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Delivering Dominance - Book 5: Testing LImits

Categories Diary, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing

Author: jaycrismus

Published: 14 September 2018

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After having Tina fuck both Mike and Paul, at the same time, it was urgent the boys fuck their wives quickly. Not only was it important to have each of the boys reconnect sexually with his wife, but, we needed to set the stage for swapping and playing with the other wife. It was also important to the long-term goals of the team to make sure the boys agree to sex between at least the five of them, without limits. Today's tasks will establish limits but expand the reach of our team.

Late Monday night, the following message goes out through the Teamwork app:

Alrighty, now that the boys have been able to fuck each of the three of you, it’s time to test some limits with the five of you…and expand our team discreetly.

Student and Toy – the two of you will have a conversation with your respective husband. You will tell your husband the three of you women have talked. That you all made the decision you were comfortable with no limits to sexual activity between any combination of the FIVE of you. You will tell your husband, specifically, you are comfortable with him having sex with Tina, without limits, giving her whatever she wants, including filling her pussy with cum. Basically, make sure he understands “Goddess gets WHATEVER Goddess wants". Then, be sure to communicate the other wife gets whatever SHE wants from your hubby.

Let him know there will never be ANY questions about what he does when he's with the others. You also expect there will never be any questions about what YOU do when you’re with any of them.

Finally, let him know the ONLY limit on his playtime is him playing on his own, or when he's out with the other husband on their own. As long as he has Goddess, or one of you wives, he has NO LIMITS to his playtime.

First to finish the conversation will send a group text to Tina and the other wife, that your husband will read, saying something like, “Just had the conversation with him. As long as he's with one of us girls, no limits…no questions…have fun!” Second to finish will show her husband the other's text and reply something like, “our conversation is over now as well. Same deal, as long as one of us girls is with him, no limits…no questions…just fun!”

Goddess, you will wait until the second wife has confirmed, then, reply with something like, “thank you all…can’t wait to explore with everyone further!”

Tina, your next step will be to reply to each husband individually. Reply to the text with their pics and video from their foursome. You will say something like, “Goddess is VERY anxious to see what fun we can have together. You will get an invitation to download an app shortly. It's called MyWork. Download it. Create a profile there. You and <name other husband> will be telling me about Fantasies you have of me, on the Fantasy tab, and describing our sexual Adventures together on the Adventures tab.” Tell them what kind of profile pic you want them to use.

Make sure they know Goddess is now ‘in charge’, and it's going to be adventurous. I’ve already created your app and the tabs I mentioned above. You should receive your code to be administrator momentarily. Just let me know if you want to add anything else. You should develop your own nicknames for each husband, just like I have Goddess, Student and Toy. It’s up to you if you want anything like, Roles, Situations and Directions. I will always have oversight of your app, and, you will NOT direct any activities with these boys, or add anyone else to your app, without my express permission and direction!

Lori, this is how you will know you are ready to control. I will create your app and maintain oversight, just like Mistress still has oversight of this app.

Finally, Tina, it will be time to test some limits. Make sure Kyle is watching your kids tonight. Lori and Kelly, take your kids someplace for a few hours. Goddess will be testing some limits by laying down ground rules tonight for things moving forward.

As soon as you get a text from Lori and Kelly letting you know when they will be gone, send a MyWork message to the boys that lets them know you want them both at Lori’s house at a specific time. They should be ready to please you and learn more about the adventure that awaits.

When you arrive, be sure to have a bit of a conversation about how things will work with you. Be the Goddess. Whenever they have a fantasy about you, they are to share it on the Fantasy tab. Whenever you are with them sexually, they will describe the encounter in the Adventure tab. Tell them how you want them to describe the encounters.

I expect you to stay Fresh. I want you Aggressive in this encounter with the boys. Both boys Finger Licking. Trumpet Shower Paul. Bush Pilot Mike. Earn a special reward if you get Paul Harpsicord.

The Fantasy Journals roll in throughout the morning:

Kelly’s Fantasy Journal is a gangbang. Her sucking and fucking multiple men, bathed and stuffed with cum from many men. Maybe even like an entire fraternity house. If Sir was in control, she would feel safe. Watching Tina with the two guys, and experiencing the two of them with Lori made her want more than just two at a time.

Her picture was laying flat on the bed, sideways, her head looking toward the camera, her mouth open as if sucking a cock. Her visible hand was bent as if stroking a cock next to her. Her knees were in the air, her hips open to the pretend cock inside her. The hand holding the phone bent in an obvious attempt to stroke another cock next to her.

Lori’s Fantasy Journal is sharing the two big cocks in her life, Teacher and Mike. Without any idea how to make it happen, she’s just aching for two bigger cocks at the same time. Playing with Paul and Mike made her long for Teacher and Mike.

