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  1. Humiliation at school
  2. Humiliation at School part 2

Humiliation at school

Categories Fiction, Anal, Domination/submission, Humiliation

Author: Eoinmojolner

Published: 13 September 2018

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Orla loved school. Although she was very attractivr she was a teachers pet and a know it all. These traits were perceived as annoying by the majority of her classmates. One day they came up with a plan to humiliate the girl.

The plan was mainly constructed by Amy, Emily and Grace. They wanted to demonstrate to the school what happens to those who annoy them. Orla came into school as if it was an ordinary day. She went about the day as she normally would. She answered all the questions in class asllnd kept to herself to avoid distraction. Finally the bell chimed to signal for the students to leave for the weekend. Before Orla could leave however, her class had guarded the door. Amy slowly approached Orla.

"Any plans for the weekend Orla" she asked.

Orla was suprised at being talked to by Amy.

"Nothing much. Just some study I guess" she responded.

The class laughed at her expected answer. Orla made to leave bit students blocked her exit. Orla turned around to ask Amy what was happening when one of the boys pulled her skirt down reveling black panties. The class erupted into laughter at Orla's expensemble as she attempted to pull her skirt back up.

Someone pushed her from behind and she landed on her face with her ass in the air. Emily rested her foot on Orla before she could get up.

"Listen bitch, you're going to be here a while, and its up to you weither we do things the easy way or the hard way", she hissed

Orla had accepted her compromising situation and nodded in agreement. The class laughed at how easily broken this girl was. Emily helped her to her feet and lead Orla over to the teachers desk.

"Now take your jumper off" Emily ordered

Orla complied leaving her standing in a room of students in just her school shirt, tie and panties. Grace reached behind Orla and pulled her panties up between her ass cheeks. Orla let out a yelp of pain. Emily bent Orla over the desk and Amy began a ruthless assault on Orla's firm backside. Grace continued yanking her panties up higher between Amys spanks. Between that and Orla's screams they managed to pick up a rhythm.









Much to her horror Orla began being sexually stimulated by the girls torture techniques. She enjoyed the feeling of Amys hand slapping against her ass and she adored the feeling of her panties between her ass cheeks. Her screams of pain were gradually replaced by moans of ectasy. She began to notice the flashes of photography and people filming her. She tried to protest but was interrupted by more degrading punishment.









Students began laugh at the reveal of Orla's strange fetishes.

Emily pushed her body against Orla's from behind and grabbed her pussy applying pressure with her fingers. Orla let out a gasp of satisfaction. Emily nibbled her ear seductively and then whispered to her.

"You're loving this aren't you. Why don't we try push you further".

With that she pushed Orla to the ground and shouted down at her.

"Strip and on all fours"

Orla fumbled to remove her shirt and tie. This left her in only her bra and matching pair of panties. As soon as she was on all fours one of the football players yanked her panties over her head giving her an atomic wedgie Her screams could be heard over the laughter of the crowd.

"Crawl to me" Grace said from the other side of the room. Orla whimpered as she began to crawl towards Grace. To make matters worse students had began slapping her ass as she crawled by them. They jeered and called her names between slaps.







Finally she reached Grace. Her panties had disappeared between her ass cheeks at this point. Grace nodded to the football player. He walked behind Orla and grabbed the waistband of her underwear. He pulled with all his might and much to the disbelief of Orla her panties managed to ride even further up her ass. He then began dragging her across the room by her underwear. She screamed louder than anything else. Once again students slapped her ass as she was dragged by them. Finally she reached the other side. She lay in a gasping heap on the ground. Her panties were still stretched up her ass.

She began attempting to pull them back to a normal position when the football player grabbed them for one last pull. Once again her underwear shot up her ass. This was the worst wedgie she had received yet. She howled in anguish as he raised her underwear so high the her ass was raised into the air. Balancing on her hands, tears began forming in Orla's eyes. The football player began bouncing her up and down. Although the pain was almost unbarable, the pleasure building up in her was to much to ignore. She bagan moaning louder and louder at each bounce.

