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  1. Hell House-Chapter 2
  2. Hell House-Chapter 3

Hell House-Chapter 2

Categories Fiction, Anal, Authoritarian, Blackmail

Author: Randy MacAnus

Published: 13 September 2018

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All rights are reserved by the author


by Randy MacAnus

Chapter 2

There were a number of young men who lived in the building that had either figured out, or been told, that a white freshman wearing nothing but running shorts, and a slave collar, was someone's bitch, and available for fucking and humiliation, when they were dressed that way.

And while most of the these young men were gay tops, some were straight, but perfectly willing to degrade another guy, and get their rocks off at his expense, if they were horny enough.

No one would know who this year's slut (or sluts) would be. But they would know him when they saw him in running shorts and the collar. And nothing else. They also knew about the laundry room and the mail room, though not the schedule, which varied, in case I was enslaving more than one boy, or wanted to change things up.

So I was confident the boy had more pain and humiliation coming his way this evening.

“Jimmy” slowly opened the apartment door, and peeked out into the hall. It was empty. He breathed a sigh of relief, and stepped out into the hall, with the laundry hamper cradled in his arms. Not yet knowing what stairwells led where, he took the elevator down to the lobby. Big mistake.

He stepped out of the elevator and crossed to the building directory, to see where the laundry room was. In the basement at the back of the building. He returned to the elevator, but it had been called to another floor. Not yet knowing any alternate routes, pretty Jimmy, in his tiny purple running shorts, slit up the sides all the way to the waistband, waited for the elevator's return.

When the door opened, out stepped a couple of skinny Emo nerds. They took one look at Jimmy, and cracked up laughing. Jimmy blushed crimson, right down to his toes. When Jimmy tried to get on the elevator, one of the nerds put a restraining hand against his chest. The other came up behind the beautiful twink, and pulled his shorts down to his ankles.

Jimmy's first impulse was to drop the hamper and beat the crap out of them. His second was to drop the hamper and pull up his shorts. The third was complete confusion. He wasn't sure what to do in this specific situation. But there was a hand in his chest. So he stood there and did nothing, lowering his head in abject humiliation, as the doors to the elevator closed.

“So you're the new building bitch,” said the boy in front of him. “Very hot. You're going to be quite popular!”

At that, both Emo boys cracked up laughing. The boy in front of him took the hamper out of Jimmy's hands, and set it down. The boy behind him took Jimmy's wrists, and guided his hands up to the back of his head.

Both boys then took a step back to check out the naked little twink. Jimmy just stood there, his slender defined body fully exposed, running shorts around his ankles. His big blue eyes displayed his humiliation and terror.

The longer he stood there the more likely others would show up. But he knew there was nothing he could do! He couldn't imagine the punishment he would be subjected to, if he failed to remain passive and compliant.

“What's your name, bitch?” said the boy in front of him.

Until today, no one who knew him, or his reputation, would have dared to talk to him this way! His hard flat stomach roiled with helpless rage. He had never been publicly humiliated by anyone but his father. And even then, it had been nothing like this!

Despite his confusion and anger, he realized he had made no attempt to cover his junk. His hands remained behind his head, exactly as they had been placed. He wasn't sure why that was, but he suspected covering his junk would have been a very bad idea.

“My name is... Jimmy.”

“Well Jimmy, we don't much care ourselves, but a word of advice. From what we saw happen to last year's Building Bitches, you would be well advised to put the word “Sir” at the end of your sentences.”

“This has happened before?!”

“Yeah. It seems since the building opened, there have been one or two freshmen each year, that have been turned out like this. There's about a half dozen of them that are upper class-men now, that are still here, and serving anyone who wants them. But a couple of the guys never returned after their Freshman year. Can't say I blame them. And that's twice you've failed to say sir. Not smart.”

“Sorry, sir. I didn't know this had happened to anyone else. Sir.”

“Rumor is, several former students who've graduated, have found a way to blackmail certain Freshman into being the Building Bitches, but no one knows for sure. But they are all hot. Which figures. And they all come from wealthy families, so I guess they have more to lose.”

“Good guess... Sir. May I pull my shorts up and leave now, Sir?”

“No. Just so you know, we both have girlfriends this year, so we don't have as much need for the Building Bitches. But when our girls are on the rag, you can bet we are going to tap that fantastic ass and pretty mouth.”