Her picture was on her knees, leaning forward, back arched forward, as if she’s allowing one lover in her pussy, the other in her ass.

Tina’s Fantasy is confronting secretary with Master. To challenge secretary to fuck Master and still enjoy Kyle, but withhold Master’s cum from secretary, instead, forcing secretary to watch Master fill her with cum. Her picture was an upshot, her legs spread, both hands acting like she is pulling someone deeper into her pussy, her face excited with the surges of cum filling her.

The Story Continues:

Expectations for today are mixed…it just can’t be Wednesday quick enough, with Lori hiding in my car when Kelly’s delivery is confirmed!

When the Experience Journals start to appear, Kelly hits first:

When I woke up, I saw the message in our app. I called Paul into the bedroom and told him everything, just like Sir directed. “Paul…I want you to know, us girls have been talking about things. Now that we all feel comfortable with playtime, and everyone has been with everyone, Lori and I are lifting the limits on playtime with Tina. You are free to give her WHATEVER she wants…” I did air quotes as I continued, “…Goddess gets WHATEVER Goddess wants…” I smile at him and continue, “…this includes your cum in her pussy. In fact, as long as one of us girls are with you, there are absolutely ZERO limits to playtime. Your ONLY limit is playing by yourself or getting together with Mike and the two of you playing. You MUST have one of us girls with you to play. As long as one of us girls is with you, you are free to do WHATEVER…no questions…just fun. I also expect there will NEVER be a question from you when I’m off playing with the girls or Mike. Playtime will be playtime, no questions…just fun…we will ALWAYS come home to US…got it?”

He thought about it for a bit, then nodded, saying, “So, does this mean you just want Mike’s cock now?” I shake my head. “Does this mean if Tina asks me to play and has another woman and tells me she wants to see me fuck that woman, I’m free to do that?” I nod, “I’m free to cum inside this random woman that Tina brings along to a playtime?”

I nod, but interrupt him, “Paul…NO QUESTIONS…NO LIMITS…JUST FUN…do you understand?”

He nods, “We always come home to each other, this is just fun…” I nod, smiling to him. “…maybe take some time to adjust, but, I’ll be fine with this.” He smiles at me and moves to my side, kissing me with a peck on the cheek, then a more passionate kiss on my lips.

“Okay…hold on a second…I want to let the girls know we’ve talked.” I open my phone and don’t see a message from Lori, so, I must be first to have the talk. “I’m going to send a text to Lori and Tina to let them know.” I type the following message, in front of Paul. “Alright girls, I’ve had ‘the talk’ with Paul. He understands there will be NO LIMITS on playtime if one of us girls are with him. He’s fine with things less defined. NO QUESTIONS…JUST FUN!”

I show him the phone and the message. Almost immediately there’s a chirp for a notification. It’s Lori’s confirmation message. Within a breath, there’s a response from Tina verifying and thanking. I show the phone to Paul and say, “so it begins…let’s have some fun!” and kiss his cheek.

I hear his phone go off with a notification, but I don’t even ask. He disappears around the corner. I send a message to Lori about maybe hitting the go kart place with the kids, she accepts, agreeing to wait until lunch to tell the boys. We let Tina know the plan and the timing of everything, so she could communicate with the boys.

Later, around lunch, I text Paul and tell him I’m taking the kids out to the go kart place for pizza and games with Lori and her kids. He replies, asking if there was going to be dinner for him. I told him I’d leave him something in the fridge, then, asked if he would please get some stuff moved out of the garage. He replied he’d try, but, not sure when he’d be home.

When me and the kids finally arrived back from the trip, Paul was in the shower. I poked my head into the bathroom and asked about his day. He replied it was a long, hard day. Just wanted to get washed up before grabbing a bite and then heading to bed.

Then, the notification for Lori’s Experience Journal:

Well, I heard the notification in the middle of the night, so, I got out of bed and took my phone to the bathroom to see what was afoot. When I read the instructions, I had to skip back to the other tabs to see what you were asking Tina to do with the boys. WOWZERS…getting Paul Harpsicord! Anyways, I could barely sleep the rest of the night. As soon as Mike woke up I had to bend his ear.

“Mike, you need to know…us girls have talked. We’ve realized putting limits on things between any of the five of us is a bit ludicrous. So, there will be no further limitations on playtime. You are free to give the Goddess WHATEVER the Goddess wants, even filling her pussy with cum. Further, as long as at least one of us girls is involved, there will be ZERO questions about what happens during playtime. This is purely for fun. No limits, no questions, just fun. Your only limitation is you playing outside the three of us girls on your own, and you going out to find someone to play with when it’s just you and Paul. Got it?”

