into her ass and he swelled even bigger as he reamed her pussy from behind. A slow, growing scream escaped her lips and this, combined with the feel of her legs on his, her ass on his hips, her pussy lips kissing his balls, her dripping slit clutching at his cock as it mercilessly fucked her again and again, all made his balls tense, his dick swell one last time, and his orgasm shook his body. He buried himself deep into her and held until, in one powerful wave, his cum shot out of him into her waiting, gaping pussy. As the ecstasy of her body washed over him, he milked himself dry inside of her, slowly fucking her until his cock started to wane and he was completely satisfied.

He pulled out and left her bent over the bed with a satisfied smile on her face as he went to re-dress. Before leaving he turned to address her. "Oh, and don't try to escape signal for help," he said with a wicked grin. She turned her head to look at him and he concluded meaningfully, "Or I'll throw you to my crew!" The door slammed behind him and she rolled over onto her back. As she tried to doze off her hand snaked between her legs, imagining he was with her again.

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Pirate, Chapter 1

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