The other boy said, “Now, just for our fun and amusement, since we won't be using you tonight, here is what you are going to do. You are going to leave your shorts around your ankles and shuffle your way to the laundry room.”

With an embarrassed sigh, Jimmy said, “Yes, Sir...”

“Keep your hands on top of your head, until the elevator gets here.”

Jimmy complied. The first Emo boy pushed the down button for the elevator, and then both boys began feeling up their victim, one in front and one behind. Jimmy just stood there and let them, helpless to do anything else, unless he was willing to be disinherited.

When the elevator finally arrived, the boy in front of him stepped aside and allowed him to pick up the laundry hamper. A relieved Jimmy shuffled up to the door as it opened. And out stepped two more students. They laughed even louder than the first two.

As Jimmy shuffled onto the elevator, one spanked his ass and the other grabbed and squeezed his balls. He knew he had to stand still and take it, and even spread his legs, until they were done with him. Fortunately, they didn't choose to take his shorts, or fuck him right then and there. Finally, they let the degraded teen shuffle through the elevator doors.

But as the doors closed, one of them said, “Looks like there's going to be a party in the laundry room, tonight!”

Jimmy shuddered, and groaned as the doors closed and the four boys laughed their asses off. Well, at least they hadn't fucked him in the lobby. He wondered if there was a rule against that? He could only hope.

He didn't see anyone when he stepped off the elevator in the basement, but he was under no illusions about what the evening held for him, besides laundry. Even if the four boys who had seen him weren't going to use him tonight, they had shown no interest in his well-being. They would almost certainly spread the word about the party in the laundry room.

Laundry was free, but he needed to use his room key card to activate the machines. At least he hadn't had to carry a handful of quarters. He shuffled into the laundry room, and loaded the machine all the way in the back. Finally, he took his shorts from around his ankles, and tossed them in as well.

He knew he was being watched and listened to, so he was being very careful to obey all the orders he'd received. He already had one punishment coming. He didn't want any more!

Jimmy placed the hamper on top of the machine, then sat on the table used for folding laundry, as there were no chairs. He sat buck naked, except for the slave collar padlocked to his neck. He could only hope Mark would at least remove it when he was going to class.

About five minutes after he'd started the wash cycle, Jimmy heard the elevator doors open. He cringed, and started hyperventilating. Four older students, probably seniors, walked into the laundry room, with big shit-eating grins on their faces. Jimmy forced himself to take slow deep breaths. He was surprised there were just four! He could only hope it would stay that way!

The boys, who were in fact seniors, surrounded Jimmy as he sat on the table. Without a word, they all began to feel him up. When one put his hands between the naked little stud's legs, Jimmy closed his eyes and spread his legs out to shoulder width. With that, the largest of his tormentors grabbed his balls and squeezed. It was hard enough to cause real pain, but not hard enough to do damage.

Jimmy's first impulse was to snap his legs shut and curl up in the fetal position, but his fear of future punishment prevailed, and he managed to keep his legs apart, as he sat upright on the table, taking deep breaths. The four boys grinned, and the one squeezing his balls complimented him on holding position.

The young predators then moved the table out from the wall, and lay Jimmy on his back, across the narrow side of the table. This left his legs hanging off one side, and his head hanging off the other.

“We're putting you in this position, so we'll get maximum penetration in both your holes, pussy boy. Since we want you to be motivated to do a good job, we'll do you a favor--if we're happy with your efforts. One of us will put your laundry in the dryer for you, while you're being spit roasted. That will get you out of here faster, and possibly reduce the number of cocks you have to service tonight.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Good answer, cocksucker.”

With that, the first two seniors impaled the newly turned-out slave in a single motion. They had lubed up, and that, coupled with Mark's earlier efforts, and the smaller size of their cocks, made the penetration much less painful than his first experience.

Not that there wasn't pain, of course. And Jimmy still had to focus on swallowing around the cock down his throat, to keep his gag reflex under control. But he found it was all a bit easier with practice, and with the smaller 7 inch cocks that were using him. Thank goodness, not everyone was as big as Mark!

Jimmy tried not to think about the thick 8 inch monster that had opened him up, and would certainly be inside him again on a very regular basis. Instead, he focused on pleasing the young men who were using him now.

It was amazing how quickly he was adapting to being a cum dump. All his life, Jimmy had had contempt for anyone without money. But he reserved special contempt for anyone who was 'different.' Women. People of color. And especially homos.