He physically stopped, his mouth fell open as he thought about how to respond. “So, Tina says she wants to play and you’re fine with me and her, alone, and me filling her?” I nod, with a slight smile. “Tina says she wants to play and I show up to find she’s got another woman with her and she wants to see me fuck and fill the other woman and we’re all good?” I nod, my smile growing a bit. “Kelly and Tina want to play?” I nod, my smile getting bigger. “Just not me or me and Paul heading out to see what we can get into?” I nod, my smile now so big I’m sure some teeth are showing. “You and Tina decide to get together and Tina’s got a guy, he gets to fuck and fill you?” I nod again, now, I’m sure I’m turning a bit red in the face. “No questions, no limits, just fun?”

I hug him and kiss him passionately as I pull my face away and say, “You’ve got it…are you ready?” He smiles and nods, shrugging his shoulders with a ‘whatever’. So, I grab my phone, “Alright. I need to tell the girls I’ve talked to you.” I look at my phone and see there was a message from Kelly already. I turn the phone to Mike, “See, Kelly got through her talk before me…” he reads the message and hands me back the phone. I type my message and turn my phone back, he reads what I’ve typed, “Mike and I have talked as well…no questions…no limits…just fun. Mike understands one of us girls must be involved to make it work, after that, all is good!”

An instant later, there’s an alert and Tina replied with a thank you and looking forward to the adventure. It wasn’t more than a moment or two and I hear Mike’s phone notification. He disappears out of the room to deal with whatever he’s just received.

Kelly and I talked a bit during the morning and decided to take our kids to the go kart place for dinner. We let Tina know so she can communicate with the boys. Then, I sent Mike a text at lunch, “Not sure when you’ll be home tonight, but, kids and I are going to go kart place for pizza and games with Kelly and kids.” He responds he isn’t sure when he’ll get the chance to get home, but, he will make sure he has something to eat.

When we get home after go karts and games, Mike is in the shower. When he joins the family, he looks exhausted. He grabs something out of the fridge to eat and a beer and then says he wants to get to bed early, since he’s got to get to work early tomorrow.

Finally, Tina’s Experience Journal notification:

I have to say, I didn’t ask to get a team of lovers started, but, after reading the message in Teamwork…I’m horny as HELL to see what Master has in store for me and “the boys”. I figured something like this might happen, eventually, since it seemed the boys accepted me as “Goddess” so quickly.

I get logged into MyWork to look around. It’s identical to Teamwork, so, it should be cool to develop into my own. I see the administrative tools and change some colors and the order of the tabs, just to make changes and get used to things. Now, waiting to see when the girls text they’ve completed their conversations. Not sure I expect them to be totally on board, but, hoping things go smooth enough to start. I’m not sure about what limits I’ll be testing. Master said, “no questions, no limits, just fun”. I’m not sure how to handle all this attention. But, I’m beginning to understand better who I am as Goddess.

Shortly after I feel more confident about the app, my phone chirps and I see the text from Kelly. Almost immediately, there’s a reply from Lori. My response is, “The four of you are AMAZING. Thank You for including me in limitless playtime. I look forward to whatever happens in the future!”

Since Kelly was the first to text the conversation confirmation, I send Paul the first text message: “Paul, I’m so happy you’ve agreed to the no limits, no questions, just fun concept! Now, you’ll get a text invite to an app called MyWork. This is the program Goddess will use to track our sexual adventures together. You will download that app and create a profile. I expect you to use a profile picture of Kelly’s smile around your cock. Whenever you have a fantasy that includes me, I expect you to share that fantasy in the Fantasy tab in the app. Whenever you have sex, I want you to share with me as many details about the experience as you can in the Adventure tab. What did you like? Dislike? Want to do again? Want to avoid in the future? EVERYTHING about the experience. This should include EVERY sexual experience you have, whether it’s with me, Lori, Kelly, or someone else any of the three of us choose to bring into our playtime. Do you understand? Will you disappoint Goddess?”

While I start to type my message to Mike, I get Paul’s response and click over to see what he says. “I understand, Goddess. I will do my best not to disappoint you, Goddess. I will get things downloaded as soon as possible. Do I tell Kelly about this app?” I immediately respond with, “NO! Kelly does NOT have access to this app. It is JUST for Goddess. Do you understand?” and he replies with, “Yes, Goddess.”