All of a sudden a loud snap sounded and Orla's body fell to the floor with a bang. Her underwear had ripped. She lay on the ground breathing heavily. Before she could regain herself she was picked up and placed on the teachers desk. Amy ripped of Orla's bra leaving the girl completely naked. Emily once again ordered her to get on all fours. Grace picked up Orla's ripped underwear and found how wet they were.

"Oh my god" she called out showing the class the cum soaked panties.

The class laughed at Orla as Grace walked to look Orla in the eyes. She leaned in close, breathing on Orla's face.

"I never knew you were such a slut" she purred, pouting her lips.

She leaned in and began passionately kiss Orla. The class froze in awe at the two beautiful girls making out. Grace slipped her tongue into Orla's mouth and began exploring Orla's mouth. Grace ended the kiss leaving a spit string trailing from the two girls mouths. She looked into Orla's eyes for a prolonged amount of time. All of a sudden Orla felt somethinges poking around her ass. She looked back and to her horror saw Emily golding a long stick of chalk. Orla was so defeated at this point she couldn't even form words. All she could do was groan and shake her head.

Emily pressed the chalk against Orla's ass hole. Orla shrieked as the chalk slipped further into her body. The pain was unbarable. Emily began moving the chalk in and out of Orla slowly fucking the girl. Orla saw a teacher walking by the door. She recognised him as Mr Duffy, her favourite teacher. Surly he would help her. They made eye contact for a few seconds as she beckoned with her eyes. He stared back at her uncaringly. He smirked then walked away.

Orla felt her heart sink after someone she looked up to had left her in such a humiliating situation. Emily slowly increased the speed of her chalk fucking. Once again what had started as painful began turning to pleasure. Orla began moaning passionately. She arched her back and lifted her head up. Emily was suprised when she noticed Orla pushing back against the chalk.

Suddenly Emily took her hand of the long piece of chalk leaving it stuck in Orla's ass. She stepped back and admired the quivering, naked girl with chalk in her ass. She gently placed her finger on the chalk and began pushing it further into Orla. Evenly it disappeared into the dominated girls ass hole. Emily gave it one last press with her finger to make sure it was fully in Orla.

Amy place another stick of chalk into Orla's ass and pushed it in so it could stick out without her touching it. The three girls helped Orla to her feet and set up a chair behind her.

"Have a seat" Amy giggled.

Orla looked the three girls in the eye then scanned the room of students with their phones out video filming her.

"Please no," she whimpered with tears in her eyes.

"Believe me" Emily said "This is the easy way out".

Orla gulped and began to slowly lower herself on the chair. Somehow the anal virgin still had room in her ass for chalk. Her butt engulfed the object as she sat down. Her decent grew slower and slower as she had less and less room in her ass. Her moans and groans of pleasure and pain also grew louder. Eventually she stopped, squatting over the seat.

"I can't" she cried "I can't get it in. It won't fit"

All of a sudden another football player grabbed Orla's shoulders from behind and slammed her down on the chair. The chalk disappeared into her ass and her eyes grew wider than an owl's. She screamed her heart out as a steady flow of tears streamed from her eyes. Emily grabbed her by the cheeks and kissed her deeply to shut her up. By the time they parted lips Orla saw 4 boys holding rope. The began tieing her to the chair. Orla couldn't move her hands or legs at this point. All she could do was scream. Grace sorted that out by stuffing Orla's mouth with the ripped, cum drenched panties.

Orla tasted her cum as it mixed with her saliva. As the class lifted her in her chair down the hall she let out muffled screams. They set her down in the biology lab. It was cold in here. Everyone took one last photo of Orla tied up naked, with chalk up her ass, panties in her mouth and tears running down her face.

"Goodnight. Have a good weekend " Amy called before slamming the door shut.

Orla had no way to escape. She was alone in a degrading manner in her school. Her heart was filled with dread when she remembered that she wouldn't be found till monday, and that the people who would find her would likely be students. All she could do was cry.

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Humiliation at school

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