Jimmy could not conceive of a real man allowing himself to be dominated by anyone, much less used sexually by another guy. And yet, here he was, less than an hour after his first taste of cock, working diligently, to please four more cocks, belonging to total strangers.

He was making no effort to resist. He couldn't. He needed his father's money to survive! He was beginning to realize just how weak and dependent he was. A parasite. Unable to survive on his own. Jimmy came to the realization, as cum began filling both his ass and throat, that he had never been a real man. He began to wonder--did he actually deserve what was happening to him?

That was a question he just couldn't face right now, so he put his focus on the second pair of cocks that were preparing to enter him. He was a cum dump now. And, he realized with dread, that he would be one for a very long time. For at least the four years it would take him to graduate. And if he were sold, possibly for the rest of his life!

“Beg for it, bitch! And make us believe you mean it!”

“Sirs, please fuck my ass and throat! I need your cum in my body!” said the beautiful naked blonde, as tears streamed from his stunning blue eyes.

Jimmy felt utterly degraded. He knew his mysterious owner was watching, and recording everything. He had no idea what would be done with the recordings. But once his owner had the first recording of him naked, and jacking off, it really didn't matter. That one video would get him disinherited.

So, while the other videos were much worse, they couldn't do any more meaningful damage. Release any one of them, or all of them. It would make no difference. His life as he had known it would be shattered.

Jimmy realized with a shock, that if that happened, being a sex slave would wind up being his best option. If someone had an investment in him, they would likely take care of him.

“Aw crud!” thought Jimmy, “I really am just a weak, dependent bitch!”

The impaled naked teen, needed to think. And he couldn't do that when he was full of cock. Jimmy sharply increased his efforts, on behalf of the young men who were using him. He knew that the sooner he got them off, the sooner he could get back to his room and attempt to resolve some of the conflicts he was going through.

Jimmy focused totally on squeezing down on the cock in his ass, whenever it was being withdrawn, then relaxing his sphincter to accept the subsequent penetration. At the same time he was focused on swallowing around the big cock fucking his throat when it was pubes deep, and working the head with his tongue, whenever it was in his mouth. It was stressful, because the boy wasn't used to multitasking, especially in an effort to please others.

With his head hanging over the table, getting smacked in the eyes by a young man's balls, as that college-boy cock was fucking his throat, Jimmy couldn't see whether others had entered the laundry room, and would soon be entering him. He also couldn't see the machines. But to his relief, he heard the wash cycle end, and the laundry being transferred into the dryer!

The dryer ran for forty minutes, but maybe his clothes would be dry enough in thirty. He didn't know, as he had never done his own laundry before. As sore as his throat and butt hole were, Jimmy found himself getting hard. And the big muscle stud fucking his ass noticed, and broke out laughing.

“Check it out! Pussy Boy is boning up!”

The three other guys joined in the laughter, as the muscle stud in his ass smacked Jimmy's hard dick, and then began smacking his ass, to the rhythm of the fucking Jimmy was getting. And despite (or because of?) the pain and humiliation, Jimmy got even harder, and began leaking pre-cum.

“Aw crud,” Jimmy thought, “How can this be such a turn-on?!”

Finally, the sore and battered boy felt the cocks inside him swell, almost as one and then explode into his ass and mouth. Jimmy felt relieved that he managed to swallow the entire load without spilling a drop. He also felt a perverse sense of accomplishment. This whole experience was really fucking with his mind!

When the young men withdrew from his body and stepped back, Jimmy looked around, but didn't see any others. And the first pair were already leaving. So they didn't stay for seconds. One of the guys who'd just used him lifted him up and laid him out lengthwise on the table, then he and his partner, moved the table back against the wall.

“Keep your hands behind your head, and your legs spread, until the dryer is finished, or until someone gives you different orders,” said the anal intruder. “And don't touch yourself! You're not allowed to get yourself off in public, unless someone orders it.”

Jimmy did as he was told. Not that he would even consider disobeying, but he was too exhausted to do much else anyway. So the defined naked teen just lay there, on display, cum dripping out of his ass, and his little dick still rock hard. The slender twink was just hoping no one else would enter the laundry room--or him! He actually dozed off, until the dryer buzzer woke him with a start.

Jimmy looked around bleary-eyed, relieved to see he was still alone. He managed to slide his bruised body off the table and had just turned toward the dryer, when he heard the door to the laundry room open. The newly turned out sex slave cringed, and finally worked up the nerve to turn around. He instantly wished he hadn't! Leaning against the wall were two big, muscular, shirtless Negroes!