I finish typing my message to Mike, “Mike, I’m EXTREMELY happy to see you agreed to the no limits, no questions, just fun concept! Now, you’ll get a text invite to an app called MyWork. This is the app Goddess will use to track our sexual adventures together. You will download that app and create your profile. I expect to see your profile picture is the one you shared with me where Lori is smiling with your cock in her mouth. Whenever you have a fantasy that includes Goddess, you will share that fantasy with me in the Fantasy tab. Whenever you have sex, ANY SEX, you will share as many details about that sexual experience in the Adventure tab. I want to know what you liked, disliked, wanted more of, less of, EVERYTHING. Do you understand? Will you disappoint Goddess?”

After a couple of minutes, Mike’s response was, “I’m assuming Lori does not see this app? I do understand your instructions, Goddess, and I hope you know I will NOT disappoint you!” His response brings a smile to my face and I send the following, “You make Goddess smile, Mike…you are correct in your assumption, Lori does NOT have access to this app. This is MY way to track our sexual adventure!”

Within the next hour, I see alerts through MyWork that both boys had created their profiles, I see they chose the proper picture, and there was even a fantasy Mike added. While I wait to hear from the girls about tonight, I take a read through Mike’s fantasy:

Goddess, since the first visit to your pool, I have had a fantasy that I’m sitting in the hot tub and you climb in, wearing that bikini. You slide over next to me, since you brought me a beer. After giving me the beer, your hand falls to my thigh, squeezing it to make sure I know it was on purpose. As people flow in and out of the house and the pool, your hand sides up the leg of my shorts and grabs my cock. With everyone around, you just keep stroking my cock. Kyle calls for dinner and the kids run in the house, as does Lori. I think you’re heading in, because you start to move, but you say, “sit down Mike, I’m hungry for something else right now.” You slide your hips over mine and pull your bikini aside, slipping my cock inside you, sitting down against my hips and rocking me deep inside you. When I’ve told you I’m going to cum, you shift your hips and as I start to cum into your hot tub, your hand falls back to my cock to stroke me until I’m spent. Then, you say, “alright…now, I’m hungry…how about you?”

It takes until mid-morning for another text from the girls. They’re going to take the kids to the go kart place, leaving about 4:30. I’ve asked them to allow Kyle to bring the kids, they agreed. I send a message through the app, “Boys, I will expect you both at my house by 5:15 tonight. Kyle is taking the kids to the go kart place for pizza and games, leaving about 4:30. I told him I had a few things to do, so, I don’t want to lie to him. I’ll be in the hot tub, naked, join me.”

I hope it’s alright I switched from Lori’s house to my house. Master, I felt since the boys didn’t know about the go kart plan yet, but, I needed to know if they were available, it made sense this way. And, with Mike’s fantasy posted already, thought it would make for a more pleasant first experience for them. Not sure I’ll stay in the hot tub the whole time, but, we shall see.

While the kids play in the afternoon, I take a shower, shaving my legs and getting myself ready for tonight. Once Kyle leaves with the kids, I grab three beers from the fridge. When I get to the patio, I sit them on the table, then strip naked, folding my clothes onto the chair at the table. Next, I pop open one of the cans of beer and place koozies around the other two bottles on the table. As I slip into the tub, Paul is the first to arrive.

“Grab a beer, fold your clothes on the chair next to mine…then, get that naked ass over here…” As he begins to drop his shorts, I hear a muffled “Yes Goddess” from him. As he is climbing into the tub, Mike walks in and I recite my instructions. I hear him reply with a clear, “Yes Goddess”.

When both boys have climbed into the hot tub, I tipped my beer toward them and said, “Cheers to the start of this grand sexual adventure!” My smile was bright, my eyes were wide open as the rims of our cans clanged together. The boys looked at each other, then to me as they said, in unison, “Yes Goddess”. When I looked at them, they were both grinning ear-to-ear.

They had crawled into the tub and left me between them…fitting…but, this wasn’t going to be a fantasy fulfilled, yet…it was going to be my fun night with the boys, and my attempt to earn a reward from Master by getting Paul oral on me while Mike fucks me…and…to clean Mike’s cum from me.

To get the conversation started, “Alright boys, I want to thank you for building your profile in my app. We’re going to have some fun, since our little introduction, I have realized I have some significant needs, sexually. I will expect each of you to respond to my requests promptly. No time constraints, just expeditiously, please…” They both nod. “…remember, I expect any fantasy you have that includes me will be added to your Fantasy tab…” They both nod. “…and EVERY sexual experience you have will begin to be described in your Adventures tab. This includes sex with your wife, sex where I am not present, sex…well…just like tonight…” They both nod. “…what I want to see in your Adventures tab is everything from positions you enjoyed and why, positions you didn’t enjoy and why, what you felt, tasted, smelled, heard…EVERYTHING!”

While they both nodded to me, I continued, “Now, from our last encounter, was there anything you didn’t enjoy? Either of you?”

Mike was first to respond, “I think my only concern was satisfied by the new ‘no limits’ policy. I was disappointed I couldn’t just fill you.” I smile in response.

“Mike, I enjoyed your cum rushing down my throat. Don’t get me wrong. But, today, I want that cum in my pussy. Are you okay with that?” He nodded, with a huge smile, before taking a swig of his beer. I turned to Paul, “What about you?”

Paul was visibly thinking, then, “Well, no…there was nothing I didn’t enjoy…” I look at him, an inquisitive look, waiting for more. “…am I only here because Kelly wants other guys?”

“Paul…Kelly told me how hot she got watching you fuck me. How amazing it was to taste Lori on your cock just the other day…” I move a hand to his thigh, shifting my body to face just him, “…and it was YOUR cock in my ass that drove me over the cliff. Feeling your cum ooze from my ass felt so good. You are here because Kelly wants to explore WITH you, and to explore so she can bring home TO you what she might learn when she’s with me or Lori. Got it?” He nods and smiles.

“Alright…so…from now on, you’ll share in the app and I’ll be able to see what you like and don’t like. Just remember, EVERY sexual experience should be included in the app.”

“Yes Goddess” in unison.

Since I’m still basically facing Paul, I pull his face to mine, kissing him with a peck on the lips. Then, passionately kissing him. Mike runs his hand down my back, reaching around with his other hand to massage my breast. He leans forward to kiss my shoulder as my hand gets to Paul’s cock. He’s already pretty hard. I climb my ass out of the tub, sitting on the edge, and guide his face to my pussy. Feeling his tongue flick between my lips tickles a bit, but, I control myself. I help him understand what touches are pleasurable and which are not. He’s not amazing, but he could be trained.

Once he’s taking care of business, I pull Mike’s face to mine and kiss him passionately. His hands massage my breasts. When I pull my face from his and tip my head back to catch my breath, his lips drop to my nipples, rolling each nipple between his tongue and lips. Sucking them into his mouth, he tugs a bit on them before they pop out of his mouth. When his tongue starts to flick my nipples I have to force myself to hold back the orgasm welling inside me. This control is very difficult Master!

I push his face away from my breasts and kiss his lips, as I guide Paul’s face to mine. I kiss Mike, then Paul, returning to each man again and again as I slip my fingers down their chests, stomachs and ultimately find their cocks. I begin to stroke them both, but, say, “Mike, let me see what you can do with your tongue.” He smiles as he drops to my pussy. “Paul, let me have that cock in my mouth.” Paul lifts one leg out of the tub so his cock is within reach of my lips and I suck him into my mouth.

To feel Mike’s tongue between my lips, his tongue driving into my pussy, sucking my clit into his mouth and the way he works it all with his fingers fucking me is driving me crazy! Focusing on Paul’s cock in my mouth helped control things. I started just by running my tongue from his balls to his head, right along the bottom. He twitched as I sucked his head into my mouth and took his cock entirely in my mouth. Sucking him, flicking my tongue on the underside of his shaft, stroking him.

He grabbed my hair, pulling my head back a bit and saying, “I’m going to cum if you keep doing this, Goddess…” I smiled and bobbed my head a couple more times, feeling his hips jerk backward and forward, his face looking toward the sky. I pull his cock out and stroke it as his first wad of cum splashes my chest, dribbling down my stomach. As he continued to launch cum against my breasts I become aware of what Mike is still doing to me orally and I reach my other hand down to his face, making him look up at me. At that exact moment, a glob of Paul’s cum drips from my nipple and lands on my hand, right under Mike’s chin. I smile and pull Mike’s face to mine, kissing him before slipping my cum covered fingers into his mouth.

Without hesitation, Mike sucked my fingers before kissing me again. I hope Paul sees this act, because I think it might make it easier on him in just a little while. Paul’s final gobs of cum are caught in my hand, still wrapped around his cock and I bring my hand to my face to lick it clean. I hope that’s not a violation, Master, because it felt right, rather than wiping it on me, and I wanted to save Paul for Mike’s cum and cleaning me. Then, I feel tongue and lips on my breasts, as Mike is licking and sucking my breasts, even though they are covered in cum. Now, I KNOW Paul will be convinced to clean me. If Mike is man enough to handle his cum, he better man-up and handle Mike’s!

I pull Mike’s face back to mine as my other hand finds his cock. Not quite hard enough to ride immediately, so, I guide him to the side of the tub and start to suck his cock. It isn’t long before I just want him inside me. I back his hips a bit and turn around, climbing onto the side over his hips. As I lower my hips to his, I look back and say, “Don’t hesitate to get that thing inside me, alright?” He smiles as he grabs his cock and strokes it a couple times before guiding it to my lips and letting it slip inside me.