The wealthy teen's bigotry was not based on any personal experience. He had never gone to public school, and none of the private schools he had attended had ever had any black students. In fact, not so much as a black janitor. Jimmy could not, in fact remember ever speaking to a Negro.

Equal opportunity laws didn't seem to apply to exclusive prep schools, unless the schools chose to have a token black or two. In the rarefied atmosphere of these institutions, money doesn't just talk--it rules!

So, Jimmy groaned in fear and humiliation. He had not even considered the possibility that he would have to serve Negroes! And these two were the epitome of his racist nightmares! They were really tall, really muscular and really black! And it was clear, looking at their cargo shorts, that they were really hard and hung! At least as big as Mark! They had to outweigh the naked little blonde by at least fifty pounds, each. And every ounce was muscle!

The two young black men, looked down on the pretty blue-eyed blonde teen, with great satisfaction. They knew from the building manager, that the kid was a racist who had been way too comfortable using the N word, when he first visited the building. To them Jimmy represented the worst in white privilege. And they were very pleased to be the ones who would change that.

Each of the Ebony muscle studs preferred a fine black woman, over any other option. But this wasn't about sex so much, as it was about power. Using and degrading a rich, arrogant white boy, especially after the experiences they had had with the type, would be its own unique pleasure.

Jimmy began to shake uncontrollably as he faced the two young men. They would fill him with those big black cocks. It would be Jimmy, the wealthy, privileged, classic Aryan blue-eyed blonde, who would be their slave. And their sex slave, at that! It was clear that they were the real men in this room. The taller of the two, probably 6 foot 4, spoke quietly, but with a commanding bass voice.

He simply said, “Hands behind your head, elbows out to the side, legs spread, on your knees.”

The awed and terrified twink, felt his legs give way. It was if the words had sapped all power from his muscles. And all will from his mind. He didn't remember putting his hands behind his head, or spreading his legs, but realized that he had already assumed the ordered position, even before his knees hit the floor with a thump.

Jimmy continued to tremble, as he looked into the eyes of the exquisitely sculpted black man in front of him. And through it all, his little dick had remained hard and dripping! The realization caused the boy to moan, and tears to well up in his big blue eyes. And to make his humiliation worse, he realized that being stark naked, on display, and on his knees, in front of these magnificent young men actually felt right!

“What is wrong with me!” thought Jimmy. But for the life of him, he could not quell his terror, or his fascination with the two powerful young black men, in front of him. He realized, to his great distress, that even without the blackmail, he might have submitted to these two, out of sheer terror, if nothing else!

The fear and awe on that smooth, pretty face were readily apparent to the two young men he looked up at. Jimmy could not look away, as the taller man casually took a few steps forward. Eye contact was maintained, as the young man's cargo shorts brushed against the naked boy's face.

As he dropped his shorts, the ebony predator in front of him said, “Kiss my cock, boy.”

The trembling blonde developed a lump in his throat, trying to hold back tears of shame, as he began to kiss, and then lick the cock of the magnificent young black man who stood before him.

Jimmy was disgusted. Surprisingly, not with the act of kissing a man's cock, or being so obedient to a Negro. He was ashamed, and disgusted with himself for being so weak and submissive--and for being so comfortable in this role! His arrogance and sense of privilege lay utterly shattered at the feet of the young man whose cock he was worshiping, with his lips and tongue.

Jimmy, though he was concentrating on cock worship, could not bring himself to break eye contact with the tall, muscular, dominating young man, in front of him. Jimmy felt entranced, as if looking into the implacable eyes of a Cobra--or a Black Mamba. Though in reality, the 'snake' he was worshiping, was the one now penetrating his mouth.

A satisfied smile spread across the face, of the masterful black man, as he looked down at the naked, blue-eyed, blonde kneeling at his feet. With the boy's hands behind his head, elbows out to the side, his legs spread wide and his lips and tongue paying homage to the black cock penetrating his pretty lips, Jimmy was the perfect picture of abject submission.

An ebony hand was placed on Jimmy's head. The boy offered no resistance, as the hand drew his head into the crotch in front of him. The thick black member worked it's way down the throat of the kneeling boy. And Jimmy offered no resistance whatsoever.