Paul is starting to move away from us and I grab his arm, pulling him to me. Kissing him passionately. I begin to lower my hips and know it’s going to take a few passes to get Mike fully inside me, so, I grab Paul’s hand and move it to my pussy, “Paul, spread my lips, help me take him inside me. When my hips rest on his, I want you to lick my clit and continue to spread my lips so he stays deep inside me. Do you understand?” He nods as he awkwardly spreads my pussy lips to accommodate Mike’s cock. After about four times lowering my hips, I’m finally resting against Mike’s hips and I grind a bit to make sure he’s fully buried inside me.

Looking down at Paul, he looks hesitantly up at me. Mike leans to the side and says, “Paul, if Goddess wants you to lick her clit, lick her clit. There is NOTHING wrong with licking her clit, whether there’s a cock in there or not. She didn’t ask you to lick my balls, or suck my cock, did she?” Paul shakes his head. “…So…give Goddess what she wants!” When Paul looks at me, I smile huge and see him move down to my pussy.

His first tongue flicks were targeted, but, he still needs to be trained in this. I gave a good show that he was hitting everything right. My hips bucked, I kegeled against Mike’s cock and let my hips begin to bounce against his. I reach down to grab Paul’s ears, helping guide his tongue to the right spots as I feel Mike’s cock pounding deep inside me. Mike reaches around to massage my breasts, pulling my body down as he forces his hips upward.

The pace is picking up and it’s getting more difficult to control myself, with Mike driving and Paul teasing…but…I held everything at bay JUST long enough for Mike to say, “Were you serious you want me to fill you with cum?”

“Fuck Yeah…Monster…Fill that pussy with cum!” I hold Paul’s head between my legs as I kegel randomly against Mike’s cock until I feel him pull me down tight against his hips and begin to heave inside me. It was all I could do to keep control of myself with the force of his orgasm and rush of his cum filling me. I can feel Paul trying to pull his head away, but, I hold his head still, looking down as I say, “Paul, my Precious…suck that clit…don’t you stop…you’re going to be licking me clean when he’s done, so, get used to it!”

When Mike’s hips finally stop heaving upwards, I look down at Paul and his eyes are filled with what looks like fear. “Precious, I’m NOT going to ask you to suck his cock. You WILL, however, lick my pussy. Monster has already tasted YOUR cum when he sucked my nipples after I sprayed them with your cum. It isn’t going to kill you, Precious.” Mike kept his mouth shut as I lifted my hips off his. He slid, silently, from underneath me as I rested my hips on the side of the tub and watched as Paul continued to lick and suck my clit. After the first glob of cum hit his tongue and he stopped for a moment, his face went back to work, cleaning my pussy. I stop Mike, holding him next to me so I can clean his cock and enjoy the taste as well.

Mike slides back into the tub next to us as I pull Paul’s face to mine and kiss him passionately. When we pull apart, I say, “Paul, I’m proud of you. Was this SO difficult?” He shook his head. “Just something you’ve never done, right?” He nods. “I expect you’ll NEVER question something I ask you to do in the future, got it?” He nods. “I am going to call you Precious from now on. Because I think it is precious how inexperienced you are. Whenever I leave a message for Precious, it is meant for you…got it?” He nods and replies, “Yes Goddess.”

I turn to Mike and motion for his face down to mine for a kiss, then, “Mike, you will be Monster from now on. You just attacked the challenges and showed me you’re all about the experience. Whenever I leave a message for Monster, it is meant for you.” He nods and replies, “Yes Goddess.”

We all slip back down into the tub and continue to drink our beer as some conversation continues. First is Mike, “Goddess, will you be trying to play with us often?” When I respond that it could be, at the beginning, since I’ve discovered I have some needs to fulfil. When I asked if it was a problem, “Not at all Goddess. Just trying to get a feel for my fitness level and need to condition myself for performance.” I smile and giggle a bit as I assure him he doesn’t need to do anything specific for me. He’s been amazing to now, and I couldn’t see him being a disappointment in the future.

Paul jumped into the conversation next, “Is there anything I should be doing to be better for you Goddess?” I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek as I assured him he has been amazing as well. That I felt they both played a role in my sexual adventures ahead. “I’m just trying to figure out where I fit in all this, since I know I’m not ‘The Monster’. And, it seems like all this ‘no rules, no limits’ stuff is really about everybody getting to be with someone besides me.”