Jimmy was grateful in that moment, for Mark's training, as he swallowed around the massive man meat, being careful to keep his lips covering his teeth. And yet he still could not summon the emotional strength to break eye contact. The relaxed, satisfied expression on the man's face, made it clear to Jimmy that magnificent black man was in total control of both himself, and Jimmy.

As the huge cock filled his throat, and his nose was buried in the young man's pubes, Jimmy felt hands on his ass, then a finger working its way into his boy twat. Once again, he would be filled from both ends at once. “Spit roasting,” the others had called it. And that meant he was the pig.

The man behind him began to nibble on Jimmy's neck, biting harder each time. The skin was being bruised. He was being marked with a hickey, by a male Negro. The bites were above his slave collar, and would show, no matter what shirt he wore. The slender Freshman was feeling more degraded by the minute. He didn't dare think about how far he had fallen in one evening--or how far he still had to fall!

He could feel the finger being removed from his hole--and the huge projectile about to take its place! As he was penetrated from behind, the boy moaned in shame and pain, around the huge black cock in his throat. And still, his big blue eyes maintained contact with the unblinking brown eyes of the man who owned his throat.

The two men got into rhythm, as they fucked the submissive teen senseless. It crossed Jimmy's mind that this was never the kind of rhythm he'd envisioned when friends said Negroes had rhythm! He might have laughed at the thought, if it had been someone else who was naked and on their knees. Jimmy never did have a sense of humor about himself.

As the pounding continued, the man behind him grabbed and squeezed Jimmy's little balls. He squeezed and released in time to Jimmy's fucking. The dominant young stud fucking his throat could see the pain in Jimmy's eyes. The pretty blonde's big blue eyes began to glaze over, in pain and lust, but he never broke eye contact with the man using his throat.

Though he wasn't bound, Jimmy might as well have been. Even if he was physically able to move, emotionally, he was under the total control of the beautiful, powerful, and utterly dominant black men who were using him.

Jimmy's mind was a blank. There were no longer any thoughts of why. There was no real thought at all. Only the instinct to serve and please. Whatever focus he managed was on his pain, and the pleasure of the men inside him.

His balls were being squeezed, his neck was being bitten, his ass and throat were being relentlessly fucked, and yet, it all seemed right. His efforts were directed to only two things. Providing maximum pleasure to the cocks violating his throat and ass, and maintaining eye contact with the powerful being he knelt before.

The eighteen year old blonde had entered a state of sexual zen, unlike any experience he had ever had in his life. The black cocks filled him with their seed, and the two young men switched places. Jimmy felt a moment of panic, when eye contact was broken with his master of the moment. But then, the other wondrous male stood before him, eye contact was restored, and Jimmy was once again at peace.

As the final loads were deposited into his ass and throat, and the massive black cocks were pulled from his body, Jimmy actually felt a sense of emptiness and loss. He wanted to cry, but hadn't the energy. He was completely spent. It was clear to the two young men who had so thoroughly fucked his mind and body, that if they left him there, he would like still be in that same spot in the morning.

These two fine black men were no one's servants. They were honors students on full academic scholarships--brilliant, as well as tough and strong. But they weren't assholes. One of them picked the boy up and sat him on the laundry table, as the other pulled his clothes out of the dryer. They had to teach the exhausted naked blonde how to fold his clothes. He'd never had to do that before.

“In return for our kindness, I am going to keep your running shorts as a souvenir. Do you object to this?”

“No, sir.” Said the bruised and thoroughly spent little teen. They were the first words he had spoken to these fine, dominant black men.

“Good. Now, do you think you can make it back to your room with your laundry?”

Jimmy's dazed and confused expression said it all.

“We will get you back to your room, but in return, you will come to our room tomorrow after class, to service us, and anyone we care to share you with. You will arrive at our door buck naked, wearing only your collar. Do you agree?”

Jimmy said, “I need to check with my owner and with Mark.”

The two black seniors grinned at each other. The fact that this rich, blue-eyed blonde referred to someone as his “owner” amused them no end.

“Mark is your trainer, I take it? Then we will work out the details with him.”

Jimmy told them his room number. One of the black men picked up his laundry hamper. The other picked up Jimmy, slung him over his shoulder, and they returned the naked teen and his laundry to Mark. Details were discussed, and via the computer, I gave my permission for Jimmy to serve the black men again the following afternoon, with the stipulation that anyone they invited to join in the boy's use also be black. This pleased these fine young men. Jimmy would be a very busy boy tomorrow.

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Hell House-Chapter 2

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