“Precious…dammit…LOOK AT ME!” I said, forcefully. “Your role in all of this is to be available for the three of us women. To be ready for whichever of us wants you. To give us what we want, when we want it, how we want it. If you feel frustrated about the situation, because of my nicknames, you’re not listening to what I’ve said.” I kiss him again. “Precious, the name I chose for you because your inexperience is attractive to me. I can’t wait to corrupt you. I want to take you out and help you experience some sexual adventure!”

He’s finally smiling as I force his face to look at me again, “Monster was the nickname I chose for Mike, not because of his size, but because of his willingness to drive right through the assignment, and experience things. Didn’t you see, when I made you cum all over me?” He shook his head. “A huge blob of your cum fell from my nipple right to my hand in front of Mike’s face. He didn’t hesitate and sucked it off my fingers. He even licked and sucked my nipples, covered in your cum.” His eyes were wide as saucers as I continued, “When you kissed me, after you finished, did you taste your own cum on my lips?” He shrugged his shoulders.

“Well, you did, I licked my fingers before kissing you…Precious…I need you to experience the sex we have. Taste it, feel it, smell it, see it…do you understand?” He nods, still wide-eyed. “BOTH of you…EXPERIENCE it…FULLY!”

Our beers are finished, so, I pull each of their faces to mine, in turn. Kisses are exchanged. “One last thing…neither of you are to have sex with your wives tonight. Do you understand?”

“Yes Goddess” was all I heard as we all made our way from the tub to a towel, then to our clothes to get dressed. As they both left, I began to feel Mike’s cum soaking my panties, so, I head to the bathroom to shower.

Master…this was AMAZING! I cannot wait to see what else you have in store for my development as Goddess!

Tina updated her Experience Journal with the following two updates, throughout the night:

Until I hear otherwise, I’m going to share the boys’ Adventure updates and Fantasy updates here, just so there are no secrets. I will NOT be telling the boys about wife access. They’ve already been told I’m the only one who has access, so, let’s keep it that way!

Mike’s Adventure journal was the first to upload:

Goddess directed me to arrive at a specific time. I was within that timeframe. When I arrived, Paul was climbing into the hot tub, where Goddess was already soaking. She instructed me to fold my clothes on the chair next to hers and bring a beer over to the tub. She left a beer on the table where I was to fold my clothes. I can always smell the pool and the tub, but, tonight there seemed to be something different in the air. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, except giving Goddess what she wanted. The beer was cold, the tub was warm, making it a great combination. There was a toast to the Goddess’ Sexual Adventure. She reiterated what we were to do within her app and how we were to begin to document our adventures with her, and with the other two women that were a part of our “no limits, no questions, just fun” new arrangement. Goddess started by kissing Paul and guiding herself to a position where he was oral on her. She took a couple minutes to give him some guidance, then pulled me to a point she could suck me. Goddess’ oral talents are above reproach. Feeling her tongue along the bottom of my shaft as she takes as much of me as possible makes it difficult to control myself. After a couple minutes, she pulls Paul to kiss her and then directs me to go oral on her. I look up to see her sucking Paul. He doesn’t last long. When he says he’s about to cum, she pulls her head back and takes his cum all over her chest. She tips my face up and some cum drips off her nipple onto her hand at my chin, she pulls me up for a kiss, then, sticks her fingers in my mouth. While Paul’s cum is salty and slightly congealed, it isn’t the worst thing I’ve put in my mouth. She enjoys the fact I’m willing to clean her fingers, so, as her face turns to cleaning Paul’s cock, I kiss and lick my way down her chest, tasting the mixture of chlorine water, cum and sweaty musk. She guides me to the side of the tub and straddles my thighs, looking back to tell me I didn’t have to hesitate to get inside her. Before Paul can get away, she grabs his arm and directs him to spread her pussy open for me, to lick and suck her clit. He seems hesitant, so I encourage him by pointing out she’s not asking him to pay attention to ME, just HER, so he shouldn’t hesitate. As Goddess takes more of my cock, I can feel the warmth of Paul’s breath while he’s oral on Goddess. The intensity picks up as I’m more turned on by what I see happening. I ask if she was serious about me filling her pussy with cum and she calls me “Monster”! THAT drove me over the edge and it wasn’t more than a couple of thrusts before I pulled her down against my hips and felt my cock flex inside her with the first wave of cum filling her. She looked down at Paul and must have taken control of his head, telling him to stay right where he was, since he wasn’t going anywhere, since he would be cleaning her pussy. She handled him well, telling him I had already tasted his cum, and it was nothing he should worry about. I kept my mouth shut and shifted myself out from under her. She didn’t let me get very far, pulling my cock to her lips and cleaning me before letting me slip back into the tub next to her. She pulled Paul back to her lips and kissed him before the two of them returned to the tub. Now, as the three of us took another drink from our beers, she told us why she has chosen our nickname. While mine being “Monster” isn’t because of my size, it was because I just involved myself without hesitation. With a little more conversation, we finished our beers and Goddess gave us one more instruction…no sex with our wives tonight. Hopefully, Lori will be tired from the go karts and not want anything…I’m hoping I can get home and be in bed before she gets home!

Paul’s Adventure Journal followed shortly after:

WOW…tonight was SO MUCH MORE than I was expecting! It almost pushed me too far beyond my comfort level. Tina told me when to arrive at her place. When I got to the deck, she was already in the hot tub and directed me to grab a beer, to get my clothes folded on a chair by hers and get into the tub naked. As soon as I start to slip into the tub, I see Mike make his way onto the deck and get the same instructions. I know I’m a bit focused on size whenever Mike’s involved, and a little self-conscious about it, but, Tina focuses attention on me and lets me know I shouldn’t be. It helps, for now. She lifts herself to the side of the tub, guiding my face to her pussy to be oral on her. I haven’t done this a ton, and, whenever Kelly wants me to do this on her, she really forces me to certain spots. I tried finding those spots on Tina, but, she directed me to different areas. Told me to focus on specific things. Then, She’s sucking Mike, who is now standing next to her. She lifts my chin and asks me to stand next to her, telling Mike to go oral on her. I warned her I was going to cum and she just kept sucking me, pulling me out of her mouth and letting my cum spray all over her chest. When I was done, she cleaned my cock. She was guiding Mike to the side of the tub and grabbed my arm. She looked at Mike and told him not to hesitate getting his cock inside her. Then, she looked at me and told me to be oral on her while Mike is fucking her. I almost left, but, Mike pointed out she wasn’t asking me to lick or suck him, so, it shouldn’t be a big deal. I started licking and sucking her clit as Mike’s cock rocked her. When he asked if she was serious about letting him fill her, she called him ‘Monster’ and told him to fill her. I tried moving my face, but, she held me there. She got a bit more assertive with her directions, telling me Mike had already tasted my cum when he cleaned her fingers and licked her breasts after I sprayed them. So, I stayed there while I could tell he was slamming his cock into her and his cum was filling her. After the second thrust of his cock upward, I got the first taste of his cum on her outer lips. It was very salty, but, it wasn’t a horrible experience. Then, Mike pulled out and slipped out from under Tina and she held my head at her pussy, telling me to lick her pussy and clean his cum from her. When it’s inside her, there’s enough of her juices to make it a more tolerable experience. Would I enjoy doing it again, not sure…but…if Goddess told me to, I’m sure I’d figure out a way to make it work. When she was satisfied I had done enough, she pulled my face to hers and kissed me, thanking me for doing what she asked. She calls me ‘Precious’ because she thinks my inexperience is precious. She also said Mike’s ‘Monster’ nickname isn’t because of size, but, because of how excited he jumped into things. I’m interested to see how often I’m asked to be with any of the wives without Mike…we’ll see…

Paul also added his first Fantasy Journal:

Goddess, I’ve had so many fantasies about you, I’m not sure I can even begin to share them. But, a recurring fantasy of mine has been basically fulfilled over the course of the last week. I have continually fantasized about showing up at your place and having you laying out sunbathing in that bikini, your top untied. When you hear me, you sit up, forgetting your top was untied. Your breasts exposed to me and you don’t even try to cover up. You make your way to me and say something like, “I’ll bet you think these are fake, don’t you?” But, before I can even respond, you grab my hand and place it on your breast telling me to squeeze and asking me if they feel fake. Then, you grab my crotch and ask if I stuff my pants. We end up having sex right there on your deck. So, the way you treated things at our place that first time, and, being naked in the tub tonight. I’m fulfilled on my fantasy life. But, now that I’ve been fulfilled here, I’m sure the fantasies will become more involved!

Master, I hope you are reading Paul’s undertone in his journal. He needs some confidence, or, he might crack. Unless Kelly thinks he’s more sub than her? I don’t know what to think, and no experience in developing people sexually. I’m excited for the next steps of “My Team”, and for what I can do for Master!


I had already been worried about Paul’s confidence when it was obvious from the girls that he was packing less significance. I’ve got some plans working on building him up from a quality and quantity standpoint. I think I’m going to give him a day he’ll never forget!

Now, I see Kelly’s test of submission might have been a bit much, putting Paul on a sub track in Kelly’s mind. It might also have hurt his confidence placing him in proximity to Mike so quickly and so abruptly…but…I think it’ll work out, after the next couple of experiences.

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Delivering Dominance - Book 5: Testing LImits

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